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30 September 2007

When I was a child my parents very good friends were another English couple who had emigrated too. They lived on Long Island, New York, I think in Bellport. It was an area where all the houses had canals for the boats, and Eric and Edith had a nice sailboat. Eric was a physicist, I suppose, at a nuclear plant, and had been a fighter pilot during the war. He took my brother flying sometimes. I adored Eric as he was very goofy and funny. Edith was a doctor. She was always calm and quiet and that was appealing, too.

They had no children at that time, and as well as outings with everyone I remember staying at their house with my sister. The canals were packed full of jellyfish, and I can remember letting them dry on the hot ground to make "paper." Once when I was with my family I fell off the pier and into the canal. I was stung about 5789 billion times, and someone fished me out (unconscious) and Edith applied a new kind of anti-jellyfish-sting ointmant that worked very well. I hotly denied having fallen into the water. The grown-ups were startled and amused, but I remembered (still do) standing on the pier, then waking up in the house. There was nothing inbetween. I remembered nothing about falling into a canal full of jellyfish and so therefore it must never've happened. I probably happened into a hole in time, lived several lifetimes, then traveled back to that time.

I thought of that fragment from my past because one of the new Combat Cards is named Stinging Stab.

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Contest 31: CITY STREETS
Theme: cities
Cash prizes.

The contest themes are always loose - any interpretation is good. The theme is cities, urban places, city people, whatever you think fits. Do ANYTHING you want. Is it a city in the past? The future? --->Rest assured your whackiness will not be unappreciated - let it loose.<---

Especially fun: setting up a scene with people acting out an idea or story. SL is full of urban areas.
Here are a few places you might like:
Nexus Prime
Nova Albion
Babbage Square
There are many, many more.

You may make something like an animated texture or other cool thing if you want. You don't have any tight limits. If you make something cool that doesn't seem to fit the "textures" requirement just enter it anyway.

Straight snaps or manipulated - it's all good.

Enter by: 20 October 2007
Exhibition: 22 October - 9 November 2007 in the Photography Studio upstairs gallery. ++++++++++++++++++++++++
We will have an awards ceremony - time TBA.
TO ENTER Enter 3 textures of Second Life screenshots. <<<<----------
Textures can be no bigger than 512x512 - rectangular photos saved as 512x512 regain their proportions once they are put on a prim.
Title entries with your name + title <---= so I don't lose it in my inventory
Send them to Osprey Therian with MOD permission and COPY permission.
Give me an IM so I know to look for them.

Don't send them in a notecard - I say this as I look at textures every day but I rarely look at notecards. If I don't get your heads-up the entry gets buried under the billion spam notecards I get per week. I hate it when things get lost - the only entries to've been lost thus far were in notecards.
The Photography Studio is located in The Brownstone East, Grignano.
Grignano is a pg sim. <--= *****************************************************************


Last night I was a lamplighter. I almost missed it as I was waiting for Patty at the car garden, but when she didn't show I teleported to the temple 15 minutes late to find everyone standing there. Lucky me - not late at all :D Thank you, Enjah, for handing me the monk's outfit!

Today they burn the man but I doubt I'll be able to go. I have NEVER been there for the burning of the man, so it's too bad.

I got the Tiny dance ball and Ida's Bigtop from Ida - who is not in SL much now as she is lagged to immobility and is made queasy by it, too. That just blows.


29 September 2007

This will be so wonderful when Havok4 reaches the main grid. My domed tent now is not linkable as it's too big. With Havok4 - all linked.


28 September 2007


I'm wandering around the preview grid like a lost soul, trying things here and there. I had a funny bout with anims/attachments after flying my ornithopter but I need to try to repro it.
/me feels drunk.


It's HEREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


27 September 2007


The Voynich Manuscript
The Voynich Manuscript is really a lovely thing, from what I've seen of it. Most likely it's a rather old hoax, which is even better as it makes it dedicted to whimsicality and playfulness if you ignore the early aspect of gain by the creator. Even if you don't ignore that it clearly is the work of someone having fun and probably laughing up his sleeve as he worked.

