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30 September 2011

Wewt! Enjah and Ida are in Glitch, and Ida knows how things work! It may not fulfill the game niche currently filled by Human Age as it's less witty/sharp, more cute/whimsical by far than GNE, but it's worth exploring. As with all their stuff it's clean, functions well, is well thought-out.
My current game needs are like 99% 'Don't make my arm hurt more,' which any game with movement violates. I just have one arm and it isn't doing very well anymore and I don't take enough care of it,, sadly. A game like Portal, which is excellent, is very hard with one damaged hand - when you need to run over here, push buttons, run over there, shoot, etc., it just doesn't work with one hand.



Soon to be a major motion picture!


29 September 2011

You don't have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body. -- C. S. Lewis

28 September 2011

Political Ad Encourages Poles to Vote


It's been a year since that retaining wall holding the toxic sludge in a pond collapsed. Here's a set of photographs.

27 September 2011


I've *always* been sad about the demise of Game Neverending, which just up and closed shop one day with a Ludicorp email saying We're closing GNE but by the way you should try our new project - it's called Flickr.

But now in what is an unexpected-by-me move some of the same people are rolling out an MMO called Glitch, which looks to me to have a lot of the wittiness of GNE in a 10-years-further-along form that looks like it'll be fun.

This is very good. VIVA CANUCKISTAN! GNE 4-Ever! *faints*


THIS is on certain Aditi sims (Sandbox - Bispinor and Sandbox - Weapons testing) right now, in a limited fashion (applying just to non-physical root prims).

In my limited understanding this would make possible smooth movement of things like trams and tourboats as keyframing allows a sort of blending from one position to another, rather than a jerky move to position X, then move to position Y.

26 September 2011

The Dead Sea Scrolls are starting to appear in high-res, online versions in a collaborative effort between Google and Israel's national museum.

Power Out

The power went out at 9:45 and just came on at 2:35, however it's low so the internet was not ओं उन्तिल अ बीत ago. was a colossal drag. जफ़ नो ब्लॉगर इस मकिन्गेवेर्य्थिन्घिन्दिअर्ग्ग्घ्ह्ह्.

ओह, please, Blogger, stop writing in Hindi... *looks around*... Phew, I hope.

I had all my windows open yesterday to let the wind run through the house a last time, then closed them all. During the night a howling frenzy of a storm arose, ripping branches off trees, which thumped as they landed on the roof.

There's a weird mouldy smell coming from the pantry. I can't see anything in there that might be causing it, however my ability to investigate is limited. I'm hoping there's a forgotten something mouldering away in there and that it isn't a structural problem i.e. a leak.


25 September 2011

Luke Skywalker is 60 today.

23 September 2011

Maybe I should make animations for a while - although the spread finger bug seems to be back (slightly different - if you change one hand i.e. fist, pointing, the other spreads).

I sold another sock monkey! It's some kind of sock monkey jamboree!

I've been having a tough week, but yesterday E and Con visited, which was fun (but I was so zostipated afterwards I felt like I was going to die). I had jin shin this morning at 10 am and just got home, so maybe I'll be better tomorrow. My left ear has been completely blocked for a week, which is wearing, too. On a good note I have already sold three sock monkey avatars today, for some unknown reason. I only recently put things on sale again; I have three or four products, I think.

22 September 2011



This struck me as curious: 'If i stick with SL i need a better reason than just having fun' - so SL is required to be more than fun? Is that due to the economic climate and that people don't feel they can ever stop struggling? It makes it hard for a little place to fulfill everyone's needs.

Although a few people do make huge sums of money and many others make pocket change, the value of SL to the bulk of the customers is that they are able to indulge their interest in fashion, art, role play, etc. for pennies. People whose lives may, temporarily or permanently, have financial, physical, social, or other limitations are able to cast those off whilst in SL. Are there people for whom the time would be best spent improving their reality? Yes, but not everyone. For many it isn't an alternative but a substitute for that which is unavailable. For others it's cheap recreation.

21 September 2011


I love this idea.


20 September 2011

Goofing around on Ubuntu. I've wanted Win7 for ages but just haven't had the money, so while I'm waiting for the price to drop (due to Win8) I guess I'll Linux-surf.

