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31 January 2008


Watching movies* at Motorability. I don't know how Patty will like it, but I'm interested more in making it fun than... uh... than... uh... not fun. I stuck a kaleidescopic movie dome in the water so you can float around on an inner tube and watch. Really, I'm not even started with content - will need the builds okayed first.

I'm sad that translucents are now solid at a distance. It sort of destroys a lot of what I was doing if it stays that way (and it's by design so might). I changed some things and need to change some more - it seems that (I think) past a certain percentage point things go invisible rather than opaque - which would be far better for the dark blue underdome as it looks very nasty opaque. It's unlinkable so changing it will be tedious but I can link some smaller segments together as I go (I did do that before but am not certain where it went).

While working I had issues with a ghost prim, prim rot, spontaneous prim movement - and the region was restarted three times. Minor, minor issues though, I must say (except the ghost prim was a 40x40 sculpty and ghosted right in the tunnel so it is or was (I was just booted for region restart) blocking.

I'm still terraforming as I go, and building as I go. I have lots of things built but unsurprisingly they haven't always been what I wanted (I haven't even rezzed most of them). Kaeli lowered the orientation track, which will need a lot of work on the textures to make it useable.

*Example movies - who knows what they will decide on.

30 January 2008

Candide sends me urls to the world's greatest videos.


29 January 2008

Maybe it will stop snowing one day.


Twekking Awound Twinity

Playing Air Guitar in San Francisco

Reflections in Ukraine (I suppose it was Kiev but I don't remember)

A balcony in London ;D

I forgot about Twinity until receiving the beta info just now, but I leapt into it to explore. It reminds me a lot of Metaverse but I don't know if it uses that platform or if all beta worlds share certain klunky similarities. Twinity is Earth-based, and you may create your apartment in cities around the globe. You can teleport around - but the ambient light is roughly that of the RL sun, so carry a lamp or only visit parts of the globe that are in daylight or which are well-lit. There is, a yet, no outside.

A Shop in Cairo

Right now this are slow, most places look the same, and avatar movement requires arrow keys/right MB, which is problematic if you can't use both hands (I need to investigate the UI options, so I might be able to change that). Currency is the Global, which I can't stop thinking of as the Globule. But I have money issues ;D Biggest letdown: I can't fly ===:O

28 January 2008

Lear Cale pointed this out on the SL forums:

Johnny Lee is amazing. Viddy this:


Stop snowing RIGHT NOW >:[


I was GOING to ask all Netflix users who read this post to request "Honey Moccasin," a film by Shelly Niro (somewhere back in this blog is an account of me arranging for my class to meet her), except I can't find the place to ask for films anymore. Has it been removed? Was it never there? Did I request it before by just emailing them? I think there was an ask-for form - does anyone know where it is now?

Also "Anijam" which might be good. Anyone seen it?

Honey Moccasin
A film by Shelley Niro
Canada, 1998, 47 minutes, Color, VHS/16mm/DVD
Order No. W99605

This all-Native production, by director Shelley Niro (Mohawk), is part of the Smoke Signals new wave of films that examine Native identity in the 1990’s. Set on the Grand Pine Indian Reservation, aka “Reservation X”, HONEY MOCCASIN combines elements of melodrama, performance art, cable access, and ‘whodunit’ to question conventions of ethnic and sexual identity as well as film narrative. A comedy/thriller complete with a fashion show and torchy musical numbers, this witty film employs a surreal pastiche of styles to depict the rivalry between bars The Smokin’ Moccasin and The Inukshuk Cafe, the saga of closeted drag queen/powwow clothing thief Zachary John, and the travails of crusading investigator Honey Moccasin. This irreverent reappropriation of familiar narrative strategies serves as a provocative spring-board for an investigation of authenticity, cultural identity, and the articulation of modern Native American experience in cinematic language and pop culture.

Anijam (1984)
Marv Newland
10 min

The bizarre adventures of the cartoon character Foska, drawn by 22 animators working in collaboration. Each animator worked on his or her own sequence only, and did not know what action preceded or followed his or her sequence, except that the first drawing of a sequence is the last drawing from the previous sequence.


