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31 March 2004

News From Chile: Letter from Tiff
Well now we´ve lived the dream-rafting and hiking in
the Andes. We went to the most beautiful National
Park where there were mountains, lakes, and
waterfalls. We weren´t going to hike but we had all
day and slowly step by step, we went eight miles and
gained almost 3,000 feet which was quite a herroic
effort by Brad--his collapsible cane helped--I´m going
to get one. I think the scenery was just so inspiring
it really got him up the mountain to the higher lakes.
We went with German tourists. Southern Chile has two
languages, German and Spanish. It is funny to see so
many obviously ex-patriot (couple of generations
removed) Germans speaking only Spanish-but of course
they were born here. I even helped a girl that spoke
only German last night. It was fun to use my limited
German again.
Chile is very European--Spottlessly Clean--Good
Food--Excellent Transportation--Reliable Schedules,
etc. Everyone is very polite--but it lacks the
hiarious warmth of the countries I visited with more
indigenous cultures. I think Northern Chile is quite
different but I didn,t go there. There are flowers
planted everywhere here with little German Bavarian
houses. Its really obviously a very loved and
treasured countryside--much like Bavaria. Very much a
cut above Santiago which also is very clean and seems
quite prosperous, but dull. It does have a great
subway system though.
Even the highways here are clean.
Tonight we are going to a place with 9 natural
hotsprings near the river-each with a different
temperature. I think it will be an almost full
moon--but if like last night pouring rain. I never
saw such rain as last night.
Why do all these country,s have better public
transportation than us?
I´m having a blast talking politics. Other people are
sure ready for a change in ours.

Isn't That Kute
Someone, citing patriotism as a reason, has named a baby "Amerika," which just goes to prove it's been a long time since the 1960s. And who remembers Abbie Hoffman, anyway?

The paper says: They wanted to choose a name, she said, because they knew it would be several months before they would be able to communicate. They knew there was also a chance he might not return home.

For a girl they chose America, but spelled it with a "k."

"We're both patriotic," * said. "We wanted the child's name to represent him in some way. I knew he loves this country as much as he would love his own daughter."

Could've Knocked
I got up at 7, so there's really no excuse for me to be wandering around the house with no trousers on at 9:30...
There's only a thin trickle of water so I couldn't take a shower...
I was sorting through income tax papers and doing things like that that don't require trousers...
I never thought a man would walk into my house from the garage...
As we all know I'm quite frequently wrong...

Actually, I think that until I moved here no one has ever walked into my house before -=-

30 March 2004

Coming home from work today... about 4pm

27 March 2004

Able To Leap Short Buildings in a Single Bound
I had to go to E's last night to fix her computer -- she'd called me on Thursday to say she was having a problem with her Internet connection. She goes EVERYWHERE in her computer -- sometimes that makes things not work. I told her it was her computer -- it was her choice to change things -- but if she does something might not work. She made me dinner (well, heated a thing in the nuker). She offered me something, and I could tell it was something she was offering because she didn't like it. I made her tell me/offer me EVERYTHING, but then I chose the original thing, since I didn't really care what I ate. I just wanted her to be polite. We played Scrabble, and E led off with "beers," with great glee. On the TV as we played was "Working Girl," which I saw when it was new. I kept howling with laughter every time I saw a computer. E knew the dialog by heart -- which is rather chilling. Then the old Superman came on, and I had to explain that George Reeves was not Christopher Reeve's father. I haven't seen that old thing for many moons. When they said, "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound," I think the building they show has shrunk in the 30 years since I last saw it. Amazed, I said, "It's not even TALL," and E laughed.

Came home and stayed up until 2:30 in There, having various adventures. At about 2:25 I went to see the Aussie bar I found last week (with no one in it). It was full of people but I just had to get offline.

The number of evil-doers out there seems to me to be increasing, and the attacks against my computer have increased. Also, the infected emails I'm receiving come in clumps -- this week has been bad. Why can't people just be nice? Humpf.

I feel like I don't have enough wasabi and I might run out. I mean, I DO have two tubes, neither of which is empty -- but I just FEEL as though I need more. I think I'd better go to the wasabi store (also good for spring rolls and black fungus). Maybe I need to go now.

26 March 2004

News.. well, what passes for it... Have to go and beat on E's puter tonight as she called me last night to say she had a problem. I was SO happy that I didn't have to go to work today, as now the day following my jin shin is just hell on wheels. Rosanne emailed and said she has been put on full-time as a parapro, and had bought a ticket to go to Thailand for two months, leaving July 26th. Am now doing updates for b5th, and have been feeling my way around that particular system. Looking for any old copy of the photo I took for Looper's last book... so far no luck, but I'm awash in CDs, so it's here somewhere. Lost Mercedes -- she left school. Boo hoo. E says she can lift 150 lbs.

Tiff and Brad Are in Chile

We figured out the subway immediately so the city was
ours. We made the traditional pilgrimage to the Plaza
de Armas and the City Cathedral. The best church was
a smaller church of St. Francis. Everyone had put up
pictures of their dogs and cats with prayers all
around the statue of St. Francis. We visited one
church built in 1572. It kind of looked it.
The next day we went to Valparaiso. It´s hills and
hills and more hills. The houses all march up the
surrounding mountains in every color you can imagine.
We rode scarey old antique funiculars that seemed to
be hanging by a thread off the cliffsides. We had a
wonderful French lunch in a dingy little cafe because
we thought it would be a bargain, which it was, but it
was also the best dinner I,ve ever had. Later in the
day we went to Neruda,s house. It is in a lovely
setting --but it is four stories high with one room on
each floor--a bit of a bothersome floor plan I would
The park near the Paza de Armas is full of chess
players. They play every day and huge crowds gather
to watch. There are official timers, etc. at every
table. It is very serious business. The players all
bring their own tables and chairs and certainly seem
to know what they are doing and who plays
who--although to a visitor it seems quite
The people here are nice and the ice cream is the best. I
think it is even better than Italy. There is no meat
in the world like the beef here. It must come from
Argentina. There is no comparison with our tough old
tasteless cows. With my first bite--I just sort of
moaned with pleasure.

