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31 October 2008


Happy Hallowe'en from Os

30 October 2008

There's been a lot of turmoil due to the announcement about Open Space sims, but I'm not sure what else LL could've done (aside from anticipating the problem, which would've saved everyone a lot of grief). Honestly, disregarding the people who misrepresented the OS sims when renting them out, or those who ran businesses on them, it was probably a lovely but brief period when some were able to have a blank canvas to create their own place on the grid. I can hear the raspberries from here when I say that, though, but the pragmatic part of me can only shrug and say, "Well, if they are not feasible they just have to go - at least you had them for a while."

It's easy for me to say that, though, as I have nothing to do with them. Certainly a lot of people sound angry, depressed, or heart-broken; for god's sake BUCK UP and stop being so resistant to change. Where people become unreasonable is when they are shifting large sums of money, though. With my antique Premium membership and a whole $5.00 in additional tier I'm never going to be worth much to LL, but I will preserve my sanity. I have to admit I'm out of patience with the bazillion hard luck OS stories on the forum: ZOMGSTFU >:[ As if there were just ONE way to be happy, or that, had OS sims never happened restless souls would've wandered the earth for all eternity seeking fulfillment in vain.

There's a funny relationship between LL and us that encompasses extreme fanboi/grrls, mild contempt (i.e. "marginal" R Us, suffering in our bad weather and faulty regimes), a distinct lack of trust on the part of customers for the company providing the service, a batten-down-the-hatches attitude on the part of the vastly outnumbered company people, customers believing the worst and in some cases inventing scenarios that would be absolutely diabolical if true, the company operating in, as it were, a full complement of dimensions while the customer is left outside the looking glass, and so on. Since this is new ground everything is subject to misapprehension and even beyond that has to be continually reworked and recreated on the fly in the most difficult of ways (with a pitchfork-and-torch wielding mob outside the door for them regardless of what they do, and an unresponsive customer service, distinct lack of communication, + world class lousiness of timing* as the offerings presented to the customers).

One would think that for any customer with enough OS sims to fill out one full server (or more) they should just be able to keep their own company, as it were. Like the sailing sims, for instance, which are something like 180 sims. Although that may not be feasible it certainly SEEMS like it should be ;-D That wouldn't address bandwidth, so maybe it wouldn't help.

A sim that can be terraformed and nothing else? That would be useful for sailing as long as scripts in boats could run. Would need to be very cheap.

I can see a fixed resource sim being sold, too, where the sims arrives with trees and prims and scripts, and to add anything the owner must first delete something. Again, might very well not be possible (not knowing anything means I can propose anything).

In truth I love Second Life, and I know many, many others do, too. I don't think a company focused just on making money would even attempt to deal with the things LL has chosen to deal with. We have created an amazing culture, but all the ways people have used things in unexpected ways (i.e. hoochie hair** and temp rezzing McMansions and 1024x1024 textures***) have made immense technical problems, I'd imagine. And we rarely - maybe this is the only time - have been told to rein our profligacy in.

Added: THIS is the first thread I saw regarding Open Space sims, written back in August.

*6.6.06 being the day the account floodgates opened, and 11 September 06 the day the forums were gelded, for two.
** LOD was a response to that type of thing, I think, as someone in 500 tortured tori could walk by and make everyone's FPS drop to a fraction. Things did look better, before, though, I think, like round things and things that now pop in and out of their highest LOD. I have everything on the highest settings - maybe it's less noticeable on middle settings. I vaguely remember a wedding dress that could crash a sim (different problem, but fulfills the wry adage, "Nothing exceeds like excess.").
*** Occlusion culling was a great advance as before that everything within draw distance was downloaded, even if one couldn't see it.
I suppose that was a reining in, as it was 2048x2048 originally, which was so superhuge (except, maybe, for texture maps) that it was ridiculous.


29 October 2008

Flying away from Mos Ainsley.I was disappointed that the vehicle had closed-perm scripts when even the really fab little spacebug on Privateer Space was totally open - scripts, prims, and all.