An unusual night.
I logged in last night at, oh, I dunno - 6? - to do some work, but got TPed immediately by Juin Juran to the beta concert. Komuso had already invited me to film so I just turned off the UI and gathered many gigsworth, then edited until about 1am or so, when I went inworld to try to do my work. After a while I got sidetracked in some conversations, logged off, logged on, tried to work more, logged off at around 4:30 when someone* told me to go and sleep. Tried to sleep but couldn't, got back up and tried to edit out the crackles in the vid; couldn't. Tried to find the (erstwhile) place on Netflix where one can ask for a movie, but failed to see it. Went inworld, came out, went to bed at 7 am. The sky was lightening so it was hard to sleep. Went to sleep. Woke up at 8 but felt one hour would not cut the mustard. Went to sleep, woke up at 10:30, got up legally, at last, ate cornflakes and drank coffee, fired up the puter, watched the SynaesthAsia vid twice, gnashing my teeth at the snapping noices (which are on the soundtrack not, as I originally thought, an artifact of editing). Fixed the blog video url. Wrote a blogpost. /me watches herself. Moved this from the video post to a new post as it's no longer about music. *Stares out window at the snow*

Did I travel in time yet? Damnation.

*I said "go to the Mono meeting, you know you want to," he said, "you should go to the bed meeting!"

Origami Porn

On a forum thread about machinima orn someone said:

It would be about as interesting or stimulating as watching origami porn...

ZOMG origami porn - well it makes me think of lots of things including cadavre exquis. I am interested and stimulated. Also weird, heh.


Hardly a wonder considering when I made and posted it.

Komuso and MoShang are beta testing SynaesthAsia but it must be close to going public as it is a blast.



27 January 2008


Weather Disruption
Since late December we have been getting snow every day - usually (right here at my house) a little bit, but sometimes inches. Most of it melts the same or next day. Some friends have a build-up of snow as nothing has melted. Yes - this is nothing much - I lived in Canada at one time and it would freeze in October and thaw in April, and the roads had high snow banks thrown up by the snowploughs.* However, in this area, snow has not been usual. Yesterday it snew mightily and the resulting inch or two lay until today when the sun melted in exposed areas.

* As I always say, sometimes the thaw would uncover a car + (dead) occupants which had slid into the ditch during a snowstorm. I always talk about exactly the same things.


26 January 2008


Making teh pods fer teh Patty.


Joh got me to join a flashmob where we all had to wear the same avatar - it was fun. I'm kneeling, pounding the drum.

25 January 2008


The Accomplishment of a Lifetime

I just noticed I posted #666 in my fave thread War In Jessie: Is It Upon Us? which dates back to June 2004 and was begun by Derek Jones. Once I was sailing and Derek pulled up in a huge flying craft and blew my boat up so I jumped into his craft and rode along to Jessie. SL was a bit different then.

24 January 2008

Having a Very Difficult day. Mostly watching movies and licking my wounds. Watched 49 Up, which, I think, is the best one in the series although comments on Netflix seem to indicate that others feel differently (idiots). Watching Flower of My Secret - might've seen it before.

Decided a bifurcation of the SL Forums would be useful, i.e,. go here for Mainland, go there for Islands. Granted, that would really only be useful if LL reinstated the Land forum, which I'm sure they won't, however I say that as land advice is not useful or even relevent when applied in the wrong category. On the other hand, an enterprising person with an interest in land and helping others could get a bifurcated wiki going.

Hmmmm... was building something and felt a partial disconect in the air so logged off - then couldn't get back in. "Can't connect.' And got a 500 trying to summon the forum, although I could conjure the SL blog and anything else on the web. That was an hour ago and I really should go to bed - hate leaving my things out, though.

Ah - while I was looking on SLU to see if anyone else reported the same thing this was posted on the blog: "We are aware of difficulties for residents connecting to our website and also in logging in to Second Life at present. Our engineers are aware of this issue and working on it at present. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience."

23 January 2008

Coming Soon!

National Gorilla Suit Day is the 31st of January (unless it was a single event last year and won't repeat). The impetus for this festival came from Mad's Don Martin I believe.

I have a friend who was part of a (mascherade) wedding in a gorilla suit (and although that's not an unheard of garb for a woman artist I have yet to hear of another worn in a wedding). I don't remember what the other people in the wedding party wore. I remember the reception slightly, which was the only part in the whole thing I went to, anyway, but the gorilla suit is burned into my memory.


