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31 October 2007


Ha Ha! Build Class, July 2004
Teacher: Higbee Protaganist

I've been looking for these - ha, very funny. That's me in the foreground with Hig all Vash-y in the back. At one point I said "Cue evil laughter," and he made a "Mwahahahahahaha" gesture sound, which made me laugh.

Overview of the feverish activity. Copy! Select! Physics! Texture!

Sitting on my first object - a beanbag chair aka a textured torus, learning about teh fysyx - raise cube, drop cube (teacher's feet visible).

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30 October 2007

I'm reading a New Yorker article that keeps referring to the consulting "industry." Say what, now? The consulting what? My eye keeps going back to the first place it's written. The consulting industry. /me blinks.

I suppose in that case philosophers are part of the philosophy industry. Poetic industry, anyone? All those people in the singing industry are hard at work, and some are also part of the acting industry. Odd, odd.

I remember my father, once long ago, when speaking of everyone in a certain area around our house, saying that he was the only one who was actually making something tangible. The rest were pencil-pushers and bureaucrats. Not any more, though, as now they are part of the pencil-pushing industry. This must be something to do with the way the United States isn't really making things anymore.


29 October 2007

A Visit to HeadBurro Antfarm's Island
Told through the magic of pictures.


Uh... hullooooo?





Sushi on the hoof.


28 October 2007


Higbee Protaganist, having worked alone for four years trying to encourage the creation of beautiful areas in Second Life for the refreshment of the human spirit, has lately been joined by a number of energetic nature-lovers. The former Second Life Parks and Recreation Service has blossomed into the Virtual Parks and Recreation Service - not limited, in other words, to any one version of virtual reality, but ready to embrace all worlds, here now or yet to be created.

There's been a lot done in a short time, and everyone has done a great deal - bringing us to the point where we can REALLY knuckle down and get things done. Check out the website, and talk to people about the VPRS. Suggest places to be included in the registry, take advantage of the great free camping gear, explore, watch the videos ;D and read the featured location article, donate time or some spare change to help support greenspaces and more, watch for events like camping trips, express your feelings - add your voice to ours in support of virtual nature.



Wavemaster fighting Mich in the Open Cup Finals.



Joh fighting Mich for the Open Cup.


Johannason was KILLER yesterday,and even managed to kill a skeleton(who thought he'd be immune as already dead). After a few good fights Joh won the Open Cup (and a full set of cards) and then blazed through undefeated to win the Constructed Cup and 10kL. After that we had the free for all - which I changed the rules of to suit the situation. I said fight in a chain - as in match 1 winner fights challenger in match 2, winner fights challenger in match 3, and so on, with the winner at 4pm awarded the 2.5kL prize. Each person was to have one chance then exit once defeated, and although Klink Epsilon held sway for several fights he finally went down and it was Michalius who won the prize. Congratulations to Johannason and Michalius - two very good fighters!


I noticed yesterday that Avro is a new SL surname. My father worked for Avro at one time - winding up at Avro Canada in the Brain Drain for the awful Black Friday when the Arrow funding was cut (a complicated tale). Avro Canada developed the first commercial jet, called the Jetliner, and the Arrow was state-of-the-art for its day. Thank you, yes, that does make me 106 years old.

/me shuts up.

27 October 2007

I got this missive today:
Hello me and my freind was wondering if we could reside in your cave as bats
I said yes, and now I have two bats! w00t!



Flying around in "The Wheatfield."

Contemplating my navel... er... I mean the sea.


26 October 2007

Touring Toran Cult's Afterlife with NPIRL

Toran showed me Afterlife way back a million years ago when it was quite simple. Now it's highly elaborate, and is all created holodeck style from a HUD worn by the controller, and although it is comprised of thousands of prims only rezzes a hundred or so at a time. Entry to the afterlife is obtained by way of a guillotine, but not to worry, as at the end one can jump into the Fountain of Life and land on Earth, fully restored.


To protect ourselves from the possibility of robots running amok and destroying humanity, I think they should be programed with human foibles and weaknesses, like, say, vanity and insecurity, thereby opening them to mild manipulation.

Then, faced with a robot attacker in a dark alley, one would smarmily say, "Where did you get that divine gleam to your metal carapace? I've never seen anything like it!" Or, "Oh, my! You have a black streak on your faceplate! Do you want me to rub it off with my handkerchief?" Or even, "I have just the thing for you - it will pull your entire look together. Hang on just a second while I run home and get it..."


