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29 February 2008


28 February 2008


26 February 2008

Watching (well, in a minute) Dig!, about the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. I never saw the BJM but saw the DW one night at the Midnight Sun (performance space the size of my living room) in Olympia. I used to go and see live music about 3 times a week, usually at the Backstage but at times elsewhere. Oly is between Seattle and Portland so bands can easily stop over and sleep on someone's floor (at the Backstage bands would solicit floor space from audience members if they had no place to stay).

The music scene (heh sounds nicely retro) is (not that I've paid attention for a while but presumably still is) vibrant with independent labels like K Records and Kill Rock Stars, and music festivals every so often when someone gets enthusiastic. I am totally out of the loop now, but it was fun and interesting, and sometimes I'd meet the Monsters* there although usually I'd just go alone as it was hard to roust people my age to go stand in a frozen alley in January at midnight to wait for whoever had the key to unlock the door (I've spend hours waiting for the person with the key in Olympia - at galleries, music venues, and films). I remember that particular Dandy Warhols show well, as they totally rocked (to a crowd of about 16) and afterwards the bandmembers sold T-shirts they'd made - T-shirts from the Goodwill with maybe silkscreen or stencil, I misremember.

I've spend far more time listening to the DW than the BJM. The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is another in that line. I don't listen to anything anymore as live is the best, and there's not muchh point listening to canned music of that ilk.

Oooh - the other day Jim sent me a page from the Seattle Weekly - an article about Tad Doyle of TAD, which we saw at the Capitol Theatre. In some half-remembered auction (maybe the one the Capitol Theatre had to get Dolby?) one could buy Tad's car, and we briefly (and non-seriously) debated buying it before deciding not to as the springs would be shot (Tad is not small). Tad, amazingly, documented everything the band ever did, and two years turned over his bazillion tapes to a documentary filmmaker who has made a film, the name of which escapes me at the moment, but which will be fun to see I'm sure.

*They met doing security for Bill Graham in San Francisco, at a Butthole Surfers concert. Mr Monster has a rock museum. Well, he has the creamy centre without the hard chocolate exterior (i.e, he has the goods but no building).


25 February 2008


It was a busy Combat Cards event on Sunday. Here Steff is defending herself against Zolk.


Watching Hukkle, which is really good, but I have trouble telling people apart so I'm going to watch it again immediately (not that you need to tell them apart, but it would be nice. Once about, oh, a few years ago or so I told a friend I had a crush on XYZ. "Oh?" she said, "What does he look like?" "Look like... uh...." "Well, what color hair does he have?" "Hair, yes... I think he has hair." You get the picture.

Some people are entirely one with their physical selves and other people have some kind of essence that is apart from physicality. Maybe some people are more expressive in the physical realm. I used to be that way and in fact any still image of me seemed kind of untrue because I was always moving and leaping and dancing. At least I always leaped up stairs two at a time and jumped down them up until I got sick and couldn't anymore (late 30s) so I didn't waste it :D

John packed my trusty old computer into Sha* and I'll drive it in to the computer builderers tomorrow. Will be nice if it doesn't cost a lot, but I suppose what will be will be. The problem is this: Due to, presumably, cost-cutting corporations providing crap components I was plugging a speaker into the audio jack in the soundcard when the andle came orf in me and. No, I wasn't doing anything weird. Then I didn't turn it on for a few days but did as I needed to get something. Just then Frank rang in emergency mode, causing me to fly out of the house in a rush. No, I hadn't forgotten an appointment - he'd given me the wrong time. I made it there in 20 minutes which is very fast. When I came home that computer had turned itself off due to overheating, information it related to me ominously in a special freak-out screen upon start-up, a screen that looked just like a ransom note. Although closely linked by time the two events could be unrelated.