Things That Would Make Premium Accounts Worthwhile

1. Inworld Transaction History for Premiums
2. No Inventory limits, but limits for non-premiums
3. Additional group slots for Premiums
4. --still thinking--


22 January 2008

'F I Were King of the Forest...

The Second Life forums have lately degenerated - and that's sad because wonderful information can be found there. New people needing help - often as simply solved as identifying the keyboard shortcuts they need to turn off updates, for instance - from other residents can get immediate help. Any resident needing help, in fact - whether technological, building, or so forth - can get the benefit of others' experience, training, or memories.

Up until a few months ago I'd look at the forums every day, but often after reading someone's plea for help just went inworld and talked to them instead of posting. The noise to signal ratio lately has increased to the point where threads quickly scroll off the first page and get lost. G'al help anyone with a genuine problem, as most of the posts are egocentric drivel.

If I ruled the forum I'd make a stream of consciousness or tickertape forum that would have just one page. Anyone could post anything there, but once it scrolled off the page it would be gone forever. Resident Answers would be kept for resident answers, and if someone posted drivel there they would be confined to the stream of consciousness forum forever after.

The best thing about a stream of consciousness forum is that people would get to vent their feeling but then there would be an auto-flushing action :D

New! Stream of Consciousness Forum with Modern, Hygienic Auto-Flush Action!

21 January 2008


For some reason I started thinking about a cookbook my older sister had been given when she was young that afforded us much amusement: Date Bait, by Robert Loeb. Looking it up just now resulted in an image of the cover, a for-sale copy at $25, and a reference from someone who had spent the afternoon with her teenager leafing through that and another 1950s teen-target cookbook, laughing out loud together.

Classic Social Guidance Films
/me studies up.

Oh, yes - I sort of forgot I went to this demonstration.

Sine Wave Actorbots

Easy Babcock watches his actorbot.

The actorbot paces and a brave woman approaches. The bots have a crude AI and can be programmed to use chat or IM.

He looks aware - but there's no one there.

Dancing - one thing out of many the bots can do.

I was a volunteer to interact with a football-playing bot, and didn't take pictures, but was impressed with the way it moved. Sine Wave made a machinima using the bots that is good.

I commented about how these would become sex toys That's one use I think is inevitable. I can see people using them as machinima actors, except it would take a lot of the interest out of filmmaking, to me. NPCs - well, if DarkLife wanted to pay 5L/hour or write their own code they could use them for shopkeepers.

Please jump into comments and add your
own - I'll copy them up to the post.

bout 20 or more years ago the Oly paper was called The Daily Olympian -then they changed it to The Olympian but everyone still calls it the Daily Zero EVEN IF THEY DON'T KNOW WHY.

Enjah Mysterio says: In North Tonawanda, NY where we used to live there was a local paper everyone referred to as the Tonawanda Fishwrap. I think it was the Tonawanda News.

The Stranger is the Seattle free paper similar to the Village Voice. Once they printed the masthead The Stragner on purpose - because that's what everyone calls it.

Violet Faulds says: Our local newspaper in Newport Beach (where I grew up) was called the Daily Pilot (still is, actually). Everyone called it the Daily Plot.

Lucy Torpedo says: Here we have the Valley Snooze (Valley News) and the Woodstock Substandard (The Woodstock Standard).

20 January 2008

Trying to Be Like Down Under

'NEW YORK - Time Warner Cable Inc said on Wednesday it is planning a trial to bill high-speed Internet subscribers based on their amount of usage rather than a flat fee, the standard industry practice."

I have always felt sorry for those (i.e. Aussies) who have to pay per download amount as opposed to a flat fee. Although I've never been to the Telstra island in SL they made it more attractive for customers by not including that particular SL region in download allowances. Now, just as VR is gaining ground, they want to throttle the intarwebz? Is this related* to the internetz supposedly becoming clogged with users? Does it seem possible that 2010 is the year after next?

Damnation, my flying car is not here, the infastructure is failing all around me, and my older sister has gone to the Darkside. She sent me some kind of right wing email idiocy, so I sent back: George Bush + cronies = Evil incarnate
If she can't see that I feel sorry for her.