The hostel is $5 a night and
we had a great Lasagna dinner for $3. The subway is
65 cents--wait till we start South though--It will get
pricier but at least it will cool off.

25 March 2004

The email conversation turned to looking up names in Google. I used to Google my friends' names to see what would pop up. My friend Connie's Doppelgoogler is a drag queen. We rolled on the floor about that one! My nephew Jason, in Australia, is a major league baseball player in the States. Anji said, "NOW we know where he disappears to!" I found several people with my name -- and one fictional art professor in someone's online novel attempt. I emailed (well, several years ago this was) a Doppelgoogler who lives very, very close to where my brother and sis-in-law lived at that time (they've since moved to a place with less acreage as my bro has cancer and my s-in-law was having to do everything). My mother always thought made-up names were silly, but these days, no matter how weird your name is, if it's spelled traditionally you are one of many.

24 March 2004

A high-powered couple of friends have got E fixed up for the renegade (not through Parks'n'Rec) Powerlifting classes. Ann got her signed up, and took her for her first class, then drove her home. Now that the times are understood, Looper will call Dial-a-Lift and arrange transport home. The journey to class will be accomplished by city bus. I spoke with E last night, and she informed me that she will walk up the hill from work on the days she has the twice-weekly class, and catch the 13 bus. She has to pull the cord (she told me) to be let out at the top of the hill above the destination. She walks down the hill, has the 2 hour class, then catches the Dial-a-Lift along with Casey (supposedly) at 8:50, and rides home. Excellent. Ann has it in her mind that E will go HOME, then catch the bus to the station, transfer to the 13, and so forth. However, she'd only be arriving home just in time to catch the bus back to station (where she just was), so E explained to me that she'd take her things to work and go from there.

I need to ring Parks'n'Rec as I am wondering what E's Special Olympics status is since she's been wooed away from soccer by powerlifting. Last year she had a harder time riding around on the buses at night than she has now -- I'm not quite sure if her sudden change away from soccer had to do with last year, or was just a result of JD telling her a million times that he wanted her in P'lifting. It doesn't matter terribly as (and I know this firsthand) the damn sports come up and go by quickly, as do the years, and it's not strange to want to give something new a try.

E said S, at work, has invited her camping. Also E told me she would like to take classes to learn to be a massage therapist. I could see her in one of those massage-therapy-at-work deals where someone massages a worker's neck and shoulders for 15 minutes. Maybe.

22 March 2004

There's an article in the New York Times about Emmett Till. It seems that hardly a month goes by without a reference to that terrible event crossing my path. I always feel a CLUNK in my stomach, then I think about the strength of his mother -- the kind of strength no one should need to have. Once at school a child asked me in all honesty, merely looking for an explanation of what to her was obvious, "Why don't white people like black people?" I said I didn't know, but that it wasn't all "white" people. However, it does seem to be a rather large number. So -- what IS the answer to that question?

What Do I Mean?
I started to write something a while ago, then stopped as I couldn't put it into clear words. It has to do with that, though. It begins with groups that are ways we identify ourselves. I am an artist, a single woman, over 50, and so on. There is a weight that varies from one attachment to another. I believe that we ally ourselves with our chosen group in an exclusionary way. That is, I think that if you aren't an artist you are not as desirable as a person as an artist. It would be better to feel that artists are my group, but other groups may have different skills and talents but are equally interesting. Because the "artist" attachment carries the strongest weight to me of all my attachments, I have a dificult time understanding that another person might see my group attachments differently. In fact, seen from an imaginary outside viewpoint, the artist attachment isn't visible at all -- other group attachments are obvious and the tendency is to think that the obviousness of those visible groupings signals homogeneity within each group. So that's a clever trick designed by the Universe to confuse us. Or... um, not. I still can't clarify what I almost-feel, but now I've given up.

But I suppose I mean that the little girl's question could be answered: "Immature people can only identify themselves as part of a group by rejecting other groups. They also jump to the conclusion that the visible group one belongs to sums up one's life -- presumably because they lack the necessary amounts of subtlety and empathy."

Subtlety! Empathy! Yes, I have written about them before. I encourage my students to be subtle. Always. And empathy is the quality friends raised their children to have, as they believed it to be something you learn. Dictators and cold-blooded murderers, etc., cannot have empathy.

If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!
Clap! Clap!
If You're Not Part of the Dominant Culture and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!
Clap! Clap!

I would like to have a dollar for each time someone has said to me (in various places), "This is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD." I always agree, because I think everywhere is the best place in the world. And because it isn't worth arguing about. Usually if I question the person it turns out that he's never been anywhere else. Well, duh -- why go anywhere else if you are already in THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. I think if someone said, "This is the best place in the world for me, " he might be right. Part of the result of being dragged all over the place and not living where I come from is that I never feel at home in the dominant American society. I think it's no accident that my older sister chose to be part of African-American culture while I have been happy within Native American culture. If you are part of a smaller group, I think the duality of your position within the larger societal group makes it impossible to think in terms of one answer, or even, in some circumstances, undivided loyalties. If one is part of a smaller group, but outwardly appears to be part of the main group, one may either be a mole inside the main group (of...but not REALLY of), or ally oneself with a more obvious subset, which is a relief in many ways. All of which adds up to this: it's past 1pm and I need to stop wasting time.


My hair stood on end. However, the good news was, she was at work. The bad news was that she'd obtained a "free" phone by signing a $60/month contract. B. was incensed that the phone purveyors would take advantage of E. that way (she bought it in person) and called the Sprint main phone people to cancel the contract and will take E. to return the phone itself and tear the salesmen off a strip for their treachery. What a wonderful boss! How kind of her to -- as I told her -- help E. have a life, a task that isn't all fun and games. I am heartened by B.'s goodness.

I keep meaning to write that on E.'s birthday her workmates gave her flowers and a card -- how nice of them! About her birthday in general: If E. had heightened expectations because of last year, I hope my explanation to her helped her understand. I told her last year was different because Mummy had just died, and people were being more generous than usual because they knew she was having a hard time. And that of course it was not the same this year. She told me "I know that," so perhaps she does.

