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31 July 2008

Patent Revitalisation Tonic for the traveling medicine show on the airship theatre.

30 July 2008

Inevitably, I suppose, yootoob is full of videos showing creatures made with the Spore creature creator. Some are interesting, some are not very interesting, and some are creature representations of the things we see often on the internet and are A) bored by, and B) not shocked by since this is the 8479879858798798757768th rendition (the titles are all one needs to see to avoid them).

Monty Python Fans at Twinity
I bought some parrots, for whom the default animation is definitely ex-parrot. Turn that off and they pop back onto the stand like a taxidermist's dream of a perfectly posed parrot. I only buy animated objects. The next item in the shop is a fish called Wanda, so I know this must be by design.

It's dark in Twinity at the dark time for whatever location you are in, and aside from flying my apartment around the globe to catch rays I don't know what to do. /me sets fire to the parrots.

I altered the pictures and made them look like faux thrift shop paintings :-D I spend ages trying to get me to look all right but invariably long after I close the appearance editor I hit something that resets it. :-[

Escape from PEUGEOT
Going over the railing on purpose out of boredom.
I bought a bicycle thinking it would be a super duper bike, but it was the same as the 800 bazillion I have already. And too big for me by far. And the teleport didn't work.

I went there as I saw it on Tina's blog :-D

Anchor, who is usually whatever form I need at the moment for Combat cards (i.e. zombies and an evil bat-winged baby) is currently a teeny-weeny pixie boy for no reason at all. He was almost eaten by an owl this evening.

29 July 2008

parcel map


28 July 2008

Blast From the Past (well, not really)

I stumbled across THIS old (2006) page that refers to another page - an ESC review of our play From the Shadows, and was amused to see that after about a foot and a half of tediousness I pipe up "for god’s sake - LET’S HAVE FUN" at the bottom, talking about a music hall/vaudeville.

I've been having fun all this time - I'm sure the others have been doing whatever it is that they like to do.

27 July 2008


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"pulse is a live visualisation of the recent emotional expressions written on the private weblogs of these emotional expressions are parsed according to a list of synonyms and transform a physical shapeshifting object, which was created analogous to robert plutchik's psychoevolutionary theory of emotion."

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Crayon Physics, by way of Little House.

Most electrical appliances now are far from energy efficient which is obvious if you compare them to the human brain, with its approximate power consumption of just 20-40 watts. What a great deal we can get out of those few watts!


Oly Friends of Herons
Looper* is attempting to save the blue heron nesting trees not far from her house, and for that purpose we made a website the other day. She's adding content and exhorting her neighbor (who has been shooting video and stills)** of the herons to add his content, too.

She talked to Olympia and it turned out they were not aware of the heron nests in the trees facing the axe. The ground is owned by two separate people, which makes this a more complex endeavor.

*who is a naturalist and a poet
** and who shot the header image

Molly sent me a link for this short:


Persephone : I keep TELLING people in RL what we are doing
You: lol
Persephone : People who are big deals in RL theatre
Persephone : They are not ready
You: I bet
Persephone : But they're INTERESTED
Persephone : It's just a matter of time -- and the tech will catch up
You: well we have balls heh to even try this

26 July 2008

"Caro Diario" is good.


25 July 2008


Official Opening (apparently not)
RR: hi Osprey
RR: nice to see you here
You: Hello RR
You: ty
RR: crowd has thinned out :)
You: Can we get out?
RR: no, it's prohibited for now
You: Or are we to stay in here - oh all right.
You: WHY?
RR: the purpose of the center is just to see the "preview" of the city
You: oops sorry
You: capslock
RR: from a distance
RR: out of the big window
You: makes it basically 2d on my screen then
RR: yes, but the target/intended audience are the investors :)
You: oh
You: ok
RR: so they know that the construction has begun
You: thank you for taking the time to explain :D
RR: :)
You: I'll be off - bye bye!
RR: ok :)

Io, from a collection of photographs of Jupiter
on The Big Picture.

Last night was the real life machinima screening in Reggensburg, Germany, that included three of my films (including TSMGO! 2007). Sounds like it went very well!

24 July 2008


Winsor McCay


Japanese sim with a giant pachinko game.
Japanese machinima island western backlot and space set.

23 July 2008

Sweet little church at the comically-named Vamporium sim.

Gaia read my cards today. I very often get Death (change) but this combination reversed seems a bit rough. This is from behind, so Justice is the first card.

22 July 2008

Legenda Ovest

21 July 2008

I, the Worst of All
"The life of brilliant and beautiful 17th-century Mexican poet Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz..."

It's worth watching. I was brought up short when she said, "Able was I ere I saw Elba," however.


Awards Ceremony for the Food Photography Show.

