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29 April 2007


Contest 27

Theme: METAL

Cash prizes.

The contest themes are always loose - any interpretation is good. The theme is METAL. Do ANYTHING you want. Is it music? Shiny? Rusty? A monster robot? Teeth? Piercings? Mental with a missing enn? Metal flake carpaint? Surprise me.

I swear - ONE DAY I'll get back to using the backdrops the way I started these contests in 2004 - but not yet!

Enter by: 26 May 2007 at 5:30.
Exhibition: 29 May - 28 June 2007 at the Photography Studio upstairs gallery.

We will have an awards ceremony - time TBA.

Enter 3 textures of Second Life screenshots. <<<<<<<<<----------
Textures can be no bigger than 512x512 - rectangular photos saved as 512x512 regain their proportions once they are put on a prim.

Title entries with your name + title <---= so I don't lose it in my inventory
Send them to Osprey Therian with MOD permission and COPY permission.
Give me an IM so I know to look for them.

Don't send them in a notecard - I say this as I look at textures every day but I rarely look at notecards. If I don't get your heads-up the entry gets buried under the billion spam notecards I get per week. I hate it when things get lost - the only entries to've been lost thus far were in notecards.


Busy Sunday

Well, what's going on...
I am just finished my Ask Patty build, and told them what I was going to charge them. They agreed, and told me they were very happy and would recommend me, which is nice of them. Last things I did were a Child Safety kiosk and an SL Driving Information notecard giverer in the shape of a red convertible. I have built a stage there as The Show Must Go On is performing at their 11 May grand opening.

We had rehearsal today under my new plan that acts must be self-contained with HUDs as MCs doing the announcing and setting up. As I was setting up and just before the curtain opened I was pinned and had to relog - coming back to find most of the others had, too. We just kept going. The show is tough to do as the same people have to get ready for almost every act. We have seemingly lost some of our buffers of people with one act, except for Maxie, who had a great set and HUD. Chuck wasn't there due to time mix-upperation, but will be in Ride to rehearse on Wednesday. Enjah and Elle were out of town. Vlad has been MIA unfortunately. The list I sent to Breanne for her to add to the group list was far longer than I'd imagined.

I had to take down LIGHT and put up FLIGHT, create a new contest and poster - METAL - and rewrite the notecard/send it out with a notice. Notices are working! They and group IMs have been borked thoroughly which left events and people stranded. But W00ty W00t it was good today and I got to notify people of the exhibit, the contest, the Show news (3 separate notices).

I rescued a noob and sent him to Orientation Island Public. He shot me an IM saying he "owed me," and I told him to look me up when he gets out of the Big House. Before that Salazar and I had a conversation about the difference in starting Then vs Now. I said all we had had was a parrot and a sign. He proceeded to drag the sign from his library, while I rezzed the fabled Chat Parrot. We also talked about Project Open Letter which I have no interest in signing, wholly aware that my circumstances (I don't buy anything much and I don't pay much tier) buffer me from a lot of the things that people are concerned about. I think:
A) as a resident I have but a partial understanding of what's going on,
B) LL has to ride this huge wave of corporate interest which may not last as the PR value declines,
C) the glitchy buggy things I can ignore and workaround probably are a great deal more irritating if one pays thousands each year as many, many people do,
D) to me SL seems in its infancy - with rapid growth as well.

Knock on wood I haven't had any big problems. I don't mind the funny temporary things - it amuses me, actually (my bad). There have been wonderful developments that've kept me keen. The few things that have made me unhappy like the visual degradation were probably things they were forced to do and which will, at some point, be reversed.

Small good things keep me happy for years* (love the new icon!) and SL contains a million billion zillion wonderful things, including the people I get to know or just meet casually. It's early days yet. I am grateful that Second Life exists.**

*Hardly a day goes by that I don't think about multiple select in inventory and how much I love it. Floopies! Ripples! Scripted attachments! Rings! Hardware light! Freeze-frame! Disable camera constraints! Planar texturing! Streaming movies!
**I just don't have time to be unhappy.


28 April 2007

Saturday Slaughter @ The Kill Club

I thought it was a riot, as not only did Johannason show up, but Enjah and Ida came too, and teh Doc surprised me by IMing as I was standing on the KC roof with quarter of an hour or so to wait until the event. W00t! The new players who came seemed to speak every language but English. Enjah and a new person gamely sorted an Italian and got him fighting. Johannason and a francophone fighter went outdoors to rez an anvil on our kind neighbor Delpha's land, which I'm sure made J happier as he hates the smoke inside. Ida tutored a female fighter, and a Spanish-speaker seemed slumped and AFK throughout the event.

