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31 December 2005


I get the Elf Clan group IMs, which are frequently quite amusing. This isn't a high point, but it was in the IM window just now...

"I was once riding a hoversquid, and hit a limited entry barrier, and I flew off and the hoverpod kept going in"

30 December 2005


Topiary Hippos


Here I am swimming at Rua with Jensel, who turned up after a month away from S.L.

Enjah rang me today: her fan broke, causing her video card to burn up, and other damage. Did she say motherboard or did I invent that woe? Not sure but she says they estimate a week before the parts are in. That is really too bad. They've had some bad luck this holiday, since her husband has sinus problems necessitating a catscan, he had food poisoning, they were both ill during their trip to Virginia, and now the computer.

I ordered a new mouse two days ago as mine is wearing out. It's been great - a Logitech optical - but it was given to me at my mummy's last Christmas (ostensibly by Elizabeth). The texture is worn off and the silver mousebuttons have finger-worn shapes. The new one is a Razer Diamondback, which I ordered from Amazon (I hardly ever order from them as it means paying tax) and which they estimate will take ten days to get here. How nice - it's about two hours away but of course they want you to pay extra for shipping to receive it within a few days. Tchah.

My hippo is up at Hanson Infohub, and I made more hippos (I also have one I didn't send in).


28 December 2005

Winter Festival

This was my build:

I added to my Christmas Vacation build, and changed the existing part.

This is an amazingly lifelike artificial Christmas tree circa 1960. I was going to make it silver, wound up making it green but redoing the texture in silver. If I ever upload it and try it out it WOULD BE NICE.

The package gave my Christmas card and a gift - a stained-glass window (just fooling around with a stained-glass window off the web - I get so tired of the standard SL stained-glass which is a texture someone makes translucent. I am rather a perfectionist when it comes to graphics. the thing that drove me absolutely nuts when I first arrived was the white ring around almost all alpha-channeled graphics. Wow - extremely ugly. Things are much better now.

Tuesday's Roller Derby Match

We won our scheduled match against the new Zouk team, then Rolling Thunder challenged us. I said we'd vote - well I knew we'd not be able to win, but it's all experience. The team voted to race again. We went out and they only put 2 racers against us. A rule needs to be clarified as an RT racer knocked down a teammate, who was sprawled on the track when a Grig bombardier hit him/her and was eliminated. After that there was a huge ruckus. Our player accused RT of cheating. I had sent a few snaps to Snapzilla of the first match (Zouk vs RT) which someone cited as evidence since (things in SL can look a bit whacky at times as one can lower the cam into the floor, for instance, which was where mine was in taking the shot) RT looked to be above the floor (they weren't). As far as I can see we need rules clarification on that single issue, nobody cheated, everyone should be happy and have fun. Or... WHAT'S THE POINT??

They talked about a Grig-RT rematch next week, but although we at first accepted, we are now saying, no, they won fair and square - let's move on. I'm not sure what we will be doing on Tuesday, but I think Jason can't be there, as he has a class.

malay was very low in points but was great at eluding the opposite team! Enjah is training hard, as is Bzzy. Jason was new at it and got knocked down early in each match, but he'll pick it up fast I'm sure.

An old pic Enjah took, and entitled Os Killer Racer

26 December 2005

Enjah is back, which is good. We are trying to gain exp in the roller derby thing, which is a royal pain. I think the game is just not made correctly - however, we might as well give it a good try as we have some time invested in it and the early games were a lot of fun.

I went to jin shin this morning, and Frank was fully recovered and full of vim. Then I went to Walgreen's and bought a few cleaning supplies.

Con and E came over yesterday, and Connie replaced my burnt-out bulbs ("It's the solstice! Light!"). She said, "Bad news - chris's cancer has come back." I immediately felt like that was not good to say before Elizabeth, who knows much too much about cancer and is just coming out of a depression. "Did you know that?" "Annie didn't tell me that." Damnation.