I've been emailing with the mother of a Down's Syndrome child -- who responded to E's website -- I think parents* of DS children need a lot of support and this is the only way I can help :-)

She's grown a lot! I especially liked the one of the two of you. I forwarded the cats to E, and she liked them a lot. Elizabeth is into cooking lately. She's been making up recipes. Like: take a can of tomato soup, blend with frozen vegetables and milk. Heat and eat. Or: mix grapefruit juice with canned pears -- blend with ice for a cool drink -- "Delicious!" She seems to use the blender in all the recipes. Happy Spring!

i love the blender story./..thats too cool...emily still isnt sitting.. not sure if i mentioned is our bday... i am 40 she is 1... shes just troooo cute nad makes me laff... she is eatin great and rollin arond palying with anything she can get her hands on...i will mail u a pic of the cake messs.. hope she will knowwhat to do..ahahah

*Especially single mothers and fathers (I'm supposing that such a thing as a single father of a DS child exists even though in my 44 years of experience as E's sibling I've never met one).

19 March 2004

Another Coincidence
I wrote that about Samantha then went into the kitchen and played my messages, which included one from Samantha. When she left here I gave her a computer, and she was calling sounding rather depressed to say she couldn't connect to the internet and could I help her. She first asked our school techie. :-/ Maybe I can help, but one reason I got another computer three years ago was because I was tired of needing to fix Win98 every other day. I could always fix it, yes, but it was mine, here, and I knew it inside out. Now it's hers, there, and I moved on long ago to Win2000 that has only had about one thing go wrong so far. Oh, bother. I suppose I'll call her and do a phone fix.

Finally home from the dentist and doctor. I chose my dentist a thousand years ago because she's a woman (small hands). Her office used to be in the mall, which made me laugh. Before her I went to a dentist who did various things including cocaine, and was arrested for mail fraud when members of the Boston mafia who'd been moved by the Witness Relocation Program helped him by stealing his office things so that he could file an insurance claim. I didn't know WHAT he'd been up to in my mouth, so I... just didn't go. For 6 years. Then I started going to my current dentist, who is superb in every way. When I was briefly married my husband told me he'd once been on a blind date with my dentist. Then, when I got m.s. and was thrown out of the house, I kept my insurance going by paying for it at the newspaper (he was a reporter). One day I was at the dentist's office, and the staff came in peeing themselves with laughter, and showed me a letter that'd just arrived from my husband saying I had no insurance and was hoodwinking them due to my inate evilness. Last year I had an appointment on St Valentine's Day, and my mum died the day before. I had an appointment on my birthday, and my father's obituary came out that day. I went to Louise's memorial service yesterday. Is it the holidays, the dentist, or me? Anyway, now they are trying to get permission to replace a crown the cocaine-addicted dentist put in my mouth. They tried last year but were turned down. Today they took photographs and vowed to try again.

At the doctor's (a nice man), he burned a thing off my finger with liquid nitrogen (exciting! Remember the liquid nitrogen craze some years ago?), declared the thing on my arm benign, agreed to refer me to the liver doc, phoned in a prescription for a rosacea cream, and we talked about scooters.

Got a card in the mail today from Tiff who has already decided I'm going to live at her house if I do the hepC meds. I had said to her, "But you know what I'm like -- I like to be alone," the other day. When I was talking with AmyF yesterday we were talking about how we, like all introverts, can recharge only in solitude, and find people draining. When Samantha lived here I just about died from never-being-alone. And she wasn't intrusive. Once I drove her to a pow-wow an hour+ away because she was going to be gone overnight with friends. I'd just got home when someone dropped her off. I thought I'd shrivel. However -- we'll see. Maybe I won't do the drugs anyway. I'll jump off that bridge when I come to it.

I was thinking about AmyF and our conversation, and about how, for instance, I don't need to see my brother as our connection is outside time and space. We were saying we felt that way (AmyF and I) about friends. Then I started to wonder -- yes, I feel that way and presume that's how everyone is. But what if it is not that way for those who are extroverts? I have no idea, I'm just wondering.

18 March 2004


No Chainsaws This Time
I don't think I related the Ryan Pinata story... just looked and I think I threw away Anji's email, so I'll have to think... THINK Awwwk! The party consisted of 29 adults and 10 children. Jason and his mob didn't come, for some unknown reason (my nephew and his wife have five children). Brad, my other nephew, didn't come either -- I think they were all camping. Briony, who is Brad's partner (lame word) came alone, however, which was nice (she's fun), and Anji wanted her to win a prize because of that -- she did, as it turned out, with no help from Anj. The women had a go at bashing the rocket, and Eileen, my sister-in-law, hit it and knocked it off its wire. Somehow it got mended, then the men started whacking away at it, until someone did the same thing and knocked it off its wire, rendering it unfixable. Anji climbed on the stump she rests the laundry basket on when she's hanging out clothes and emptied the pinata contents onto the upturned childish faces. That's what you get when you mix pinatas and Aussies/Kiwis. I'll bet everyone had lots of fun. I wonder if anyone has revived the old Maypole custom in Australia using, say, bungee cords and jetskis. If not it's only a matter of time.

Of course NOW I find it in her own words:
what a lovely lovely time we all had...what happened to you? [I'd said I was driving over] well, so continue the pinata story....all the kids had a turn, then all the 'chicks' had a turn, and eileen hit it on the top and made the hangingwire tear out, (but not actually crack open) so after a bit of surgery it was hung again, then all the kids got another go, and then it was the fellas turn, vasko did the same as mum, hit it in a downward motion on the top and tore the hanging wire out and this time it was not fixable...hmmm so what to do, anji to the rescue (a bit drunk anji), climbed onto the log (that we put the washing basket on at the line) and shook all the contents over the kids heads...they had a great time retrieving all the was great. the party as a whole was a lot of fun, well everyone said they had a good time, steve practically passed out that night and didn't emerge until the next afternoon, after i had cleaned up. ryan had a great birthday.

After I said I liked the pinata once I became used to the idea that it was so round, Anji said, "the rocket was roundish coz that was the only balloon i had at the time and it the pinata actually started out life as a turtle and transformed." Aha!

