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30 November 2011




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"We're not ready to share the whole plan here (since we're still settling a few of the finer details) but we can say this: it will be at least as easy to chose your neighbors as it is now (and probably much easier). The change will not be moving from one of the current housing types to another, but changing it so that houses (and land) are something that you create: expanding the size, upgrading the frame, designing the interior, choosing resources for your property, and so on. So, while you might not be able to re-create your favorite of the current Meadow cottages down to the pixel level, you will be able to make something entirely your own.

"We will make every effort to make the conversion smooth and easy (including the aforementioned moving boxes for the items in your house) but it will be different no matter what. It will also be, in my opinion, infinitely better than what we have now — definitely a lot more fun. And I would be surprised if more than 1 person out of 500 is unhappy with the change in the end." --stoot


DNAjaVU + new skills in Glitch



Stoot: So, if we're hearing you right, it sounds like everyone wants a reset?


The Un-Launching of Glitch

Glitch is going back to beta - a bold move and one I am happy with.


29 November 2011

Arrived home not long ago after seeing Frank then doing a bit of grocery shopping, which is all I was fit for. My landlord comes tomorrow as sadly the man downstairs is leaving immediately I hope we get a normal person again like him, not a loon like the person before.

WU Sang Clan

Lucy sent me this link to the debut of a new style of singing telegram from Western Union.

28 November 2011

RIP Ken Russell

Women in Love is one of my all-time fave flicks (and books).



Frank: Do you ever feel frustrated?
Me: Every once in a while.
Frank: Maybe that's a flash of enlightenment.
Me: What do you mean?
Frank: You have a lot of frustration.

The last time I saw Frank he remarked that I have tons of frustration and should 'let it go,' so I've spent the past few days pondering frustration. I realise it isn't just that I don't know how to 'let it go,' but that I don't know what 'let it go' means to begin with.

Given my current diminished state where exactly nothing is easy and everything is a struggle, I have a vast sea of frustration that I ignore 24 hours a day. I ignore it and I keep struggling and if I fail I don't spend time in sorrow but just begin again.

If I had a few things causing frustration I could just not do those things. Since my frustration is a by-product of my persistence which in turn is what keeps me alive I'm unsure what 'let it go' means.

What was it Dave used to say? 'Easy is now hard' or something.

About the only thing I can think of that I'm doing to dampen or more accurately not raise my frustration is NOT buying another desktop pc as I just don't want to add to my feeling of being trapped.

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26 November 2011


As we all know if I ruled the world I'd have designated riflemen near all zoos whose sole directive would be to shoot all the hyenas in the case of any emergency. I've always been grateful I haven't lived in either hyena country or, more trivially, in bedbug country. Now, however, bedbugs are on the rise and it seems in ancient times 450 lb hyenas lived in England. ZOMG :(

If I ruled the world all the hyenas in captivity would be spayed/neutered. And there would be designated hyena-shooters.


25 November 2011

'The city of Seattle hopes to launch a new program in January that will open a small number of Ballard church parking lots to homeless people living in their vehicles. A $20,000 grant from the city and $10,000 from the state will fund a caseworker to screen applicants, connect them to services and help them locate permanent housing.' -- The Seattle Times


Serbian Biology Textbook




Artwashers from 2sense Productions on Vimeo.


24 November 2011


Spanish thriller Intacto follows luck from bet to bet in a weirdly original plot that is quite absorbing.



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22 November 2011

Droll reviews for pepper spray on Amazon:

'This stuff really just does everything it says it does. You spray, and people will move. Hate waiting in lines? Hate people just sitting around and wasting valuable time doing nothing? Just hate people in general? If you answered yes to any of those things, then you are in for a peppery treat!'

'I don't always oppress, but when I do I use Defense Technology 56895 Mk-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray. '

'Yes, there is no question. When I want to brutalize nonviolent protestors exercising rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, this product is my first choice for stopping democracy in its ugly tracks. It doesn't matter whether the victim...err...perp is a young student, a veteran, a pregnant woman, or a senior citizen, when I'm really feeling like a pig this product really makes THEM squeel.'


20 November 2011


A young widow and her son move to her husband's hometown, starting a series of events that explores a betrayal for which there can be no remedy. Grueling yet with scenes of power able to move one emotionally, this film is not for everyone but is engrossing for the right audience.


