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30 March 2008


I love how they euphemistically refer to "defense." I'm sure the Ministry of Peace would approve.



The Tongue-in-Cheek (I think) World
of YouTube Comments

Comments on a video featuring a stop-motion animated orange singing an aria from Carmen:

It was so sad, but so sweet that that flower gave its life away to make the orange pretty.

references to jesus?

It's OK. Someone shortened it's life already by cutting it and sticking it in water. At least it served a purpose!

tragic but lovely


Yesterday saw a thank-you party for Higbee at the Cowell Amphitheatre.

29 March 2008

Società e cultura nei nuovi mondi virtuali
mostra interattiva

Un'occasione per provare un'avventura
in terza persona tramite la creazione del proprio avatar
e per confrontarsi con e sui mondi virtuali.

Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali – Trento

10 ottobre 2008 – 11 gennaio 2009

The SynaesthAsia machinima I made is in this show.



Get a Voki now!

To make SuezanneB happy* I made this thing.

*Not that she actually asked people to do it, but I'm just feeling crappy and fragmented so it's about all I can do.

Get a Voki now!


*Bows deeply*
Thank you, Havok team.

Projected rollout, 31 March- 1 April.

I've been thinking about my shrine, build 3 years ago. Film it? Change it to a Speed Tree shrine? Leave it?


As seen on Drawn!

28 March 2008

I was so glad when JJ Ventrella washed up on Linden shores. He developed the awesome fluid motion of There's avatars and dogs, and I looked forward to seeing what he'd be up to in Second Life. Not too long after he came floppy prims exploded onto the scene, and they had JJ Ventrella's imprint all over them. We've all been waiting for expressive avatar puppeteering, which would give avatars more fluid movement, rag doll capabilities, and give new tools to the creators and anyone behind a monitor.

Since JJ Ventrella left in November of 2007 it remains to be seen if the puppeteering project is finished and will be incorporated, or if it will never be part of the client. I hope the former. I'm the one who suffered the scorn of my peers by insisting Havok2+ would come eventually, so I'm not lacking in optimism.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev'rywhere you go;
Take a look in the five and ten glistening once again
With candy canes and silver lanes aglow.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Toys in ev'ry store
But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be
On your own front door.

A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Barney and Ben;
Dolls that will talk and will go for a walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen;
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev'rywhere you go;
There's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well,
The sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas;
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart.


27 March 2008


Things are not always what they seem at first glance.

(Taken last night in my kitchen.)

26 March 2008


It has nearly stopped snowing and the world is transformed.

It's a white-out, at the moment.

Tomorrow the electricity utility, in its wisdom, has decided to replace the poles on Summit Lake Shore Road, which they estimate will mean no electricity from 8:30 am to 2 pm. That means no heat, no water, no lights, no computer, etc. I am to be in Olympia for a 7:30 am appointment, so the entire day seems to be weirded up if it's cold and icy getting there, with no incentive to return.


Funny seeing the little snowfall icons on the weather calendar all this week. The snow on the hills is pretty and there's none down here where I am, which is good.


25 March 2008


I am making an animated map with little planes and ships zooming about. It was translucent but that made too many problems so it's now opaque.

24 March 2008

I was surprised this morning that the roads from here to Route 8 were completely white with hoar frost, and 8 itself was frosty in areas. It was mid twenties - seems a bit low for March. I've swapped over to summer jin shin hours, which is great from the standpoint of parking, but rotten from the standpoint of staying up until 4 a.m. editing video.

Hate getting up at 6 am :(

23 March 2008


Salazar's impressive spread for the closing ceremony of the Nova Albion Anniversary. We gave recollections which were then placed in the time capsule. I had to leave after half an hour as I had my Sunday event at Europa, and was sorry to miss most of it.

I ran all day, with the Second Front video editing, travel build for Motorability, the ceremony, Combat Cards, back to taking a few extra shots of Fau for a half-length SF video, missing an event Kosumo wanted me to video as I sent him an IM at 6:58 to which I got no reply (he had crashed). My "is the gig still on?" turned into "I guess not" as the event was supposed to be at 7 - I didn't see it on his Events calendar and had not heard anything for a week or two.

22 March 2008


Nova Albion's 4th Anniversary Parade
Orchestrated by Salazar Jack (thank you!)

Lined up for a second go-round.

Chugging along.

From a helicopter.

ZOMG hit by the tram AGAIN ;D



It's Nova Albion's 4th Anniversary - pick up yer free pennant, join or watch the parades (9am, 3pm, 9pm) and generally get happy and celebrate the wonderfulness of Second Life!
I'll be at the 3pm parade - float builders muster at 2pm at the arch in Grignano.


