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31 March 2007


Art's Shark of Peace and Love in the more opaque water.

Wow - I'm jazzed that alpha-textured objects no longer stand out against the water - that's nice. The water is very opaque, but I suppose that's a trade-off and it will be interesting to live with that water attribute for a while.



Grid Repair Exclusive Report - 1April07

Enjah Mysterio anchors at GBC secondary headquarters on the Beta Grid while Ida Keen turns in a report by satellite.


This might be a good idea:

"The CogHUD is a wearable HUD that allows you to be reminded of events and add events to a Google Calendar. It also allows you to receive events via Kiosks in Second Life with a simple command.

To use these objects you must have a Google Calendar account, which you can get for free from their Website and once you start using the object you will be directed to create an account on my website, Calendar Cogs, so that you can associate your Google Calendar with your in world objects.

The system is simple to use and will help you remember those events you want to go to."

I sent away for the manual. Something is needed - right now it's hard to remember when medium to low priority events are (obviously something you really care about and/or are involved in is a different story). If I could train myself to look at Google Calendar every day (I use Google as my homepage in Firefox, and I have the calendar underneath my Gmail inbox - but lately I don't look at it at all) it would work. Maybe if I just used it for SL things... I felt like it got annoyingly clogged when I put rl things on it.

I get tired of everything being a HUD, though. I usually wear radar so I know who is in my area (very useful in Spangle) and who is behind me (especially useful all the time). Most of the time I wear a reg-tron. Because HUDs show up in video, and because both of those are small and I'm used to seeing them, I wind up with HUDdy video and gnash my teeth a lot because of it. Sometimes I can use the video anyway, but usually I have to dump it.

Anyway... I will look at the documentation...


Yay! Flickr finally took off my NIPSA flag!


Saturday Slaughter replaces Friday Fights.


I just finished hanging the LIGHT show at the Photography Studio. It's a big show, and strangely, almost all the images are avatars. As I was hanging Tina popped in and gave me a landmark to her very cute new store in the Second Sweden sim (I think that's the name). I stopped in just after I finished hangng.

A very nice new resident came in as I had just finished. It's funny how some people just exude intelligence and reasonableness. I'm hoping to drag him into my vaudeville scheme as he's a musician.

What else did I do... well, a lot of time was taken up finishing the machinima and trying to make it into a streamable form. I sent it to Enj and Ida and they both liked it. Ida said Theo's sister laughed out loud at all the right spots. Excellent!

The process is pretty complicated, as it involves making multiple short movies that get edited into a bigger one. Each time someone speaks it's another movie - with or without a background. I think there are seven short movies incorporated in that piece. Typically there's a background video, an overlying video of the person speaking, overlying graphics, two soundtracks, overlying titles. The split screen part has two movies making up the scene - as Enj and Ida are separate then smooshed together (with a black line as well) and the soundtracks (as I don't use the separate movie soundtracks). There was one place that was really a lot of trouble - not saying where. Last thing I had to overlay the fire extinguisher as it drove me nuts that it was in Theo's hand in one scene then gone in the next. Can't wait to get all that crap off my harddrive.


30 March 2007

I stayed up to 6am editing video, then went to sleep, got up at 9:30 and spend hours finishing. It's our GBC April Fool's Day extravaganza - wait for Sunday! Anyway - I did that, then made a Saturday Slaughter sign to replace the (gone!) Friday Fights sign. I'm glad to ditch Fridays as I never thought that was a good day. Then hung out with Enjah, developed a huge headache, took some ibuprofen and it actually went away - woo.


28 March 2007

Last week at the Green Conference Mothra's students were slated to give a short demonstration of the Wa He Lut 2 world. Isaiah and Shania were the speakers. As it turned out, the people before them had a very brief skit, and so we had AN HOUR. Ha ha! Mothra said the time went fast, as Isaiah went up the salmon questions path, and Shania explained and demonstrated making signs and making pictures and other things we do. He said it went fine and didn't drag. I think we were originally to have ten minutes (or maybe ten minutes per student).

I had replaced all the instructional signs I'd made, with the idea that they could use them to explain what we were doing - not sure if they did or not but I'm glad it went well. That was a big hurdle, not least of which was the techno end of things as Mothra is not much of a technodude.


27 March 2007

My electricity just came on! W00t!
Nice when it comes back before the house is totally dark.


Missing Something?

I was rather amazed that Cornell University's SciFair project isn't on this list as I've been teaching a class in it since 2004.

Metaverse Roadmap

So I suggested it to them.
I must be doing a lot better since I doubt I'd've got that far yesterday.



I suggested a film to them:

"Honey Moccasin"
made by Shelley Niro

It was seeing Peggy Lee that reminded me I wanted to see this film. Back in whenever-that-was Shelley Niro had an exhibit at TESC and I arranged it so that one of my classes - Mothra's students - and Hammer, who is Mohawk, went there, had a printmaking class and then met Shelley. I went for the printmaking as that was the difficult part, then sent Hammer and the children and Mothra off to meet SN and I crawled home.

I hope they get it as the snippets I've seen look wonderful.


So - Amsterdam sold for $50,000.


From My Misspent Youth...
I liked John Mayall's Raw Blues album a lot back in the Dark Ages, and even went to see him once although I was far too stoned at the time to remember much, more's the pity. Anyway, I found Milkman Strut on teh intarwebbzz. I might still have the album... not sure... I sold most of them when I got married and a lot had been jacked before then (especially bootlegs). I MIGHT still have it, though. That and Mario del Monaco singing Pagliacci. I think I gave all my Beatle records to Mothra (he has a rock museum). When I was young I always bought the picture-sleeve 45s and the first album I bought was Help, I think. I don't have a turntable but I could squint at the grooves, I suppose.
MILKMAN STRUT from the Raw Blues Album - John Mayall

26 March 2007

Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee

25 March 2007

Kay Kyser Orchestra - One Girl and Two Boys - 1943

Especially for Ida:

Booker T. & the MGs
Not the best film version of Green Onions, but... !

1944 Jammin' the Blues

24 March 2007

The new First Look is not crashing me in Bodega. Yay!

It mysteriously has a lower number than the one from the day before yesterday.



Me n mah bud Constable Dillon (?)

