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31 January 2006

I got home from work about half an hour ago. I am having a great day, but outside it's raining quite heavily and the wind is ripping pieces off the trees and sending them flying past my window. While driving home a gust almost blew me off the road.

I had my new student - Donna - today. Wow, I adore her! She immediately got interested in doing the yearbook. I had her make an autograph page in Photoshop, first. The she photographed Alex's Balinese mask (a real one) to learn how to use the camera. I asked her if she's afraid of teachers - no, she said. "Well, I am," I told her. She's already been around to all the teachers to set up times to take photos - that was by her own initiative.

My two little girls worked on their comic strip, and began work on valentines. Sabra kept asking, "How do you spell "valentine?" After a couple of times I told her to tell ME. She did - I said, "Why are you asking me when you know how to spell it?" She is too used to not knowing and not needing to remember.

Then we were in the virtual world and it was good and the time flew by.

Alex brought me the nice turkey dinner school had made for lunch, so I took it home. It was very good. Alex replaced one of Montrose's computers, so that was excellent! There's flooding again, and septic problems, so I'd be unsurprised if school wound up closing later in the week. The Chehalis Rez children were sent home early, as that river is flooding (as usual).

30 January 2006

Avatar S: OMG, OMG, OMGHGHGHGFTR%X *fanboy screams* The Combat Cards are awesome! I'm happy that you pointed me to them, I think I'm going to be hooked lol

This IM really made me laugh.

28 January 2006


Arrived in the post today from Christine: a CD of Grandpa relating his trip from England to visit Canada and the States, recorded in 1967 during the trip. Grandpa was in his eighties. The recording is an imaginative recreation - not recorded as it happened.

Uncle Tony asked Chris to dispose of the reel to reel and she, thank heavens, played the tape that was in the machine. It turned out to be a longish recording of a very animated Grandpa, a recording that ends abruptly as someone taped over it.

Grandpa singing.

Grandpa on the plane.

I remember reading a thread on the SL forum about weather, and how one could go round-and-round and create a vortex in the clouds or something (obviously thinking I remember was overly optimistic on my part). I didn't pay a huge amount of attention as further posts sadly relayed the information that it was no longer possible to do that.

In the interests of creating an interwebz vortex I'll try to make this go round-and-round:

Looper sent me two pictures: her great grandmother and great-uncle (I think). I posted them on the blog in November of 2003. A relative of hers just emailed her and said he googles the family name every so often and LOOK WHAT CAME UP! She emailed me and told me. Now I'm posting to the blog again.

This will (surely) create a whirlwind in the aether that will cause us (Earthlings) to rise to a heightened state of consciousness and cast off the bonds of mere meatspace.

It makes it oh-so-very apropos that my domain is named Tiger Swallowtail - the butterfly flaps its wings and changes the world.

If I hurry I can probably grab a bite of lunch before heading into another dimension.

At 2am I was just finishing up a Combat Card of Reitsuki K magically placed on a castle, when the howling wind took out some wires and the trizzities went out. There was a strange on-off-on-of-on-off stuttering during which (short) time I scrambled to turn off the computer. It was pitch black and my flashlight batteries were dead, so I staggered off to bed in the dark.

The power came on a bit after noon today.

I had just been reduced to washing windows for amusement when the power came on. I hoped the computer was all right, and so, it seems, it is. It's still rather windy, dim, and cold outside, and cold inside. This house is all windows on the lake side, but even with that I need to have the lights on, which seems a bit unfair at 1pm.

25 January 2006

Yesterday was school - I was supposed to have my new student but she was absent. My two little girls flung themselves into Photoshop and got a lot accomplished on their comic strips, made more business cards, and helped me divide up the scavenger hunt prizes, bag them, label and staple the bags. In fifth grade the children were to have a lesson with Alina (she twisted my arm last week and made me say it would be ok to do an online-reasearch lesson using hotlinking, which had me thinking, all week, that I should just quit the project). She doesn't understand that saying it's wrong just isn't good enough - especially when she has just said, "We are going to do it this way because it's really hard to do it the right way." She's young. Oh well. But Rich - the Cornell techie man - who actually understands - has come up with a plan for us to FTP to the Cornell server, so I emailed that I was falling at his feet to worship him. I don't have to quit in moral outrage - which is good.

