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31 May 2012

You've spent too much time on Glitch if you see this and note that it's not yet ready to scrape.

'Our sentences in the U.S. have become so severe that innocent people are willing to plea-bargain as it's just not worth the risk.'

It's easy to see why a young, black man would plea-bargain in the face of a 41 year sentence for a rape he had not (and which no one, in fact, had) committed. 

Ragingly annoyed.

I just want the whole specimen thing to get over with and it's dragging on and on. I apologise to people who thought I was ragingly annoyed at other things; I'm not, I'm not annoyed at all now, anyway. Maybe one day this will settle down, meanwhile a nurse is coming today, a nurse is coming Tuesday, I'm to ring the doctor today - it's like a job. 


I was napping yesterday when at about 5:30 the telephone woke me and rang and rang as I slowly inched towards it. It was the doctor, who said the lab had told him that I 'hadn't been able to open the specimen jar lid so it arrived in the incorrect container' and they couldn't do the tests. I was like, 'Huh? Dude! It was a plain plastic container that in no way did I have trouble with. It took a minute, actually before I understood what he was talking about and he understood what I was talking about, then he said, 'Hmmm, that wasn't the right container, then.' Doctor: Well, if it's getting better... Me: It isn't, it is zigzagging. Upshot, no test, I'm meant to call on Friday to relate how I am (what is going to be so enlightening about waiting a couple of days?), and I can't help but conclude the last visiting nurse, who gave me the container and subsequently took the sample to the lab, lied about it* to the lab not realising the lab would tell the doctor and the doctor would tell me.
I guess I'll just 'see what happens' and maybe it will 'go away by itself.' *Frowns* That's my default procedure, and it was hard for me to keep after the medical solution, so I'm annoyed that it seems to require some type of supernatural whininess that I don't possess to make this happen.

* Something like:
Lab: Oh, hey, this is the wrong container.
Nurse: Oh, um, she couldn't open the other kind so we gave her that type. 
Lab: We can't do the tests...
Nurse: Try! 
Lab: Uh...
Nurse: ...
(I was wrong, of course.)

So the nurse just rang and I said what I'd been told. She said, 'Noooooooooo, that's not what I told them.' What she did say is that with my 'dexterity' I'd be unable to manage the other type so gave me the plain one with the knowledge of the lab. They couldn't do certain tests so she is wanting to bring me a third type of container. I made her describe the proper type then told her to bring both. She's coming tomorrow, then picking up on Tuesday (or someone will, anyway). Why is nothing straightforward? I am annoyed I wasn't given the opportunity originally, but was shunted to some protected area of non-usefulness. Not that it's assumed I can do whatever it is, but at least I could fail before being given something that wasn't useful.

As seen on New World Notes:

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29 May 2012

My Day, God Help Me

This is what my days are like lately. I got up at, oh, 8. I made coffee and then showered, etc., made my bed, decided to not do my exercises straight away but instead do laundry. Staggered down and up a couple of times then as I was waiting for a load washing and a load drying a nurse rang and asked if she might come in 45 minutes to give me containers into which I am obliged to deposit a Specimin.
As I was in the toilet prior to descending the stairs the telephone rang and rang (the OT of one visit moved my answering machine plug and now it doesn't work as this house's outlets are a letdown). It kept ringing long enough for me to answer it! It was Lucia and we chatted about... Erm... the suction cuppy grab bars I bought and the broken door of her van. Then I said I needed to go or I'd be mid stagger when the nurse arrived. I put clothes in the dryer and brought up the first microload.
The nurse arrived. She told me about having a tooth extracted ( she was very bruised, visibly so). I asked if she would get an implant, she said she couldn't afford to as the dentist said it was 2 grand. I said check around for prices and you are young and beautiful get an implant. She's 32 and, yes, beautiful.
She left and I finished my laundry, then made a spinach omelet and read the New Yorker. Then I frittered away some time on the internet.
I've been using a walker since December, which really frosts my cookies. Somehow I broke its left brake today. That is annoying. I'm very hard on things. Things include even my physical body, which takes a lot of smashing.
Oh, yeah, I rang the old neuro as the new neuro's wad of forms said I have to be responsible for getting my records. They said Have THEM fax a request so I rang them. They said How weird! We'll make sure we get them. They are literally across the street and both neuros were partners at one time.
Then I rang my dentist and put off my appointment.
I goofed around in Glitch (where someone was talking about having a tooth extract, bone graft, and animplant - it was a toothy day), then made a microwaved pot pie (did my exercises while it was nuking), ate, and now I'm lying in bed writing this on the pod.
It makes me unhappy to think I've missed so much of my life. I look at friends and what they are doing and I feel loss; it's like I'm a hundred years old :( I got sick 22 years ago. I'm so weary of this.

 Glitch has new photo filters.

My House in Glitch

28 May 2012

Linkage by way of Candide:


27 May 2012


25 May 2012

Tate Ball is fun but I can't imagine wanting to do it very many times.