This is how I pictured Enjah after her fall - gators not crocs though.

Killing a wolf.

Big mobs.

Running about killing things for no reason; I got killed and didn't know how to revive myself. Next thing to do: kill the zombie (I hate zombies). Hey! Guess who else is here! Ruth!

1. Get sword
2. Kill a lot of wolves.
3. Kill a lot of crocodiles.
4. Get killed.
5. Kill the zombie.
6. Get the spell thingummy book jigger.


It is interesting how small systems replicate large ones. That is, when one looks at Second Life or Wa He Lut the problems seem to me to reflect problems of, say, the world in general. Hardly surprising, really. There might be something I can learn by looking at these systems - and indeed I've been thinking about things night 'n' day. Disclaimer: I'm happy 99.99% of the time but lately have been glum due to being unwell, so I recognise that everything is colored with glum tones. Still, my thoughts are like this:

1. There can be no level playing field for the unethical and ethical because unethical people will do things ethical people will not. The best that can be done is to structure our societies, as much as possible, so that unethical behaviour is undesirable and unrewarded.
"You just scammed me and took my money!"
"Yeah - you believed me so that makes you stupid. If you want to be smart scam someone and get your money back."

2. Societies seem to've been formed to provide the structure of a healthy family to unrelated individuals.
"Ha ha! I set the old woman on fire!"
"Ha ha! Hey - that's my MOTHER."

3. People view themselves as part of small subset communities, and it may be a failure of imagination that they don't understand they are part of the large one. Therefore they will hammer the search server 24/7 with bots, scam people by selling land with objects then remove the objects, create DOS attacks, grief people with extortionary tactics. Or start wars, steal money and give it to their cronies, use vastly over the amount of the earth's resources than they should, etc. Unfortunately the list can go on for miles.
No man is an island. entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. John Donne

I try to be conscious every waking moment and think about what I'm doing, as it's easy to fall into a lazy style of doing things. I'm not totally successful, of course, but things that go wrong are revealing. Ultimately, at this point, I can only be concerned with my own behaviour. As it goes externally, so it happens internally, too, and what I find so difficult to bear about the SL and RW external/internal situations is being required to cope passively with anything that is dished up.



Saying goodnight to Enj before logging off yesterday.

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23 March 2007

For some strange reason there wound up being 3 events listings for Friday Fights, me hanging out morosely, and a few nooblets who mostly poofed mid fight through being overwhelmed. One was very fast at learning, though, but he left after one fight as he wanted to explore.

I hate being totally alone there. I made a sign for the 'bots as I had observed (I was standing atop a nearby tree doing something for a while before 2) a person approach Ned, sit on him, then beat a hasty retreat. I reckoned that meant he didn't know what to do, and remembered Doc saying we needed lots of signs. Lately it's been tough going as many new people don't speak English and/or don't have streaming media enabled and so can't watch the movie. Last week I walked someone through enabling media, and honestly, just that with nothing else was a big enough lesson for the day.

In no particular order: Enj and I went to try out the new Sine Waves animations. I made a Movie Night 2: The Sequel! poster. Discovered that First Look (didn't it NOT do this for a while?) crashes me in Bodega (again or still). I tried it several times including once walking from Bolinas to Bodega, crashing when I put foot over the line. Whilst filing a bug report a person came over and stripped/equipped and attempted to... uh... I dunno... so I filed an AR as well. I used to tell nude men to go to Amsterdam, but perhaps they should now go to ebay.

I was trying to take android pictures in Laran when Snoopy and Woodstock flew over. In a fit of irritation I did the Sven murderer animation I made for the play - Snoopy (cell-shaded and a bizarre contrast with a chrome android - wished I'd had a moment to take a picture) turned tail immediately and skedaddled.


Then someone flew over - I coundn't think who it was - then remembered it was the woman who caged/orbited me yesterday. Super-crowded remote sim.

Rhiannon TPed me to look at a billion of my tents she, Frans, and Amu were setting up for a podcasters jamboree of some kind. She congratulated me on the Fox Atomic thing, and when I said "I'm sure we will get the prize one day ," told me that a truck with 50,000 linden trees was going to pull up in front of my house, sent by a confused Fox. I was taken with the idea - a much better prize.

I talked with Johannason about the extra-specially bad day/time of Friday Fights, as he had said he'd love to be there but couldn't due to work. I think we need to change it - either that or stop doing it. If I weren't a captive audience there'd be no freaking way I'd be home at any time on a Friday - day or night.

jF teh Blogger just ate half my post :( GAH.

B<3 emailed and told me how busy everyone at school is, and asked me for the password that would enable them to update the website. The... what, now? I have explained before and explained again how to access the homepage folder. It's on the black server. <-- There it is! They have a techie - why not ask her about mythical passwords? Mike, then Alex couldn't get me remote access as the BIA is teh weird* and I don't have a fixed IP address. ** All someone needs to do is login on the server itself or access it from another school computer, using their admin password. Doesn't that seem... uh... elementary? Alex is still there - they could ask him.

*The bureau gets attacked a lot.
** ---unshared caustic opinion---

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Amsterdam on Ebay

The sim, that is. No bidders yet - I wonder if there will be any. It's a nice build, but that is quite a lot of money. Still, it doesn't seem overpriced to me for some unknown reason.


I make events in groups, sometimes, and I knew I'd made a Friday Fights event for today so didn't think about it. Well, it was either not made or it fell off the calendar - I think probably when I made 2 events it wasn't a week and a half ago as I thought, but two and a half weeks ago. Time flies like an arrow. Cue Lucy (however I believe the quote about bananas is from Groucho).

I remember YEARS ago when I thought having an event (which could be LL sponsored if guidelines were followed, not that I ever did, though) was complicated and hard to do. I started running events when the Photography Studio opened in 2005, and used to always have at least one "learn how to enter"-type event (until the sheer volume of typing required got to be too huge*), as well as the awards ceremony. Now events include awards, weekly rehearsals, weekly Friday Fights, things like Movie Night! (the sequel coming soon).

*Grignano is now on the newbie trail. In the past people at the Photo Studio were interested in the event; now they are more likely to be brand new residents merely passing by. They either are far too new ("How do I walk?"), speak another language, aren't interested, or don't speak at all.


