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31 August 2008

Taco over on Second Survivor posted the link to Fantastic Contraption with a "this is crack" warning.

30 August 2008

The Show Must Go On!
2pm Show at the Eleanor Theatre in Phobos
Event Listing

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28 August 2008

Peebles Iz Talking 2 Meh, Bah

Marilee, whose husband is Pete, rang me yesterday and said, "Were you sleeping?"
I was like wtf?, "Er. It's not even 8pm."
Marilee: blah-blah-blah
me: blah-blah-blah
Marilee: Well, I'll let you go back to bed.
Me: *wtf???*
Me: Um, ok.

I didn't go to bed for another 6 hours. I must've sounded as though I'd been asleep or something... uh... except I hadn't been, I was in SL doing something. I don't even think I SOUNDED asleep - when the phone rang I thought it was probably SJ as she's coming tomorrow, and was ready to leap into an animated conversation punctuated by fawk fawk fawk and loud rowdiness. I'm usually almost as rowdy with Marilee but she threw me for a loop; perhaps it was projection on her part as she had to get up at 3am today I think she said as they were leaving on a roadtrip (hmmmm a park in Utah and on to Cali, etc.).

Tiff came over today. She is in between Mexico and the Dominican Republic as far as trips go. I've been trying to beat her into going to Iceland, but that hasn't panned out.
We had our usual chat about politics.
Tiff: In my world no one is a Republican.
Me: ok
Me: The voting booths should be made so that if someone pulls the lever for mccain it releases poisonous gas.

The Monsters came over on Friday. They'd been to see Radiohead the night before, having driven up on spec and bought tickets outside the venue from a man who couldn't go because "his wife didn't want to go." Uh - strange.

I immediately installed Keats in front of Spore's Creature Creator and had him building creatures happily for ages. Then Susan said he should do something else, and he said, "I want to go in Second Life." I said, "It's over 18," and kicked him into Lively where he spent about 7.45 minutes before running back to Spore. Truthfully I didn't direct him much in Lively as I had forgotten how it works and I keep my memory in my mouse-hand. If I'm not sitting in front of the computer I can't remember things like that I'm not very familiar with. Photoshop I don't need to be in, since it is 75% of my brain.

He has a laptop now, but they have =======:O dial-up (I don't blame anyone for having crap interwebz tubing if they have actual real things they'd rather be doing, however) although I clunk them on the head about it periodically and they may go for the BB soon, I believe. Lucia is recalcitrant and won't install BB as she says she doesn't want to spend time on the computer. Consequently if I want to show her video of something I can't, so she's never seen any of my machinima.

Will have fun with SJ tomorrow although last time she was here I think it took me three days to get over it.

From teh dreaded forums:

"I need more Human Platters for my restaurant. Just lay on the table for $40L a hour. You get a Sushi suit, a notecard with descriptions of the food items on you and a group tag. If someone books you for a private dinner party you get $150L for 90 minutes. Just check with your Manager and create a work schedule. Go to (place) on (sim) to check it out."

27 August 2008


Heh - I was just playing around with shadows when someone rezzed a megaprim on the region.
Music: Haskell Wolfenbarger

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26 August 2008




TimesOnline: 50 greatest Olympic Moments

I only mention it as I was present watching when this happened:
47. Montreal 1976.
Russian fencer Boris Onischenko was disqualified after using a circuit breaker to score points in the epee without touching his opponent. Some suggest he had been using the technology for six years.

As I recall* it was in the Modern Pentathlon, and we were cheering on the British team (I think Nightingale, Fox, and Parker).

It was one of those things where everything stops for an unknown reason while people stand around and talk, then it turns out it was something rather dramatic.

*It's what I remember but it was a long time ago so I might be wrong.

Otono Land

25 August 2008


One of Stan Freberg's commercials.


Flickering Lights
Same director as Adam's Apples - very funny flick.


24 August 2008

An Additional Couple of Pictures From the RFD P2-a-thon
Luc and Siggy
Crowd shot


Picture taken at the P2 Benefit in William
I think the last picture of Lecktor I posted was one in which he was dressed as a cheerleader at Luc's house. It was, I think, around the time of the gelding of the forums when Luc hosted a drum circle and Philip turned up.


23 August 2008

Another great film recommendation from Candide - on Netfilx as a play-now choice:
Adam's Apples


22 August 2008


Here are a few people who were at the infohub when I was called there the other day.


20 August 2008

Emma and Anchor at the Bird Cage in Tombstone watching the play, "The Bank Heist."

