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31 July 2006


30 July 2006

A new Built to Spill record! W00t!

Somebody IMed me as I was in the middle of a crazed word-fest at Selador's in Umber. The first thing the IMer said: Are u a man or a woman?
me: Who me? I'm a woman.
IMer: I thought so!

That was THE ENTIRE IM from someone I may have met but....


Taggerz preview I shot last night... well it was probably more like 2am today but who's keeping track. It took me literally hours yesterday to write a simple script that turned the sound on/off at touch. yeah, I know - duh. Scripting is not something I can do very well at all, although I get a simple pleasure from making my dopey little nothings. I made the animation in a hurry - it needs to be improved. So - the spray/sound turns on/off at a touch; the particles can be any color/ the label is wry as usual. I was sneaking around Nova Albion tagging and ran into a newish resident who said, "Hey! Where did you get the can?" I told him I'd made it and he said he's "only" been in SL a couple of weeks and handn't really built anything. I gave him a landmark to the Ivory Tower and told him how cool building is, and he went off immediately, having suddenly realised the power he has not yet tapped into, but is in possesion of.

I'm finding that A. people don't seem to be building as much merely because they don't realise what they are missing, and B. hardly anyone seems to understand the new snapshot interface and take advantage of how cool it is.

From the Second Life Forums:

"Uru sim Telador is shutting down today!!

Get your butt over to Telador before it goes to see it one last time and especially if you've never been there before!"

The Uru diaspora can return home as Uru Live has, by the sheer weight of those people all around the world who refused to let it die. It's really an interesting story, thus far, and I hope that Uru lives for many a day.

28 July 2006


WATER: New contest at the Photography Studio in Grignano

Holy crapoly - I spent and hour or two today photographing, and once I understood the new snapshot interface - really understood it - I just about fell off my seat. I just didn't get it before. Blinding flash.. whole scene freezes... then YOU CAN MOVE THE CAMERA AND GET JUST THE ANGLE YOU WANT. It took me long enough to figure that out. /me faints.

I keep trying to figure out how to keep mouse function when rotating my monitor view. When I go 90 degrees my mouse gets shirty and I can hear it humpfing and rounding its back in annoyance. b


From the San Jose Museum of Art blurb about The New West:
"As computer games increasingly include affordances for player creativity, new art forms are beginning to conflate consumption and production, practices that constitute a kind of digital folk art emerging wtihin online game worlds. For ISEA, Ludica proposes to create virtual art park within the online world Second Life, designed to showcase these new forms of cultural production. Ludica. will solicit proposals for “site-specific” installations, performances and interventions from current Second Life artists and designers, the ISEA and electronic arts community, and international digital arts and game programs at Universities. We and would wish to create a parallel space within the teen server of Second Life in conjunction with workshops for Middle and High School Students. We will also host in-game workshops at the exhibition venue within Second Life to teach the building tools to prospective contributors to encourage new voices to emerge. Within the physical exhibition, The New West would comprise a portal into cyberpsace within a darkened room with a projection of the art park entirely covering one wall. On either side of the screen along the walls would be 6-10 computer stations, both Mac and PC. The large screen display would be controlled by visitors, who could also sit at the individual stations and navigate the virtual exhibition. The goal is to extend the ISEA electronic arts festival beyond its geographical location, making it accessible to a wider audience beyond those who can physically attend the exhibition in San Jose."

27 July 2006



When you create a Second Life account you choose a first name, but your surname comes from a list of names supplied for you, which are used limited times (250 times?) before being withdrawn. This is handy in dating avatar accounts. Today I saw the surname Kendall on an avatar and rushed over to take my name. I have no use for it yet - however this was my only chance to get it. I wandered on the Orientation Islands and Help Island for a while, then TPed to Bodega where I felt extremely odd.

