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31 May 2008


Tina Bergman's Installation

Tina's installation based on the Swedish flag - formed of scripted units that will appear bit by bit, can be seen from 1 June at the Swedish Embassy - Second House of Sweden - until June 6. In the evening of the Swedish National Day celebration on 6 June, it will disappear forever.

The complete Swedish flag finished size is 30x48 meters, consisting of a total of 168 prims 3*3* meter in size. One can walk on it, look at it - and Tina says, "The flag will also show my point of how Sweden as nation are today... have a look at it and you will understand."
Then it die, quite simply vanish, leaving no trace - something which is possible only in Second Life.

The installation is created by Tina (PetGirl) Bergman - the idea and execution in cooperation with Deirdre Boyer who did all necessary scripting.


Os in a YadNi Suit (from a previous birthday) slow dancing o.O just now.


Happy Rezday, Boss!

Then it was off to the Junkyard to celebrate with YadNi - I'm glad he is in SL!

The Russian Archipelago Show

We had a few things - Cait's computer blew up so I had to do her act and Karuna* was a Human in Mme CC - I couldn't close the curtain due to a %^&**()*(%^%^* invisible prim (purpose unknown). Alazi crashed near the end of her act. Mostly it was good, though.

[14:41] R: The bum of the actor** who washed a floor before the wife, has very much liked my wife. It even asked to make the screen more largly. ))) She like your three monocyclists more of other acts )

[14:22] R: BRAVO for all of you! ))

[14:17] D: yes! much enjoyed! I've never seen such thing in SL!

[14:13] S: Good shou!
[14:13] S: sanks
[14:13] Osprey Therian: ty!
[14:14] Osprey Therian: we had a few things go wrong but I hope you enjoyed it
[14:16] S: It was imperceptible errors, all has passed smoothly)

*Karuna is a natural Human.
**That would be HBA. What cheek! Not a wife, though - Margaux is the chef on a cooking show, but that didn't translate, I suppose.


Happy Birthday,

30 May 2008

Last week Netflix said, Golden Compass for Friday!" but it never arrived. Yesterday I finally said, "Er... did you actually send it?" They are resending it, they say.

Meanwhile I went into Watch Now and saw Ten Canoes, which is excellent. I liked it a great deal. Realistically, I won't like golden Compass as well; I find a lot that I enjoy in Watch Now (the dustbin of Netflix).



Enjah yelled for me in TEF but I couldn't find her. I should've responded drat me :(

ooh ooh ouch :((((((((


29 May 2008

Yippee! The Endless Forest is back!

The Monsters
My friends the Monsters introduced their son to Combat Cards (printed out cards not SL) and say he, "is MORE than suitably impressed with your cards -- more specifically the fantasy ones. (He had a harder time with the horror ones.) I FINALLY got around to showing him. He says to tell you that he thinks your email address name is "really cool" -- which leads me to the fact that he would love to come and spend some time with you and talk cards, computers, etc., etc., etc.! School will be out soon, so maybe sometime in June?"

28 May 2008


Went out at about noon, just came on.


27 May 2008


Enj couldn't log in to The Endless Forest, so I tried and can't connect although the program starts and I can run about as a guest stag. The forum says they've been testing new server code, and most of the replies (maybe all) were happy. I couldn't (so far anyway) log in to express anti-joyjoy. However, I did find this kewl thing. If you are a deer type your name after the = and you'll get your pictograph (or look up friends).

Also, hotkeys:
"You hover your mouse of the action you want to make a hotkey, then press one of the F keys along the top except for F10, and presto! If you want to use a hotkey, make sure you move your mouse away from the action panel or you might reset it."

Meaningless Facts
About Names and Os

To the best of my recollection I've never met anyone whose Christian name is Gilbert.
I just might not remember, though.

At one time my best friend Marie's brother Paul was married to the sister of another best friend named Jack, and the sister's name was Paula.
ly meaningless.

I had two unrelated friends with the same surname who married each other!
I've forgotten their names, though.

I like the name John best out of all the names one might bestow upon a boy.
Then it turned out I have a half brother named John.

My mother thought about naming me after her best friend at that time, whose husband was an airline pilot and liked to drink sherry and eat ratafia biscuits.
I would've liked being Morag, but got Vivian instead.

