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31 December 2012



I swear to god it feels like I hit my head a week ago.

*takes off bandage for first time*
Oh, they weren't lying when they said I had a goose egg. Yesterday felt like a week. All I did was bin my garbage as for days I'd been going out to bin it only to find no bin. Then I lounged around in bed watching The Former Mistress and reading Reddit. At some point I ate salad and a nuked entree. Feels like eons ago.

30 December 2012


The ambulance man had trouble getting BP on my right arm. In the ER they cuffed my left and it got REALLY tight so I said Ouch very mildly. They came running over and said On a scale of 1 - 10 how bad is the pain? Haha! I said I was was saying ouch at the bp cuff and they repeated the 1 - 10 asking about my head. I said er 1. I guess it's good to be asked but I've had pain and that wasn't it. In my experience if I were in pain they'd know about it.

I guess my blood pressure was low.

I was not looking forward to having my forehead sewn up but actually it didn't hurt although the injection made me gush blood for 15 minutes or so. My own blood doesn't bother me at all although yours would bother me a lot.

29 December 2012


Home from ER after hitting my head and bleeding like a stuck pig.  I had to call 911. That was oh, noonish I hit my head, one-ish I rang 911 when the bleeding started up again and wouldn't stop. Was hard to even call 911 through a veil of blood. In the ER before stitches it got twice as bad and my jeans are soaked. Just four stitches - heads bleed a lot.

Dave Fleming went and got me and brought me home - I'm a completely weak and depleted blob.

I'm done now. Just looking for a way out.

28 December 2012

This is interesting:

25 December 2012


Rare white Christmas

Untitled by Vivian Oblivion
Untitled, a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.

White Xmas

24 December 2012

Untitled by Vivian Oblivion
Untitled, a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.

23 December 2012

Last week we met again at Cafe Jack to work on the mysterious disappearance and appearances in the Forest of Kahruvel. I'm the mouse.

19 December 2012


Rube in Scribe's Weald

5:30 on!

The power is out again (12:30) due to maniacally high windage. I slept not at all last night due to intensely painful headache with bleeding sinuses and nausea. This morning I decided I might be ailing and ate something/took 2 aspirin. I haven't taken 2 aspirin in many years. My pater's widow rang begging to postpone until tamorry which suits me as I could then languish abed.
Now my stomach hurts but my head is much better.

17 December 2012

12:22 power on!

ZOMG TY Enj - great timing as your great gift just arrived! Emergency rations FTW!

O, bittersweet - my phone was just delivered :\
I had to stand in the open doorway leaking heat whilst trying to pick it up as it is a square box bigger than my hand can span.

Annoyingly it's getting DARKER. I hate dim and dark. I've always been glad I was born into an era of light. Also no hyenas. Lots of light + no hyenas = win.
On Saturday I read Cloud Atlas on the Kindle then Great Expectations on the Nexus when the light failed. Maybe if I put on a coat I can sit outside and read the Kindle. Oh, wait, the chair cushion blew off and is sodden. That won't work.

So I woke up expecting the power to be put but saw the red numbers of the clock and was astounded. Then turned on the 'pod and it wouldn't connect... Yeah, the trizz was out - it either went out that second or the numbers were a hallucination.
It's not light enough yet to read the Kindle - it's 9 am atm but dim. There's no real wind and rain is intermittent. I need to ring Frank and tell him I am not able to make it. Supposedly there's to be snow Tuesday and Wednesday so will probably ring my father's widow as she is to visit on Wednesday. Kim and Michael finished yesterday so between power outages I got my laundry done.

12:22 power on!

15 December 2012

Finally on. It went out at 12:30 when K and M were here and my washing was in the washer and dryer (where it is yet).
Terribke timing.

At the moment. The frudge is making a hell of a noise.

11 - Nothing :( I can hear the water glug backwards out of the heating pipes. Pm

Still off at 10pm but I think the utility work might be nearing as I saw flashing reflected light.
Would like food.

Still no power at 9:22.

Still no power at 9:22.

Waiting for Kim and Michael. This is the day I have noted, so I hope they are on the same page.

14 December 2012

Phone has shipped :)

13 December 2012

Phone status hasn't changed to 'shipped' yet, so I'm still waiting.

11 December 2012


First successful screenshot activity.

Amazon Prime Streaming + Nexus 7 = Works But You Need to Beat On It

Part of the Android thrill was that it had Flash. It's thoroughly annoying that official Flash support was just recently withdrawn, since Amazon Prime (which I decided to try yesterday) uses Flash for its streaming. First I was like 8-O then I poked around and installed a different browser, a file manager, and Flash. Now it runs fine on the Nexus7 but of course won't auto-update, so may get wonky when it requires attention. Amazon Prime may or not be a good thing; I haven't delved into their catalog of films yet but I just watched Iron Man 2 which isn't really my thing. I hope they have more interesting films. AP gives free shipping but I don't order from Amazon much. They may be canny in their thinking, though, as perhaps I'll go there first if I need something.


Just checked in at republicwireless and found this. They are shipping today. That means phone on Thursday.


10 December 2012

It's nearly 4pm and I just turned on my computer :/ My day is broken up by my feebleness - if I sit here more than a few minutes I have difficulty getting up. Sit here a long time and I get trapped. If I eat anything I instantly can hardly move as my 1% energy level all goes to digestion. I'm doing my pitiful exercises daily, and jin shinning once a week. Frank changed this week's to Friday.