Virtual Worlds

"Ironically, the power of technology has created an extremely human element to these worlds" Irving Wladawsky-Berger, IBM person

I don't see why that's surprising. One doesn't use a tool in order to grow weak and diluted. Of course the technology acts to make it possible for each person to be zoomed-in upon, just like zooming in on a satellite picture made Salazar's car visible. It's like a giant telescope, or the teleport function on a personality level. Everyone can be brought close in the twinkling of an eye.


25 October 2007

President Bush Visits Second Life

A conversation in a sandbox quoted on the SL forums:

OP: Excuse me, can you please leave me alone I am reclaiming inventory."
HIM: "Hi I'm the rular of the universe"
OP: No you are a just a stupid little kid with no brains.
HIM: Yes I am that too.

Oh wait, that can't've been Bush, he's not that self-aware.


I hate getting up in the dark/cold. I have about 25 minutes before I need to leave.
/me tries to think of something blogworthy.... I've been working on a re-edited machinima for AskPatty, staying up until 4am the night before last, and working until midnight last night to get it done. At least, I hope it's done. My sister and her husband are making a rare appearance here, so I don't want to keep on at it. I notice that although I, having learned from experience long ago, finish projects as soon as I can as it's best to get things out of the way, it's like highway traffic - if a space opens up another project squeezes in. That's all right to some extent but I want some time to play (although making Hal was just play, really).
oops gtg

Update: jF I asked Frank more than a month ago to get my appointment scheduled for the winter-friendly afternoon, but I brought it up today and it won't happen now until late November.* It was 35 degrees as I drove in today - my area has slicker roads than Olympia and it's silly to drive in rush hour traffic on black ice if one need not.

*I would say he's forgetful, but of course, he'd say I'm forgetful - everyone thinks everyone else is forgetful because each one ranks the importantance of things differently and remembers those important things.

23 October 2007


Ha ha! Ran into this on an archive CD - the more things change the more they remain the same, apparently. At least for me - I was taking pictures of Phyneas Jack's lookout just the other day.

I hate how my old pictures on Flickr are not visible unless I get a premium account. I think my first picture was Anshe Chung for sale signs backed up to my land in Bodega, which is not interesting, however there are nice ones of the giant livingroom that it would be nice to have visible.

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In real life sometimes objects don't look traditional or fit a purely utilitarian model. In Second Life, though, people seem to be more comfortable with objects that look to be obviously what they are intended to be. A chair is a chair - a recognisable, traditional chair, usually. In real life a chaise longue might be an organic oddball shape, and do double duty as a design object of interest.

In Second Life it would be chaise-longue-shaped. I understand the reason - it's true that in a place where anything is possible, clues of texture, size, placement, and so on are not available or perhaps just not as easily understood. However, I see lots of really rather ugly chairs in SL that seem to be a failure of imagination. Not just chairs - one wonders why some of the boring RL objects unnecessary in SL are reproduced so faithfully.

Especially since the advent of sculpties I've seen a lot of what I consider yucky things that someone spent a lot of time bringing forth into our virtual world. I have no clue why - but I've seen things of K-mart design quality that are lauded because they were difficult to make.

I think the use of sculpties has to get better, but right now it's pretty spotty. The use for organic shapes like rocks, water, trees is an important addition, but alas it is at the cost of K-martification in other areas.

One thing about classic prims - it is always a joy to see how someone has used the shapes to build something.

Hal Fighting Ned
I just made Hal today (fast work too) basically for Maxie's Hallowe'en needs :D

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22 October 2007


Comonwealth Island


21 October 2007


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20 October 2007

Sod Off, Inkjets
As I said, I was fed up with my stupid inkjet printer months ago and ripped its wires off and booted it. I tried to live without a printer but that was very inconvenient, so I decided to get a monotone laser printer. I ordered a cheap little Brother and it arrived today. I set it up (not too easy if you are me), and it works like a champ. I miss my color laser printer at Wa He Lut. Inkjet - ptui.

Brown Fear
Oh, yesterday a UPS man delivered something* and I said "sorry" as it was absolutely pouring and inky black and they never come all the way down the drive in the van. He was a bit** wild-eyed, and blurted out that he wasn't worried about the rain, but he was afraid he'd be hit by lightning. At that he turned on his heel, shouted, "Good luck!"*** and ran off up the hill. I don't think he was hit by lightning - at least not between my door and his van. I did think the entire exchange was bizarre.
*not for me
**quite a bit
***I think he was saying it for himself.


19 October 2007


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My blog is five. Yippee! And my electricity is on and I have internet! Yippee! Lucky!


