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31 July 2007

Working on some new Combat Cards in the past week few days.
Three are done, two are in process. The numbers, etc. are not my bailiwick so the 14 low block, for instance, is left over from another card.

Ida looking like Octobriana.

Jensel, unable to move from her SL house, and crashing every minute or two, worked pluckily for ages getting this avatar put together.

Young Geoffrion's avatar is not one I'd like to meet in a dark wood.

I told Joh he looked haughty, and he responded that it was a natural attribute (or something like that).

The Greed avatar - fantasy or horror? Alas, just part of human nature. Hmmm... a Human Nature series... nah...

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30 July 2007


Transfixed on the preview grid.



Temporary Weirdness Caused by Changing Too Many Times

Backstage after the Planet Bohemia show we compared views. No one ever has the same view as hardware differs, settings differ, and... you never know whether someone means to look that way, only looks like that to you, or everyone looks weird just not to themselves.

My view
Salazar's view
Salamander's view

Salazar goes from a bent-kneed giant in my view, to a wee little munchkin in Salamander's.


Grid Attack *sigh*

Tateru Nino:
"Well, the issues with the grid are now quite clear. The Patriotic Nigras* (or someone claiming to be them - honestly, it's all so childish that it's hard to tell - most griefer groups spend more time wailing** on each-other than anything else***) have used a form of a privilege escalation exploit on a number of objects around the grid to overload the communications systems."

Prokofy Neva:
"The first sign of trouble was hundreds of offline IMs, seeming from the following people: Urizenus Sklar, Maldavius Figtree, Mia Linden, Phillip Linden, Frontier Linden. That suggests Uri could be ranting at me or the Herald drahma -- so I log on in a hurry, checking the location of the IM. Sure enough, it's not Uri at all, and of course it's not Frontier or "Phillip" Linden either, who spells his name with one "l". The messages are like this: ATTENTION: THE GRID IS UNDER ATTACK, THE PN HAS CLOSED THIS POOL. ALSO COCKS."

*PNs are a racist griefer group.
**waling not wailing
*** They do?


I flipped to my homepage and out of the corner of my eye I spied this:
We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.
- Wernher von Braun

...but read it as this:
We can lick gravy, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.
- Wernher von Braun

Holy Moley!

They finally got around to making a Wa He Lut website - well, I hope they are mid-process as it is just chock full of things I made that don't link anymore, like our Virtual Moviehouse of animations the children made. The lobby is there but you can't actually see the movies.

I was looking for Josie's animated gif butterfly, as the one on this blog is borked, however that's not visible. The children had made some very cool gifs, too. Christy's skull with a snake that went in and out the eyesockets comes to mind.



Jumping on the Bandwidth Wagon

Ha Ha!

I exceeded my bandwidth limit on, which is pretty funny since I moved almost everything except Combat Cards off it on 4 August 2006. Combat Cards must be busy.

The newer place is I have a free domain name waiting, should I ever think of one I need. Googoogoggles was the name of a fish Caitlin had a number of years ago. I wanted them to have a live fish-cam and I would've made a website (which was interesting to me way back when), as Anji's writings on the fishy antics were funny. Alas, Googoogoggles is no more.



29 July 2007

TSMGO at Belle Isle and NMC

We have two upcoming shows - Belle Isle on Saturday and NMC on Sunday. I spent a few hours building a stage at NMC today, and although not finished I think we shall fit all our props and acts in all right. The building is spiffy and we are going to feel quite spoiled.

The NMC building that houses our stage.

The staircases lead up to the theatre.

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First they try to buy my seagulls, now someone is after Art's Shark of Peace and Love ===:O

"Hello Art I see that you have a shark in the water at the Bodega sim made by Starax. I am offering you 15000 Linden for it. Do let me know something if you will. Thank you, CB"

I can't really complain - they are always nice about it.


28 July 2007

I Love the Opera Comments on YouTube

"Corelli might be the greatest tenor of all time. DiSteffano's vocie beyond his 20's was crap cause he ruined it. Yes Gigli was amazing, but a different vocie fach. Corelli had a huge instrument and could decrescendo from a full huge vocie to barely a whisper. lern your stuff people." [I agree.]

" He melts my fillings."