My brother's name for me is Mendoza.
You'd need to ask him why he called me "Vivian Mendoza Condero Moniero," since I have no clue.

I didn't change my name when I got married.
Thank G'al.

I have an alt with my name.
But now I'm more Os than Vivian.


26 May 2008

Maxie pointed out Roman's article about TSMGO.
Roman is very nice - he's the Russian who arranged for us to perform at the Russian Archipelago.



25 May 2008

I've been using the released viewer butgritted my teeth the other day to use the RC. But - where's File -> Window size?

I use that an awful lot - like, say every day. Oh, well. If it's gone I suppose I'll have to formulate a new method of making video, which will not be a bad thing.



Soj, full name The Sojourner, has died. :(((((((((

She created the Dreams community. We had a TSMGO show at the Dreams Fair in April.
To me 2008 is the year of community in SL, and the Dreams community has been a success story for three years, and will go on into the future. I remember when Dreams was on the mainland and I participated in a "Christmas in July" build contest. Soj didn't understand what I'd built until after about a week, when she laughed* at the wrapped packages arranged as a sexeh babe in a hammock, with pointy ribbon bewbs. I was miffed as the rules said "no particles" yet one of the winners used particles, heh. Oh, those innocent days of yore :D

*She sent me an IM saying, "I just noticed what it is!" Ha ha!



Maxie took this nice picture of one act she has created, the Dancers of the Emerald Isle, showing four of the seven dancers: Os, Lucy, HBA, Alba, Karuna. Missing, Kitty, Caitlin. Maxie was unable to dance.

Our next performance is at the Russian Archipelago, and the show is in the process of being translated as only a portion of the audience speaks English. It's not really a public show as it's most important for the Russians to be able to be there.


24 May 2008

Human Age
Well, my Age 1, Ivka, is all finished with quests and is just accumulating money and hunting. A wolf has been hanging about the hut, which is nice. Beldar is developing, but poor UgBurro was trampled by the mammoths and looks under the weather :(

In Age 2 Ostherian is in the middle of the fourth quest, and sold off all her fighting gear as our chief was banninated temporarily for some unknown reason, and consequently we have no FEs or PEs on at the moment. Enjah is in hospital getting healed after a general unavailability of medicated bandages. Delta checks in occasionally, and is, I hope, fine.


I was looking at the MadCow Cosmos installation
yesterday at Ars Simulacra...

...when I was caught by a creature with scales and claws.

23 May 2008

Heh. Oh, that APPLE. It's been rather annoying with its Ipod constantly scratching at the door to be let in, but I happened to read the whimper/scratch update TOS* which included, in super huge jumbo enormous large great big capital letters:


There was a cartoon in the New Yorker last year with a pilot saying to a co-pilot, "Heh, I'm flying this thing with my Blackberry." What next, launching spaceships with a Wii remote?

*It ascribes to the belief that great blocks of capitalised text without paragraphic ordering for relief illustrates the importance of points well. I can't quibble as I did see it, but I must say that I found the document entirely lacking in style, somewhat high-pitched and hysterical (if Apple, having no womb, can be said to be hysterical), and rather funny.


22 May 2008


Ceci n'est pas une pipe...

...and this isn't a game. It's an art piece in the format of a game.

The Graveyard from Tale of Tales
Certainly not to everyone's taste, this very short "game" will engage those whose gaze extends beyond the ordinary.

21 May 2008

Ruth, We Hardly Knew Ye

New RC Viewer:

"Newly created avatars without a gender, or any avatar where “clothing is still downloading” are rendered as a cloud rather than naked/wrong body shape"

----------Ramzi Linden

20 May 2008

Looper emailed me:
"Cast comes off in a week, because I waited 3 weeks before going to doc (your blog has it wrong.) Yahoo. The surgeon says the body tries to absorb what it doesn't use, a good economy of energy, but then I wonder why you don't absorb your skull, it just sits there. But I didn't think to ask."


(Unedited snap)

I've been trying to get 5 minutes to put together a number of TSMGO frame HUDs for fan photo ops, but didn't get time until today (3 minutes only, however). I have mass frames from a long, long ago Photography Studio contest when HUDs were new, and I gave all the frame HUDs out but entries had to use them.