This post was saved onto notepad pending the arrival of teh intaweb trucks:

12:05ish am
Yay! Trizzities! There was an annoying false start [amount of time*] ago when everything burst into bloom and stayed on for about 25 seconds, then collapsed back into darkness. What a tease.

12:29 am
Of course, trizzities beget intarwebz, so the tubes are not always free and open to the truck traffic, and such is the case at the moment.

/me twiddles her thumbs...

I had time before going Out to set my rehearsal things to group and drop a pungi on Salazar, but not enough time to SAY I was setting things to group - I hope they tried to move the objects. The power went out as I was trying to make contact.

12:56 am
/me goes to bed.

*An hour? More? Less?


18 October 2007

Wind is picking up.
It's supposed to be 30-40mph with gusts much higher, so my trizzities could well go out. I heard on the radio "50-60mph" but I think that is not in my immediate location (or just exageration). I'm glad of that, anyway, as losing power is a tremendous drag and the higher the wind the more places affected, which means it's out longer.


17 October 2007

I like Johannason Scarborough a great deal for a number of reasons, including his honesty and dependability. He's a connoisseur of avatars, and as well as having made some interesting ones himself, he has a wonderful and extensive collection of fabulous avatars built by others. In the picture above he is dancing in an abstract avatar - and, yes, I need to get the creators names next time I see Joh. These pictures are from today.


16 October 2007

Just noticed this little blogpost about the car garden


Someone, somewhere, that I heard (actually I didn't hear it, I heard someone saying they were going to talk about it), talked about antimacassars, which immediately made me think of macassar - the reason for antimacassars. Its use as hair oil, anyway, was the reason for the invention of antimacassars.

Will hair oil ever return to fashion, d'you think? Seems unlikely but odd things happen.



HBA fighting on Sunday - wearing an orca skin.


Once a young gray whale swam around and around and around in the inner area of Budd Inlet in Olympia. I saw the poor thing as I drove home one day. Not from a distance - it was close. It was swimming in a tiny area between a small bridge and Capital Lake. That seemed a terrible harbinger. I don't remember what year it was. It made me think the whales must be starving.

In 1999 I went with a group from Wa He Lut to Makah after that nation briefly resumed their traditional whale hunting legally. The whale carcase was in the process of being cut up - not an easy task, of course. I ate a little piece of raw blubber, and the children, horrified at first, followed suit. It was a good trip. I saw a very nice golden eagle (I see bald eagles every day but goldens are a treat). Far from Indian people being monolithic in opinion about the whaling, my friends from several different nations had thoughts about the event that varied greatly. Many Makah were not in agreement.

When my mother died I decided to cast her ashes into the sea, as she had been a sea person. Because I'm weird I wanted to combine her escape into the free element of the sea with whales. Lots of whales. My mother hit the water running, so to speak, and whales were all around.

My old friend Mildred, who died at 99, I think it was, had been a sculptress in Paris in the Twenties, had lived in Taxco, had worked at Sloan-Kettering, and so forth. Her parents had owned (but were cheated out of) Alderbrook Lodge, and at one point she lived on the other side of Hood Canal and went back and forth by rowboat. One black night she was being rowed across and the lantern blew out. They rowed and she heard strange swishes and gurgles. The moon came from behind a cloud and she saw they were in a pod of whales. She marveled that the whales could've upset the tiny boat without effort yet did not. The man rowed on.


It has been my habit since 2002 to, at least once each year, go look at Delta Thrives, which has never changed but at least is still there. The cat reminds me of Fidget. The whales this week reminded me that I needed to go look at it again. All week it has been whales whales whales.


After Enj and I practiced drill a bit Young came and essayed the course. She is a natural unicyclist although I am not sure about her knitting ability. It takes practice to do both at once but a saving grace is that we unpick our knitting after each show (or we'd spend a fortune in wool) so a few dropped stitches will not matter...

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Heh. Where do I sign?


14 October 2007

Had to leave before the jousting, mores the pity.

Although I had to leave before the jousting Vlad was there for it - and made a very cool machinima record of the proceedings:
Tiny Jousting


waiting to party

The Show Must Go On!

We have one more scheduled show - there could also be one in November that is not set yet.

The next show is 20 Oct @ 2pm at Phobos. That's our home stage.

After that - video, take a break, develop new show.


Pictures courtesy of HeadBurro Antfarm
from Saturday's Hopes Point extravaganza.
See me smile? No? Toothy grin? Don't see it?


