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31 March 2005

Project Entropia launches another money-making scheme:

Welcome to the EBN Newsletter for Project Entropia, coming with a special bulletin!


Eccentric Earth collector Amerank Wackt was found dead in the water outside Fort Ithaca. The party of seventeen people seems to have been ambushed and the DNA structure was corrupted by some alien means. Wackt, famed Earth philanthropist, was on a visit to the Colony to view 'its beautiful wildlife'.

Some sources claim that Wackt really was on the run, as he was in possession of stolen contraband, a special and one-of-a-kind item, designed by the legendary Roman Ram. The item is believed to be a unique weapon of sorts, with performance never before seen. The expected price tag on the item is beyond anything else on Calypso. This strengthens the theory of foul play, as Roman Ram is famed for his fierce temperament.

According to other sources EBN have spoken to, the Atrox population seems increased, almost like being on an amplified development pace. This is alarming if someone indeed has been altering the DNA of the native Calypso creatures.

29 March 2005

I talked with Richard on the phone, and he told me various things including that the funeral was on Tuesday, the burial on Wednesday. Although she had hidden her illness and had been a hospital administrator, apparently Ismay had not been conscious of how gravely ill she was. As I said to Richard, "Let's not go there." Richard said I could consider myself among the Chosen Few, since I had spoken with her in the hospital - he said she wouldn't speak to everyone.

As one might recall me writing a few weeks ago, the underside of my neighbor's dock was visible due to the low level of the lake. It began raining one day, though, and today the water was washing over that same dock. I'd asked Frank yesterday how behind we were in rainfall, and he repliied, "Seven inches. On Saturday it rained 2.5 inches." I take full responsibility for the lovely rain as I was listening to the car radio say how it'd need to rain from "now" until the end of June for our Pacific Northwest area to make up for the dry winter, and I said, "We can do it!" I'm fully into the rain and high wind now. High winds used to make me uneasy but now I like them.

27 March 2005

The new land has a lot of builds on it now, which is all well and good. I am happy I'm in a hilly region - most people seem to like flat land, however, and the new land is quite flat. I read in the forums about a a sim in the new land where people were objecting to builds, and thought I'd go and check it out. There's a large white building, carefully made, which was built near the shore, and which is large but didn't block anyone's view when it was built. On two sides of it, directly up to the propery lines, there are two black towers. On the mini-map it is all so close it looks like one enormous building. The black towers are so high one can't fly over them. I got on top of "2" and edited myself inside. It was a void inside - nothing. A black box with no windows, door, floors, or anything. I dropped the height of the building - a long way - and landed on the ground. The owner came along, and I wandered off after saying "hi." I went to the white building thinking it was empty, but the owner appeared. I began talking to him and the "2" owner came over. The "1" build is owned by a separate person. The white build owner took names off the ban list so they could meet and talk. Eventually lots and lots of people arrived and it became evident to me that there was no serious, good-hearted desire on the part of the "1" black building's owner to solve the dilemma. The "2" owner seemed all right but if so, why would he be involved in this? It seemed obvious that the reason the black builds were created was in order to extort money from the white building owner. I stayed until my SimCast meeting, then TPed home and copied my chat history into a text file. I was appalled at how horrid some of the people on the black buildings side were. I certainly wouldn't describe it all as mental illness, but there was a perverse and ugly way these people chose to conduct themselves that is not within the boundaries of normal, healthy mental processes. It makes me wonder if, speaking generally, there should be a clearinghouse of information or perhaps health-provider notification for people whose behaviour results in them being banned from online environments such as SL.

23 March 2005

Flying around in the new land

Accidentally clunked Rickard R. on the head when I was trying to take screenshots and fly at the same time.

Inside a shape someone made who has acquired a piece of the new continent as his first land.

Most people don't have steam-powered flying machines, I find. Wonder why not.

Yesterday the new continent mysteriously appeared in the north. Magellan Linden had set out with a party of adventurers in the "Malamute" - like the Beagle I presume - which crashed and stranded them on an unknown land formerly inhabited by moth-worshipping water-dwellers. There's a prim-drilling rig in the ocean which spews out prims from a noisy apparatus, and a leaky pipeline to the pristine shore.

