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28 July 2013



Beautiful costumes from Game of Thrones

24 July 2013


My Sha is sold and gone. I'm trying not to be a baby about it.

So far so good - Jason came out of the operation all right. 

23 July 2013

The Pixel Painter

'It's about a 97-year-old designer that creates artwork pixel by pixel with Microsoft Paint. His work is a cross between pointillism and 8-Bit Art. And he's legally blind.'

Pictures taken in the past few days. 
I love Sha
David did a good job cleaning and polishing. I lost the ability but in former times I loved waxing and polishing my car. 


Dozens of Japanese commuters worked together to help a woman who fell between the platform and the train during rush hour in Tokyo.


I used the pen cam to have a streaming lake cam for years, not that anyone noticed but I liked having it on a webpage.


I suddenly thought of early SL when you could go to the Pirate Hideaway at night and answer the phone to get a bottle of champagne. Fun.

22 July 2013



Confirmed with ear doctor that appointment is Friday as my doctor's office didn't write the date just the time (helpful hah). Tiff emailed that she's coming at 11, and sadly I have worn myself out getting ready. My energy is good for just a few hours and I have been thrashing away since 7.

My earliest memory was being on the Hamble Ferry with my mum at about two years old. We were feeding the swans bits of bread and I held onto a piece instead of throwing it and a swan bit me. 

I was bitten in similar fashion in 1998 or 9 when floating around with my brother on his sailboat for a few days. We docked at an island with a sign DO NOT FEED THE KANGAROOS but he wanted a good photo so had me feed them bits of bread. Large mob of greys mugged me and drew blood. 

Ordered some digestive biscuits and Crunchie bars from England. Wanted pickled onions and Kit Kats but I have to draw the line somewhere ;)

21 July 2013


Sha in 2004


Looking for a Sha picture I instead perused a million neat pics, many I took in other VR than Second Life - Project Entropia, Twinity, A Tale in the Desert, The Graveyard, Meta place, Multiverse, and more. I loved looking at Photography Studio posters, and The Show Must Go On posters, as well as old SL bugs and developments. Here are just a few.


My Fidget

Only my mother would think it a good idea to bring home a pregnant cat. Part Siamese, it was dark grey yet had cream underfur revealed if you blew on her. We'd just come to Washington and been erupted upon so I named her after a newspaper photo caption 'Yakima Snow.' One of her offspring was a small and beautiful tabby I named 'Evinrude' as she purred loudly. Fidget was the son of Evinrude. A peachy, compact-yet-weighty tom, he had lightning reflexes honed by our play when he was young (and an only cat) with a wine cork on a string on a stick. I'd flail it about and Fidget would seize it. He actually leapt up one day and snatched a hummingbird out of the air. I whalloped him and he spat it out and it flew off. He used the bathtub as a device to play pinball with prey. He'd bat them about then eat them when he was tired of the game. Mice, shrews, even rabbits, were his prey. I had a dream one night about trying to climb a glass mountain. I went down and found a hapless mouse scrabbling at the tub vainly trying to escape from Fidget. I rescued it and released it in a hayfield as it seemed it had communicated with me.

Fidget taught himself to pee in the toilet. He was very smart. He didn't like my husband and hied off into the gully behind the house for the duration of the marriage, but would come if I called. He came one day infested with fleas and wanting help, but left after I fixed him up. 

When we moved out he was ecstatic and stayed in the house as before. 

Tired must rest.

20 July 2013

Named by Samantha Lone Wolf, my tiny red convertible was beloved by me and today my empty garage is a stab in my heart every time I think about it.
Can't wait to go. 

I finished A Storm of Swords several days ago and haven't yet received A Feast for Crows. I'm craving escapism. Although I think GRRM needed a good editor and should've wrapped it up in three books (A Swirl of Kitchen Sinks?) i'm still mostly enjoying it. 

I am just overflowing with wonder and love at the awesomeness of my friends.

19 July 2013


Went to doctor today - have breast cancer as I thought. Explained what I wanted but it doesn't fall into the six month thing for phys assis death. My doctor is great and I can speak my mind, and he told me he'd never had a situation like this come up and didn't know what to do. He knows I'm not yer usual person but I manage to blow his mind every time I go, I think.

I go for a biopsy 31 July at 8:45. I was so bad today I was a blob and needed multiple people to move me around. I was hot and exhausted before even starting out. I'll be better when it is not hot but still...