I want to get it mended so I can take this one in and have them fix the sound issue I've been having, which USED to be that I couldn't get a mic to work, as well as that the audio interface switches between Intel and Sigma Tel ("You don't have Sigma Tel." - quoth one of my computer fellows who is confused.) This is the first computer I've had where I got talked into using the onboard sound. Them: "The integrated sound thingies are goooood now." Me: "No zound card?? Eeeeeeeeeek." Them: "Dun wurry id will be fine." Me: "kk" But I couldn't get a mic to work, then last week the computer leapt to attention and reported: ZOMG joo have new hardware led me get the speegers werging four joo. I was scratching my head as the speakers were fine, but gave it its head and plugged in the mic as I reasoned it might now see it, which in fact turned out to be the case. So perhaps it's just needing to be reseated.

Having a tough day, so am not doing much. I made a new character so I could interact on Human Age 1 with Enjah. After I made him the site went down and has not come up. Uhoh. *whistles innocently* I dun borked Human Age. My new caveman is a Caribou Sniffer :( I'm going to switch to the Egg Head tribe as soon as I can get on. I have total clan loyalty.

*My car, named Little Sha by an Assiniboine and Sioux friend as I was driving her and her family to a pow wow. "Sha" is red in Dakota, she explained to me.

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24 February 2008

Catching Up On Films I Missed

Hmmmm... what have I watched recently on Nedfligs...

The Pianist <-- Roman Polanski is a wonderful director* Frank Finlay is great.
The Amazing Screw-On Head <-- ok
Pierrepont <-- enjoyable
Fur <-- not exactly subtle but ok
Curse of the Golden Flower <-- good
John Wycliffe <-- television biography was good of its ilk
March of the Penguins <-- Tiff made me watch it
Parasite Dolls <-- ok
Confessions of a Superhero <-- ok documentary
Flower of my Secret <-- really good

And just watched The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, which is a great film** by Werner Herzog.

* Yes, off the rails more than a bit but I give him slack considering his history.
** The legend is more entertaining than the reality.



Tiff Sent Me a Huge Picture of a School Chair
She got a new camera months ago and is just now trying to work it.

"To take a picture of this chair and send it took 4
hours. There is a way to make it e-mail size but this
was all I could handle today. See you Wed."

I was just reading an article in the New Yorker about studies into the way people respond to the need to make financial decisions, as in, if there is a "Free Shipping!"' pop up that says the buyer needs to spend just X more to receive free shipping, the buyer will do that even against his best interests. It seems to me we are ignoring - not taking serously* - the vast repository of knowledge about human nature that is contained in Humor.

Why don't we analyse that and pick out the clues to what we all do that is not what we'd like to do? Everyone knows there is more truth in the genuinely funny reflection than in most things.

*lame joke

23 February 2008


Anchor is perplexed upon finding himself in the onow sims.


A Jig for Thundercloud Partridge

22 February 2008

The creative director at Sony Home summed things up for me in a way he probably hadn't intended regarding the difference between SL and Home

"Personally, looking at other models, a lot of them are too hardcore, a lot of them are garish in the way they look. I think what we've done with Home is have the best-looking multiplayer world - and actually the most user-friendly that I've seen as well."'s not to criticise them, it's just that as a PlayStation 3 online space it was very important that there is a quality bar that we want to hit."

In other words, Second Life is a place where artists can create their own visions, with all the many forms, messiness, experiments, unpredictable things which that may encompass. And Home is built by a company. Not a hard choice in my book.




The filling in of the voids last year and the addition of the Straits of Shermerville Bridge was the first thing to happen to Nova Albion in ages. Now, as we near the anniversary of the city's founding, a new plan has been rolled out utilising the new Public Works Department to build a bazillion new sim s... I mean 23 sims with land, water, bridges, and docks. I don't know who is on the team, but it's a paid gig for some residents.

Half of Grignano is visible on the right.

Enjah on Human Age:
" eeek ...
I don't have enough kneecaps for a latrine"

And then...
me: /me blogs that statement
E: oh jF
vows never to divolge these secret longings to Osprey again
me: too late
blawged alreddi
E: you betrayed a sacred trust but I still like yuz

21 February 2008


Motorability is now on the web - well, in the process, but the website is here.