I used to add photos all the time to several photo sites, including Flickr. Flickr was a latecomer for me and I used it for SL screenshots prior to Snapzilla. When Snapzilla came along it was just more fun to use it for SL snaps. I've been trying to get back into using Flickr a bit - at least for fight pix as they'd be automatically posted to the Combat Cards blog - at least, they will if I can ever get my unsavory NIPSA* flag removed. I'm not sure what is doing it - maybe the screenshot of the (now gone) enormous statue in "Heaven" on Krittania that I upskirted. Now that would be silly.

*'NIPSA stands for Not In Public Site Areas. This is a flag that staff used before we released filters to stop photos that were going against the Community Guidelines from showing up in searches on the site.
If your account is flagged [as safe and] also "NIPSA", you may be one of the people caught up in the transistion between the old system of moderation (public, pending, private accounts etc) and the new way (safety level/content type filters). It's fairly likely that if your account is NIPSA, it's because your account was NIPSA pre-transition, and that it may require a review by staff.'


22 March 2007

Looper got home from the hospital today. She said it was like eacaping from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Although the doctors said she could go home, various people with no authority wanted her to stay and go to rehab - for two weeks. She said a night nurse was insane, wanted her to stay two weeks, and interpreted a Celcius temperature reading of 38° as a horribly high fever. L had a doctor friend visiting at that moment and they both said, "That's 100.4°" and the nurse said, "No, it's 103." I said, "Yeah, think about the poor, ill person with no one sitting there - I forsee him being plunged into iced baths" by Nurse Ratchett.

I took my mother to the emergency room once when she had a fever of 106° after chemo one day. They gave her a big lot of Tylenol. I told her she looked like a condor chick as her hair had fallen out and she had fluff and a beaky nose. She was not highly amused, but I was just trying to distract her. Before taking her I'd called whoever I was supposed to call and had the hardest time convincing them I was reading the thermometer correctly (I was). 106° - now that's high.

I am anti-hospital, anti-medication, etc. There are some things that require that kind of thing (like broken legs) but I think that staying away if at all possible is the best way.

Frank's son went into hospital for an Achilles tendon problem and wound up with flesh-eating bacteria ===:O This is recent, like... uh... now. They had to excise a lot of muscle and tendon, etc. and now they are trying to fashion a new Achilles tendon from something removed from his big toe.


21 March 2007


I logged in this morning in the middle of a flurry of particle saucers. The three fellows playing with their toys clammed up and bolted, which led me to believe (well, that and their names) they were griefer wannabes testing their disruptabilities in an (maybe the only) empty sim in Azure Isles that has scripts enabled. I'd been taking a few background shots as it looks a bit like Mars. It also reminded me of The Last Knit, and I tried to find a sharp-edged cliff, but alas they were all rounded. Very nice looking in that there is a definite landscape across many sims, and not a piecemeal look.

We had unicycle drill team practice, and Ida brought new knitting, hats, and scarves. Enjah came - w00t! Lucy sent me a sketch yesterday that had me laughing - a ventriloquist act. If all goes well she and Vlad can work together. Cy came for a few but seemed to get overwhelmed as he disappeared. It's not an easy task getting an act together - easier if you are working with friends.

Mothra's class is at the Green Conference I think, today and tomorrow. Isaiah and Shania are giving a demonstration inside WaHeLut2. On Tuesday I was just hanging out waiting to give any needed support as Mothra guided the students from the classroom. I seem to have all the children trained to come in and immediately look to me and follow what I say. They kept following me about even after I explained what was happening, and started doing the project I have laid out for next week. I don't like doing nothing so I was making rotating boulders with an Egyptian tomb design on them as I waited.
Student: What are you doing? Me: Making weird rocks. Student: Oh. Me: What are you doing? Student: Not a thing. Me: Ask Mothra if you can go visit other worlds. Student: I can. (teleports into another world).


20 March 2007

Rods and Screws
Looper's surgery went fine, and she's in the hospital for the night. Con called me and told me, which was nice. She also told me that after L fell certain movements gave her excrutiating pain, and someone who is a physical therapist went over on Sunday to help her decide if she needed to go to the doctor. He thought no. I said we should get matchbooks printed up saying "Want to have the professional expertise of XXX? Fill out the coupon inside!"

Con said the email part about rods and screws was exciting. She has my paintings from the museum and will bring them here sometime. I'm having teh rotten day. :(

*sporks Comcast*

I was talking to Candide and Lucy when I couldn't type in the IM window, so I relogged - fixed - then I opened Search (like I had before) and it happened again, so I relogged - came back - oops - redmapped - delogged and the internet was out. I believe this has to do with the Comcast van I saw parked on the roadside in front of the new clearcut area on Lakeshore Road where a firehouse is going to be built. That's my guess.

My net was out for an hour+ - I was just now watching Andrei Rublev and saw the indicator lights had gone one, so here I am.

19 March 2007

ANOTHER Broken Bone - What is it lately?

Now Looper has broken her leg and didn't notice for a bit, but is being operated upon tomorrow.

"...without quite realizing it, I've broken my femur. I will have a rod and screws inserted late tomorrow. The surgeon seems a little robotic, not a bad quality for that line of work."



Contest 25: LIGHT

For details click the poster in the window of the Photography Studio.


18 March 2007

Rehearsal went quite well considering everything. I was there from 10 getting things together, and finished at 3:30 or 4 - a long time. The sim crashed twice and Crystal had no inventory. Salazar and Enjah couldn't come, and my m.c. and writer didn't come. We'd already started when Candide arrived so I was unfamiliar with the music thingy - and I decided that doing the music, signs, curtain, and perform in 3 acts was going a bit beyond my capabilities. I had the music controls in the wrong spot, which really was bad. I didn't have time to stop and change anything, but it was what it was. And the press didn't show up, as they said :(

I opened, and Vlad filled in for Salazar, while Theo filled in for Daaneth. That went really well. I think a very large part of it going well was due to it having been written by Frank - there was patter and it made sense. Polonsky & Keen was after that - they did a great job. A little backdrop would be good, though. Next was Vlad, maybe, eating fire - an act that needs patter but was fun. I messed up the unicycle act by not getting the curtain, but it was a start, anyway. Crystal did a great job, sans inventory. We lost Izi in a sim crash - I was sad as I'd been looking forward to seeing her belly dancing act. Shindig! was last, and the sim crashed the second time. Chuck, the (real life) harpist, was there but didn't perform today. He's still working out his music.