Anyway, I had to beat on the children to make them pay attention to Alina, then explain everything to them. They function so much better when I'm there, it's amazing. I had them write down the urls, and although Alina thought they should just copy and paste, I responded that this way they are learning to actually identify not just a url but also an image file.

I added some more things to Grignano Salvage & Junk, like rolled up carpets, Mexican doors, and a mirror I made from an old back and white line drawing. Old line drawings are fun to use as they can become anything. I think this one was the decorative lines around an illustration or something. Don't remember.

Working on Doc's images for cards. Added more to the website. I said I would improve his images, but they need to be of a certain inspired quality - a philosophy he agrees with. Also we are dividing duties as I just don't feel like I can do the picture-taking as well as the manipulation. It seemed like it might've been so, except I am now spending lashings of time on each picture to improve it.

I spend last night judging the Elven Moor building competition. Today was an SL update, which they did quickly, bringing the grid online long before they had predicted. It pays to make looong predictions.

23 January 2006

I LOVED the book Women In Love when I was a teenager, and I still love it. There are some D.H. Lawrences that are.. not as gripping, however I adore Women In Love. I was reading The New Yorker and eating Malt o' Meal Crispy Rice from the discount grocery place I like so much (it's small), when this excerpt from Lawrence, written when he was dying, popped out at me from an article by Benjamin Kunkel reviewing Lawrence biographies.

Man wants his physical fulfillment first and foremost, since now, once and once only, he is in the flesh and potent. For man, the vast marvel is to be alive. For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive.... The dead may look after the afterwards. But the magnificent here and now of life in the flesh is ours, and ours alone, and ours only for a time. We ought to dance with rapture that we should be alive and in the flesh, and part of the living, incarnate cosmos.

I made a website for Combat Cards, with a tutorial (of course written by Doc as I am just learning).

Fixing the Network Connection

I came home from jin shin to no internetz - eek. A casual glance made me feel the cable modem was working. I should say two things: 1. I know less than nothing about networks (less because to think about them makes my head hurt) and 2. I'm blogging this because it'll happen again and it would be nice to have it written down. All you people who are laughing at my duh-edness, pipe down. We all have our strong points and those uncharted areas into which we have never set foot.

I plugged the computer directly into the modem. OK - that works fine.

Then went into settings - Network Connections, and into the LAN. I had no clue WHY I was doing it - I just went there even though there was (obviously) no LAN in operation.

I hit the Support tab and the Repair button. It repaired it. I reconnected it and now it's fine.

The mystery to me is: why did I go directly to the right place and do the right thing? It may've been simple but - holy moley, computers are complex. Anyway, it's fixed and that's splendid (shout out to Enjah who is going to the Hotel Spendid in Nice in a few weeks).

Can't live without teh intarwebz.

22 January 2006

Slaving away in the interests of the pow wow, an alumni dinner, Combat Cards, and a few other things like my new Grignano Salvage & Junk and the current photo contest (Still Life). Tired. Busy.

Spent some time today bashing Doc. I might get reasonably good at this if I actually have a minute to think about it. It is something that works fine even with one hand, although he was trying to get me to type my moves prior to making them and I got all fouled up. I enticed Salazar to the Kill Club, and there he met his gory end. After that he showed me the nice bridge he's building as part of the new Miramare infohub. I was wondering why we needed a bridge, but he had some reasonable answers that included being able to sit on it like a pigeon and drop water balloons on passers-by... well, I added the "drop water balloons" part myself.

19 January 2006

Not long ago I saw a forum post written by someone I know a bit. He described his enhanced combat system, and I thought it was a very good idea. He asked for graphics help and I watched in case 50 people leapt up, but when no one did I volunteered.