Another possible Combat Card. Not to my taste, truthfully, but variety is the spice of (my) life.


21 March 2008



20 March 2008

New Year's Eve 2006, which I remember well as Luc played the bagpipes for me, I was hit by a griefer. I met him again today - which was nice. He seemed a bit uneasy but sweet. I was animating a map and so was zoomed way in, concentrating - didn't notice him until he said something (I don't think it took me too long to notice, but I could be wrong).

Earlier I was at the streaming of the panel discussion about the formation of a world justice body, which is/was a prelude to the MacArthur Award being given to Kofi Annan in half an hour. As someone said, we think of sovereign nations as being responsible for the interests of citizens, but in cases where the citizen's rights are taken away by their own nation, who, then, can they turn to? The most basic of functions are hard to establish, such as intervening in a case of genocide; at the moment the people attempting this are far from being able, or needing, to think in terms of nuances or choosing the place their interest should stop. I was glad to listen to these brainy and altuistic people address things like torture, genocide, landmines, global warming.

Further evidence* for Enjah:

sebby (20-03-2008 18:15:05)
Left hand male, wants a girl to share rep points, share life etc. if you are from romania, you have priority. other countries are welcome as well. i'll keep you happy. promise :)

*I claim almost everyone is from Romania on Human Age.


Possible future Combat Card

19 March 2008

Ambat, My Ambat

I LOVE Ambat - always have. When Tor gave me a choice of places to build an Infohub I was overjoyed to get Ambat. Today someone IMed me needing help to get their info in the Advertiser, and when I popped in they had managed to do it, so I wasn't needed. I stood atop the red tent, eyes wide at seeing this new person:

Could it be Alonso has turned into a real boy?

Then a sweet person IMed me this:
Krystal: Wow....I just wanted to say hello...I love Ambat and know you are the person behind it!
Osprey Therian: Thank you so much!
Osprey Therian: I just popped in as someone was having trouble with the Advertiser.
Krystal: ah
Krystal: friends and I come here a good bit
Osprey Therian: I need to do a little clean-up here, I think - some of the pose balls and things wandered off.
Krystal: oh
Osprey Therian: I'm glad you like it - you have made my day!
Krystal: hehe
Krystal: have a good day...and again...nice to meet you
Krystal: :)

Today is just full of cheery, happy things - going to jin shin I noticed people were even driving happily.


18 March 2008

Need Musician

Molly sent me sheet music for The Air Ship (not to be confused with Come Take a Trip in My Air Ship) and it's HERE in .pdf format. Any brave souls care to play it, record it, and send it to me or have it available on a server somewhere?

She also sent me The Wreck of the Shenandoah, but since I am currently frothing at the mouth about the farce The Air Ship I'll leave that to another day.


17 March 2008


Washing my clothes.

I thought this was a nice, thoughtful notice for visitors to these sims.

I think I need to think in terms of silver spacesuits and flying cars* rather than NOT having silver spacesuits and flying cars - i.e. think in terms of having peace, humans having evolved beyond brutality, careful stewardship of the Earth, and other things that I can't understand us not having. It was writing about Television that did it. I'm sure if we can all think that way it will help.

I started this blog because I was thinking about how we could make a better world. Since I am the centre of the universe it follows that I should be able to shift things by shifting my own thoughts. Yes, of course you are all the centre of the universe, too. One, two, three. *grunts* I don't think we all started at the same time. I will need to find out when one of those big thought-a-thons is taking place and be sure to focus at that time. Anyone know?

*Reference: I rang my brother in Australia one New Year's Eve when I was in the 20th century and he was in the 21st - I asked him how he liked the silver spacesuits and flying cars.


16 March 2008

I missed this when it was new a week ago.

ONE year after the birth of Windows Vista, why do so many Windows XP users still decline to “upgrade”?

Microsoft says high prices have been the deterrent. Last month, the company trimmed prices on retail packages of Vista, trying to entice consumers to overcome their reluctance. In the United States, an XP user can now buy Vista Home Premium for $129.95, instead of $159.95.

An alternative theory, however, is that Vista’s reputation precedes it. XP users have heard too many chilling stories from relatives and friends about Vista upgrades that have gone badly. The graphics chip that couldn’t handle Vista’s whizzy special effects. The long delays as it loaded. The applications that ran at slower speeds. The printers, scanners and other hardware peripherals, which work dandily with XP, that lacked the necessary software, the drivers, to work well with Vista. ---New York Times

Drunken IM?
It was probably not even 24 hours ago that we met. At the moment of the IM I was tracking down something, so it took me a minute to recall. She had been wearing a gruesomely stitched-up skin and was headed for a Horror Series Combat Card...