20 February 2008


19 February 2008

St Anne's Reel
For the Synchronised Knitters Precision Unicycle Drill Team segment of the video (the entire thing is close to completion) I used a nice open-source version of St Anne's Reel, performed by Gerry Dempsey, Ian Jacks, and Tom Joad. I just love it - wonderful song.

Imagine my surprise when Maxie gave me her new act's audio - another, very different, St Anne's Reel! It shows how we all are on the same page, stylistically, I think, in The Show Must Go On. As soon as we hit "play" on Candide's music box we all have to dance around as the song just won't let us be still. Someone commented aptly on the Internet Archive page, "...a real foot-tapper this one!"


18 February 2008

Enjah has joined Human Age, hah! she's in Age 1, of course, and can hunt, do the quests, eat and drink and raise her weight/stats, furnish her lovely dwelling place, and... uh... SO MUCH MORE! Yeah. Well I like it because it's just silly, but we shall see if Enj likes it enough to log in every day for months in order to get to Age 2 where I am. I'll still be there I'm sure as Age 2 (Celts) is slower than Age 1 (Cavemen). The interest is almost entirely verbal (all right, entirely verbal* - there's no "there" there.).

By the way, Enj, things in the market reset their conservation length in Age 1 when you buy them (not true in Age 2 except weapons). I have befriended her and sent a message, and added her to my contacts.

*I was trained to like weird java games by that totally bizarre little camel game. I think fondly on my camel, Dr. Fireball, to this day. I was led there by the bushwhacking AKACooties.
Note: Enjah is in the Frozen Feet Tribe but luckily our tribes are at peace.


Human Age
Every game has its lingo

I'm still playing the French java game Human Age because it requires about 30 seconds a day and almost always makes me writhe in silent laughter. I used to be a cave woman (our currency was goat kneecaps) but I evolved a while ago and now am an unmarried Celt (our currency now is troutheads). Yes, one is meant to get married in this game - horrors.

I do enjoy reading the things players post in the marriage advertisements* and the tribe newsletter (I'm an Egg Head**). Recently the newsletter had a short article about Kemal Ataturk, and right now it's mostly taken up with war news, as our chief is whipping everyone up to a frenzy in order to not suck so bad at P.E.s (punitive expeditions). This is the last age in which one may stay under the rainbow (not be affected by strife) and it's much tougher than in cave times, so things in the next age must be rough.

There are many of the same creatures to eat, except they have evolved a bit too. The fluffy ants which in Age 1 were used for making underpants now are stinky and live alone and are the cheap food of Age 2. I've been trained now to think "underpants" every time I see an ant, which I think is funny.

The Egyptian age tribe name for the Egg Heads is Khran Râ-Zeh. It was chosen by players as, "when reading Khran Râ-Zeh, it sounds like "Crâne Rasé", which means "Shaved head/skull." So, basically it looks and sounds Egyptian and even has Ra (the Sun God) incorporated in it and with EH at the end, and it's a superb play on words (shaven head > egg head)."

So an amusing 30 seconds a day, at least for me. I am easily amused and I find the whole game very silly, which is a plus.

*"I'm a troglo woman looking for the troglo man who I can share happiness and my life with! I'm caring, active and willing to do just about anything for the trogloman of my dreams! :)" Bwahahaha
"On Monday evening 18th of February, the exchange of rings between speesy and stoopid was officialised near the magic trout stream, the weather was cold and rainy. The friends and family were enchanted by the beautiful wedding and were very pleased to see the cod slapping competition."

**Other tribes include the Troglo-Phones, Frozen Feet, Hanging Dogs, Bursting Bellies, Caribou Sniffers.

16 February 2008

Due to experimenting and fiddling around with the food act I had an epiphany -- the act will be much easier to accomplish, now. Yippee!