Above: attention to detail on orientation Island. If you fall into the water Linden Lab has submerged instructional signs. The place was jam-packed with new people, all busily editing appearance. After I made the account I couldn't log in as there was a problem on LL's end. I imagine they'll be awash with complaints as during account-making time you can enter your payment info and get 250L - well, on the other hand, maybe not many people do that.

26 July 2006

Forum Culture

SL had an update today. It was supposed to open at noon but they were a little early - the grid opened at about 11:35. I was just reading a forum thread that started at 10:17 entitled "Yeeeeah This Update Sucks." It ran to 5 pages of rants and complaints.
Someone asked:
I don't get it. The grid isn't back up yet. Isn't it a bit premature to start whining about the update at this point?

The thread was started more than an hour before the grid was open. Sure, you can download the update before the grid opens, however, if you do that you may wind up having to download again if the programmers tweak it. You still can't get in.

Forums... *heavy sigh*

25 July 2006


I spent some time setting up the pavilion and things for the New West show. I'm not finished. I couldn't terraform so I built a base. Actually, I first built a reflecting pavilion in a pool of water in Goguen, but chucked it out as there's not room for reflections. Hmmm... well that gives me another idea. Anyway, in Goguen someone's fireworks launcher came dropping into my build letting of fireworks. I checked the owner and shouted, "X stop being a jerk." Immediately he said, "WTF I was in my house." I ignored him. He came over and said, "Are you the ass who called me a jerk?" I explained that I was just trying to build, and his fireworks all over my build (inside, outside, wiggling around, etc.) was making it hard. To me it had looked like he was manipulating the fireworks launcher from afar to annoy me. He said nothing and left.

Ed and I ran around Relay for Life - backwards, always backwards - when someone spoke to us, asking if we'd donated money. I said yes and left, feeling annoyed. Ed told him he was broke, so the man gave him 97L, which Ed refused, explaining he is an alt and the main account had already donated. I asked, "Who is he - the donation police?" Although I gave money weeks ago, I can think of a lot of reasons why someone might not be able to donate, and even more reasons why it is none of anyone else's business.

I have no right to be cranky as it isn't 100 degrees today.

I saw a Second Life name, Didikay somebody, and it took up short as I hadn't heard that word - Didikai - a tinker - gypsy - in a long time.

Unmanipulated snapshot from SL - our snapshot interface just changed, giving different and more options, but having a major couple of head-scratchers in the brilliant flash and full-screen-preview. We don't like those things. Someone on the forum said the flash woke his wife up. It's been described as "seizure-inducing." The freeze-the-entire-screen is odd, and not good at all for rapid screenshotting for animated GIFs or to show progressive movement.

Relay For Life

Taj Mahal by Barnesworth A

Australia by Lost T

24 July 2006

I was just thinking about the words young children use and how interesting they are. Sam used to call his pajamas 'gombeens,' and had various others Con can remember. This is from Anji's S.C.R.A.P. News* for June:

'Ryan had a play day at Liam's. Liam is otherwise known in Ryan's language as Leeman. Other interesting words of Ryan's are: Pinkeyo for Pinoccio, Buzz like ear for Buzz Light-year, and shish for fish. He likes to wear gumboots without socks, and he now gets dressed all by himself (this includes choosing the clothes) and he likes to hang his dirty clothes back in the cupboard ready to wear the next day. We have to sneak them out when he's not looking.'

*Steve, Caitlin, Ryan, Anji, Prem

23 July 2006

The Orc vs Elf Combat Cards fights were today - and very fun. Those wily Orcs creamed the Elven, as I had worried. I fought once, and won. I'm in the Elf Clan but actually am not an Elf per se, I'm a ... uh... human. I got Enjah to become an Elf and she fought twice, valiantly. The big winner was Schlitzie, dah boss o' dem Orcs. ...I mean, the leader of the Orcs.

Weave F trying to hold her own against Enjah.

Every time I look at the weather the temperature is higher than the prediction. Today it was supposed to be 93, but now, at 7pm, it's 96.