I started working with Doc, trying to follow exactly what he wanted. My thoughts were: it was his good idea and I just wanted to help him take it a step further with no other interest or desire, and it was also an interesting excercise for me in a kind of denial-of-self way. Well, that sounds not good, but I just mean approaching it a bit like a puzzle that I am not applying my own aesthetic to. Anyway, at some point he said I should put my name with his, on it, and I said, "I'm just here to support you. I'm doing it as a kind of Zen exercise." He insisted, and by that time I was getting deeper into it, so I agreed.

He's a thoroughly nice man, and also, it turns out, used to work in real life with Pirate, before Pirate left the UK and went home to NZ (and joined the territorial guard or whatever they call it). Last year at the Game Dev Convention I got IMed by Pirate, who elatedly told me he was in Linden Lab RIGHT THEN. When he came back he told me that I'd done something clever but he couldn't remember what. He never did remember, telling me he'd been drunk at the time. I THINK he might've meant a sign I redid for DarkLife, but I don't know. Anyway, I'd asked him to say hello to Andrew for me, which he must've done as Andrew later sent me his Linden card. So - here we have a little web going from real life to Second Life from DarkLife to Sim Combat, and all over the globe.


I spent Tuesday evening and part of Wednesday doing this. Skunk called me today and said there are some things that have to be on it that he forgot to tell me on Tuesday. Then he didn't email me the info, I called B<3 who didn't have it. She apologised but, as I said, they are the ones who need it immediately, not I. Anyway, I rearranged it and I have a space open for - the elusive secret information. I'll be scrambling tomorrow, I'm sure.

17 January 2006

Went to school - had absolute wall-to-wall graphics jobs dumped on me, which is good - well a bit much all at once. Me: When you you need this - tomorrow? (joking) Skunk: We were hoping for Thursday. Me: ! Also a buffalo roast-alumni dinner poster (needed by Tuesday), new transportation employee ID cards, T shirt designs (the ones I did last week turned out fine), and something else... or maybe a few things...

Rang the photo people to try to track down the school photo cd, and Lubbock, Texas to get shipping costs for a transfer order. Cheyenne did a comic strip where Harry (her character), who is a 6-armed, beret-wearing, twirling, pointy, big-headed... entity, goes to Sabra's character (Miranda? Melinda?) bearing a gift. She exclaims something like For me? and takes it, slamming the door in his face.

The entire fifth grade was in class (wasn't supposed to be - most were to've been in Native Language) so I made a lightning decision to do the scavenger hunt. The 3 teams, bear, wolf, raven, got VERY involved and it was great. The time went quickly. Bear Team won. I think everyone had a good time.

Brenda asked me to take a student, so I said I would. I will put her to work on the yearbook. Hilsey came in to ask for a poster, trailing a little boy who was in some kind of trouble. She wants him to "learn to laugh at himself," to which he replied several times, "I HATE laughing at myself." I ordered him to get a piece of paper and draw something. He started out with two people inside huge fanged jaws, then erased the teeth and made it into a trampoline that the people bounced on to reach a water slide. I said I'd put it on my fridge. His name is Stikaiye, which means wolf - also was the name of a school dog we had years ago that became ill. I took him to the vet then home, but ... well, anyway, he was a gorgeous dog and I'll never forget him. I had to take him back to the vet to be put down the next day, and he was so clever that he recognised the vet's place, as the vet had been so nice to him - and went joyfully in.

I came home starving to death and ate, then spent about 4 hours working on the pow wow poster. I took time out to go and see the new Elf Clan sim - Elven Moor. We wound up all jumping in a giant bowl of cheerios. Someone asked me how I do my clothing, which I said I draw in Photoshop after thinking it up in my brain. Actually I make it in Photoshop using just my left hand on the mouse even though I'm right-handed, so it's EVEN HARDER. I am hearing on the forum that some people think they can't compete with good clothing-makers unless they have a tablet - which is pishtosh. I think it's more what you have in your brain. It would certainly be nice to have my right hand back, though.

I wanted to work on the Combat Card but I'm so freakin' tired I can't even go to bed.

16 January 2006


The new contest is called STILL LIFE. Entrants have to build the main part of their still life but can take the pictures anywhere.

