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31 January 2012

Drones are being experimented-with as a police tool.


Glitch sign font change

I popped in as I heard the uproar from way over here. People say it's fuzzy and no improvement. I have to agree. It's less... in keeping and more intrusive, but only by a handful of degrees.

Update: TS fixed it.

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30 January 2012

Important News*

485 Children set a new Guinness World Record by dressing up as Gandhi.

*?/???? wut?

29 January 2012



Wow, Safeway delivered my things. And didn't get lost. I had ordered things I can't buy as:
  1. They are too heavy
  2. They are breakable
  3. GrossOut doesn't have them
  4. I can't make it down that aisle

I was heavy into the kale, okra, lima beans, pickles. I mostly bought non-fridge stuff as I just binned everything in there, which was sad. I bought yoghurt, grapefruit juice, and eggs. I bought coffee and milk. For some unknown reason they delivered two boxes of Eggos, which I hadn't ordered.

Raglan's influence travels far.


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28 January 2012

A woman plans to marry a partially
demolished building in Seattle on Sunday.

"Yes, I'm in love with a 107 year old building!," writes Aivaz on the wedding invite page on Facebook.

Aivaz writes that her relationship with the building began when she and a group of around 200 occupied the warehouse claiming it as a community space.

"The warehouse is slated to be demolished in a week to make way for luxury apartments whose destiny is to disintegrate our unique creative culture and render our neighborhood even more unaffordable. Why couldn't we have had a community artspace and museum there instead?" writes Aivaz.

Currently my house would pass muster if you had an old pair of spectacles on and a diminished sense of smell! Wewt! Moving on up!

  • Trizzities on all day
  • Have some food
  • Ate a salad
  • Kitchen floor hoovered
  • Recyclage cycled
  • Jin Shin appt!
  • Netflix dvd posted
  • Bathroom half cleaned
  • Finished Safeway ordering


  • Trizzities on [all day I hope]
  • Have some food
  • Bathroom 85% clean
  • Cleaned microwave
  • Cleaned 20% of fridge
  • Threw more garbage away
  • Need to hoover moar
  • Need to recycle moar
  • Need to do moar general cleaning
  • Very poor sleep as very loud noises from Below all night


  • Groceries delivered!
  • May take a break from cleaning
  • Maybe I'll clean around my computer, though

I seem lately to gain energy as the day goes on.

River of Blood

'I was ... thinking could this really be what I think it is?'

I had this same reaction circa 1970 when I was out riding and stumbled across a huge pit filled with rotting calves behind a dairy.

27 January 2012

  by Vivian Oblivion
, a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.

Bedclothes iPoddery

Had no intarwebz for 10 hours or so,; it was either magically restored or restored by one of the 45452343524 modem/router resets I did. I usually just let it come back in its own time (it's mostly power-related) but I know Steven Down Below likes me to thrash it when it misbehaves so I am a harsher miastress.


26 January 2012

Jen on SCmkII pointed this out:


So far so good - a whole day with power!

  • Trizzities on all day
  • Have some food
  • Did a load of laundry
  • Telephone started working!
  • Ate a salad
  • Kitchen partly cleaned
  • Garbage disposed of
  • Jin Shin appt tomorrow!


  • Need to finish kitchen/wash floor
  • Need to clean bathroom
  • Need to hoover
  • Need to recycle
  • Need to finish Safeway ordering
  • General cleaning


Oh, RIP, Nicol Williamson :(
He was great.




25 January 2012

Lucy wrote a poem in her sleep:

let your smile be your umbrella - my birthday version!

let your smile be your umbrella
let your grimace be your shoe
let your smirk be your sombrero
and you'll find a love that's true

let your frown be your long underwear
and your sneer your pocketbook
let your grin be your ballet shoe ribbon
then you'll know you're off the hook!

'Really? How interesting!'

Ages ago when I last saw the neuro to try my best to get the CCSVI treatment, I mentioned to her that often at about oh, say 2 or 3am I can wiggle my righthand fingers, which Frank says has to do with the meridian active at that time of day. She said, 'Really? How interesting!' or something. I could tell she believed me but had never heard such a thing before.