Had jin shin at 8:30, then waited outside A$'s store until it turned 10:05am -- remembered she'd told me she doesn't arrive untill 11, but thought she'd said her employee was there before -- left. Went to Louise's memorial service, which was at the same place as Howard's memorial service. Before moving to this lake I had lived just down the road from there, well - actually on Ward Lake so down-and-a-dog's-leg. When I heard Louise's memorial service was to be there I had a stray thought that had I still lived there I'd've been convenient for all my friends' funerals. Jim, I saw your former neighbor-to-the-north -- I told you I'd seen him twice in one week but he hadn't recognised me -- today he was smiling, "Hello!," like it took a while but he remembered me. I talked Death with AmyF -- she said, "When I was in a coma I have no doubt at all that I was in the transition place, and it was very ... [um, what was her word? peaceful? comfortable? pleasant?]." At home I wondered if having a serene coma experience was due to having care given to the body. If a person was in a coma while wolves were chewing on his/her feet would it still be a serene and peaceful experience? I'm just wondering, I'm not trying to crack wise. The antechamber and the main room held displays of Louise's artwork. It's a Masons' building, and has seats on the floor facing the dais, raised seats along the sides facing inward, and raised throne-ish seats against the wall between the two doorways, that face the dais. A number of Masonic symbols are hung above the dais. I spent a few minutes staring at them, most of all at an old five-pointed star and a newer, colored star-shaped symbol. Of course, I saw a million people I know, but I didn't speak to terribly many people, and left about 15 or 20 minutes after the service.

Tomorrow I see my dentist, then go to the doctor. I never go to the doctor! I haven't been for years -- however I have a list of things I need including another referral to the liver doctor. I decided I wanted to go and say "it's now or never" -- about hepC meds as when I lose my insurance the chance is gone. I'm not sure I'm interested in the drugs -- however I recently read that the cure rate for my genotype is much higher than it had been previously -- the liver doctor had said she "didn't recommend" them for me a couple of years ago, but I'd like to speak with her now.

17 March 2004

Last night I watched "Happy Together," about two people who were unhappy together. Today I'm watching "That Obscure Object of Desire," which was the last picture Luis Bunuel made.

Coincidences: Watched part of "Oscure Object of desire" then got in my car and on the radio Luis Bunuel was mentioned by Andre Codrescu. Had dinner with Tiff on Wednesday, and she told me she was going to the waterfall in South America that features so prominently in "Happy Together."

Because I am poor and pathetic I have dial-up -- and so when a friend sent me an e-card I let it load while I read Flummel. The entry was about David-the-Hippie who was chopped into pieces, and whose foot was dug up by a dog. I read it and went back to the card -- featuring A DOG WHO SMELLS SOMETHING AND STARTS DIGGING! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh! No, it wasn't a foot it was a pint, but accidental juxtapositions can seem related. A lesson, I'm sure.

Jennifer 8. Lee
This is the first time I've seen this -- weird.
I was quite startled.

16 March 2004

We had our internet cut off at school because of the BIA lawsuit. The first I heard about it was this morning before 9, when we were warned it was coming. Then very shortly afterwards we were cut off. I don't particularly care... except it means the school website is down. I don't know how long this will go on. In MY terms it just means that besides the children's web-based things not being on the web, it means I can't have children hunt for fonts or filters, etc., and people won't get on my computers when I'm not at school. So -- pluses and minuses. Eh. And it meant that when Keats came in to hang out after about 3:30 we couldn't make monsters or superheroes, cut snowflakes, or eat bugs with Butch Mushroom.


15 March 2004

I had an extremely difficult week last week, but I had hopes that my week would be ok this week. My jin shin man explained otherwise, with tomorrow forecast as the worst.. I said, "Tomorrow's my workday!" "Bummer! Do you want to change days?" "Yes." So now I have jin shin on Thursdays, early, until this ick-zone is in the past. I got home today and started in immediately making Lemon Tahini salad dressing. I got my napkin on which I'd written the recipe (from when I was a cook at Buck's). I didn't follow it, but I noted the ingredients and the proportions, then just made it. I started backwards, (doh) by dumping tahini into the blender -- a sure-fire way to burn up the motor (even with a lot of water added), since the tahini is that thick. Made it, dumped some on some nice mixed greens, and had breakfast. I decided I don't need to take the dressing out of the blender.

You can get tahini dressing on salads at Vic's. Once I was there with Con and she found a nasty, gritty, earth-caked, rootish thing -- found it in her mouth, I believe. I used to always go to the backstage, but once Con went and a very heavy pallet fell from the flies and missed her head by about an inch. She would've been killed, or at least rendered a paraplegic vegetable by having her brains dashed out and her neck broken.

I went to the Looper's new house, which is superb! Enjoyable in its carefully-chosen details, and beautiful view. Mr. Looper has been reading my blog, and didn't try to feed my any factory-farm meat. I told him I'd eat it if it were offered to me at someone's house, which I have done. Because I'm so feeble and I have to gather whatever is within reach or starve, I have even bought it. But I don't want to.

13 March 2004

The unbelievably selfish man next door seems to've decided that 5 hours of weed-whacking underneath my window is sufficient... or maybe he just went to get a glass of water. I stood in the kitchen and imagined thunderbolts hitting the top of his head as I watched him ruin the day.

I'm lazy since I started using the GoLive ftp client. It's faster* than the DOS way, yes, but not as much fun. The downside to being creative and flexible is that the "old" way of doing anything requires a little head-scratching -- it gets forgotten. Everything gets re-invented about once a month, so there's no way to WANT to keep every older, new, old, ancient way on equal footing in my mind.
*much faster

I was reading an article in the NYer about Prada -- and about 4 or 5 pages into it she says that "China is the next great luxury market." Whoa! I was taken up short and my head exploded. Wow! Could she be correct? Could she?

12 March 2004

We Are All Insane
Me to Marty: I've updated SWMNBMIMB's website in the past week, and I can see the changed pages on the server and through the GoLive ftp browser -- but those pages aren't up -- the same old pages are up, still -- which means there's some caching going on somewhere, doesn't it? Do you have a back-up server running or something? I am phlegmatic about the whole thing, however SWMNBMIMB referred a client to her site two days ago and really needed the pages to be up to date. What do you think is going on? I must go now and continue banging my head against the wall...

