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31 October 2011


Statie pwns city cop.

Funny comment: 'She should have tazed him'


On her blog Lucy posted this poem she wrote:

geese again!

what is it with the wild geese
here's yet another poem
telling how someone's heart lept
telling how new hope was born on their wings
but tell me, what kind of life is that
like rock stars, they bring us momentary joy,
excitement, forgetfulness of self
and then they are gone in the freezing sky
a damp and dangerous life of wandering, homeless
and what about the tame geese?
what's wrong with 3 square meals and a cozy shed?
a few responsibilities, guarding the house or bullying the sheep?
perhaps a swift death and an afterlife as a quilt
not the cruelty of a broken wing, a coyote family feast?


30 October 2011

Photo: Kumi Kuhr
RacerX's 200th snail race was today and he gave me an award for being an ancient snailracer from 2004. Yippee!

29 October 2011

Not enough internet juice to go Glitching. I am suprised I can make a (small and slow) blog post.


The internet started acting like dialup so I was busy prodding, and thinking, 'I don't think this is US...' when I looked out the window. The far bank is in darkness - I have power but obviously there's an issue and any trizz issue affects the net.

Nice to see THEM in pitch instead of looking longingly at their lights when my power is out. Saturday night: someone hit a power pole?

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Earlier today I made a glitchtrain leader go up the Groddle Ladder :-D



Candy Exchange at a peak of frenetic activity.


This morning


28 October 2011


WOOL 100%

This was good.

BBC - Where do you fit in?

It's going to take me four days to recover, but my car is in the shop and I have lights,. Thanks, Con.

THIS is very interesting (pointed out by Surreal on SCmkII).

'Although children in rich and poor households have very similar sets of genes, the scale of adversity at home dictates which combinations of those genes are switched on or silenced through a process called epigenesis – presumably to maximise the chance of survival. "They may be protective responses, and the payoff is surviving a threatening childhood," says Marcus Pembrey from the University of Bristol, UK, who co-authored the study whilst working at University College London's Institute of Child Health. The penalty might be activation of genes that make poorer people more prone to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. That could help explain why poorer people often have shorter lives. Epigenetic changes have also recently been linked to conditions that can involve psychosis, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.'

27 October 2011

Yahoo (maybe)

My car's been too busticated for me to trust I wouldn't get stranded/make it much worse. It's been that way for a while, so I've just hunkered down as I was really, really ill anyway. A few days ago I was a bit better so I rang my car fixerers and today rang Con to beg a ride. She's going to pick me up there tomorrow at the car place (cross my fingers I make it ok) then change my lightbulbs as I'm needing a miner's helmet at the moment. If things go ok it will be like a jamboree when things get back to 'normal.'

26 October 2011


Enjah's Boyfriend

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Double Rainbow glitchtrain


Candide recommended this eons ago, but I'm finding it useful now with the iPod Touch: Dropbox

If you don't already have this then you may be interested. It's free for a certain amount of space, and you just drag crap into the folder which can have another folder that shares with others - like, say, have one to share with your familymembers, then just drag crap into it and it sends it to their Dropbox folder (and vice versa) automatically.

I was startled earlier this evening to hear that Will Wright is now on the LL board. I suppose it shouldn't be a total shocker except it is, but not in a bad way,. There can be no doubt that he is a maestro of virtual reality and his addition seems to be a hopeful sign. He's pragmatic it seems to me, so it's unlikely he'd waste his time, and also likely that he'll have opinions about redirecting SL to position it for greater popularity; I think he can see its value.

Old users, contrary to LL's frequent complaint, would welcome changes that would improve the experience without limiting or reducing abilities. A few old, old bugs are being addressed at the moment, which says much about Rod Humble; he seems to have a workplace more conducive to the accomplishment of actual work. The bvh compiler problems are getting attention, which is amazing. On the other hand bugs get fixed then reintroduced with the next round of code, so we shall see.

The code must be a monster of tangled roots; I've never forgotten how, years ago, a programmer friend who'd looked at the client code referreded to its programmers in unflattering terms. We used to dream of SL2, a fantasy project of a totally rewritten SL we hoped for, especially since years went by when nothing happened and we thought something had to be going on somewhere. But it wasn't; anyway, I digress.

It seems possibly very good that a savvy person like Will Wright sees value in SL and unlikely we'll be forced to eat and go to the toilet as The Sims were required to. It makes me think of my only time using any of the Sim franchise products; it was just when it was first released and all I remember is laying out a city and putting in elevators or something on a very unlovely and crude schematic diagram. How far we've come!


25 October 2011


I like this show when I was small in Canada.


Hey, free guano!

From the Glitch forum:
'I often whip up a few batches of pickles. Pickles are pretty easy to make (1 cucumber, 1 salt, 1 olive oil), and stack up to 40, which is conveniently the same stack size as the guano itself. Each pickle is worth 21 energy, so they're worth one guano each.