It's not easy, but people (me included) have to take the lumps and move on.


17 March 2007


A couple of weeks ago Salazar sent me a photograph of geothermal activity in Bodega Bay. I took a look today and the area looks larger to me. Art's shark of peace and love is circling nervously, I think.


I'm trying to find out who is seriously committed to the variety* show and who is not. On the one hand I'm still very open to new acts, and believe we will never be closed to acts. On the other, if someone wants to do an act they need to... actually do it, not just think of it. Some acts need help from others (almost every act needs a good intro, but others need lights, anims, ideas/writing, music, additional performers, problem-solving, etc.). Some people just need to be part of a group to get their interest up. At this stage in a project there's nothing pulling it along but sheer will-power from me - but I think once things start to seem more real (i.e. when there's a walk-through rehearsal with performers trying to be ready on cue, which I want to try tomorrow) people will see where they are going.

It reminds me of my father poking his head in to watch when I was painting.
"That part doesn't look right."
"You can see in your head how it will look when it's finished, but I have no idea."
"Go away."

At the moment it's underpainting, but when the focus sharpens things will become clearer for everyone. Well, everyone but me, since I got a kind of visual flash last autumn that arrived fully-formed in my head and damned if I can't spork it into reality with enough energy outlay.
*types until her fingers bleed*
It will all be worth it, I swear.

*I think typing "vaudeville/music hall" 50 times a day is bad for my arm.


16 March 2007

A Busy Day

YadNi Monde's ExoPowArmor

Well, hmmm, what did I do first... I think I first made theatre curtains. Then, I had Friday Fights which was unspectacular but long. I was very glad Doc was there. He did some rummaging around in the anvils fixing thing. After that someone interviewed me about the variety show. Then, or in a different order, I took Ida's Hipcast audio and screenshots asnd made a GBC spot. Oh, yeah - I'd just got to where I wanted to upload when the tubes went out on me. Comcast had a problem and the tubes were out for an hour (a rare thing). Then I uploaded to utoob and blip.

After that I was trying to get together with YadNi and every sim I went to was due to be rebooted, so we wound up waiting it out then going to Cowell where he showed me some amazing creations. In the middle something hiccoughed and got discombobulated, but we met back after our disruption and did more pictures. I hadn't seen YadNi since the Nova Albion Infohub dedication, whenever that was - the last time I saw Maggie boo hoo boo hoo :(((((((( Anyway, I always call him boss as he got me to join the SimCast dev team which I immediately quit. He sporked me into joining up again by giving me a good talking-to. I said ok, but HE was my boss.

Last night I decided the Moulin Rouge would be a good place to perform. I asked Yad about it (he built it) and he told me who to contact.

Then I logged in, looked for backgrounds until Daaneth TPed me to his new club. I tried to work in Photoshop and listen to Cylindrian Rutabaga but her stream went down. I wound up dancing for a few minutes then went off to find dinner... which... uh... is nuking. Or was.


Red Nose Day!  Ida Keen Reports.


Judy called me from New Mexico - a nice surprise. She asked me right off the bat something she just couldn't think of but knew perfectly well. I told her, and she said she'd always had me finish her sentences for her when she forgot something - ha ha! I only vaguely remember that. She told me she'd never seen the new school, which was mind-blowing as it was built 10 years ago. I knew she'd left before it was finished, but assumed she'd done a drive-by on an Oly visit since her son lives here. But no. She has never met Tiff, either. The new school was built after the flood wiped it out in er... '96. After the flood Judy and I held classes in part of the State Capital Museum and she had the children write and draw about what had happened. Ginger wrote, "The flood was horrible, but cool." It was, it's very true. We were in the school at St. Placid Priory for ages. I hated that place. I spent a lot of time there at night alone doing work for the school , and its reputation for being haunted by old nuns never seemed far off the mark. The new school was pushed through in record time as a BIA pilot program, and we moved into it in '98. Maybe it was '99 when Thomas died - he was a former student and that hit me very hard. It's just wrong to see a boy in his coffin and think, "He's grown." :( I have his photo in a frame on my refrigerator.

Tiff arrived just then. Although she said, "No, it's ok, it's ok," I hung up and went to hang with her. I had questions about what REALLY happened in the episode of Jeff and Brad and the puppet show in the men's room in Brazil. She said she never found out the truth but it just COULDN'T be the way it sounded. Ha ha! She cooked me food then we looked at Juanita, the mummy, who languishes in the museum in Arequipa, Peru and is the jumping-off point for her first children's book. She told me Jeff is going on another trip with her and Brad - now where was that too... hmmm. I misremember.

Then I went into SL and met with Salazar in his office at the steamworks. He has a spot for the GBC that just needs to be... uh... concocted. I've finally got it down to how it seems to work all right for the machinima, I think. Well, it didn't take once I actually started thinking about it. I remade the 640x480 spots for the ones that hadn't been chucked already, then I threw away, between the video and the 99 versions of robot frames, about 30 gigs. I went to Paris 1900 and skated around, then jumped off the Eiffel Tower with a parachute - only to rise quickly up, up, up. That was teh strange.

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15 March 2007

Ugh - I just suddenly had a bellyful of the SL forums after reading a post where people were complaining about having no-trans clothing items and vehicles and not being able to pass them on after they are done with them.
*falls to floor with exes in place of eyes*


14 March 2007


The ruler of Solheimer tells its sad history at the opening of the long-awaited roleplay sim. They are varied and strange-seeming inhabitants of this region, indeed. The Solheimers believe the Elven folk capable of the most awful things, and although I've never heard any of this before I won't discount it. Some of the oddest things turn out to be true.


13 March 2007

Enjah had a bad fall and broke her leg AND her ankle. Gak. I hope she knits up fast and well. On the bright side, she wasn't attacked by an alligator whilst prone. She sounds unfazed, although that might be due to tubular filtration.*

I am thrown back to the year my mother fell and broke her ankle so badly they were thinking about amputating. That didn't happen, thank heavens, as there was JUST enough blood circulation to keep gangrene at bay. It was a horrific sight - black and swollen to the knee. She was in hospital/nursing home for ages and ages.