19 November 2011


Electricity has been mostly ok this past four hours, but the freaking internet is weak and disconnect-y. I have been trying to play Glitch but it's like this: Take a swipe at a rock, game says, 'The game needs to reload,' either it doesn't load or it comes back and I take another swipe at the rock. The game goes into a pending state then says it has to reload. It reloads and I take a swipe at the rock. It reloads again but comes up Server Not Found. I wait a minute then try again. It loads and I try to crush the rock but the game goes into a pending state then reloads.

I may be forced to watch that movie, Candide :-D

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



My electricity just came on :-D


18 November 2011

It's Here (almost)

The leading edge of the immense floating debris mass* from the Japanese tsunami is forecast to begin arriving onto Pacific shores within days. I believe the plan is to treat it respectfully as part of an investigation into the whereabout of thousands of missing people.

*5 million to 20 million tons



Salon of Beauty from Mark & Angela Walley on Vimeo.


17 November 2011

Break your writer's block HERE.

This entire thread is really funny if you play Glitch:

Some Sort of Therapy for the Hoarders
I'm probably the worst out of all the glitches in some of the hoarding categories. For example, I have 11,000 allspice and 7,300 milk on my floor at home.

Mainly I cry out for some nice in game therapy for our problem (I know others have some large stacks lying around) but I'd also like to hear how big other's stacks are.

So, how are we doing, fellow hoarders :)?

One reply:
I need help. I just filled my spice rack w/ each spice 200 each and I'm thinking of filling another one and alternating between them so I always have one full. That's nuts! Help?

Along with all that, while I hoard, I organize it in rainbow colors. I'm out of control.

And this.

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16 November 2011


The classic 1962 instrumental hit Green Onions by Booker T & the MG's. Actors and actresses dancing to this very cool song include:

Marilyn Monroe, Eli, Wallach, Thelma Ritter, Clark Gable (Misfits 1961)
Sophia Loren (It Started in Naples 1960)
Jayne Mansfield (Dog Eat Dog! 1964)
Natalie Wood (Gypsy 1962)
Romy Schneider, Jack Lemmon (Good Neighbor Sam 1964)
Brigitte Bardot (Come Dance With Me! 1959)
Ann-Margret (The Swinger 1966)
Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, Sandy Dennis (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1966)
Jill St. John (The Oscar 1966)
Mamie Van Doren (Untamed Youth 1957)
Shirley MacLaine, Gene Kelly (What a Way to Go! 1964)
Kim Novak, William Holden (Picnic 1955)
Anita Ekberg (La Dolce Vita 1960)
Gina Lollobrigida, Rock Hudson (Come September 1961)
Cyd Charisse, Robert Taylor (Party Girl 1958)
Raquel Welch (Flareup 1969)

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PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.



Shadow of Ruth

15 November 2011

Weird day: thermostat malfunction so house a million degrees, saw Frank for first time since car trauma, fell down hard, handyman coming tomorrow morning first thing.

14 November 2011

Zach Anner's (you remember him) show finally is close to its debut.


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13 November 2011

Lucy sent this link:


12 November 2011


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Multiple Sclerosis Diet

When I became ill and was almost immediately diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, in 1990, my then mother-in-law (I'd been married two years) pointed me to the Dr Swank diet for m.s. and gave me a ton of printed materials about it. She had a friend, a university professor, who'd successfully been on the diet for years, his wife cooking for him, supporting him in his dietary choices, packing his lunches, and so forth. I immediately took up the diet as I was shaken to the core by the diagnosis. Movement and energy were ME; I bounced, danced along and never sedately walked up and down stairs - I always jumped, leapt, ran. I was 36 years old.

The Swank diet is extreme and rigorous; it demands you keep fat intake very low, but goes far, far beyond that by allowing only certain fats, proscribing processed, refined, or otherwise impoverished foods, caffeine, and so forth. Because I was lean to start with I dropped to skeletal level quickly, and had trouble finding clothing small enough. I was motivated by fear.

My husband kicked me out of the marriage immediately, so everything in my life and about my own persona crumbled into dust. I had no marriage, couldn't do my job, lost my place to live, lost myself - and even had my savings (saved before my marriage) cleaned out by my ex so I had no money.