Prim-Drilling Rig

Beautiful new land

Looking at the abandoned village from under the sea

Temple thing

22 March 2005

The rig is in ANWR. There is a stilt village and temple, a railroad and roads, and various other things. I was in a glum mood. I flew around in my ornithopter a bit until I lagged out. Poor Enj had to associate with glum me. After flying I kept lagging badly for some reason. I interpret the new land as a - in part - statement about the ANWR drilling horror (well, duh) and admire LL for that, however I was reminded of There and the excitement of residents discovering new company-made content. Stylistically different but company-made content all the same. And temples, stilt house, plane wrecks, which are the same. I love There and Second Life for different reasons, and I don't much like things to conflate. That said the new content is beautifully wrought and it certainly isn't the first time there's been company content in SL. I'm being curmudgeonly, perhaps.

Ooh. The Phyneas Jack Trust bought the land with the little spit that juts out into Bodega Bay. It had been a build that was beautiful but a horrid color (purple), then the owner removed the purple house, and it looked good. Now it's wild again. I IMed Champie, and he came over for a little chat. Now I have the Trust on one side and Art on the other. Both are fine neighbors.

I am A- bloodtype, and yesterday I was thinking about that and decided it must've, in the past, been rather helpful. When my mum was born she was blue, and her grandmother said, "This baby's dead!" She revived, though, and from that story I decided Mummy Barbara must've been Rh- too. I think in the past being able to avoid having one child after another, with all the attendant risks of childbed, would've led to a longer life. Generally the woman has one child (if her mate is Rh+) then her body is sensitised to the alien Rh factor and attacks subsequent fetuses. It seems to be similar to what they say about people heterozygous for the sickle cell anaemia alleles (if that's how one should phrase it) having a resistance to malaria.



I was caught in a miles-long line of cars at a complete standstill for half an hour on Route 8 due to a crashed semi, but somehow managed to make it to my jin shin appointment just 5 minutes late. Got foolish groceries. Got home, went to sleep (post-jin shin wipeout), woke up and went into Second Life to attend the Coda builders contest awards. I was 15 minutes late as I hadn't woken up earlier, however it didn't matter as I was there as Olmy was announcing the winners. Captnpower got third, the little house in the egg was second, and the Faberge egg that opened was first. I got a special award and Olmy gave me a Captain Nemo underwater cottage. I ran off home to play with it. Enj turned up and I suggested we become beatniks, so we dressed in black, got out the cigarette holders with the Balkan Sobranies I made for the platinum blonde, and I made a beret while Enj, in long black hair and pale skin, made up beat poetry. I sent a picture to Olmy and he came over wearing a diving suit. SSK came over too. I spent time looking for my twitchy tail, which is lost in my inventory somewhere. Then Enj and I went to Cafe Jack as I thought it would be good for beatnik poetry readings. We were thoroughly amused. We're both artists, both in our fifties. Second Life is an excellent place for artists to hang out.

Underwater in my Nemo cottage.

20 March 2005

Seemed to be no Dev Team meeting - at least, I was there and didn't see anyone else. Earlier the Coda build voting had gone awry, so it was extended to Monday evening. I wound up talking to Enj and Satu about Ismay. Enj lived in Brooklyn for two years, and Satu's father has what Steven has. It was interesting hearing what both of them had to say. Spent some time smiting monsters. Yesterday I'd taken Enj to Sim Combat, which I'd just given a bit of input to - not that I know anything but the creator, Doc, wanted dopey new user input I reckon. Anyway, Enjah killed me twice. We went to see the insects in Bragg, too, and wound up sneaking around someone's house - a fabulous build in an Uru style.

"Nyah Nyah" at Art's shark of peace and love (he claims) which circles ominously in Bodega Bay. I told him it ate his duck but he didn't believe me.

I also took Enj to Parrot Island where we roamed around and even jetskied. It's changed a lot since I was there last - gets more beautiful as they clarify their vision methinks.

Tonight I flew aimlessly around (been doing that for a couple of days). Found a place called Toreador Island which I thought might somehow be interesting as I made the suits of lights, etc., except it seemed to be a vampire wedding chapel. There are tons of vampires in SL. Enj actually moved once to get away from bothersome vampires next door to her. Now she has an inventive mad scientist guy with giant moving spiders, etc. next door, and that's very cool.

Who'd've thought weddings would be so huge in SL? I have never had any interest in weddings, ever. The other day Enj took me to a place where they make food - very good-looking. I exclaimed, "You must be in demand for weddings!" And they are - with giant custom scripted cakes and everything very well-modeled but for me - eh. I have no interest. I like giant scripted spiders. I thought it would be cool to attack the tiny army men swarm with giant spiders.