*I mean the words on the internet sound that way but she might not face to face.


First prize is by Scrap Book - a very good picture indeed.

Tina had a car accident - luckily she survived and also managed to snap a great photo of the scene that took second place in the contest.

Ida scooped third prize with a series of "postcards from the beta grid."


Roadtrip awards ceremony


12 March 2007

Enjah Mysterio on the Roadtrip exhibit and the PetGirl Bergman motoring accident.

11 March 2007

Mouse Woes

My mouse - the razer not the white-footed one - stopped working three times today, for some reason. It isn't particularly old. I went back to my old Logitech, which feels clunky. Not good for my rsi. I will reinstall the razer software and see if that shifts it.

The white-footed one is being annoying, too. It has apparently got hungry now that I'm being careful about food, and did something funny. Years ago SJ gave me some hard, round nut-looking things which have an overlapping structure like an acorn cap. They are teh hard. Anyway, they live in an old French ramekin on a counter, just being all interesting 'n' shit. The mouse thought they looked like food and somehow (must've looked funny) wheeled one all the way around the U shape of the kitchen counter, by the sinks, up to the gas stove (all mice live in stove insulation - it's traditional) and attempted to squeeze it past the burner hardware. Alas, the gap was much too small and I found the wandering nut, to my amusement.

My secret plan is to trap the mouse then drive it to McCleary, where they have the bear festival,* then release it. I remembered making (non-injurious) mouse traps as a wee child - can't remember if I ever caught anything or not. I do remember sitting cross-legged on my bed reading as a teenager, and looking down to see a small mouse (I suppose I'd sat on him). I think I fed that one to my cat.

*unrelated trivia


10 March 2007


Ida Keen reports on the Registrator Tron by Max Case.

In examining the contents of a gmail inbox trying to throw unecessary missives away I came across two I kept because, when I received them, I had NO FREAKING IDEA what they referenced and kept them hoping I would find out. No, I never did. Both are from Second Life:

Exhibit A

i didn't mean it in a bad way, I didn't mind it. Just wondered.

Exhibit B

only downside is they need it up n runing tonight

All I can do is this: ?????? Eh? Maybe my alts lead a separate life. No, wait - they have another email address. *goes back to look for more*

Classics of Modern Communication

Classic 1
apparently some guy walked near the spell shop and was automatically sold wind
Classic 2
Oh NO! Will you search your inventory for "elephant"?
Classics 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
X has asked you to join a group
X has offered you friendship


Stayed up to 4 a.m. last night doing things like hanging the Roadtrip photo show, remaking unicycle animations to be higher, experimenting with compression, traipsing about in Second Life looking for/at things. At one point in hanging the show two men showed up and I think hit me with something as I went down about ten feet and kept disappearing. I sighed heavily and relogged.

The exhibit is very nice. I need to make a catalog.

I'd been backing and forthing on compression incrementally as after several months of just putting my fingers in my ears and not working on the audio (the soundtrack is fine in the edit timeline) it demanded attention the other night (that is, it raised itself in my consciousness enough so I could no longer ignore it). It's not making the sountrack per se just the squishificationing of the movie file to spork it into tubular form. I knew I wouldn't like* addressing the issue as I hate things that are occult - I was correct. I spent hours between Thursday and today trying endless combinations of file types/sizes/compression/etc. on an infernal seesaw between picture/audio quality.

Nothing was right, I felt. If I did make something that was okish it discombobulated itself on teh cheesy youtube.

Then I decided that I just didn't have what I needed, so downloaded QTPro and sporked it into action, which resulted in a satisfactory 800x600 60mb Mutants movie. It's not too Quick, however it seems, so far, cross my fingers, to be good.

Something got into me so I made fish with brown rice, mango-peach salsa, cooked vegetables and fresh spinach. Actual real-type food ===:O

*avoided it - bad me.

08 March 2007

Ida Keen reports on the Fox Atomic Machinima Contest winners.


07 March 2007

My feeling on voice capabilities included in the SL client is this:

I, personally, don't like or want voice capabilities in the SL client, however I recognise that I am not *gasp* the centre of the universe.

I see how certain things would be enhanced: education, theatre, business meetings, and so forth.

I recognise that LL has to do this. My view of the 3d web of the future is that some things will be routinely done there as those things can be more easily done in VR. Say, a business meeting involving far-flung participants who need to speak, show graphics, use models, and so on. A team might build a prototype of something or other - say a building, or a train, or a chair. Those things are being done now, but I think they will routinely be done in the future.

Although anyone has always been able to use voice through separate programs like Ventrilo, LL is greasing the slope for organisations who need to be coaxed along before they understand. The separate programs have advantages to ordinary users (not limited to parcel, not liable to be subjected to griefing, not overheard); they don't have an advantage, really, to an organisation on its own island, where they want things simple and included in the box, and where they can limit access.

I think, to me, the best way this could happen is:
(mostly how LL has already decided it will happen)

"New" islands have the option
"Old" islands can opt in for a price
Mainland is voice-enabled but landowners can set their preference to "voice disabled"
There is an added cost for voice
Voice is used for things that it would be useful for - like stand-up comedy or singing
Voice is considered an intimate form of communication
Text is the general form of communication

Just as SL society considers leaving stray prims around bad form, our SL society should weigh in on this and decide how text/voice will be regarded. A lot depends upon how the capabilities can be abused, something that will limit the degree to which it's considered useable by everyone. That, to me, seems ok. Although there are usually many annoying uses for something that I could never devise, in this case I'd LIKE voice to be considered something not suitable for general use.

I'm scratching my head a bit over people saying, "We don't want it! You're going to charge EXTRA? That's not fair - it should be free!" Of course, I'm conflating the comments.


*Also last night trying to work was hard
as the UUIDs came up all zeros.*

That puts a definite crimp in a project - hah.


06 March 2007

*Pokes head up*

Ah, yes, that* mustn't've been the end of the world.
Where was I?

