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30 September 2012

Wow, big earthquake in Colombia.


29 September 2012




Meeting at Cafe Jack


I gave up struggling with doing 3d stuffs quite a while ago as I got so ill I just couldn't do anything. I'm able to tell that Frank's jin shin has an effect on me in part because I decided to make a mesh cave entrance, made it, then couldn't get the texture to go from Sculptris to MeshLab to Second Life (and I'm just trying to figure it out on my own with nearly no brain-juice). And then I got it to work. And now the question is will I be able to do it again. I'm not truly clear what I did.

I need to work on making the cave entrance less land-impactful. It's rather stupidly wasteful at the moment but at least it's proof of concept.

I also had IMs so did some Ambat work and poked Combat Cards in Europa a bit (oops just realised I set the arena to the wrong group, so need to go back).

28 September 2012


This one, Lucy?

27 September 2012


26 September 2012


If my mum hadn't died in '03 she'd be 89 today.

Haven't had wifi for ages - well probably I've had 12 minutes of wifi since iOS 6 came out. Tried a lot of things, just tried this and it seems to be maybe perhaps I hope cross my fingers working:

Re: WIFI Problem iOS 6
Sep 26, 2012 5:41 AM (in response to Island Man JC)

I had a very similar problem on my 3GS. I think I've now solved my problem.

Try the following:

Goto Settings - General - Reset and then choose "Network settings". After that, all saved Wifi settings will be deleted and the Phone/Pad reboots.

After I did that, my wifi worked stable again (for about 24h now).

Bastard Apple. I have to say, Google does a ton for mankind* (also Bill Gates does, too) but Apple - what do they do? I was a die-hard Apple user back in the day but I don't see them helping to shape the world in any positive fashion.

*Summer of Code, Google Earth, maps, cars, high-speed net, renewable energy projects, etc.

25 September 2012

JazzPaws animation test is really neat :-D
Like on Facebook if you so desire.

24 September 2012

I first heard about Gary Johnson a year or so ago when I asked if there were any Republican hopefuls *not* batshit crazy. I think it might behoove Republican voters to vote for him this year, since Mitt Romney is a weird-o. Gary Johnson is running as a Libertarian.  Maybe voters can steer their benighted truckload of dunces back onto the thoroughfare.

Mitt Romney Doesn't Know Why Airplane Windows Won't Open, Calls The Closed Window Policy 'A Real Problem' - @Gawker

My iPod has been insane since upping to iOS 6.

  by Vivian Oblivion
, a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.



23 September 2012

Mrs Thetan released a statement:

Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust
Caretakers of the Forest of Kahruvel
Sunday, September 23rd, 2012
Trust Group Members, Friends of the Forest and Affected Residents:
On the evening of Thursday, September 13th, sometime between 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm SLT, an accident occured in the Forest of Kahruvel near the old location of the Rodeo Landing Stones. Several Trust members and officers, including myself, were injured when a massive explosion devastated land belonging to the Trust with damage extending into the connected regions of Stinson, Rodeo, Noyo and Cowell.
My great grandson, Salazar Jack. is unaccounted for. We have not been able to make contact with him since that evening and his whereabouts are unknown. The others present during the event; Champie Jack, HeadBurro Antfarm, Enjah Mysterio, Ilianexsi Sojourner, Adam Grayson, Osprey Therian and myself have all suffered various non-life threatening injuries and some memory loss.
In the days leading up to the blast, grid instability in the region had been steadily increasing. The last remaining Landing Stone, one of six excavated by the Trust, had begun to glow and emit an unknown energy signature. Mr. Antfarm had reported intense arcing blue energy from the stone and Salazar had noticed that the grid border between Rodeo and Stinson was beginning to destabilize. Both the Cowell and Stinson regions began disappearing and reappearing at regular intervals. I had also been monitoring the east/west fault line running through Noyo toward Bodega and had detected increased gridquake activity along it’s path. Ms. Therian had reported the lava vent in the small harbour of north Bodega was expanding.
It is my opinion that the remaining stone was attempting to connect with the other stones that were no longer there. The other five that the Trust had uncovered were lost in the Rodeo Incident a few years ago. We think there are two more stones buried in the tahra, but are inaccessible due to the Lindens' terraforming restrictions. Unable to make it’s connection, the glowing stone had begun to overload affecting the local grid and the surrounding area. My greatest fear was that we were facing a grid-wide catastrophe. I deduced that by installing stand-in devices for the missing stones we could “complete the curcuit” and route the energy along it’s intended path. Something went wrong and there was an overload. The only thing I can recall was a blinding white light. The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital.
In the days that followed we discovered the extent of the loss. Except for a protected remnant in Rodeo, every rock, tree, building and blade of grass existing on Trust land in the affected regions have vanished. Control of the land has been lost as well. Builds and vegetation on adjoining land not owned by the Trust were spared. Cowell seems to has been hit the hardest. The entire village has disappeared. The Lindens’ auto-grid functions seem to have interpreted the event as a massive land abandonment. Portions of Rodeo and Noyo are now owned by various residents and the Trust’s holdings in Stinson and Cowell and now under the control of Governor Linden.
It is with great sadness that I relate these events to you and wish with all my heart that our efforts had been more successsful. We have seemed to seal the breach for now as the stone’s energy output has begun to diminish. It is possible the destruction could have been more widespread than it was. I shudder to think what might have happened had Mount Pomponio been affected. I take full responsibility for this accident and will do everything in my power to find out exactly what has happened. An investigative meeting will be held at Cafe Jack in Grignano, Nova Albion on Saturday, September 29th at 2:00 pm for those interested.
On behalf of the other Trust officers; my great granddaughter-in-law, Valdora Grayson, her husband, Adam Grayson, her parents, Fraunklin and Elsia Baysklef and my great grandson, Salazar Jack, I wish to thank you all for your interest in and support of Kahruvel – especially those who have generously donated tier over the years. I hope that we will find the answers we seek. I hope that we can find Salazar.
Mrs. Cessadia Thetan