I'll be trying it out momentarily...


24 May 2012


22 May 2012

 Great plane
 Untroubled Sound
NZ Sim
Untroubled Sound

The FILE festival in Brazil is exhibiting my machinima again, this time Forest of Scissors and the Spirit installation video.

Lucia's last NYTimes book review is HERE. Thanks, SJ for pointing it out.

21 May 2012


20 May 2012


I didn't want E to know I'd been in hospital as she worries :(((((






19 May 2012

Oh, GREAT - one more thing to ponder.

Tapeworms in the Human Brain
Common in some regions, apparently.

'The tapeworm larvae often get stuck in ventricles, or fluid-filled cavities, in the brain, sprouting grapelike extensions. In this way the worm actively cloaks itself from immune cells. Protected and well fed, its cysts can thrive there for years.'

18 May 2012

I ordered delivery groceries from Safeway as my last delivery, although not long enough ago to justify it, arrived the day I became so ill and was the worse for not being put away for some time. I seem to've done fairly well this time, too.
Safeway gives free delivery if the order is 150+ but they don't hold it against you if they don't have something; I wound up paying 141 and change and received a mega FT of stuffs. I order what's on sale mostly, with multi-anything I like or need. They could boil the whole place down to one end-cap. Kale, okra, grapefruit juice, plain yoghurt, dishwasher soap, eggs, spinach, frozen veg and meals, hot chile, misc stuff to make me feel better if I'm low, Safeway's promo stuffs (free biscuits free spinach). I was craving fish and chips so got something similarish.
The driver was very nice. The delivery comes all the way from Tacoma. Safeway's bread is horrible, but that's not something I can fix.

17 May 2012

That last post was written on my iPod ====:o I'm getting better at typing on it.

Yesterday was pretty awful and I woke up late this morning with dark circles under my eyes and low energy. PT rang wanting to come within the hour And I said NOOO I just woke up and I'm not dressed. We agreed he'd come later in the day. I scraped myself together, drank 10,000 gallons of liquid, took a shower, dressed, cleared up, then played in Glitch with Enjah until he rang again saying he was on his way and could he bring a shotgun-riding RN dude.
It was funny later, I said This is weird sitting (dressed) on the toilet with two strange men in my (very small) bathroom. They said It's normal for us!
I asked the RN, Being an RN means you can go anywhere in the world doesn't it? He said That was the idea but now there's nowhere I want to go. I said You could go to Peru! The PT started and said Peru would be GREAT!!! I cocked an eye at the RN: You look like you want to go to... New Zealand. He said Yeah! I said Hah, two for two.
I was feeling rather better so PT made me get into and out of the shower, do squats at the sink, and do some bed exercises. He said it was unusual for someone to actually do the exercises then he upped the number I have to do and hugged me and left. I won't see him again, he's moving to Maine next week.
 Scenes from the art experience that is Dear Esther
Then I experienced Dear Esther, which was awesome for half price on Steam. I think that's the price it should be. It was curiously resonant to me that a character had a 'deformed ribcage' possibly from a trauma because I have a deformed ribcage from a trauma. I have never heard about anyone else like that although obviously I'm not the only one.

16 May 2012


Cannes Film Festival
Bill Murray

14 May 2012


I love the Snipping Tool.

11 May 2012

'My grandma mailed me her hearing aid batteries inside of a Christmas card. It had my name on it an everything. When I called to explain to her what had happened, she couldn't hear me.'

Reddit ( has a great thread ( about crazy gifts from the elderly that made me laugh so hard I cried.

10 May 2012

Making headway! Salazar stopped in and showed me his abode :-D


Mitt Romney has got to be the bottom of the barrel as far as candidates for the American presidency go. At least I hope there's no lower level. This is quite disturbing. All that and cult religion, too.


Glitch isn't open yet but the housing changes are starting to show up on the associated webpages.


09 May 2012

Glitch closed this morning for the housing update, and won't open until tomorrow. I'm sad to lose my firebog-style house. I like all the new stuffs but the houses are far from the sublime boglife style.


It was ridiculously cold last night - mid 30s, and today is upper 50s but windy so though it's sunny it's no good for the likes of me to sit outside.


08 May 2012

Join in with the multitudes photographing a day, here:

The doctor was his same chipper self. I'm sadly diminished since we last met but ah, well, life is hard. I gave more blood. I'm full of vampire bites.


Seeing the doctor today. PT rang - he's coming Thursday. I forget when the nurse is returning - oopseh.

07 May 2012

It's hard for me to take screenshots on the pod. Is it difficult for everyone? What's the Android way or does it differ from device to device?

I had wanted to buy Win7 64 bit to install on my old puter prior to selling it as A) it'd be safer, B) it can be upgraded from 32 to 64 bit which makes it more valuable by far, C) it'd be faster. However, now I'm just going to strip it of all its installed crap and spend time cleaning it up then sell it as I can't really justify spending money since this health trauma has been ultra spendy.