Last night at a much earlier hour - possibly before midnight - I suddenly had much greater use of my right hand and my right leg, which hasn't often been part of the 3am upsurge. It's always just enough to keep me going though this life seems pretty stupid to me.

I get much, much worse if I'm cold or too warm.

I was thinking about reincarnation, which has always seemed a fanciful conceit to me, and that it definitely would need two parts. An early part would have the move-from-incarnation-to-different-incarnation aspect, but later rebirth would be in the same form to give you leave to attempt other paths within the same lifetime. Maybe it's all tied to the multiverse theory. Anyway, I truthfully don't feel the individual spirit survives although it would seem to be a nice idea from this viewpoint of little understanding; I think there's an ecstatic joining as energy separated unnaturally by a physical body is once again able to meld with the universal (or multiversal). This body has no more significance tha an old gym slip, and is as thankfully cast off.

Continued ...

Me: I bet you've seen a lot of strange purchases as everyone gets impulse buys* and comfort food.
Checker: Exactly.
Me: Does the store have a generator?
Checker: No. We lost power Saturday at [time] and it was out until [time]. Then it went out at around 10 last night and didn't come on until after 3 this morning!

That last outage is the same as my last outage, meaning the problem must've been upstream. By itself it wasn't a huge thing but for me, topping a five powerless day ordeal it was a nasty thing.

* Tim's Cascade Potato Chips - not sure why I bought them. It was like they were a cruise ship captain and my cart was a lifeboat: they just fell in.

I bought spinach, romaine, steak (I'm starved for red meat), Triscuits, milk, sliced toast bread of unremarkable variety, plain German biscuits, yoghurt, gorgonzola, brie... Tim's Cascade Potato Chips...


Postcard from Second Life. by Vivian Oblivion
Postcard from Second Life., a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.

Fake shadows do battle with real shadows. Real shadows win handily.


'Pizza delivery for you!'


Year of the Dragon

I drove to the Grocery Outlet and bought actual FOOD. My time and strength are limited but I did surprisingly well.
I'm looking at it now. What a novelty!

Me: I bet to you've seen a lot of strange purchases as everyone gets impulse buys and comfort food.
Checker: Exactly.
Me: Does the store have a generator?
Checker: No.
To be continued on a real keyboard. trying to make a Safeway delivery order when their website goes down :(

Then it cut out at about 10 pm as I was frantically trying to put together a Safeway delivery order.

Power came back on at 3:45 am.


24 January 2012

Power has just come back on...


Tuesday at 10:48
I was sorting laundry as this is the first time I've felt I might actually be strong enough to go up and down the stairs multiple times when the power went out again. *cries* I finished sorting, then lit a gas burner and moved the candles closer. I put on a coat.

Come back soon! I was not even used to having power, completely, and God knows have not yet managed to fix the damage that was done last time.


23 January 2012


Me 'n' Skyrim

So I was plopped down on a tumbril with some varied bound prisoners, and then we stopped in a village and the guards were just about to chop off my head when a big dragon flew down and made everyone upset. I ran off, but with one hand I had to move forward, then move the mouse to aim, then run into a wall, then aim, then... and so on ad infinitum. I was wandering around looking at things and admiring the big dragon as it fought the rubbery-looking soldiers but a big-mouth kept bellowing at me and telling me to leave. 'Oh, shut up, I thought. YOU'D BETTER GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! 'Oh, for crying out loud.'

I went to a tower and got kitted up with some leathery duds and a sword in each hand as well as a few other things (maybe that was further along, though). A nervous fellow beckoned me over and over ('Just a MINUTE. Sheesh.') so I set off with him in my signature personal running style of *go forward* then hit the wall *track sideways* go forward *hit the wall* and so forth. Slow. We killed some dudes, ran through a dundgeon-y place where I picked up some things, then fought some giant spiders and ran past a big... oh, perhaps it was a bear, I misremember. We come out on the road and he says we'd better split up (Fine, Rubberman.) I end up running after him for a while then... let's see... I found a tavern and paid for a room but couldn't find it and logged off, sweat-drenched and exhausted (not really). Then I didn't play for a few weeks so next time I had forgotten how to sheath my weapons, which was a bit embarrassing.