The rehearsal seemed to go very well, today. I have been so busy I have only managed to do work for my acts in the two hours before rehearsal each week, but things are starting to move along for everyone - even me. Young managed to come in before we had dispirsed, and will work with Persephone to get her act further along (it's very complex).
Current acts include:

Caitlin's Fan Dance
Enjah's Cooking with Margaux
Lucy's Lucita and Montaldo (ventriloquism)
Ida's Infinite Monkeys (as realised by Os)
Maxie's Irish Dancers
Persephone's Sawing-a-Woman-in-Half act
Lucy's Girlfriend Skit
Os's Food Sketch
Os's Invisible Dancers

Also in process: Os's Shadow Theatre, Alonso's Joke Corner

15 February 2008

Audio issue: fixed in the WindLight update - yay! That was a tough bug for The Show Must go On, and a quick - very quick - fix by Linden Lab. That's a relief.

Hung out with Enj and bought a kingfisher and a woodpecker (no copy so I hope they stick around). The kingfisher dives and the woodpecker hammers away and jumps up and down the tree bole. I really need to build a better tree for it (apologies to Joyce Kilmer).

14 February 2008



I just saw this:

Spore finally evolves to retail

Sept 7, 2008

Woo - that is a game everyone has been waiting for!

The old video you've seen before is here.



Tonight Enjah and I went inner tubing in the video dome in Motorability. I took a noob in the the other day and we played inner tube sumo - trying to bash each other out of the dome (which is phantom). has changed, making it more difficult to get the streaming url (although you still can for now). I'd guess anyone new wouldn't even know about that aspect and so would never look.


I received a valentine from Tiff's grandson, who is two. I spoke with him today and gave him letters to type into the computer. He knows all his letters and numbers and colors and can spell a few words.

He's the one Tiff and I made the books for - letters and colors. He likes them a lot and, I'm sure, thinks everyone has their own books.

13 February 2008


What I've been doing for the past few weeks.

Randomly Teleporting Around the Map

Passion of Venture

I forget.

I also stumbled into a Gorean animation sales place because it was called davinci-something. I thought it was going to be... maybe Leonardo's inventions. Oopsie.

12 February 2008


Tornado Party in The Faraway. I've been saving the Munchkin avatar since The Emerald City in 2004 - it's an antique! Just the job for a tornado on the prairie, though.

11 February 2008


10 February 2008


Molly sent me reflexive prim script so I put it in a ShapeMaker and made all manner of strange, shifting faceted spheres and things. This shape is simpler but was fun to fly around.


09 February 2008

During rehearsal a stupid typing-activated typewriter belonging to me was bothering everyone, so Candide offered to delete it (I never did see it) if I gave him mod rights temporarily. I thought I did that - but in my billion open windows and mithered brain I wound up ticking the wrong box.

[22:23] Callipygian : Osprey?
[22:24] Osprey Therian: yes? :D
[22:24] Callipygian : You gave me mod rights earlier today :)
[22:24] Callipygian : I am guessing its an SL error
[22:24] Osprey Therian: I was trying to tick a diff box =:O
[22:25] Osprey Therian: heh
[22:25] Osprey Therian: ty for telling me - not that you'd do anything weird anyway
[22:25] Callipygian: thats what I figured..but since they are still there I thought I'd mention :)
[22:25] Callipygian: well yo didnt see my IM...
[22:26] Callipygian : [2008/02/09 14:24] Callipygian : if you leave me with mod rights I may be sending pics saying 'I am in UR gallery rearringing UR pics' :)
[22:26] Osprey Therian: lolol
[22:26] Osprey Therian: could be a new game
[22:26] Osprey Therian: like whisper down the lane
[22:26] Osprey Therian: course no one would play


It's a miracle...

I hit a bad bug in the WindLight 1.19 client and tried logging in to the jira again, as usual... except this time it let me in. :)))

My bug issue duplicated an earlier one so if you can go and vote for that one:

Basically, changing URLs for streaming audio now requires a UI player restart =======:O That kills the show as we require audio to begin for everyone at the same time. /me prays for a quck fix.