28 October 2008

Merry Christmas
Just dragging around unable to focus, so since I can't do anything anyway I decided to go into PE for 5 seconds to keep my account alive. It's been a long time - well, I logged in to a jolly xmas uh... MindArk gift window. What IS that, anyway? I suppose I'll have to go back and see :( (Update: It's a doll.)
I was given a something or other for Christmas and a pair of horns for Hallowe'en. I think males got wings, to judge by everyone I saw. Yes, PE players have wings, now, but it's all a fake as they can't fly.Things were a bit different - well, they looked funny. I just took out a bit about forgetting the UI since actually I hadn't forgotten it, even the kb shortcuts, but it just feels like I SHOULD forget it heh.
I don't mind the beasts but I mind other players for some reason (well, I've been killed by other players). There's a lot of ruthless attempts at scamming, and it has always seemed a training ground for sociopaths to me, but the scenery is nice. Another thing I've always found amusing is the levels; a player strives and raises himself up many levels to be mediocre.
Took FAR longer to write about than to visit.


27 October 2008

I went to ahkenatan's Primouth* island to take pictures for the Drive poster. As soon as we do the awards for the last contest I'll send this out. "Drive" as a contest theme is Enjah's idea, and of course doesn't need to involve cars.
*Seeing the old cars made me think of a variety of things including shifting on the column, which was nice (I just had one car, a Holden, that worked that way), and a million odd memories of a million cars from childhood to now that I won't bother to write down.


26 October 2008


Terraforming Bombardment
I've seen the Linden World video a few times, which shows that long-ago phase in the development of Second Life when terraforming was done with bombs, water was deformable, and simple creatures roamed the land. Terraforming in Spore is reminiscent - bombs away.

I don't like the gameplay (but it's done anyway, more or less) but I like doing three things: fixing up planets, making creatures into huge monsters, and buying lots of planet busters then blowing everybody up and not saving the game. Next I'm going to make a nice planet then embiggerate about 30 creatures to see what happens. /me hopes they'll fight.

Offline IMs Sent to Email
[17:04] Someone I Don't Know: hello
[17:07] Someone I Don't Know: hahahah your awesome

Well... THANKS!*

* or whatever

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The Green Butchers

"I can't sell Bjarne's pate - it tastes like jockstrap. And your marinade and meatballs aren't flying over the counter."
"My marinade may need some work, but don't disparage my meatballs."

Another black comedy from Anders Thomas Jensen, recommended by Candide, who has good taste in films and whose acute sensibilities enable him to refrain from blogging.


25 October 2008

Karuna told me to rush over and watch The Wall, which I did. On my return to the Snakepit some Wall textures persisted for a minute. When I took a snap the view cleared.


I <3 Ambat
I need to replace the poseballs at Ambat (which ran off long ago), but it is sweet to see impromptu gatherings in the tent like this one, spotted by Ozymandias when he teleported home (he lives on the top of the main tentish thing to guard Ambat) just now after investigating myrl.


LOVE Shall Conquer
Oh, yes - I'd forgotten about LOVE - a brief mention of which was on Massively back in February, which included a bit of vid, until they brought it up again.
"Every once in a while you have one of those unique experiences where you catch a glimpse of inspirational human intelligence. We were lucky enough to have such an experience at GDC in the hour we spent with Eskil Steenberg, the gifted programmer behind the fledgling one-man MMO project, Love. Once you get past the stage of incredulity at the idea that anyone would even attempt to create a massive game as a solo effort in the age of WoW-sized development and content teams, you start to get a window into exactly why this work in progress is unusual, preciously unique and extremely exciting."
Massively compared the look of LOVE to the film Waking Life, which is visually seductive to say the least, but the more interesting thing about it is the way the game changes according to what players do.
The first official-and-for-public-consumption trailer is HERE.

I'm a fan of Tale of Tales, and this looks to be something I'd like as well.

The visual beauty makes me think of legends and myth in the way it's both clear and unclear - iconic in shapes so the details, which we can see in our mind's eye, don't need to be laid out. The building tools seem to operate in a way that has choice and randomness rolled together, which I like. I can imagine getting my far-flung friends and relatives involved to meet inside LOVE, as they are not gamers and would not enjoy standard MMO fare, yet might see the benefit to online closeness where no physical proximity is possible, in a game that will adapt to them rather than vice versa.


24 October 2008

I was looking for something else and found this old screenshot of the Logathon in '05.