I stuck with the Swank diet for six years, though, which is sort of amazing. I used to wonder if I'd've been better off staying on it; I think if I'd been in the position of my mother-in-law's friend I'd've had no trouble sticking to it but with no support and having to do it all myself (and it's the kind of diet others subvert when you are at a gathering; you can't eat ANYTHING or drink ANYTHING you haven't brought with you, yet friends naturally coax you to be sociable) I just couldn't last past six years. The motivation of fear and panic lasted six years :-D It's hard to know if the loss of that fear was more of a benefit than that garnered by the Swank diet itself.

* I just remembered a funny thing. I always took my lunch to work at the Lut, and my children always wanted a taste because they just wanted part of me. They all knew all about my eating strictures. When the school was destroyed by flood then rebuilt, I was walking from the main building on opening day going towards the gymnasium/cafeteria. All of a sudden *Cody, my student, leapt across the walkway and stood in from of the doors with his arms spread ouy. 'DON'T GO IN,' he shouted, 'THERE'S NOTHING IN THERE YOU CAN EAT!' lol

* 'Beethoven' Cody

11 November 2011



Color Cowboy by Cymaii
Color Cowboy, a photo by Cymaii on Flickr.

Candide pointed this set out - wow, they are quite amazing!


It feels like life has started up again. It's been an ordeal of 2.5 weeks and it was rough, but I'm elated now.
I spoke with the mechanic and he says things look good.
I sang to my car all the way home.


09 November 2011


Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.

Uh... *stares*



Another rook attack - and we beat them! It's a fun little part of the game. This was my second; the first I lost all my energy and died.


'Angel Of Death has added you as a contact on Glitch. They probably did this so they can contact you when they are playing the game.

Or maybe they did it so they can beat you at the game and be victorious. I am a computer and anyway, there is really no way I could tell even if I had achieved self-consciousness.

Either way, it's not creepy at all - it's fun. So ... enjoy!'


Little Sha Update of the Day

Supposedly I can pick it up Friday. They have the parts but haven't finished yet - but Tom said Friday at the latest.



08 November 2011

From Lucy comes this:

The Subtly-Askew Museum

'Bottle, ca. 1833. Recovered from the sea by Lieut. Alexander Romney aboard
H.M.S Desperate, adrift in the North Atlantic off the coast of Greenland. The
accidental discovery of this bottle, the only artifact surviving the destruction of
an ill-fated ship and crew (among those lost, we must assume, was the anonymous
dealer in antiquities who penned the manuscript which the bottle contained) provided
the first physical evidence in support of what had been, to that point, merely an
inspired speculation advanced by the now-legendary John Cleves Symmes. In the
present enlightened age it may be difficult to realize that at that time Symmes's
suggestion that the interior of the earth was hollow and habitable, and that
vast openings existed at both the northern and southern polar regions,was
derided by most savants.' ...and further...



UpStage 11:11:11 Festival - viewing node
**event listing**
UpStage is a web-based venue for online performance. Online audiences anywhere in the world participate in live performance events by going to a webpage, without having to download and install any additional software. The 11:11:11 UpStage Festival is the 5th annual festival of cyberformance in UpStage, with a wide range and variety of performances.

Join me for the opening at 1:45 SLT on Thursday, 10 November and as many performances as you'd like to watch. Opinions and comments welcome!

Thank you Salazar Jack for providing the venue.


07 November 2011



An Italian friend involved with UpStage has alerted me about its 111111 Festival taking place in cyberspace over the 10th and 11th of November. It's biting off a mouthful, but I'm wondering if we could screen parts at the Cowell Amphitheatre.

It has nothing to do with SL; the art performances are varied and are an interesting use of technological capabilities. At the very least it would make me pay attention :-D

UpStage 111111 Schedule



Buy honey from local beekeepers.


Massively interview with Stoot.

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Car: maybe tomorrow afternoon, and $1000+ bill.

This isn't shaping up as the best day ever. I'd made a pot of bean soup and it has all gone on the floor/inside refrigerator as the thing it was in - as most of my containers, and 99% of everything in the universe - doesn't work if you have one hand. I've cleaned up most of the floor but haven't tackled the fridge yet. It will just have to wait.

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06 November 2011


Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

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Car Non-Update du Jour

Con brought me some groceries yesterday as I was down to almost nothing (however I'm using my freezer to store garbage, which makes it useful). I actually DO like weirdness and adventure so it has been kind of fun for me - people flip out but I am not into control at all, so I actively do not want things regulated and evenly assigned. I sort of 'get' that many people don't like ups/downs or adventure and think if that's what you are experiencing it's by mistake and needs to be fixed, however I don't feel that way. At all.