This is much more like the past than the future as I had hoped it would be.

*As in a handy excuse to facilitate their lousy scheme.

Nothing is Worse Than Mortal Fumes
Enj and I had to go to buy an animation this afternoon, and wound up cackling in IM over the conversations of the people around us. Slaves meeting masters, non-humans, people from many different countries, ordinary folk - and two sword-weilding amazons, one sitting in the bath, the other showering and both with ears pricked and LOLs discretely hidden in IM.

lovelessheart: laggy as fuck
Aden: hopp
Mannen: cause all these mortals
lovelessheart: i know
PatrickSteph: babbler not work here
BleedingMascara: /sync
Sheela: i see...
lovelessheart: they make the air all thick with fumes and shit
BleedingMascara: >.
Osprey Therian farts.
PatrickSteph: i ome in your city
Aden: macht er gleich von alleine

Oh, bad Os, bad Os - however no one paid any attention.


19 January 2008


Space Egg

Dome Pod

Noisy Energy Beam

18 January 2008

I was thinking about cap pistols the other day - do they still exist? No idea, but I can see the red paper rolls clearly, amd smell the exploded caps. Love that smell :D Smells can bring lost worlds into existence in a trice - should time travel somehow use smells?

Just watched Volver - excellent.


16 January 2008



Lately I get traffic going by every day. Yesterday two cars passed each other. Not too long ago I was building or something and a car stopped and the driver said, "Excuse me... do you have any Grey Poupon?" People are itching to drive, although roads are good for horses, skates, bikes, and giant racing snails, too.

I hope LL keeps up the practice of having right of ways through sims (or at least doesn't end it entirely) as one day vehicle physics will work correctly and people will want to drive more.

15 January 2008

Starting up again.

I sent out the call. Our first TSMGO rehearsal of 2008 is on Saturday at 2pm, at Phobos.

Young has returned from China, where I am positive she charmed all she met. Her sole gaffe was in performing a solo Droplette act in the Forbidden City, she says, although given the humor and love of laughter I have always associated with the Chinese I find that hard to believe.

Perhaps the full act was needed - the drops and the garnish, of course. Should we take a quick run over in our Droplette outfits to rectify the situation? Can I fit the tiki drinkis in my valise?


Watching "Steal A Pencil For Me" - excellent.


I was startled to get a bill notice again from DreamHost, and poked through my things there getting more confused as I went - well, with reason as they sent this just now-

Hi Vivian!
Ack. Through a COMPLETE bumbling on our part, we've accidentally attempted
to charge you for the ENTIRE year of 2008 (and probably 2009!) ALREADY
(it was all due to a fat finger)!


We're really really realllly embarassed about this, but you have nothing
to worry about. Please ignore any confusing billing messages you may have
received recently.
The Foolish DreamHost Billing Team!

I know from experience online repeat billing frequently gets screwed up, with overcharges, double charges, etc., yet this is the first time I've had a spontaneous and speedy email mea culpa. DreamHost = purdy guid.


Eshi Otawara has created a piece of wearable art that will be available until the 30th January. As she says, "The usage of fishook stencil sends out a direct message "If you come close, you WILL get 'hooked' !"- very bold and direct. The more graceful the movement of one who wears it, the more seductively the dress moves spreading out into a wild flower shape, splitting itself into wing-like shapes or, even, an aura-like halo which slowly settles back in place."

I'm always interested to see the wearable artforms in Second Life - something I've never seen in any other virtual world, and which run the gamut from abstract avatars to Queue Marlowe's bold and colorful creations which are not quite clothes, not mere showy costumes, but more abstract adornments. Here Eshi has a dress that will appear ordinary until the avatar swoops or swings, and as well as being a message saying the viewer will get hooked, is, to my mind, a subconscious play on "Barbies." Beware the barbs on the Barbies.

14 January 2008

Well, I'm feeling much better - mostly I think as I am not so exhausted and hopeless-feeling. I spent some time building, and made a dome for showing machinima, then tp's Kosumo in so he could have a look. It's quite the trippy, fun experience. I'd like it in my build, so went out and machinimered some whack skies and had them playing. I'd like to do something that isn't just the usual - that has a bit more point to it - SL point, that is.