Con brought Zoe, who looks much older, of course, and no longer remembers me at all. Zoe is a dog.

The Loopers had sent vittles, and were going to come out today, but Looper rang and was feeling low, so we will all hang close to home.

It poured with rain off and on yesterday, but today has turned blue and brilliant, with puffy clouds like in a holy card.

I'm wearing the red shirt Tiff gave me after her oz trip. It's red and has made me and my clothing underneath turn pink. Everything it touches it turns pink - never experienced that in a garment before - well, except when it was wet, as in being washed and turned other things in the washer pink.

25 December 2005


24 December 2005

Heh - from Game Revolution:

Posted on Thursday, December 22 @ 14:24:31 Eastern by Joe_Dodson

"Among its blockbuster hits, hot coffee scandals, and legions of sequels, the video game industry birthed some of its weirdest offspring ever in 2005. But none of the year's twisted titles can hold a skull-shaped candle to the strange flame of Second Life - still the weirdest place in the virtual world.

Playing Second Life is the virtual equivalent of having a secret life. Instead of (or perhaps as well as) visiting the brothels, gay bars and tranny shacks of the real world, Second Lifers let their digital freak flags fly, cavorting with bizarre avatars, playing out their weirdest fantasies in a space beyond the expectations of normality, cloaked in total anonymity.That part makes sense; after all, wanting to make love to fox headed Aphrodites in your spare time is certainly no weirder than yearning to crush gnomes with a hammer as a big, green Orc.

An article in Wired, though, hipped us to a new Second Life craze that makes absolutely no sense at all - virtual porn. According to the article, a man named Thomas Struszka began an entirely in-game magazine called Slustler to feature the realm's denizens in risque and sexually explicit screenshots.

Says Struszka, "I want people to be in the magazine as they are in-world, not as Playboy-styled, plastic products in exclusive packaging." Never mind the fact that the guy is a virtual pornographer. Never mind that even he thinks Playboy is too artificial. The most mind-bendingly perverse phenomenon in the video game industry is the fact that the guy sells his work to other people in-game.

Even in their fantasies, people buy porn."

When I finally woke up it was 12:30.

23 December 2005

Someone emailed me today about my painting Suburban, which is in the Safeco collection:

"I work at Safeco Insurance Company and saw the painting on display here. When I first saw it, I did a double-take because I thought it was the street I grew up on in Oak Harbor, WA. I kept coming back and looking at it again and again."

I thought that was nice to hear, especially from a stranger who must've taken pains to find me.

22 December 2005

Renewing the Green Card (started in June)
Ok, well after phone calls (negotiate a log phone tree, get put on hold for 45 minutes while a looping sound plays and periodically a recorded voice breaks in) with employees who gave incorrect information, a rejected application (because the amount stated on the form as the application cost was incorrect), then an application that SEEMED to be accepted - the check had been cashed - but no receipt had been send, then ANOTHER phone call resulting in a woman saying, "They sent it," and me saying, "Maybe they did but I didn't receive it," and more incorrect information given, plus a promise of a receipt, finally the receipt itself arrived. After reading I realised there was no quarter given for physical disability at all, so I emailed SJ and Michael and asked them to scout the location and report back. SJ replied that it would be easy to take the day off work so she could help me and to STOP WORRYING. This morning I left at 8:45 and met SJ up there, and she was wonderul. The experience was awful, horrid, etc. - as I knew it would be. Having ages of crushing anxiety plus then having to spent all day in a Hell-hot room full of terror-stricken people made me almost unable to function at all, but SJ was great. After waiting for a couple of hours we were taken into a room to wait for another length of time. This was the Biometrics-taking room. There were several stations but one was empty until about 1:30 as the operator was (presumably) at lunch. There was a jolly young man, then a woman who seemed somewhat... mmm... uh... well anyway, SJ leaned over and whispered, "I hope you don't get her." We watched while an elderly woman in a wheelchair, unmoving and seemingly out of it entirely, was moved into place by her daughter. When picture-taking time arrived the operator tried to level-up the unmoving woman's tilted head by physically moving it. The head just fell back as it had been. I had that operator next, then we left and I drove home, arriving at 3:45 dying of starvation. I don't wish to relive it any more than that so don't ask me. At least it's over. By the time it rolls around again I'll be dead.

