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31 January 2009

From uh... a news source:
OLYMPIA, Wash. - President Barack Obama has declared a federal disaster for the flooding, mudslides and avalanches in Washington earlier this month.


30 January 2009

For No Good Reason
I've started thinking about getting a 280 gtx for no good reason, as this 8800 gtx is fine, but it's nice to think about it. I've had it for two years, so I suppose I'm just feeling restless. I'm thwarted in my megalomania in that, if I actually liked playing games I could dedicate the 8800 to PhysyX and add the 280 for graphics, but since I don't do anything like that it would be like buying a Lamborgini to drive through a school zone. I'd love to be able to tinker, in general. I'm pretty good about sitting still while the atomic world slowly crushes me and retaining a decent state of mind, and an advantage to having an unfettered mind is that it can fly off to new places, but it's still a hardship.

My fave singer:

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Floopy Sculpties Revisited
Last October I played around for a few minutes with the flexisculptmap viewer devised by Zwagoth Klaar, Kristie Young and Uchi Desmoulin. Now, apparently, LL is going ahead with the project.

From October:

Human Age News
Yes, it's weird, but we like it.

Our Age 2 chief said, "We took first place in the Celtic Storm Tournament by having THE MOST WARRIORS PARTICIPATE OUT OF ALL 8 TRIBES!! That is simply incredible! Thank you SO MUCH. I hope you you are as utterly thrilled as I am. This is the very best tribe! Woo-hoo!! GO EGGHEADS!!!!" Ivka (my Age 2 man) fought in every tournament PE.

In Age 3 I was abducted by the Thoth-Phones, and tried to escape but lost 49 morale points and 69 scarabs. I'm free now, though. The game was acting weird and slow for me for a couple of weeks, and I had to fire one of my pyramid workers as hunting was terrible; after a huge database crash suddenly everything is back to normal. It's funny to get extreme lag in HA as it's got nothing to lag (being basically some ordinary webpages).

Enjah and my characters in Ages 2 and 3 are married for quests' (and hilarity's) sake. She has an Age 4 character, but I like to take my time.

29 January 2009

Oh, yay - Netdisaster, which had been attacked by Yahoo! and closed down, was put back up in October (I only noticed today, though). I think I sent an email at the time complaining, but whether I did or not hundreds of irate fans certainly did, causing Yahoo! to back off.

It's just a little bit of well-done silly fun, but that's what makews the internet interesting.

28 January 2009

Party time!

I'm having a little party in the comments section of Candide's blog, so DO PLEASE stop in and say something witty. The address is HERE. Casual dress is fine, although costumes are encouraged. There will be drinks (beer on tap, champagne, tea and coffee, various soft drinks and bottled water - some sparkling). You can stop in any time, but I will be in and out tomorrow. I should add that although Candide has not given permission and this is just a little naughty, he'll never notice.



27 January 2009

I was reading an article in which was stated that human rights organisations estimate that between 25 and 60 million people worldwide are living in conditions of slavery. We all know slavery is going on, but I was staggered by the high end figure. It made me wonder if modern civilisation, which reaches globally to scrape raw materials and exploit workers, is really just another pyramid scheme.

26 January 2009


Old Sheet Music Page
Originally uploaded by 'Playingwithbrushes'

Old Sheet Music (layered graphic)

25 January 2009

The Show Must Go On has begun rehearsing the 2009 show.

Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Antfarmoffski's Flea Circus

Frollo the Sea Flea is hopping in front of the curtain.

24 January 2009

I sent my last netflix dvd in, then went to look at my queue to see if the next one was really something I wanted to see or just an emergency pick. Since I was too late to effect change I was relieved to see Primo Levi's Journey* in the primo spot. I'm watching it now; interestingly this business was just shown: Crazy Guides Communism Tours. (yes, I know it's been on television, but I don't watch television).

So far the movie is very good.
*I love his books.


[1:32] Leo B: Hi. I just see you as a right person to ask, I am new to SL. I am student in RL. My profile can say more. if you can help me with just 1 linden would make huge difference to me. Please. That's all hope I have. TYVM ! Good Bless

1 linden = a fraction of a cent. He was IMing my alt, Vivian Kendall I mean supersecret, hush-hush alt, who actually has perhaps 40 linden tops. That's got to be even more inept begging than the Nigerian scammers.