Marty to Me: Hi. We are in the process of switching servers which likely explains your problem. Do you have an entire backup of your site? If so, I can give you the details to upload it to the new server. If not, I can do a backup of your site as is now, and transfer it over and give you the new login details, etc. Which do you prefer? I'll be monitoring my email for the next few hours and can do this tonight if you're still up and at it :)

Me to Marty: Am I right in thinking that if you back-up and give me the login details, then I can make the changes after that? That sounds like the path to enlightenment. Why don't you do it tomorrow, however, as it is not that freakin' crucial. If you stay up late do it for fun and not work -- [it was past midnight for him]

Marty to Me: I'm almost done with the transfer. I imagine by the time you get this (after
9am EST) the transfer will be done.

Me to Marty: I felt stupid last night when I said "do it tomorrow" when I realised "tomorrow" was a Saturday -- I never know what day it is. However, it seems that you don't, either, so that's good.

Man Bites Blog
I just emailed Tiff to say:
I'm always wrong, plus I jump to conclusions, and I have no real interest in politics anyway -- so I'd like you to read this from my blog and then tell me the many ways in which am stupid which I can ALSO put in my blog. Yay!

I Made This Up As Usual
I've always thought that the first person ever to have multiple sclerosis was Daphne -- you know, who was being chased by Apollo and in answer to her prayer was turned into a laurel. I've always loved the Bernini statue, and when I first got ms I felt I was turning to wood -- losing sensitivity, becoming unable to move, etc. Like Daphne. I think it should have a better name than "ms," especially since "ms" is used for lots of things including Microsoft, a title for females "Ms.," manuscript, mailstop. The disease should be called... um... not Daphnitis, as that would be a painful swelling of the Daphne. Apollophobia? No, no, no. Daphne's Disease? Like Bright's Disease? Daphnerosis -- worse, worse. Daphne's Solution? Daphne's Escape? Hmmm. Daphne's Escape. Yes -- I like that. I suffer from Daphne's Escape.

Nad Ram
A friend of mine just sent me an email apogising as she had found a virus in her computer that sends itself to everyone in the address book. I looked at it and thought, this looks like a hoax to me, and sure enough, yes, it's a hoax. But my poor friend was trying to do the Right Thing, and inform everyone -- EVERYONE -- and that is exactly like the S.T.D sufferer who must inform everyone with whom he/she has been intimate. So -- computers -- are the NEW GENITALS?

Learn languages from the Symantec Viral Hoax Files!
The funny part is to look at the Symantec file of emails in various languages sent out to scare people with this hoax. They all say the same thing, presumably --
******************Swedish - fairly short
Hej Allesammans!
Tråkiga nyheter....

Jag har fått ett meddelande att min adressbok har blivit infekterat av ett virus, som inte Norton Antivirus eller McAfee kan spåra. Viruset ligger vilande i 14 dagar innan det kraschar systemet. Det sänds automatiskt av Messenger och av Adressboken, OAVSETT OM NI HAR SKICKAT E-MAIL TILL DINA KONTAKTER ELLER INTE!!!.
Jag har kollat, hittat och tagit bort filen. För att kolla gör s? här:
1. G?till Start - Sök - Filer eller mappar.
2. Sök efter filen jdbgmgr.exe p?C: hårddisken.
3. Filen har en liten björn som ikon. ÖPPNA DEN ABSOLUT INTE!!!!
5. Klicka med höger mus-knapp och välj att ta bort.
6. Ta även bort den från papperskorgen.
Om Ni hittar viruset p?eran dator måste ni kontakta alla i eran adressbok s?att de ocks?gör samma sak.
*************** Polish - seems long -- is there anything else in this email?
Witam wszystkich,
to niestety prawda - dostalam od kogos tego wirusa, nie wiem nawet od kogo, i znalazlam go w podany sposob i usunelam! Tez to zrobcie!!!
Jestescie u mnie w ksiazce adresowej, wirus rozsyla sie samoczynnie do wszystkich z ksiazki - bardzo wiec prawdopodobne, ze jest rowniez w Waszych
P.S. Przepraszam, ale to nie moja wina, ktos mi to po prostu przyslal....
Przeczytajcie koniecznie to co ponizej:
Witam wszystkich, Zostal rozsiany wirus , jesli Twoj kontakt jest w mojej ksiazce adresowej, to bardzo mozliwe ze rowniez otrzymales tego wirusa.Prosze wykonaj ponizsza instrukcje aby zniszczyc wirusa i przeslij to wszystkim osobom z twojej skrzynki adresowej. Wirus nazywa sie jdbgmgr.exe i nie jest wykrywalny/niszczony przez Norton,Mc Afee, F-secure ani VET ( systemy antywirusowe). Wirus siedzi w ukryciu przez 14 dni a nastepnie atakuje i niszczy
system. Rozsyla sie automatycznie do wszystkich z ksiazki adresowej, niezaleznie czy wysylano im listy czy nie. Teraz jak sprawdzic czy masz wirusa i jak sie go pozbyc:
1.Idz do "Start"po lewej na dole, wybierz opcje "znajdz"
2.W opcji "plilki/foldery" wpisz nazwe jdbgmgr.exe
3. upewnij sie ze przeszukujesz dysk C, i wszystkie inne dyski jakie masz
4. kliknij "znajdz teraz"
5.wirus ma ikonke niedzwiadka i nazwe jdbgmgr.exe NIE OTWIERAJ GO !!!!
6.idz do"edycja " wybierz opcje "zaznacz wszystkie" i podswietl plik bez otwierania go
7.teraz idz do "plik" i wybierz "usun"
8.teraz idz do swojego kosza i rowniez go usun.

Aby rozeslac te wiadomosc; utworz nowa wiadomosc, kliknij na ksiazke adresowa, i w opcjii do umiesc wszystkie swoje kontakty, klikajac na kazdy z nich. nastepnie skopiuj ta wiadomos i wklej ja w tresc listu. wyslij wszystkim jak najszybciej tlumaczenie na polski jest robocze, ale system pozbywania si?wirusa kuteczny,przepraszamy z klopot, ale sami dostalismy tego wiusa. pozdrawiam

Woke Up With a Headache, Ugh
I am more excited about Kerry now that I know he plays hockey. That's almost the equivalent of being a doctor... well, no, but it's ON THE WAY to being equivalent to being a doctor.