All day I received IMs from people about The Show must Go On! so I'm starting rehearsals up on Saturday. We have a new performer - Persephone Gallinda of the Caledon Gaiety Theatre. Schlitzie, too, is going to try out the performer's life to see if he likes it.


13 January 2008

For all you motorsports fans - Motorati is now under the aegis of United Spinal Association, and is called Motorability.

12 January 2008

Well, lessons are often painful, and this has been a weekend of learning.
Number one, I've been feeling fragmented and having difficulties for a week or more, and increasing the pressure when I just am not able to cope is not smart.
Two, I don't recover, so when I start going downhill I quickly reach a place where I'm no good for anything, then I have to suffer being instructed in doing things I excell at but am just past being able to do.
Three, I like doing my own thing and jumping in to another's project or acting as a support person just makes me appear very stupid.

Oh. well. You win some, you lose some. I may just give up.

On the plus side, the quick little machinima I made off-the-cuff when I went to Komuso and MoShang's performance has, despite its flaws (like that weird top band), had some nice comments.


48 Hour Film Project

Team: When did you put it in there?
Me: uh... 8 hours or so ago.

Signing off as soon as I finish uploading some stills to AWM.

Stop watching me - I'M GOING, I'M GOING.

Upload 95%...


10 January 2008

Watching "Klimt," which has incredible fabrics in it - I could look at the fabrics all night. There are some remarkably cut clothes - gorgeous. The movie itself is enjoyable for the bringing to life streetscenes we've seen frozen in paintings from artists like Caillebote and crowded interiors familiar from old photographs. George Melies (star of youtube) is depicted, and of course Egon Schiele.

Not a great film but worth seeing, at least to me, as I've read the great books and seen the great artworks of that time and enjoy spending time in a director's vision of how it might have been. And I love seeing beautiful fabric.



Komuso Tukagawa + MoShang Zhao = MoKo LoCo
Quick machinima made after attending their concert last night - dunno what the top weirdness is, and I hope it never shows up again - wasn't visible full screen.
MoKo LoCo - Real time Internet/SL music jam
Komuso Tokugawa/Japan
MoShang Zhao/Taiwan


08 January 2008

My first computer was a TI-99 ========:O
It wasn't mine as in MINE - it was just in the family. Chiefly I remember the space invaders and their noises. Well, that and its looks (generally not specifically - the brushed metally goodness - as I recall - juxtaposed with black plastic), which were beauteous for its time.

I see you can buy one on the nefarious ebay for a trifling amount. Now Hammer, who has moved away but was a pal* from the Lut (he taught kindergarten for a while, making him Hammer of the Tots), LOVED old technology. I used to show old 8mm and Super8 movies to my children (then make them make zoetropes) and Hammer would come in and sometimes bring old movies to show. He found a super ancient, 7 ton proto-laptop at a thriftshop once (when Value Village was on Sleater Kinney). All those things still work - they were made out of heavy plastic and metal, like you'd be keeping them for years and years. I bought an 8mm Bolex, complete with leather case and pristine, in a junk shop (the one by Black Lake) for $20 once, and gave it to Hammer - wow, was it ever a work of art. I used to buy every 8mm/Super8 related thing I saw, which was a huge amount (that finally I donated to the Film Ranch) including cameras, lights, editing equipment, projectors, films, and even a strange device to aid in transferring to videotape. Anyway, Hammer was an incredibly interesting and fun person and possibly** his house is full to the gills with ancient computers and wildly aethetically-pleasing movie cameras. What heaven!

*His mother is Mohawk and his dad's a jazz pianist - so he grew up in Las Vegas. I remember him showing me a book about Mingus, and saying, "Oh look - there's my dad."
** I hope.

Linden Lab won an Emmy for Second Life - congratulations!

06 January 2008


Dancoyote's Skydancers
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Dancoyote's Skydancers performing on one of the NMC sims.

05 January 2008

SJ came over which was great fun. She told me about the trip she and Michael went on to England and Scotland (business + pleasure), gave me a nice ring (from the trip) that I ALREADY LOST :'(] and some "Boudreaux's Butt Paste" (not from the trip, but trippy) that apparently was the occasion for much glee when she found it for sale. When she asked me what I wanted her to bring I asked for a gallon of plain, lowfat yoghurt, which freaked her out no end. Her mother said, "Just do it," as apparently Missy has learned that SJ, I, and countless of our ilk are just too freakin' strange to be understood.