Oh yes - my students had to devise questions to set topics. This is very simple for most children, but all of this is new to these students and they have to swap and share computers, which is an added difficulty. Red Team had the topic "buffalo," and Blue Team had "rattlesnakes." Isaiah must've found the motherlode of copy/paste questions on snakes, however I had to tell him that some of the questions really made no sense out of their context on a particular website.

Emyle: you are mean
Osprey: Ha ha! I am VERY mean!
Emyle (whisper): I was saying that to isaiah
Osprey: Want me to yell at Isaiah?
Tristan: yes
Osprey: Isaiah, GET TO WORK.

Then I said, "Teams, whisper the answers to me." That confused Blue Team, but Red came through. Finally Blue did, too. Mothra told me the children had copied/pasted questions and had not paid attention to the answers. Ha ha! They had to find the answers and next week will swap and answer each others questions. One problem to copying/pasting sans comprehension was that Blue Q5 (put up by Isaiah) was being answered by Tristan, who clearly didn't understand. Q. Do rattlesnakes give birth to live young? Tristan: No, they do not give birth to try to be young. Ha!

Then Tiff came, and she brought soup and salad which is far more than I deserved. I had forgotten to eat so was hungry. But alas, vaudeville rehearsal loomed too quickly and I rudely had to leap up and claw my way into SL with poor Tiff cast out into the darkness (I told her she could stay but she opted to depart). I feel terrible that I was so rude.

Getting in to SL, Enj sent a tp for me and I landed in Cowell and dressed in my unicyclist outfit. Someone asked me if I'd had a building accident - I don't know what that related to. Enj, Ida, and Lucy were there ready, and we miraculously formed into an act and had fun, although I was exhaustipated. Note to self: 6 hours of feverish activity is too much for me. We agreed on a changed day for the mid-week rehearsals - Wednesdays at 6:30.

Last night I logged in at 1 am to try to get my idea working (knit enhancement) but 2 people arrived and followed me, and I had to tell them not to shoot Art's shark of peace and love as it's vegan. So I logged out as I couldn't work. After that I made vegetable soup as I hadn't eaten for ages. That soup was it until the 5:30 pm soup - I think eating is annoying. By rights I should be 8 lbs., however my metabolic rate is .0001368. Hmmm... 1368... wasn't that a Black Death year?

My mouse is annoying, too. I hope it may realise there is nothing for it to eat (now that I'm squashing everything into the fridge) and cease drawing a dotted line marking its travels. Its toothmarks are to be seen on something I left out on Sunday night, although I haven't felt its vibrational distortion in the space/time continuum today.

*Actually it was Annoyingly Loud Neighbors, the Sequel - whose delivery of a billion tons of gravel had to be send down a chute to the waterfront (these houses are on a steepish slop that leads down to the lake).


I'm trying to clean things off my hd right now, but it's always the way that something that just got deleted becomes important (I deleted a movie snippet from Ida, then decided I needed to try to make a movie using it but doh - too late).

I deleted Myst and Myst Online - that was something like 3 gigs. I couldn't do the shards thing - like having fly eyes. I deleted Kaneva (was interesting to try it). I have a lot of virtual worlds on my puter: SL, There, Entropia Universe, Multiverse, Kaneva, ATITD, Croquet, Myst, ActiveWorlds (CTCUNI project), um... there's something else... fergets... Now I have 2 fewer. I like to monitor what is happening (i.e. be a tourist). I am debating whether or not to uninstall Journey to the Wild Divine. I like it, theoretically (the biofeedback thing etc.), except in the past mumble-mumble years I've fired it up about... uh... twice? It's a bit like being trapped in a Thomas Kinkade painting (ahhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek).

Time to go check into CTCUNI and make sure everything is set for my class. A really strange and loud noise started here a few minutes ago. If it signals the end of the world I bet this won't post.

Netflix Recommendation

Batman the Animated Series: Vol. 1 (4-Disc Series)

Because you enjoyed:
Seven Samurai

Ha ha!

It keeps recommending silent films to me, too.


Ida's hat, scarf, and knitting with my unicycle made so it works with the knitting anim. Wait... Ida I just had a brilliant idea...

05 March 2007

News from Anji

Caitlin's class went to a children's opera of 'Hansel and Gretel'. The opinion of Caitlin 'the queen of culture' - " It was weird but good. They didn't do any talking just weird singing".

Ryan's Classic Lines?
Brett the builder (and our neighbour) is building us some stairs. Ryan thinks it is great fun to watch and help (?). He said "I've been helping Brett, that's why I'm sweaty."
Ryan is 4 next week (march 7)...he has been counting down the days. It always seems to be 3 more days... and knows his birthday is 'March the pheasants'.
birthday party!


For a brief period I would go to the movies with Tiff. We have completely different taste so we would compromise and go to see something we both hated. Well, it worked out that way about 99% of the time, anyway. *tears out part of her brain with those movies in it* Someone's Mandolin... phew... a bad un. Once we went to a (bad) sequel of The Matrix, and Tiff started making spluttering noises - turned out she hadn't seen the original. I had to lean over and say, "Nothing you know about physics applies here." She said, "Oh, all right," then probably astral-projected and continued writing a grant or something. Crap - we saw that HORRID and ineptly made movie where two men swapped face skin surgically. That was a stinker. Sometimes the movies were so bad they were actually funny - an example of which I cannot proffer and, in fact, I may be exaggerating that aspect as it was similar to the way a tiny island stands out on an otherwise landless ocean horizon.

Not with Tiff, but once I went to see Fight Club and was in stitches the entire time and actually thought it was supposed to be funny. Afterwards, a male friend sternly told me it was not supposed to be funny AT ALL. Well, maybe I was just in a laughing mood that day. I think it might be meaningful to men, hilarious to women, perhaps. A bit like the Masons and the Shriners and fraternities and... That would be fair - there are lots of things women enjoy but which don't appeal to men (speaking very broadly here of course).

Usually women are too polite to laugh.