I think it's annoying when The New Yorker has articles about figures from popular culture, such as would be appropriate for Vanity Fair. I was just reading one that made no sense at all to me as the (self-proclaimed) 'huge' comedy team is comprised of four people I've never heard of. It could've been a spoof article.... nah... Anyway, that kind of crapola is not the reason why anyone reads the NYer. I used to enjoy popular culture but now it's boring to me; I understand the appeal I just think it's better contained in its own areas.

21 July 2006

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I didn't hear before.

Syd Barrett died. A lot of sixes in his dates.

R.I.P., Syd. Shine on.


I made this today for Lumiere N's Edifice Rex tiki-themed build contest. Unfortunately, he extended the deadline as he only got one entry (mine?). Summer seems to be busy this year.

I might make a hula dance anim.



In the Modern World Anyone can Find You

Today I got my mail and there was a missive from pony club. Wow - as a child I was in the ponyy club that was under the aegis of the Pickering Hunt Club, and I still have my metal badge (worn on our hunt caps) and patch (I think worn on the shoulder but I misremember). The last time I went to a pony club meeting was in... 1968? 1967? You might understand that I was surprised to receive that letter (not even a begging letter). Inside, as well as my name and phone number, there was the name of the pony club to which I'd last belonged. I think they could find me because I have the same name; I've always thought the idea of a woman changing her surname upon marriage to be an awful thing as no one, ever after, can find you (and maybe that's the point).

It's past 5 pm but I just looked at the weather...

Cue Enjah...

20 July 2006


I love* Losey's Don Giovanni - here's Don' Elvira (Kiri Te Kanawa) being dragged out kicking and screaming by the wicked man himself (Ruggiero Raimondi -my fave).

Everyone's favorite house is the Don's house: the Villa Rotunda.

Leporello (Jose Van Dam) admires a haunch:

*which I express by watching it 80 bazillion times a year

I was idly looking for a pic of a 70s pimp car with bobble fringe, when I stumbled across this beauty: 2003 Blackhawk concept car. Sweet.

19 July 2006

Yesterday SWMNBMIMB came over and we went in Second Life, where Enjah showed her around a bit. Then we went into Wild Divine and she did some biofeedback things... then we fiddled around with a tents brochure and looked at Ramtha's store website. We went to the site as she knows the founder, and looked at the paragraph about the Julia Child opera. She fed me spring rolls and caesar salad and took all my recycling away. We had a great time - shrieked with laughter.

Today the Loopers came over and I took Looper into the Siva grid as the main grid, which had been down for an update had developed a problem that required it to be closed while the Linden Laborers figured it out. They brought pulled pork barbecue from the BBQ joint down Route 8. It was groovy. Looper lay on my bed and we talked a bit. What else did we do... looked at the Combat Cards videos and pictures. We were both worn out quickly, which is too bad. They left before long, but will be back before too long, I hope.

I'm doing p.r. work for Combat Cards, which I don't have much talent for, and which is a huge time-suck. Next big event: Sunday at 4pm (so late as Schlitzie had a real-life meeting and wouldn't be home until then. He's the big Orc leader. The event is Elves versus Orcs.

Enjah sent me this link:
Atomic Tiki
She said it reminded her of me.

*looks approvingly at Kustom Shrunken Head "Elvis" Shifter Knob*

18 July 2006

I got an impromptu photo shoot on this morning, with Elves and Orcs.

"Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that both of your entries, Interactive SL Books, and Filigree Pavilion, have been accepted to the ISEA New West show and will be showcased during the week of the international ISEA symposium in San Jose, CA (August 7-13th) within the Second Life world in Brilliant, a special area allocated by Linden Labs for this event."

17 July 2006

A varied day... this is just about 1% of it...

Steel drums on Enjah's patio

I found Fidget at Kyuubi's mausoleum in Achemon

Flying around in my bunny carriage.