Basically it meant the tired Os could relax a bit - which I needed as it's been go go go since the AskPatty job began. And... uh... I had accidentally stayed up until 5 am editing video. Well if I want to do every project I just have to give up some things. I am trying (in fact have been doing this for 17 years) to pack every last thing into the time available that I POSSIBLY can, as what they say is true: You're a long time dead.

I told Doc his glare drove me nuts and he said it did him, too, and proceeded to take my advice on fixing it. He was nice enough to thank me for yelling at him.

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27 April 2007



Poking around.

Tech Warfare deep within the cave.


Qarl has provided Jetsonian jetpacks that blow smokerings.
My guess is Seifert Surface.


26 April 2007


This is very helpful, thank you, LL. The new icon shows separate objects taken together. I'm jazzed about it.

I'm not sure what happened to the iconed folders always rising to the top in inventory. I wasn't sure how useful that would be. But - W00t - this new icon is VERY useful.

I'm not saying a word about the modeling function on the horizon.




25 April 2007

Alberto Gonzalez - he fights crime! And other superheroes...

Ask Patty provides automotive services to women - check them out on the web!



This room has three sets of sliding glass door on the side facing the lake. I was just sitting here a second ago when a large woodpecker got got jiggy and smashed into the one to my left. He picked himself up and flew to a Douglas fir, apparently not having done too much damage to himself (well, concussion is his life). On the other hand the sudden WHACK on the glass startled me a great deal.

I don't see woodpeckers a lot although they are around. At my last house I had a resident sapsucker, which is very much smaller. This was a Woody-type woodpecker with a nasty sharp beak about four inches long. Last time I saw one here it was hammering away on the balcony railing, oblivious to me videotaping it (it had woken me up, I think). I sent that snippet to Anji, who told me Caitlin (a wee one at that time) thought it excellently funny.

Related to nothing, the racoons here were seriously out of hand at one point. I came home one night to a pair in my kitchen skittering about on the counters then both trying to escape through the same open window at the same time, like a couple of alarmed Stooges.

When I was doing spots for the Wa He Lut news I would make spots with things like that. Also - interviews with people who were exhibiting my student's artwork, NYC, microwaving Peeps, etc. I don't have most of the spots. Too bad, I'd like to see them. Especially "Miss Kendall's Spring Break" when I was visiting Deb, Richard, Karen, Lenny, Ismay, etc. and videotaped waiting for the tow truck to arrive after Richard's car broke down on L.I., and Lenny saying, "This IS New York."

Yesterday Tiff came over, which was fun. She feeds me, which is great. I am lucky I have friends who are interested in keeping me alive :D She is going to Romania-Slovakia-Poland-etc. in... June I think. She isn't learning any new languages, hoping to get by on English and German. She is interested in Ethiopia next, perhaps. I always, in a very mild and confused way, knew there was a connection with Judaism and Christianity and Ethiopia, but she was telling me more about it last night. I asked about Haile Selassie's connection, which she didn't know, but according to my Googling of a moment ago he was purportedly a descendant of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

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24 April 2007

Ask Patty provides automotive services to women - check them out on the web!


22 April 2007


Second Life a few months after I joined in 7 July 04.

You can just see my home in Bodega (squint). The concept of void sims was unknown, so there were holes in the grid, which was inconvenient.

The grid today, but I couldn't fit it all in. My home, in the circle, is located somewhere in the general area where the grey thing is pointing. It's hard to see, though, as it's huge. I left off a whole northern continent as it wouldn't fit. This post was prompted by Mappa Novus.



Last night I went to see Cubist Scarborough's studio, where he has some of his holograms and the open-source whiteboard. Well worth a visit - I reckon it would be even more fun if he were at home.

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21 April 2007

I've been looking for Patty-type hair, but I hate shopping, so it's been like holding my breath and jumping in the vat of... something unpleasant. Enj came in and took me to a place I did not regard highly at all. I just have ZERO interest in things like that, although I will shop occasionally for animations. I'm interested in making things - I like building, odd projects, creating, art, animating, video editing, being playful. Shopping is horrible. I just don't get it. Am I lacking in girlitude somehow? I just want to go in, get something in 2 seconds, then leave - if I ever actually need anything, which is rare. I haven't bought much during these years in SL, which is neither good nor bad but just reflects the way I am. I value things I make myself.