21 December 2005

Happy Solstice

We had our roller derby game last night - Grignano Bombadiers against Rolling Thunder. It was incredibly hard to get 5 people for some reason. It was Forcy (the Elves are doing an RPG war with the Orcs, and she had been captured and sent into limbo, from whence she TPed and got her skates on), malay (I IMed her and she was kind enough to join the team), and two subs from Zouk City Rollers, Shara and Bin (Miguel was supposed to sub but arrived about 5 seconds too late). We were thoroughly routed as Rolling Thunder has much higher exp points than any of us. The first heat I was the only one left of our team, the second heat they took me out immediately. It takes some (most) of the fun out of it when there's no chance at all to win or even take anyone out from the opposing team. I was 100 in defense and attack, but Miguel told me Rolling Thunder were all around 200 as they live at Zouk City. Ah well. I'm willing to try to get up to the end of exp points (300) to see if that makes it more fun (if both teams are maxed out then it would hinge on finesse). Otherwise it's not going to be much fun. I had a discussion with Jelly last week about this - what I think of as a major flaw in the game - but she pooh-poohed the thought.

I went to Novum and bought hair for Anchor. When I took off his brown hair and put on the base hair for the hairstyle it was revealed: Anchor is actually John Lennon.

19 December 2005

W00t! Thank you - the special "extra" came today!

There was no heat or hot water this morning, but it is on now, thank heavens. I discovered it at around 7:45 when I jumped into a nice, cold shower. I went off to jin shin, then went to Marshall's for a 5 minute shop. Came back, went in Second Life, and found I had received a framed version of elka's really nice contest entry - running vertically, not horizontally like I'd hung the three parts for the exhibit. So... I went to the Photography Studio and rehung the show - no heat at that point, so I was a bit grumpy about it. It worked out fine, however, and elka came in while I was working. For some reason she had thought the awards were next week, not today. She's going to dinner but thought she might be home by 5 SL time. I told her, "Real life comes FIRST." Lord, I don't think people should rush through a nice dinner to come to an awards ceremony in cyberspace.

Enjah flew to Dallas and back yesterday, then she and Gordon (who I accidentally maligned by typo-ing his name as Gorgon the other day) flew to Virginia today. We had talked a little about air travel on Saturday, as she flies a lot but I've been too feeble to go anywhere since the last time I went to Australia - before 9-11.
"How early do you need to be there?"
"They say 2 hours, but 1.5 is ok."
"They should give you the pre-flight time you need to arrive based on skin color. Fair = 1.5 hours, tan = 2 hours, olive 2-3 hours, swarthy = 3-4 days, etc." <--No, I agree, this isn't funny.
"I always get searched."
"But terrorists are 18-30 year-old men, not grandmothers."
After the Dallas flight:
"Did they search you?"
"Yes, but it was partly my fault. I was inattentive and didn't take my shoes off."
"They make everyone take their shoes off - since that shoe guy."
"They would like it if everyone were placed in suspended animation for the flight. And no luggage."

"Hello, it's been moons since i have seen you."

Time passes quickly in Second Life, and when I got this IM I had no idea who it was from. that doesn't mean anything, really. Very likely we had a nice conversation or two a year ago, and the experience has been lost under the sheer number of people I've talked to since then.

I thought I'd look at her profile to see if I could jar my memory.

Now - that's unusual: she based the way her avatar looks on the appearance of a dead friend. And she's part of the large dominant-submissive culture and is "owned" by someone - but is married in real life and her husband has just joined Second Life. That makes my mind go loop-the-loop.

It's fascinating how convoluted social ties are in Second Life.

