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30 November 2007

Contest 33: Unnatural Hue

The current contest details are available from the inworld poster at the Photography Studio or on the website. Basically - three entries, no bigger than 512x512, snapshot or manipulated - either are ok. use any trick in your arsenal: wireframe, WindLight, the debug options, the snapshot options, color prims or other things directly, go to oddly-hued locations, edit in a graphics program, make a tinted and translucent HUD attachment then snapshot through it, ANYTHING you like. The theme is loosely applied, so there's lots of creative wiggle room.

29 November 2007

Anyone having this with today's WL release?

Click here to watch 'Snapshot-Glitches---in-WL-1185-74642'

I checked the JIRA listings last night but nothing had yet been written. Torley later found which is it exactly. Is it anything to do with widescreen monitors? The image appears shifted to the left, with the picture-against-black being the far right side of the monitor's image. It's like the snapped image, formerly centred, is now using a reference point on the right of the screen.

The Diabolical Master is At It Again

Robot Chicken Lips

Guess* who made these. Was it:
A) Salazar Jack of the Forest of Kahruvel
B) RacerX Gullwing of Giant Snail Racing fame
C) Edward Manray, Private Investigator

*Add your guess to comments. If you get it wrong I'll:
A) Be amazed
B) Laugh, point, spork you
C) All of the above

Ha Ha! I love reading the comments on YouTube. Here we are watching Montserrat Caballe sing, and the crowd is restless as usual. The difference between opera and hockey fight video comments is that for opera inevitably someone brings up Callas...

haha shes soo COOL!=)

The claps in the beging were terrible!

Carmen Monarcha sings the best version of this aria. Not a single soprano: Fleming, Callas, Gheorghiu, Westenra, Netrbebko, Jo, Church, Caballe, Annie Mary, and anyone else out there I have heard perform/sing but can not think of at this moment can not even compare.

limacs u said that with every opera singer who sang this song...



No, in YOUR opinion.

Yes, in everyone's opinion.

nope, just yours.

yes, just mine and everyone's

Callas 4ever.

why does it have to be a contest? Caballe had the pianissimos, Callas had acting...can't they both be appreciated for what they brought to opera? Bash Netrebko instead, she doesn't have legit technique or intelligent acting.

/me rushes over to a hockey fight vid to make a comment about Callas.

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28 November 2007

An excerpt* from my foray into madness on the Parterre Box website, which involved filling in a million fields to yield a ficticious opera program:

"The neglected masterpiece "Der NeinWindigLeberwurst" will be revived for only 1.26 performances. You probably already know the famous "Plunger Chorus" which was used on the soundtrack of the Academy Award winning film Lawrence of Arabia. Due to the length of this work, all performances will begin at 4:45 am."

*Just the best bit.


Rough, rough day.

27 November 2007

Ages ago, and for many years, my friend Lucia taught at Southern Illinois University, but lived here, and went back and forth. Her husband Jim stayed here as his job is in Seattle. She got to know various people, some of whom I met either there or here. One noteworthy summer I went to Australia, came back, did my laundry, and the next day flew to Carbondale with L - company for her as she settled back in. The trip was first by ordinary jet then by wee tiny jet, and a friend of hers picked us up at the (tiny) airport and took us to the house L had bought in a shady sidestreet of that sleepy town.

We went to a faculty party at someone-or-other's house. Mostly in the garden, it was, with humidity of the milky sky variety. I have a vague memory of something blown by the sudden wind into the swimming pool, a brief but violent storm, meeting Paul, a child or two. Lucia took me all over including a funny student bar with 25 cent beer (blecch), to her office, to university galleries and the bookstore, on a woodland hike (it was too hot and humid to enjoy the jaunt), to an old school from institutionalised segregation times that had been reworked into an interesting arts place, and many other places.