On Netflix I just watched the U.S. vs John Lennon, which was all right but not very deep. Before that I saw I Heart Huckabees, which was fun but very light unto meaningless. Next: 7Up/7 Plus Seven which I've never seen for some odd reason. This is a good way to fill in gaps in my viewing history.

Onder is participating in Pause to Play next week, which leaves me in charge of SLGames. I hope nothing too bizarre happens.

Saturday Slaughter was all right, and Johannason came and helped slaughter people. We had more watchers than fighters but it's all good.

Avatar customisation rocks in SL.

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20 April 2007

Woo - nice email from my Ask Patty boss:
"Osprey you are a ROCKSTAR"

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Luigi Alva as Don Ottavio from Don Giovanni

I'm not alone in saying he's one of my all-time fave singers.


19 April 2007

Woo - blogged about at!



Vudu Sauvage @ Lauks Nest

Enjoy sculpture in an open-air setting - but hurry as I am not sure how long Vudu will keep these sculptures here. The variety and whimsicality make this a memorable show, which is perfectly placed in Laukosargus's former home.

As I recall I first met Vudu at Gravity Spacestation. He was a squid at that time, and I said, "Osprey Therian loves sushi," eliciting the response, "Vudu Sauvage is not sushi." That was back in... mumble mumble. I'd say the winter of 04-05.

I couldn't make the opening due to rehearsal, but it was nice to see the sculptures alone. I'm not very social. Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking, but that doesn't make me social.

Reminds me of a geoduck.

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18 April 2007


My build.

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17 April 2007


Bye bye, Ratings.

I have been getting one every two or three weeks, which amazes me. I don't think I'll miss them, although I hope I still get nice little IMs when people see something of mine they like.


The parade went fabulously well, with no griefing; the Shermans were, I think, tucked up in their beds. I had deputised Lolo to spread the word in Nova Albion, Molly to organise the suburbs, and Ida to get the SLSF out. They all did very well, especially Molly, who had less support from me. It was a fun event made special by the appearance of Michael Linden, the bridge builder himself. Hermia Linden came, glamming it as a human - the first time I'd seen her that way. I missed almost all the talking as I had my UI suppressed for filming. I had meant to read it but never did.

Let's see, some of the things I did between getting up on Monday and now were...had jin shin, built a display at the Dreams Community Fair, walked in the parade, made the GBC News spot for the parade (and posted it to youtube, blip, slgames, atomic-raygun), built some things for my build - which is coming along, went in CTCUNI WaHeLut2 to set up for tomorrow, shopped for groceries a bit, dropped I Heart Huckabees off at the post office, spent some time with Patty fiddling with furniture, oh and various other small things I've forgotten :D Now I'm almost too tired to go to bed.


Ida Keen covers the parade to celebrate the Shermerville Straits Bridge opening.

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16 April 2007

Join the Parade!

Event listing HERE
GBC News spot HERE

Amusing costumes a plus.

My plan: City people gather at the Infohub. Suburbanites gather uh... north somewhere. Start walking at 7ish and meet in the middle of the bridge! Form a large disorderly throng and say, "lol," and "rofl," a lot.


15 April 2007

They're back.

I saw an osprey today!


14 April 2007

Join the parade - Ida Keen gives details on Monday's celebratory event.

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I'm reading Wanderlust, which SJ sent me, which has its good points but is like reading something written in the future when humans have atrophied limbs and big heads. I grew up in the meat puppet era, so a book about the most basic of human things, walking, is a little like a book about, say, breathing.

In some way it reminds me just a bit of Haunts of the Black Masseur, which I loved when I read it around 1994. That book is about swimming - I suppose I can boil it down that way although it's only the bare scraping of a description.

Wanderlust says some things that I have to scratch my head about - for instance, that "Premodern Europeans" were less literate as far as text but incomparably more so as far as representations went. That is, they could instantly recognise hundreds of figures in cathedrals and churches. That's the most utter pishtosh - for god's sake we are bombarded with images night 'n' day and recognise millions of people/things in those images that we will never, or can never, see in real life. Couldn't you identify these things are if you are shown single image: a map of the world, the Beatles, the Mona Lisa, Shrek, the White House, a unicorn, a shark, Nelson Mandela, etc., etc.?