23 October 2008

Further Explorations in Search of Magellan
Gathering at the Explorers' meeting place. Note protective suits.The briefing by Salazar.
The Atomic Borer (I thought I had that category sewn up).
I look short.
We explored a wee bit under the sea, but not a lot. A theory was proposed that the island kingdom used crystal beams to lure ships within striking distance.
The crystals made me feel slightly odd. Headachey.
True to the name "Silent," a mole crept up upon me and seemed anxious to have us go away.
"Cagey" might've been a good name, too - this mole knows secrets, I think, that we'd like to know, too, but isn't telling.
/me makes a mental not to check her toes for webbing.
An aeronaut in the next sim. the temple sim's t.d. fluctuated between .7 and 1 - so upon reaching the temple sim the plane went into a tailspin.
Discussing Findings.
There is more to be discovered.
And later on -
Mari cleverly figured out that the yellow boxes on the Philipian amphorae were prims.
Minoan-style objects abound.


22 October 2008
There's a new bug - it's a bad one. Apparently prims have been turning from the user-defined shape and texture to become an orange prim, roughly spherical, with what some people have described as "a face." I'm not sure what that means - a flat area? Dunno. But clear cache and - this is what I would do - rebake.


This morning at Frank's:
Me: My blog just turned six. I've always kept journally-type things - well, if you look in the early ones they have entries like, "I played in the woods all day."
Frank: Do you write on your blog about playing in the woods?
Me; No, I write, "JF THAT FRANK did such-and-such."
Frank: Heh.

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Although I wouldn't consider myself a good verbal communicator, I've been writing drivel keeping journals of some kind or another since I was single digits old. My family is very bookish* but everyone else** had written words going one way - in - and I had them both coming and going. I was the letter-writer (and plenty of people to write to since only part of my immediate family was even in the same hemisphere), too, and writing billions of letters seemed perfectly ordinary, although I think it's not been the usual thing at all in my lifetime. My sketchbooks are full of drawings and written ideas for paintings, as well as anything else that I wanted to note; although any kind of artwork is something one does without words and in a non-verbal and timeless place, jotting down words to expand on a hastily scrawled idea is useful.

Although I still hate eating without feeding text into my eyes, it's been more difficult to read lately because I hadn't a clue how much of reading is physical until turning a page became difficult. Mostly at the moment I'm reduced to reading the New Yorker and Smithsonian and tons of online things of varying quality. Both reading and writing have their visual element; I absolutely loathe being read to*** as it removes the visual element that you'd think would stand in the way but instead allows transmission of ideas from the author to the reader without clouding the imagination. That sounds like a "duh" thing to say, but the simultaneous invisibility/visibility is interesting to me. A bit like mouseovers.

* Understatement.
** My sister Deborah would ALWAYS disappear wherever we were (likely to be a used book shop anyway), precipitating a frantic hunt at going home time. It was pointless to call her name, although we did, as she wouldn't hear (or just wouldn't acknowledge ,-- more like her), and we'd inevitably find her, nose in a book somewhere. "Just wait until I finish this chapter." She'd always read in the car, and when I said that made me feel sick she replied, "Yes, well it makes me feel sick, too, I just do it anyway."

***D would like doing that sometimes when I was small (I was quite capable of reading whatever it was myself, but she liked reading aloud).


20 October 2008

A Foray into the World* of the Modern Collector

I've been looking at packaging for Combat Cards, which means surfing for boxes and finding more than I bargained for, like this ebay page instructing one in the best method to store valuable card collections. Note the Pokemon expansion pack pictured, with the exhortation, " Now watch money roll in!!!"

I've always collected things in a very mild, artistic-research way, however my tastes run to things like squashed pencils found in the street, Things Shaped Like Houses**, souvenirs, doll shoes***, and weird old pre-1965 glasses that have things like Havana and Santa Anna Bowling Lanes printed on them. There is nowhere to buy special plastic boxes made especially for Things Shaped Like Houses, and no one has ever, I would wager, said, "Collect squashed pencils - then watch the money roll in!!!"

In common with everyone else, I collected rocks when I was a child, and my oldest possesion is a rock. It's quartz - a small brick-sized thing, and is sitting on my hall table. I tend to stick with things ;-D

Truthfully I haven't added to any collections in years; at some point just seeing a pencil in the street, squashed, and noting its shape, length, condition, characteristics, was enough. I didn't need to bring it home. Bringing things home wore off for me long ago; perhaps it does for everyone.