I've been pondering the leader question. This here United States of America is not just diverse, but is diverse without any commonly-held culture at all, and it's changing constantly. And every group of like-minded individuals has a political agenda, and no one wants to give one inch, and the political views point in every direction, and there's no way to lie to a group just to get their votes as everything anyone says is known to everyone. And each group has a hot spot that they rank of number one importance. So -- ??? So if Kerry wants to win Florida he has to pretend that the Cuban Blockade is just hunkydory. And 8 bazillion other things. No wonder things are strange. How can there be one leader when there isn't one general culture? What could even be the reason for that? Why would you want a leader who doesn't have anything in common with you? Why would you persist in participating in a system that only works under conditions that don't exist anymore?

Also, if the population is divided already into groups* then what's the purpose of dividing things up for states? That makes it more ridiculously complex. Maybe group A should just decide who they favor, and if the electoral college thing keeps on, the groups, not the states, would have electoral college votes. I don't know. It's easy to see that not only do I not know anything about it, but I despise what I do know.

*right-wing Christian fundamentalist Southerners; second-generation Cuban-American urbanites; fiscally-conservative Viet Namese-American business owners; blue-collar union-member war veterans; liberal-but-fiscally-conservative Cuban-Vietnamese-American Christian urban business-owner war veterans; urban-raised but suburban-dwelling, job-sharing, double income, gay, liberal-but-fiscally-conservative, arts-supporting, mixed-race, vegetarian, adoptee, handicapped, in favor of abortion, not in favor of abortion, in favor of stem cell research, not in favor of stem cell research, oh, I'm just being stupid. But what are those polarising issues -- no wonder the politicos use them. It's the only way they can manipulate things.

10 March 2004


Good-bye, Louise
Louise died yesterday. Her 57th birthday was last Sunday. I've known Louise for a bazillion years because we are/were/awwwk part of this community's artists, although we were not what I would call friends. Part of the same tiny group of artists for years, yes, and we knew each other well, and had spoken many times. We had friends in common. We were casually friendly, yes. But true friends -- no. Kath just told me -- and I started weeping, much to my surprise. I read somewhere that all tears are self-pity -- I wouldn't doubt it. I just tried to find a flyer from a show we were in -- the picture had "Local Girls" around an old Cadillac. You couldn't see the car, but it was there. When I find it I'll scan it and post it.

Life is Hilarious
Dead-Dog-Andy's mother was calling me about a doctor who made a friend get much better. I thanked her for passing the name on, and said that even if I decided the doctor was not for me, I appreciate her kindness in passing along information she hopes will be helpful. That is very kind. I reflexively Googled the doctor, and in delving into his website, deeper... deeper... deeper... determined that if I want him to cure me it would cost $160.000.00. That made me laugh and laugh.

On a similar but completely different note (ha!) J.S. told me that a friend was healed by a faith-healer in Brasilia named John-of-God. I heard the name but couldn't believe it. "John Dodd?" I asked hopefully. "John OF GOD." "Which god?" "Any god." That was kind of him to tell me about Mr.God, but I said I couldn't go as my green card had expired -- or rather, I could GO... just not come back. I asked how one would find this man without an address, but J.S. said you'd ask on the street and someone would know. I have always thought of Brasilia as a gleaming, modern place that was built from scratch like Canberra, sort of. So I said, "Maybe John of God is RIGHT NOW telling someone to go to Olympia, and ask on the street where to find J.S." Be that as it may -- I'm more into faith-healers, who are sometimes real, than doctors who charge $160,000.00 for a magic elixir, who are never real. Never. And if they did have a magic elixir and still charged $160,000.00 then that degree of evil is something I don't want to go within a thousand miles of. I really don't want to be the one person cured or the clever in-the-know-woman who gets a break or a better deal. We should behave with compassion within a compassionate system -- and it isn't that way now, let me tell you. And THAT degree of evil is something I can't keep a thousand miles away from.

Turns out you can just go to

Dale! Dale! Dale! AAwwwwk
I've had the pinata song lodged in my head again. When I. came to do a workshop at school, we got along very well. Even if we hadn't I still would've provided support for him, as I know what it's like to go to a new place and be treated in an off-hand way. Consequently, I was there for approximately 100 classes during which I sang the pinata song about five or six times. So -- I wound up with La Cancion de la Pinata coded into my DNA, and sang it for months afterwards every day in my car. Finally I stopped. Yay! However, now it's re-started, and there's no telling how long it might continue.

Once, about 3 years ago, in my proper artroom at school, I got a song stuck in my head. Our techie guy came in to visit, and I made the mistake of telling him -- so every hour or so -- just when the song had gone away -- he'd come in and re-start it on purpose (T.G.: "Is that song still stuck in your head" Me: "AWWWWK!"), then laugh diabolically and U-turn. Finally I just had to SEE him, and the song would start. I don't remember which song, but something dreadful. Actually, it's a good thing I can't remember, or it would be stuck in my head again. Well, back to work! Dale! Dale! Dale!

08 March 2004

Someone has been stealing mail from the box. Opened mail was found at Quinault and the remains discovered and sent to Tom. TJ and Tom went through it (I was just told about it but there was nothing for me except junk mail addressed to my mother, apparently). Obviously anything valuable to the letter purloiner would not be there. I always wonder about mail-in rebates -- I don't get them all back. Most, I'm sure -- but every once in a while -- no. I'm thinking specifically about the chair rebate from -- when was that? Yet I'd need to go through my evil financial paperwork to know for sure, and perhaps it did go through after all. Oh, well. I suppose I don't really care about that, but just any letters I might've lost. My cousin's letter that was discovered in the ditch months late, all soggy and with barely any (inkjet) ink left -- things like that. Although that was due to a mail-gatherer of the house, not a letter prloiner. Sometimes (i.e. twice) I see my mail all muddied and tiremarked in the driveway -- I open my car door and look at it, then drive away if it is nothing important. I'd say the mail gathering skills of the household are somewhat lacking.