I have 100% blocked left ear/70% blocked right ear (by wax) and appt Thursday (I think). Thing is I am so fucked up I need to figure out some other way to be taken as it's really beyond what a friend can do.

17 July 2013


Sharing info on making a better world:

15 July 2013

Just ordered A Feast for Crows and some jaffa cakes. 
Got overtired and hot yesterday; today can barely move. 

13 July 2013


10 July 2013

A wave from awesome Justin made my day :) 

09 July 2013

Some well-loved arias here. It's interesting to hear Il balen at such slow tempo - a fave sung by a fave but creakingly slowly.

07 July 2013

Yesterday was my rezday. I spent hours 
of it trapped then had to call 911. Never 
got to go in sl at all. Today just trying to 
recover. Quality of Life = 0


04 July 2013


Every year on the Fourth of July there is a boat parade that has always been small but was about a minute long this year. I wouldn't have noticed it at all except for a nanosecond of noisiness. I always think of it as Republicans on Parade.


Been having a terrible time lately because of the heat but today is cool, a brief respite. Last Friday I was trapped when I went into the living room to get a phone number off the answering machine to do with the garage door company estimate. Frank accidentally and very slightly bumped the garage door and has to Make Good at great expense since it was old and easily damaged. It needs replacing.

Anyway I went to listen to the message but the windows were closed except for one open a bit as it'd been raining. It was very hot in there but I thought A. I'd be quick, and B. I'd use the remote to turn on the ac. I'd asked D and J to set it up for me so just thought it was set up. It wouldn't turn on and I suddenly realised they had not plugged it in. Heat = immediate terrible weakness if you have a neurological ailment. Many hours later I was rescued by Con. The ac is a portable Maytag unit not intended for a large space, so it is unfortunate it is in the far end of the house but at least it is plugged in now. The window near me is a bit big for the adapter but mayhap I could get someone to help me arrange something. That would decrease my current suffering by about 50%.


I went to the Rift for the first time last night in The Infinite Black. The Rift is a tougher place to be and I'm not very big, but I went with a stack of alli mates and made out fine. Since I had never been there it was not mapped for me, but we floated about shooting things and I now have a corner visible so yay.


The Lawless Ones Part One: Knicker Sizes

Why do knicker sizes correlate to nothing, not even other knicker sizes? I recently bought four pairs mainly because of the attractive picture and tried to order a good size. They are voluminous but wearable, the worst part being when they fall down. I had hoped they'd shrink but no such luck.

Knickers Y U Not Same as Trouser Size?

03 July 2013

My corp made made me an officer today. Geo is very nice and super generous. I was out in a stack of alli mates farming the yard when he called me back to the garri and gave me a new hull and promoted me. I like TIB because I like reading the chat. Enj never understands why I like general chat but I suppose it is just a way to be very mildly social and learn what people talk about.
Alli - alliance of corps 
Garri - garrison of corp (I'm in Delta)
Hull - determines strength, speed, etc of ship
Farming - shooting NPCs for loot
Yard - area near our garris and planet that we consider ours

It arrived and Brandon picked it up off the ground for me. Yay!

Playing The Infinite Black on the Nexus with my alli drogies. 

I finished the second one before the third arrived. *frowns* It is to arrive today they claim. Hard for me to handle physical objects so it takes me longer to turn pages than read them. 


My Grandnieces and Grandnephews

Their grandfather is my brother Steven. Most of them are Jason's. Last time I was there Owen (the tallest - over 6 ft now) was about three. Caitlin (second from left) was not yet two.

Although I play WWF with my niece Anj I don't hear much from anyone else. They write to my pater's widow though, which is why I have the picture.


It's very important to have someone help and guide you when you are young. When you don't have that the path is much harder and if you have people actively inhibiting you then things are very much harder and blaming yourself is not helpful.

The optimum size of a human group/family is not one. It isn't two. I'm not sure what it is since I have never been part of one. If the group is undersized yet has few issues or has resources to compensate (helpful community, funds) it may be fine; if it is undersized with many problems and few resources it's going to have a difficult time.


My nephew Jason has a brain tumour. It is a low-grade glioma near the speech centre. He will be operated on next week.

It seems like life is 90% about illness and suffering/coping/adjusting to it.


I had to cancel my Leap Motion preorder :(
It looks to be awesome but I have gone downhill too much in the intervening time to be able to use it.

02 July 2013


I HATE being so ill. Second Life has bump maps on rigged mesh now and I'm crying because I can't go on my computer and play with it :((



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