" Caruso out of rating ...1 Mario Del Monaco 2 Jose Carreras 3 Luciano Pavarotti & Placido Domingo.... !"
[hmmm... I don't think so.]

"Are u the wife of Fabriou, the other one who was shitting on the greatest tenor ever??? What do you understand about Italian phrasing?And what do you understand about music at all? Please...."

"do not worry about stupid people. They are not worth the time. Renata tebaldi was a supremely great singer. Those who plaid to Callas' vanity and there were many did her no favor. her tour in the 70s was a spectacle and not an event. Poor woman"

"omg, are we still at the Callas vs Tebaldi arguments?..
Come on guys, that's soooo last century!
To each one her diva!
(I go with Callas, but Tebaldi's voice was GORGEOUS and BIIIG!)"

"Bullshit - Tebaldi sound better - Callas's voice is nasale and high notes are ugly and her voice is not steady. Tebaldi's voice is also more beautiful."

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Farewell Mouse-Moves-Sun II



Farewell Mouse-Moves-Sun I


I didn't know Savi Sieyes, but I love my dog hat and enjoyed her sim Foo. I've always considered her a part of The Show Must Go On because I am wearing her dancing dog hat in the first poster. She's been on my mind all week, and I even put on the dog hat backstage after the show today. I decided a performance should be dedicated to her, as, well, I feel like she's close.

I was surprised just now to see a memorial and exhibit of some of her artwork - actually it was last week but the artwork is still up at Sunset Arts II.


It Came to Me in a Flash...

...yesterday... DUH! I'm so crabby because I'm really tired. well, that makes sense. I am INCREDIBLY slow on the uptake sometimes. there's nothing to be done about it but at least I know why. I look back at my uncharitable thoughts and roll my eyes at my own cranky geezerishness.


27 July 2007

AKA Blingtards
I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks 7 foot tall women with leg length sliders on 11 and bling/hoochie hair/etc. are usually actually men in sweaty vests. That may be an exaggeration - the men might be fully dressed.

I sometimes relay "women's" names to a friend and ask, "Now would a REAL woman called herself [a name like Ivana Likyuallova]? Some might be men having fun. A few of those so named are probably really young women with no sense of self, and others might just be low-rent beings of either sex who worship money. At the Ambat Infohub the other day a being named superstarlolita1 was standing there unclad below the waist, idly attaching things like bondage cages to herself, and - to me it looked as though she was hooking.

I can't imagine what combination of sleazyness, greed, and dimness would lead any person to adopt this particular role, but they should know that anything one does, be it in virtual reality or as a profession or hobby in RL, leaves a far greater stamp than most people realise. Pick your work carefuly as you will become it - and that holds true for any aspect of reality and the effects are not limited but enter one's being completely.


Up at 6:15, then back asleep at 7:30
I went to Motorati to pose this morning - for what I don't know. I like Razen and Atomic, though, so if I'm asked to be there I do. Not that I think I will even show up in the picture since someone stood in front of me, but oh, well. Here's a slanted view:

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26 July 2007


How things get turned around and reused. I was thinking about chair rails and how that same idea is used for cars. I suppose anything humans find useful is likely to surface and resurface throughout time. If ones studies useful applications of the past no doubt one could come up with something unused now that could be very useful indeed if applied in the right situation.


Planet Bohemia
28 July @ 2pm

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25 July 2007

I particularly liked Ashcroft Burnham's comment on this interesting post about the Bragg case. I thought he had a nice clear way of outlining his thoughts. It's difficult, I'm sure, trying to argue these matters in court, where the number of people with any knowlege of virtual or internet anything must be miniscule.

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24 July 2007

Sounds like and interesting documentary:
"...outsiders who try and fail to live outside the real-world realities of contemporary capitalism. Fish Kill Flea is an elegy, not just for this one flea market, but for the almost-completely-dead American phenomenon of small, self-contained economic systems. The era of small business, mom and pop, one-to-one transactions, independent salesmen leaving their fingerprints on their products and, by extension, their community–that’s all vanishing, to be replaced by homogenous big box superstores. In a series of man-on-the-street interviews in Fish Kill Flea, visitors to the soon-to-vanish flea market seem universally confused to hear what’s set to replace it. Even if the march of mainstream culture is a foregone conclusion, the question of why the community might need “another Home Depot” seems honestly bewildering."