[22:39] Osprey Therian: No.
[22:39] KT: ME NIETHER......
[22:39] Osprey Therian: haha!
[22:40] Osprey Therian: oh yesterday
[22:40] Osprey Therian: Carnival of Doom
[22:40] Osprey Therian: now I remember
[22:41] Osprey Therian: I am always on the lookout for card models.


Match Races Are Teh Debbil

The Saturday before last a lovely new couple showed their developing male-female rivalry act, and it was mentioned that "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" would be the logical music choice. It's a nice enough song, and from a decent musical, and I suppose it's time to wipe out old references in my head that strike when that song is mentioned.

I said nothing at rehearsal, then spent the next hour or so watching Ruffian videos (but not the last race) as that was the song the television* network played for the match race between Foolish Pleasure and Ruffian. Yes, I know all about Reviewer and Shenanigans and the harsh but necessary way weakness is culled in racing, yet it was a dreadful thing to watch at the time.

I'm not time-based, so things that happened long ago have more or less the same emotional weight forever.

* "Television" was both the boxlike receiver of images beamed through the aether and, too, the pulpy content intended to fasten people in place so advertising could be injected into their minds. Anyone my age would be familiar with the term although I don't expect younger people to understand (go ahead and feel lucky if you don't).

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15 March 2008


14 March 2008


/me has an intense fear of spreadsheet mentality.


The fear that has swooped in on leathery wings this morning is that Second Life, which is a place, a vision, a new paradigm, will sag into that most undesirable (to me) entity: an ordinary business. In a comment on Reuters someone said, "A more business minded CEO can only increase the monetary value of second life. In the past I feel sometimes the company was run by its heart not its head.”

Oh, right. I'm sure all the business-minded residents out there will be happy, but what they want, to me, has a million downsides and just one possible upside - if Linden Lab feels that their survival depends upon strengthening their business element. Of course, I can't know if that's what they need to do to survive, any more than I can say what will happen when the shoe drops and the new CEO marches in - nothing? making vast changes to put his stamp on things? - but certainly Philip has been a wonderful leader and it's natural that his movement unbalances things at least for a time.

Commerce, business, consuming, making money are mere aspects of what goes on inworld and those who are concentrated in those directions do not seem to understand or wish to allow room for aspects not wholly concerned with money.* Vision is unusual in the world, and those who value "head" over "heart" have 99% of the choice in places to go. I hope a nozzle isn't inserted into Second Life that silently sucks out all the uniqueness and vision, leaving a jaunty and economically sound but meaningless program.

* To clarify: stability, predictability, perpetuation of the status quo are what is desired by the people seeking a platform upon which to build a business (i.e. boring sameness the demand for which one may read in highpitched screeches in the Linden Lab blog comments going back a long way). Unpredictability, surprises, irregularities, experimentation, backtracking, bushwhacking, brainstorming, trial-and-error, blazing new trails - all desirable to me - are regarded as poisons by that faction.

/me waits for the other shoe to drop.

Oh, no. jF.

I just saw this.


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One thing I did whilst without my computer was fire up my Sony digital camcorder that I haven't even turned on in years and look for a couple of raw videos I made at the time (about ten years ago) I had a video camera glued to my eye perpetually (after I stopped being able to paint more or less and was shifting around to the next thing I could use.

One of the videos is a reception at Dale Chilhuly's boathouse with the hotshop running full force. It was fun, and watching the men work with the glass was rather magical. Raw = about 25 minutes, could be maybe 20 edited down.

Another was a trip to the Takach Press Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After Wa He Lut was destroyed by flood the rebuilding became a BIA pilot program and the architects asked us all what we wanted. I specified everything I wanted for an artroom including an etching press. I asked for one from Takach, then when visiting my friend Judy called them up and visited. One of the brothers gave a completely spontaneous tour that was fascinating to me. What appeared to be rusty old well casing was machined into lovely parts for handmade presses. A highlight was the ball-graining machine - a rare bird. This contraption makes ball grain plates for lithography (which I've used although I hate lithography - especially lithography not on a stone). Basically a wooden rectangle filled with ball bearings, blank plates are placed on the floor of the rectangle. The whole contraption jiggles noisily as the beelion ball bearings uniformly grain the plates in a process that takes an unremembered (by me) although significant amount of time.
I didn't watch it, but estimate it to be an hour (may be too long to be bothered with).

Somewhere I have a video of a table shuffleboard tournament my pals the Monsters lured me to. I'd never seen that sort of thing before but it was funnish in a way.