Annie came here yesterday and we completed the package design -- I got tired rapidly, and while putting together the booklet yelled at A to make her stop jumping all over since it's difficult to make little pages unless you begin at the front and go until the end (this was a finishing session -- the jumping around was ok before this). How else to get the information to fit on the page? Not possible if 2 pages further it comes to light that a chunk of text has to go on that page. A reminded me to resize the headings, which then of course I forgot to do. Awwwk. Everything takes 5 times longer if I am tired. The stickers are charming, however.

Saturday I felt peculiarly well and took E shopping and to get her prescription. We laughed all the way around Slaveways, which probably proves that I've lost it. I'm always looking for ways this could be fun or cool, and at that time it was fun and gave me a lot to laugh at. E did her calculator well, and although she lost the total twice, I think she felt good about the way she'd managed -- especially when the checker screwed up the transaction and had to get armies of bosses to help. E isn't the only one who has a bit of trouble with a calculator. After that I went to E's apt (desk is very nice) to beat on her computer (clean it up, take off some crap, re-subscribe to Norton, change some settings). I got the NYC photo disk (maybe one pic boohoo). There's a nice close-up of my older sister's finger on the lens in a shot of Radio City MH -- mostly finger, alas.


06 March 2004


It's the Ryanoceous's first birthday -- I well remember when he was born. I was worried as I didn't hear anything right away -- then I got the news. Anji'd had a difficult time, lost a lot of blood, and needed transfusions, etc. and surgery, as I recall. She lost a lot of blood when Caitlin was born, too. We all secretly believe A doesn't eat correctly -- so secretive are we that we talk about it 24/7 and even blog about it (the nerve!). However, if she doesn't eat correctly, she has still managed to do an excellent job in everything else. Let's see: Mistakes in Life --
Anji: [Doesn't Eat Correctly] -1 point
Vivian: [See appended 10,000 page report] -847 points

The labels for the Annie project arrived (I haven't yet seen them). Annie said they "look exactly like the one you showed me." The .75 inch round labels arrived here and are good to go. The travel stickers are printed. The booklet is well nigh complete, but must be copied elsewhere onto nice paper. She may or may not come over tomorrow so we can tie things up. A.'s u.s. turned out ok. M. just had a malignancy removed from her arm.

Looper called me yesterday from their new house! Yes -- finally! I'm waiting for the series of photos I tried to make them take of the building of the house (stops midway, apparently). I got the most groovelacious housewarming present for them last year. I saw it and could BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF.
In fact, I didn't contain myself. Now it's wrapped in sock-monkey wrapping paper all ready for that upcoming jamboree also known as "the first time I can manage to visit." I am not sure when that will be, but it will be after the driveway concrete has cured.

Today I'm picking up E @ 3 so we can do the drugstore-Slaveways gig. E emailed the payee and got a grocery check made out to the Grocery Outlet. AMV is taking charge of getting E set up for power-lifting. It isn't offered through Parks&Rec, so I'm happy she's doing that.

05 March 2004

I had lunch with Marilee today at the restaurant that supplanted Thai Dish. I was skeptical, but it was quite good. Nice salad with delicious berry vinaigrette, quiche that was ok. We discussed my plans for an in-school workshop -- I said I wanted Alex McC., maybe -- and could she get me in touch with him? She exclaimed that the idea was perfect, and told me that he isn't at Makah, he now lives in Olympia. Perfecto -- I hope this works out. I'm open to any suggestions from the workshop-instructor -- but I'd be very happy to have that person do monotypes or another printmaking exploration.

Yesterday 3 packages came -- the little .75 inch round labels, the new camera I bought for my children, and coffee (thank you, Connie!!). I was expecting a new keyboard (I ordered it so I'd have a backup) -- but it didn't arrive yesterday. I emailed A.S. and they replied this morning -- as I drove out the driveway to lunch I stopped and got it from the UPS man (who was happy as it saved him a walk -- it was raining and he was up the hill). I bought it because it was 8 bucks -- black -- and when this one went temporarily wonky at the de-boxing from the unwanted addition of red wine, I had to sent some of the fellows out to get another one. My criterion? "Black." They came back with a wireless keyboard/mouse -- the only one that was black, they told me (it was blue). The mouse was too heavy, so I took it off after about 5 minutes, and the keyboard just... messed up my color-scheme, man. They both were very nice, etc., except I like my optical, light-not-heavy mouse and any old cheap, black keyboard.

I have this desire to buy another computer. Not probably the very best of times, but this one is 3 years old, and I'd like faster processor speed and a newer graphics card. The one I have is fine... AIW from 3 years ago. I think a DVD drive would be in order. There's a Dell -- 3G, with 512mgs, a Radeon 9800 Pro, 17" flat panel display (what I have now), XP Pro, DVD, and a hard drive capacity of 80G. For $1062. I may buy it, as I only care about being happy NOW AT THIS MOMENT and there are precious few things that make me happy. I may think about it for another day before I decide I can't afford it.

Life -- Emails Made Me Despair For a Minute
I've been emailing with Mrs. L. as she offered me opera tickets for Sunday (I've declined -- well, actually in BOTH ways).
"How are you doing? Just to let you know that I'm thinking about you a lot. I feel bad that I haven't written to you for so long. My life is very complicated. It seems pressure come to me at all directions. There are times I wish I could run away... ...My Mom fell down twice last week. Had three stitches on her head. I think this Sept I will retire and go back to Hong Kong so that I can spend more time with her. Hoping she'll be more relaxed and not fall down again. My sister is not speaking to me even though I did so much work to take care family affair... ...We are caught between two different cultures."

--I'm so sorry you have so much to deal with. You are such a nice, good person -- your sister should be glad. It always seems to me that the nice people are treated meanly by the ordinary people -- they know the nice people won't do mean things back! Things in life aren't easy for either of us -- yet that's just the way life is! Try to do some nice things for yourself so you don't get tired and unhappy. I am thinking good thoughts about you, to help you get through this hard time. You always help me with your kind thoughts, and I will do the same. Yes -- the beautiful lake makes me feel good every time I look out the window. There is so much beauty all around us -- and it can make our problems disappear for a time. This hard time will be over one day, and life will be better.--

"Thanks for the kind words. It is true life has ups and downs which will make me stronger. I'll try to treat myself so that life will not be too boring and sad. It is good the N. Mall is at walking distance from our house. Spring is not too far away. Bright sunshine, blooming flowers and singing birds will add color to our lives. I'm looking forward to it."