On my travels I did find THIS though - billed as "GIANT microbes."

* I was going to say 'anal-retentive world" but decided not to be so mean. One can see by the photograph that I've nothing to feel superior about.

**For instance a workman gave me a wooden peg that had been used to lay out the new Wa He Lut after the old was washed away in a flood. It's a pointed stick, so turn it upside down and it's shaped like a house.
*** Less a collection than the accidental acquisition of a few pairs.

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19 October 2008

My blog has turned six years old.

18 October 2008


ZOMG Good show just now. Everyone was terrific, if you don't count Adfarm, where first I had the set too low (and I can't see anything in my costume) then everyone started too early. It was fun, though, and the audience was one with the performers :-D

An audiencemember tried to liberate the Humans, I gather, which made another audiencemember say he was going to get reported for griefing =======:O People have hair triggers these days. If the entire show erupted into chaos it would be ok with me, as long as it was fun. I AM the person who gave out rotten tomatoes for people to throw, after all.

I had less to do than last time, which was very, very nice. Last time I had to fill in a lot.

During Beauty and the Beast I accidentally teleported and fell off the stream, so had to tp back and close the curtain without knowing where it was in the act. Heh - was a bit late closing but more from waiting to see where I was than arriving late.

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"The Year My Parents Went on Vacation" is a film about a boy sent to live with his grandfather in 1970 Sao Paolo when Brazil's political oppression causes his parents to flee. A good film.


THIS is a totally absorbing thread. As pointed out on SS forums.

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17 October 2008

I've had the Allegretto portion of Beethoven's 7th running through my head thanks to The Fall :-D

It would be fun to have a yak ballet to this piece of music, since Sir Thomas Beecham referred to the 7th Symphony by saying,"What can you do with it? It's like a lot of yaks jumping about."

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Well, The Fall was visually arresting, but felt rather incomplete, like it began at 1 and with great flash and self-importance wound up at 1.000001. I noticed in the credits that it's based on a Bulgarian film from 1981 called Yo Ho Ho, which sounds as though, perhaps, it would be better.

The child in The Fall was wonderful, though.


16 October 2008

In "The Fall" there's a scene at the same Balinese site that had the monkey chanters in "Baraka." It's obviously drawn from that memorable event then twisted a bit to fit the quirky storyline of this film.


15 October 2008

Going out of my mind with Kitty's audio. Not her fault but twice I've broken the uploader Candide made for me, and it feels like TSMGO's audio is in jeopardy.

I had a note from the printshop man saying he thinks the cards may print tomorrow and ship Monday.

It's a degree above freezing every night lately.

I'm watching The Fall, which is interesting (I'm only about ten minutes into it).


14 October 2008

Spacepulp at Dark Roasted Blend


Wish Us Luck
Doc started working on Sim Combat, then about a year later I joined* him, in January '06, and we turned Sim Combat into Combat Cards. We've been slogging away ever since - with ups and downs, a video, the move to Spangle (where I met Young), the move back to Europa, tournaments, billions of dueling events, and now finally - just in time to need to redo the video - we are going to real life.

I ordered the first batch of real life Combat Cards last week - Tuesday - but had mailed a reverse proof on Monday. Until I see them I won't know what needs tweaking. /me hopes it won't be much. The color thing is supremely difficult: I did many, many trips to Kinko's in the summer, having a trial sheet printed, then coming back and tweaking levels, going for another trial print, tweaking, etc. Anyway, I ordered, and talked to the POD man, and waited...

...then I didn't hear anything for several days, so I sent an email... waited... then sent another and got a reply today that felt like ice breaking as the spring thaw frees the river (I know it was just a week, but it felt long).

Finally: "Color sheet arrived. Your card designs look great. We've had a small backup on orders as everyone seemed to have wanted to put orders in within the same few day spread this past week. But we're set up into our new retail store and better equipped now to handle larger volumes of card orders, so we'll get caught up quickly. We'll be ready to run your job by mid week."

If the cards arrive looking the way I want them to look I'm going to spend about four hours looking at them lovingly. And probably ring up the Monsters and make them come over and play. Can't wait. I feel badly that Doc won't be able to see them when they arrive, though.

