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30 November 2004

A very groovy car ad courtesy of Nick F. on the SL forums. Go ahead - watch it. You won't regret it.

I gave some things I'd made to Dreams, for Gravity giveaways, and it turns out that she is Dreamspree in There. Small worlds!


Gravity Space Station -- good place to hang in Second Life

I was working on two freelance jobs in Photoshop while dancing at the Gravity Space Station in Second Life (listening to the music and popping back in every few minutes to see what was going on). Someone came in and asked if we knew what had just happened, which turned out to be that the grid had gone out almost entirely (not Simquest though). The Lindens got it going again an hour or so after it'd crashed, but we missed the negative excitement (yay). After a while Simquest went down but came up immediately.
What did I do today... had jin shin, got home at around 3, worked on and finished the custom outfit and found my customer in a sandbox where he was running about in the nude with a large prim attachment (flesh-toned). He cracks me up. Emailed Mr. Monster, Ali, and Les to make sure they are in Wa He Lut world tomorrow. Talked on the phone with Con. Ate a cold burrito. Drank some water. That's about it, as far as I remember...

Hi, Marty
For the last couple of days my blog has been showing its earlier
incarnation: I always wonder when things like that happen if you have
a server down and are showing a cached view or something. Is it that
or something else? Happy... er... too late for Thanksgiving... Merry
Christmas! --Vivian

Hi Vivian,

We had to switch servers unexpectedly and use a backup of data, hence if your site changed regularly you probably lost a day or so of data.

Sorry about that!

Kind of what I figured...

29 November 2004

The new trial for Chief Leschi is NOW
It's an amazing thing -- my connection is through Mel Parr, who is one of the three women who made this happen.

28 November 2004


Listening to live jazz at the C-Note. Enj's screenshots: "zombie," and "junkie."
Today I got my Darklife warrior duds all organised and sent them to the programmer. I am making the upstairs furnishings for my shop in Navora, the Darklife medieval town. I may move into my shop in Navora as I might just as well. Plus I always meet/talk to/guide people who are checking it out. While I was there last night I met a fellow who asked me to make a set of clothes for him, based on a character in a morpg. So I did that today... went to a jazz club with Enjah to listen to a live guitarist/singer. Guitarist - yes, great! Singer... humpf. That was about it... Did some little things related to freelance things... well, did teeny tiny things is more like it. Infinitesimal real things but great big virtual things. I told Con: As soon as I can upload my brain I'll be able to visit you from inside your computer!

27 November 2004

Yay! Finally the blog is back!

I built a swamp and a bit of house in Wa He Lut World.

One can change avatars at will from a limited selection. Some include groovy gestures (Hotep can dance, wave, leap for joy, something else too, perhaps -- he's got the most).

This is included in the special avatars for (I suppose) the high mucky-mucks. He can wave and I swear he looks at his watch.

26 November 2004

Murdered in the East End!

A group built a very elaborate "Olde London" and "Neverland" that can be explored. It contains games (blow up the bank in cops-and-robbers, play darts), cannons to fire, sword-fighting, a giant slingshop to ride in -- all kinds of things. They included avatars to "wear" -- lost boys, pirates, period-costumed women and men, etc.

25 November 2004

Elizabeth sent me this groovy postcard from Aruba, which you can't see because there's some annoying blight causing my blog to go un-updated (I think the host is serving up cached news -- I BET -- grumble). It was sucked back to an earlier incarnation (when the cache was put into operation... ) yesterday and I'm devastated and waiting breathlessly until whatever is broken gets mended.