Acording to one site the manuscript contains:
  • unidentified plants;
  • what seems to be herbal recipes;
  • tiny naked women frolicking in bathtubs connected by intricate plumbing looking more like anatomical parts than hydraulic contraptions;
  • mysterious charts in which some have seen astronomical objects seen through a telescope, some live cells seen through a microscope;
  • charts into which you may see a strange calendar of zodiacal signs, populated by tiny naked people in rubbish bins.


Lightbulbs reminded me of this Idea Button HUD Johannason gave me. You just press the button and a lightbulb appears over your head. I thought it might help me get an idea for the Comics show.


Home from jin shin and doing laundry. Yes, I actually did post the last thing at 6 something - and then left at about 7:05, arriving two minutes before my appointment at 7:30 (and one minute before Frank). Last thing I did before leaving was take this picture:I took it because I was struck by how much it looked (in rl) like amateurish landscapes seen in thrift shops - that back-and-forth striped sky, etc. I tried to make it more thrift shopesque:
On the way home from Olympia I stopped in at Walgreen's to swap a non-working ecobulb for a working (I hope) one. I think I'm the only person who ever buys them as there are either two or none. None if I try to buy them before they have been restocked. There was a slot for a package of four (these are spotlightish things) but only single bulbs squatting there, in all their incredible packaging (which is shipping protection, too). It's annoying to me as I'd've bought ten or so the first time I saw them, but sadly have to go back time and time again.


I hung the Comics show last weekend, but haven't had an awards ceremony yet. In part that's because the show is so small I'm trying to think how to do that.


26 September 2007

Standing atop the Empire State Building I surveyed the ongoing daily moronic particle attack in my area that made my home location unusable. Currently griefers use objects that send beellions of blue notices from the self-replicating, physical, particle-spewing cubes, that steal focus and make it impossible to file inworld ARs. I took a picture then filed an AR on the website for a Burning Life attack, but since the avatars are disposable accounnts there's not a huge point and indeed, even without blue notices one mayn't file an AR unless the avatar is listed in Find - and the account is already gone. One would think "they" would get tired of this idiocy.

25 September 2007

A few scenes from today in SL
Kowloon - looking at a cute little vehicle (no copy though) and talking to a nice ninja.
This is dark because they ask you to reduce nighttime brightness to 0.
Burning Life
Still working on the car garden - edging and a greenery backdrop


24 September 2007


Talking to Atomic in the Carden

I met Patty and we went over some additions and discussed prim limits a bit. We can keep this within our prim budget if we don't go too crazy. Although everyone always wants more prims it's a cool puzzle to fit everything within the parcel limits.

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23 September 2007

Higbee Protagonist explains a bit about SLPRS in this machinima piece I made the other day.

Higbee* was my first (and last) building teacher for an hour way back when. I have some lousy screenshots somewhere...

* He looked like Vash back then.


Flummel is posting her desktop, so I'm going to do it, too.
/me copies Flummel.


22 September 2007

Bettina Tizzy at the re-opening of the Crescent Moon Museum

I don't like parties, and Tayzia was delayed anyway, so I spend about ten minutes at the re-opening of the museum. It was well-attended, and I spent most of the time talking to Bettina Tizzy, whose forest I recently video-ed for Higbee's SLPRS machinima. ^ That's the only decent picture I took - the rest blow. I mentioned I had nice ones from the opening and Bett told me someone is doing a history and might like them. Well I remember it - it was ages ago in dog SL years but it wasn't long ago really. Maybe third time's a charm and the museum won't move every year now.

I saw someone with a "Quaker" title* and asked her if she was a Friend. She responded affirmitively and gave me a landmark to a Friend's island. I'm not religious and know nothing about the ways of the religious, however I do notice more and more religious organisations in SL. It's not a good or a bad thing unless their members act as missionaries, in which case it is bad (same for any group that tries to pull one in - like the ponzi schemers or past day's sleazy casinos and clubs). If the Jehovah's Witnesses start knocking on people's doors there will be a rush to verify (well, maybe) and move to XXX land beyond their grasp.

*"Quaker" shocked me a little.