So I left the tavern and ran around killing wolves and swimming and trying to catch salmon and kill elk. Next place I remember was a hosteler's, and at first a feeble-minded lad let me steal everything then said 300 times, 'You'd better GO,' until a soldier came in and killed me. Second time it was a cranky crone in charge, and she had an itchy trigger-finger. The third time it was the hosteler, and he had a ridiculously inflated idea of the worth of his horses. I couldn't stop acting hostile and hit a helpful STEAL THIS action tag by accident, whereupon he whipped out a big axe and killed me AGAIN. Next time I just stole his horse :-D and zigzagged off, dodging wolves. I fetched up at a labyrinthine ruin and cantered around a circular thing and thought, 'I'll just whip out that far gateway...' but we went directly off a cliff and felllllllllll to the bottom and had our brains dashed out. Oh, too bad!

The next time I hied off deliberately in another direction. I saw crabs, elk, a fox, hare, and so on. I ran into some grotty men who shot arrows at me. I ended up running up a long flight of steps and... *tries to remember* uh, fell off after clambering around on some big stones and had my brains dashed out (I'd kilt the horse prior to the staircase).

Next time I rode off on the horse in another 'nother direction, and saw a mastodon. And wolves, elk, blah-blah-blah. I chased around somebody-or-other's homestead, then saw a dead or injured dude at a crossroads where meanies attacked me, wolves, elk, blah-blah-blah.

That's about it, so far. *muscle-beach animation*


It's obvious that the desired female physique of modern times is influenced to a very great degree by the fact that human beings, now, experience things visually. In former times people lived much of their lives - especially their connubially-focused hours - in the dim half-light or dark. Given that fact, their experiences were tactile and a rail-thin body with its boniness contained an unwelcome reminder of illness, poverty, and death. Far more desireable was a softness and fullnesss.


So... the Republican runners are despicable. Newt Gingrich is a vile, vile excuse for a human being, Romney is part of some weird non-Christian religious cult, Ron Paul is a nutcase, Santorum is another vile excuse, etc., etc.

An outburst from the sun late Sunday night is bathing Earth in the most powerful solar-radiation storm in six years.

The radiation storm is the first act of an event that will crescendo Tuesday, when the brunt of the outburst – called a coronal-mass ejection – arrives at Earth. It could trigger a disturbance of Earth's magnetic field, leading to voltage swings in long-distance power transmission lines as well as the appearance of the northern lights as far south as New York.

The current radiation storm – rated an S3, or strong, on a scale of 1 to 5 – could damage satellite hardware and present an increased risk of radiation exposure to passengers flying at high altitudes across polar routes, say space-weather specialists. These risks, however, are expected to be manageable.


E Emailing Yesterday








My power just came on! I'm glad yours is on - I was very worried about you. It was so cold! My power was out for days and days. The house isn't warm yet.


My phone is not working. Are you warm? Are you ok?




Note to Enjah:

Hey, the awesome freeze-dried foods you sent saved me! I had potato leek soup, Allegheny noodles, and camp omelet (which should be called camp scramble as on a scale of omeletism 1-over 9000 it ranks ZERO). Also the led lights you sent were headlights. Thank you.

Is Idey ok? Bammy has had storms...


The town clock in the market square
Stands waiting for the hour
When its hands they both turn backwards
And on meeting will devour
Both themselves and also any fool
Who dares to tell the time
And the sun and moon will shatter
And the signposts cease to sign
-'Homberg' Procol Harum


Oh yes.


22 January 2012

A bad time to have no heat.

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Well, that was an ordeal.

I lost power at about 3am last Thursday after the mighty snow storm and it just came on - meaning no heat, water, light, etc., etc. I am sadly diminished and may never fully recover. Maybe I will, though - now that things are on the path to normalcy. It has been cold - see-your-breath cold at first - 24 hours a day for days.