She told me a funny story about Gigi's daughters arguing over the disposition of her remains, with Missy on the side of cremation. Missy said, as some kind of oddball example, how if SJ died her ashes might be sprinkled in an area where wild wolves roam. When SJ arrived the other woman, unwilling to believe anyone could be so weird, asked if SJ would be happy if her ashes were thusly sprinkled, and SJ lit up and said, "Wow! SWEET!"

I showed her TSMGO video (unfinished but still good) and pointed out Enjah (SJ knows Enjah from having shipped one of my paintings to her), and me.

Con came over Thursday and we had a good time. She has quit her job (at Batdorf & Bronson Coffee)* and so has time to goof around a bit. I made her watch TSMGO and the Combat Cards vid, from which she did not take away a clear idea how to play the game (of course, as she's never been in SL).

This is much more visiterationing than I'm used to, but has been good.

The Monsters have threatened to visit, and Lucia and Jim have said the same, so the excitement may continue . Tiff is coming over soon (did she really say Wednesday - I need to email her as that's not a good day).

*Which is an Olympia coffee roastery that has spread all over the place. We both knew Dick Batdorf, whose longtime dream to have a very high quality roastery became reality way back in... I suppose the eighties... . During Annie$'s bad art auction one year (to raise money for the Food Bank), at which my friend KGF and I were the presenters (Anne insisted we wear those highly inflated-looking plastic naked breasts and bottoms over our clothes) Dick bought a stack of ancient polka records Con had donated, then was dead of a heart attack the next day. Con always attributed his death to the polka. He was a nice man. Anyway, after he died L and C bought it, and they are nice, too, and kept the name.


04 January 2008


03 January 2008


Down in front.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Os and Enj at a political thingummy in 2004. Here's my caption at the time:

"Barbarra Blair hosted a listening party, and Hamlet Linden blogged it, live. It was fun-ish, if you can discount how horrible the entire situation of the USA is right now."

Three years later the situation is dire. What will happen next? No one will be surprised if the current regime cancels the elections due to a self-generated war of convenience and starts locking things down in earnest. I've been saying for years that it's like living in The Handmaid's Tale, but now I find no one is laughing.

Because of Enjah's comment creating a sense of nostalgia in me as horseshoe crabs were very common on the beaches of Delaware I was moved to learn more about them. I had never really known anything other than that they were ancient creatures. According to one source, "it is more closely related to spiders, ticks, and scorpions than to true crabs." OK, well, I can see that. Another source says, "Horseshoe crabs are one of the oldest classes of marine arthropods. They are related to extinct water scorpions."

Uh... what? Water scorpions?

It's good it didn't go the other way, i.e. Water scorpions are related to extinct horseshoe crabs, or I'd be an extinct Os, probably.


02 January 2008

More from Tiff in Jamaica:

"We figured out all the systems. We are staying with the nicest family ever in the hills above the tourist crush. We are in their downstairs huge apartment with fully equiped kitchen, huge bathroom, patio, and TV room for $40 a day.

The bus from our corner into town the best beach ever (Dr. Cave Bay) is $1. The jerked chicken and pork at our nearby restaurant (freshly cooked) is $4. We have figured out how to live Jamaican. In fact one bus driver said to us last night "You guys have been here a long time huh?" We laughed. Other people have said we must have Jamaican friends (which now we certainly do)."


I found it HERE although I don't know why I was there in the first place.

01 January 2008


Finished Giant Things
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion


Blast from the past (2004)
Os is standing on the mug rim.


Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Sim Horror

A blast from the past (2004).


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion


Happy New Year
from Os


New Year's Eve

After partying with Elf Circle for a bit Salazar teleported me (and Armath, who had turned up unexpectedly, much to my delight) to the party at Voss with Komuso Tokugawa, who rocked the house with live blues. It was GREAT seeing Salazar, who has been too much a stranger lately.

I think last year I spent NYE at Ida and Theo's, with Enj, and Tedd, who turned up unexpectedly, much to my delight. Wait... is that a trend?

Here's to 2008 in Second Life - a return to community, and healthy development by individuals and businesses committed to the long haul.




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