I have yet to figure out how we know each other, though.

17 December 2005

Today - well mainly doing things for the contest and making a new contest poster. Worked on my strange commission a bit - a chainmail catsuit. Not happy with how it's looking so far. I think I'll experiment until I find something that makes me happy.

The new contest is NIGHTSHADE. Any interpretation is fine. Could be noir-ish, something with poison in it, or just colors against black.

That's Anchor in Devil's moon sim, which uses some of the reflection techniques used in Chinatown (used before that, too). The build is doubled and half is reversed, separated by streets with alpha puddles that "reflect" the upper scene. It's effective and appealing but prim-heavy.

Looper rang me up to say hi and check on me as my blog is stale. It's not like me to neglect my blog, but I've been busy, for some reason.

I will try to reconstruct my week. Let me see...

Monday - Dorb was going to give me a jin shin treatment, so I asked her to ring Frank and find out what he had done as it had been good, and obviously what we'd dopne Thursday was NOT good. He said do X DO NOT do Y. Oh course, it was the dreaded Y that had wreaked havok on Thursday. Anyway, the jin shin was all right. Frank is much better and came in fror a bit.

There was another griefer attack of self-replicating physical objects let loose with the intent of bringing down the grid. The Lindens caught it very fast, but there was something that went a bit awry about the clean up and entire sims were accidentally denuded. Grignano was one. The buildings were gone, and stray objects floated in space. In this picture Fidget and other things I have inside the Brownstone East look odd with no building around them. LL did a rollback on the affected sims, which fixed the problem. A long day for LL and the update to 1.8 is planned for Tuesday - another long day.

Tuesday - Went in to school and, it turned out, Alan had brought in his CTCUNI papers. He's the older student who asked Alex if he could do the virtual world project, and Alex asked me. I was dubious as Alan is not exactly interested in working or even being nice, so I said, "Tell him this will be a trial, and that he needs to get the papers signed and brought back right away." I had him at 2, so I couldn't go into the fifth grade classroom, but just met them. After about three minutes Alan asked if he could go to his classroom. I said, "You'll have one more chance next week, that's it." I now have him scheduled at 11, so I don't have to neglect my younger students.
Cheyenne worked on her cmic strip. Sabra was absent.
Saw Tiff. What else...

Went home and we had a roller derby with practise and general free for all. That was fun. Enjah has done some serious leveling up since then, but will be in Virginia when we have our first match-up with... um Rolling Thunder, I think. We are the Grignano Bombardiers (were the Bombettes but that doesn't leave us an option for male team members).

After that I finally had a chance to go home and look at Bodega Bay's rippling water. Ah! Very pretty! 1.8 has been quite a smooth update, and now we have p2p teleporting and ripples, inworld classifieds, new in 1.7, are now ranked-by-bid with the starting price being 50L.

Wednesday - The Winter Festival started. I have a little build there, and also got the photo contest awards ceremony listed in the official events. There was a bonfire and lots of people were there - before I got there Philip announced that LL is turning over the global-attack griefers information to the FBI.

Thursday - jin shin with Frank - yay! I went to Orca Books to get something, then went grocery shopping.

Friday - had an event to get more entries for the contest. I was contacted about a commission, which I decided to take on. I was swimming in Chaos then got into a long IM with the customer. Ashen and Surreal came up to talk to me while I was a zombie, asking me what brought me to their neck of the woods - I said I went to Chaos a lot, usually skating. Chaos is a post-human city, which appeals to me.

11 December 2005

I fielded a texture question the other day from my tame edu group (that I made circus tents for). They had a fence they wanted to use, but didn't have the texture. They had all rights to the object so that wouldn't've been any problem but the texture was huge - I told them to get a smaller texture because that one was just going to make trouble. I should go back in and ask them if they found one.