Had jin shin today. Hairscut tomorrow, E & Con on Thursday. The whole E situation is a nightmare now since once you are in the system that's it - and supposedly some stranger is being assigned to be her guardian by the GAL investigating (which happened because the person who wanted to be her guardian, who has a great relationship with her, submitted an ineptly formed guardianship application) the situation. I can just barely manage to keep me going, so I can't do it; my brother won't; the only other person is my sister and she hasn't stepped up.

Depressing. I've realised that due to my inability to do anything much physically I turn problems over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over in my mind until it makes me sicker. Note to self: Stop that. Too bad I can't make pot tea or take aspirin or some other pain killer. My physical world has shrunk to a matter of a few yards; I shouldn't let my mental world close in the same way.

I post things by dropping them in the box by the post office on Cooper Point Road. Today there's a hand-scrawled sign [of the times] saying POST OFFICE MOVED NEXT TO BIG LOTS (discount store).

19 September 2011


18 September 2011


The Deserted Station

Since Netflix changed their site I click a title to learn more about it and am nonplussed when it starts playing. It's happened to me several times - due in part to the new lack of colour-coding that makes DVD and streaming films look the same in parts of the site.

This film was quite good so it was ok, but still...


I had to dig out my old Sony camera and charge it up since the Xacti croaked, and I found photos in it of me last October and I'm wearing the same T shirt. Bwahaha! It was new then ('Australia looks kinda like a gorilla wearing a fez' from W00t).

A silhouetted figure appears...

It seems familiar... but what is it???

ZOMFG THE HORROR! (or actually the joy!)
Slowly he turned...
Wait! I didn't say Niagara Falls!
But it was too late... arggghhhh... 

Thank you, Lucy!


17 September 2011


TOKYO SLO-MODE from alex lee on Vimeo.


Up Enjah's Sleeve

Wait for it! Something's on its way!


Portable Zoo


This is a brilliant film.


16 September 2011

 Garden on Aditi
 An osprey platform on Aditi
Luna on Aditi


15 September 2011


Dinosaur Feathers

Check out the teams...

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I have an alt named Art who is a pony. His mane and tail are thoroughly borked at the moment :/ as you can see.

I have an alt named Vivian Kendall.


[11:04] Osprey Therian: Nice new road :-D When you do the east-west bit would you mind leaving out the section of guardrail in front of the drive-thru tree? It wasn't there originally - Nova snuck it in when she repaired the road eons ago.
[11:05] Osprey Therian: That way I can make it possible to drive through the tree.
[11:05] Michael Linden: In what region?
[11:06] Osprey Therian: Bodega
[11:06] Michael Linden: Will do.
[11:06] Osprey Therian: ty

Two seconds later it was done! thank you, Michael!

13 September 2011

I had my first jin shin in weeks, since Frank was in Canuckistan getting away from it all in a cabin with no trizzities (but propane for cooking/hot water). Then I went groceterialisationing, which I hadn't done in weeks either. Truthfully I like getting down to the weird foodstuffs as it's an adventure, plus when it was so hot I didn't eat.


Me: There was quite a large earthquake while you were in Canada.
Frank: Yes.
Me: There was a huge earthquake when you were in New Zealand. I think it's you. Quaker Frank.
Frank: Ha ha! Exactly.



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Prim Equivalence is turning into Land Impact, and ARC is turning into Draw Weight for Avatars.

2008 Flashback: Ron Paul’s campaign manager dies of pneumonia, uninsured, leaving family $400,000 debt

12 September 2011

From an old post on Eskil's blog a wry observation:

'For the first time in modern music history, old people are horrified by the music young people listen to, not because its loud and obnoxious, but because its timid and pathetic. Have we come to a time when parents storm in to their kids rooms to demand they turn the volume UP? You think you are rebellious for listening to hip-hop? Well, if you are listening to Public enemy, Ice-T and 2 Live crew maybe but that was 20 years ago! Don't steal your parents revolt! Get your own!'





Environmental Interface Comparison tl;dr version

full video:



Just an aid to deciding if I was correct in my negative assessment of the new environmental interface. If I'm wrong set me straight.



Also has dragons, etc., but I'm more into lichen.

Seen on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.


It's my RL rezday. I R 58 ===:O

Yesterday it was 90 degrees and today it's 65 degrees, so obviously 57 = hot and 58 = cold.

Update: Thank you, Enj, for the magical soup potions! Thank you, Maxie, for the card! Thank you, Lenny, for ringing me up when I was sleeping! Thank you, Deborah for the presents! Thank you everyone for the lovely good wishes!