04 March 2007

Rehearsals are Sunday at 2pm and Tuesdays at 6:30 - and today was the first Sunday rehearsal. It was fun although 2.5 hours was longer than I thought it should be. My idea is to spork people to motivate them, then release them into the wild to develop their acts a bit, then after 2 rehearsals for each time set a list of acts to be performed (however badly) at the next rehearsal to get input and put the fear of G'al into 'em. Kain is off in a rl opera and won't be available until later. Several people have been suspiciously quiet, but if we have all the people from Tuesday plus all the Sunday folk we will be all right.
Today Salazar and I accidentally developed a snake charmer act and a writer is writing the mc patter and some basic ideas. Jen, who kept crashing, may yet develop her loathed mime act, Cy was working on an r/c motorcycle jump, Ida has several acts including comedy with Theo, synchronised knitting is requiring a lot - I made a new animation and almost finished a new unicycle and we haven't even found a simple pattern to drill to yet, Candide is doing electrocution as entertainment. Tuesday - burlesque dancer, "Duet on Ice" for one (I spent ages yesterday making a death spiral anim* that causes serious laughter, at least in me), the m.c., magic. Not shown yet - bareback hippo rider, strongman, ventriloquist, puppet, fire-eater. I sort of want dancers with pennants ( a la totalitarian displays of healthy exercise).

*I'm new to the X-Y movement - just done two animations using it, but it's groovy. I got a bit confused by having the XY plotter start to overlap the frames - so it would switch to the frame. It took me a minute to realise what was going on. The first time I was going to upload the anim was rotating about the wrong point, and I suddenly realised I hadn't added the reference frame - glad I "knew" what the trouble was as I might've ruined the entire thing trying to make it work correctly without the first frame (impossible).



Time moves on (well, so people say) and on Friday my wee tiny sister Elizabeth turned 40. Woo! Well, our mother always counted from conception, so that means she'd've been 40 in June 2006, however, luckily er... well... anyway, Elizabeth became 40 on Friday. Oh course I didn't go as I never go anywhere if I can help it, but a faithful band of friends took her out to dinner and hired an Elvis impersonator to sing to her. Hah! AND brought an ice cream cake with Elvis on it. Thank you, Con, Chris, Ann, Anne, Geraldine, Looper, and the people I have not met or have left out.

I talked to E today on the phone and she told me Joe has been put gone into a group home. E herself has decided she wants to move from the apartment I helped her move into when our mother was dying/had just died into a nearby apartment complex. It was really a big deal that she had already decided on a place and had her apartment (but not moved in) when Mum died. I wonder how I managed to get through that time. Well, I suppose the truth is - with a great deal of irreparable damage. Oh, well.

Frank and I have an ongoing - well, not argument, just disagreement. I always say we can't know and that maybe life is supposed to be like a wild roller coaster ride, and he says, no, life is not supposed to be like a wild roller coaster ride. Mine has - I could hardly tell about one thing that's been ordinary. Hmmm... uh....

uh... hmm... no... Can't think of anything...


03 March 2007

Music Hall Acts
Viddy it well, me drogies.

Slapstick Music Hall Tumbling Act from 1945. This footage is from a Mancunian Film's short called 'Randle and All That'. See for all things Frank Randle and Mancunian Films.

Wilson, Keppel & Betty - 1930s' British Music Hall stars perform their legendary dance routine. Formed in America in 1917, the trio were still going strong in the 1950s carrying with them at all times their own personal sand - even when they played in Las Vegas! It is said there were six Bettys over the decades!


Ha ha! WOW Mario!

What Movies DO I like, Then?
A continuation of my previous bland post - as if that one had not been enough.

Movies I Loved and Think Accomplished Everything The Filmmaker set Out To Do:
(I don't critisise cross-niche, so to speak - if the film is supposed to be a light romantic comedy it doesn't need to be in the ring with Fitzcarraldo - the intent was different, the niche is different, etc.)
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
Raging bull
Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control
Queen Margot
Women In Love
Endless Summer
32 Short Films About Glenn Gould
War Photographer
The Fast Runner
Stevie (about Stevie Smith)
Dogtown and Z-Boys
The Business of Fancydancing
Red, White, Blue
The Pillow Book
Dance Me Outside
King of Hearts
All About My Mother
Lawrence of Arabia
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
The Straight Story
Rabbit-Proof Fence
(or in a funny typo, Rabbi-Proof Fence)
Being John Malkovich
Seven Beauties
About Schmidt
My Architect: A Son's Journey
and many, many, many more.

Movies Which Were A Bit Much (even for me)
Requiem for a Dream
Dancer In the Dark
Lttle Otik
Office Killer
The City of Lost Children
Natural Born Killers
I liked them in a way, but have no desire to try to recreate the experience.

Movies I suspect Might Be A Bit Much
City of God
Touching the Void

Movies Which Were Not Enough (a bit too fluffy for me)
Whale Rider
The Royal Tenenbaums
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Run Lola Run
The Truman Show
I liked them somewhat, but there was not enough "there" there.

Movies Which I Consider Boring Crapola
(Short list as I can usually spot them ahead of time and not go)
Pirates of the Caribbean (went with friends who thought it was fun: not fun at all)
Star Wars sequels (I don't know - maybe I saw 2 - who knows?)
New York, New York (only movie I ever walked out on - and I have sat through a double bill of Heaven's Gate + Kagemusha, so my stamina is unquestionable)

Movies I Think I've Seen But Am Not 100% Sure
Happiness (99.99% sure but the preview looked weird)

I could start another category - films I was horrified to discover (after the beginning scene) had been made from books I'd read and considered simplistic, but it would only have 2 on it, so I won't. (Ice Storm and Ordinary People)

Sometimes (my mother explained this to me when I was a child) a very slight little book or story can make a good film, like My Man Godfrey or What's Eating Gilbert Grape? I come from a line of women who watched a lot of movies. My mother's mother was RIGHT THERE in her seat when movies were invented, and my mother said she grew up in cinemas. She told me how, as a small child, the usherette would show her to where her mother was sitting when my mother went to her after school (frequently). My mother remembered seeing the first talkie. She was highly traumatised by The Blue Angel as a wee one (7-ish). I remember being traumatised by a movie called Atlantis (which had a death ray that turned people to skeletons) when I was about the same age.


Incredibly Boring Post About Rating Movies
Move along; nothing to see here.
I'm trying to be circumspect about movie-rating on Netflix - I believe I must be different than most people in that I saw most of the good ones at the time they were new, once, or I saw really old things on television a thousand years ago and feel no particular need to see them again. Also, I don't always remember titles, and sometimes they offer a movie to rate that I saw as the original (say, 3 Men and a Baby). So, when I rate things I'm conscious that I might've liked movie X a lot in 1979 but that doesn't put me in the same category as someone who saw movie X yesterday and rated it highly. I have been trying to stick mostly to 3 stars for anything decent. I get carried away with fervor when the movie is something I've seen recently and liked, as that makes more sense to me in a ratings way.

