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30 October 2004

I accidentally got sucked into Second Life all day. First I figured out how to get the setting right for the starskin, and went around to the various places I have things for sale, updating stuff. That took a fair amount of time.
I saw a "Zealot March" in the event listings, which made me curious. I had no clue what that was, so I went to the gathering spot way at the bottom of the grid in a snow sim. There were a few people there, but not the hordes I'd associated in my mind with marching zealots. I talked to the guys and they were so nice I bought a Zealot (ground forces of Protoss in Starcraft... er... game) avatar and joined the zealot marching... band? Um, the Zealot March group was describedin the blurb as a group for zealots who like to march. Then they got all whipped to a frenzy so decided to march (it'd been cancelled for lack of turn-out I reckon), so we all marched to the Welcome area in Ahern, which took us over an hour. I actually had fun, though, and it tickled my desire for bizarre things to do.

Then I went to Shan's Aspen Leaf Gallery as she'd IMd me and I just wanted to look at her work again.

Then somehow I wound up at a Pumpkin Chunkin' contest, where one contestant's entry was an enormous set of things that looked amazing in action.

I wound up at a Hallowe'en costume party with Enjah, and then left because I wanted to look at the land for sale that adjoins mine. I am not sure if I'll buy it... probably not but one never knows. I keep making things, so it would be nice to have additional land and prims. I could buy the other side of the hill behind me, and move all my tattoos and things over there -- just keep the cove side for my gallery. Hmmm... well I'm not sure.

29 October 2004

Second Life

Hallowe'en display.

A Fallingwater Cellardoor vignette.

the Governor's Mansion with Taber in the distance. That's Oz on the upper level. I snooped around and read magazine covers but I didn't open the medicine cabinet.

Clementina Park

Taber from upstairs in the little building by the governor's swimming pool.

28 October 2004

Went to jin-shin, came home, tidied the house up a bit. Went in Second Life to hear the second town hall meeting and see the new sims,
<--some new sims! *
then Marilee came over and brought some nice food. I gave her a CD with pictures I'd scanned for her. We had a good visit. She left, I finished a little freelance job (more or less). I went to my school email inbox, which, to my surprise, was full. I used to have it forwarded until it evidently stopped doing that for an unknown reason. We all are rather heedless of our WHL email system as it's out of commission frequently and without notice (plus there was the lawsuit, which MIGHT have been settled, I know not). The inbox was full of stuff from the Cornell people, who'd been vainly trying to get hold of John and me. In a weird coincidence they rang school today and spoke to John. I rang HIM at home, and he said, "I was going to call you..." So apparently we're doing the science-virtual-world project (w00t) -- I'm happy. Might've been nice to've been told about it (the emails were a week old), but oh well. Then I went in Second Life again and made a star skin with spiral galaxy eyes that I can't get the permissions to set correctly for. Poop. What else did I do... ate some smoked King salmon, cooked some eggplant and things... should go now and eat something...
*If you remember I said before how there was a blank spot north of me, but it was all right as Jessie** is NNE of me -- now, with the new sims, one may fly, boat, submarine, etc. from place to place without needing to go around holes in the map.
**war zone

27 October 2004

Went to work... actually felt rather well. Vincent's working on a car drawing, with color and line layers. Gabe took some pictures for the school website and began working on a portfolio cover. Michael is working on his Salish sea wolf. Halisa was drawing in a frivolous mood. Andrew was in trouble, then came in and said he was quitting art, then left and came back with Hammer behind him saying, "You made your choice..." I can't MAKE him behave, nor am I interested in making anyone do anything, so he needs to straighten himself out. The man who is some kind of circle leader (and who curses at the children I hear) came in with children and saw me, "Oh, you're in here." I said, "It's MY ROOM." Sheesh.
Went to Phyneas Jack's lookout to listen to Philip Linden's town hall meeting. He was in NYC at a convention, so it was 1 am when he finished. There's been a large investment made in SL by an individual who PL feels is sympatico with SL, and who knows all about it. They're celebrating by bringing new servers online tomorrow for void and sandbox sims, which is good news.

I forgot all about the eclipse -- well, too bad.