* Doc posted to the forums looking for people to get involved with his game. It sounded like a good idea, so I posted, "Good idea," then hung back and waited to see if dozens of volunteers were forthcoming; when they weren't I stepped up myself.


13 October 2008

Nova Albion group meet at the arch.
Bay City group meet at the airship tower.
'burbs group - tba

Parade to the middle of the Shermerville Bridge then jump in.

Be weird.
No one is quite weird enough for my taste.

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11 October 2008

The Return of Ava

Nice Person: Your product "Ava Box w Poseball - click ball to change pose" is very good! nice work!
Me: Oh, thank you - it was made just for fun. I had a few whacky gatherings where everyone became an Ava or a Tab (male version). I do hope someone didn't sell it to you - it was free.
Nice Person: It was not found, and got it from the friend though it searched for your shop because the friend was putting it on his land. It is really lovely.
Nice Person: It is not thought that want you to make the product that looks alike to it again.


Anj says:
"Sunday - Hooray the day had come. We went whale watching on a 10 metre catamaran. We had an eight hour tour and got to see a New Zealand fur seal (a long way from home), some dolphins, six whales (including calves), birds and a dugong. Caitlin was a bit seasick. She felt a bit better after a little sleep. The whales were beautiful. One came right in front of the boat and Ryan had the perfect vantage point. He had been standing right on the end of the bow (king of the world –ish) almost the whole day. We were given a beautiful morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. It was truly a wonderful day. All exhausted we had pizza for tea and lazed about like beached whales."


Historias Minimas (2002)
Historias Minimas is a good little film from Argentina, directed by Carlos Sorin, that follows three separate characters drawn to the same town in windswept southern Argentina. The stories are simple but affecting; the characters are motivated by human needs such as forgiveness and love that are common to us all.


10 October 2008

For Ida:
The Knitted Digestive System


Palin violated Ethics Act by abusing powers in a personal feud, an Alaska legislative committee has found.

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ILoveSketch from Seok-Hyung Bae on Vimeo.

09 October 2008

The weather report says it's to be close to freezing tonight, and even closer tomorrow night. The low tomorrow is predicted to be 33º ========:O

The Republicans are busy tampering with the voting process again. I have no clue why people weren't in the streets after the last presidential election and ABSOLUTELY no effing clue why they think another election is going to turn things around.

Just one thing they are doing is using foreclosure data to deny voting rights to people who have lost their houses in the current mortgage crisis. They have a full bag of tricks including intimidation of people going to vote, purging voter rolls, throwing away any ballots they declare unreadable, and demanding particular identification proof on the spot that wasn't specified ahead of time.

Donetta Davidson, secretary of state of Colorado, removed the names of one out of five voters in that state. George Bush then made her head of the Election Assistance Commission.

These are exactly the same things they have been doing since the Gore-Bush race, and probably before. Look elsewhere for democracy.

08 October 2008

The Babysitter

It's time for bed! You won't go to bed without a story? Really? I'll tell you a story.
Once upon a time there was a secret room in a house just like this one. Only one person had the key to the locked door, and she hid inside the room day and night. She would listen to the family laughing and talking beyond the walls, but she never showed herself to them. It made her feel sad and left out; after a while she started to hate them.
One day she heard everyone leave except for one person who said, "Goodbye! Tell Auntie Elizabeth I love her! I'll see you tomorrow!" The woman's voice sounded so warm and friendly that she lost her fear and decided to go out of the secret room.It was a surprise for the woman to learn that a stranger had been living on the other side of the wall! Later she brought her new friend back to see her secret room. They drank tea and laughed about silly things, and vowed to be friends for the rest of their lives.Now she would never be alone again. She would always have her friend to keep her company.
She knew that when the rest of the family returned she'd have more new friends. She could hardly wait! She wondered why she had waited so long.Next time she had the chance to make a friend she would smile and introduce herself right away.
All right, time for bed.

The Avatar Experience show (that my machinima is in) opens 10 October.