Fundraiser Auction
Benefit for Phoenix Psaltery

Saturday, 23 August

In the sim "William"
*my SLurl of the approximate location*

As you may know P2 is in the ICU with renal failure, and he and Sansarya could use community support to help them get through this ordeal.

Auction items include Limited Edition clothing, and clothing created by the late Ginny Talamasca. There will be all-day DJing and probably some whackiness, too.

If you have donations send them to Fundraising Moxie (alt of Katt Kongo).

19 August 2008

Enj gets into he idea of Hell at the photo contest awards.
Me exploring Kalepa. Molly had pointed me to the fantastic-voyagesque game where you chase bacteria in a bloodstream. Very well done, but not pictured here (I misremember why I didn't ake any pictures) but the same person made the undersea in all its diversity.

Lucia sent me a picture of the blue drop. w00t!


This will shake things up :-D

18 August 2008

I forgot to say that last week I was driving past a car wash and a REAL, LIVE Droplette ('cept blue) was on the sidewalk waving and drumming up business. I didn't take a picture but I will transfer the image by virtue of my brain energy into your brain directly if you will sit squarely in front of the monitor and concentate one the screen.


Did you see it? :-DDD


*plays theremin and squints while exhaling slowly*

What do you mean you didn't see anything????? jF Well that's all you get.



LL has just announced the upcoming deployment of 1.24 server code in a rolling restart to happen this week, just as expected. :-D

Army with insignia unaccountably being black underpants.
Futuristic blocky glowy city on Content to Hover. Why does resizing snaps make light effects go away, I wonder.

17 August 2008


Human Age
My Age 1 caveman, Ivka, goes to high school.
Click pic to see.


Periodic Table of Videos

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16 August 2008

Uh... 99 100°

I think I don't believe it.


Four Ospreys
Lucy, Enj, and HBA surprised me at curtain-call time today by masquerading as teh Os. Lucy had a whip, but as I say, I never use a whip, preferring to give a tongue-lashing instead ;D

We were missing Alba, Alazi, Caitlin, and Maxie, but everyone pitched in and did a great job. The audience trickled in but wound up as a respectable number (perfect for the sim) and although we had lag it wasn't debilitating lag. I started the show on time because we might as well respect the people who were here on time rather than hope we'll get others.

We had a wee bit of griefing (see conversation in post below - apparently someone at the show gave him some griefer doodads) but it didn't seem a big deal to me. I don't think anyone was too bothered./me takes up proctology in her spare time, apparently.

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Birth of a Griefer
J: hey
Osprey Therian: hi j
J: hey what are you doing/
J: you free?
Osprey Therian: hah I'm never free
J: oh lol
Osprey Therian: I am trying to get in contact with someone about a machinima project
J: oh
Osprey Therian: then have a show at 2
J: hey do you have any griefing stuff?
Osprey Therian: Any griefing stuff? I don't know what you mean.
J: sabotage
J: stuff that annoys people
Osprey Therian: Uh - no. I'm not a griefer.
J: oh i need some griefing stuff
J: so if you ever find some let me no
Osprey Therian: My advice is not to be a griefer.
J: i no but some guy messed me up bad i and i wanna get himm back
Osprey Therian: Oh, it's better to just laugh and move on.
J: do you still hang out at your secret place we went to that one time?
Osprey Therian: Where was that?
J: idk it was by the ocean
J: you were standing there
J: i did magic
J: there were birds
Osprey Therian: Ohj, that's my place.
Osprey Therian: Isn't secret.
Osprey Therian: I've owned it for 4 years heh.
J: oh
J: are you there now?
Osprey Therian: no
J: oh



Today I feel like dancing
A new rhythm
All people say, when they see me pass
Girl, where are you going?
I am going to dance the Bayon!
Today I feel like dancing
The new rhythm
All people say, when they see me pass
Girl, where are you going?
I am going to dance the Bayon!

Excerpt from ANNA, 1951, Silvana Magnano, as seen in Caro Diario.

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MY FREAKING POWER WENT OUT at about 10:30 and just came on at 1:30 a.m.


15 August 2008

I spent all day Friday filming and editing a piece for ida (ida and Miulew are pictured above with me).

14 August 2008

It was supposed to be 86° but was 98° today. That's 86 upsidedown and backwards. Tomorrow is reckoned to be the hot day, with a high of 90° (they say). I presume it won't be 06° but I'm equally sure it won't be 90° either.

Too hot for me.