Goodbye, Teri

I just noticed that I last reset the visitor listmaker in the Photography Studio 26 March 2006.


Adventures in Open Chat

I set up the Food exhibit yesterday, including a robot waitress from my ice cream stand who speaks when one touches her. I was on the roof and heard this:

[12:45] Robot Waitress986784568: Please save me - I am being held hostage by Dr. Brainfreez. He is evil.dt68%&*...0. eSf how m How may I serve you?
[12:45] Robot Waitress986784568: Please save me - I am being held hostage by Dr. Brainfreez. He is evil.dt68%&*...0. eSf how m How may I serve you?
[12:45] b: how much is the icecream?
[12:47] Robot Waitress986784568: Please save me - I am being held hostage by Dr. Brainfreez. He is evil.dt68%&*...0. eSf how m How may I serve you?
[12:48] b: how can i save you?

20 July 2008

I'm on the left.
Eggy showed me his new Loco Pocos av the other day - I'd actually forgotten Damien and Washu were doing that project. Anyway I went this evening and ran around, then Armath came and I dragged him over to Higashiosaka.I told him where Heaven is then left and need to go to bed now.

Go! NOW!

19 July 2008



18 July 2008


Wow, Zero Point was accidentally razed.




Looking Glass

I was speaking with someone this morning who does what I do - how infuriating! That is, when I said X he processed the question and responded to it plus all the things he knew and attached to it. I know I do this - that's why I frequently don't give answers that make sense. It's like I am answering one question further along or just making a follow-up remark to my answer that I never made.

Once an ultra-annoying* physicist showed me a flag and said, "What flag is this?"
It was an Australian flag, which fact seemed so rudimentary to me I launched into an anecdote about the Southern Cross pointer star and how a Kiwi beauty pageant winner accidentally picked the wrong flag as the two are the same except for the pointer star.
Meanwhile he snickered because obviously I had no clue, he thought.

I think I have the ASKING part down. I just don't think I ANSWER. It's like this:
X: Where are you?
Y: You need me?
X: I just need to know where you are. Are you at home?
Y: (goes home) I am now.
X: But when I asked, were you then?
Y: Should I go back?
X: Back WHERE?


X: Is that something you made?
Y: It isn't what I was telling you about last week.
X: What did you tell me about last week?
Y: You wanted something to go from Point A to Point B.
X: Oh, so you didn't make it?
Y: I SHOWED it to you - yes, I made it.
X: No, I mean this thing.
Y: This is something different.
X: Uh. You didn't make it?
Y: YES, of course I did.
*X collapses from exhaustion.*

* ultra, ultra, ultra

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17 July 2008

This Stephen Soderbergh film from 2006 is a good character study. It's a small, low-budget film shot digitally using available light.

""Bubble'' proves that in the hands of a director with an artist's eye for telling details, a wholly original story revealing the complexity and, yes, bizarreness of human nature trumps star power every time. Even more intriguing, the film suggests that acting experience may not be absolutely necessary to command the big screen."
Ruthe Stein, SF Chronicle


16 July 2008


The Big Picture has photos of recent volcanic activity today.

15 July 2008


Sweden in both SL and RL supports gender rights and Pride Week, so Tina decorated the Swedish embassy with a Pride flag for SL Pride Week. Tina is always up to something!

14 July 2008

If you are familiar with design at all you probably know Sagmeister. His website has some wonderful (mostly familiar) design solutions that were in many cases simple, cheap, and brilliant.


13 July 2008


12 July 2008


We had our Gaiety Theatre show today - and we managed to do the show against all odds as the lag was through the roof. With just 40-odd people in the sim it seemed worse than a class 5 sim has a right to be. It busticated my curtain, so thank G'al we were able to fall back on Persephone's "Please Remove Your Hats" safety curtain. I'll make an emergency curtain prim for next time.

Candide told me the sim lag spikes - TD .o1 and sim fps 0 at one point - had a lot to do with the texture-after-tp bug. I think if we try to do a few things to help in small ways we can get it to be functional, although things like that are beyond our control. Yes, these are very obvious, basic things.
1. Request a sim restart before the show
2. Audience education (I'd've thunk people would know by now, but oh, well).
3. Candide recommended using a land group set to "no outside scripts."
4. More sacrifices at mount G'al (hope it gets fixed soon).

For anyone watching - these performers are truly brave and just went out there, did their acts, and, when necessary, improvised. We pleased the crowd (although we'd've been much better sans lag), which was our goal. Thank you, performers.

11 July 2008

Eshi's impromptu installation on Desperado.