This is an except from a Spout blogpost.

Many of us have happily used Nicholaz Beresford's alternate viewer. While I am not running it today I have used it a lot in the past - it rocks. Another intrepid coder, Able Whitman, has an alternate viewer in the works with a feature many people will probably love - mute visibility.

Interesting what people are doing, although it's important to be as careful as possible when trying out alternate viewers. When in doubt wait for the features to be incorporated into the LL viewer.



The other night I was lucky enough to catch Dr Fluxus as he readied his (or her - we are never sure because of the mask) Alchemickal Theatre in Orion, at the country estate of my friend Young Geoffrion. Y. has been kind to this most difficult and demanding of house-guests. I did take one snap but alas have lost it somewhere - I suspect the "good" Doctor of magic-ing it away. (Clearly I was raving and owe Dr F. an apology as the snap has turned up. I beg your pardon, sir or madame.)

Although I am enthralled by Dr Fluxus and his theatricks, I am uneasy, too, as there is a whiff of brimstone (I am subject to imaginings, however, so it may be nothing) to the proceedings. I hope Y. may be careful in her dealings with him (or her... or something else).

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23 July 2007


Interesting video :D

21 July 2007

In my experience once something has been changed and doesn't work correctly, it's about as much work to go back to the way it formerly was as to fix it properly. I'm just thinking about Friends, which, for me, doesn't matter a lot, but for a great many people is truly important. For them I think Friends needs to work or it causes frustration and exodus. Wait... wouldn't Exodust be a good name for some kind of cleaning aid?

Back to Friends. Did it break when the stealth properties were added? Seems like it, as I recall. Now that it's borked (although the varying ways it is borked over time must indicate that the code is being worked on) is it easier to keep on or is there some bizarreness to the stealthiness that makes it nigh impossible to fix? I don't know, but I think that if it were possible to put it back as it was I'd just un-friend almost everyone and consider that my own desire for hidden status comes below the genuine needs of (probably) 90% of SL residents.


It occurred to me just yesterday that the way I am in meatspace is a bit too odd for SL. I won't say what led me to think this, but in RL (I don't do meatspace anymore - hardly see/talk to/ communicate with anyone ever in RL now, so this was Then not so much now) I always tell everyone how much I adore them, give quirky little gifts to people (a ripe pear to an elderly man, flowers to my car mechanic, a 4 foot long r/c blimp to the Loopers as a house-warming, etc.), do/try/say anything and let no challenge go untaken, etc., etc. Con always used to say, "You know who THAT is," when I'd say, "Who?" because, as she used to say, many more people know me than I know. Some people I know instantly and others I think I'll never remember. Before I got sick I bounced, jumped, danced, leapt around as normal locomotion, and sang constantly. My SL self is a good deal more quiet, but is the only way I can at all be myself now.

Anyway, I was, because of a positive and humorous personality, employed as a kind of wadding in my parents marriage - stuffed between the two sides of broken glass, cut to ribbons, yet keeping them from annihilating each other. I was also the leavening for my mother's somewhat lugubrious temperament. According to her, she had been born on a Wednesday (Full of woe) and as a young person was jokingly referred to by her aunts as (punned from a song - I reckon O, Monah, probably) Oh, Moaner.

Back to SL - I have been reminded that most people in SL who sort-of know me don't really know me, and take things a good deal too seriously. And personally. Since the shadings of communication are lacking in everything but face-to-face RL encounters between two equal humans of similar cultural background I suppose it's inevitable.


20 July 2007

Did some Patty-filming in Drive In, and the newbies flooded the location. One poor boy kept sending friendship offers and IMs saying "Please be my frand," "If I buy a car will you be my frand?" I didn't have time to help him, or energy to spend on him, or anything. I gave him some landmarks but felt mean for not doing more. I just... couldn't. I could hardly do what I had to do. Caitlin, Enj, and THOMAS were kind to act for me. The blocking the other day was no help to anyone but me, though, it seems, and I had to explain it to Cait as she hadn't been there.

Tiff came over, which was fun.
Never mind.


19 July 2007

Busy decking Anchor out as a car salesman. I had to make his nose smaller and now he has lost his appeal for me. I like big noses. When Enjah first met Anchor she spontaneously exclaimed something like, "Holy schnozzola!" or something.