Griefer at the Awards Ceremony

Me to Salazar: Could you ban Puppy Danton from the land?
Will do. What did the bad puppy do?
He disrupted the awards ceremony by repeating unacceptable words over and over - specifically the N word. I see* he was banned for 7 days - so his profile is not available and we can't add him to the ban list yet. The nerve! Giving puppies a bad name! Event very well attended - and despite the griefer it went well (Altruima's swift action was the decisive thing that saved us).

Thank you, Altruima Linden

We had a large turnout and even though the griefing made us momentarily upset, we filed our Abuse Reports and went on. The sun, today, has Dr. King's picture on it. I can only hope Puppy Danton, who is very immature, will grow up and learn about life. He's not approaching it very wisely at the moment.

*in the Police Blotter

14 January 2006

I had lunch yesterday with my father's widow, Shelley. We went to the Fall's Terrace, and watched the Des Chute River pound down the falls - a swollen, fast-moving river of an unpleasant yellowy-brown beaten into whitewater. I overdid it a bit, I think - or else I'm just plain sick today. Shelley had offered to bring more of my father's things, but I said I couldn't deal with objects anymore. She brought them anyway - I got a bit exercised at that which, as I tried to explain, was because I think about it all the time - who SHOULD these things go to? She said she would send them to Australia which prompted me to exclaim, "Steven isn't even RELATED to him." I just don't have that sort of ordinary family that most people seem to have. We are spread out all over the globe and my family has strange truncated lines and false leads.

Today just feel HORRIBLE.

Enjah finally came back - yay! She was back in very unstable way yesterday, as her modem kept disconnecting her. Turned out the new battery backup was hooked up in the wrong spot for the modem, so once that was sorted it became fine once more. We did the preliminary judging for Nightshade, and talked to Jensel a bit. She's been working as a model in SL, and has some kind of a game show in the works at The Shelter.
Doc B and I spent a bit of time talking about the Combat Cards, which are coming along. I think it's a great idea, and I'm trying to (as a conscious thing) do the cards exactly as he would like them as it's his baby. He told me I can tell him to shut up - which made me laugh, "DOC BEHIND YOU - A SNAKE!" He asked for a T shirt with the logo, so I made that. I wasn't terribly productive on account of feeling so punk.
Racer came over when I had wandered off to eat dinner forgetting I was logged in. I came into the room to see him, which was funny. He gave me a rope to climb up, then TPed me to his place in Maroon, which is a carrot patch with, down the rabbit hole, a house with the huge carrots sticking from the ceiling like orange stalactites. He's making a cartoon of the Snail Dude and himself in a love triangle with Neon, and showed me some bits that he's worked up quite wonderfully. Then I ran off as I was super-pooped.

The server is down, apparently, at school, which might mean there's no power or that it was shut down prior to the evacuation on Thursday. It doesn't seem like things are as bad as they were in '96 (when snowmelt, rain, and water released from Alder Dam took out everything downstream including the school) even though we've had a solid month of rain. Today was just cloudy (I think) although they think the rain will begin again tomorrow.

I can't even imagine what's going on with the huge clearcut area .

12 January 2006

In 2003 I was very interested in Fotolog, and in addition to my own fotolog (now sadly neglected) I made a group one called Playing Statue. I started when one of my students showed me her photos from spring break in Italy. There it was - an empty plinth that she jumped on - becoming a statue in the photo. i went home and dug out MY old photo that was just like it. I decided it would be really cool to get people's fake statue photos, and started the group fotolog... which no one seemed to quite understand. My niece had sent me a great one of Caitlin with bronze "parents" - one of the few photographs that fits the theme. The fotolog is quite popular, however it's not people playing statue. What caught the public imagination was just the idea of statues - and now the fotolog is hundreds of photos of statues from all over the world. I rarely look in, but I just spent a few minutes checking it out.

Farewell, Birgit Nilsson, o wonderful singer! In the paper they repeated an ancient fable about Birgit getting bitten on the neck in performance as revenge, by Franco Corelli - which doesn't sound ANYTHING like Franco Corelli at all. I have an old photograph somewhere that I scanned from a book, which shows Franco cooking soup with his dog.