She introduced me to Dave and Rachel, who raised llamas and lived in a nice farmhouse on a rural lane. They took us out on a boat trip at night, and we swam and drank beer and looked at things. That was fun. Some years later Dave, who had always been perfectly healthy and fine, had some kind of symptoms that led his doctors to operate. The surgeon cut into a vascular tumor, causing Dave to nearly bleed to death. They hastily zipped him up again but because the bleeding was in his spine he became an instant paraplegic. That was, I think, 7 years ago.

Lucia remarked how strong Dave's will to live was. No matter what, and beyond the point we - she and I - might've packed it in, he struggled on, relishing life when there wasn't a bad problem bringing him down, like say, intense pain. The bad problems of pain and so on, the critical issues, were solved, and Dave went on. The doctors gave him far fewer years than seven. In part due to his own nature, but also because of Rachel's attention and a degree of financial stability that remained even through the medical bills, he was able to go on and on. And loved life, too. He died the day before yesterday.

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25 November 2007



Reading The Looming Tower, watching We Are the Strange.

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24 November 2007

Join us at 2pm at the Photography Studio of Grignano to view the exhibit The Wilds, and congratulate the winning photographers.


Howard Out, Rudd In
More shall be revealed, as Marilee says, but at least he's going to sign the Kyoto Protocol and withdraw troops from Iraq. Since he speaks Mandarin some believe there will be a shift in focus.

"I want to put aside the old battles of the past, the old battles between business and unions, the old battles between growth and the environment... It's time for a new chapter in our nation's history to begin." -- Kevin Rudd

I admit I am not exactly sure what that means, although it sounds like it would please everyone whilst delineating nothing.


23 November 2007

New pal

Enj, Young, Os
Enj, Os - Versailles
Enj drives Os around Soap (Missing Mile)

I need to stop posting pictures from Flickr - it's only going to be a vail of tears in the long run.

Update: changed, and I will smack myself every time I get the yen to do it again.



My big potato.

22 November 2007


This is interesting.*

"Furthermore, if Glennon was right, it would follow that it is “undesirable” for a small child to grow up, since adults do not remember what it was like to be a small child and since small children do not have projects or intentions that extend over time spans as long as decades. This implication would be counterintuitive. It is more plausible that it can be desirable for an agent to survive and continue to develop, rather than to die, even if psychological connections eventually become attenuated. In the same way, it could be desirable for us to acquire the capacity to have a posthuman healthy lifespan, even if we could not remain the same person over time scales of several centuries.
We might say that the function of the farmer is to farm, and that of the singer is to sing, etc. But any particular farmer is a host of other things as well: e.g. a singer, a mother, a sister, a homeowner, a driver, a television watcher, and so forth ad infinitum. Once she might have been a hairdresser; in the future she might become a shopkeeper, a golfer, a person with a disability, a transsexual, or a posthuman. It is difficult to see how any strong normative conclusions could be drawn from the fact that she currently occupies a certain set of roles and serves a certain set of functions. At most we could conclude that when and insofar as she acts as a farmer, she ought to tend to her crops or livestock; but from the fact that she is a farmer, nothing follows about whether she ought to be or remain a farmer. Likewise, the most we could conclude from the fact that she is currently a human person is that she ought to do things that are good for humans – brush her teeth, sleep, eat, etc. – but only so long as she remains human. If she became a posthuman who did not need to sleep, she would no longer have any reason so sleep. And the fact that she currently has a reason to sleep is not a reason for her not to become a sleepless posthuman."

.....Nick Bostrom

*And mentions Gilgamesh, which always makes me sit up.

What if there were a little private orientation part of the program on everyone's computer - a disconnected SL -where you could learn to walk around, etc., but, of course, not be connected to anything until you desired? That way one could launch the program, become a bit oriented, then connect to the grid. Does that make any sense at all? Like an antechamber or a dressing-room.

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Selfishness and Stupidity Reach Record Highs

According to the Seattle Times:

"A Tennessee physician who phoned in three bomb threats to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in July in an effort to keep his plane from leaving without him pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony charge of false information and threats.