I imagine all that free space in my brain if I lived in a town in Medieval times and just had to know the figures from the Bible. HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO

12 April 2007

Ida Keen reports.

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11 April 2007

Ida Keen speaks with Michael Linden about the new bridge.

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10 April 2007

I'm doing a job for someone and have been griefed so much today it's ridiculous. I started trying to build at around 350m, but the parcel is thin and my overlapping things got autoreturned. I tried in various sandboxes, but they were laggy and unstable. After making part and having chunks of it returned, etc., I decided to build in situ despite the annoyance of the necessary rotation.

After three attacks in a row by the same griefer I got an IM from Tedd, who offered to see 'em off. We hung out and talked on my build but no griefer showed, of course. We mostly talked about computers and his college computer game programming classes. It was great to see Tedd - who was one of the first people I met in SL. His land is next to Spot, in Immaculate, and looks very much the same as it did back then. When I first met him he told me there is an option to have no title above one's name, which he liked, and which I started doing at that moment as I hate titles.

I didn't sleep at all last night - I need to go to bed at a decent* hour.

*Anything earlier than 2 is decent to me.


Ida Keen reports from Hair Fair.

09 April 2007

Ida Keen investigates the mysterious appearance of four sims.

08 April 2007

The Show Must Go On

We are getting 10,000L from the FFRC! Yippee!!


06 April 2007


The Photography Studio of Grignano
is having a new photo contest.

Themed Photography Contest: FLIGHT

Cash prizes.

The contest themes are always loose - any interpretation is good. The theme is FLIGHT. Do ANYTHING you want. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Run away! Run away! Airport ‘76. I don’t know - there are lots of possibilities. Give it your best shot.

I swear - ONE DAY I’ll get back to using the backdrops the way I started these contests in 2004 - but not yet!

Enter by: 28 April 2007 at 5:30.
Exhibition: 30 April - mid-May 2007 at the Photography Studio upstairs gallery.

We will have an awards ceremony - time TBA.

Enter 3 textures of Second Life screenshots.
Textures can be no bigger than 512×512 - rectangular photos saved as 512×512 regain their proportions once they are put on a prim.

Title entries with your name + title <—= so I don’t lose it in my inventory Send them to Osprey Therian with MOD permission and COPY permission. Give me an IM so I know to look for them.

Don’t send them in a notecard - I say this as I look at textures every day but I rarely look at notecards. If I don’t get your heads-up the entry gets buried under the billion spam notecards I get per week. I hate it when things get lost - the only entries to’ve been lost thus far were in notecards.

The Photography Studio is located in
The Brownstone East, Grignano

Grignano is a pg sim. <–=




*looks at freckle on wrist*

Looks like it's about... oh... the 6 April. I've never seen adults swimming this early in the year. I once saw blue children swimming somewhere else this early, but it was cold and so were they. My friend MC and her son Nash came over and did a polar bear swim one year - but I wasn't here and that was not exactly the same kind of thing.

But adults were swimming today, and (choke) barbecuing.

Wallet made from a computer keyboard.

/me avoids all references to crucifiction

I have spend all day doing my taxes. Because I couldn't go and get a form I need and my printer is out of ink (well, it has black, the mofo, but won't print with just black) I filed online, which may or may not work all right. I got exhausted halfway through and just blew through it, so who knows, but at this point I'm too tired and ill to care.

In the past I've had very complex tax returns and have written explanations* on them. This one was quite complicated but there was no way to write anything on it, so it's just numbers (and billions of zeros** when I got too tired to care). I hope they just accept it and leave me alone.

*I'm an artist - the things artists do make no business sense.
**Only hurting me, not them.

05 April 2007


It's just like when someone with an allergy visits a friend with a cat, and the cat won't leave the allergy-sufferer alone. I'd be able to do a quick TV survey, since I don't have one.*

Puffed os - shot out of a cannon in Solheimer on Tuesday.

*Actually I have an old one Susan gave me but it's not hooked up to anything and hasn't been turned on in years.


Our Brilliant Second Life*
There was a mixed reality premiere today of this short documentary, as it was shown at the Aspen Shortfest as well as in the Alt-Zoom cinema on Lukanida. Blair and alegria, the young Aussie couple who are the focus of the film, attended, as did Mixin Pixel, who was in and out of both realities. My SL Games review is HERE.

Blair and Diana have found a way to live their real life dreams.