I had to SHOP. Well, not much. And only locally (except for hair but I was in-and-out of a hair shop in under a minute. I hate shopping.

Spent time rehearsing a bit with Enj and Caitlin. Young came over and showed us the Mysterious Dr Fluxus, which was very nice. Salazar came over and we all went to Phobos.

Tiff is coming tomorrow. Between Hotspur unable to get in SL before around... uh... what time was it... 4? and Tiff coming at 5 I think we will only be able to get blocking again, but we need it still.

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17 July 2007


Anchor's Day Out
Often we've all wished for the huge living room to come back - there's a relative up now, which is Starax (greenies) and (what looks to me like) a few others as well. I didn't look around for more than a minute, but went up to the mothership, which is a mothershop - with greenie avatars and rollerskates and things.

Just before that I spend 3.5 seconds looking at a nice sculpty park.

Yes, sorry, I'm a bit jaded.


If I Could've Had Any Rez Day Present...

Click here to watch 'Rez-Day-07'
A couple of weeks ago on my rezday I went on a solitary flight around the moth temple. I made a moth staff (just blown together on the spot) with mothy minions. G'al but I miss the old lanterns :( If I could've had a rezday present I'd've asked for the lanterns to be put back. They were lovely.

I can well understand that little additional content can be supplied by LL (bless you, Michael, for the bridge). However, old content is very important as clues for us to unravel - nay, not unravel but to knit around with our imaginations.

I miss the lanterns, Magellan (around whom I had a whole plot percolating), and Xenon, whose imaginative additions enhanced greatly our world. Those LL builds serve as a common thread, a way to draw the vision back so everyone in the world has a shared experience and a glimpse of a bigger picture. Without that we all resolutely peer into our microscopes and believe we see through a telescope. There are a million places I've never been to - never even heard of, a million people I have not met and with whom I may not share interests or even language. I think having a few shared things is of value.


16 July 2007


Contest 29: ORIGAMI

Theme: Origami
Cash prizes.

A Thousand Cranes
The paper crane has become an international symbol of peace in recent years as a result of its connection to the story of a young Japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki born in 1943. Sadako was two years old when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. As she grew up, Sadako was a strong, courageous and athletic girl. In 1955, at age 11, while practicing for a big race, she became dizzy and fell to the ground. Sadako was diagnosed with Leukemia, "the atom bomb" disease.
Sadako's best friend told her of an old Japanese legend which said that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes would be granted a wish. Sadako hoped that the gods would grant her a wish to get well so that she could run again. She started to work on the paper cranes and completed over 1000 before dying on October 25, 1955 at the age of twelve.

The contest themes are always loose - any interpretation is good. The theme is origami. Do ANYTHING you want. For me, I will think about peace.

Especially fun: building "origami" sculptures and then screenshotting them in different places.

You may make something like an animated texture or other cool thing if you want. You don't have any tight limits. If you make something cool that doesn't seem to fit the "textures" requirement just enter it anyway.

Straight snaps or manipulated - it's all good.

Enter by: 6 August 2007
Exhibition: 6 August - 26 August 2007 in the Photography Studio upstairs gallery.

We will have an awards ceremony - time TBA.

Enter 3 textures of Second Life screenshots. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<----------
Textures can be no bigger than 512x512 - rectangular photos saved as 512x512 regain their proportions once they are put on a prim.

Title entries with your name + title <---= so I don't lose it in my inventory
Send them to Osprey Therian with MOD permission and COPY permission.
Give me an IM so I know to look for them.

Don't send them in a notecard - I say this as I look at textures every day but I rarely look at notecards. If I don't get your heads-up the entry gets buried under the billion spam notecards I get per week. I hate it when things get lost - the only entries to've been lost thus far were in notecards.
The Photography Studio is located in The Brownstone East, Grignano
Grignano is a pg sim. <--=


Tantalising truncated Les Contes d'Hoffman vid
Natalie Dessay as Olympia

Reminds me - get back here, Olympia Rebus


Puccini - Quando men vo
Victoria Taranova


Young singer - just 16.
Kumara something (not given)


Ha ha!