Flooding, etc. The paper said an Alaskan volcano has erupted - didn't they say yesterday that there had been an earthquake off the coast of Oregon?

I had an extremely strange dream that had, as protagonist, a keen-eyed old man, and there was some kind of out-of-control evil that was taking over - however I can't quite describe it as the underlying plot is not complete and I just remember highly-colored snippets.

11 January 2006

My school is on the Nisqually River - a glacier on Mt Rainier is the source, and upsteam from the school there is a big dam. It's been raining heavily for days, and the children were almost sent home yesterday because of water being released from Alder Dam. Word is out now (Mr. Yazzie told Mothra and Mothra told me) that there's no school tomorrow and there're some kind of evacuation notices being sent out to those along the river. Ten years ago the school was destroyed by flood - who knows what will happen now - probably nothing.

Ten years ago the entire valley was the river - I drove there to see. It worked out well for me as I has a multi-mural project to paint in a nice doctor's family house, so I was busy and made money. During that time my father had heart surgery, and I waited in the hospital while working on the design for one of the murals.

My building wasn't damaged but was knocked down due to the rules. Of course, the water had become toxic with the contents of every septic tank from there-to-Nisqually Glacier, so it made sense.

I made this right after Enjah sent me the souvenir of D.C. but forgot about it until now:

I got messaged by Doc B that he liked a lot about the first try at the combat cards - and gave me much helpful information plus a non-functioning HUD (I'd not really connected the cards with the HUD but they will be displayed on it). I put the one I'd made on the HUD to see what was what.

Really pouring outside.

My environmental activist neighbor is preparing a case against the Weyerhauser-owned company that clearcut our area, since there is a protected zone surrounding the lake, which is a drinking-water lake. There is not supposed to be clearcutting-road-house-lake with no buffer to filter the water, plus around here they are not supposed to log in the winter. Kennedy Creek, a salmon stream, is RIGHT HERE. I told her I'd seen no otters all winter - she said there's not even DEER now. I said, Well, illegal is the new legal. She's working on doing something - hope it pans out. I saw her yesterday when I called to tell her I had her package, and she brought me cookies she had made.

School was good yesterday - had my little girls working hard to do business cards (made Photoshop image first) and also work a little on the comic strip which they have named "Sidewalk Freakout" for some unknown reason. Then went over to fifth grade and taught them how to do a scavenger hunt in the virtual world. Tomorrow is the real one - for prizes and hilarity. They were great yesterday, and JustinS picked things up very quickly indeed. Another new student, with the result that there are 2 Justins and 2 Cheyennes. I told Mothra he might wind up with a class of all Justins and Cheyennes.

Came home, then quit roller derby by explaining that my fun-to-boredom ratio was way off. Then immediately started working on the expedition book, and was shocked to see it was 1am when I finished - since I had to get up for jin shin this morning.

Today had jin shin, came home and spent a few hours working on Doc B's combat card project.

KGF emailed and said "tell me the price" of a painting she wants to buy - which she'd asked before but I hadn't replied (got stymied by price thingy). Replied, then she said, "Check's in the mail."
Saturday is the second anniversary of Howard's untimely, shocking, awful death. By my computer I have Howard's photo (taken by me at an xmas party where I took Polaroids of everyone and used them to decorate the fake tree along with paper bathing suits and airplanes). I'm going to give the Howard pix to KGF though.

I got Selador's book in the mail yesterday! Yay!

I'm currently reading my xmas present from Tiff, called The Line of Beauty (something like that). It's well-written although I'm not too terribly interested in gay life in Thatcher's London with special focus on cocaine use etiquette.



I should add that for my Christmas ornaments that year* I made everyone cut up aluminum cans, and Howard is wearing a beer can star on his head.

*In addition to the 50s bathing suits and the jets.

Torley IS A LINDEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And -------------- look at THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <---movie

Verbal description in case you don't want to download:

It's a video of Ben Linden dancing... wearing a tail... a tail that is...