16 July 2006


15 July 2006

Wow, long day. It started a 12:03 when the cops rang me to say E had got stranded and would I pick her up? I did, and got to sleep late. Then I had the Combat Cards launch, which started officially at 1pm, however I was getting things ready long before that. It was a success, and I posted pictures on the website.

There are 3 short videos of Doc fighting me, Zekeen fighting Arwyn, and Arwyn fighting Salazar.

SL went down unexpectedly, so I used that time to get the scores up and the pictures posted.

I'm really tired as it went on to 9 pm. Then I was too tired to stop so I played with some video and zipped the pix for Wayfinder.

14 July 2006

After working night and day for ages the Spangle arenas site is ready for tomorrow's Combat Cards launch. Amulius and Zekeen put up vendors, and Amu gave me an amazing new sword.

Wow, two bald eagles tussling outside the window.

Anyway, I went to the place where Teri's show is hung and put up some things for the Photography Studio. Enjah and I got a crowd of people to come, and at the appointed hour - no Teri. We had to track her down and beat her into submission. Scared? Forgot? Don't know. I hope she was scared as if she just forgot I will be annoyed.

Hung out with Enjah by her house on the gallery roof. First Tedd came by wearing a Tiny dragon, then he left when Snuffy called. Salazar came and I dragged out my "Cheers" set and we made champagne toasts (courtesy of Ale B). Then someone came who is mapping forest secrets for Salazar. I wound up flying around looking for the cave in Stinson for him, which he found first by chasing me.

Ooh I had better finish Magik's copper corset - I was trying to do that this morning before things started happening.

View of Spangle

13 July 2006


The Return of Tay

I was in Spangle putting out column when, out of the blue, Tay IMed me. I hadn't seen him for a year or more. He wasn't sure I'd remember him - heh. "Remember that time in Goguen you got yelled at by the Lindens for running around naked?" "Yeah, I got banned 3 days for that :(" He certainly has high spirits. We talked a bit then he came to Spangle and I updated him a little on some of the changes. He started when SL started, when there were 8 sims or less. His inventory is a time capsule. He started dragging things out, showing me old snapshots and wearing old avatars, playing old sound bites and gestures. Finally we went to Goguen and went up to 250 m so he could show me his cave. We stood there. "Region FULL!" That really didn't happen much in times past. We went to Plum and went up in the air and he rezzed the cave. It's for tinies - so he turned into a rabbit and I put on my jackalope. I snapped that pic then rezzed a snotling-on-a-stick to roast over the fire, but everything poofed and we fell to earth. He gave me his cave and I went off to eat dinner.

As I had figured he's been in WoW all this time.

I got home late (3?) after jin-shinning, having my hair cut (Sean was sick from the dye in a contrast MRI of his lower back), and grocery shopping. Frank is away on Monday, and I begged him to cut me some slack this time as I had a hard week.

I completely neglected Enjah, as I was part-time in Photoshop making textures and part-time listening to Tay, who will probably disappear for another year. Tomorrow is Teri's opening (crap, I was going to put things up for the Photo Studio), and finishing up for the Combat Cards launch. I should be able to get in there tomorrow morning to add things to that gallery. I realised I had done a commission for the owner, once, who is a furry Gorean - a somewhat rare breed. Well, a VERY rare breed. Hard to imagine, Not sure I ever saw him in person, just talked in IM, I think.

12 July 2006

Awwww.... I was in Plum building when a man flew up. He asked me how to get back to the place we start from, and I said we couldn't. He said he thought we could as his friend met him there when he began. It turned out that he'd been somewhere and clicked a box holding a female skin, and had wound up wearing it. He didn't know how to get it off, and so he was trying to get back to a place where he could get help. He flew off, but I IMed him and talked him through looking in his Inventory to find the avatars that are supplied to everyone. I hope he managed to get himself straightened out. I told him he could contact me if he needed any more help, as it's confusing at first. "It is!" he replied.