*I presume you've all read My Brilliant Career.

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Last night as we were rehearsing...
[17:24] B R: (Saved Wed Apr 04 17:22:46 2007) Hi may i ask you why you put this invisible wall on SW or the Ambat Infohub? i know i am stretching with the large* prim, but this is not a shop or ad spot i am merely providing community and class material... (including a Ponzi-scheme machine)

[17:30] B R: If you have a issue with it i'd appreciate you open the dialogue, i am paying dearly to provide now 3 sandboxes to the community, and i am not a greedy uncooperative person. Don't you think you should mention this to me first before taking such measures on Linden Owned land? Let's be adults here...

[17:31] Osprey Therian: I just got online and I can't talk now - but I don't understand your problem.

[17:32] B R: you have an invisible wall blocking access to my land in Ambat

[17:33] Osprey Therian: since I built the infohub surely anything I put there is my own concern.
[17:34] Osprey Therian: I can't talk now though - I am in the middle of rehearsal.

[17:34] B R: but why is it there? that's all i am asking
[17:35] B R: ok but i need a reason for the wall it's Linden owned land, please get back to me when you have a chance, thank you

[17:46] Osprey Therian: Besides the giant prtim abuse you are trying to make the parcel look like it's part of the infohub - "Ambat Infohub Extension" indeed, sir - that is not part of the infohub.
[17:46] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

[17:55] B R: I am not trying to make look part of the infohub i am just trying to have the best access possible like everyone else access rads and such, now if this a problam obviously i undertand and will adjust accordingly, i just dont' understand why you didn't contact me for it first...

[17:56] Osprey Therian: Please remove that giant prim.
[17:58] Osprey Therian: What you put on your land is your business, but you have deliberately encroached where you don't belong.

[17:59] B R: i understand but simple communication can resolve things better than wall and dispute
[17:59] B R: it's removes now

[17:59] Osprey Therian: Thank you.

[18:00] B R: i'll try and do something within my borders thanks

[18:00] Osprey Therian: Excellent.

Certainly if you just read the chatlog you might think this altruistic person was getting a harsh deal, however the reality is that he parked a giant prim on Infohub land MONTHS AGO that leads to his gambling machines on a parcel he named "Ambat Infohub Extension." I.E. he is channeling unsuspecting noobies to his gambling machines** by making it appear that the machines are official and part of the Infohub. The wall is on Infohub land - I haven't put anything on his land - he has put a giant prim so the linkset centres on his land but is mostly on Infohub land.

*Giant prim
** I see they are not all the things, now, that I believe they were. Looking for my old photo...


04 April 2007


At rehearsal this evening...

Idea and unicycles and sign by Os
Pointy bras, fishnet shorts costume, track by Enj
Knitting, hats, scarves by Ida
Music found by Lucy

Did I forget anything? Don't be offended if I did - just tell me.


News just in: The Alt-Zoom April Fool's-themed Take 5 Machinima Festival, which was slated for today, 4 April, has now been changed to the 25 April ===:O I guess we (the GBC) didn't need to make our submission in three days, then.

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Flooding Second Life shows the effects of global warming.
(I added that National Geographic link after the fact)
(You can see me on the thatched roof if you squint.)

Britannia flooded.

Plush Avenue SW flooded.

Totem in Togenkyo


03 April 2007

Using Second Life to graphically demonstrate effects of global warming:

Second Life Flooded!

This is a good use of virtual reality.



Man Races in WaHeLut2

Went all right - I was interested in having the students do this as I thought they had no clear knowledge of moving prims objects around - and I was right. They seem to have a bit better grasp after racing a bit. One of their computers has been borked for a while, so it's 3 computers between however many students (and none for Mothra which makes it hard).

Midway through I noticed some weirdness and saw the Worlds tab was empty. I decided to relog quickly in case it was me, but suspected it was something at the server end. At first I couldn't get back as it said the worlds were not there, then I was able to, and called Montrose. I still don't know what happened.

Tandy changed into Hotep and greeted me by saying, "I'm Osprey" Ha! That's Tandy in the screenshot. We have a new student and I need to set him up with an account. He did quite well, although trying to change his man (they had to changed the color in the race) didn't work as there is no word command for purple. Forestgreen, magenta, aquamarine, and copper, yes - purple, no. Plus hex codes, of course.


Einstein once remarked that “if bees were to disappear, man would only have a few years to live.”