At least the external drives make it easier to change puters as that data just remains and needs no attention. My little useful jump drive is not making the cut, but that seems to be the extent of it.

06 May 2012

Sweden's moving to a cashless model, which sounds ok until you think about the ultra centralisation, the 24/7 tracking, and this:
'"If people use more cards, they are less involved in shadow economy activities," says Schneider, an expert on underground economies.'
What a government considers underground economic activities are human beings doing things, and the shadow part is the wiggle room living beings require to be comfortable. We don't want to be the ant shriveling under the magnifying glass wielded by an overarching body supposedly created to make civil society possible.

05 May 2012

Feel stronger. Frank was here earlier. Yesterday I had a nurse and then later a PT. Busy.
I was outside a bit but it is windy and unwarm.

02 May 2012

I met a lot of kind and silly people in the hospital, and contrary to what you might think did a LOT of wild laughing sometimes to the point of being barely able to speak from the effects of merriment. I told them all I was a stubborn and fierce warrior woman and queen of the universe. They didn't question that. I take after my pater in being somewhat akin to the honey badger, and with no particular modesty (which is sort of counter-humour) which was a good thing as at one point they parked me on a commode mid-room then left, leaving the door open facing a full waiting room. Bwahaha!

I kept apologising for being disgusting, and an aide and I had a guffaw when another aide said she'd seen worse. Haha! Now THAT'S small comfort :-D

When I was in the ER they gave me some dopey meds in an IV because they thought I was suffering, and whatever it was instantly made me want to burst into tears every five minutes. As soon as it ran out I was back to cracking wise. They gave me an EKG, cat scan, a couple of X-rays, not sure if anything else. I was trying hard to say 'thank you' to every person along the way but it was comically hard with the drug reaction. I can't say I was ever in pain; discomfort, yes, but I've been in severe pain and that was not in the same league.

A few notables off the top of my head from a flowing cast of characters that must've numbered close to forty:

I hadn't eaten in days, which everyone mistakenly thought was because I feared diarrhea (actually beyond fearing somehow getting trapped in other people's control I can't say I fear anything) and I had to say NO I JUST HAD NO ACCESS TO FOOD (while lying on the floor half-dead, covered in shit and blood). When FINALLY I was offloaded into a third floor bed, dinner turned up and Good Nurse Dee (she was fun and savvy) wouldn't  let me eat anything but some brown rice. It was funny, but akin to torture. Later I was allowed to nibble more, slowly, but I was starving. Dee went home and I went to sleep.

At 4 am I was awoken for vitals and vittles . Vicky said, 'Do you want a bag of CheeTos?' I said, 'You're having me on!' She said no, and asked me if I wanted a roast beef sandwich. Ummm... YES WHY YES EYE DEW.

Perhaps 30 minutes later a man came in. 'I'm from the lab.' 'And you've come to drink my blood.' 'Indeed.' 'You must be a phlebotomist.' 'Extraordinaire.' We had a very amusing conversation. James, a nighttime CNA, would toss me on the commode then sit in the visitor's chair and shoot the breeze. He would squeeze my toe in passing, and was unfailingly cheerful and generous of spirit. Dr. Achebeye (who had a gorgeous brown and blue outfit on the day she let me out) was down-to-earth, stylish, and understood what I was saying (I totally blabbed all my needs to everyone in great honesty, like I am very private, independent, my love of nature, my fierceness, etc.). I told her she was awesome because SHE IS. I told her I wanted out and she told me to be that warrior woman when PT came to assess my condition.

need to finish this later...

haz nap nou

Prisoners Abandoned to Katrina Floodwaters
Officers Deserted a Jail Building, Leaving Inmates Locked in Cells

This is shocking, especially when you consider that 'Many of the men held at jail had been arrested for offenses like criminal trespass, public drunkenness or disorderly conduct. Many had not even been brought before a judge and charged, much less been convicted.'

I just got out of  hospital - I was hit with a violent intestinal flu on Friday and wound up on the floor, thrashed around and finally got up 12 hours later smashed to pieces, then did various fall/smash/trying to call help etc activities until landing in the ER on Sunday, a bruised, ill, bloody pulp. I am a stubborn warrior woman and this threatens to be life-changing :( Not that my life was super fine before, I suppose. I feel like death warmed over at the moment and I'm just taking it very slowly and gingerly with the hope of healing up and being able to get beyond this.
It was my friend SJ who did everything (which included a lot of *extremely* disgusting cleaning) to help me get to this point: thank god for her.
I was given an immense number of things I have to do because of this, so I'm trying to work at it diligently in the hopes of coming out the other side into an existence with enough value to be worth it.
Never been in hospital before, had not wished to have the experience.
On the bright side we are supposed to have sun and 72 degrees on Monday :-D I crave sunshine!

Update: Steven from Down Below just bopped in to express his willingness to do anything to help. 'We're all just trying to survive.' He said something pretty amazing: 'Living alone the way you do with your condition and being fiercely independent - I feel like they should throw you a parade or something. It's awesome.'



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