Flew around and to Ahern in my ornithopter, which I fly much better when I'm sad, apparently. Flew it home and landed on a tiny patch of flat ground next to the bay. Ahern welcome area has become even more complex, with additional pavilions. They bear signs: information, games. I think the telehub will be where the pushpin is, although people are already complaining about the rooves on the builds, just in case the pavilions house the telehub. We all hate rooves as we clunk our heads for no reason as we are trying to fly off.

19 March 2005

Ismay died last night :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

18 March 2005

Elizabeth sent me an email:


I was trying to think of a way to break it to Elizabeth gently, but she sent me the information as soon as she heard from Karen. Her email may be a bit hard to understand but the address and phone number are correct, and she knows only too well what cancer is. I talked to her on the phone tonight about it. She told me she'd cooked spaghetti for dinner, which is pretty good, since she had to cook the pasta and all that. She's an amazing Down's Syndrome woman. Sam went over and fixed her computer for her, which is great - she gets problems through fiddling around with the settings and things. I used to go and fix it for her but I just wasn't up to it this time. It breaks my heart that she tries not to bother me with any problems. She puts on a great show of bravado but it's hard for her not having me around. Apparently she wasn't able to get online for several weeks, and when she told me I suggested she ask Sam -- she hadn't thought of that. The Flemings have been very kind.

17 March 2005

Went to jin shin... feels like 800 hours ago... rained a bit today - yay! We had the driest winter on record, I think they said. Of course the record isn't very long. Came home and worked on the pow wow poster, the yearbook, and when I checked into Second Life a fellow I'd made a color-changed outfit for the other day asked me if I'd do the same thing in crimson this time. I went off to the Photoshop sim and made that and a green forest-y outfit for DarkLife. About time I made something new for them. Went to see the new (in progress) welcome area in Ahern at the end of the Dore-Luna trolley line. It's very well done - the colors are great.

The speculation is that it might be a player build as it's not a Linden who's doing it. Olmy sent me a St Patrick's Day hat that he said was just like the one on the Google splash screen. I said, "Ah, O'Google." This morning I ran into Candide who gave me shamrock wings he'd made. Can't remember what I was doing... oh, I think I went to see what things looked like from Fairchang Island since Montmartre has moved next to it (and sims have been moving about on the map like chessmen).

Waiting for the Fairchang Island cablecar

New things happening on Krittania

Usually planes are flying but this one was motionless (the contrail moved, however)

16 March 2005

Went to work feeling rather horrid. Raining! Yay! Started working on some poster changes that Skunkie had left next to my comp. It took for-friggin-ever to load the poster in Photoshop (I'd taken it to school on my jump drive). Gak I hate working on slow comps. School should take all their computers out and shoot them. My big one was pretty good when it was new - what - 4 years ago? More? The small one should be taken aboard an airplane and dropped on the head of someone no one likes. That way at least it will've been useful in this millenium.

Vincent came speeding in at 12:20 and I told him he could do what he liked until his class started at 12:40. He told me it was a half-day. I never know anything. He found a dairy cow picture for the virtual world dasiry farm (we need fecal coliform). Halisa came in all ruppled looking and said, "It's not fair - I don't get to have art!" I therefore felt my life to be worthwhile. She worked on her drawing until they had to go to the school bus.

Then Mothra and I worked on our virtual world stuff - excellent! We decided on a million things and filled in and mailed the 447 billionth form Cornell has told usd to fill out. We worked on despite the fact that the electricity went out. Someone hit a pole? It came on and we finished up our online stuff. Tiff came in and hugged me and ran out.

I did the Firefox-speeding-up things recommended by this fellow by way of Pirate's blog. It works. I'd been crazed over Firefox's hang-up on Blogger, and this helped, but I should still look in the knowledge base and email Firefox and Blogger if it isn't a known issue, I reckon.

Dix IMed me and said my Easter egg was good - which was kind of him, and very much appreciated by me. I have been steadily improving in my building skills from my noobian efforts in Burning Life. It's difficult for me to build as my right hand doesn't work much, but there's no point in doing anything but ignoring it as much as I can.

Here's a view from inside Captnpower's Easter egg - a sit-inside-and-cogitate kind of egg.

Not all Second Life builds are mansions. Perhaps real-life mansion dwellers want to build trailers

The Zoomquilt

15 March 2005

I have a horrid fear now that it's all going to start up again and there'll be another year during which time people will die every few months.

I can't do that again.