08 February 2008


After knowing about the map sims for a while and having received a few IMs from map travelers, I finally went to see when Salazar offered me a tp. They are certainly interesting to see, and I liked the big cogs, but it would be nice to be able to walk on the land.

It reminded me of being on a plane somewhere about 15 years ago or so, and talking to the nice man in the seat next to me who explained he gave workshops in organising data on computers. Asked how he organised it he said any way at all. I said (something like), "Ooh - so you could form it into a computer 3d landscape and then fly over it!" I was captivated at the idea but he just stared at me as I think he meant "pie" and "bar."

A missive from Tom and John:

Happy Mardi Gras! We had a dinner last night and we noticed that the banner gave you a mask--- Tom and John



07 February 2008

Mmmmmmmmm... LINKS

I CAN'T WAIT for the extra linketty goodness of Havok4.6. A lot of my joy in going to preview is gone since I haven't been able to log into the bug tracker for maybe 8 or 9 months, so I just read H4. reports and dream about linking things. Yes, I know it's on the maingrid too in a bazillion regions - still can't file bugs.


The Collection contest awards ceremony - promptly begun at 2 as Enj was off to the opera and hadn't much time - was fun if sparsely attended.

I had to move the car garden the other day, so took the opportunity to make it wheelchair accessible (United Spinal is involved in making builders think about accessibility in RL and it has certainly made me think in SL). I had to rebuild it in large part, which was fine, but the big HQ build is meant to come first.

Then, after the roads in 2 sims accidentally got deleted by someone (I had already safeguarded the ones around where I was working, thank G'al) I got the task of rebuilding, which was ok as I did it last night up to a place where someone else had put in some pieces but not set them to group (so I couldn't edit them). I felt like it was important to get them up fast as the sims are open and I see people driving around - looks bad to have roads missing.

OK, fine, then this morning I was asked to redirect a road for a renter so I went over - was a very difficult curved/tilted, etc. road which took me hours and hours. I did the main part up to where the original road turns, then decided to do that turn properly, but not right then - opting for a very useable fast join of my bits with the old bits. I left messages saying I hadn't reparceled and would the owner arrange for it to be reparceled please, that I would be back to finish when I'm not so sick of roadbuilding (which is not easy when one has to complete a segment in between 2 segments build by someone else - join this ↨ with this / - uh, ok). I logged to find food, came back while the oven preheated to find many emails saying things had been returned. OK. Might be the owner making the prims hers, or an accident. I logged in to find things ok - except for one thing. The section where I had built and carefully joined the road (at a slant) to the main road was missing. "What happened?" I asked. Apparently she's making some minor changes, or had an accident... It made me queasy to look, frankly.

I did meet a nice young vehicle builder. She says she's not interested in marketing so wants to give her vehicles away. She gave me a black Prowleresque car which I drove around a bit, and decided it was the best way to check the roads. There's a spot where it looks like the roadbuilder was running out of time and the roads just blow - I spent a few minutes adjusting them but really I need to rebuild. The places where I used my own pieces are really much reasier to do. It's very, very tedious work and very tiring, though, and takes forever to do right. I worked on that tough rebuild today for hours. /me resolves not to redo the deleted part if asked.

03 February 2008


New Contest: Details Tomorrow

Contest 35: SCALE
Theme: The theme is "scale" in any meaning of the word: proportion, fishscales, weighing scales, music scales, scaling a mountain, measurement, um... "working for scale," and any other interpretation. Get weird - you know you want to.

Cash prizes.

You may make something like an animated texture or other cool thing if you want. You don't have any tight limits. If you make something cool that doesn't seem to fit the "textures" requirement just enter it anyway.

Straight snaps or manipulated - it's all good.

Enter by: 7 March 2008
Exhibition: 10 March - 24 March 2008 in the Photography Studio upstairs gallery.

We will have an awards ceremony - time TBA. I want to do something tricky with the awards but dunno what yet.

Enter 3 textures of Second Life screenshots. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<----------
Textures can be no bigger than 512x512 - rectangular photos saved as 512x512 regain their proportions once they are put on a prim.