26 October 2004

Second Life Again

Club Sinatra built by Sinatra Cartier

Upstairs at Club Sinatra

I made a big pile of oversized toast at Armord then sat on a piece. YES, I DID make a red toreador outfit. I got into a political argument this morning and the woman I was arguing with called me a transvestite lol. She had told me she has inside information because she knows how to read... I said, "It's just thinking you have trouble with." She said, "Excuse ME?" I apologised as I thought I'd been rude, then she made a crack about how SHE isn't a transvestite. I am starting a new career: cyber transvestite.

25 October 2004

An Art Museum Opening in Second Life

People voting in the USA presidential election are becoming so desperate to wrest their country back from the dirty-tricks Republican side that they are resorting to this: VotePair

24 October 2004

More Second Life Shots:

Osprey wearing parrot feathers.

I found this bluejay at the Luo Parrot Center

Outside the Luo Parrot Center

Second Life: I made a toreador's suit of lights for Oz. And stigmata. And a parrot feather outfit for Osprey. I'm not sure what to do with the stigmata -- make the rest of a religious hysteric's outfit, I suppose. What would than be, though?

21 October 2004

I went to get my email and saw this picture Dave sent me. Nice smile, Dave -- I'm not sure I could wear a shirt with that man on it and smile.


Atomic-raygun is back, so I'll go check to see what's with the domain-name place in a second. Tiff just rang to say she's still got a cold and won't be coming. The cold people have had around here lately has been very l0ng-lasting. Three weeks -- I hear that time mentioned a lot.

....yup, could log right into the domain place.

Screechy Stellar's jays are obnoxious. They fly up and sit on the railing to see if I'm going to give them food. As if. I miss the nice blue jays and the cardinals back east. I just took these of jays in the madrona tree to my left as I sit here.

The place where I bought (rented? registered? signed-up for?) a couple of years ago seems to be offline at the moment, which is bothersome. Tiff is coming over after her PT appt for her hip (she lives a long way away but her medical crapola is all here). I said, "What if your hip problem is caused by driving?" Just attempting to make trouble, as usual. She had the operation to remove the bursa in the affected area, but there's something else besides the former bursitis, I understand. I have a painful hip problem which I deal with by ignoring pain, which I'm rather horrifyingly good at. Wow, the sun just came out and highlighted all the cobwebs on the outside of the uncleaned windows. Very pretty -- I think cobwebs are rather amazing. Spiders are amazing. I used to watch spiders and ants and everything else as a wee child. In Canada when I was small there was a milkweed patch behind one particular house, fodder for the caterpillars which became monarch butterflies. The chrysalis of that particular caterpillar was brittle and foamy-looking, as though it had given inspiration to whoever invented that spray insulation foam. I used to let preying mantises run up and down my arms, and I can remember puzzling over a stick-insect and its camoflaging body shape. I also remember being outside once when the Junebugs started to fall like rain. Splat X about a million. When I went to visit Judy in Albuquerque a few years ago there was a rain of insects that left huge beetles bumbling around everywhere inside and out, and the dead floating in the swimming pool and crunching underfoot on the ground.

19 October 2004

Mmmm.. . work, uh... Gabe made a very nice goofy Hershey bar advertisement. He'd drawn, scanned, colored a chocolate bar, added a color-burst background, and added a photo of his hand grabbing at it. Slogan: can't get enough of this stuff I think it was -- I wouldn't know if it's a real slogan. Stopped at E's and waited for her to get home (in the car) so I could give her something our sister sent to ME to give to E (thing for plane trip next Sunday flying to wherever the cruise leaves from). I am trying very hard not to fire off an email saying "Put a 37 cent stamp on it next time and mail it to HER-- I'm too sick to do this kind of shit." As I say, I'm trying to be nice. I don't ask for anything but I'd like her not to make my life worse. But -- I'm being overly dramatic. I'm still angry at her for last year. I feel like I had to sacrifice my health to do everything... anyway. I need to get over it, I reckon. Perhaps she couldn't help.

18 October 2004

My Neighborhood -- looking from Bolinas toward Bodega.

Way up in the air -- trying to get a shot of the gi-normous Kong atop the Empire State Building

The Faye Wray part is being played by Oz Therian

A view of the gritty Nexus Prime build

Bus never did show.