Snapshots worked much more easily then for this particular thing, so now I'm trying to decide what best to do. Perhaps just make them square and go for the 512x512 option - that might be ok. This style was chosen at random; my frames include old fashioned to futuristic. I think some of them were made for the Time Travel contest, too. I had a Books contest with HUDs like book pages - not that I can remember them clearly.

I just invented this concept: mind swapping.

A person convicted of a terrible crime will be mind swapped into the body of a badly disabled or ill person. That way the sick mind can be in the sick body, whilst the (we hope) well mind can utilise the well body. Experimentation would need to happen first in case there's a physical element (i.e. genetic abnormalities like XYY).

Don't ask me how that would happen, but it would seem to be fitting.

Fau IMed me about the video I made for the performance art by the group she's in.

[10:15] Fau Ferdinand: hey there Osprey , the minotaur vid was screened in amsterdam on the 15th:
The video played from 15-18h on a beamer is the website produced by one of the largest artist initiatives: PLANETART pics

Event name: Kunstvlaai/ Art Pie International 2008 - founded as reaction on the commercial art fairs in NL. PLANETART is its a noncommercial, streetart, public space invading, innovative, temporary autonomous zone:)


19 May 2008

Child Pornography

This (copy/paste from an old forum post I made in 2007) is my position:

"I believe that there are some taboos in place in society that are intended to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. In order for this protection to be generalised throughout society the taboo must carry a kind of shock-value. I think digital depictions of taboos such as child rape blunt the impact of the societal taboo.

It's time for everyone to evolve, now. Ready? Take a deep breath and try to lift yourself - out of the slime if that's where you presently are."

The news about the US Supreme Court upholding a strict law making child pornography illegal even when it doesn't exist* has me a bit confused though as it sounds like thoughtcrime. I remember, back hundreds of years ago, in a discussion about censorship, a friend** said "I don't want censorship from outside, I want people to censor themselves." I do too, but the odds against that happening get larger every day where there is no fabric of society.

I don't know if there is any way to approach the issue except creating a society wherein all children are loved and protected, are educated well, have options, and feel secure in society and their roles in it. Children aren't separate beings; even the pedos were children at one time.

*Interest in it, and drawn or digital imagery
**In fact, the one who Looper says told her that she and I should be friends, although for me it was someone else who did that - weirdly both were named Judy, however.

18 May 2008

(Click - you won't be sorry.)

I saw it on It's Nice, That


17 May 2008

Tina has some very nice parade pictures up on her blog :D

HBA has pictures HERE and HERE.

Enjah has pictures HERE.


I didn't take any good pictures - here's one of me, then some of the group at the finish, at Hot Balls. I can see Enj, Alba, Lucy, Tina, Molly...

Parade to Bay City!

Today at noon we* shall proceed from the Nova Albion Infohub in Miramare, across the water, past the asylum, and into Bay City proper. There we shall (most likely) get lost and crash a few sims and get all split up and confused: in other words, have a silly time!

Salazar and I are getting this going - and TSMGO is going to have a contingent. So far parades (bridge parade, NA 4th Anniversary parade) have worked out well, but who knows with this one!

*Whoever "we" turns out to be.

16 May 2008


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Thanks to Little House for pointing out MUTO by blu


Trying to think of the various worlds I've been to:

Second Life
The Endless Forest
Uru Online
A Tale in the Desert
ActiveWorlds (mostly the Cornell U Sci-Fair branch as I taught in there)
Various SL OS clones
Journey to Wild Divine (only counts partially as it isn't online)

Maybe that's it.

15 May 2008


Twinity's Speedtrees.

Waiting in Enjah's gallery. Unlike me, she has made something nice.

Did the COST OF THINGS go up? I was going to add even more wriggling pink things to my apartment, but stopped at one when I thought it was a lot more uh... Twinity-lucre (whatever it's called). It might've been my imagination (quite likely). Since my apartment is already filled with writhing pink things I suppose I don't need any more. I have also bought an animation (raising fist in a bellicose fashion) and an uber lame dance (dances were a pig-in-a-poke with no preview. And my clothing. And green hair. Think that's it.


For some unknown reason there are things I like reading about, and am interested in, but have no interest at all in actually doing. For instance, I like reading baseball history, but have no interest in either recent baseball or playing baseball.