Here I am - jousting at Hopes Point :D

Arts Plastiques


It's time-consuming to go back through all my files and throw things away that I don't need. I like to keep un-flat versions of Combat Cards in case of something-or-other, but I also wind up holding unused and huge backgrounds of places that might well be gone and alternate avatar pictures* that are just kind of nice. It's easier, although time-consuming, to chuck out early versions of cards that I save whilst working in case the change I make goes awry.
I'm guilty of using my old computer as a kind of jumbo storage device, and I also archive on DVD just because sometimes it saves me incredible amounts of time when someone rings me up and says, "Remember that (graphic thing) you made for me last year? I need the phone number changed."
I haven't had a printer since I stopped being interested in buying more ink for it when I had TONS of black ink, wanted to print black, and it wouldn't do it as one of the color cartridges was out. I decided I just barely need a b/w printer maybe five times a year, so yesterday I bought a b/w laser printer fer cheap. Nothing to dry up, and by the time the toner is out I'm sure there will no longer be an issue. I was prompted by having to ask Tiff to print a form for me, which she did with her email address and so forth on the pages.
*Pictured: Rhiannon Chatnoir and Amulius Lioncourt above Mount G'al in, I reckon, 2005


13 October 2007

Constructed Clash
2pm @ theCombat Cards Arenas in Europa

This event will help you get your constructed deck built and ten fights fought in order to gain eligibility to the Constructed Cup finals on 28 October. Doc will be teaching deck-building, and there will be fighters wanting to get some fights in.

Watch your scores to see who you should challenge. The Constructed Cup has a 10k prize.

The Open Cup, on the same day, is for demo deck fighters and has cards for a prize. A third contest is for constructed deck fighters present on the day to fight - no other eligibility requirement.

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Every once in a while someone I met during his or her first few days turns up as a more seasoned resident. It's always good for me to see them, and indeed, thinking about the time a former newb came to me in the Photography Studio and presented me with a rose will always make me smile. Although we residents are frequently busy or distracted we need to remember that the new person behind the avatar is probably a little confused, and that we can turn the situation around with a few friendly words.
[12:58] Avatar Friend: hi, for some re. you have come to mind twice today. I know you cant rem me, but I met you last Dec. outside your gallery, I wanted to say
[12:58] Osprey Therian: :D
[12:58] Avatar Friend: how much I appreciated your kindness then
[12:58] Osprey Therian: Aw - that's very nice.
[12:58] Osprey Therian: I remember your name - hah!
[12:59] Osprey Therian: How are you doing?
[12:59] Avatar Friend: great!
[12:59] Avatar Friend: Ive thought of you several times
[12:59] Avatar Friend: ya know when your new, omg
[12:59] Avatar Friend: dont want to bother you, just saying thanks
[13:00] Osprey Therian: I have a friend's brother who is going to join and I just am not sure how to help him have a good experience.
[13:00] Avatar Friend: Im off to see your cave
[13:00] Osprey Therian: It's just EVERYTHING at ONCE.
[13:00] Avatar Friend: oh I can help, I love to help new people
[13:00] Osprey Therian: Any recommendations?
[13:00] Avatar Friend: well most of the time it is all about who you meet


12 October 2007

I've really tried to do the right thing when incorporating musicians' work into my little films, although looking back I see where I've messed up in some ways. Some things I thought were open source and gaily used (with attribution) I think I was wrong about, and it's impossible to do anything more than pull the entire thing, now.

Other works are open source but the musicians want their work credited in more easily seen locations than just at the end of the film. That's a reasonable request. I think I shall go back through my things and look to see what changes need to be made.


11 October 2007

New Combat Cards
(not including the new betas)




10 October 2007


[15:18] You: jump on me shoulder lil bunny girl
[15:18] You: dun be askeert
[15:18] Enjah Mysterio: uh how
[15:18] Enjah Mysterio: do I do that?
[15:18] You: I won't kill you
[15:18] Enjah Mysterio: riiiight
[15:19] Enjah Mysterio: u lookkinda saddish
[15:19] Enjah Mysterio: uhoh


09 October 2007

I'm sad I haven't been able to log into the JIRA or the wiki in months. I have a support ticket open and and they told me to clear my browser, after which I couldn't log into support, the forum, the website, the JIRA, or the wiki, which scared me a bit. After a while I was able to log into the website, forum, and support again, but I'm still unable to log into the JIRA or the wiki. I dunno. It says on Support "Log in as Osprey Therian Therian." Can that be part of the trouble?

I just tried to poke my ticket and couldn't log into support again.