10 July 2008

Andy Warhol paid me a visit backstage at the Gaiety. I think the real Andy would've been amused. As I recall Ultra Violet said Andy's toupee snapped onto his head with a big metal attachment, although she might not be an entirely reliable witness. My first thought was that he could build the Factory and shoot a lot of boring and/or pornographic b&w machinima versions of Andy's films, except WHY?

Famous people I have seen impersonated in SL: Elvis, the Marx brothers (Enjah), Carmen Miranda (me), the Three Stooges (Enj). I bet there are lots, however I haven't seen them. Harpo was always my fave. I was arrested at a Marx Bros film festival in Bryn Mawr, once.

09 July 2008

Only in Frank's World

Me: I'm a bit of a geek.
Frank (loudly): You're not a bit of a geek YOU'RE A TOTAL GEEK. Own it.
Me: Ha! (thinks: Not in the circles I move in, Frank.)

related to:

Me: I'm a perfectionist in some ways
Frank (flabbergasted spontaneous outburst): YOU'RE A TOTAL PERFECTIONIST, not "in some ways."
Me: Ha, ha, Frank! I usually just do things once and don't change a thing - some things bring out that perfectionism, though.
Frank: (probably rolled his eyes)

Olympia, in its wisdom, decided to, in these times of depressed economy, and under the constant outsider impression that there is never anywhere to park downtown, rip out almost all the parking in Frank's block. They spent months ripping everything up, then left, in front of Frank's building, in place of the parking spot, a faux parking spot 6 inches too short to be legal. Therefore it looks exactly like a parking spot, but if one parks there the result is a 125 dollar ticket. Across the street, where one finds a restaurant, and a microbrewery with an attached swillery, all the parking is gone and the sidewalk extended out (the restaurant is happy as it wants to put tables outside on the 5 nice days).

I would guess it was a rehabilitation-of-the-culverted-salmon-streams including expansion of the (the old ones are lamentably small diameter) run-off pipes, but I'm not basing that idea on anything. I do know the city engineer of years past used pipes of too small a gauge, and I know there are salmon under Olympia, in part because of Lucia's poem (called, I think, The Salmon Under the City).

What happened, anyway, to the deculvertisation of streams that was to address an evil that human beings have perpetrated upon the earth? Nothing? Ugh, culvertisation, ugh, ugh.


I B done now. That was a long 4.3456 seconds.
I'm sure I would've liked it when I was seven.*

*In the latter part of the 18th century.

08 July 2008

More training Wheels for SL
Google's Lively looks like a mixture of IMVU and There, but I don't feel like downloading and trying it out to see for sure. I suspect I'm not in their target audience; young teens may enjoy it unless they are creative types.

YouTube comments about a video showing Fur Elise in Beethoven's own writing:

dang that is bad hand writing

its not horrible hand writing .. its just as another language .. or an dialect in a language

they don't mean the words. they mean the notation....which the same in every language =] douche-bag =]


07 July 2008

The big announcement: the Linden Prize.
Mitch Kapor seems like a decent man, despite his close relationship to that most dreaded of all human inventions, the spreadsheet. In a firm but gentle manner he told us the Age of Immersion is over, the Age of Pragmatism begun. He indicated that the step from one to the other is not a choice but is the way technology applications develop.

I suppose it goes along with the SL5B being a trade show and how it feels like so much is done for the aggrandisement of those doing it. Truthfully I've never seen such egos* as are grown in SL. On another note, after having spent yesterday at a talk and just now watched the announcement video, the unnecessary and annoying remarks made by the audience makes me very tired indeed. It occurred to me, unkindly, that the speakers are disrupting things just to get their names out there, but perhaps I am wrong and they are merely obnoxious idiots.

The crazy-making particle behavior when the UI is suppressed is (unavoidably) visible in Torley's machinima, and I hope the pressure is being applied to get it straightened out as it's THAT AWFUL. It's bad enough with two hands but much worse with one, and although I used to have a mousebutton programmed to toggle the UI, I don't anymore (for a reason).

In the Bwahaha Department of Bad Debbil Osness, I accidentally bought the presentation laptop the other day when I was flying past the stage area. I'd just bought an SL5B bracelet and I had thought (well, truth is I didn't think at all) it was just a freebie. After a bit I got an IM asking if I'd bought it - to which I replied, "Yes, and I don't know why I did." I sent it back without looking at it (or I suppose I could've Known the Announcement Ahead of Time). The owner was Everett. I have never met him, but he has received blame from many residents for the controversy-and-backpedaling leading up to the celebration when he announced that the theme would be community but this-this-and-this community could not participate. As I said on some other blog, it isn't easy living in The Handmaid's Tale (the USA), which explains but doesn't excuse what happened.

*I can be annoying, too, I would reckon.

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Cinemassively is showing TSMGO machinima
with a wee review HERE.