I thought it went out Wednesday but now I'm not sure so will say Thursday. What's one day to an eternity, anyway.

I need to clarify: what follows is two old posts from the iPod which, of course, I could write but not post at the time. They are not new, I have power now. Sorry for the confusion.

From the stupid iPod which has no staying power:
Day two with no power, heat, light, or water. I can see my breath! This is turning into an ordeal, but heigh ho, it's an adventure!

Stupid iPod will run out of juice long before it would be justified. I can see the screen in the dark which makes it useful since it's more or less dark all day. It's 8:49 am and dark ATM :p

*checks the time*
10:07 am
Come back, Little Trizzities!
The power went out at about 3am yesterday; I spent most of the day in bed but that's less of an option today as it makes my back hurt and generally does me no good whatsoever. It's well above freezing now, however I'm in an ice cave, more or less, with snow and ice all around. All day and night huge slabs of snowy ice were catapulting themselves of the roof and down three storeys to the ground, hitting the railing the way. The sound was tremendous.
OK it's 10:24. This is officially old.
I saw weak amber flashes last night (power crews at work) which made me think there'd be power today :(
I got this iPod case for its lanyard, but another style is needed as it's too thick and also makes taking pictures near impossible for me (though as I had thought the flap makes a stand useful for video, a bit). It would work better for me the other way around. Ah, well.
Typing isn't too awful on it for me, which is a miracle.
10:39 :((

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18 January 2012


I just turned the heat up; 60 wasn't cutting it heh.


Obama on SOPA/PIPA


20 Images That Will Change Your Life


View from bed: dark white-out.

Doesn't seem like much so far.


17 January 2012


A trailer for an Italian machinima filmed in second Life.

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16 January 2012

Reddit Cookery

You also don't need an actual oven for this. You can turn a regular toaster on its side and make the pizza that way. Note: Also works for grilled cheese sandwiches.


Weren't there a bunch of posts of how this doesn't work when it last hit reddit?

Nope, I think you're thinking of something else. Soap, maybe.

Oh yeah, the guy that woke up at 2 a.m. and made chili or some shit like that?

I think you're thinking of the time the guy heated pizza with a hotel iron.





Candide sent the linkage - thank you!


Original photo featuring my finger.

15 January 2012


Hmmmm... something looks different...

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I'm opposed to 99% of medication use as A) in my experience the downside is greater than the upside, B) big pharma is evil and I will not support it. I was shocked a bit last night when listening to Global chat in Glitch as many players listed their medications (antidepressants for the most part). There is a commercial out now for something or other that sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit - Take this! Side effects include [a list of horrifying maladies]. Drug companies have trained people, it seems, to accept those lists without thinking. They aren't interested in alleviating suffering, just selling products. Drugs are engineered to pass the effectiveness tests whether or not that test result is in a human's best interest i.e. osteoporosis drugs that only harden the bone's outer layer which create an unnatural rigidity in what should be a living and flexible body part.


A lake shot warped a bit by Camera+ toy camera filter.

Years ago I used to deliberately buy ultra-crappy cheap cameras and outdated film because I liked the cheap camera aesthetic; I still do.




A boatload of ninjas just zipped by whooping and waving a red flag. I was far too slow to get a decent photograph, though. You can just barely see them on the right if you squint and use the high beams of your imagination. It's snowing, so there is limited visibility.


A moment ago...


14 January 2012

MS damage washed away by stream of young blood

A FOUNTAIN of youthful cells reverses the damage found in diseases like multiple sclerosis, a study in mice reveals.

Nerve cells lose their electrically insulating myelin sheath as MS develops. New myelin-generating cells can be produced from stem cells, but the process loses efficiency with age.

Julia Ruckh at the University of Cambridge, and colleagues, have found a way to reverse the age-related efficiency loss. They linked the bloodstreams of young mice to old mice with myelin damage. Exposure to youthful blood reactivated stem cells in the old mice, boosting myelin generation.