22 January 2009

olyfriendsofherons update

Looper told me that:
"My mailman said the man who lives at the end of the road, nearest the nests, told him that state biologists stopped the construction. The man said the biologists said: This is a bird sanctuary. Which I doubt is accurate. There were, it turns out, 11 nests in there, which is bigger than previously thought."

The "11 nests" is information from the state biologists. One went on to say to Lucia looper, "I believe 2 were remnants. One of the previously known nests that was active in 2008 wasn’t located and we think the tree could have been broken (by high winds or snow load?) but there’s no way to confirm that. The missing nest was the farthest north in the colony on the north side of the new road. You’re right about the road proximity to the colony – it is very close."

So looper's activism wound up drawing state biologists to the nesting area - very good. What remains to be seen now is if the construction (thus far and any in the future) will cause the herons to seek new trees in which to nest, or if they will use their old nests.

Although it's not out yet, here's a link to the Powell's page for looper's new book.

Just ONE of my amazing and brilliant forum posts:

"Maybe noobs could first spawn as fruits of a noob tree, and ripen in a few minutes. Then they'd drop to the ground, but still be very small and undefined. Over the course of a day or two they'd gain abilities - at first they'd just roll around and have no inventory. Once they had been inworld for a few hours they'd have an inventory and be bigger - they'd be able to move faster but still wouldn't be able to affect grown residents much.

Grown residents would gain by helping nooblets, as measured by the nooblets choosing to give them rating points (one per nooblet). Each rating point would count towards a rl trinket, like, say, an SL keychain for 5,000 points. Negative ratings would be added together, too, and anyone with a negative noob rating balance would be automatically muted for all noobs. After a certain amount of time inworld the noobs would be "done" and be able to do anything."
Ha ha! I write these things then make myself laugh when I stumble across them: so fully independent am I that I function as both writer of drivel and appreciative audience for the selfsame drivel! And this post was preceded by one where I wanted noobs to enter pneumatic tubes to be whisked away like sales slips in an old fashioned department store!


Anji, my niece, has had to deal with huntsman spider(s), and I hadn't thought about it before, but I now wonder what the proven technique is for getting rid of those. One could not suck them up as THEY WOULDN'T FIT INTO THE HOSE. *gasp*

I admit that coming from the kind of background I am the product of, my first thought would be to find a lovely shotgun with damascus barrels or other sublime beauty and have target practice. I fear it would not be considered civilised, though (my pater occasionally shot things like mice in the house, however, just for fun, and he was at least three quarters civilised, perhaps even seven eighths).

Frank suggested a fly swatter, which garned him a jaw-drop from me. I suppose setting fire to the house then running away would be self-defeating. When the loopers (not their real name) moved into their house maybe ten years ago, I gave them a fab and quite large, radio controlled blimp as a house-warming present - they never opened the box, but never mind :( If I had an R/C blimp and a target huntsman spider I could build small bombs or missles, hang them from the blimp, guide it to within the proper range, then let fly. Something tells me that isn't recommended practise, though.

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How about this name for the (former) teen continent:
in honor of its origins.

Like Brigadoon* the Teen Grid appears out of nowhere. I'm a bit surprised it has another Nova Albion and another Bay City, etc.
*except unlike Brigadoon it seems to be creeping out into the light permanently.

Update: Philip and two other team members have revamped the SLurl map so that it works fabulously well - yippee! The inworld map is still barely useable, however, but I hope the fabulosity will reach there eventually. With the gigantic size of the grid it's no wonder the map has been troublesome. If I can remember, and if it's useful, I will use the SLurl map for my sim-hopping.

20 January 2009

People are whispering... well, loudly... maybe not whispering maybe I could say...
Start Over
People are saying XStreet SL aka SLExchange (aka sexchange) is being sold to LL. The twisted and tangled history of that online emporium has always been just a bit too much for me to bear, so I have about five things for sale on it. Even THAT took me years, but I finally stopped feeling churny about it and might've listed more things had I been motivated to do so (I'm just not motivated by money, at least motivated towards it, and yes, that is peculiar and unwise.).