17 October 2004

Dave signed my guest map! Yay! That brings the total up to 8 in two years! Including, of course, the guest map makers. But I have the cream of the crop: Rayne, Tiff, Flummel, Vid, Dave, a stranger (w00t!), and Bruce Willis (a long-ago friend from There who disappeared). It's an exclusive club -- a secret society of movers and shakers. They have super powers! Well, Vid's dog weighs 140lbs, and Rayne's husband is a weatherman! Tiff carries no luggage, and Dave knows all about llamas! Flummel can build a computer, Bruce is incognito, and the stranger represents The Unknown!

16 October 2004

This is pretty cool: ascii movie version of part of The Matrix

And Blogger fixed my stuck-posts-number (extremely minor problem) -- they're on a roll!

15 October 2004

w00t! Blogger fixed my archives-index-showing-as-code-in-Firefox problem!

I read an article in a New Yorker while I was eating a burrito a couple of hours ago, and it had a bit about the writer's pasta-forming attempts. It reminded me of a time I was working in a fundraising-frybread-stand, doing something that was new. Usually someone made dough, someone else formed the bread, and I'd fry it. Not a highly skilled duty, frying the frybread -- just don't burn it, remember to flip it over, don't catch on fire or fall into any huge hot-grease-filled pots. Once, though, I had to form the frybreads -- a task that I knew was hard. I didn't have a choice -- I was working where I was needed. A parent looked at my frybreads and said, "Look! The art teacher is making abstract frybreads!"

Dilbert's House
Home theatre! Basketball court!

FrontPage is rotten and mean! I've never used it, but I have it on the best authority that FrontPage is a marrow-sucker that makes a spooky laugh as it intentionally fries braincells. It's ugly! I mean spiritually and morally ugly! Yeah, I know it's software and one could argue has no spirit or morals, but software certainly affects the spirit of the end user. Ugh! Gak! Fie on bad software, fie!

14 October 2004

Now all of a sudden my blog looks like this in Firefox:

Even better! Firefox rocks! If you have never tried it you should know that the Mozillarians make it the easiest transition in the universe, and that it works super-well. It's recommended that one use a different browser than IE for security reasons. There are many to chose from.

I was always chafed a bit by that uneven-spacing-thing.

13 October 2004

Listening to the Presidential Debate at Barbarra Blair's Place

Blogged live by Hamlet Linden at New World Notes.

It doesn't look like it here but there was quite a good turn-out.
Enjah was Oz's date for the evening.

I listened, but not very well, and I had nothing useful to say or even think about the whole thing. I should've stayed away. Uck. What can be done in Iraq, now? They say that it's not possible to leave the country in such an unstable condition, but I don't see how occupying another country can be stabilising. If there is a new president isn't there at least a chance for a UN coalition to stabilise Iraq and help it to recover from what happened? The USA should admit they perpetrated a despicable act. Aaawwk. I don't know.

Scattered Thoughts Warning: This Post May Make Less Sense Than It Should
Second Life is an 18-and-over world, and There has an age category box on the sign-up page that says "click here if you are under 13." I'm not sure what happens if you click the There box -- maybe the pre-teen falls into a cyber-oubliette. Some youngsters are very well-behaved people, however, that doesn't change the wishes of the virtual world denizens, who just want to be able to do whatever catches their fancy at the moment without needing to worry that they are corrupting minors. Plus if you're an adult minors are .... annoyingly immature. There's enough annoyingly immature behavior on the part of grown-ups, but at least no one has to ammend their behavior for fear of corrupting them. Anyway, of course people lie about their ages and get in where they aren't wanted. Because I've been in There over a year I've had all kinds of experiences with kids begging. I recently had my first Second Life experience with someone wanting something from me. Someone hailed Ozymandias (I doubt she would've hailed Osprey) and explained that she wanted to open a "bondage club" but needed $500. I said I was unlikely to be a patron of her club, whereupon she asked, "Don't you LIKE bondage?" Uh... no... I think ms is wasted on me -- it should go to someone interested in bondage, so they can be happy. You like bondage? You think you know what it's like to be bound? MS will take you to a new level, dude. I'm selling my ms at the rock-bottom, bargain price of $500 Linden. Anyway... I just tried to look her up as I swear to god I remember her as saying she was 15 in her profile... but she no longer exists :)
It's been true throughout much of my life (although not throughout history) that the state of adulthood is not looked upon as desirable: there are no things that children can't do that are looked upon as desirable. The state of adolescence is, seemingly, regarded as the peak in human existence. Look at fashion magazines: the models, who used to be women, then were women who looked like children, are now very, very young oddballs who don't in any way represent the human life-form, although they are undoubtedly related to coathangers. If SL is striking a blow on behalf of adult human beings, I have to applaud it.