I also - and it was about the day after I got my first video camera - documented the removal by forklift of the big coffee roaster from Batdorf and Bronson's erstwhile roastery on Columbia. It was driven a short distance north to their new building near the farmers' market, in the rain (nice for cameras), on a Sunday, earlyish I reckon. I haven't watched that, either, but I probably don't want to.

Oh, lots of other things, too. As well as tons of kiddie animation as I taught various children to do that (my contention was that grown-ups kept video cameras sitting in cupboards and wouldn't let children use them - so the cameras did nothing but age. Children, in point of fact - as far as my experience with loads of them has led me to believe- aren't hazardous to video cameras, and indeed can make some very nice little animations with minimal instruction). Anyway who the hell cares - it's ridiculous to think something too valuable to use. I used to loan my video cameras to children on weekends and when they were doing something interesting, and they never broke them. That reminds me of the brothers for whom I bought a digital video camera as they were just too cool in their movie-making. They moved away but a few years later it was the elder brother who said: "I'm taking a 3d class" Me: Bryce? Gerald: "I think his name is Mr. Wilson.

13 March 2008

Candide: that was a mistake due to having the wav and the mp3 named the same and putting the wrong one in the zipfile.

I'm back.*

Everything feels odd. It would've been faster had my computer men not become unwell. Also I made them suck a fat filefolder off my old one onto my new one JUST IN CASE, as I had suddenly remembered that month after the original 8800 exploded during which I was tossed back onto my old computer.

Earlier today:
Me, having waited in my car then finally gone inside the building: YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO COME RUNNING OUT WHEN I DRIVE UP. Service has GONE TO HELL around here. (They weren't bothered by me saying that, fortunately.)
Me, 5 minutes later, after they put the computers in my car: Have you tried the 9-what-have-you card?
Craig: No.
Time stands still for a moment while we both think about it.

I noticed for the first time a defunct-looking shop across the street called Olygeek, which must've come and gone without me noticing or else is viable but just appears dead. It was a semi-interesting wait in my car as a lot was going on including a young woman running down the middle of the right lane in traffic. Hey! You forgot your car!

*I logged in and was wearing a hazmat suit and carrying a spork and an umbrella (it goes without saying that I was wearing a tricorne). Alternate Surreality.

09 March 2008


I've written before about the revue "The Air Ship" - which I'd love to find. The posters are seen on the blog Paleofuture HERE.
This wax cylinder recording sounds like it could be from that show, doesn't it?

Sheet music for the wax cylinder recording's song is on the Internet Archive, giving the composers - so I suppose it must just point up how trendy air ships were circa 1900 ;D unless the farce included songs from many people.


Like all brilliant ideas THIS is simple and obvious once you see it.


Scope Cleaver's Princeton build.

07 March 2008

Holy crap - LL is selling the erstwhile 4-pack OpenSpace sims singly now!
Music on the video is by Torley Linden.

Motorability Grand Opening Celebration
Fashion, Cars and Avatars Proceeds to Date is Saturday March 29th - Time 9am SLT - 3pm SLT Donation Kiosks will be set up around the event locations . 9am - 10am - Callie Cline to feature her Fashion Designs 10- ?? Dancing and music at Parkade and the Welcome Center and 10am - 12pm Racing at Fairgrounds - Demos only to help get people interested in signing up 12pm - 3pm Parkade and other dance events ongoing Events going on all morning - Tours of the United Spinal Welcome Center

Motorability Island in SecondLife is a vast, 7 sim complex designed specifically to promote United Spinal Association in SL, via the Education Center and other builds dotted around the Island.

06 March 2008


Wednesday, atop a mysterious red post at 0,0 Kremer. I'd spied it from my place in Bodega and gone to investigate. It doesn't touch the bottom.

05 March 2008

Teh Intarwebz is Kewl

I accidentally ran into this 2003 thread from an unknown forum where people are talking about transformers television series.

Transformers should not hold hands or kiss
10-06-2003, 12:04 AM
Am I wrong? I tortured my mind a few times and tried to force myself to watch Beast Wars and could not watch full episodes because they were beyond stupid.
They made these Transformers hold hands, fall in love, and kiss each other.. it was ridiculous during the "ROMANTIC" moments.
10-06-2003, 11:44 AM
They overdid just about everything! But I thought that in Search For Alpha Trion the same was done alot more tactful! You didn't go "aw,... Not again." like Silverbolt and Blackarachnia (although it did shake up the storyline a bit for the second season). But you actually did care about where the relationship between Optimus and Elita was going, and why they could not remain together.