That's something that wouldn't've happened when I started, as skins were not in wide use, and certainly weren't available for free. Old school un-social people tend not to be bothered with them. The best explanation I heard why they are prized is that they make cybersex much better. That would make sense.

Later: I logged off but after a bit checked my email, which had a message from him, so went back in and spent a long time explaining things. It's really hard for me to explain something in a detailed way, while unable to see what the othr person sees or does. Once a few years ago Psi really impressed me by doing a step-by-step series of instructions for a woman in There who couldn't get her sound going. He was patient and very precise and correct with his instructions, even though systems vary wildly. He got her sound working in a few minutes. Good work for anyone, but especially for someone of his tender years.

Bwahahahaha - When Tedd was in Bodega earlier I was uncomfortable as I was wearing the Moon Woman AV to make her skirt. I just logged in and Tedd appeared immediately wearing a tiny vampire prince(ss) AV with fangs, crown, cloak, sash, and red pigtails. He said now I didn't need to feel bad about earlier. Heh. I blogged this from inside SL but it crashed it all when I tried to publish, so it was lost and had to be rewritten (not as well).

As we all know, I have a whole lot of birds on my property. I have gulls, parrots, owls, an osprey, a turkey, duck and ducklings, a flock of seed-eating birds. They all move and some make noise. Enjah calls it my wildlife preserve. I live in Bodega. Guess what else happened in Bodega?

That's where Hitchcock filmed "The Birds."


Enjah beats Selador at chocolate pudding wrestling.

Tedd and I were in Bodega when a mysterious griefer object kept appearing and flying around us. It left a trail of black particles and nailed Tedd with a push. I'd just been shooting Tedd, so I was on his "Bumps and Pushes" list with the griefer under me. Heh. Os Therian, griefer supreme.


I got new birds that feed on seed and take baths. They change color, thank god. The first one out was hot pink and.... ecch. Love my birds!

11 July 2006

Way back when (late 2005) Brent (my bad calling him Ben) explained debug perms to me when I had a problem and I saved it so I could have a good explanation when I needed it:

Brent Linden: heheheh
Osprey Therian: evil laughter
Brent Linden: Here's how it works:
Osprey Therian: /me cringes
Brent Linden: B: is Base permissions. That's the most permissive the object ever can be. For a creator, this will always be VMCT.
Osprey Therian: that hussy!
Brent Linden: O: Owner permissions. You own the object, and here is what you can do with it. Typically this is No-mod, no-copy, transfer, moVe (the elusive V). This reads as V T
Brent Linden: G: Group permissions. This is what group members can do with this object. If no group is on the object, it's blank.
Brent Linden: E: Everyone permissions. What can anyone just standing around do with this object. Typically, nothing, but you might set it to Anyone can move (V).
Brent Linden: N: Next owner permissions. This is the important one, as it is most often modified without you really knowing. This takes all the restrictions on the object that are imposed by it, its linked parts, it's contents and the contents of it's linked parts...
Brent Linden: and comes up with how restrictive the object's permissions should be for the next-owner.
Brent Linden: This is *only* done in-world, *on rez*!
Brent Linden: Now here's where it gets REAL tricky!
Brent Linden: If you change the permissions of the object while it's in your inventory, it will appear to have incorrect permissions in your inventory.
Brent Linden: The nasty thing about this is that you can drag that object into the inventory of another object (has not been rezzed yet), someone can buy it (has not been rezzed yet) and then that someone looks in their inventory and OMG the perms are wrong!
Osprey Therian: ah
Brent Linden: However, if they rez it, they will find that the permissions are actually right, their inventory is lying to them
Brent Linden: Case in point: the Falconer avatar (great job, btw!)... the box is full-perms, but the contents of the box are not. When you give that box to someone they see it as full perms, until they rez AND take it.

Still don't know what F is.