08 October 2007


I am very glad Young is among us again! Here we are playing with the silly toy I made this morning while waiting for the time to do the build transfer. Now to bed - sore throat and all.


Sick, sick.

Transferred the car garden build to Patty.
Made a kewl silly thing that I want to get friends together to try out :D
Sent some info to the FFRC to wrap up our grant.
Working on things for Combat Cards.

Dunno. Other things. I feel awful :(


Closer to a card.

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07 October 2007

Ugh sick feverish etc

The other day Enj and I were in the temple at Burning Life and I got a phone call. It was horribly broken up. dfhdgccccerivianthyjitsdfnallldoyourememberswkkkkkk I said, "I'm not sure, your phone is breaking up horribly. Who is this?" fgfhitsmalisddfggkktryingtofindswkkkkwheresyourhousejkjk*
Me: "Uh. Are you coming out here?"

So then half an hour later someone** I hadn't seen in 12 years knocked at my door. I am a hermit and I have everyone trained to call me at least a day ahead of time (or better yet leave me alone), but there was no chance to do that (however, I brought it up later: "Great to see you CALL AHEAD NEXT TIME." I don't do time or space so it's just like I had seen her the day before. Anyway I suspect she brought alien germs from Montana that made me ill.

*Interestingly enough she had first gone to my old house where someone unknown to me told her I had moved two years ago... uh... I moved when Clinton was in the White House.
**my bee sting therapist from way back when Lucia said, "I have read about bee sting therapy.***You do it, then if it works I'll try it." So I did - three times a week for 6 months. The most I had at one time was 68. I decided to stop as it was intensely painful and ruined my life while I was doing it, for transient gains. It was interesting, though. I do love bees.
***If all my friends jumped off a bridge OF COURSE I wouldn't follow - I'd've been the first one in.


06 October 2007

Giants Battle

Joh and Mich

at Europa

Teh Intarwebzes are Contagious
I am ragingly ugh sick sore throat sneezing etc. Zayn says everyone is sick. Patty is. I CAUGHT IT FROM THEM obliviously :(] Ugh feel awful. Watching Jan Svankmajer (collected work), pt 2.

Ugh ugh.

Mich and Joh fought as giant avs today - w00t. They will have more fun fighting each other not me as I never pay attention and am usually in IM anyway - also I suck. They are both good fighters.

Had rehearsal.

Set up in Hopes Point.

Went to a Ren Fair and wrote an slgames post about it.

Made the show poster.

Uh.... other things. *sneezes*

Ugh sick ugh.



Renaissance Island has a Renaissance Fair that runs until 6pm today.


Yesterday Candide said that, on my recommendation, he was watching Raging Bull, a movie I think is very beautiful. When it came out I watched it multiple times in a row within the first few days. The beauty of the visual imagery just makes me faint.

A while ago I watched Andrei Rublev by director Andrei Tarkovsky, upon Candide's recommendation. It was incredibly beautiful overall.

He said, "It's hard to watch as all the characters are unsympathetic," about Raging Bull.
I said... well, nothing about Andrei Rublev, but I am haunted by the real cruelty to the animals. Visual imagery gets burned into my brain after one sight of it, just like music does. me/ pounds her head on the table. Ugh. If only it had been faked.


05 October 2007

I have a low tolerance for spinning things or other repetitive motions, and at Europa there are two spinning cricket bat things in the air that are driving me crazy.* Once at AskPatty I sat on their childrens toy that went around and around and around *falls off/eyes are exes* - I think Patty or Breanne said it was dizzifying and I was just testing it.

Not a particularly good day - just have too much to do and it's mithering me. I think that's making it go all the slower.

*Yes, short drive, I hear you say it.


Oh, I forgot - yesterday I went to Second Front at The Gate, which was a performance group being streamed from SL to Brussels through the 2-way streaming portal called The Gate.

It drew a crowd, but was the standard boring stuff we see in SL every day, i.e. fires, oddly-made avs, etc. The same attention-craving people but in a different societal subset from our common-or-garden griefers were displaying what I'm sure they thought was edgy and fascinationg behavior. Alas, it's what we see every day in SL and it's boring. I didn't stay for the entire SF event as it was hours long. Maybe they had a big finish.

It was funnish seeing the Brussels crowd. The Gate is an interesting idea and I really wanted to see at least a still photo of what they were seeing. I think the quality of SL things being streamed will improve if The Gate stays up long enough. At that time yesterday the performance was lame, though.

At the very least the penis grouping could've rotated like helicopter rotor blades, but nooooooooooo. Slackers.




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