20 September 2012


More LL branching out.

18 September 2012


LL branching out.

17 September 2012

The tests were normal. I have no diagnosis; might be an injury. I *think* MS is still possible, not sure. I just feel like I know nothing but I am very glad my optic nerves are fine. I knew I'd be kind of flipped out today so trying to be gentle on myself.

'Around 1,000 Chinese fishing boats are expected to arrive in waters near the Senkaku Islands claimed by China later Monday, the state-run China National Radio reported, in what may be Beijing's additional countermeasures over Japan's nationalization of the islets.'

---------The Japan Times

16 September 2012



The riots in China are very scary.

15 September 2012


14 September 2012

Email to Mr Grayson:

Oh, Mr G :((( I don't remember anything after Mrs Thetan said, 'Stand back here to keep out of danger.' I got your message and started looking for Salazar. I'm so worried. And about Enjah, too - she thinks she left before it happened. SHE WAS RIGHT NEXT TO ME. :(((
People are asking me what happened... I can't remember anything. I know I hit my head or SOMETHING because my ginicam took a picture when I fell.


How does Cyriak do it?

Eskil says:

'Love has always been about experimenting with new ideas, but I cant do that anymore. After last week I have seen an explosion in new players and interest. It has been absolutely amazing and it has been a massive success and donations are pouring in. But it also made it very clear to me that too keep changing the game like I have in the past, for the players I used to have, just wont work. Many of the new players needs less players and action, they need a calmer safer environment that doesn't change to experiment in. To them Love needs to become more stable, and not have me constantly put new experiments in there. In many ways it has already become more stable just because I am now much more happy with the game, so fewer major changes are needed (and the fact that administrating the ballooning number of servers and players is taking up so much more of my time). This however is not enough. Love needs to be able to branch for different players and skills.

This is why I have come to the conclusion that letting players run their own servers is the best way froward. Its been requested many times before, but with very few players it always felt better to have everyone gathered in a few shared servers, but now things are different. The servers are over populated.'


Mrs Thetan told us to stand back when the portal enhancers were connected.

I remember standing back. I remember being next to Salazar, Enjah, Ilianexsi, HBA, Mr Grayson, Champie Jack, and Mrs Thetan.

Not sure who else was there. It was raining. Champie gave me a Gini. I...

I can't remember. I can't remember.

12 September 2012


11 September 2012

Jupiter Impact Video a video by george1895 on Flickr.
Jupiter Impact Video
'Here is a 4 sec. clip of an impact on Jupiter I recorded on 10 Sept. 2012.'


Apparently Human Age is winding down (which is fine), but some players are trying to organise a... a... guestbook, I think. At any rate this is what I was sent to look at:

Save Human Age!

You all know it: It looks bad. Almost all levels
have any errors. Some mistakes you just take out this way, but others massively disrupt the game and there is nothing you can do.

That’s what we can’t change. None of us! And it doesn’t matter, if you play that game for years or just join the community. Human Age, Greek Age, Kingdom Ageand Wild West Age have become part of leisure for all of us. "It's just a game!" - Yeah sure, but that doesn’t change the fact, that we become fond of it.

We won’t complain. It’s known that the operators have created the whole thing from scratch. It’s known that times change and that the operators didn't have the opportunities that they had. It’s known that they haven't got the finances, the time, the knowledge and that they couldn't organize the support like it was two years ago. But only THEM can do something. And we could only ask that they spend the time necessary and take action.