FLEXIBLE ==========80


wtg LL -

09 January 2006

"Slumped in front of her husband's laptop, Enjah Mysterio was found frothing at the mouth and gripping the mouse with her incisors. She seemed to be in some sort of altered state, and kept repeating the phrase "wtf is wrong with hp?"


I am beyond death now. I am in the astral plane, looking back at SL with fond regret as I continue into the Bardo.

I hope to be back some day."

"Are they giving any estimate as to when they might deign to release
your computer? I wonder if that's the downside of being under
warranty - they don't feel they need to rush.

The FFRC applicacation was approved, so they will come up with the
prize money!! w00t!

I have work tomorrow, then there's a roller derby training session
that I will go to. I'll talk* to the others then, I reckon. I hope
you will be there.

Raining a lot here which is great - we've had a couple of very dry
winters - maybe more. If this keeps up there will be lots of
CU... sob... /me gets out Tibetan Book of Computer Repair...

*I found out that Enjah and I were mistaken in our belief (well we were TOLD) that exp was capped at 300. We just see no more fun in it, as it's just whoever-is-highest-in-exp-wins and that is not very interesting. Well, it was fun for a short time. Perhaps the rest of the team will want to carry on.

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08 January 2006

I think my application to the Foundation for Rich Content, a newish organisation in Second Life which funds and promotes worthy content, has been approved, but I haven't had official word. The FFRC is providing financial support to individual events, has a minimal application process, and is composed of SL residents who are altruistic in their desire to see a greater amount of interesting things for people to do.

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07 January 2006

I IMed Art as I rent land from him and I was feeling restive. I said something like:
I feel that to be fair to you I should buy all or part of the land from you. You've been very kind to me and I want to be kind and fair in return. If you don't want to sell, of course, I will be happy to keep renting.

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I had to go to the freakin' post office to get my flippin' mouse, which was packed in a box the size of Montana. A nice woman carried it out for me. It weighed about a quarter of an ounce. It was quite a little ordeal setting it up, as all mouse drivers need to be removed first. It made me feel a bit insecure following the reboot but before the installation -- but everything is working now. I'm not exploring the ins-and-outs of it yet, but it has a lot of features.

It needs power, so it's in a USB port. I need to assess my port usage - I had to unplug my lakecam. I have so many billions of things to plug in it's ridiculous.

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06 January 2006

I didn't get picked in the Luna Oaks store lottery - too bad. I love Luna. I used to teleport into Luna every day and about 3 times a week reset the UN-Lindens Card kiosk there. When I put it up (guerilla card kiosking!) I had no clue it would stay up so long.

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Becky: Hey, you know how it's a small world around Olympia. Today I was working at the pre-k/kindergarten classroom for autistic kids at a school on my weekly stint. There was a new student, and when her dad came to pick her up it was none other than Gordon...I can't even remember his last name.

Me: Gordon... Gordon... I'm drawing a blank partially because someone I talk to every day is married to a Gordon. That takes up all the Gordon receptors in my brain.

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05 January 2006

My topiary hippos are now at the Drinker Infohub, which is nice.

Yesterday I had school - children's first day back after the holiday, although the adults were in on Tuesday (not me, though). Jonas came in with a T-shirt request so I made 40 transfers of a simple logo-school name- "staff" design I made in a few minutes. He had a piece of glitter stuck to his face and my brain wouldn't acknowledge it although my eyes had difficulty not staring at it. If I knew him better I'd just say, "You've got glitter on your face," but I don't. My art room was always a glitter-free zone and the children knew better than to EVER think they would have glitter. That stuff is diabolical and actually has zero use in any art project I ever wanted to do. Plus they could glitter away with their teachers for holiday projects.

I had come in at about 10:45 to work with Alan - he's the kid who was told last time that he had one more change then he would be out. Well, bye bye. I told Alex that perhaps he wanted to GET in, but didn't want to BE in. Then I had Sabra and Cheyenne who had a half-finished comic strip to finish (I'd put their characters in a few frames to give them the idea). After that I went into fifth and gave them a short lecture outlining the Big Picture, Montrose had them fill out forms, and we dived into the virtual world and got a lot accomplished.