13 August 2008

Go and vote for this:

llParcelSay would be AWESOME.
For instance, for the GF skit the talkers could be set to llParcelSay and then no matter how far away the audience is they would see the chat, and it wouldn't need to be shouted over the entire sim.

Died Young, Stayed Pretty

I want to see this documentary. /me takes off her shoe and pounds Netflix. There used to be a place where one could suggest titles of films for Netflix to offer. I didn't see it last time I was inflamed with passion about a film (I didn't have any luck with it anyway), but I suppose I'll sashay around the Nedfligs site and see if it pops out at me or is definitely gone.

I wish they'd carry Honey Moccasin - I'd love to see that. Of course, I've been waiting a billion years, but seeing it would stroke the lush texture of my relentless desire. <-- I get 2pts for incorporating the poetry generator line.


Michel de Broin


12 August 2008

The power company was replacing some of its rotting infrastructure today, and I was notified my trizzities would poop out at 8am and return at 4:30. I knew that was their big, fat estimate so wasn't surprised when my power was still on at 10am, but I got on and off the puter quickly and ten minutes later was powerless. It came back on about half an hour ago, though, so unless it goes out again I am getting off lightly.

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11 August 2008


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/me uninstalls Weblins. I think its sound was created by the same person who did sounds for PloppSL.

KPN Island

10 August 2008


Just for Luceh - A Visit to the Trance Merchant



The Homeric

Old-ification online at Wanokoto Labs.
As seen on Lifehacker.

I bought a 1T external harddrive* on a whim** the other day, and I must say it's useful. I set it up on a firewire port, threw a lot of video on it and waited to see how it felt (as in, could I trust it). Feels fine, so I deleted a lot off my internal drive and for some things save directly to the external one. For the first time in ages I have 260 free gigs*** on my computer, and more gets moved each day.

I am a bit packratty but it's because I get people contacting me saying, "You know that X you did for me in 200x? Could you change the x?" Or for, say, the Combat Cards video. CC is now totally different. I hung on and hung on to the video components because I felt at some point it would need a redo and starting from scratch is a pain. If all goes well I'll be able to replace the card images, swap out part of the soundtrack with new, and add/condense a few things, then rebake to a higher quality than was useable on yootoob back in the day.

*Most of my shopping is either accomplished in 3-5 minutes or not accomplished at all, since it tires me incredibly.
***includes 19gigs of video I just shot of the Bitstream Boogie trio.


Things are moving along...

Here's an absorbing 8 page review of Nvidia PhysX, which is a development that brings physics into games in a nice way. The description of using cores and cards separately sounds very, very cool. Nvidia is on top of things, it seems.

/me wants to go play in the fluids demo.


09 August 2008

Osprey's Act Idea of the Day

It's especially relevant since ads and adfarms and billboards are a huge issue being discussed at the moment.


Shindig! at Raglan Shire
Zayn set the simcap at 67 and it maxed out with Tinies in a party mood :D We always enjoy the audience chat during our Raglan Shows as Tinies are funny, good-hearted, and witty - at least the Raglan Shire residents are.
After the show we danced and danced. The lag was JUST bearable and poor Alonso was borked thoroughly. The curtain was affected in a big way: touch it to open/close and a minute later it slowly began moving, which was hard to deal with. I messed up Caitlin's act by being so focused on the big curtain that I never opened the little one ===:O however there's always SOMETHING.

The performers were JUST EXCELLENT - with no group IMs working (as usual) I just ran the music and they needed to be ready and begin, which they all were, coping with all the awfulness along the way like crashes, curtain doing teh weirdness, etc.

A suggestion from the audience: Have a transparent prim for them to focus on so their camera view isn't wisked away with the set or curtain. That's something I hadn't considered - but can be easily done.

08 August 2008

Artist-made skins for things like iphones and
laptops (wouldn't they hold the heat in, though?) HERE.

A collection of opening ceremony pictures,
of course, over on The Big Picture.


I installed Weblins as it's talked about on the Avatar homepage (that Italian museum show I'm in).

Remember that little Evis everyone installed on their 'puters for about 17.45 hours about five or ten years ago? He would run around and act Elvis-y and was good for a laugh, but got tiresome quickly. Weblins is exactly like that only there is a person behind every little uh... avatar. I was talking to some people today, and it was semi-amusing for 8.45 seconds, but I foresee me uninstalling it in the very near future.

Yesterday almost every login put me at a hub of some kind, in a gigantic pile-up of avatars. It went away, but was back I think, or at least thing were jumping at Ambat this morning.