Hmmm... working like a maniac trying to get things ready for the Combat Cards launch. Enjah said, "You don't have to do everything you're told, you know." She has a point, however:

1. I have one speed: "this is important and I will do my best." If an activity is not important to me I just don't do it. I think there's no upside to doing things halfway.

2. There's a close end in sight for this as the launch is Saturday.

3. If I don't do it and it doesn't get done as Doc is not here, it would matter to me.

4. Having to do things that are far from my usual areas of expertise is uncomfortable but is an opportunity to learn things. I am WAY into the concept of randomness. It's like being With the Force and it not mattering what form the enemy takes. That's fun, to me.

I admit that the last few days there's been too much going on that has no connection, but each thing is important: the Combat Cards launch prep, Prokofy's Resident Advertiser needs, Tedd's new game and other things, having fun with Enjah, talking to (and today actually going to see the new house of) strangers who just wander up and start talking to me, the Asian Dancer commission, etc., etc. And much more. All at the same time. Usually with me standing like a statue while talking in 10 IM windows. Which is not entirely fun. But if I set myself "busy" then inventory drops are refused (oh, wait, they go in my trash then though, but it's not nice for the sender to be refused).

I want "busy" with the option of accepting inventory drops, and the minimised IM window NOT to cover up the first line of chat.

09 July 2006

I've been a raging grouch-o-maniac all day. Probably due to working feverishly for Combat Cards, and doing things for other projects as well, not eating, and the moon is almost full. Awoooooooooooooooooo.

I was trying to figure out some wonky perms on a card, and I realised I'd forgotten what "F" in debug perms meant, so I crankily got on to Live Help.
[18:11] Osprey Therian: On Debug Perms I've forgotten what "F" is - can you remind me?
someone: F?
someone: I"m not sure what you mean
[18:12] Osprey Therian: Debug perms
someone: Where do you see the letter F?
[18:13] Osprey Therian: builder, owner,group, everyone, next owner, and F
[18:13] Osprey Therian: forgotten what it stands for
someone: Where in SL do you see that?
[18:14] Osprey Therian: When you have debug perms on and you go into edit on an object you see those
someone: nm... figured out what you mean
someone: This is the first time I've seen this, actually.
[18:14] Osprey Therian: /me spanks S
someone: Never needed it
someone: For sale?
[18:14] Osprey Therian: no
someone: I'm afraid you'll have to ask Suport.
someone: Why do you need to know?
[18:15] Osprey Therian: ok ty :D
someone: It's a pretty obscure thing :)
[18:15] Osprey Therian: obscure... don't tell Ben

Damnation Foreigner, Father, Fling, Flagellate, Formica, Fickle, Fleas... Free?

The cool thing is that Second Life is such a rich environment. The bad thing is that even someone who works for the company can't necessarily answer questions. The good thing is I could talk to a helper on a Sunday evening. The bad thing was that the helper couldn't help... It's bad that I'm so cranky. But it was good when I said Tedd had the wrong words on his updater as it didn't work when I dropped my attachment and he changed it to say: "Drop your equipment here (EXCEPT IF YOU ARE OSPREY THERIAN REZ IT HERE DAMN IT)."

On Friday I was standing on my pavilion floor in IM or something when Salazar and Champie arrived in a flying machine. Jensel appeared just then so I said, "I'm a Cambodian dancer, Jen is Supergirl, Salazar is blue - Champie is normal. Hey Champie, get with the program." Salazar said, "He doesn't look normal to me - he looks like Jesus. I always think What would Champie do?" Champie demurred while I swung my camera in close as I didn't remember him looking like Jesus.

Saturday the opening at Mysterio Gallery for Tremali L was well-attended. I swear I didn't run off from boredom, Enjah - I wound up working on that arena until 11 or so. I just had to get started. I sent Doc up to look at Enjah's paintings, which he really liked (of course!). I made Amalthea B join the blog team for the SL Art News which I was amazed to see I started in May 2005. Now that Enjah's taken it under her wing it's thriving.