I get a kick out of the yootoob comments. I was just listening to Kiri Te Kanawa singing something from Gianni Schicchi, whilst wear a dress of pure Shocking, which is appropriate - Singing Schicchi in Schapiarelli's Shocking. Anyway, apparently the outfit was not admired on yootoob.

"At Scala theater in Milan she would suffer by a fleeing auditorium with this funny dress. It's watchable only with sun-glasses . I prefere listening CD's and give her a 5 dollars donation, to buy better clothes. This is opera for grannies !"

"Gianni Schicchi would not allow here to go out in Florence with this tacky dress."

"that is a big pink dress"

"The dress is so distracting. She looks like a drag queen! Anyway, Kiri is the first opera singer I remember hearing. And we never forget the first time."

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World's Weirdest Madamina

Well, I hope.


Discovery News:
"Reservoirs Found to Trigger Quakes
A new study of seismic activity at a reservoir in India strengthens yet another case of a manmade lake triggering nearby earthquake faults."


"Tokyo Electric Power Co. said a nuclear reactor at its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power plant in Niigata was ruptured in the first quake. Two cracks opened in reactor No. 6, leaking radioactive water into the sea, the company said on its Web site."



Blogger Rulez, Wordpress Droolz

This blog is five years old* so I'm trained in Bloggerese. I have mass quantities of blogs, though, including blogs I started like and blogs I contribute to. Two of the blogs I contribute to, and are (duh) on Wordpress.

Wordpress has some weirdness and some coolness. Coolness includes simplicity of adding yootoob vids. The simplicity of adding yootoob vids is not as simple if one is forced to use Linkification because the SL forum BB code is disabled, however. Why is the SL forum BB code disabled? Uh... deliberate, slow throttling of that communication medium? Dunno.

Weirdness includes not wanting other kinds of videos, like say**, which I use a lot, or Putfile, which I use for snippety vids I don't need to stream. If I use one anyway I have to make an image and link it all.

The new Blogger templates are different than mine in many ways (post titles, for instance). I started long before changing the post time was possible, and even images were not exactly easy. There was no free image hosting, so I hosted my own images. That's got me into a bind now as I have hundreds of hosted images from the past.

I always just tinkered around in the Blogger template code, happy as a pig with a snout full of swill. In Wordpress everything seems occult - you have to go there, then there to here, then go from here to HERE. No matter how many times I change the side text on the CC blog I have to grope around. Then, I sometimes change that text and hit "save," which is next to it but which doesn't save it. To save it you have to X out.***

Anyway - Wordpress might not be weird if you have never done anything else, but it seems weird, unnecessarily occult, and boringly consumer-ish (instead of just expecting you to finger-paint in the code it presents ABC**** pre-digested widgets to plug in). As I say, the new Blogger templates are different from mine and may be more like that - I don't know.

*So I can act like a 5-year-old with my Rulez/Droolz schtick.
** is teh awesomeness.
***It's my belief that young children now think "exit" is "X it," as in, "Can I just X it?"
**** Already been chewed (and another 5-year-old line, I think).



15 July 2007



*lays down sword*

After months of editing (I have watched 5699776765 billion hours of vid footage and listened to Ewan 589977656788 times) I am ecstatic to be finished. What a relief. Now it's on to the Ask Patty training vids.


Marred slightly by the crashificationing of Spangle, the premiere was nonetheless a fun event. Thank to everyone who came - double thanks to those who relogged and made their way to Europa.
Arken and Johannason fight as Doc, with his unicycle and chainsaw, and I watch and the movie plays on the wall.

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You Are Cordially Invited
to the

2pm on Monday, 16 July 'o7
The Upstairs Gallery
The Photography Studio
(located in Grignano)

Update: Caitlin said she counted 40 in the audience, and Sir Arthur said he was unable to enter the sim as it was full.

Afterwards I did Combat Cards things to get ready for the movie premiere at 2 pm today (come if you've a mind to!), then Enjah popped in so we went to Planet Bohemia, dragged Caitlin into our party and struck off to Laka to find, O Desolation!, that Thundercloud is nowhere to be found. I am sad and... uh... sadderer. I like everyone to stay in SL.

/me makes a Thundercloud Trap. Well, it worked twice before :D


14 July 2007


Tiff's grandson with a plethora of copies of the book Tiff and I made for him. He's 15 months and rather advanced.