My neuro's office last time I spoke with them said the insurance company has the new paperwork re: diagnosis doctor but I haven't heard anything from anyone since then. That's ok, I guess - I have a lot to ponder.

This is interesting :-D


08 December 2012

This Cthulu picture seems like it might've inspired the giants - or perhaps they just look similar.

07 December 2012


 The Legend 

Glitchen all over Ur reported sightings of the Forehorseman, who was riding from street to street and shouting "The end is neigh!" to all who would listen. He had foreseen that the Giants, while still dreaming, were beginning to stir, and that the dream would end when the Giants awoke.

While they were saddened by this turn of events, the Glitchen were determined to enjoy the dream to its fullest while the Giants remained asleep.

They traversed all of Ur, scraping, mining, petting, massaging, trading, donating, harvesting, tending, meditating, imbibing, splanking, hi-ing, quaffing, drinking, eating, sniffing, poking, admiring, slathering, scooping, smelting, repairing, and, of course, grinding the whole time. And as they traveled, they spoke to one another in an ancient series of incantations.

"This Game," they said, in the manner they had said many times before, "is absolutely preposterous."

Echoing the sentiments of all, another would speak up to say, "I agree wholeheartedly!"

"And yet," a third would say, "I will really miss it."


I talked to M$ support just now. Annoyingly there's no way to do the 40 dollar Win 8 update from Microsoft if you want to go from 32 bit to 64 bit (this is my old puter I need it for). I don't even understand why they still make 32 bit. My old un can go to 64 bit just fine, but I will have to buy the disc, which is spendier and which will make me go to Win 7 as it is more desirable on a desktop.

*gnashes teeth*

I hate buying anything for it but I can't do a reinstall and don't trust a manual wipe. All I wanna dew is sell it. It's been sitting around unloved since I got the new one. 

Inky and pouring, it looks more like 3 am than 7.
For some reason Blogger on the Nexus wouldn't get to the postable state so forced to pod it.

06 December 2012


Moving my finger around on the keyboard like stirring the alphabet produced this:

Selden's cultivatable frogfish

Oh, Nexus7, you slay me!


Pot and gay marriage went state-legal today in Washington.

Postcard from Second Life. by Vivian Oblivion
Postcard from Second Life., a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.

Mesh mouse today



05 December 2012


At the GBC Building Enj and I danced a bit.

A Private Message on Yootoob

hi man,i wanted to send you this message to let you know about the new offer you can get on FB
its awesome and it really works unlike all the other scams.

LOL all the other scams

04 December 2012


Filmed at Rachel Breaker's Off the Wall.

03 December 2012


Watch "Wootberry Joos!" on YouTube

02 December 2012


From The Atlantic Wire:

After catching some flack for the methodology of his original chart, Matt Groff has an updated chart arguing the war on drugs isn't working. The new chart says even when taking in his critics' concerns into account, spending more money on drug control has not decreased the amount of drugs used.
Previously, Groff compared the number of illicit drug addicts to the the federal drug control budget. Critics on his site, our site, and to The Atlantic Wire via email decried Groff's use of data, saying that the numbers were not per capita, were not adjusted for inflation, and were misleading because of a $1.5 trillion figure for overall spending that did not add up in the chart. 
For this latest version, Groff looked at spending per 100 citizens and drug users per 100 citizens so that the data is more relative. He also changed all money values to 2012 dollars. The blue line represents drug users in the past month and is calculated from Census data and data from the drug abuse survey from the Substance Abuse and Health Services Administration. The green line represents federal drug control spending and is collected from National Drug Control Surveys from the government. Here is a link to his Google spreadsheet showing all of his sources.
As it turns out, the original chart and updated chart look pretty much the same: There is little correlation between money spent on drug control and drug use, and while spending has skyrocketed, use has remained pretty steady. Of course, the premise of Groff's charts are that drug use is the best metric of success for drug control. For example, John P. Walters,  the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George W. Bush, has argued that drug control spending is a means to prevent drug use from increasing. Whatever your take on the chart, Groff's opened up the discussion board for changes in the graph at his blog

01 December 2012

Urine Luck

In Nature:

Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have been generated with varied efficiencies from multiple tissues. Yet, acquiring donor cells is, in most instances, an invasive procedure that requires laborious isolation. Here we present a detailed protocol for generating human iPSCs from exfoliated renal epithelial cells present in urine. This method is advantageous in many circumstances, as the isolation of urinary cells is simple (30 ml of urine are sufficient), cost-effective and universal (can be applied to any age, gender and race). Moreover, the entire procedure is reasonably quick—around 2 weeks for the urinary cell culture and 3–4 weeks for the reprogramming—and the yield of iPSC colonies is generally high—up to 4% using retroviral delivery of exogenous factors. Urinary iPSCs (UiPSCs) also show excellent differentiation potential, and thus represent a good choice for producing pluripotent cells from normal individuals or patients with genetic diseases, including those affecting the kidney.

One day it will be gone, I am positive!

4chan, busy as always, is currently striving successfully to have Kim Jong Un named as Time Magazine's Man of the Year. I think Time should cut out the middleman and give it directly to 4chan.

Old media never seems to understand the internet. Yay!



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