My Don Giovanni (the Losey movie) finally arrived yesterday. It's my fave Don Giovanni, the one I watched every day for 6 months when my parents died. I was shocked to not be able to understand it - wild. I guess I just need to read the libretto a few times.

08 July 2006

Weird day. Got up kind of late as I had stayed up until... 3? later? Anyway, got up at 10, drank a lot of lemonade, for some reason. I was working on something when Enjah reminded me of her gallery opening. Went there, then left after about an hour to make a fight arena with Doc. I intoduced him to Cadroe's shape thingummy. Using Cadroe's THX seat-maker we made a basic arena in Plum, then went off to Spangle to check sizes. We got Spin and did a bit of checking and changing landing points in the site. Then I spent hours and hours and hours remaking the build and making textures and texturing it. Hours. Fortunately my yobbo, loudmouth neighbors were having a party all day long that involved dozens of people bellowing and shrieking from morning until late, but I didn't have to be too bothered since I forgot to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner until 9:30 loomed and I chucked some organic Amy's food into the nuker. I worked hard but wasn't exactly the sweetest person all day.

Just a basic little arena for melee fighting. Three textures: 512x512, 512x256, 256x128.

07 July 2006


I made this today - an Asian dancer outfit. I had fun making all the patterns. It's a commission for a musician who lives in Korea but is from somewhere else (like the USA I think). I just take commissions lately that really interest me, as I have a few that are... somewhat late due to me not getting very obsessed with them. But maybe I will now. I also re-made a gown for someone who wanted my gown that is black with a dark gold design, only in black/silver. I had a very hard time understanding what she wanted but I think I got it ok.

06 July 2006

Salazar Jack:

"Happy Rez Day To You
Happy Rez Day To You
You look like a very talented and creative person who has a lot of fun doing and making things inworld with a lot of other people, all the while scurrying around with a long flowing cape and a quiver of arrows strapped to your back...
And you smell like one too."

He said he didn't think he could stop me from putting this on the blog, as apparently I have newly-assigned FIC powers (according to a forum thread seeing sinister things in the Ambat Infohub).

Speaking of Ambat, I went there today and the hippos were gone. Gone from my inventory, too. So I had to remake them. Wandering hippos...



Happy Rezday to me

04 July 2006


New photo contest at the Photography Studio in Grignano:
Dearly Departed.

03 July 2006

Music Video Codes By

Tabula Rasa
I sent off another annoyed email to the people whom I deal with for the domain name atomic-raygun as I am getting a blank page. Stupid widgets. Course, the blog is still up at its actual URL, but that doesn't make me feel better. I'm overly sensitive right now.

Humper Dog
I had a lovely dinner chez Looper last night. The Loopers were incredibly nice to me, and we yucked it up as we always do when we are together. Looper has her newish helper dog, now, and that was the first time I'd met him. He is (an unfortunate thing for a helper dog) a bit of a humper, so I couldn't help but call him Engelbert. Looper suspects a sinister scenario involving humping/women's prison (where he was trained) might have taken place.

02 July 2006


The new group tools are... amazing... and this is just what LL are going to build upon. Zounds!

The first time I went to the Aditi grid I was jazzed to see the anniversary art display area had been included! How nice - as the 1.12 preview grid will be up after the main grid art displays come down there will still be a place to see the creative works. Except mine. After land was made available to purchase someone bought that parcel and all my things were sent to my lost and found folder. I feel a bit bummed out over that. Maybe if other displays get bought and it's not just me I'll feel better about it.

01 July 2006

Battle of the Somme

Today is the 90th anniversary of the battle of the Somme. It's hard to think about: a day with British Army deaths of nearly 20,000. I can't... quite wrap my brain around that.



Well, that's one way for LL to equalise things since the advent of the hack that has been talked about for the past week on the forums.



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I want to ask for thoughts about improving the world -- what do people need? How can things be organised?