21 September 2007

Tom and John sent me a picture of their remodeled house that has lovely warm wood and nice color. That's me on the walls - a self-portrait* and a cityscape.**
*Self Portrait with Linoleum
** Chehalis Drugs


Today on Summit Lake


I never pay attention to anything, so although Dreamhost added this in March 07 it has just percolated into my consciousness today. They have a Darwin Streaming Server and stream Quicktime! W00ty!


20 September 2007


Art tested the car butterfly for me. It's actually one of those robot greeters and I turned all the prims inside out and made a car (I made one for Ask Patty a while ago too).

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SLeazy People

Jeanny36 Lundquist has invited you to join a group in Second Life.

Jeanny36 Lundquist has invited you to join a group.
There is no cost to join this group.
! Free Money !: Make Fast And Easy Money !!
( Its Not Gonna Support You In Rl, But Its Good Money !! :)

And Even Better.... Its For FREEEE !!
Forget Camping, Which Pay's 2L$/10 Min!

Join Our Group And Start Making Real Money Now !

If You Follow Our Instructions Exactly, You Should Be Making Money From The First Day !!

The enrollment fee is to keep the Newbie's away, and should be earned back easy !!


Little flying car butterfly at the Car Garden. My roadside attractions giftshop is in the background of the top picture.

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19 September 2007

Coming along in Motorati

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18 September 2007

We were standing in my car garden build (in progress) looking at Enjah's gorgeous tarot cards when someone drove into us. I turned around and returned her car (heh) and she got nowty about that (ha ha!).

Enj's beautiful paintings were especially meaningful when she showed them to me side-by-side with an old deck. I HAVE seen these before but not for a year or more.

16 September 2007


Sunday Dueling at The Kill Club

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Due to Caitlin's project I googled the Ulysses butterfly and learned that they need spectacles.
"Males are strongly attracted to blue objects which they mistake for females."


15 September 2007

Someone's forum post about a dog reminded me of a husky at school that became very ill from, we thought, salmon poisoning. Although he had an owner that person was not interested in doing anything for the dog, so the adults at school got together to try to help it. It had crawled under a building, but I think Wayne, the maintenance man, somehow got him out. I said I would give him a home. The others gave me all the dogfood they had been buying (the owner didn't buy food for the dog). A vet was enlisted to treat the dog, which was a beautiful and intelligent animal. I drove him to the office, and the vet told me it could possibly be salmon poisoning but was more likely parvo. The vet was kindness itself and was doing this for free.

That night the dog became much worse, and - well, never mind the details. I sadly rang the vet and took the dog to the office to be euthanised. Upon pulling in the parking lot the dog wagged his tail in anticipation of seeing the kind veterinarian.



Matchbox Label Flickrset
Pointed out by SuburbanBliss which I noticed by way of Dooce.



Wild lag and crazy spikes in time dilation hampered us, but we got all the way to Undergrowth when the sim crashed and didn't come up for a long time. We waited on the next sim then got the show going again when the sim came back, but had to stop as there was a performer at 4. The show gave me a big headache, but we did a great job considering! I almost asked them to reboot the sim before the show day, but didn't. I should've. Now we will stay at Phobos where set-up and everything else are not an issue.

That screenshot is my log-out screen as the sim was going down.


News from Brisbane:

Ryan’s Classics!
  • Every time Ryan goes to his swimming lesson he is a different character or animal, and he expects the instructor to address him as such. He may be Templeton the rat, a jellyfish, a shark – the list is endless.
  • When something doesn’t’ quite go as expected Ryan snaps his fingers and says “oh man”. The click is newly learnt ability.
  • Ryan is quite obsessed with vacuuming lately. I don’t mind this one little bit.
  • “Stop yellowing in my ear.” When someone is talking too loudly.
  • “Stop coppering me.” When someone is doing the same thing as him.
Caitlin’s madness!
  • Caitlin received an award at school for beautiful handwriting.
  • Caitlin is finally learning to knit. We both now have the Knitting bug. Straight lines (i.e. scarves) are being perfected as we speak. Caitlin is very hand at increasing her stitches without intent. Beginning with 20 she may have 32 without even trying. And voila --Triangles.
  • Caitlin’s major project for the term is on Life Cycles. She has chosen to report on the life cycle of the Ulysses Butterfly. If anyone has any information about this butterfly please send it to us. It looks like this:

Caitlin is 9 and Ryan is 5, I believe.