White blood cells called macrophages from the young mice gathered at the sites of myelin damage. Macrophages engulf and destroy pathogens and debris, including destroyed myelin (Cell Stem Cell, DOI: 10.1016/j.stem.2011.11.019)

"We know this debris inhibits regeneration, so clearing it up is important," says team member Amy Wagers of Harvard University.

Neil Scolding at the University of Bristol, UK, who was not involved in the new work, says reactivating ageing stem cells may be a more realistic approach for treating MS than transplanting stem cells from a donor.

'My mother knitted me a traditional Norwegian reddit sweater with space invaders on it. Turned out fine!'


**Karan's home movies:

** just seeing if you are awake, flummel ;-D
Thank you for the link, Candide.

On again after about 1.5 hours. Yay!

Drat. The electricity has gone away. Come back soon, little trizzities!

Snowing, and meant to snow off and on for days.


Gak :(

LL turned down Qarl's Alignment Tool.



13 January 2012



Molly Montale has begun making videos!


From the big 'C' comes this link:


12 January 2012

This keyboard has some nice features - like a volume knob (sure to go to 11) and detachable number pad.


A minute ago...

I missed most of the pink sky, however.


11 January 2012

Last night...

Jan 10 8:47:59PM Teal Thea Os?
Jan 10 8:48:03PM Teal Thea THE Os? :)
Jan 10 8:48:52PM You lolol
Jan 10 8:49:16PM Teal Thea :)
Jan 10 8:49:22PM Teal Thea this is all your fault
Jan 10 8:49:23PM You my pal enjah is going to laugh at this
Jan 10 8:49:30PM Teal Thea candipants dragged me here for your party and i got addicted


A local man resued an injured dog from the Gulf of Mexico, and a news story says:

'He wiped the dog off with a ShamWow, a gag gift from his mother that O'Connor put to use when he went fishing. Even as he dried, the dog was visibly distressed.'




I told Enj I'd dig out this aura picture a few days weeks months ago. I didn't actually look for it, I just waited for it to start hopping up and down, waving.


Bright thing in the sky. Almost looks like the sun, except it'll be months before that particular heavenly body returns.


10 January 2012




Aditi seems kind of screwed up atm.


Glitch housing update player questions plus stoot answers:

1. Once the new housing is introduced, what steps will current users need to take to acquire a house and what steps will new users need to take to acquire a house?

2. Will a new house consist of a template that can be extended and added to? If so, will there be one template that everyone starts with, or will there be different starting templates to choose from?

3. Will houses have an exterior that is visible from public space such that any player could pass by, see the house, drop something in front of it, or knock on the door if they wish? If so, will there be ways to customize this exterior to make something that is visually unique?

4. Will there be spaces with clusters of houses similar to the current housing quarters? If so, will there be public access to these spaces such that any player can come into them and wander around?

5. Will the new houses have a permission system that is more flexible and layered than the current permission system which allows anyone who has access to a house to take almost everything that's not locked into a cabinet?

1. Existing users will go through a tutorial/explain-y transition process to move from their old to new houses the first time they log in after we make the switch. You will get some form or "credit" for the price of your old house, translated into the new system.
1. Existing users will go through a tutorial/explain-y transition process to move from their old to new houses the first time they log in after we make the switch. You will get some form or "credit" for the price of your old house, translated into the new system.
New users will get a starter house as part of the initial tutorial.

2. New houses will start with a basic template, common to everyone. But everyone can extend and upgrade it in their own way.

3. Yes. And Yes.

4. No.

5. No. That may happen in the future, house keys are not related to what we're working on now.

Miso George: you don't need to worry about moving your stuff — that will all be automatic.

Liza Throttlebottom: there will probably be some eventual limit. But, it will get geometrically more expensive to imagine more land so any hard limit will more theoretical than not.