11 September 2011

Human Age News

We currently have the Black Plague, aka a bug that has stopped energy regeneration so no one can do anything.
'Unfortunately the problem happened late on Friday site time, and I suspect all the coders had already taken off for the weekend. with any luck someone will be on the job Monday morning and get things back in order.'

Update: It's fixed now but 3 days of no energy + no redress for those with relics/lost crops or who bought energy potions has the gamers feeling a bit disgruntled.


Defunct Satellite Incoming

Someone should start a business where funseekers are shot into space with weapons to destroy space garbage targets like this.

10 September 2011

Facebook vies with Google for 'Most Despised' Crown

Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature called Smart Lists to one-up Google+ . Facebook Smart Lists somehow [???] organise your friends automatically, so you do not have to take the time to go back and do it in a meaninful way.

Facebook Smart Lists are not a robot they are a unicorn.




As I said before, my little camera has died, and I can't figure out what to replace it with. I did a lot of research before buying the Xacti, and concluded that it had far more features than any price-comparable camera and was likely available under MSRP because of its supreme ugliness.

A PCWorld review states:

We've been waiting for a high-def pocket camcorder with an optical zoom lens, and Sanyo finally delivered the goods today with the Sanyo Xacti VPC-PD2. The pocketable VPC-PD2 offers a 3X optical zoom lens that ranges from a 38mm wide angle to a 114mm telephoto, along with stereo microphones on the sides of the camera.

The camcorder records 1080p high-definition MPEG-4 video at 30 frames per second at its highest-resolution setting (the camera also records 720p video at either 60 or 30 frames per second, and standard-definition 640-by-480 video). In still-capture mode, it snaps 10-megapixel photos and has a built-in flash that you can use for still photos only. Accessible via the in-camera menus, the VPC-PD2's burst-shooting mode snaps 2-megapixel images continuously as you press the shutter button. [and a timer, too]

A slide-out USB connector takes care of offloading clips and charging the battery, and video clips and images are stored to a user-supplied SD, SDHC, or SDXC card. To help with awkward USB port configurations on computers, the VPC-PD2 comes with an extension cable for the camcorder's built-in USB connector.

The VPC-PD2 has an HDMI-out port, and it's compatible with Eye-Fi cards, so you can upload files directly from the camera over a Wi-Fi connection.

But I don't want to buy another one as it didn't last long. I have a ticket in with CS but I'm not expecting anything much (or anything, really). No other cameras seem much of a replacement as they are very limited - however there are mega-cheap ones due to Flip giving up the ghost, so less-useful-but-very-cheap might be the best I can do.



Need to go down a hundred more levels or so (but I wish they'd framed tighter).

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09 September 2011




08 September 2011


The Mysteries of Times Past







07 September 2011

MagmaExpressBox = external graphics cards using Thunderbolt.

Very interesting.
The first thing that comes to mind is being able to have an ordinary laptop but goose the graphics by thunderbolt when playing a game.

Google Gravity

06 September 2011

Supposedly Cleverbot has passed the Turing test, but that's hard to believe. I just had a conversation with it that was like the conversational equivilent of a clown car. If it rated well it was only because the humans it was rated against must've been scatterbrained.



The other day I downloaded Henri Beauchamp's Cool Viewer and logged Ozymandias in. He got over 100fps at Mesh Mellows, which was nice, albeit without shadows/DOF which that viewer doesn't have. Might be a good machinima viewer when shadows/DOF aren't needed.

05 September 2011


100l$ at the Fortune Warehouse in Cowell or SL Marketplace. Copy/Mod! Robot AO! Low script time!
Cowell Village - Canal Building, Cowell (122, 74, 26)

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04 September 2011


Laughing Squid
ran across this unique promotion today: a vintage subway car is running in NYC to promote 'Boardwalk Empire,' an HBO television show (I suppose).


03 September 2011

Huge earthquake near Vanuatu :(


Today is International Bacon Day. Apparently.

I should drag out my alt named Bacon.

01 September 2011



New premie sandbox Callida - w00t!

Vehicle testing sims were added, too.

I tested to make sure Art was included (as he should be), and he is, so doubleplusw00t.

Yippee! Premium sandboxes!
SL is offering new premium benefits. While not quite the first time technically, what it amounted to before was lowering of basic benefits rather than raising premium benefits.



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