Woo - great show at New Babbage. I didn't get even one picture as I was in 7 acts ========:O Far, far too many for comfort, but we had missing people. Next time will be easier, I hope. No Vlad - I hope he doesn't have more puter problems.

Framerates were very good even with 42 people in the sim!

After the show I went to Machmit with Lu and Maxie, and she showed off the streaming tv she has working there. I waved to Salazar who was watching, and he came over. Falo showed us his star trek bridge, then we skydived a few times in the beautiful red sky. All in all a fun interlude!


The other day my new Space Navigator was delivered, but I didn't even unbox it until yesterday. I got it going last night - certainly it's going to take me a bit of time to get used to it, but the smoothness is really good, and a lot of my troubles at first were due to simply having no clue how it worked.

If anyone buys a Space Navigator for Second Life they need to get different (user-built) drivers from the 3d Connexion forum as the ones given do not work. Another really wonderful piece of generosity is Tenebrous's SL settings explained here.

Once set up properly (and I'm still tweaking settings for me) the SN replaces your camera and navigates in three dimensions. As with everything it's a bit harder to use for me as I can only use one hand and it's not my (formerly) leading hand (I used to be right-handed), but it works, and isn't shaped for the right hand, which is very good indeed.

I found it when I was roaming the 'net looking for joysticks for the joystick flycam. I don't know if there are others, but this one works like a charm.

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TSMGO - performing in Babbage Square 14 July at 2pm.

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13 July 2007

Dragging along feeling unwell-er. Yesterday we had a good rehearsal but I was cranky and awful. I think we have things set up to go, now. FBD has built us a wonderful haven in the northwest part of Babbage Square, with every luxury including great framerates.

At early rehearsal Salamander did a competent run-through of her act. I had to ask her to do just her own act for Saturday, as I feel that is more than enough to concentrate on for the first time, but after that she will be a valuable addition to other acts.

After the show rehearsal Hotspur and Frequency bravely essayed a run-through of their act-in-the-making, then Young Geoffrion showed her Dr Fluxus costume sans mask, and did a slithery dance to her audio (not part of the act but entertaining nonetheless). Caitlin has joined our troupe, too, as a trained human, and is a wonderful addition. I'm hoping the addition of Caitlin might be the precursor of the return of Chuckchi, as I enjoy him very much.


11 July 2007

The Photography Studio of Grignano - upstairs galleryIt is NOT a boiler. I touched it and it gave me a legal document to sign :( I don't know what it is, but I'm beginning to think it's a bit dangerous. Salazar, could you test it with the Gini? I am going to see if I can fi


Filthy Lucre
I think most of my strategies have been devised more to sidestep myself* than anything else. With my particular upbringing and inherited qualities my level of commitment is high, if in fact I take on a project, so I usually try not to take anything on. I hate to be told what to do and often don't like to work on anyone else's project. Sometimes I do find it very interesting to follow what another person wants, though, as I'd never learn about that particular aesthetic otherwise.

When I took SL clothing commisions on, way back when, I hardly ever let the person give me any downpayment. Why? Clearly, it was because I think money has something to do with control and I don't want to be controlled. I know I'm a chronic undercharger, in keeping with many artists. SJ (who has spent her working life thus far in galleries, private collections, and museums) once said she was going to be a consultant to artists. Her plan was to line them all up, then go down the line poking each one and saying, "Raise your prices, raise your prices, raise your prices."

I do see people in SL becoming what to me seems an awful, awful thing, which is consumed** with the desire to make money. However, that's my conclusion based on my own set of bizarre feelings and beliefs, and is not nessearily fact. Everything in life is like a looking glass, it seems. That part interests me a great deal.

I really hate having to think about money at all. I should probably figure out that money doesn't equal control, though - that would be a good step. Money can be a temptation, but I don't really think I'm much likely to give in to it anyway. I would guess I don't really need to think about it, but it's very interesting at this point to try to unravel my subconcious thoughts.

I'm not very good at money. Indeed, having done my duty and thought about it a bit I can probably ignore it again. Circumstances conspire to alter that, but is that really true, or am I merely amusing myself by peering in the looking glass?