Ismay's in the hospital with terminal cancer. She'd hidden it for the past 2 or 3 years, then fell the other night. Aunt Fluffy had to battle with her to get her to go to hospital. I just heard, and rang up immediately and told her I love her. Ismay is my bro-in-law's mother, Aunt Fluffy's mother. My sister Deborah's mother-in-law. Nikki and Barry's grandmother. Her apartment is next to the Bronxx Museum and I've stayed with her a couple of times. I'd had a pang when E told me Ismay didn't eat on the last cruise. :(((((

Second Life
My mystery noob came and showed me something he's made last night. Very quick off the mark newbie. I like him a lot, actually - sent him to see Captnpower who I had spent time talking with at the Coda buildsite. Captn is a nice man. He showed me all the various scripted effects he has in his current outfit/weapon. I was wearing my monkey hat, and Captn was dressed to the nines in a superhero kind of way. I exclaimed at one point, "Did you always have that tail?" He said yes, that it was his usual look outside SimCast.

Enjah and I have been adding cards to the kiosk every day or two. I just added a snowball fight, Cubey's walkabouts, Heaven, an amended DarkLife, and Gravity. I'm into "gone but not forgotten" as well as "amazing feats."

Enjah sent me this link -- a beautiful site.

14 March 2005

hmmm... went to jin shin... got a free Stella Mars Barbie calendar in the Security Building break room (I was early for my appointment and went there to hang for 15 minutes)... did some stupid grocery shopping... weird sunny, warm day :(... boats out on the lake already. It's March and the heat's been off for weeks and the windows open for a week.

In Second Life I hung out with Enjah in a diner. IMed several times with my very nice newbie with the strange story. Ran into him in DarkLife, and gave him 2 swords. Told him I'd give him a battle axe if he got to the point where he needed it. In IM later gave him a pose stand, and recommended RR's pose stand that's better. Sent him a landmark. Was conversing in IM with Enj, just standing in my (glass) house, when I saw the tip of his toe outside my door. No one can figure out how to get in my house. I ignored as I was involved in something. Enj came over and we talked about dead people and wore our monkey hats from Thundercloud Partridge.

13 March 2005

Added a red ant to my easter egg Coda contest build. I couldn't link it for some reason. Come to think of it I should check that it's touching the ground - the ant might be floating.

I am the proud adopted mother (I guess) of a rather sophisticated noob who said he randomly googled and got my name as a referring SL resident. I actually like him. He has IMed me with a few little queries (asking if I knew anything about green fish, which I said sounded like the viral fish someone made to be annoying). I told him to try shooting it, then realised, with a pang, that I shouldn't've told him to shoot. It didn't do any good, he said, and someone had called a Linden. I went over to see if anything was happening - if I saw him being spoken to by a Linden I was going to fly over and say I'd told him to do it and it was my fault. But no worries - he was peacefully doing something to a sword so I just flew off.
Hung out with Enj who has made her alt into the Marx brothers for card-making purposes.
Had a super-short Dev Team meeting during which I was shocked to learn that Gurgon quit the team. I like him a lot, and his things are beautifully crafted. Beautifully.

12 March 2005

One of the first things I bought - perhaps the very first thing - was a scripted fish. It cost 50L and I remember buying it from an open-air market like Brown's market. I bought it, took it home, took it out of my inventory, and it zipped off, never to be seen again. I thought. Until yesterday. When it was returned to me. After 8 months. Now what do I do - take it out again?

I spent a few hours building for the Coda easter egg contest. I was dressed like Carmen Miranda, and I suddenly realised it was kind of funny.

Later went to see Olmy with Enjah - she claimed an egg and will build. The contest goes for a week. Olmy's got such attention to detail on everything surrounding these contests - it's impressive. The chairs are eggs in eggcups, etc.

Was talking to Pirate and sent him a picture of Carmen-and-egg which made him laugh.

I had taken Enjah to see Thundercloud's hats, and she wore a peacock hat and gave a fish hat to Olmy. I'd posted pix on SLUniverse's Snapzilla and got an IM from someone looking for the hats. Turns out it was for C.M.'s drag queen outfit. Ha!

Got a strange flag saying "Your friend X has logged on for the first time." I wondered who could've given my name as a reference. I got IMed and the person said he had randomly googled and got my name and used it. Is that possible? Anyway, he seemed nice and I answered a few questions and told him I'd be happy to give him info any time.

Got to tease PT mildly last night with my inside information. Maybe it's just me, but I actually feel a lightening of the atmosphere since MT and ST left.

Thundercloud Partridge's Hats!