12 October 2004

Anji had written to me a little while ago about the elections in Australia and the USA -- saying it wasn't a big deal in Australia like it is in the USA. It would be nice if it weren't a big deal here. It's too, too chilling. Before I was divorced I was uncomfortable being legally tied to someone who was out of control -- this is similar. Neither Anji nor I are citizens of the countries in which we live.

I wrote back:
The election here is an enormous thing because of something that's been increasing over the past ten years: polarisation. Because it's a two-party system, the upshot today is that there is one candidate whose party stands for X, and another candidate whose party stands for the opposite of X. We're talking about +-400 million people, here -- a lot of people. About half of them will be miserable and not recognise their country in the political entity it has become -- no matter who wins. The past four years have been agony for anyone who is concerned anout ecological and social issues in an altruistic way. The current power-holders don't even bother to hide their intentions because they have certain knee-jerk issues that will make the enormous herd of religious fundamentalists follow them. Those knee-jerk issues? Abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, separation of church and state. Read this from today's New York Times:

"Archbishop Chaput, who has never explicitly endorsed a candidate, is part of a group of bishops intent on throwing the weight of the church into the elections.

Galvanized by battles against same-sex marriage and stem cell research and alarmed at the prospect of a President Kerry - who is Catholic but supports abortion rights - these bishops and like-minded Catholic groups are blanketing churches with guides identifying abortion, gay marriage and the stem cell debate as among a handful of "non-negotiable issues."

To the dismay of liberal Catholics and some other bishops, traditional church concerns about the death penalty or war are often not mentioned."

Non-negotiable issues -- puts this in the same category as the Palestinian-Israeli thing.

Because this country is immense in population, and its military is enormous (there are around 140,000 American troops in Iraq), it's the concern of the entire world when it acts like Baby Huey.

11 October 2004

Yesterday someone asked me for some virtual artwork for a Second Life virtual art museum, so I went to a sandbox and recreated the real life frames on my shrine paintings, and uploaded the images. I'm sorry I don't have a better slide of the riverbank shrine. I'll have to ask SJ and Michael (since they own that painting). I tooked this during the night at Cordova sandbox.

I logged into the There forums this morning as I was making coffee, and that's where I first heard about Christopher Reeve. I thought he had supernatually good care because he had money -- it's rather shocking that he died from an infected bedsore. Although I don't think dying is necessarily a bad thing, the only person I can apply that type of thought to is me. For everyone else I suppose I can't say one way or the other.

Oz went dancing nextdoor at the castle. It was a black-and-orange theme -- that's why he has a cantaloupe.

10 October 2004


I'm a sucker for clouds, as I've said before. Today is very pretty. The day before yesterday, which was... uh... Friday, I suddenly, at 11 o'clock at night, got it into my head that I not only wanted to wash my windows, but that I would be able to wash my windows. I haven't washed my windows in many moons -- the last time they were washed was when M and Nash came over and did it. That was in this millenium, and possibly within the lifespan of a white rat, but long enough ago so that the windows have become extremely filthy: cloudy, cobwebbed, and streaked. Anyway, I washed the inside of the windows in my bedroom, then decided that was enough for the night. Yesterday I washed four more. I'm on a roll, now -- I will wash the outsides of the windows (filthier than the insides) SOON. Also, yesterday, I spent hours updating the school website (which it frosts my cookie not to be able to ftp). Today I did a whole lot of nit-picky cleaning in my kitchen. I seem to be feeling a little better, which I'm reacting to by wearing myself out. Yay!