Anyway, if I were a vampire hunter I'd make the sign of the cross at it, but LL is not afraid.

Sounds as if LL might merge the Teen grid with the main grid. That would solve the "unable to make new account" problem, anyway. I'm not particularly opposed - I've had underage friends who were well in control of their own well-being and weren't interested in putting themselves at risk, but I don't have children - what do I know?

The argument has always been that rule-breakers join SL anyway, and young people who obey rules join TeenSL, but I think that's forgetting the parents. One would imagine teens on the teen grid have parents who wouldn't want them on the main grid; I'd guess lots of the TSL teens have secret main grid accounts. I don't consider that bad of them - I'd've done the same thing. What teens do is perfectly understandable, but over-18ers are hoping they aren't curtailed in their freedoms or put at risk in some way. I don't do anything in SL that would involve removing so much as my hat, but the seediness is not as much in pixel bashing or (as it was called once) hot graphic-on-graphic action as it is in picking up attitudes and joining networks. Like real life, SL has all manner of things going on and all types of people inhabiting it, and the naive, not necessarily the young, may need to step lightly to avoid being preyed upon. Or maybe (as I've said before) it's just good to learn expensive lessons in SL rather than in RL.

If they are finished with it can I have it for my Geezer Grid now?

A month-ish ago I got up then turned and saw a meduim-sized brown spider clinging onto the bedskirt. I did this: :((( then plugged in the stupid in-the-wall suctionisationing device and sucked it up. It looked like a hobo spider: :((((( This morning I got up and there was an inky black spider, same conformation but a bit bigger, and wandering around on top of the bed. :((((((((((((( I sucked it up (but was very glad it hadn't traipsed off out of sight while I was dragging the 9 miles of hose around and plugging it into the tube thingummy.

I don't like to think I have a nest of poisonous spiders in my bed, however it's difficult not to think that. /me hopes they stay down at their end.


The Whitehouse

19 January 2009

Bob Flynn has a nice tutorial about using Flash MX to ink cartoons HERE. Sadly I can't do anything more than read about drawing now, but I have a copy of Flash MX in a cupboard so I feel CLOSE to the technique :-D


The Big Picture has a selection of
photographs of innaugural preparations.

18 January 2009

After Life

I've always liked reading obituaries, not because they are about how someone died, but because they are a little story about how a person lived. The film 'Reds" was imperfect, but had some very good moments - specifically the old men and women recounting things long past. "After Life" is a wonderful film that is about people and their memories. The filmmakers researched extensively by interviewing people, and some of those people are in the film, although there is a larger story binding the pieces together. This is a "watch instantly" selection, as are a great many of the films I write about here. More wonderful films seem to be relegated to the "watch instantly" scrapheap than I ever am able to find in the ordinary listings.


17 January 2009

Long, long ago when the moth temple was new, Prokofy Neva started a group to meet there and fly around laying dwell eggs on random parcels. I joined and made two moth suits, and the sight of a group of people flitting about as giant moths was really amusing. The moth temple - the whole moth thing - was much beloved by me, and by Prokofy, too (Xenon was inspired). When the moth-emitting lanterns on the boardwalk ceased to work we were both saddened.

I, skripptign dunce that I am, have spent absolutely ages getting a first moth lantern built, and finally sent one to Prokofy. I received this wonderful picture back - gawd such a numbskull am I that it made me almost cry :-D There's room for improvement, but at least it's a start.

16 January 2009


Molly Montale, intrepid explorer, pointed out this site, which has great quantities of fascinating things that can capture my attention for long periods of time, least interesting of which are the actual comics. I was raised with bazillions of books which were usually ages old, so the illustrations reproduced here are familiar in style if not, indeed, familiar in every other way.

Mr Door Tree, the blog owner, has another site also worth having a brief look at, as he appears to've cornered the market on all things Door Tree - that apparently being a tree in Connecticut that has a doorway-shape formed by its trunk and a branch, a Secret Society, and a long career as a local attraction.

And Wm Bendix lovers need search no further.