EVE Online fits into that category, and I've been watching and reading about the trinity upgrade and the even more exciting Ambulation project. Why is it exciting to me when I don't want to play the game? It has something to do with liking and being familiar with creative processes, and being interested in how a company tackles artistic problems.

TenTonHammer has a fascinating (to me) video of a presentation by EVE artist Ben Mathis HERE.


They Still Work!

Anchor, poor thing, has to once again perform zombie duty. Here, though, he is playing with his benshees in Bodega.


The Saragossa Manuscript

I'm enjoying it.
I read up a bit [here] on the book upon which the 1965 film is based:

"Written in French by a Polish aristocrat anywhere between 1797 and 1815, and then translated in Polish by Jan Chojecki in 1847, its original version was lost; when it finally enjoyed a comeback into French (?) literature in 1989, the missing parts of the original had to be retranslated back into French. Observe the numerous transformations of the initial idea of the novel: a Pole writes in French, another translates it into Polish, yet another translates (some of) it back into French. Then a Polish writer adapts the text into a film script; then the script is turned into another medium, that of a movie, by a Polish director and Polish actors (although a Frenchman was initially cast in the part of Alphonse); and, finally and for your convenience, an anonymous (possibly Polish-American) translator added English subtitles to a video version of a cinema film. One should also not forget the recent and excellent English translation by Ian Maclean, which appeared as The Manuscript Found in Saragossa in 1995.

This mind-boggling series would have certainly pleased the man responsible for its existence, Jan Potocki (1761-1815), patriot and renegade, freemason and scion of Poland's top aristocracy, traveler and recluse, scientist and occultist. His life was as flamboyant as his death: he committed suicide at the age of 54, blowing his brains out with a silver bullet, melted from a part of his favorite sugar-box and blessed for the purpose by that strange man's chaplain."


14 May 2008

A missive from the gamemaster at Novoking. Uh...





Tale of Tales
Incidentally, the site's LINKS are a treasure trove.

How wonderful Tales of Tales, the makers of The Endless Forest, are! I am sorry 8 is not around at the moment - there should be more variety in the games out there, and ToT has had a tough time, it seems, getting the right kind of funding, although they have garnered critical acclaim.

Rather than cede the floor completely to killer boys wanting to shoot things (which is fun, too), why can't one game have two or more different aspects? I like to run around Entropia, and I don't mind being killed by mobs although I really hate being killed by other players. You'd think there could be an overlay game that uses the program's basics, but to a different end.

Enjah said TEF is boring, which could be rightfully said. However, I enjoy the gentleness, the nonverbal aspect (a lot), the way it looks, the interaction and change. I will be happy to be a stag, and have magic stick (spells on fawns last but a few seconds for the most part). There are lots of results of spells, and it would be fun to get friends together and see what we come up with. Spells affect headdresses, coats, masks, and what else? I'd like to be able to zoom in a bit closer, however, but like many things a closer look might reveal less, not more.

I got a comment (repeated here as the post is lost in the sands of time:

Just to let you know about a new site set up to accompany the release of Saragossa on DVD.

Hope it adds to your enjoyment of the film

Timjim (site creator)

Now if the film would just show up...


13 May 2008


12 May 2008

According to the Quote of the Day:

There is nothing more dreadful than imagination without taste.
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Truthfully I would love to live in a world in which nothing was more dreadful than imagination without taste, however 579076447789867654 things instantly spring to mind, the dreadfulness of which, even taken singly, so far exceed that of imagination without taste that I must rap my forehead on the keyboard to expel them from my thoughts.

I hate to travel but this sounds intriguing...

"We have opened a new Russian Archipelago sim. We want to invite you to show your "The Show Must Go On" on our sim. Is it possible? And what you need from our side to do your show? I aend you a notecard about this question and LM to Russian Archipelago. Thanks and sorry for disturb.

I think that would be not less than 30-40 spectators. It comfortable to us to open show after 21:00 from Moscow time (I sent you SL-time tomorrow). Do you agree with that opinion?"


Inside the Endless Forest

Why weepest thou?

Playing by the pond. I was given a peacock feather headress by a spellcaster.

Fawns dancing (see video). Silly? You bet!

Although it's non-verbal and I've not seen any instructions, it's easy to grasp what is going on, for the most part. I can get flowers to wear, change people's coats sometimes, change my own at the statues, interact with deer. Last night it was raining so I slept in a huge hollow tree.