I just position myself beneath a bat and use the mouse. I click on the mat, click feed, click on the pickle, and then "just one". Over and over and over. Try not to think about how a bat is pooping on you the whole time. Also, just be careful to pick up your guano from time to time, as passing people will often steal some. (Either they don't know what you're doing and think it's free guano, or they just don't care because hey, free guano.) If you're good, it takes ~3 minutes to go through a stack of 40 pickles/guano this way. I often do about 80-120 per trip every couple weeks, and that keeps my garden going strong.'

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24 October 2011

Zombie Jensel



Making of the "Holy Flying Circus" Title Sequence - A Rather Large Phonotrope from jim le fevre on Vimeo.

Monty P


Molly Montale pointed this out:

Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs from Kevin Karsch on Vimeo.

You've really never been able to trust photographs. Their (scant) reliability as truthful depictions nose-dived two decades or so ago, and with technology like this it's gone entirely.


23 October 2011

Russian Cats

This is the kind of thing that has people out protesting.

This morning...

22 October 2011

Eg.I decidedace that the best reposent for my my l was an iPod Touch, so now I'm familiarizing myself with it.

Expect a lot of blurry pictures of my leg

Weird pic

21 October 2011

Glitch's style owes a bit to many artists including Mary Blair, born 100 years ago today.



Things that are problems for me in the current (non-Beta 3.0) U.I.:

  • Alignment menu was moved to a deeper pane so I have to dig many times a day for it or leave it open.
  • Multiple links show up in Inventory but I don't want them to: I need a 'hide all links' function.
  • Open panes go over the UI with the result that warnings, IMs, etc., are covered up (since my usual view is just opened script windows/edit pane/alignment pane/minimap/inventory windows.
  • When the UI is suppressed for machinima I can no longer interact as in 1.XX UIs with elements such as open animations. And no, I can't make gestures for ever animation as they need to be full-perm and besides it's too many and Gestures are touchy (we were trained out of using Gestures when they stopped working right for a couple of years.).
  • WindLight is less easy to use; I used to create presets every day and edit temporarily my other presets (to move the sun, etc.) without saving them. Temporary changes are not possible now, editing presets requires more input.
  • *this space reserved*


Wind-up tin bird hops and lays hatchable eggs (on rez land).
100l$ at the Fortune Warehouse in Cowell or SL Marketplace.
Cowell Village - Canal Building, Cowell (122, 74, 26)

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20 October 2011

Victory! Google Surrenders in the Nymwars


LL blacklisted a megaprim creator's objects RATHER THAN the griefing owner using them as griefing tools, thereby sending a bazillion builds off the grid and unrezzable. Customers are unhappy. Damage is widespread and was unnecessary.


19 October 2011

My new Spriggan icon, w00t!
Rare two-headed chookSecret Stoot room





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Ugh. After struggling for ages (hours today but I started this a week or more ago) I finally got my hopping bird to the point of perfection. I was in a premie sandbox. SL didn't save any of my work, apparently.

I guess redoing/figuring it out again is my only choice. It'd be easier except I'm having a hard time in RL so progress is slow.

16 October 2011


Las Vegas 1962 from Jeff Altman on Vimeo.


'Retired LAPD deputy chief of police Stephen Downing says, "Now more than ever, it is important for Californians to stand up and tell the federal government that enough is enough when it comes to their interference with our marijuana policies. Next November, California voters have the opportunity to hurt the cartels in their pockets in a way that no level of prohibition enforcement and dedicated skill on the part of my police colleagues ever can."'

--from article Police and Judges Call for California to Legally Opt Out of War on Marijuana

Weird when federal laws conflict with local laws, especially when the federal laws are so inane.


My blog is nine.

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15 October 2011


I was just wandering around to look at the artwork* and wound up in this bureaucratic hall where somehow, just because I was a trouble-maker, I managed to aquire a building permit. For what, I know not.

* That's all I've been doing in Glitch as making game money is super easy and there's nothing much to buy. I understand why some drop small fortunes on rare cubimals, now.


For Lucy
Just a few places in Glitch - there are bazillions.

Ruta Asuncion

West Spice
East Spice

Groddle Ladder
Guillermo Gamera Way

Ferncaster End

Eglesgown Wanks

My house where I dropped a few off my emblems on the floor. I'm not using them to speed up learning at the moment as I'm doing Better Learning V, which in my config takes almost a week. I've been *trying* to understand the skills thing, but it's confusing.

Every skill takes time to learn; some have prerequisite skills or emblem requirements. A Glitch brain holds just so much before it gets full and so the more skills you have the slower you learn, including BL which is to speed up your learning but it also slows you down... and your level figures in there, too. The 3% learning penalty is compounded.




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