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19 October 2013


My life has reached a weird but absurdly funny plateau that in my trusting moments I can enjoy a bit, but which mostly would seem awful looked at from outside.
My willmaking activities have run off the rails and I'm having to begin from scratch. I have found a nice notary but that's it so far.
My doctor letter is sitting in my mailbox this past week, but eventually I'll get it.
Yesterday I got stuck being unable to move on the bed with the lights out, which sucked. After a while I could get up, though. The weakness is X 100 when my core temperature is just a bit raised, which I'm countering with icy seltzer, ice fruit bars, ibuprofen, keeping the house icy cold, and medical mj. If I get cold I'm more spastic and can't move my arms, so the medical mj helps with that. It isn't that I don't feel cold - it's like slow torture having to be cold forever, but better cold than weak. It's also like a very touchy and difficult mechanism which is akin to defusing a bomb every day. It's very neat to defuse it, and the task is always absorbing, but it sucks when it goes awry.
SWMNBMIMB told me I am her role model for kindness, which I find crazy as I don't find myself particularly kind and I don't think I'm generous although I try.
I knew I had cancer a while ago as I suddenly saw the same red-rimmed eyes that my mum had when she had it. I look worse and worse these days, which is comical. Comical to me, anyway.

13 October 2013


On Thursday morn I was idly thinking about my cwazee life and wondering what in the hell it could be good for assuming one believes in reincarnation. The word PREPARATION popped into my head unbidden so perhaps it's that. Reincarnation has always seemed a bit too much like wishful thinking to me however it suits me to believe in its possibility right now.

Although through my own experiences I know there are more things than are usually given credence, I don't know exactly what all those things are. However, I'll take them  :-)


Although I've had a medical marijuana prescription for some time I've only started using it on a daily basis for a few days as I nibbled an edible and felt my temperature go down. That's huge to me as I've been struggling with low grade fever for a year.

Fever makes me hella weak. Heretofore my ways of coping were cold seltzer, ice bars, and ibuprofen. Ibuprofen hurts my liver and is no longer effective anyway.

I wasn't sure my thoughts were correct so looked it up online and, yes, it reduces fever.

"Clinically, cannabis appears to actually lower temperature and a couple of patients have described a sense of cold with transient shivering. The question could be answered readily by comparing temperatures of persons who have THC metabolites in their urine and people who don't. If there turns out to be a significantly lower temperature in the cannabis-using population, one might posit a slower metabolic rate which, over time, might have implications for longevity. Temperature has a significant effect on metabolic rate. We have to understand the mechanism of hypothermogenesis."

I first really thought about it consciously last Thursday when I took a nibble as I thought less spasticity would perhaps help me hold urine as I was weak and knew I'd never be able to hold it until I was strong enough to get up. I was surprised when I was later able to get up 2.5 hours earlier than I'd expected, at 7:45.

11 October 2013


Wow, I had the variety visits this week:
Mon Tiff and Frank
Tues Enjah
Wed Enjah and Justin
Thurs Enjah and Frank
Fri Frank
I had a blast with everyone even if I couldn't move a lot of the time. Enjah read my tarot cards, too, which was neat.
I was happy basking in the warmth of Enjah's clarity and intelligence. She was more in her power than I'd seen her before, and I loved it.

09 October 2013




On Monday Frank came, then Tiff visited, which was a lot for me, but wonderful.

Yesterday I had a fabulous visitor! Enjah came, and the first thing I did was start crying. I'm barely understandable now anyway but sobbing and laughing interspersed with noises was my way of greeting my friend. Kim had been there earlier so I had hadan exhausting day.

Today I had two visitors - Enjah and Justin, and it was delightful. I was a blob but they both were so capable and smart and loving that it was ok. Justin brought homemade cookies and a Cafe Jack mug, and Enjah cooked delicious lamb stew, greens, and had previously feed us sandwiches and merlot.

I have one last day with Enjah before she wings her way back to Texas, and I very much appreciate her visit.

Lately I am unable to move from roughly 3 or 4 until about 10. I seem to've stair stepped down recently.

Thinking about the day at the surgeon's a couple of months ago, how I knicked myself then bled like a stuck pig, and how I was told it'd spread but they couldn't know how far without further procedures which I was unwilling to do, I wonder if has migrated to bone marrow. It's fine, whatever. I feel awful and have no strength for anything much. It was a triumph today that I managed to last until 9:45 then get to the toilet before anything untoward happened. My life has shrunk to such a level but haha.

05 October 2013


I've taken to listening to WGNS radio because it makes me laugh. It's like sinking into Mayberry. It's the ADVERTISEMENTS. Slick Pig Barbecue, Bell Furniture (with a handbell being rung in their ads*), community reminder about Blue Day for a high school sports team, the medical clinic Girls Night Out - all gems.

*Something something more cowbell



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