Art Exhibit that turned an Austrian street in RL into SL.

How funny!
It made me laugh out loud. Granted, though, if you had no frame of reference you would be scratching your head - the same as any other work of art as everything is within cultural context.


The mysterious off-shore mountains of Caledon Primverness.

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14 September 2007

An unknown man* arrived from my puter builderers at 10:30 and took a look at what was onscreen with the busticated graphics card, then popped the case open and replaced the "card." Card is in quotation marks because it is HUGE and weighs POUNDS.
He then took time from his busy schedule to make my desktop look weird and set Windows to Puppy Mode, before I clunked him on the head and made him change it back. Well, we can't all have good taste :D
Puppy Mode = what I call that horrid XP default mode look - puke-tastic
As soon as he left I got an IM saying GET IN TEH PHIL SIM ASAP, so I leapt into Second Life on the antique viewer. After the concert I went to see Enj and met Zag, then Ed came in and we wend to Isle of Wyrms on lag-assessment duty. As it turns out they had no clue what I was talking about so that show is off (phew!).*Greeted by me saying, "Where's Derek?"

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Royal Liverpool Philharmonic OrchestraI was lucky enough, through the help of Vint Falken, to get a ticket to see the Liverpool Phil play in Second Life, today. The concert hall was on two sims, and it was clear the organisers had gone to great pains to try to keep the lag as low as possible. A video stream of the orchestra had been set up, and for people having video trouble (or preferring not to see it), streaming music, too. For me everything ran very well, and it looked as though more people could've been allowed access. however I did see some people floundering about and their assessment of the lag might've been different.
Some people had difficulty getting the video stream going as (I reckon) they had never bothered with video in SL and didn't have Quicktime installed.
The concert was really* wonderful, and included world premiere of work by contemporary composers John McCabe and Kenneth Hesketh, and featured soprano Kate Royal.
Two little suggestions:
The cubes in the aisle giving programs should've been phantom - I saw many people run into them.
The programs should've been HUDs - I attached mine to a HUD point but there was an anim in the book itself so when I wore it I looked odd.
The book itself was nice but I'd liked to've had a very clear texture program of basic information as well, that I could've looked at with no issues.

There was one person in the audience who stripped down to her underwear, went into Appearance, and stood in front of the stage. I thought it might be a griefer winding up, but was astounded when it turned out it was someone who works for the Liverpool Phil. I think she must just be ill-acquainted with Second Life.
I hope they do more of these concerts. This was quite a success, especially for a first try, and I am sure that they learned a great deal.
*really really really

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra


13 September 2007

Watching "The Agronomist," which is very good.


Update 1 : I got it.
The spider was lurking over the doorway into the kitchen.

Update 2: They are coming out to swap out the video card tomorrow morning. I had really restrained myself from bothering them as they hate that, however (oddly enough) I emailed them an hour ago and now it's in.