Only news to me but better late than never: I had this sudden realisation that the condition called "colonialism" that I think of as a country imposing itself upon another country, has another facet. In fact, companies are colonising us. I have always wondered why people build such ugly things -- looking at ugly surroundings is brutalising -- why would you make your surrounding ugly? Then I was reading something about colonialism and I thought, "Yeah -- the colonising powers only create such ugliness because they don't have to live there." The companies that colonise us don't have to live here, either, so they can make any old ugly buildings they think will maximise their profits. They have no feeling of responsibility to us and we don't feel we have any power over them. I've always felt that we consumers are like a herd of cows the lousy companies call in (It's Christmas!) to be milked. This makes it clearer -- we're colonies. And maybe it's closer to some old sci-fi stories: the aliens come to earth to use the humans for their own purposes. Are we sure Mickey D's is not from outer space? Can we truly say that Walmart stores won't suddenly rise up and fly off to the mother ship? I wish.

A month or more ago I woke up and looked up at a giant house spider motionless on the wall above the window. I didn't feel anything, so I just went off to do my thing (I believe I had to go somewhere). It was gone when I got home, but I didn't care. I really DIDN'T CARE. Strange. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was downstairs doing laundry (very difficult for me unfortunately), and I looked up. I RECOGNISED the giant house spider standing on the wall in front of me as the one that'd been in my bedroom. He'd just wandered back downstairs (there's no door). Why do I feel sure I recognised him? I don't know -- he had the same expression on his face. Uh... He didn't look threatening at all -- just a bit uncomfortable and frightened. I really don't know what's wrong with me.

As we all know I like both There and Second Life. I read the forums for both, and both are afflicted by strange dopey forum posters who sound like they are 15 and say things like: "i dont understand why anyboddy goes to (virtual world) cause its totaly stupid it sux and (other virtual world) is so much better it ha X and Y and the other one doesn't have that an anyway the ppl are meen and you arer all stupid becase you like go to (virtual world)" Or sometimes it's in caps: U R STOOPID BECASE U LIK TO GO TO THAT PLACE However, those posts are a tiny percentage. There is a rivalry of some kind (why? I have no clue as the worlds are entirely different). It's that same old thing that's always annoyed me -- that people say X is the best or the worst -- ignoring the fact that we have various interests, needs, and desires, and that their subjective "best" might be my "worst." And variety is the spice of life. But not to them.

08 October 2004

Got up.
My beloved haircutter's mate rang to change my appointment as my beloved haircutter has a bug. My dentist's office rang to say my crown was in early and could I? So I went and had that plus a filling replacement, then went to school all numb, to finish my files for the audit.
R said she ok-ed the schedule with the teachers, so I have no clue why they didn't seem to know anything about it.
Just came home, all hungry from not eating since breakfast (gott home at about 5). Traffic was mightily congested and slow, and rain was seeping slowly out of the sky most of the time, but got very heavy as I drove on Route 101.

Yesterday I hung out in There with Psi, who is designing garments in his head. I had recomended Pixia to him ages ago, and he's using that (very good, free) graphics program. Last time I used it, it was in Japanese, but I never did much with it as I have a crush on Photoshop. I was shocked to read that Brett left There last week. I was shocked again to learn Ken quit -- yesterday, I believe. I love and adore the world of There, but the feeling of instability is, frankly, causing me to stay away. I'm meeting Psi tonight though, if it works out.

07 October 2004

I just lost a huge post as the power went out-came on. Dagnabbit. I'll reconstruct the bare bones.

Someone in house barbecuing - my place filled with sick-making fumes. Has happened several times now.

At school yesterday: New student, Vincent. Learning to scan and use Photoshop.

Spoke with Hammer: his jazz-musician father enjoying a good time in his life w/ well-paid jobs where he plays w/ good musicians and is treated w/ respect. Not the norm for artists.

Enjah: rockin' chick. Her paintings are lovely. I snuck into her Second Life house and drank up all her tequila. (Well, wishful thinking... hic.)

New friend, opera singer -- another cat. Met next door to my gallery in Second Life at the Fantasy Castle when I mentioned Il Commendatore (I'd replaced my avatar's textures with a rivetted metal texture and looked like a statue though not of marble). He's a tenor, and his voice is beautiful (I've heard just a wee bit).

Fantasy Castle originally annoyed me when it appeared (a week or two ago) but now I like having it around as the people who go there crack me up. I switch genders while I'm there but they don't care.

At school tomorrow; BIA audit of my program on Tuesday.