I first encountered TC when I bought a pumpkin from him last October. He later had a Hallowe'en party at the Alue Cemetary that was fun. I just went to visit the cemetary but found a whole amusement park - and an alien brain in a jar and hats! I was buying hats when TC came up behind me and asked if I liked them. Yes! He gave me transfer perms on two so I could send them to Enjah and Alan, and he very generously gave me this Carmen Miranda hat! Ozymandias always wears a tricorne, and I have haunted Tweke Underhill's hat shop hoping for new styles that might be fun. Now I've found TC's hats and the variety is astonishing! He's a very nice man, and talented, too. Wonder what the brain will do once it's finished?

Fez fer the Monstrosos

11 March 2005

Now I have an embarrassment of scripty riches as Grim, out of the goodness of his heart, wrote another script for the card kiosks that allows one card per avatar until reset, and counts back from a preset number (starting at say, 200 cards). I hadn't even asked Jeff for all that since I was conscious of taking up his time, and honestly, I just never imagined all that. Enjah is busy making cards and has done the Curly, Larry, Moe, Jean Harlow, and Myrna Loy so far. I made a few for scripters (Mark, Jeff, Grim), great builds (by YadNi, ahkenatan, Pirate, Tedd T), gone-but-not-forgotten landmarks (Rivendell Project, Hell), and started a graveyards series with Tiger Crossing's misty graveyard. Next will be The graveyard at Navora and Thundercloud's graveyard, perhaps. There are lots of graveyards in SL - I've never found the first one I stumbled across, though. Maybe it's no longer inworld.

Pirate IMed me with the url for the photographs he took at the GDC -- like PL under a massage parlor sign and PT performing magic tricks. Really funny photographs. That was kind of him.

I'm working on the pow wow poster (when I beat myself over the head).


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The risk of catching an infectious illness on commercial aircraft may be reduced if the cabin air is refreshed more frequently, a new report suggests.

There is nothing more notable in Socrates than that he found time, when he was an old man, to learn music and dancing, and thought it time well spent.
--Michel de Montaigne

Why wasn't he dancing all along?

10 March 2005

Jeffry Gomez wrote a script so that the thing now gives one random card to each clicker. He's wonderful. I was surprised that he's a human now, and not blue. I had him on my list of blue people I think are supreme, but now he'll just have to have his own list.

I started a little prep work on the pow wow poster. Yesterday Skunkie came in and gave me most of the information, so now I need to beat myself repeatedly about the head so I stop with the card nonsense and commit real work.

Last year's poster - the one's from 2002 and 2003 were the best as I used children's artwork. Last year I was told not to.

I can see I did it when I was too far gone last night by my nice bizarre spelling.

Now I need to start a scripter series I reckon.

Yesterday I decided to make collector cards just for fun, because LLab has begun giving collectible Linden cards away in various locations. I made a silly Osprey card to look like the Linden cards and sent it to some people some of whom might not've thought I was certifiable. Enjah and I got together and we decided to meet today and each have about some cards made. I made 5 cards of great builds, and Enjah made 3 stooges (Moe Linden, et al). I made a kiosk and set it up at Luna, and we stowed the cards and laughed a lot. Some people made cards and I added them to the kiosk, which doesn't work very well as it gives you everything in a long stream. I need a script that will give out one random card to each clicker. Anyway. We did have fun so that's good.

Pirate IMed me from LL - telling me he'd seen something good that I'd done but he couldn't remember what as he'd been drunk at the time. I adore Pirate.

Today I had jin shin and did grocery shopping which was much needed. I met the kids inworld, and Vincent worked, Thomas quit (I thought he would), and J Man just zoomed around (as far as I know).

Official one on the left. Mine's the one with pie.

09 March 2005

I just returned from school, where I had reasonable time in class with Vince and THE GAME. THE GAME groused about things as usual but then knuckled down and did what I'd asked. I enjoyed watching him as he has become pretty damn adept at experimenting with the codes, etc.
I gave them an assignment for tomorrow: build a farm. Our Wa He Lut virtual world needs a dairy farm for fecal coliform. Yesterday I had downloaded the Activeworlds general world so I could visit the object yards. I wrote down the codes of things we might need. Leslie had told me that the object yards existed - I'm not sure we are supposed to be able to use some of these things. I was amused at how urban most things were, and that "nature" turned out to be tents, marshmallows on sticks, and sleeping bags. The "west" theme was old-fashioned wild west as in 1870 Tombstone. Let's see... some other themes were toons, Atlantic, sci-fi, Egypt, contemporary, business.