Well, yesterday may not've been my all time worst birthday, but believe me, it was not far from it. I get up, make coffee, pick up a hand of bananas that Tiff brought over and a large black spider falls out. It's a kind I've never seen before, inky black, about the size of a quarter. I gape at it for a minute then try to kill it. It leaps adroitly aside and runs off, then runs back to the bananas ("home" apparently). I decide I need to hoover it up and go to fetch teh ebil nozzle, resulting in A. coffee knocked over and everywhere in a pool on the floor, and B. no change in the spider situation as I didn't see it. My older sister rings me and informs me that I'd've been better off leaving the spider alone and that she ignores the ones around her. I said it was an unknown kind. Gleefully she says, "It's still there." OK.
Then I washed the kitchen floor, and started sorting through the pile of crapola immensely important and valuable uh... things I keep close to hand on the counter, which includes Mummy Barbara's watch given to her ca 1932 on her birthday by a husband, my passport, 8 billion New Yorkers, a lead set of foxhunting figures, a very old French fry that looks like a leg especially after I stuck it in a Barbie high heel, my meat watch (AKA comics watch I bought at a Capitol Theatre fundraising auction which features a steak that goes around and around), loads of books including "Laggard" and Lucia's last book, a little souvenir pin I bought in a Melbourne thrift shop that originally came from "The Big Lobster" in Kingston, S.A. (roadside attraction). And so on. And so forth. Ad nauseum. Ad infinitum, apparently. An embroidered hotdog ready to be sewn on... uh... whatever one would sew it onto if one were not simply interested in it as a cultural icon. I actually threw some things away (killed me, too). Like a sock hanger that looked exactly like a stylised greyhound. And another old French fry leg. Maybe that's all I've thrown away (phew).
Tongues were the day's theme, I would guess, since I received in the mail A. a card of a heifer licking a laptop from Tiff, and B. an old photo of me at Bumbershoot licking a piece of artwork by mah pal KGF who had sent me the pic.
And the day progressed from there, my old computer acting up, etc., relentlessly onward to a low point where I was automatically billed for a host package I was leaving.

On the good side of things Enjah sent me a fabola gift certificate for a local Thai restaurant and a lovely e-card. Clio sent me birthday greetings. Sala gave me a nice hug.

However, today Frank was finally back. I went to jin shin - up at 6 ==:O. Marty responded and closed my account and refunded the money automatically deducted from my card. Vint's efforts on my behalf paid off as I was sent an invitation to the Liverpool Philharmonic group. So far so good with this computer.


12 September 2007

The Time is Now
I think it's time for LL to ban the use of megaprims and remove them all from inworld. I think LL needs to come up with two or three large prims that can be part of the general building prims. A large sphere, a large cube, and perhaps something else would be useful - but these sim-sized and larger prims need to go, now.


11 September 2007

Just finishing "Death in Brazil" by Peter Robb, which is a very good book and reminds me a little bit of "Haunts of the Black Masseur," which is a totally excellent book in every way. I was brought up short by J&B and Chivas called "whiskey," though, but that might be from the pernicious translation* of everything from English into American, which ruins a lot of books.

Tiff brought me "Death in Brazil," and I thought it looked cheesy and sensational, but nothing could be further from the truth. While I agree you can't judge a book by its cover I am very visual and expect the book designers, whose job is to make a cover that will appeal to people who will like the book, to give me something to go by. Not in this case, however, as the cover made me wrinkle my nose. Tiff said, "But that's what Brazil looks like." Fair enough, yet a cropped cover photo of a youth running coupled with "death" in the title made me think it would be cheesy.

*Books should not be translated from English to American, nor from American to English - that's ridiculous.

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10 September 2007




I just watched "This Filthy World," a John Waters movie. It was very funny, and at the end the font made me think of Coiled Uncial (similar but not the same), so then I had to go and play around in Photoshop. I've never used that font but have always liked it. One day it will be exactly right for a project.

Fonts... mmmmmmmm...



Lucia's newest book


Heron Sanctuary on Healthinfo Island



I applied for a ticket to see the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic ages ago and got the shake of the head today. Too bad.




09 September 2007

Useful quotation:
“If you are going through hell, keep going.”
Winston Churchill




08 September 2007




Jebus, is it JUST ME or is this a stupid conversation?
I think if she could handle money she... wouldn't need a payee.

me: I just had to drive over (had to be within half an hour so it was an emergency) and give cash to Crown Point as E's rent check was $25 short - otherwise she would've had a $75 late fee. :( Can you find out what happened?

sue: I know what happened.
They sent E a notice last month which she did not pass on. They called me after they got the rent check and left a message that the rent had gone up. E brought a new notice in in Tuesday I guess for the new amount. I have been on vacation and have not seen it.
Vivian the follow through should have been E's and if she had to pay the $75.00 out of her spending money she might have had to experience cause and affect. I know it is hard not to help E out of jams. I do it often.

me: She's not capable of understanding money.

sue: not true E understands money she doesn't understand the lack of money.

me: That's a ridiculous thing to say.