Watching Mapantsula except it's too fume-y in there (where I SLEEP) now.

Had snippy reply from library when I asked what'd happened to Losey's Don Giovanni. They said, "We can try to order it -- if it's even still available." To which I replied, "It just came out on DVD." (mofos)

Talked to Looper yesterday. She keeps track of whether I'm alive or dead, which is kewl.

Mel is using Ozymandias as her desk-top picture (Maori tattoo Oz).

I went to Hamlet Linden's Fashion Expo, and he used a screenshot I took on his New World Notes blog. There was a wedding gown shown that he said crashed the sim when it was made as it has -- I forget -- 400 prims in it, or something. I'm not into women's fashions these days. I'm more into weird get-ups.

06 October 2004

Firefox <--> Internet Explorer
I'm using Firefox now, which makes my blog look different, but maybe better. What do you think?

I invented a slogan last week:


Catchy, no? Too bad Cheney's name isn't Shooty or Indicty.

05 October 2004


Yesterday I spent time working on a matching face/chest skin for Oz, in Light and Dark. I haven't tackled below the belt yet, lol. Usually Oz has the Maori tattoo. The faceskin creeps me out a bit, so I think I'll probably go back to the face tattoo.
I went to an art opening in Second Life yesterday. It was more fun,actually, than going to a real-life event. It was real-life artists and real-life artwork, but no hanging about nervously trying to remember who people are. In virtual worlds your name is hanging over your head.

I decided to start the nether-Oz because I like puzzles (working on a 2d template that will be wrapped around a "body" is perplexing). I found a leg somewhere on the internet. I found buttocks without difficulty. I couldn't find the backs-of-male-legs so I thought I'd look for feet. That'll be a snap, no? Holy Toejam, Batman -- that's the password to a whole world of foot-fetishists' pornography that took me aback. I just hope they wash their feet before AND after. I searched for something else I thought was innocuous and came up with the most horrible wound pictures. I should say I don't mind if something is pornographic particularly -- within certain parameters. I'd say, however, that the pornography I saw today while I was looking for legs and feet (haven't even started with any naughty bits) was a) repetitive, and b) tacky. Tiff is right -- it is funny to see what people think is sexy. I came across a website selling "sexy" shoes -- sheesh, judging by the opening page the same things have been considered sexy since about 1930. Include: mules, high heels, platforms, clear vinyl, marabou, straps -- all in the same pair!!! It's a wonder our ancestors managed to breed at all. Of course, they probably did better than the foot fetishists even without having access to these vast, dark realms of mediocre internet pornography. I decided it must be a kind of AOL-MickeyD's-Walmart idea of sexiness behind all this. It's really rather simple-minded. Anyway, Oz's skin is partially complete, but it will have to wait for another day.

02 October 2004

Tiff's Email About the Motorcycle ... uh... Thing in Sturgis, South Dakota

"I flew into Rapid City, which is actually not a city at all, on a tiny prop plane. The airport was about the size of Show Low, Arizona's. At the end of the gate walkway--HHHMMM!!! There was B in his leathers, skull cap, and fringes. I always burst out laughing when I see him dressed that way as he really looks like a Harley ad. Even then I didn't guess I was riding to the Sturgis campground on the bike itself. When I hit the parking lot--I knew. I asked B what he would have done if I had some luggage. He just said he knew me better than that-and knew I wouldn't have any. Well, not only did we ride back to Sturgis, but we took the big circle route and went by way of Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park (an animal refuge), the huge mountain being carved as Crazy Horse on his horse, Lead (largest gold-producing town in the U.S.), and Deadwood (where Wild BillHickock was shot and Calamity Jane is buried), and a whole bunch of other places as well. I think I was on the back of the motorcycle for 12 hours. It was way past dark and I was freezing (only the way you can freeze on a motorcycle).The next day we went into Sturgis and walked around and were totally entertained by the people. The girls wear their chaps with G strings and nothing else. Its pretty funny to see what everyone's idea of sexy is. Anyway I was waiting for two girls to come out of a store to photo their you-know-whats. I thought I was the only one laying in wait for them- but when they walked out and turned down the street, there were about 20 of us snapping a shot (photo enclosed).

There were 500,000 participants in the rally. The motorcycles were parked for miles in every direction."



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