I'm standing on my pavilion admiring Salazar's airship.
Please may I have a ride?
A further exploration to search for Magellan must be in the works.

06 July 2008

See anything familiar?

This is a teaser from the Italian museum show that is showing one or two of my machinimas.



Rez DayJJ Ventrella and Philippe Bossut giving talks on projects that affect avatar movement. The projects are separate but show signs of melding at the edges.
Monty TPed me to the ballet where I first sat on a Tiny - IM: "You are sitting in my seat" - not just in her seat but on top of her ==:O - then spent the rest of the time speaking with a stranger in IM. He said he had bought one of my outfits when he first came in SL, and still wears it.
Also - Combat Cards, a poster for the 19th, setting a stage on the Eleanor roof so people can adjust their sets for the 19th, and a billion other things.

Candide: yoohoo
Three hours later: Osprey Therian: boo
Candide : hey good reaction time
Osprey Therian: Hey - same day service


05 July 2008

Trust me to find the only platypus at SL5B - that might ruin my platypus-free certification for a day or two.

I've avoided the SL5B for the most part, since it's just a trade show, now. Case in point - all those sculpty animals above are for sale and are advertising for the person who made them. It's not necessarily an AWFUL thing - just not something I am interested in.I wanted to put something in the time capsule, so went to that area - where I saw one of my topiary things from 2005 that had been time-encapsulated. I had a topiary SL hand and some hippos - made for the 2005 call-for-hippos-at-the-infohubs, that used Altruima Linden's hippos as the jumping off point.
Alas the time capsule was offline for back-upperisationing, so my plans were thwarted.


This is Part 1 of 4 parts. Watch it in high quality on yootoob.

Miki Gymnast
Lucania LabPoid Mahovlich

04 July 2008

Believe Me, It’s Torture
Christopher Hitchens writes in a Vanity Fair article
about his waterboarding experience.

I finished the last segment of the TSMGO! 2007 machinima, and now I'm trying to knit the bits together in two ways: YouTube sections (up to ten minutes), and the entire thing for that machinima thingummy.

This is the part I don't like - I'd rather just shoot and edit.



Unlike most people in SL I don't go to many weddings. I have been to two, now, since the one I went to the other day. And guess who was high priestess - Tina! I think I made it to that one because Jesper sent so many reminders. Because I was sitting there for a while I made a short video, and sent them the url for the zip file (dunno if they got it, though).

03 July 2008

Power went out twice - once when I was making someone's business card and once when I was editing video. WTH? Crumbling infrastructure, anyone?


Can't reach my blog...

02 July 2008

I was a relief printer from the age of... well I can't remember NOT being able to do it. I ran across these prints, and seeing the special magic of block prints made me swoon, as it always does.


01 July 2008

Sassy Romano on the forums relates a bit of mischief she got up to:


So I was hanging out in one of the very busy adult rooms minding my own buiness a couple of days ago when as regularly happens up comes naked newbie with a stiffy. The dialog went something like this:-

Him: Hi
Me: Hi, newbie with a stiffy
Him: want sex, basically?
Me: but your appendage is the wrong colour, blend some gray to match your tone but don't change the texture
(he tries but goes way over the top)
Me: Now it's too speckled...
(he then applies a texture of a snapshot giving his part a totally unique look)
Me: You know the bit where I said, don't change the texture, try this one...
(I hand him a new texture to use which he promply applies. There was a moment of silence as he thought hard about what to do next)
Him: My d*ck has vanished!!
Me: Well yeah, what did you think a texture called "totally transparent" would do?!

Now, the real question here, because this is resident answers is...

What colour hair should I wear today??

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ZOMG I ran into this site just now -

One may purchase 250 floppy disks for $59.99 - for WHAT? o.O I haven't used a floppy disk in a million years. Why would anyone want one? Uh... I suppose someone unloading... er... selling them and someone buying them are two different thing.

Also available A USB FLOPPY DRIVE =======:O That's perverted!


Uru Online refuses to die :-D

Love conquers all, it seems - Uru is well-loved.

This is, I'm sure, something probably only .0000000000000001% of SL users care about (and isn't news to anyone but me, probably).
I was startled when Character Rendering turned off made Dynafleur disappear.I asked around - Candide said CR affects sculpties, but when I rezzed a sculpty waterlily it was unaffected. The lilypad, however, with the floopy stem, disappeared. As did the curtain.
Thank you, Candide. Avatars and floopies must have much in common.


TSMGO! Titanic show benefit for RFL - 19 July @ 2 pm
Ruddigore at the Gaiety? No, just me blasting Lucy with some rotten tomatoes. She was zooming around lobbing things at Enj and me.



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