Boo Hoo! Poor Mrs. L! She has broken my heart!

The Niceness of Dave
Dave took E's desk (wt. 75 lbs in box) over and put it together. He says it's pretty. I asked E if Mummy would like it, and she said, "yes." I hope it's all right -- I got a style to go with the furniture E has, and besides, I wanted her to have doors/drawers to hide crapola.

04 March 2004

I erased my answering machine. It was time. I went to see The Company last night with Tiff and SWMNBMIMB. I enjoyed it very much. The art world is similar to the ballet world, in that for their own benefit the controlling societal framework (gallery structure, etc.) promotes competition and isolation, rather than sharing and unity. Artists in the past were less isolated by fear (Another artist will steal your ideas! Take your place in the exhibit!) than artists now -- because that fear is promoted by the art world in order to better control artists. Still, we are not as badly off as the ballet dancers, who are forced to be a part of their controlers' plan if they want to dance in any meaningful way. An artist can just reject the art world, but embrace art. There's still a society of artists, although it's not as tightly knit as it once was -- and will be again. Artists have been affected by the fairly-recent ability we have to reproduce art from the past. It's the same for musicians. Things live on forever, and in a bazillion copies. If you are an artist or a musician now, you have to compete with all the artists and musicians whose work exists as originals or copies. Similarly, the girl who was once renowned as the most beautiful girl in the village, now has to compete with every beautiful woman in the world -- alive or in reproductions. It's always seemed like an exceedingly peculiar situation to me.

03 March 2004

I had a message from Andy-the-Dead-Dog's mother* so I called her this morning. She wasn't home. While I was sitting there drinking coffee and listening to her recorded announcement, I accidentally erased off my answering machine two messages that had been left by my mother. I knew it would happen sooner or later, and I didn't take any steps to preserve the messages -- even though my mother died shortly afterwards. Both were rather dire, and in the second one she said she was calling 911 for an ambulance. I should erase ALL the messages. I have one from a nurse, "...your mother's condition has changed..." the day she died, and one from another nurse, "...there's been a change in Mr. Kendall's condition..." the day before my father died. I had a long talk with Shelley yesterday, about how difficult things are right now. It came to light that she hadn't understood, and was surprised to hear, that my mother died a year ago. She said, "You lost BOTH your parents last year?" I think she was in the thick of her own problems with my father's Alzheimer's, and that's why it was remote to her. My father would forget -- I told him Mummy had died, but he'd say, "How's your mother?" I'd reply, "Well, she's still dead, but Elizabeth has a new apartment and she really likes it a lot!" Throwing a bridge, as it were, over the void.

*I dog-sat for Andy, which was fine after I figured out how to do things. He was stone deaf, so you could call until your lungs fell out with no reaction from Andy. I realised he operated visually, and he looked back periodically to see what I was doing. If I was following he kept going. If I turned around and went the other way, so would he. I house-sat for two stone-deaf dogs, both, weirdly enough, named Andy. The first Andy came to a sad end from lying under a parked vehicle. The second Andy lived a long life. His mother always said he liked me better than her -- at least, he was happy when I dogsat, which was good. I don't believe he liked me better than her.

Maybe I'll go and erase my answering machine completely, now.

Raging Bull was Best Picture to Me
I stopped watching the Oscars many years ago when "Raging Bull" was up for best picture. "And the winner is..." onscreen the directors sat waiting -- but Martin Scorsese was shaking his head "...Ordinary People!"

02 March 2004

So we had no-water no-heat, then we had no-hot-water. Today I came home to no-heat no-hot-water. I tried to call my landlord but his line was busy. I emailed him. He replied, "Call me." I tried -- his line was busy. I emailed again, "I'm very tired and there is nothing I'm going to do except tell you again -- there's no heat or hot water." He called the downstairs person who reset the boiler. That fixed the problem, although the landlord is going to get a new igniter installed, he says. I think that's about all the possible heat/water combos this house can come up with. I hope it doesn't start to repeat. My landlord never believes anything I tell him, for some reason. I only complain when there very definitely is a big problem -- but he has to get someone else in the house to verify or he doesn't believe me (like the noises).

Today is E's birthday. Dave kindly put the desk together for her (that I got from Staples). She was bummed that her work didn't do anything for her birthday. She was expecting something along the lines of last year, I reckon.

01 March 2004

I can't believe the Haiti thing.

I had a weird dream that woke me up at 6:47. In the dream it was night, and I was driving on a flat road when I saw two women ahead, and stopped. One came around to the passenger side; she was wearing what looked like a pale grey shirtwaist dress, and was rather tall and thin. She looked in the car, looked at the back seat, and as she moved her hand to the door handle I reached over and locked the door. The woman in front just then started to open the hood of the car to disable it, but I slammed into reverse and floored it. I was upset and drove to what, in my dream, was my mechanic's, and got out of the car. No one was there but a minute later a car pulled up that had the people I wanted to see. I told them what'd happened, then I woke up.

Anji emailed me in response to my "Put that baby down! He won't fit in the pinata!" She replied: "are you sure?
a set of tongs and rubber gloves would help."

She also said: "i am gobsmacked at the state of our teachers, i think they only have to have the
brain capacity of a newt to teach prep (your kindergarten year i think).
Today i had a look at caitlin's work book in class. The teacher writes down what
the kids are trying to write/say at the bottom of the page....
this is caitlin's work for today....
a picture of an island/sun/beach etc....and she had tried to write what it was...the
teacher's writing at the bottom as was told to her by caitlin.
"On the weekend I went on the internet to find out about Figi"

Yes she did go on the internet, we wanted to find out a bit about the place we have
booked for our holiday,,,not to bloody figi tho.
don't you think that is disgraceful, that the teacher mispelled fiji."

Deer Anjee, I am happie to heer about yor trip two Figi. It iz nyce in Figi, I unnerstan, and it iz mutch less crouded than Fiji, since it onlee egzists in the teecherz myind. Luve frum yor auntee, V



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