02 April 2007

Andrei Rublev

Andrei Rublev is quite an amazing film. It functions a bit like staring at something then moving your gaze to see the afterimage. The world it recreates is encompassing and absorbing; at the end when the painting is shown in color one has new eyes to see, a new perspective. I've never seen a film quite like it.


In a film that shows the brutality and violence of 15th century Russia, terrible things happen to people - and we know those things were simulated, though they look very real. Terrible things happened to animals, though, and those were real. I don't think there can be justification for that.


Looking at an old post:

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Looking at all the incredible things people have made in Second Life gives me hope for the future since figuring out how to do these things requires lots of reading and traditional learning skills like memorisation. On the other hand, it's all so technology dependent that if an atom bomb took out the power grids all the 3d imaging skills in the world wouldn't grow one lousy turnip. On the OTHER other hand, though, maybe the same spirit of obsessive learning and problem-solving would serve people in mastering survival skills if turnips are required. Or maybe there will never be a forced return to a pre-techno age. Our heads will grow larger, our bodies will shrivel, and we'll ride around in time-traveling spaceships for the fun of freaking out those rubes in the past.

Maybe they'll have a hard time identifying us as ancestors.
We look so... meaty and animal-like. Hairy.

Maybe they'll be able to change their looks as we change our avatars' looks. They'll dress up like aliens and fly around... they'll have all the science fiction views on what they and their vehicles should look like in order to tap into our minds... they are probably the wiseacres and university geek clubs that are flying around getting their jollies by using our own imaginative views of the future against us...
Anyway -- what was I talking about?



Light Exhibit Awards Ceremony
Ilianexsi won the day, receiving a special award on top of first prize. Vlad came as a lightbulb, ha ha! Xenophile Neurocam, the flying robotic avatar, and Vlad, made the rest of us look pitiably human. Well, except for Ilia, who has horns. I have cat's eyes, but it doesn't make me look any less human (I was given them on my first day or so, by Moggie, queen of all the cats, after I explained about Fidget).


Os Misbehaves, or WTF DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ME??!!!????/!!11

This morning I was making coffee and looking at my email, and found one from somebody nice from the Motorati sims asking me to contact her as they needed me to move Dr Brainfeez's Ice Cream. I emailed back that I was happy they'd informed me as at another time my things (2 tires) had been moved and left in midair, with me not knowing until Razen IMed me and asked me if I knew. I also found things floating in air when someone had terraformed and dug out underneath them.

Anyway, then I went and drank coffee, logged on, and went to Velocity. I TPed the nice woman and she TPed someone else who logged off and on in a different account. Then I explained over and over and over until my finger bled that I didn't own the land, it was Motorati Access land, and that the new spot should be set* to Motorati Access ownership. I got frustrated and said NO - YOU DON'T GET IT, and was told (quite rightly) to stop shouting at him.

I was told to buy the land (they didn't understand), so I did, moved* Dr Brainfreez, and some things were instantly returned (duh). Finally I was asked if I had owned the original land (/me pounds head on table), and deeding the land to the MA group was suggested (theoretically a good idea). I asked if anyone actually had control of that group - saying I wanted to be sure before I made an (I'm a Mainlander) irrevokable step, then said well, it wouldn't matter on an island anyway (they can take back land - on the mainland the land can be lost).

But alas I couldn't deed, either. Then I had to go straight to the awards ceremony, then jin shin, and when I got home I had an email telling me it was all fixed, so I went and put it all straight and terraformed, and planted. So to me it appears that - 1.) they don't understand land and 2.) MOU didn't give them all the information they need, and 3.) I have no idea who "they" are.

*That pools the prims held in the sim, allowing the build to sit on a very small parcel.
**The BEST part was that when I moved my build about 15 abandoned ice cream cones were revealed - I laughed so hard I nearly cried - hey, I should've tallied up the vanillas vs the strawberries - doh.



I planted the Beuys oak and Art came online and restarted the birds. I'd thought the birds were dead, but no, they are behaving all right.

Art being watched by a bird.



Enj and I went to see the 7000 Oaks project. These are basalt column that represent, I think, the number of oaks left to plant. We both asked for one.

Light - the show is big and quite nice. Awards ceremony tomorrow before I have to go to jin shin.


01 April 2007

Caledon Tanglewood Easter Egg Hunt with Ida Keen.



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I want to ask for thoughts about improving the world -- what do people need? How can things be organised?