Even Arcee's love triangle beween her, Hot Rod and Springer was done very subtle!

It's all about presentation!

And welcome to the Murphy's side of things! ;)
10-10-2003, 01:10 AM
No, I have never liked any relationships/lovey dovey feelings between Beast Wars. I never sensed that from the G1 characters.. I thnk that is an arguement used by hard core Beast War fans to try to excuse the stupidity of the thought.
You never saw any of the G1 Transformers holding hands, kissing, talking about feeling for each other.

BUT there were a few G1 episodes that made me want to puke even as a kid. When Seaspray fell in love with a human... and Beach Comber also fell in love with a human.. and then Cosmos I think did also... been a while since I have seen those.. those were the episodes I recorded over and watched only once because they were so dumb!

"So, Lone Starr, now you see that evil will
always triumph, because good is dumb.!"

R10-10-2003, 02:13 AM
Just for the record! Only Seaspray [The God Gambit] and Powerglide [The Girl Who Loved Powerglide] had Transformers falling for humans! (Some twisted souls still claim that Tracks with Raoul [Make Tracks aka Making Tracks / Autobop] should fill the bill too. Not my opionion)
And again there was the Episode The Search For Alpha Trion! Where the Autobots found their girlfriends again after they thought the Female Autobots were destroyed. There was alot of snuggling and holding hands in there. Even Optimus Prime 'linked' with Elita One! (The way Peter Cullen did Prime's voice, many believe we were seeing two Transformers doing 'the deed' in the Cybertronian way)
Also, the episode War Dawn had a very lovey-dovey couple in Orion Pax and Aerial! She smack-kissed him right on the face-plate! :D

The difference between all that and what Beast Wars did, was tact. In Beast Wars it was right in your face and done way too thick. The makers of the original had to keep it light because the cartoon was still geared to a younger audience, but there was enough in there to keep you entertain at any age! If it is done in the right way, I could even be fun! (Even if it is only a scene of a short hologram projection Optimus may have of Elita and himself!)

10-16-2003, 01:04 AM
Just for the Record.. ITS STILL STUPID! My point still stands, and I pointed out Seaspray.. and I am pretty sure that Beach Comber fell in love with something.. doesnt matter what, its just stupid and so is anybody else who thinks kissing robots is cool.

And I'm sure this would offend Alonso so don't mention it to him, K?


04 March 2008

I knew I SHOULDN'T but I was tempted, so I asked Candide to yell at me, which he did. So now I'm not going to build from the burned wreckage (shorted-out mb) of my old, beloved computer, but will just wait until I want another one and buy afresh.

It started to seem like a GOOD IDEA to not have a backup when I realised I was so tired I'd welcome a rest (but not arrest).

Au revoir, my old friend.


As I was hitchhiking along the Mavericks Road...

I met a man with sharp horns who gave me a lift (with his car not his horns)

And returned me to my home in Bodega.
Enj came by and we admired the wildlife.

My power keeps going out ========:O


Second Life key words cont'd

"Pagan Knickknacks -
Nursery Baby Elven Pagan Wiccan Witch Gazebo Tiki Bar bedroom Flex Flags Furniture Goth outdoor Deck Pool Halloween decoration spooky lawn kicknacks snowman"

03 March 2008


Cotton's Dystopia
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Recently Cotton's Dystopia was razed - sad as I liked that build. I had meant to chronicle it a wee bit before its end, but there was a surprise lightning-fast deletion that took more people than me by surprise.

Life moves on. On the plus side the new doings in Gibson are heartening.

Here it goes :D

From Ars Technica:

Norwegian broadcaster: P2P experiment "extremely positive"
By Jacqui Cheng | Published: March 03, 2008

An experiment in distributing DRM-free content via BitTorrent has proven to be a success for one Norwegian TV broadcaster, with project manager Eirik Solheim calling the experience "extremely positive." His network, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), has been offering the popular series Nordkalotten 365 as unprotected MPEG-4 files through BitTorrent since late January and has been surprised with the public's overwhelmingly positive reaction. Solheim said in an interview (republished on NRK's blog in English) that the experience will likely "clear the rights for this kind of distribution of more content."

Also this, of course.

Thank you to Drawn! for pointing this out:
If Saul Bass had done the titles for Star Wars...



02 March 2008


Apres fight dance
I'm the Smurfette, Maxie is Spiderma... uh Spidertiny, Mich is the bear, Monty is the warthog.


Spring Tournament 2008

Congratulations to Michalius for winning the Constructed Cup! Kat Burger was the Open Cup winner, and Mich won the free-for-all.



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