Yesterday I ran into Pirate in Navora, in Second Life. He lives in NZ but was in the states at the GDC in San Francisco. He told me he was - at that moment - at Linden Lab. w00t! I told him I was impressed... he said, "At what?" I said, "You!" Another instance of me making very little sense. Anyway, I was happy if he was happy.

This morning PT, who lives in Chi-town, IMed me - I was fiddling about ten minutes before leaving for work (bad me). PT said he was playing from the GDC and had had dinner with the Lindens the night before. wtg! I asked if they were as he'd expected and he replied that they were better. "Real people" I think was how he put it. I was thinking, "mmmm delicious with custard," but just said, "Yummy!" I'm not sure I've ever typed that word before. Anyway, he was thrilled. I was thrilled to know two men at the GDC - and better them than me - I'd hate to have to go. I don't want to meet anybody in real life - Lindens or anyone else. Im sure I'm not the only one in SL who feels that way but the vocal group are those who hold the opposite viewpoint.

Current Second Life webpage with PT wearing my chainmail.

07 March 2005

On Sunday I woke up extremely plague-ridden. It got worse and worse. I won't describe it. I started to get a bit better at midnight. Today I rang Frank to cry off my appointment and he told me he'd got sick on Saturday. Marilee didn't come yesterday as we talked on the phone and discovered we were both feeling terrible.

05 March 2005


I was in DarkLife smiting monsters with my rapier and clunky shield when I made the acquaintance of Aereck Neva who gave me these cool twin blades. One blade is a shield and one is a sword (for defense/attack stat purposes) and I don't have to have my clunky shield ever again. It was hard getting screenshots while avoiding getting killed. I started out trying to get a good shot of my breastplate, but once I got the blades I forgot about that.

I emailed back and forth today with SWMNBMIMB. I sent her a link to see me racing as a giant snail and she was mystified and amazed. She was going to come over tomorrow to work/socialize but now can't, but Marilee probably will.


I'm fiddling around with futuristic clothes. Someone asked me to make some. So far seems like it's fun (only made this shirt and gloves as yet).

Went to Little Saigon with E, who had invited Ann, Chris, Geraldine, Lucia, Dave, and Con. I had to overcome a general grumpiness as I'd wanted a low-key thing, but I clubbed myself over the head a few thousand times and tried to be less anti-social. Chris and Annie have a new dog - a beautiful mongrel that has border collie in her, and who goes by the name "Barbie." She's obviously a clever dog and is about four times the sdize of Bob (who's been dead for years now but lives on in our collective memories). I did a little linocut of Bob years ago. We were in A$'s house and Bob had a long, thin parsnip from somewhere.

I started doing linocuts when I was a child. I organised a linocut show at CE Gallery years ago that necessitated me forcing a lot of other artists to start making them, too. It worked out and some of the artists have kept doing it.

My mother had given me this passion vine and it lasted long enough for me to make this little print. Actually I think I had it for a few years. Interesting-looking plants.

03 March 2005

Karan posted her results on Flummel, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I hardly think "Anarchism" qualifies as a political party, though. It isn't a total surprise that they have me pegged that way as I always say I don't want to lead and I don't want to be led. I think "beliefs" is a big off, too. More like "rejection of other people's beliefs."

You scored as Anarchism.

















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
created with

02 March 2005

by V. Kendall

Today I went to school. It was fun. It was raining. I defragged the computers and THE GAME (Alan) gave me jalapeno potato chips so I told him he is my favorite. Vincent's shirt with his drawing of a car appeared as if by magic (Rosanne). I talked to Mothra about content for the World. Halisa worked on a drawing she'd scanned, and Michael worked on his abalone (to put into the eyes, etc. of a drawing). Tiff ran in, hugged me, and ran out. Hammer cruised in. Becky came in twice. I stopped on my way home and got gas and threw away garbage.

At home I called Elizabeth as today is her birthday.

I went into Second Life and was setting off fireworks in my house when Enjah IMed me. She came over then we went bicycling in the new sims. Enj was taken with one of R.Roentgen's vehicles that ran me down on the road. The vehicle is a superior one that is fun to watch. R.R. is a neighbor and has a secret bunker-like, security-up-the-kazoo, underwater-entry cavern-type-thing. We then got into her car and drove a bit, which is futile in Second Life. Then we stopped at an Owenimations and danced around.

Bunny sent me a picture he took when wearing my zoot suit.

And that's what I did today.

Riding around in the new sims

Bunny bought one of my zoot suits - I think that was the first thing I made.



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I want to ask for thoughts about improving the world -- what do people need? How can things be organised?