Return of the Prodigal SOB

Old Pal: :D
Osprey Therian: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
Old Pal: hahah
Osprey Therian: WoW?
Osprey Therian: or Spore?
Osprey Therian: lol
Old Pal: i quit wow like
Osprey Therian: EVE?
Old Pal: 4 weeks ago
Old Pal: and yes i have been plaing spore
Old Pal: haha
Osprey Therian: Me too.
Osprey Therian: I'm a bit bored now tho. (after two days)
Osprey Therian: Space is lind of boring to me.
Old Pal: same
Osprey Therian: *kind
Osprey Therian: I liked cities
Osprey Therian: I had a big airforce
Old Pal: i feel like they should have made civ mode more expansive
Osprey Therian: yeah
Old Pal: it was good but like not command and conquer good
Osprey Therian: heh
Old Pal: omg my computer blows ass nowadays
Old Pal: its a good game tho
Osprey Therian: You sticking around in SL now?
Old Pal: sl rapes it
Osprey Therian: yes
Old Pal: im about to
Old Pal: i miss it haha
Osprey Therian: SL needs a new puter every 2 years.
Old Pal: yeah haha

This old friend was a beta player who got banninated very early on, then came back but missed the beta atmosphere so much he moped around and finally left... a couple of years ago. This bears out what I always say - people return when their lives have room for SL. Sometimes it just needs them to become old enough to understand it. Once the pathway is known people come and go as they wish - it isn't necessary to tie them to a prim in order for them to count, any more than a person walking out Starbuck's door can no longer be counted as a Starbuck's customer.


You'd think that if androids become common then the human sense of smell will be more important than ever - especially if they are meant to pass as meatpuppets.


07 October 2008


06 October 2008

Fearmongering for Fun and Profit

Martial Law
Rather shocking that members of congress are being scared into voting for things the administration wants, but of course, they don't need to fall for it.

05 October 2008

Mythic Mith

04 October 2008

I've never actually made it to the burning of the man at Burning Life - not in four years. I haven't tried very hard at all. The first year, when I had a garden of plants from another planet, I remember Salazar's hyper-perspective scene with big trees zooming down to leetle trees was not far from me. There was a huge grave (and hand) which said "Beauty" I think, and depicted the death of beauty after beta. Lordfly had a tall tower. There was also a kind of jetsonian thing that had a teleport to outer space. Oh, a lot of things. Siggy had the museum facade where you entered through the frame into The Scream (which had just been stolen). At least I think that was 2004 - could've been 2005.

I think in though that in 2005 he had that giant ball-drop machine, though. I remember Cory Edo had a huge jeweled chain thing. Weedy Herbst had a mammoth radio. Jessica Qin had a pyramid with lots of symbols, and maybe, chess. There have been a lots of interesting BL builds over the years. I've never made it to the burning part, but the life part I had down pat.

Human Age

"Pillage was cancelled for tonight..."

Yay! That means people were moved back to defense (where I am) so I probably won't get pillaged by a marauding tribe at update! w00t!

After trying to raise my XP by accepting fights I knew I'd lose (my heart sank every time I had to face off against someone with mass XP, weight, and serious weapons, as I'm light, have low XP, and had the weapons available for low XP fighters: crap, in other words) I've just now broken 200 XP and bought a semi-decent weapon.

03 October 2008

Bamika (aka Kitty) is looking for fashion show models -for Victorian fashions to be worn in a show she's organising at Rivet Town (which is another one of those fun places to go) taking place the 17th at 3pm.

Also - if anyone has any pertinent information on DJing, or can DJ, or can advise her on setting up to DJ - IM Bamika Easterman in Second Life. My knowledge of such is nonexistent. I wondered if a new DJ might be found who just wishes to have a bit of practise.

During The Rings someone emailed out of the blue and asked me if I could make a Harpo-esque horn, so after the crash plonked me onto the Eleanor's roof I made that and sent it to her.


It ended then the sim crashed (quite an accomplishment these days).


The Rings
It's very well done, and I agree with it, but I'm not much of a spectator so I am bored.

After the show note: I have a terrible time with anything that wants to take control of my camera, as the thing is instantly just a video to me, and my input and presence is not required (so I was writing my blog, fiddling in Photoshop, talking to the Harpo horn person, etc. with all the programs playing at once on my screen and one eye on The Rings). Their use of color was nice - it was all well done. It was weird to me to see the Heinz Edelmann-esque Beatles and yellow submarine as it felt like those four men had been somehow warped over time into - what? Cartoon figures? Symbols?



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