Right now the stupid queue is:

Andrei Rublev
I Heart Huckabees
Collected Shorts of Jan Svankmajer: Vol. 2
The U.S. vs. John Lennon
12 Monkeys

I don't remember what Dogville is at the moment. *checks* Oh, right - it's that Lars von Trier film. That title slides into a part of my brain occupied by Dogtown and Z-Boys, which I really liked a great deal. I like documentaries. I also like surfing movies. I have a ripped-to-shreds silkscreened Endless Summer poster I bought for $5 in about... hmmm... mid-sixties. THAT was a great film. No, you don't need to agree with my taste. I <3 documentaries.


02 March 2007

Tiff sent the lost emails to me. One day during the trip to Brazil...

This was about the busiest day ever in our travels. We visited the most beautiful and scenic little colonial gold mining town ever. The town is only matched by its beautiful setting among craggy mountains with dark green forests. Of course under the ground is the fabulous gold mine tunnels that made Ouro Preto the biggest strike in the western hemisphere. At the time of the gold operations here there were three times the people in Ouro Preto as in New York.

The town was built to last with beautiful buildings, churches, cobbled streets, etc. etc. The streets are a wonder in themselves. Some are so steep that even with the cobbles and stones turned sharp side up you are as likely to fall over forward as on a triple black diamond ski run. Many are almost too steep to walk on at all.

We first visited a slave built church. The slaves managed to save enough to build their own beautiful church by washing their hair in the holy water font and the trapped gold in their hair thus washed outbuilt the church and bought many their freedom besides.

We visited at least 12 of the 23 churches scattered across the hillsides. Many had huge carved alters, statues, etc. that were carved by a very prolific little carver here named Alejandriho. He was crippled in his legs, and lost all his fingers to some disease. They strapped him upright to a pole and then strapped chisels, hammers and other carving tools to his arms and he carved
every piece of wood and soapstone around here that didn,t run away from him. His carvings are

Brad started bugging me about- What next--What next-(I think he was just excited about the architecture and got a little hyper). Well, anyway Jeff took the book and maps and when Brad started in on him, he looked up and scoldingly said,¨I,m not talking to you!``. It was so funny we all got the giggles and sat and sputterted and laughed till we cried like 3rd graders. I really haven,t laughed uncontrollably like that for a long time. 2 days later we are still giggling.

Right now as I write this, all over Brazil people are getting ready for Carnaval. Every town has its own. The drums never stop their frantic pace as everyone is practicing for their performances. Its getting crazy. You can feel the excitement and tension buiding day by day. Everyone is on the move to get to their favorite Carnaval town.

Tomorrow we are going to explore one of the mines here that has a tour. Then we are catching an all night bus to Rio so that we can spend an extra day in Cabo Frio so we can find another geo-cache which is hidden near there on the beach. Under a dental floss bikini??????? Who Knows!!



Meme Meow Revisited

A bit off my transactions list today shows free Fidgets going home with people. I shall fill the grid with Fidget! I have dragged others in, too, like Matisse and Flanders & Swan.

Today my brain didn't work. Wow, is that ever odd. Frank's fault. *sporks Frank* Last week was like the super Wed-Sat but right now things are teh crapola.

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Ida Keen reports on the Caledon Anniversary Fashion Design Contest.

01 March 2007

Although it was all snowy here this morning, I decided there would be none in Olympia, and so it was when I went to jin shin. Spent an hour or so laughing with Frank, then went to Slaveways and bought some things... organic milk and butter, spinach, Hubbard squash. Plain yoghurt. That was the big excitement of the day.

Oh, I need to email Amanda and thank her for voting for our movie. She's off getting her PhD in one of those places that don't exist* for me. I emailed EVERYBODY - ha ha! Not many voted, deterred by reg requirements, procrastination**, and Flash. As I said to Ida - I agree with her earlier "a site entirely in Flash is excessive" statement. Tiff (wise in many ways but not noticeably technology-minded) said it just told her she NEEDED TO INSTALL "SOMETHING" so she surfed away hurriedly.

*I don't "do" popular culture and I don't "do" far away from the sea.
**I heard 50 times - "I went but voting had closed."

Except under the guidance of Candide.

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SL Article in Baseline.


The British physicist Professor Stephen Hawking is to take a zero-gravity flight in a specially modified plane next month.

Tiff started learning Portugese 4 months before going to Brazil. She went with (or THEY went with her, more accurately) Brad and Jeff, who didn't. Tiff said she was amazed that she could talk to everyone and it made all the difference to their trip. They went (as she always does) to places visitors are instructed are too difficult/dangerous, by methods (bus, walking) that tourists are cut off from. She described how you'd be relegated to the well-worn tourist tracks otherwise (more than in many other places because of the unfamiliarity of Portugese) - you wouldn't be able to do anything more than hire a cab, go to the tourist restaurants, watch Carnival from your hotel.

She said it was much like Japan in that the citizens don't expect tourists to've learned the language and were delighted to find that Tiff had. She said people told her their life's stories and she told hers - and that Brad and Jeff were disgruntled, felt everything took a long time (as they were waiting in incomprehension), and wanted an imediate or simultaneous translation, which Tiff couldn't do. She says she's at the point of being in either Portugese or English but can't cross easily between the two.


I added a Jan Swankmajer collected shorts DVD to my Netflix queue - I like Jan Swankmajer's work but I have to be in the right mood to want to see it.

Our film is in the finalist run off of the Fox Atomic contest. Woo.

I made a unicycle animation that I threw into a crude approximation of a unicycle with an AO to direct it to cover the default anims. The task was this: create an anim of the correct type to work with Ida's knitting anim on top. I was surprised that the default anims are not all low priority. To cover the defaults I had to upload the unicycle anim as a 4, but I'd preturbed it from the waist down and not touched the upper body and it works fine. The unicycle needs work though.

Snowed all day, however the snow did not stick.



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