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27 April 2013


Had cause to search my spam bin and ran across this gem:

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24 April 2013





15 April 2013


This is a wonderful candid video :-D


Scheduled power outage today from 7:30 am until night - I think 3:30pm is the intended on-time. Sux. Replacing poles I think.

12 April 2013

11 April 2013


10 April 2013

Architect Jon Brouchard's first impression of the Occulus Rift is HERE.

He says:

  • You absolutely feel as if you are transported to another place, to the point where it’s almost scary.
  • Voices and objects around you in the physical world suddenly seem very foreign or distant, since they don’t exist in the world you’re seeing.  Whenever I bump my desk when trying to reach out and touch something in the virtual world, it feels incredibly bazaar.
  • Developers who are saying it’s somewhat low resolution, and it makes you a little motion sick are right, but those are largely insignificant aspects that can easily be overcome.
    • The truth is you forget about all of that because of the overwhelming, jaw-dropping sense of immersion.
    • The low resolution isn’t really that bad.  The consumer version will have higher resolution, and you really can completely forget about it due to the overall experience of being transported to another place.
    • I’ve never met anyone more prone to motion sickness than I am.  I get motion sick sitting in a rocking chair.  Standing still in the Rift, I was totally fine – and for the most part, even just standing still is a jaw-droppingly awesome experience on its own.  Moving around took some getting used to, but I got used to it pretty quickly.  This definitely isn’t something you’re going to want to do for extended periods of time.
    • I think what makes you feel whoozy has more to do with the fact that you feel like you’re suddenly in another place.  That really does have a strange psychological effect unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.
  • Fast pace fps games aren’t the killer app for this.  They are more likely to cause motion sickness.
  • Contemplative, slow paced, experience-focused projects are the best foot forward for developers, imho.
    • Attention to detail is key.  In the Tuscany demo, you can walk up and look at cracked wall textures, little candles with a flame flickering.. it’s the tiny details that make a huge difference.  Moving too fast through it misses the point altogether, imho.
    • Special integration with Second Life and OpenSim should be top priority.   Those kinds of builds will be absolutely perfect for Rift, but performance will be the biggest bottleneck (more on this next..).
    • Games with an emphasis on narrative and experience, like Dear Esther will be the big winners.
  • Architectural visualization from a mainstream perspective is a long ways off, since it requires 60 fps (it really does.. no way around doesn’t work well without 60 fps+), and even the simplest architectural visualization builds I’ve done rarely top 40 fps even on a gaming rig.
    •  Architectural visualization projects with Oculus Rift are certainly possible, but will require very careful optimization by a pro 3D modeler who is very experienced in game-ready development.  Forget about importing Revit models.. you won’t get past the front door.
  • Any kind of training, simulation, and education will enjoy a HUGE new world of opportunity with technology like Rift.  Any condition where there is an advantage of creating a deeply immersive sense of place will be killer apps for this kind of VR.

08 April 2013

Stem Cell Treatment Heals Ailing Dogs
By LIZ NEPORENT (@lizzyfit) Apr 8, 2013, 11:32 AM
A couple of years ago, Brad Perry's dogs started having joint problems. Cowboy, the golden retriever, developed a severe case of arthritis, while Mr. Jones, the mutt, tore the ligaments in both of his knees during some overenthusiastic play.

Courtesy Brad Perry
"It was so sad. They wouldn't even come to the door to greet me they were in so much pain. It just broke my heart," recalled Perry, a tractor-trailer driver from Alexandria, Ky.

Perry gave the dogs all sorts of medications, but nothing worked, and he knew such medications could result in kidney and liver damage. The dogs' suffering became so great, Perry considered putting the pets down. But late last year he heard about a veterinarian in his area who performed stem cell therapy on dogs to regenerate and repair their joints and figured it was worth a try.

Cowboy underwent the procedure first. Mr. Jones followed a few months later. Perry said that within 10 days of receiving treatment the dogs were like puppies again, chasing his kids, running around in the park and swimming in the lake.

The treatment Perry's dogs received was developed by MediVet America of Lexington, Ky., one of several companies that sell equipment and training to veterinary clinics around the world. MediVet has more than a thousand clinics. Participating vets have performed more than 10,000 stem cell procedures – about 7,000 of them in the past 12 months.

An operation like the one Cowboy and Mr. Jones underwent takes several hours. To start, the vet harvests a few tablespoons of fat cells from the pet's abdomen or shoulder, then spins the cells in a centrifuge to separate out the stem cells that are naturally present in fat. Next, the cells are mixed with special enzymes to "digest" any residual fat and connective tissue, and are then "activated" by mixing them with "plasma rich platelets" extracted from the animal's blood cells. The mixture is stimulated under a LED light for 20 minutes or so to further concentrate the stem cells. Finally, the newly awakened cells are injected back into the damaged joint.

Jeremy Delk, MediVet's chief executive officer, said that the therapy works because stem cells are the only cells in the body that have the ability to transform themselves into other types of specialized cells -- such as cartilage -- making them a potent tool for repairing damaged and deteriorating joints. There are 50 to 1,000 times more stem cells in the fat than bone marrow, a source that was more consistently used in animal – and human -- stem cell therapy until the fat method started becoming more popular.