Went to Frans C's turkey farm by accident, with Enjah, yesterday. It's the turkey Rhia gave me - she and Frans worked on it together. It wanders about in a turkey-ish fashion. I'm wholly into things that move. The turkey was at the Script thing this morning so I felt moved to buy one - for no reason, just encouragement.

I had lunch with Deborah and Elizabeth on Saturday. Deborah is here from Philadelphia, something I didn't find out right away as I don't read the emails circulated to the Elizabeth support group. I'm not part of it, and it depresses me. Deborah said, "Oh COURSE you're part of it," which is annoying - NO, I gave care and feeding of E to her - Kee-ryst I can't get my own things done half the time. It makes me feel guilty, but why?

Anyway, we had lunch. She asked about the strange online thing I've been doing, so I gave her an update. She said it made no sense to her at all, but... glad you're having fun! She leaves on Tuesday.

Well, Frank was ill so instead of throwing me to the wolves Dorb gave a jin shin treatment to me. It mustn't be easy trying to figure out a new person, so I hope she doesn't take it personally, but it made me feel worse. Not in a worse-in-order-to-become-better way, but just in a crap-I-feel-rotten-wtf!! kind of way. I have a bad headache, and I'm hoping the jin shin tomorrow (also supposed to be Dorb) will make things better this time as Tuesday is important.

I'm just wandering about aimlessly feeling terrible, both on the computer and in the house. This morning I logged into Second Life to get a group IM from Fizik B wondering where the Scripters' Trade Fair was, so I found out and told him, then went there. Glad he brought it up as I wouldn't've known otherwise. No sooner got there with my great headache, than some noob shot me out of the sim. I returned to Seifert S's display and shouted "I just got shot by someone beware" and the someone came back and shot me again. I've been in SL for 1.5 years but I've never Abuse Report-ed anyone - Ice B told me how to find the abuser's name, however and envcouraged me to AR him, so I did. Honestly, I was just like a baby with that particular part of the UI, in part because I just never really wanted to use it.

LL changed the ripples from big viscous-looking wrap-around-the-land ripples to smaller no-wrap ripples with wonderful light reflections from the sun and moon. People are very mixed in their ripple-reactions - I miss the wrap-around a bit, but wow - it looks just like the lake, to me.

06 December 2005

At school two older girls came in and said they needed me to help them make a poster, so they did it with me instructing them. Turned out fine and they worked well despite not being familiar with Photoshop. I had five minutes then Sabra and Cheyenne came in and finished their card projects. Very nice work. Sabra said, "I wish I had art every day," which was nice. They asked me about next week, so I told them next week it's back to the comic strip, but then we'll take another little break in the form of making business cards. S said, "What would they say: Have a nice day at work?" I said no, not greeting cards for business, but little cards with their names. Oooh! Then I went into fifth grade and beat on them in the virtual world. They are doing excellently well. Alina wanted to teach them about bump-warping, but they are just getting the hang of building and aren't ready to move on.

I, all of a sudden yesterday, got irate about our crap computers at school, and today thought up a plan. Since the computer lab is gone we need to go wireless and have a cart with laptops that someone (Alex) would take to classrooms to teach the children the basics. I was talking to Tiff on the phone yesterday and laughed that she has turned into the tech-planner even though she's not exactly highly tech-oriented and she doesn't actually work for the school anymore. She was at a tech plan meeting today at Leschi - heh. I emailed her and told her my plan and asked where we could get the money. I'm serious - this bugs the hell out of me. If I weren't so useless and feeble I'd drag the school out of this tech malaise by the scruff of the neck. I always thought it would've been more useful to buy new computers ever few years rather than paying someone to maintain them. Every summer they should've had a complete clean, then every 3 years they should've been raffled off to our families or something. Or given to the graduating 8th graders so they could actually do their homework in their next school. I didn't know how bad it was since I'm not in the classrooms, usually. Going in 5th grade, though, I see that they have one Win95, 2 Win98, and an XP. That is sending the wrong message to our children.