I stayed afterwards to talk with Alina - asking if the grid increments could be altered, and if the children could access the more detailed coordinates that we get from the world features section of the UI. She didn't know about the grid but thought the children could access the same thing as us - I'll have to check that out.

I had jin shin today and was totally wiped out from yesterday+jin shin, so kept falling asleep all day. They tried to deliver my mouse but I wasn't here - what the Hell - can't they just leave it, or leave a form for me to sign so they CAN leave it?

Enjah sent me a funny souvenir tiny cup and saucer-ish sort of thing from DC that is imprinted I love DC or something. I laughed for about a minute. Her computer is supposed to be ready on Saturday. Eek - she must be climbing the walls by now. She did tell me she's working on a painting, though, so perhaps not.

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RacerX : Hey I got picked to be on the MTV fasion show so your zoot suits gonna be on TV I'll find outr when tommorow
Osprey Therian: w00t!
Osprey Therian: Great news - I hope you have fun!
RacerX : yeah i'm schedualed to be filmed sometime tommorow

I made racer a shirt with a snail tie a few months back - and he looks great in the zoot suit, which was one of the first things I made in Second Life.

Osprey Therian: :D - well you are unique
RacerX : yes I sent inmy christmas card shot
Osprey Therian: heh - nice
Osprey Therian: Who else is on, do you know?
Osprey Therian: Psyra?
RacerX : I asked psyra but he said he withdrew his aplication when he read they needed a copy of it in case he wasn't availeble for the shoot
RacerX : but they didn't ask me for a copy of moin they asked me to be around between 1 and 4 to be in it
RacerX : I told him that and said I hope he's in it
Osprey Therian: I think they just didn't understand at frst - asking for shapes - lol - like THAT would do much
Osprey Therian: But then there's no way they could get a copy of ppl's avs - nobody would do it
Osprey Therian: Let me know how it turns out, ok?
Osprey Therian: Take a snapshot :D
RacerX : yup
Osprey Therian: night
RacerX : night
RacerX : find out when its gonna air ill let you know

I don't have TV but the clip will be around, I'm sure.

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04 January 2006


Adventures Looking at the SL Map
Some hard-working soul in Rausch made this super-humungus El Presidente picture - wow! That's a BIGGIE!
Just as a size comparison, here's Bodega, where you see the yellow dot (me) and the blue icon (my house). The bean-shaped thing is my shop, and the white thing is Art's house. The snakey things are roads, and the island headquarters of the intrepid exploration group is also in this picture. Docked alongside the island is a large sailing ship. In Bolinas part of the marina is visible. This is what the map looks like now - quite detailed.

That's a huuuuge picture!

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03 January 2006


Animated giraffe by Jesrad S spotted in Woolybear, a sim in the northern continent.

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An expedition to the new southern landmass 1-1-06

Organised by Salazar (passenger seat)
Huns is driving his Dominus Shadow
Loki is is the back with Ilianexsi and me on either side.

There are some curious things about this new land - none so curious as the fact that purchasers can't terraform it, though.

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My trizzities keep going out - but they are on right now - yay!

Confusion over roller derby doings - so Minky spanked me and made me join the group. I had to leave the first group I'd ever joined in order to do it, which was too bad. At least now I'll get news. You'd think with so few teams they'd've been able to inform me without me joining the group (I had told them I had no slots left when I first started this but I guess they forgot). I tried to get someone else to be the captain at first too, so they could join the group and relay info but no dice.

Anyway, we have no match tonight (which is good). They changed it fortunately, as Enjah has no computer, Jason has a class, and my power is iffy.

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Nice forum mention by Broken T:

"Just wanted to give a little credit to Osprey for her Photography Contests. They're fun, consistent and allow for great amounts of creativity. Even if you can't make the actual awards ceremonies (I never can, always working) but I always manage to slip in later to see the entries and winners."

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01 January 2006

Update from Texas: Enjah's computer is under warranty!

Here's a picture Becky sent me:

She and Joe live on a boat and travel around. Don't know if one of those is theirs.


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