Let's start a final attempt! Let's try to make operators aware of us. They should see, who is all behind a simple text message. A simple message which an admin send to them. We need to get a "face". Maybe we soften their heart and she summed up that event. Because maybe then they find the heart and soul, like a lot of players to keep the game alive.

That’s why we need you!. Sign our Guestbook Take your sign to save Human Age! Possibly you also explain briefly why you want to save it. Please be objective, not offensive. We’ll delete such entries, because we’re more convincing, if we disregard hostility.

After a reasonable period, we’ll send the pagelink to the operating company with an explicit reference to our interests and desires as well as the executed "signatures". Then wait and hope it says.

So? Are you in? Then .... GO!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to research phone solutions as nothing so far is very useful for my situation (I live in a very iffy cell phone region, my power goes off at times and sometimes the landline goes out with it). I hate like hell having to have a landline + a cheezy cell. I would love to be able to play around with Android, plus I need a better camera.

And I was right.* There is something. I'm signed up for their beta and eagerly await my wave assignment in  I'll let you know how it goes when it happens, but theoretically it should be perfect for me. It uses wifi when wifi is available (99% of the time for me), and switches to a cell network if it isn't. It's ~20 a month.

Hurry up!

*When it first began it had a non-interesting phone but has just switched to a quite reasonable one with a 5 mp cam.

10 September 2012

Last days at 58. Osprey and E by SJ.


Kenny in monster mode.


Another view


I spent yesterday in SL, starting at the closing of Claudia's installation on the Art Screamer sim. It turned out a film I'd made was a finalist for a machinima contest they were having. They actually played the wrong one at the closing, but never mind. Six finalists, all good work. I didn't win, but that doesn't matter. Here are some people watching.

09 September 2012



Suddenly I wondered if that's the old Melbourne Gaol. If it is, I've been there.

Postcard from Second Life. by Vivian Oblivion

Ambat, My Ambat

I went to Ambat to rez a kiosk from a user-made orientation that is very nice. I talked to two regulars - R was one and he asked me to fix the dance machines (which I did), and we chatted and danced.

R: funny
R: I was thinking tonight that you'd forgotten about ambat

Later I met A:

 Osprey Therian: Think I fixed that stupid dance ball.
 A: you know whats funny? we all were talking about the changes to the sandbox and we were wondering if you were going to make changes up here too :P
 A: literally two days ago :P
 Osprey Therian: heh
 Osprey Therian: What changes do you think are needed?
A: I wouldn't change a single thing
Osprey Therian: I added a kiosk pointing to a new user area
A: Except maybe that talker thingy n the rug by the hippo multiplies or something
Osprey Therian: I like it as-is so it makes me happy you said that.
Osprey Therian: the runes?
 A: I had another avi years ago and when I took a break and made this one a few years later I was so glad it was the same here
 Osprey Therian: They should just give a reading then poof
 Osprey Therian: I get attached to things here and in rl
 A: They give a reading every few minutes and when I mute them it seems they muliply. I mean I like what they do but when it gets busy here its hard to keep up with the conversation when they keep going off
 Osprey Therian: I'll take it and look at it.
 Osprey Therian: ty for telling me
 A: the hippo book is my favorite part of this place after the fountain :)
 A: please don't think I'm complaining at all
 Osprey Therian: IM any concerns - I always want to know
 Osprey Therian: no I love it
 A: SL always changes and I know I'm not the only one who is glad this place doesnt :)
 Osprey Therian: It's been quiet here lately I hear.
 Osprey Therian: May get busier when sl is on Steam.
 A: It has but the regulars still stop in
 Osprey Therian: Well, good night - nice to've met you!
 A: good night :)

I'm glad people still enjoy the quiet Ambat tone.

This is neat:

Lazarus pill miracle for E Cape man

By: Richard Stupart, City Press
2012-09-09 16:45
Johannesburg - If miracles exist, Ayanda Nqinana may just have swallowed one.

After reading a report in City Press last month, his wife, Nomfundo, insisted that he be given a prescription for the sleeping pill Stilnox, which has the opposite effect on those with brain injuries.

It worked – and brought him out of a seven-year coma.

Nqinana had been the Peddie Municipality’s director of local development before a late-night car crash on a lonely Eastern Cape road in 2005 almost ended his life.

The accident tore him from his wife and their 2-year old son, Ayavuya, and left him with severe brain injuries, a fractured hip and legs, and unable to talk, leave his bed or feed himself.

For the past seven years, Nomfundo has visited her husband in East London’s Newhaven Hospital, hoping for signs that the man she had known before the accident was still inside his body.