Deborah is here from Philadelphia to straighten some Elizabeth things out. I've been staying out of the email loop when it comes to the circle of friends and my sister who are trying to manage E, as it just makes me feel guilty and upset. I can't do anything - I would if I could. Consequently I knew Deborah was coming but the "when" part hadn't made its way into my brain. She didn't call me - but when I called today she said, "I didn't know you don't read your emails. I thought you knew I was here." Oh, well. I'm just trying to survive.

I asked Mr. Monster to pick a painting that they would like to keep from the ones of mine at the Montrose house, then bring the rest to me so that people who want to buy paintings can see the entire array.

In Second Life Enjah, Forcythia, and I went to roller derby practise race, which was fun. Then we put on our tintable roller derby suits, got Wayfinder to join us, and skated around for a few minutes.

Some of the circus tents

I suggested to Enjah yesterday that she could make a really great book showing how to make great low-prim things, the target being new residents. It was prompted by three things: her beautiful 2 prim Christmas tree, and her exclamation that she's sick the way greed is ruining things - also the newbies on the forum lamenting their lack of prims. I said she should go help the newbies in Blumfield manage their Christmas decorating, then revised it to say she could make a low prim usage guide as a service. Today she showed me the start she's made on it - it's going to be wonderful. I hope she reserves a big spot in it for her own house. It's an inviting place that dispenses with some of the things we don't need in SL, saving those prims for smart accents.

Yesterday on the preview grid I ran into Loki and Ilia, and we were comparing fps. Loki said he was getting 44 and I said "client not sim," and he said "That IS client." I was curious as to what would make ripples less of a hit, so we compared other things and I dropped from 256 draw distance top 128 - which surprised me by making not one bit of difference. I was getting 30 fps looking at land, 15 looking at rippled water. I completely forgot I had Photoshop on, which, of course I always do as I use it every few minutes, which nullified that comparison. Last night late I closed Photoshop and went in the updated 1.8 to see what difference it made. Ripples were disabled for some reason, and flying around with the stats window open looking at land, water, areas crowded with houses gave me fps from 60s to teens. I was the only one there, and I got the highest fps looking at empty land, I think, which isn't very helpful - in other words I didn't get to test anything out, really.

Loki asked me if the line I see in the water is at the sim crossing - duh, I think he's right. I still don't like it though. I saw it when I was sailing - therefore moving - which is why I didn't realise it was in one spot.

I saw Enj yesterday and we roamed about making trouble for a few minutes... well, making trouble might be too strong a phrase. I gave her the children's book I wrote, and said, "That was yesterday." She said, "And today?" I couldn't think of anything, then remembered I'd made circus tents for an educational project. I showed her two tents. There were 6 altogether. Two were the triple kind but with altered details, three were new texture with altered prim details, the last one used a texture they wanted which I made into a tileable texture.
Somebody was interested in hearing about residents who had used joints. I haven't done much (well, only just started exploring joints) but the weathervane uses a p2p joint. It's the only way I could get it to work. Joints are quirky and buggy, but I sort of LIKE things that are quirky and buggy, as a kind of interesting thing to play with. I don't want the entire program to be quirky and buggy, however.

05 December 2005


Sailing in 1.8


I've been hanging out on the new 1.8 preview grid, which has 2 main features: p2p teleporting and rippling water. I have been teleporting around looking at the ripples - being mesmerised. I keep meeting people who say, "I don't see anything different," and when I ask them if they have ripples turned on they don't know what I'm talking about. Ripples will make sailing even cooler. I'm ALREADY so absolutely used to p2p teleporting that when I come back to the main grid I gnash my teeth.

Enjah IMed that for some reason her weathervane still listed me as owner, so I sailed over there. It's bad at one spot as some asshat has a script that ejects everyone setting a toe across his/her property line from the sim. The property is partially in the waterway. Nice one, thank you so much. At least I never crash when I'm ejected - I hear some people crash every time they are hit with a push script.

Had jin shin this morning. The snow is melting. I should go and eat breakfast/lunch.

