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23 March 2003


I knew it.

22 March 2003


14 March 2003

I just got a robot vacuum cleaner that will vacuum by itself. I'm charging the battery now -- I'll see tomorrow how it works. The Salvadoran place was ok-ish. Con, Dave, E, Deb, and unaccountably Sab and his goil, the grand-daughter of Counterpoint Books, daughter of Orca Books, all came. I told her I wanted to order the weirdest thing on the menu because I didn't give a fuck. I had the fried plantain with sour cream, pinto beans, and salad. Best fried plantains I've ever eaten. I should just order weird things from now on. More interesting than not, I guess. Frank (jin shin man) was there. I saw him, too, at Bowling 4 Columbine. I don't think I'd ever seen him "out" before that. I went to the toilet at the restaurant, and when I opened the door to come out there were 6 or 7 fresh-faced and nervous people smiling at me, all wearing matching shirts. "We're here to support you," they said, "We've always admired your work." I said how gratified I was, and that I was getting misty-eyed. They were a comedy-improv group waiting to go onstage at Traditions. So, that was my day -- improv group, fried plantain, robot vacuum cleaner.

13 March 2003

I'll just make things instead of writing. Is it too late to become a mime? A mime who doesn't move?

08 March 2003

I wanted to write something, but I'm so disheartened I can't.


03 March 2003

I have so many things to do now that I want to run away. Spent some time on the phone with Easy E's job coach, talking about morning services to help her get to work on time (!). And a grief counselor. She approached the conversation warily, as if thinking I'd say, "No way." I said I thought it would good for E to have a way to deal with it as she bottles up her feelings. Having a grief counselor would be good because she tries very hard to do independent "grown-up" things, and that would provide a time and a place -- important for a young woman who is not sure what is appropriate, and when. Things do tend to be all or nothing with her -- she takes what people say as absolute. So when they said her job hours might be altered a little because of the bus schedule -- I can imagine she heard them say "It's no big deal," and that meant something quite different to her than to them. And that lead directly to her leaving work early. "It's no big deal." Indeed. I was telling the job coach about the table situation. How I didn't want my sister to have the table from my Mum's house. Why? Because my mother piled papers on it. I asked E what she'd do if she had it. "I'd pile my papers on it." Uh -- So SJ and Michael got a table with two chairs in Freemont, and Elizabeth can be re-trained. The job coach, Heather, thought that was amazing I'd even thought that way. Let me tell you, I have 36 years experience with my sister -- there's no trick to it. I explained that E was trained to have some old lady ways -- she just picked them up by watching my Mum. But what's good for someone of 79 isn't as appropriate for a 36-year-old. Time for her to get young.

02 March 2003


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I'm updating this blog to surprise Lucia -- I told her that I might let it fade. My mum died 13 February, and I was there -- my older sister, too. I got my Down's Syndrome sister, Elizabeth, into Crowne Pointe, and she moved two days after my mum died. It was very important that her situation was all set -- she patted me on the knee and said, "You have your own place, and I have my own place, and Deborah lives in Pennsylvania. We're all all right." Today was E's 36th birthday, and we had a dinner at a Thai restaurant. E, Deb, Con, Dave, Amanda, Susan, Ann, Chris, Geraldine, Lucia, me. I gave E an Elvis commemorative book and an Elvis card. Lucia and Jim gave her 3 cool Elvis books, one of which was a Nixon visited by Elvis book that was super. Connie and Dave gave her 8 million gel pens last night at dinner at their house -- very nice dinner. Connie just got 2 additional speck-sized dogs -- Chihuahua puppies -- Zoe seemed an elephant in comparison.



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