07 September 2007




05 September 2007


Last Night in Taber

No less than most people, I can be thrown for a loop when something that's always been there suddenly disappears. After learning last night at a SLPRS meeting that the greater portion of Taber had been sold, I went over to see. I went back this morning and ran into Khamon, who owns land in Taber. As far as the SLPRS, one thing I can see it excelling at is creating a framework whereby people with small greenspaces can gather around a core area, thus creating a large green space that doesn't rely for its existence upon one person. It's far too much for one person to bear. I'd love to see that happen in Taber, which appears to be mostly held at the moment by Avi Arrow.


04 September 2007


As we all know I'm not yer basic girly girl. I was raised in rl with tons of horses and dogs and sport and building big things, etc. and that suited me fine. In SL I am one of the very few people left without prim hair (too laggy and who cares, anyway) and I never buy clothing (except once when Ida wanted us to all wear matching cheerleader outfits for a vaudeville act). I like making things, and what I have made mostly is men's clothing (mostly warrior duds), tents, oddities like googie signs and roadside attractions, books, theatre, and things like that.*

Dalien Talbot made this fun little tool called Vint's Prim Skirtmaker (I think that's correct) that is very easy to use and a lot of fun to goof around with, even if you are like me and don't care about skirts in general. I made feather skirts (I used feather textures I made long ago which weren't optimised for the task but still look cool to me) and one with a texture I made with nothing in mind (just for its own sake) that REALLY isn't suitable in format but still looks interesting.

Anyway, what I'm saying is - if you haven't tried it out, you might find it's fun. Go HERE and get a copy. Thanks, Dalien.

*I liked fencing in rl, too, although I didn't do a huge amount of it. Recently, through setting up events, I realised I think of Combat Cards as sport, but Doc thinks of it as a game. I tried hard to think of it as a game, which lasted several minutes. Following that I went back to thinking of it as sport (phew, that was exhausting).


03 September 2007

It's unusual for us to have a thunderstorm here, but we are having a big one now.

Deadline Extension


Contest 30: COMICS

Theme: Comics, funnies, cartoons, single panel or strips MADE IN SECOND LIFE
Cash prizes.

SL Toon Studio is on the roof of the Photography Studio! Try it out - it rocks! <---demo video Patch Lamington is offering 3 Special Prizes for Toon Studio shots: #1 - 500 L for best submission using an unedited Toon Studio snapshot (single frame) #2 - 500 L for the best submission using 3 or more Toon Studio snaps stitched together to make a single comic. (no other editing!) #3 - 100L special bonus for the funniest joke set in the library ( just to see if its possible :-) There is a Toon Studio in Amicitia at Patch's Place which can be used by anyone.
Also one will be set up for use at Blumfield Park.
Boxed Toon Studios will be available at both places for purchase.

The contest themes are always loose - any interpretation is good. The theme is comics. Do ANYTHING you want. Get funkeh.
Single panel, multi-panel, dress up in cel-shaded gear, use the SL Toon Studio or use something else.
If you make a machinima cartoon I can display it - however if I get more than one it won't be as easy.

You may make something like an animated texture or other cool thing if you want. You don't have any tight limits.
If you make something cool that doesn't seem to fit the "textures" requirement just enter it anyway.

Straight snaps or manipulated - it's all good.

Enter by: 7 September 2007 - late entries will be hung space permitting but will not be eligible for prizes.
Exhibition: 10 September - 30 September 2007 in the Photography Studio upstairs gallery.

We will have an awards ceremony - time TBA.


COMIC STRIPS may be formed from multiple textures on prims.<<<-- or Enter 3 textures of Second Life screenshots. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<---------- Textures can be no bigger than 512x512 - rectangular photos saved as 512x512 regain their proportions once they are put on a prim. Title entries with your name + title <---= so I don't lose it in my inventory Send them to Osprey Therian with MOD permission and COPY permission. Give me an IM so I know to look for them. Don't send them in a notecard - I say this as I look at textures every day but I rarely look at notecards. If I don't get your heads-up the entry gets buried under the billion spam notecards I get per week. I hate it when things get lost - the only entries to've been lost thus far were in notecards. ************************

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