01 December 2005

Forcythia: HI Osprey! thought you might enjoy this quote about your clothing!
Forcythia: Moss: she's the best in Sl as far as i'm concerned
Forcythia: Moss: she's like my personal designer :)
Osprey Therian: :D !! w00t!
Forcythia: shared with his permission.

All day long nice things have been happening - what a nice day!

Right before I left to go in CTCUNI I had this experience. A fellow in a tuxedo came up to me in Grignano books. "This is for you," he said, holding out a black rose. "I've met a lot of people in Second Life, but not very many nice people." I told him there were lots of nice people and that I hoped he'd find them. How interesting - well, I talk to new people many times a week, and give them whatever help and information they want. It varies depending upon their age, interest, proclivities, etc. I've met programmers and artists and people in school.

It's Aids Day and I miss Olmy - he made the Aids Quilt project in SL last year, and told me he'd do it this year again. Of course, I saw that it wasn't happening, and I thought (but not enough) about getting it going myself, but I've had too much to do.

It JUST stopped snowing, and now it looks like this:

I was in WaHeLut2 but no children - just Tara and OsHotep. I'd called the school and been told they had been send home.

Last night in Second Life a friend sent me a book he'd made that featured his artwork. I met him in There ages ago, and he's a California artist around my age. The book was great - a treat to look at. I asked him if he wanted it to be sold at Grignano Books, and he said no, but that I could give away copies. I said I would - and may his name spread far and wide on the grid. "His BS certainly spreads that far." Me: That stuff's runny. Him: Ewwwww He was using the HUD for the book, which I'd never thought about. Makes sense. I'm not sure if I like it better, but having that option (since you can look at it the "normal" way as well) is nice. One isn't always in a rezzy area.

Aids Day

Today I got up, went to jin shin, went to Les Schwab and bought tires, drove home in a snowstorm that started as I was leaving the tire place, staggered downstairs and threw in a load of laundry... Now I mustn't forget to go in the virtual world to meet the children.

Last night I roaming the Building world in CTCUNI, looking for things to get the children excited. I had good luck with the things I set up for Tuesday, so perhaps these new things will be good, too.

I logged into Second Life to find a notecard from Wayfinder exhorting all merchants to check the permissions and prices on their things. I spent some time doing that as I'd had some bad experiences that I had chalked up to error on my part in one case, and a possible bug in another. It's too easy for me to blame myself, perhaps - apparently there is more mobility to permissions and prices than there should be. I can add my permission experiences to the group's, however, I couldn't draw any conclusions based on my experiences alone. The other thing - objects repricing themselves - I am about 50% sure is a bug. It isn't, to me, as serious. Once several months ago I had a flag pop up to say I'd sold something for 1L. I thought, "I don't have anything for sale for 1L (then)." I rushed over and the vendor was selling some things for 1L - I thought it was a vendor-spaz-out and deleted the vendor. Recently I had someone IM me out of the blue to tell me something of mine was for "sale" at 0L - I had been repricing not long before and thought perhaps I'd inadvertantly done it. Not long ago at my Bodega shop I saw two men "buying" something, but figured out the object was priced at 0L. I went over and spoke to them - said I didn't mind them taking one copy, but I would be unhappy if they took more than that. They were very nice, and one came back later and bought another outfit. It certainly wasn't THEIR fault - I wasn't sure what had happened. Checking my slboutique vendor I found two things with bad perms that were likely to be my fault, and some other assorted bad perms I have no clue about. I'd guess in the first case I used inventory find which had come up with the objects I'd given Mark for DarkLife, which had the wrong perms. That's my assumption. I DID have an experience where I was resizing an object and it flipped to 0L. I'm going to try to reproduce that. I've been remiss to not address this sooner; as I say it's easy for me to blame myself, but also I have so many problems that this certainly was dwarfed.



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I want to ask for thoughts about improving the world -- what do people need? How can things be organised?