K: hi =- just wanted to let you know that "avatar name" is standing at the landing point of your infohub Bloodline Biting EVERY SINGLE avatar that rezzes in - terribly annoying

Me: The person bitten has to give permission through a drop-down notice. It may be annoying, but it doesn't seem like a big deal. Thank you for letting me know about it, though. There seems to be some kind of routing issue - I wind up with my log-ins being routed to hubs - I think it's just causing a temporary pile-up. Best to tp away using a landmark.


Reverse 'HTML on a Prim'

It's prims in HTML.

As seen in New World Notes.

07 August 2008

Poetry from the Clematis Island poetry generator,
edited a little bit.

Here's to Oblivion from Alabama

I am a rock
standing... utterly wrong.

The lush texture of my relentless desire
to melt into untouchable
was dissolving... isolated.

With a blunt object
take over tomorrow.
Could you please melt into concrete?

06 August 2008

Hiroshima Day, and My Sister's Birthday
I just rang her. She says life is boring.
Richard said, "Don't believe her!"

Deborah and I talked about liquorice, libraries, laptops, laundry, and their upcoming trip to Virginia, which doesn't start with an ell, but is definitely 'ellish.

I told Richard about Sam and he said, "What did he do?" I said I hadn't asked and didn't really care, and that, in fact he might be SHOCKED* to hear this, but a young Native** man could wind up in jail even if he had done nothing. Richard said, in mock shock, something like, "I've never HEARD of such a thing!"
*Richard is Black.
**I ran an art program for gifted students at Wa He Lut Indian School for 16 years. It wavered from a day to two days a week.

I just got a call from a prisoner (an old student) at the Thurston County Jail - I had to go through a lot of "push 0 to accept this call" and "push 1 to agree to these conditions" before the line opened out.
Me: Sam?
Sam: Yeah
Me: How are you?
Sam: I'm ok.
Me: You're in the lock-up?
Sam: Yeah, I was hoping you could bail me out.
I explained that I couldn't but asked who I could call for him.
Sam: I tried calling Mr. M.
Me: What happened?
Sam: The call didn't go through [Was not accepted]. I tried calling Miss A, too.
Me: I haven't seen her for years. I'll call Mr. M. What do you want me to say?
Sam: If he could come bail me out.
Me: You're at Thurston County Jail? Where is that?
Sam: You know where the courthouse is...
Me: Yeah, yeah. Ok, bye.
Sam: Bye.

Or something like that. Then I called the Monsters, and (they had refused the call as they couldn't understand the recorded name) after that wound up telling S that K would like roboblox and Spore's Creature Creator. They are off to SF any day now but will come out here when they return.

Then Sam called again and asked me to call another old student of mine, so I did. He's going to call back in a minute, which I hope is the last time, heh.


ZOMG ANTS!111!! O.o ========:[]

I love THIS ONE, too.

Candide pointed this site out to me, and while far from new, it was new to me.

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Saturday's show is at Raglan Shire.

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For some reason when I got up the name Mo Udall popped into my head, which felt like something random floating in from the aether since I know nothing but the name. I just looked at the news a second ago, which had something about Obama possibly choosing a vice president, mentioning Evan Bayh, and the article referred to Mo Udall, who was a V.P. candidate of the past. Elapsed time from name pop to reading article: about ten minutes.

There you have it - information floats in the aether and sometimes my radar picks it up, but it doesn't mean anything, particularly.

05 August 2008


The Great Office War from Runawaybox

04 August 2008

I was very surprised* to see a prim version of the battleship Yamato in Second Life. The Yamato was the largest battleship ever built, I think.

* very, very

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02 August 2008


Originally uploaded by Molly Montale

Molly Montale took a few pictures of our performance today. It all went well - aside from me closing Cait's curtain too fast and a few flying sets (they seem to just pop up by themselves I think so I wound up giving them a scriptectomy ). We tried hard to limit the audience which worked, and lag was about at the limit we can stand with a mere 40 in the sim. We numbered (/me takes off her shoes) 12 with Persephone so 28 were audiencemenbers.

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Wilby Wonderful is another good, small "watch it now" flick from Netflix. I was quite startled to see one of the actors as he's a dead ringer for one of my alts.


01 August 2008


I made a Supercollider Dance today.



Too many legs but I liked it that way.


The Big Picture has a collection
of pictures of the big collider.

A Nearwig Especially for Lucy

I'll try and make a closer version of an earwig later.




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