Title entries with title + your name <---= so I don't lose it in my inventory
Send them to Osprey Therian with MOD permission and COPY permission.
Give me an IM so I know to look for them.

>>>>>.Don't send them in a notecard - I say this as I look at textures every day but I rarely look at notecards. If I don't get your heads-up the entry gets buried under the billion spam notecards I get per week. I hate it when things get lost - the only entries to've been lost thus far were in notecards.

02 February 2008


It's Entropia Universe time, again.
I decided I'd better log in to see the changes. I had to remake my avatar again - third time since I started at PE. The first avatars were horrid-looking, and I had cool sticky-up green hair that got in the way of my aim, so when the chance to make a new av came up I changed it - but stupidly missed the bizarro look. The avs now are much better but customisation is within the normal range only and the hair just blows. I was given a special oldbie beret (note: even the beret decays). Here I am at Fort Ithaca (where I logged off last year), too tired after making my avatar to want to play.

01 February 2008

I just found this - I had answered some questions posed to me in late December asking what I saw for in the future for Second Life. I didn't returned the notecard with sufficient alacrity so it was not used and was forgotten by me until just now. I didn't answer quite as idiotically as I thought so here is part of it:

I'm not really time-based, so I'm busy enjoying what we have now and just being part of something that is in the process of becoming. That's what is exciting to me - SL is changing in unsynchronised steps that are reminiscent of a human adolescent. The feet grow huge, the knees haven't changed in years, things aren't balanced - because they are changing at different times and integration isn't possible yet. Even the uncomfortable parts are fascinating as it's all part of a maturing process.

It seems to me SL has come an incredible distance in a very, very short time.

As user hardware catches up to the SL requirements things will become easier for ordinary people to join successfully.

There's nothing else even close to SL at this time. I hope they maintain that difference and I trust that they will. We, the residents, are messy and unpredictable. No other company would allow us the freedoms we enjoy here - freedoms that allow abilities which have negative/positive effects so intertwined there's no way to curb one without curbing the other. They have stepped very lightly and carefully - and I appreciate that.

Worlds with fewer freedoms and user abilites bore, and quickly.

I hope some other VR company has the guts that Linden Lab has. I'm not holding my breath, though.

Is there anything in particular that you wish Linden Lab was doing differently?

There are things a long way off that are barely visible on the horizon which will come along in their time. What I feel in the aether is a rumbling and changing that is happening bit by bit and causing upsets. A huge project like Second Life, with its complexity and the almost infinite variety of user hardware has got to be a monster to guide. Every little change affects everything else. Things are ready to be added at different times, or can't be integrated without something else that's not ready. I can see LL responding to user concerns, but not always enough to placate some users. I think a bomb-proof and set-in-stone, unchanging SL would suit some people, and that may happen in the future, but for now it's not that way, obviously. I'd like people to enjoy things as they are - this amazing transformational, creative period - and not mix up the fast-running feeling of time in SL with the passage of real time. I trust LL to know what it's doing.

WAIT! I'd love to see Mount G'al and the Moth Temple lanterns fixed ;D That's what I wish they'd do differently.

Addendum: Obviously the answer or the future lies not with one virtual world but with many. People are always looking for the next big thing, yet, in virtual reality as in life I believe there must be every sort of environment to suit every type of user. If a user enjoys a particular world but grows older and seeks new stimuli, that "old" world isn't then worthy of being destroyed. Its userbase will fall within a certain group and it may
fail with people outside that group. That seems normal to me, as too does moving on when your taste changes. This is all very obvious, and I feel silly pointing it out, in a way. As I said years ago the simpler VRs are training wheels for SL. The more complex worlds are places to visit or which might more closely conform to the particular user's desires. People can, after all, be in more than one world. Granted, there's probably always a main one, but exploration and experimentation is good. Right now there's a lot to explore; no one knows what the future will bring and some worlds don't last. Make hay while the sun shines. The "next big thing" is multiplicity.




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