Far from Heaven
ABC gum
ZOMG blew chunks. I don't require a film to be perfect as long as it's trying something worth seeing, but this was like being trapped in a flip book made of mid-fifties American automobile ads of that unreal yet stramgely appealing style. Visually it was fun, but the plot was like something written by someone a few hundred years removed and with little understanding of the time. It was odd that it imitated not the time itself but the media style of the time; I'm really not sure if it was meant to be serious, ironic, or something else. The first time the wife got into the car I was horrified that she just plumped herself down and slammed the door (without adjusting her coat), but when I realised it was imitating an imitation of reality I understood it didn't matter.
/me chucks the DVD into the envelope.


Cool shadow of Salazar's tower on the hillside. The apparatus is Champie's device for utilising the geothermal power from the anomaly in the floor of Bodega Bay. The warming of the water seems to've caused an infestation of seasnakes, as well as the sharp lowering of jellyfish numbers. Art's shark of peace and love is not grinding his teeth lately since some of the heat is being extracted by the device, though.

Filmed in SD2-4 because SD4-R2 doesn't work quite right for me (I've experimented a bit* and can have shadows but some things (I think textures con alpha) flip in and out of view annoyingly, so more experimentation is needed).

Kirstenlee Cinquetti
this is for you: <3 ♥ XOXO
* changed drivers, fiddled with various debug settings

14 January 2009


Guess what the pictures in the link are - then click on them for the answer.

13 January 2009

Luceh pointed out an amazing film: Seven Sunny Days, from Matchstick Productions (extreme skiing films). The clip HERE (click link then choose Seven Sunny Days clips) shows skiers zooming off a cliff then flying away in wing suits.

Passive-agressive notes

12 January 2009

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007)
(4 luni, 3 saptamini si 2 zile)

This is a very good Romanian film set in Ceaucescu's suppressed Romania of 1987. A young woman with practical common sense copes with problems created by her roommate's inability to face reality during a crisis. The friend is only too happy to lean on the main character, who imagines herself in the same vulnerable position and hopes that in that case she could depend for help upon her friend.


Teen Second Life

On my little post last month showing old and new SL maps, information came to light in the comments that shocked me just a little. Even though I have no one on the Teen Grid I do wish them well, and see that walled garden as a prototype for the Geezer Grid (my imaginary virtual utopia full of people who miss the early days of SL). Without permission I'm copying the comments here:

What's even more amazing is that the current TSL map is smaller than the Main Grid 2004 map, with only around 203 as of December 1st,2008. It is really cool how Second Life has exploded with land. I can only hope that the OpenSpace increase doesn't kill off too many of those islands.
That IS amazing. How is TSL doing? I hear things that lead me to believe the answer is "not well," but is that true? I'd think it could be a great place - and I hope it is.
I can see my place, too, on the '04 map - and I still live there ===:O
Well, TSL's community manager is actually out of his job, and am really concerned about the future of it with other TSL' specific lindens out of the way too.*
Sadly these days you cannot even log in to TSL and validate your account (if you live outside the US):

If one looks at the jira report by Katharine Berry (of AjaxLife fame), two things stand out: it was first reported in July 2008, and the number of comments indicate a great deal of teeth-gnashing is going on globally. Simplified, the issue is that no one outside of the United States can create a TeenSL account. No one - for six months. It would be understandable if people think LL doesn't care about TeenSL and that it's headed for oblivion.

/me is a bit shocked.

*That isn't quite correct, I think. As the teen grid has grown it has gone beyond the ability of one person to manage all facets, and settled into a decentralised model.

11 January 2009


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Doc vs Vlad

10 January 2009

Contest 45: MARDI GRAS

Mardi Gras. Beads. Scantily clad bodies. Floats. Feathers. Dancing. Outrageous costumes. Drag queens.* Drums. Carnival. Pancakes.
This year it falls on the 24th of February.
Be weird and creative.
*Little known fact: Even though I'm a woman, for hilarity's sake I entered the 2005 drag queen contest in Second Life and won. Yes, it's true - I have the "Miss Fabulus shash" (sic) to prove it. The poster image is supposed to be a drag queen.

Cash prizes.

You may make something like an animated texture or other cool thing if you want. You don't have any tight limits. If you make something cool that doesn't seem to fit the "textures" requirement just enter it anyway.

Straight snaps or manipulated - it's all good.