*Which may be true of many of us.
**"Consumed" for me equals corrupted: i.e. choosing to do X not Y because X leads to more money, though Y might be chosen if money were equal.


I have been listening to PolyTEK every day - I love these Polynesian musicians. It may be in part because I have spent many hours listening to Native drum groups closer to where I live and there's a slight similarity - or maybe it's just good music. I like TeVakaNui Kapa Ku and Kiaorana a lot.

10 July 2007

Things have been funny in Second Life today. I was trying to send out a notice but it seemed not to go. I IMed the group - they had received both, but my messages to them were incredibly delayed and out of order. I felt bad to've been spamming people unwittingly.

And - the music box stream was not working correctly - I'm not sure what made it go funny. And flutes... I could hear strange noises.

Strangely, I've been getting sounds every so often when on my land or elsewhere but doing something like (trying to think exactly what) maybe just opening inventory or something simple. A song would begin - loud - always the same one. Going to see Vlad's vids at the New Globe (which faithlessly has ignored the variety show even though Reuben said last year to tell him when it was ready so he could book us, which I did do) - very good videos that I've seen some of before on his website, it turned out that the song was the soundtrack to a video and had been done by a friend's band. Now that I know what it is I wonder if it was a vid shown at Mysterio Gallery, with the stream somehow escaping into the wild, turning feral and attacking as hunger emboldened it.


09 July 2007


We’ve decided to hold the premiere next Sunday
as it’s Combat Cards 1st Birthday!

We’ll premiere the movie once everyone has arrived, then explain the rules for the tournaments to run until Hallowe’en, give out cards to everyone who turns up and then play some games.

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08 July 2007

Well, of course I like Flux - but not THIS much:
That's his IM I have neatly appropriate for my new... uh... Dada-inspired half skirt and demi-bustier, which appear to be made of rubberised mac material turned inside-out.



"Greed" - from the Seven Deadly Sins
Johannason is underneath there.


06 July 2007



The Show Must Go On

7 July @ 2 pm - Gallery Tamrannoch

14 July @ 2:30pm - New Babbage*

28 July @ 2pm - Planet Bohemia

4 August Belle Isle

5 August NMC

25 August SLCC


Two new acts debut tomorrow!

*The show at New Babbage will be fun - and I have hopes that
Dr Fluxus will turn up with his Alchemickal Theatre!



Third Rezday

I want to celebrate by having a moth flight from the temple. Anyone care to join me?


04 July 2007


I found a funny old machine in the basement - perfect for decorating for the Steampunk show! I think it's an old boiler - I hope Salazar can get the door back on. It takes up a lot of room but it is so cool-looking that I think it's worth it. I decorated to get people in the steampunk mood.

I haven't received any entries yet but it goes on until mid July. I hope people get busy!


03 July 2007

Netflix Recommendation:

Strong Bad's Emails (5-Disc Series)

Because you enjoyed:
Seven Samurai

Uh... yes, sure, StrongBad's Emails are funny, but... uh... a movie recommendation? Because I like Seven Samurai? /me tries to think of any similarity between Seven Samurai and StrongBad... and 5 discs?


02 July 2007

Start rounding up all the old school avs and put them in detention camps, Part 1
or G'al forbid anyone does not conform!

I was working on something and a stranger came in and started showing me hairstyles and telling me about her purchases of the day (2 skins). I was polite, I think.

[20:53] TS: are you wearing default hair???
[20:54] You: yes
[20:54] TS: why?
[20:54] TS: mine are no transfer, but i'd love to give you one.
[20:54] You: Because I am 3 years old and I have no interest in hair
[20:54] TS: i didn't think children were allowed.

Back a long time ago I was going to make hair textures but got involved in other things. Even when I was young and had the kind of hair in RL everybody wanted (very long, golden blonde, fine straight and thick) I used to tell them (I would get stopped in the street by strangers - what a freaking waste) I was not a hair person - I left it alone and it left me alone. I used to say it was a shame our heads are not covered with brightly-colored feathers. Now I don't even care that much. Maybe some people's avs are their works of - well, not art, but the focus of their fashion and decoration interest.


The Boy is Back in Town




01 July 2007


New act in the making

Ha! While I was a maraschino cherry Spin turned up in a flying vehicle. It's always when you have something strange on that company unexpectedly calls.

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