Kou Wei Chiu, 31, of Nashville, faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced Feb. 22 in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

According to court documents, Chiu admitted calling in three bomb threats July 25 in an effort to hold his Northwest Airlines flight to Memphis at the gate because he was running late.

When the first and second calls from an airport pay phone had no effect, he called in a third threat, indicating there was a bomb on board the flight, according to court documents.

By then the plane had taken off. The third call prompted the plane to return to the airport, and it was grounded for several hours.

Chiu was arrested after people reported hearing him at the pay phones making the threats."


21 November 2007



Missing Mile

Missing Mile


Enj Showing Off Her New Merkin
Os: Uh.... Do you really think the fashion will catch on?
Enj (totally made up): Eventually everyone will wear one. Of course YOU will be among the last. *snorts derisively*
Os: It's eye-catching. Ow.
Enj: What is it?
Os: I caught my eye on it.
(ooh... eyes like the bobbles on bobble fringe...)

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20 November 2007

Seacliff looks great in WindLight.

19 November 2007

Os surveys the scene.
Malevolently, Os selects the innocents one by one and POOF!

I use Hide Selected almost every day, but I've never noticed this before. Perhaps it has always done this, but it surprised me on Sunday when I went to IM Doc and he disappeared. It hid selected, all right - I'm not sure if this is tremendously useful in SL, but it would certainly be useful in rl. I have been seated behind tall people at the opera and would've loved Hide Selected. Or on a plane when there's a poor crying babe - mute would be nice.

My current aberration is looking out the window and thinking, ahhh, WindLight, then trying to match it to a preset (driving home today it was Pirate).

It always shocks me when I see people's screenshots and they: A. use chat bubbles and those name tag bubbles, and B. use the movement and camera jiggers. Those bubbles are horrible - well, to each his own, but to me they are horrible. And when people use default XP puppy mode ===:O I'm easily shocked, it seems. What else shocks me in that line.... dial-up, I suppose - well, it shocks everyone. CRT monitors. ========:O On the other hand I bet things I do shock the hell out of many people. Excellent - we can all horrify each other!

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Happy Rezday, HBA

18 November 2007

laundry day
Light Wave's place.


...looking southeast


Carden in WindLight

My giftshop in WindLight

17 November 2007

Sanctuary Rock
Midnight Reflections


Suntory Islands and the rest of the islands in its environs, which shall be unnamed as i forget what they are called. This building is dwarfed by the rest of the islands.
Big graphic
I'm standing on its fang, not that I'm visible, I suppose.
Classic noob still life #2.


16 November 2007


What giant prim?

Although I was with three other people apparently no one else saw the giant color-changing megaprim Box 1024x1024x100. It was selectable and I ARed it, but why could they not see it? Draw distance? I've had bizarro crap since being hit by griefers this afternoon - I was stuck offline for ages, seem to see oddball things, and it's made me very tired.


Isn't this that dead man on Ed's floor?

Anchor IMed me today:
Anchor Gascoigne: I was minding my own biusness when this dood appeared - first I thought he was a ghost but he wasn't.
Anchor Gascoigne: He started coming on to me
Anchor Gascoigne: Man I better tone down my looks or something
Anchor Gascoigne: Os? Are you there?

The Kite Runner
The Last King of Scotland

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Anna-Lisa Björling singing O mio babbino caro.



A doowopera rendition of the classic
soprano aria from Gianni Schicchi.



Angela Gheorghiu sings 'O mio babbino caro' from the opera Gianni Schicchi at a concert in Brussels in 2004. Yoel Levi is the conductor.

15 November 2007

Am I NEVER Satisfied?





Intemptesta Nox from uber far.

The Word of Stabslock Spreads Throughout the Land

/me stabs Candide accidentally
Osprey: ooh sorry
Candide: stabslock?