Entries accepted 1 February - 25 February 2009 <--0 DIFFERENT - YOU HAVE A RANGE OF TIME
Exhibition: 7 February 2009 - 28 DFebruary 2009 in the Photography Studio upstairs gallery.

We will have an awards ceremony at the end of the exhibition - time TBA.

09 January 2009

The lake a few minutes ago


Seen on Tina's Universe:

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

Crayon Physics is out - you remember the game that involves drawing parts that become animated and either solve the little puzzle or don't (tap tap).

Crayon Physics (in part) is also available for the iPhone (just mentioning it in case HBA has an iPhone).

08 January 2009

ZOMG :-D Combat Cards Shops

US shop - Sporkadelic shop-o-mania with Os.
UK shop - Be waited on hand and foot by Doc.

And - real-life cards can be acquired inside Second Life, too.
For 3500l you get both a real life set AND a set of virtual cards.


Course as soon as I wrote that last post my 'trizzzities went off a-fucking-gain - for an unknown reason as there was no A) wind, B) ice, C) rain.

While it was on the Combat Cards arrived, so Route 8 must be open again. I couldn't look at them properly in the dark (very dark day) and I'm not in the mood yet to really scrutinise them, but they seem ok.

I was baking and doing laundry when the power cut out, so my baking is deceased (I never bake - good timing) and my laundry is merrily dancing in the machine as though nothing had happened (clothing has no short term memory, I think).


Not Raining
Tiff rang a bit ago, which is the first I've spoken with her since her return from the Dominican Republic. She told me that (at that point) the children had not been sent home. I was appalled (as was she) and asked where the water was - touching the kindergarten playground and over the playing field and part of the parking lot, and not still but very fast moving, she said (don't ask me what the tide was doing as I don't know). She's been beating the principal on the head, so I hope by now they have all gone home. There is an entire mountain of snow and ice and a dam upstream, and (as she pointed out) entire enormous fir trees and so on in the raging river. If they snag and block the river to the north the flooding will intensify; if they snag and block the river upstream there will be a sudden surge when the pressure builds and the clog is blown out. If there's a crisis (say the mountain erupts* or the dam breaks) a siren goes off (in the area) and then one has 20 minutes approximately until whatever it is (a 100 foot tall x 10 miles long wall of mud, fir trees, and dead things traveling at 60 miles an hour, perhaps?) wipes out the valley.

She said driving to work on the empty Interstate 5 was nice. The road is closed south of Olympia, and has been closed on and off to the north, so there was no traffic. I always find it just a wee bit thrilling when major roads are closed - it was a complete surprise to me the first time I experienced it as I'd never dreamt such a thing was likely.

"Call me if you need anything." "Oh, yes, and you'll fly your helicopter over."

Right now Summit Lake is, oh, I suppose about a foot higher than usual. From my chair all I see is water - and if I stand up still all I see is water. I have to be in front of a window to see the water's edge nearest to me.

Mr. Looper rang me from the I-5 last night where he was in a long line of slow-moving cars and calling out of boredom (that is how I pictured it, anyway). We used to hang out a lot, however I don't hang out with anyone atomic anymore.

*Mount Rainier is dormant, but things have a habit of changing.

Karan aka Flummel, who lives not far from me, writes about our weather:
"Tonight Leonard and I checked out the little creek near us and it has evolved into a churning mass of raging river. The primary route to our house is now closed because of flooding and the only other egress promises to be deeply submerged by morning. Yes, it’s true. We are inching toward becoming our own little island. If Puget Sound hits high tide tonight or early tomorrow morning, it will be so. Our house sits at a towering elevation of 32’ so we shouldn’t have any trouble with flooding...but still....maybe I should have ponied up the extra bucks for the flood insurance rider. I’ll look pound foolish if we end up sitting out the rest of the storm on the roof. And still some snow remains. Go figure."

I'm extending the period during which I will accept entries - since I got few. If you are working on one (or would like to) rest assured I'll hang it when you send it to me, even if it's not for a week or more because I JUST WANT TO SEE MORE FAKE ADS. Get to work; Molly has set the bar very high, but there's plenty of room for more.


07 January 2009

And now for something completely different...