“His eyes, he couldn’t follow any direction. For instance, if you were talking to him, even if you move from this angle to that angle, he doesn’t follow you. He couldn’t talk. Not at all,” she said.

Nqinana’s doctors said he’d probably remain that way.

Miracle recovery

But on August 12, family friend Nceba Mokoena came across an article in City Press about a miracle recovery made by another car crash victim, hundreds of kilometres away in Gauteng.

Louis Viljoen was given the sleeping pill by chance by his mother, Sienie.

She had noticed he wasn’t sleeping peacefully and asked her doctor if she could give him half a sleeping tablet. After she did, Louis opened his eyes and said “Hello Mamma”, his first words in five years.

Nceba phoned Nomfundo immediately to ask if she had seen the story, and whether or not Stilnox might just help her husband.

Initially, Ayanda’s doctor was not convinced, telling her not to place too much faith in newspaper reports. But Nomfundo insisted.

“Because I’ve been praying a lot for my husband to get better, I can try anything that is possible for his health. So eventually we agreed to get a prescription.”

They began giving Ayanda the drug, and waited to see what would happen. Five days passed with no improvement.

“The date was August 29. I received a call from Newhaven saying, ‘Is it possible for you, Mrs Nqinana, to come in on your way back from Bhisho’ – on my way back from work – ‘and see us?’ because my husband was talking,” she said.

Hospital abuzz

She rushed there and found the hospital abuzz. Nurses rushed to call her to her husband’s room and followed her inside.

“The first thing that he said to me, in Xhosa, was ‘Are you here? They called you to come here?’ I couldn’t believe it. I just took a chair and sat down.”

Not only had he recovered enough to talk, but he remembered his family and was able to hold a conversation.

He asked his wife where she was working, and how she managed her daily commute between East London and Bhisho.

“I was so amazed, and the tears were just falling, falling all over my cheeks. I couldn’t believe that Ayanda was talking,” she said.

08 September 2012

I hired a nice person off Craig's List to help me by doing laundry and things like that, four hours one time a month. She came today for the first time.

Me: This is great! Peel me a grape!
Kim: Ha ha! You're funny!

Despite detailed directions she got off at the wrong exit and I had to guide her in by phone, but it worked out. She was able to find the house easily, which was awesome.


Just for Karan

TY for the link! I think Second Life (seen here) also has some pretty kick-ass amateur-built regions. VR is great for exploration.

07 September 2012

xulu9 by Vivian Oblivion
xulu9, a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.

Some pictures from Xulu, which reminds me a bit of Project Entropia with the vehicle-emphasis of There. I'm pretty hopeless with my one hand and low energy level, but the many driving games were fun and the target-practise cannon-shooting game was neat, too.

I've decided that LL is expecting a big influx from Steam and wanted the bug-reporting system cut back before that happens so that expectations will not be raised from usual MMO bug-reporting methods and things will be easier for them.
For current SL customers the situation is summed up by this comment from Latif Khalifa:

Latif Khalifa
on September 7, 2012 at 01:50
Another thing that is important to remember: I found workarounds for literally dozens of problems by searching Jira and reading comments where someone would point out a way to do something without crashing, or something similar. All that valuable knowledge sharing is killed with this.

06 September 2012

Startled by Vivian Oblivion
Startled, a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.

In Venexia there is much to startle one.


LL's occulted the bug report process. You can fill in yer little form now and it's whisked away. You can see your own reports but no one else's.


04 September 2012


What is your favorite color?
Choice of color is directly related to area of work!
RED –very active. People want everything and immediately. Can be: programmer, engineer, scientist, researcher, analyst, pilot, and chemist;
YELLOW – agriculture, insurance, activities related to storage;
WHITE – future police officer, judge, lawyer, all power, power and administrative structures, financier, banker.
If YOU CAN’T DECIDE ON A PROFESSION, simply select the color and we will help you get a degree!
You need to have just 4-6 weeks to get a diploma (PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s).

Safeway just delivered my groceries. Woohoo, food!
Me: What's new in the delivery biz? Have started delivering liquour to fratboys yet?
Driver: Not yet!
Me: I bet in the future Safeway will deliver marijuana.
Driver: It wouldn't surprise me!


03 September 2012



'While being hauled to its new home at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, the 50 foot tall statue of Jesus was trapped as it was being driven through a McDonalds drive-thru. One outstretched arm of the statue caught on a statue of Ronald McDonald causing it to shift, stand semi-upright and lodge between a drive thru window and a McDonaldland Playland.'


The first photo on the web was of the Cernettes.

01 September 2012

The Difficulty of Modern Life

At first I thought it was an inequality sign in quotations, THEN I thought it was some sort of emoticon only to realise a couple of minutes later that it was in fact a formatting reference :P
----Reddit comment by Sanuuu



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