Razzal: you will not able to able to play house-less (just like you are not currently able to play inventory-less or leg-less or energy-less now) but since the house is inside your own mind you'd have to twist yourself into an impossible-to-sustain conceptual pretzel to get to "landlocked peasants" who are "more materialist" because of being "permanently assigned" to "a chunk of real estate".

Saucelah: Group Halls will come after housing (and a few other things) and will make much more sense then.

Joe Blow: in general: to get more space/land, you'll be spending imagination; to get more stuff on the land, you'll be doing discrete project-like work, crafting or trading with other players. Hoarding stuff now will not help you very much (in the long run, having a billion cherries will only be valuable if there is demand among for a billion cherries among the other players).




09 January 2012

Pitchen Lilliputt


08 January 2012


Oh, I've thought about this a lot without much hope, but now Qarl has given permission for his alignment tool to be integrated into the official viewer. Please, LL, jump on this quickly.

Qarl continues to rock.


'Perhaps the biggest shift is that “imagination” is becoming a mechanic. Instead of earning experience points or currency for accomplishing tasks in Glitch, players will earn imagination, which can then be spent to upgrade a character’s skills, for example, or to purchase currency. Not only does imagination fit nicely with the overall theme of Glitch—the game is set in the minds of 11 giants—but it provides wonderful flexibility for gamers to play Glitch how they want.'



With Gratitude

I'd like to thank all the Glitchen of Ur for making my Level 60 party memorable! It was a frenetic two hours of concentrated awesomesauce, and I had a blast.

In particular I'd like to thank a few who worked behind the scenes.

Enjah, thank you, my pal, for all you do and are. You rock.

Umi, of Party of the Month Club, who took my nutty ideas in stride and crafted such a fabulous party that even she was taken by surprise - thank you! Umi was a hard-working, creative, and altogether fab party planner!

biba pants, who stepped in and stylishly juggled comestibles, thank you!

Finlay Linker of Finley's Catering Service - thank you for cooking up a storm and feeding the hungry party hurricane!

I'd like to thank bribling, whose great screenshots document the party. Thank you!

Finally, thank you Humbaba, for allowing me to borrow Ghara Gulley.



Osprey's Lev. 60 Party! by bribling
Osprey's Lev. 60 Party!, a photo by bribling on Flickr.

Osprey's Lev. 60 Party! by bribling
Osprey's Lev. 60 Party!, a photo by bribling on Flickr.

Osprey's Lev. 60 Party! by bribling
Osprey's Lev. 60 Party!, a photo by bribling on Flickr.

Osprey's Lev. 60 Party! by bribling
Osprey's Lev. 60 Party!, a photo by bribling on Flickr.

Osprey's Lev. 60 Party! by bribling
Osprey's Lev. 60 Party!, a photo by bribling on Flickr.

Osprey's Lev. 60 Party! by bribling
Osprey's Lev. 60 Party!, a photo by bribling on Flickr.

Osprey's Lev. 60 Party! by bribling
Osprey's Lev. 60 Party!, a photo by bribling on Flickr.

My Leveling-Up-to-60 Party was a resounding success,. We packed max frenetic activity into two hours that sped by in a flash. Thank you Enjah, Umi, and babi pants, as well as all of Ur who helped me celebrate.


It's interesting to read this article about EVE, keeping Second Life in mind throughout.


Cowell on Aditi...

...with the airship lodges in the trees.


07 January 2012

Hard to remember a few things, but mostly I'm good to go. Spent some time figuring out how to buggy race (alt toggle Action Mode wewt) and this person reminded me how to dance and showed me a few new things. Double tick used to hide gesture chat - not sure it does still.
Didn't spend long; I get tired quickly.


American Politics

“I appreciate all the hard work the Republican legislators are putting into the effort to make them look like extremists,” said Ray Buckley, spokesman for the Democrats. “Saves us the trouble.”

Why is the discussion always, 'Is it wrong to steal? How about if your children are starving and you steal food to give to them?' and never 'Is it wrong to accumulate masses of things you don't need? How about if someone else really is in need of those things?' I'm not making any kind of point (the two things are not opposites anyway) - I am just in a wondering frame of mind.