I was snowed in for two weeks or so, and yesterday the wind knocked my power out for a few hours, but today there's a different hazard: flooding. I had a haircut appointment at 1, but after driving from here to Route 8 in a hard rain, crossing a lot of impromptu streams in the road along the way (and seeing Kennedy Creek, a salmon stream, turned into a raging torrent), I was surprised to see that the divided highway was closed. I considered going home, but instead decided to try the back way, which joins Route 8 further east and which just might be open. There was a lot of water in some parts of that winding back road, but eventually it spat me onto an open section of Route 8.

I drove to Olympia, and it was close to 4 when I was able to turn towards home. As soon as I drove down the ramp onto the 101 I saw a large flashing sign: Rte 8 Closed. There's a bifurcation on the 101 going north, where the righthand side exits and remains 101, but the left turns west and becomes Route 8, and the traffic was being funneled to the off ramp to the rest of Route 101. In this region there aren't multiple roads to places, so it was becoming apparent that if I was to be channeled to the north I mightn't be able to reach my house at all. The line of cars crept along, then in the distance I saw a sign "Except Summit Lake." When I neared the exit I was able to break away from the others and drive to a police cordon. "Where are you headed?" the very wet state trooper asked. "I live at Summit Lake." "Do you have a license or something printed with the address?" /me hands him something, and he waves me through: "Drive safely - watch for water over the road."

There are many rivers (19?) over or near flood level including the Nisqually River, upon whose banks I spent so much time - as Wa He Lut is just east south (ooh sorry - that was a cardinal direction sin ;-) of its delta. In 1996 the Nisqually River, which originates in the Nisqually Glacier on Mount Rainier, flooded due to a combination of snowmelt, rain, and the release of water from Alder Dam. The dam was going to break if they didn't release water, it was said, but the resulting flood was jumborrific and washed out a huge area. Wa He Lut (and a lot more) was destroyed; I drove as near as I could that morning and the entire valley was water for miles and miles, as if Puget Sound had swallowed it. At the time I was painting murals in a doctor's house, so the sudden out-of-workedness didn't cause me any problems; my father had heart surgery at that time, too, and I remember sitting in a waiting room during his surgery, working on a design for the third mural. After a while the waters retreated, but everything it had touched was contaminated. I hope today's combination of factors doesn't mimic those of 1996.


06 January 2009

The high winds blew my electrizzzity away today for a few hours. Came back on at 10:25.



Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky
"Lascia ch'io pianga" Rinaldo

Don't look, HBA

Lascia ch'io pianga
mia cruda sorte,
e che sospiri la libertà.
Il duolo infranga queste ritorte
de' mei martiri sol per pietà.

05 January 2009

HBA found this movie-making site, so I signed up and made a bad movie.

04 January 2009

/me eats breakfast at 5:15 pm.


03 January 2009

Tiny Little Books
This site has the pages to print out and
complete instructions for making up the tiny books.

If you have trouble finding the
PDF you can find it HERE.

Stupid Fashion

Dr Zaius's Jacket
ZOMGWTF Xmas Sweaters

...and much more.

I do actually love that horrible dog-themed sweater, though.


I think this is from Religulous, don't know.


As we all know global warming can't be tracked on a local level, since the disruption to the weather patterns might make an area experience colder-than-normal weather for a period of time (i.e. where I live). Taking the planet as a whole, however, the temperature is going up, the polar ice is melting, and permanent disruptions to ecosystems have sent a significant percentage of the human population into another cycle of musical chairs, with instability and war the result.

02 January 2009

Ugh, exhausted.

Anyway, I'm watching In the Mood for Love, a Wong Kar Wei film that is the precursor of 2046 (a film that Alonso reviewed). It's a wonderful film if you are like me and enjoy things that unfold slowly and with great feeling. The camerawork is lovely, and the acting superb.


01 January 2009

The Year of the Ox Boyfriend

In New York, watching the ball drop in Times Square:

Friends Soo Hyun Lee, 26 and Jewon Lee, 23, students from Korea, cheered passersby and embraced each other to keep warm as the temperatures plummeted.

Reflecting on their goals for the New Year, they looked at each other before saying, in unison, "We want to find boyfriends!"



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