"As we age, humans and animals alike, our stem cells are starting to die off so we have fewer. What we are able to do with these techniques is isolate the cells in very large numbers, wake them up and put them back into the area that needs help," he explained.

While still largely unavailable to their owners, stem cell therapy from fat cells has been offered to our furry friends for several years. With fewer regulatory hoops to jump through in veterinary medicine and no contentious religious debates, experimental procedures are often tested and perfected on animals decades before they're green-lighted for use on humans.

One of the things veterinarians and owners alike praise about the procedure is it can be completed in one day, and all at the vet's office. Stem cells can also be banked for future injection so the animal does not have to endure extraction again.

John Sector, the owner of Shelby St. Veterinarian Hospital in Florence, who performed the surgery on Cowboy and Mr. Jones, had high praise for the therapy.

"This is potentially a game changer. We're seeing incredible results in the joints. We also see some unexpected improvements in other things, like skin conditions," he said.

Stem cell therapy is not just for pets who curl up on couches or ride in the backseat either. Delk said horses, donkeys, zebras and lions are also regular stem cell patients. He and his team recently traveled to the Middle East to perform the therapy on some prized racing camels.

However, stem cell remedies, even for animals, are still considered experimental. Shila Nordone, the chief scientific officer at the American Kennel Association Canine Health Foundation, a nonprofit group that funds health research for dogs, said that its use for joint regenerative purposes is exciting, but that the lower regulatory bar in animal medicine is both good and bad.

"It's good because we can do things sooner for our patients without 10 years of expensive clinical trials, but bad because we are still in the process of establishing best practices to ensure the procedures are the safest and most effective possible," she said.

Studies funded by the Health Foundation and others have been promising. One study of more than 150 dogs found improvements in joint stiffness, mobility and other joint health indicators in nearly 95 percent of arthritic cases. In some patients, improvements were seen in as little as a week while others took up to 90 days and required multiple injections.

The cost of a single procedure is $1800-$3,000, depending on the area of the country, the species of animal and severity of joint damage. Even those with pet insurance can expect to pay out of pocket.

Owners like Perry believe it is worth every penny.

"They are completely different dogs. It absolutely changed their lives," he said of Cowboy and Mr. Jones. "It changed mine too -- I got my dogs back."

07 April 2013


Adventures in Nexus7land

I just tried it to droid which is a very interesting record voice there now really low down list in boyce recognition app so I trying this forever I know something

I just tried Dictadroid, which is a very interesting voice recorder. Now I am trying a note voice-to-text app called Note-something or other. I can't remember what I said but it wasn't the above paragraph.

05 April 2013


Watch "Eufloria HD Trailer" on YouTube

02 April 2013


On the 20th of March I had a doctor appointment at the hospital I hate as they were cruel to me when I had a miscarriage but also because I don't think religion should be anywhere near healthcare. Con was taking me. She asked when the latest she could arrive was and I said 1;she said that she'd try to arrive at 12:30 and so she did. My appointment wasn't til 2:15 so we had absolute bags of time. I had Energy so we resolved to go to a medical marijuana dispensary.

Lu had recommended The Healing Center (get it ;>D) and when I had received my doctor's Rx I had rung around to a few places starting with the one he'd ordered me to go to. I'd had bad vibes (officious woman) from that one but THC had been friendly, relaxed, and likeable.

THC is in downtown Olympia next to Zeigler's Welding. Con went in under instructions from me to show my Rx and ask if I had everything I needed, and that I was in the car if by chance they'd come out to sign me up or whatever. They did, plus signed Con up as my official delivery damsel. I bought 20 dollars-worth of edible stuff and they threw in a 5 dollar bonus item. Edible stuff was 5 dollars a normal dose but they advised going easy on it.

At home Con quartered a cakelet for me and chucked the rest in the freezer. My experiments so far have been thus:

Ate an eighth on a full stomach, then another eighth after an hour. It hit about five hours later. Conclusion- took too long.

Ate a quarter on an empty stomach. Hit about an hour later but was too intense.

Just ate an eighth. *shrugs* We shall see.


Currently I'm coughing as it's gone to my chest, but I have more energy. I've been resolutely attempting my exercises every day, although I haven't usually been able to do more than half and sometimes none. Still, all things considered that's very good.

I was moved to look out my old Lightstone. I remember describing Wild Divine to Enj as being 'trapped in a Thomas Kincade painting' which was one reason I didn't do it more. I downloaded a driver and hit WDOnline to see if the Lightstone functioned, which it did, but two things: despite the breathing/meditation aspect which is good, there's no way I'm interested in spending time there. And the real point of interest is the biofeedback aspect. Realising that I looked for free software written for the Lightstone. It's a bit late now as that ship left port a decade ago, but I easily found and installed Lightstone Monitor and watched my graphs for a while. What would be better for me is a wireless ear clip, as fingers are hard for me now, but still it worked.

I actually looked out the Lightstone as I thought I could ship it to Enj - interested, Enj? It works perfectly well. Even Nod might be interested in watching his heartbeat. If I can I'll look for more software. A biofeedback thing with variable tone would be neat.


01 April 2013


Everything is sort of worthless today as it's April Fools Day.



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