Just a few minutes ago...


Kingdom Age News

'You freed Nurse Ramsbottom into the wild. '



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06 January 2012

'It's a world of mystery.'



So I think I might watch It Came from Kuchar, 'Recommended based on your interest in: Jesus Camp, Midnight Cowboy and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure' lol

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Netflix made a personal recommendation for me. They think I'd enjoy this film: 'Jon, who's just been diagnosed with AIDS, reluctantly opens his home to a similarly afflicted homicidal drifter named Luke.'and also one in which, 'Two young lesbian criminals kidnap a heavy-set girl in Buenos Aires.'

I'm not saying I couldn't like a film with a homicidal drifter, just that it's repellant rather than attractive, so the film would start out with a deficit.

Usually it will say something like, 'This recommendation is based on your enjoyment of Kagemusha, Annie Hall, and Good Hair' or something, but I'm not sure what the reasoning for these was.



Glitch Wag Drops Spice On Stoot for Stoot-Poop Emulation



I was trying to stay 59 until Sunday but got an unexpected achievement *red face* erm... 'Captain of the Anti-Temperance League -Dutifully distilled 3331 Hooches in your back yard'... Really that's not all THAT much hooch... Anyway I turned 60 (the level cap) and I forgot to get a screenshot :-D

Jan 6 12:18:41AM Your name is whispered in disapproving tones by stern-looking teetotallers in big hats, but drinkers everywhere are grateful for your dutiful service. Unless you distilled all 3331 Hooches to drink yourself, in which case: Woah, dude. Prost!

Jan 6 12:18:41AM Woo! you've reached level 60!!!

Jan 6 12:18:41AM You have reached 3700 favor points with Grendaline. Get to a shrine and collect your emblem!

Jan 6 12:18:41AM You have reached 4500 favor points with Humbaba. Get to a shrine and collect your emblem!

Jan 6 12:18:41AM You have reached 4300 favor points with Lem. Get to a shrine and collect your emblem!


05 January 2012



What Next, a Rick-Roll Clam?

'UK scientists have found an array of new species living around volcanic vents on the Southern Ocean floor south-east of South Georgia. The haul includes a new type of yeti crab that researchers dubbed "The Hoff" crab when they first saw it, in honour of the famous American actor David Hasselhoff.'


04 January 2012


Glitch Party!

You Are Invited!

All Ur is invited to my Turning Level 60 party
Ghara Gulley in Rasana
Sunday, 8 January, 2012 @ 2 pm Pacific Time.

(The time in a few different zones is:
New York (U.S.A. - New York) Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 5:00:00 PM EST
London (United Kingdom - England) Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 10:00:00 PM GMT
Bratislava (Slovakia) Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 11:00:00 PM CET
Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) Monday, January 9, 2012 at 9:00:00 AM)

My goal is to provide fun and prizes for all who grace the occasion with their presence. There will be emblems as door prizes, including a grand prize of 11 Cosma emblems, a massing of rainbows (my friend Enjah and I will set out a whole lot all at once for Max Chaos and Fun), a solemn Calling of the Manifold Rubes, a frenzied footrace, an Amorous Philtre-a-thon, cubie races, lots of purp, food, drink, and whatever else I'm forgetting.

Umi is my party maven, and she knows how to have fun, so join us and let's paint Ur red!

No gifts, just come to Ghara Gulley in Rasana and let the fun begin!

To enter the emblem prize drawings you MUST post in the Glitch forum thread!

Umi says: To participate all a person needs to do is post in one of your party threads. I will collect all of the names and post them in a separate thread located on my group forums. Seeing as I don't know how many people will be in attendance, numbers will be assigned in the same order as the replies. If someone really wants to, they can swap numbers with another person if both parties agree. The cutoff time for entering will be at noon PST, two hours before the party starts. The numbers will be drawn by me using a random number generator (




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firemist red

Combat Cards

Blip TV Rocks

So many things to do, so little motivation

Backpacking Burro

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I want to ask for thoughts about improving the world -- what do people need? How can things be organised?