A spell changed my coat (one may sneeze off all spells). Sometimes deer are turned into frogs - I don't know if that can be sneezed off but it's funny.

Attaining a milky holiness at the shrine.

11 May 2008


My MacArthur-Genius-Award-winning poet pal Looper has broken another leg, and spent a week or so before knowing it was borked. She says in X-rays her bones "are merely the ghosts of bones..."

We have taken opposite paths, and although some of it was due to choice, not all of it was. Now it's a race to the finish ;-D

The Return of teh Doc
[no picture as the one I took didn't manifest itself, unfortunately]

Doc's been trapped out of SL for weeks, and I've missed him a great deal. Meanwhile I titivated the parcel, ran events, and struggled valiantly onward. Today, however, with no warning or notice >:{| (why not?) he showed up, freshly hooked up and with toasted knees from laptop warmth. I took the opportunity to beat him several times in duels, using a giant flower (flower power) against his chainsaw, which needs sharpening, I'd wager, as it failed to cut down the bloom. I decided it's my lucky mindray-blocking flower. Welcome Home, Doc!

Yes, my repertoire included sharpening chainsaws as well as jacking up houses, roofing buildings, and just about anything else (not for money - just things I had to learn to do in my life).

10 May 2008


Running Around in the Endless Forest
Non-verbal is good.

This isn't new, but it is new to me. I spent a few minutes running about. The interface is easy and elegant, but, of course, it's not too difficult to do that when the choices are minimal. The deer, odd human-faced creatures that eat pine cones and gyre and gambol in the wabe, are affected by magic spells that do things like alter their coat colors.

09 May 2008


Os Goes to Odissea
(Sort of)

I'd been in the group for weeks, and was excited at the thought of seeing the performance. I was early, and listened to the performers do last minute rehearsing at the rl theatre in Italy.

The SL theatre was a complex thing on a four-corner area. It shifted the audience up or down and the sets remained in place.

I got to see a few of the sets while final preparations were made.

Then, just as it was to begin, the sims crashed. I logged back in and TPed to the area, but in one sim TD was .06, sim FPS was 1. The other looked worse, while the third was still off-line. The fourth sim was the players' sim, and it was there but I'm not sure of its shape. It was probably a case of getting too wildly complex for our current technological abilities. I'm very sorry I had to leave without seeing it - I don't know if it went forward, finally, or was cancelled, but the little I saw and heard was wonderful.


08 May 2008

I highly recommend
Tina's Universum
Now with Extra Special Translatory Goodness!

I've copied her translator idea - as she said to me, "We are one world!"

Bay City
I spent a bit of time this morning exploring the newly-accessible Bay City. It looks very nice, and has a ton of Public Works content.

Bay City has broader canals than Nova Albion, with drawbridges.

I've been trying to get a parade together, as well as holding the "Bay City" photography contest at the Photography Studio of Grignano. There's a lot to photograph.

I spent 5 minutes trying to figure a parade route - perhaps out from Barcola, past the asylum, and on into Bay City proper - but that's the trolley route, too, so we'd likely come a cropper (not that it matters much). We need a boat aspect, too. Maybe have two different parades?

I ran into Michael and he said, "We're gonna wait about a week before auctioning ..."

07 May 2008

Sanitised For Your Protection
I usually just sign up for betas when I run across them (unlike some people who actively look) and I almost always promptly forget about them until I get an email. I got an email from Mycosm,* which is, it seems, a business formulated almost entirely in response to corporate displeasure with certain aspects of Second Life. The things they state as "problems" are in fact
not problems at all, but let's look at their list:

“I couldn’t even work out how to move!”
Short answer: up arrow key makes you walk. Long answer: There's a big learning curve I have heard people talk about in Second Life, but have never noticed myself. However, assuming that there is something like that, I would've thought that the time spent learning to fit in and becoming a resident and not just a tourist would be fascinating and add lustre to the feeling one would have once having become acclimatised. Like, say, moving to another country. I hope the question-asker never needs to travel too far from home; most people, however, travel to new places for adventure and to learn and experience new things, i.e. fun.

“Why am I part of someone else’s world? I want my own world.”
Uh - if separation and control are your thing then one world encompassing the messiness and variety of human experimention, learning, taste, and so forth, is not for you.