IF Little Sha is ready tomorrow I can't pick him up until Tuesday, so that's as far into the future as I can see. I'll ring them on Monday as they seem unable to ring me though they claim they will. It's fine.

05 November 2011


Some time ago Oliver Sacks had an article in the New Yorker about face blindness, detailing his own experiences as well as those of patients. I, too, have a mild form of that and although some people are immediately 'someone' a lot of people are not. I know my mother had the trait as she'd speak of the difficulty of identifying people who were 'out of place' - not where they usually are seen. I didn't recognise the dental receptionist once, when I saw her at a play, and once I said to a man, 'I know I know you, but I can't think where,' to which he replied tartly, 'We just spent all day together in a workshop at school.' Hah! Then there's the famous (not really) way I always say I have no clue who Mary R. is, which makes people roll their eyes. Oh, and not forgetting the time I said I had a crush on someone, and upon being questioned ('What does he look like?' 'What colour hair?') I realised I had no clue. What attracted me was essence. 'I think he HAS hair... maybe' I said. Hah!

I also don't always process things through my ears. At times I have to replay in my brain the sounds I heard, before I can decipher the meaning. I don't know if that is a born-in trait or a result of 20668656 concussions I've had.

Glitch Launch Party

I believe that's Stoot in this Glitch Launch Party photo.


04 November 2011


I just watched this - by accident really as Netflix has films in 'DVD' red then it turns out they are play-now when you click just to get more info. The third of the series starring Noomi Rapace, I can't imagine anyone else as Lisbeth Salander.


03 November 2011


The Trip was really funny.


Car Update of the Day

The noise is a wheel bearing, but there are oil/coolant leaks they are still checking out. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that it will be ready late tomorrow, however the smart money is on Monday.

Although they are known to work Saturdays it wouldn't be on my car - so *if* it were done it would be pick-up only IF they, indeed, were there at all (I think mostly it's Brett's race car that is cause for the shop being open on a Saturday). I'll hear tomorrow what is happening.

Con is offering to bring groceries. If it's forecast to be any later than Monday I will take her up on the offer as I'm down to the weird edibles - but I like adventure so it's no big deal :-D Candide says 'Adventures suck!' but I like the challenge and variation. People pay to have game challenges - I consider my hurdles to be exactly what people actively seek and buy.

The last time I fell down and had great difficulty getting up I lay on the floor laughing, since it struck me that it was a *free* puzzle challenge! Whee! I'll never understand why people try to remove all uncertainty and struggle from their lives and then actively seek artificial struggle through games and puzzles. Yeh nutballs! Yer doin it rong!


Scary situation with Iran.

02 November 2011

Pointed out to me by Salazar Jack is this article entitled 'One Step Closer to the Borg' from DiscoveryNews.

'This week, a research breakthrough at the University of Washington brings us one step closer to living as cyborgs. Chao Zhong and his colleagues have built a biocompatible solid state device made from the shells of crustaceans tha's able to monitor and control the flow of protons.'

Reminds me of:


Remember the Lytro? It's here!

01 November 2011

Valuka_Himsa by Vivian Oblivion
Valuka_Himsa, a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.


Glitch Train in Hell

Re: Flickr set - stoot barfield coool! nice job :)

Insanity Thy Name is
Mining in Glitch

Why is it that when I want to mine metal rocks (which are usually abundant) all I see are great swathes of irresistable sparkly rocks? Of late I'm crafting things like fruit-changing machines and spice grinders, so I want metal to smelt into ingots. I now have a bag groaning under the weight of sparkly - threatening to burst. And only enough metal to make about twenty plain ingots :(

The greater question would be: 'Why am I watching my toon wield a pick AT ALL?' I usually do it when I'm at a loose end, when I need to make alchemical powders, or on rare occasions as a sociable diversion. /me listens Nope, I don't have an answer.

I have so many element pouches, tools, bags, components, and so forth that my knapsack is perpetually on the verge of melting down and if it fills completely things end up on the ground where they are snapped up by passing Glitches (or like last night I fell off a rock and lost a moonstone). Perhaps mining metal will be a change for the better: less competive, less frenetic than sparkly.

If I can... just... tear myself away... from the sparkly rocks...



Robotic sculpture




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