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It's obviously going to take some effort to look ok in WindLight - the range from superlight to dark with drastic shadowing in-between makes this a fun puzzle to solve. Perfect timing since I was overhauling anyway. I bought a red-black pointy, floopy hair yesterday, but it looks horrid in WindLight, so I went and bought something that looks better. I whipped out a skin I never wear, and it looks basically ok in this light, although I think from other people's perspective I could look anything from dead pale to bizarro-bumpy-shadowed (going by changing the light and looking).
Different skin (bit darker) with a face light. Effing hair is a drag as you have to link hats to it then load the entire blob onto your head. Anyway, not great but at least I can pass without comment, I think.

14 November 2007


Intemptesta Nox



It's back - get it HERE.



Robbie Dingo's Mask


I had a friend years ago who was quite a lot older than me, and had grown up in the Washington, D.C. area, the child of wealthy parents. As a little girl she once found a lost dog and it turned out to be Roosevelt's dog - haha. She returned it to the White House and was rewarded with tea. She was stunningly lovely but shy and told me she had always wanted a dress that matched the wallpaper so she could be unobtrusive.

She was never able to blend in as she was tall and beautiful. I was never tall and beautiful but I always wanted to blend in* but couldn't, too - in part because I never had a clear idea of what I was trying to blend into.** It's a bit the same in Second Life where by remaining mostly the same I now find myself standing out as a weird-o, and am forced to acquire protective covering in order to blend in. I don't pay attention, and am just slightly stubborn and independent. Enjah, STFU :( I need to quash my feelings for my own good, obviously.

This reminds me of rolling my eyes at the ugly bright yellow every shop used as a background for its signage in the Melbourne suburbs, and Steven or somebody saying, "It stands out, I suppose," and me saying, "It doesn't stand out if everyone is using it." Even if if were infrequently used I'd notice it but wouldn't be attracted to it, so what good would it be? Anyway, back on topic...

I effing HATE shopping, but I decided that for my own protective wallpaper camouflage dress, I needed to go buy some hairs. Yes, shocking - no one is more shocked than I, however I can't stand standing out, so to speak, whether for good or bad reasons. I had to force myself to try on various prim wigs and I'm now the owner of one (took about 5 minutes, which seemed forever).

*Most people, I think, try to stand out, but if you already stand out you are more likely to wish to be left in peace.
**Currently my m.o. is to be a hermit.


13 November 2007

There used to be a little graveyard in, I think, Sistiana, that I'd visit periodically in my early SL days perhaps because I was in the middle of what seemed an endless die-off of family and friends. There was one in Taber, too, I recall. Yesterday I read in a post about Ginny Talamasca someone's suggestion that a graveyard or memorial park for avatars would be a good thing, even if small, and I agree.

Meltsinyourmouth Steed, Savi Sieyes, Jesse Malthus, Feliciaa Feaver, Ginny Talamasca - and how many more? Many, many, I'm sure.


Even more Hilarity!
Found in the Popular Places listings - the ranking of Ambat Infohub, and the listings above and below it:


Another Amusing Group Invitation!
Lucky me I get them every day. Say... when do you
suppose the Nigerians will turn up?

Dagger has invited you to join a group.
There is no cost to join this group.

This meat Tiger investment group can obtain information that turns out profit.


12 November 2007

Mean Girls
Enj: /me stamps on Os's toe
Os: /me stabs Enj... OH SORRY stabslock



Albatros has invited you to join a group.
There is no cost to join this group.
NAG ~ NudeArtGallery: Welcome to NAG - NudeArtGallery - Group
The Latest High Quality Store

We offer selected high-quality Paintings and avantgarde animated Sex-Toys starting at only L$10.

If you wish to order special adapted Pictures we will create those for you at absolutely competitive prices.



Sitting in Chaos Bikcin's pub peeking through his hair :D

Flickering :(


Windy. It's screaming at times. The power was off earlier, for a bit.



Dragons prepare to fight at the Combat Cards event today.




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