“Why doesn’t it look as good as a game?”
Parts of SL DO, but because SL is built by users there's no consistent theme or quality level, and parts may not be to your taste. We have been given superb abilities in SL and have completely run amok :D in unexpected ways. We revel in our freedom - or if some don't it's because they don't understand how wonderful it is. LL gamely makes things work, even makes things better, when people wear 10,000 polygons on their heads, 1000 prim necklaces, and umpteen highly scripted attachments.

“There is nothing to do here.”
Wow, this is not something any artist, or creative individual, could possibly understand, but then, hey - this person couldn't figure out how to walk. Unimaginative.

“I don’t like meeting strangers, where are my real friends?"
AKA "I don't want to meet people from all around the world - I'd rather hang with my little clique and never have to learn anything new." Fearful and/or lazy.

I think a corporation wants total control, no learning curve, channeled experiences for visitors, separation - I would guess they'd be happy with this kind of thing, which is reminiscent of non-unified places like ActiveWorlds and others. In other words, it's reverting to an older paradigm and saying it's a Brand New! Improved! idea.

"We firmly believe in a clean, safe community."
We believe in a safe community, and that's why you need to be over 18 to legally access SL. The things people like to play around with are many and varied, and "clean" doesn't really stretch to cover them all, though, but go ahead and do what you want.

"For this reason we emphasize sharing Mycosm with friends instead of strangers."
There's that strange xenophobia - is it attempting to profit by building upon fear?

Well, it's good to have new worlds to explore and it isn't as though SL has no room for improvement - some things need to be overhauled completely, like the way newbies look and the default walk animation. Maybe there could be a kind of premium entrance that involves extra steps from choosing a shape and skin (don't ask me how that could be done equitably as I don't know) to an AO, clothing and accessories.

*10 demerits for naming it "My-" something.

I'm still trying to recover from my trauma of Monday/Tuesday, so am being uncharacteristically quiet.

04 May 2008


Contest 38: BAY CITY

Enter your 3 photos! Join in the parade! Make a weird picture involving graffiti taggers, boats, gangs, roller skaters, and/or THE PARADE.

03 May 2008


Salazar, stopping by as I finished hanging the Music show at the Photography Studio, asked me if I'd seen the new strip of land that appeared recently, matching a Bay City sim's edge. I hadn't -I was glad to hear. We both hope it indicates that the new sims will be placed and opened to the public soon.

Here I am swimming (the Swimmer is wonky and deep-sixes me every minute or so, but doesn't completely not work) near Michael's buoy with the new land behind me. It was a lovely day (bit chilly after half an hour in the water, though) and I was glad to get my clothing washed as I investigated.

Could we (now we have floats) get a quick parade organised when it opens? We could cross the bridge and plant the Flag of Nova Albion ;D

02 May 2008




Os Goes to the Globe

I usually forget to go to things as my time is so limited, but I happened to read something on the forums about this, and since it was in about half an hour I stirred my stumps and got a good seat before I wandered off to the kitchen to find some yoghurt.

The costumes and actor's look in general was excellent.
/me gives Hamlet a comb.

The setting was lovely, and the theatre itself very nice.

Ina Centaur and everyone who has contributed to the production deserve praise. It was an enjoyable evening out and I'd recommend it to anyone.


Dark Shadows
I've always just considered that shadows would come at some point, so haven't worried about it. In fact, it's interesting to me to live in a shadow-less world. I like variety - plus things don't last very long in what most people consider an imperfect state. Enjoying the uniqueness of the moment is probably wise, but is, in any event, the way I operate.

But then, too, it will be nice when shadows arrive. They are on their way, and won't be long. That picture has been all over the place, and it's easy to see why.

01 May 2008

Took Me Long Enough

I've been thinking about this for ages - since the Eighties. I kept looking at the skills developed by video games at that time and wondering (suspiciously) why it seemed like they would only be useful to, say, fighter pilots. As the years went on the skills required became more complex and most games now require team player skills.

It suddenly occurred to me that a few hundred years ago overly boistrous and vigorous young men went off to war in a far-flung place, leaving people free to do normal things without interference. Now the boistrous and vigorous young men join the Goons or the CoatKillers, which are Asshat Vaults. XLNT!



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