24 November 2004

Mmmm... yesterday was not a good day in many ways as I was already tired from the w/e then was disturbed by a noisy cupboard-door-slamming downstairs neighbor for half the night. Who knows what she was doing, but it was noisy. At work I was heartened that Vincent perked up and said, "Am I having art even though it's Tuesday?" He cares! I'd thought I'd arranged ahead of time but no, no one knew, but that was ok as I'd arranged for one of our Cornell mentors to meet us inworld for the first time, and luckily got students (I just arranged what I could beforehand since I don't get email replies). Just 3, for yesterday, but it seemed like 300. It was Alina in NY, and Vin, Hal, Erika from the Lut. Erika had never done it before. I got them logged in, then they all changed username/password, added contacts, moved, changed avatars, adjusted camera view -- then I told them to find Alina and she popped right up! Good timing! The computer lab computers bite, though. Anyway, we were trying to run through some very basic things like dupes, move object, change object. First the students' object boxes were greyed out but Alina got the build permissions set for them, then they could go forward. I'm Osprey (always), Vin is tater tot, Erika is timothylove75, and Hal WAS Jin Kazama but she changes a lot (which is ok as long as everyone isn't changing every 2 minutes). The children learned a lot and got burnt out, but now the plan is to go inworld Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:10, and I will join from my house and Alina and Leslie will join from NY. Montrose will have the students in the computer lab. It'll be good because then people won't be talking to me out loud -- they'll be forced to chat inworld. Yesterday was a super madhouse as there was a class at any given time in the lab, as well as us, and everyone talking, speakers blaring, students popping in to ask/say things ("Hi, Miss Kendall. What are you doing?" "He's in a chatroom! Hey, you're not allowed to be in a chatroom!" "Where's Mike?").
I'd made IDs for the bus people, but Jake came in the comp lab and said in a roundabout way that they required additional info on the cards because of Fort Lewis. I said I was happy to make anything they wanted, but that someone had to tell me, therefore thank-you Jake, although it would've been nice to've been informed beforehand. He made me laugh (inwardly) by showing me last year's ID and saying, "We've always had..." I said, "Only because I made it that way -- I could make it any way I want. " I just make them however I think is best, but I suppose people think there's a manual or a box or a piece of software that someone employed in the creation of the cards. No one actually seems to know that there are certain things I do (yearbook, invitations, pow wow poster, website, IDs etc.). The IDs are the part I don't like and don't do well. The website would be better if I could ftp instead of having to physically get on the server, which is often something I need to do but can't find Mike to set me up as he's got duties elsewhere. He says to email him with instructions, but the last 2 times he never got my emails, I reckon. So -- eh. I'd like to be able to ftp (pout).
I came home and went in SL to try to organise my inventory in a sandbox (the inventories are set up to be most incredibly difficult to control as you can only select one item at a time, and putting something in a folder makes both windows update -- so if you are dragging 5 things from folder A to folder B it's OPEN 2 windows, SELECT 1 thing, DRAG from A to B, FIND the original folder again as the window has changed, SELECT 1 thing, DRAG, FIND, SELECT, DRAG, FIND -- then I get frustrated or someone calls me, or I lose interest... Everyone has 100 objects called "object" that are who knows what unnamed objects from something being worked on that was either saved by the owner or returned by the land. We'd all work on our inventories which would help LL as all this futile crap has to be using a lot of server space, but it's set up to be well nigh impossible. When I was born LL provided me with a burstingly full inventory from the get-go -- I think it's pared down now, perhaps. So taming my inventory seemed a huge task from the first second here. I am still throwing away "Ruth" (default avatar) clothes and hair styles and shapes I've never even looked at. I changed everything within 2 minutes of arriving here.
Anyway, after a few minutes of inventory purgatory Olmy IMed to say there was an AIDS Quilt quilting bee then a meeting (I'm part of the Second Names group making a quilt to be displayed around WORLD AIDS DAY in Plum). Great! I zoomed off and hung out with Olmy, then quite a few people showed up and my help was required to assist those unfamiliar with making textures and building. I spent a long time (hours) helping a woman who was building her second thing ever (think it was second) and had no idea how to link, change textures on faces, etc. It's supremely difficult to, by keyboarding only, and by thinking of the edit tools layout, direct someone who doesn't know what you are talking about, but she was very smart and picked things up very fast. Once we got over the confusion of the say, texture TAB versus the texture BUTTON, we were ok. She made the main part but it was unlinked, so in linking and making the base she almost had to re-make it, as things went awry. She was totally groovy, though, and at about 9:30 we parted. At 10:30 I got back on to go see the giant things Starax (not someone I know except by his amazingly fabulous sculptures) is making. She was still there, and Olmy was back, so I can safely say we have another SL addict there.

Giant Things made by Starax

Os hovers in air above seat.


Bicycle Attack Force Alpha!
Originally uploaded by Pirate Cotton.
Pirate's screenshot of Bicycle Force Alpha, with Osprey and her shop behind, and Tedd by the lefthand foreground.

23 November 2004

Proud Shopkeeper Oz

Jimmy Thomson's vegetation technology rocks!

21 November 2004

I'm just back from the meeting. I was furious and got almost no sleep last night tossing and turning and fuming over the fact that Elizabeth was not invited to the meeting about her affairs. I'd called E up directly I'd heard about the meeting, and told her all about it. This morning she IMed me and told me Con was going to pick her up at 2. I said I was glad because I'd been angry. She said, "WHY." I said I just thought she should be there and now she would, so it was good. When Annie came I expressed (how calm and unfilled with the word "f*cking" that sounds) my displeasure with the original plan as I had thought, "They obviously don't consider her a person or they wouldn't do that." She agreed it had been a bad impulse. The meeting - I tried to keep out as much as possible, but E fielded questions about various things. She was the center of everything to her delight. I told everybody not to plan the people-getting-together-behind-someone's-back thing EVER again. Now if I can get some sleep and stop being so curmudgeonly and exhausted I'll be better off. Con gave me a huge eye for a present, and E gave me a belated birthday presnt. So all's well that ends well, I suppose.

Spitoonie Island - the other day with Enjah:

on the roller coaster

and bungee jumping.

20 November 2004

Making Avatar Clothes

Things have to fit together like halves of a clamshell - so a difficult part is getting the seam-lines to be invisible. The most difficult part, perhaps, is making allowances for the distortion of going from the flat template to the 3d avatar.

This highly protective warrior outfit has about a bazillion layers. I just made this - I didn't think about taking pictures when I was working (who cares anyway), but here's the finished outfit top half unflattened in Photoshop.

Here I uploaded the lower half targa file to the Second Life previewer, where it can be viewed as an image, hair, top, eye, etc. The checkerboard indicates the transparent area that I made in Photoshop with an alpha layer so that some avatar nudiness can happen. The box on the top right is the bottom of the foot.

This is the same file viewed as a woman's lower body. I preview a trillion times as I check and mend mismatched seams or other discrepancies.

I uploaded the top of the outfit, and paid $10 Linden. Then I can use that uploaded texture to make articles of clothing. This could be used for an upper-body garment (jacket,shirt, or undershirt) and a pair of gloves.

Osprey is modeling the finished outfit - that's my neighbor Art-in-Munich's house and Salazar's tower behind. I wanted to make some spikes and stick them in the garment, but I wound up putting the deck on my head by mistake when I had the tiny prim selected and was moving it - so now there's a wee tiny prim lost inside my deck. I moved the deck around but I can't see the stupid thing. I usually make things bright colors if I'm working with small prims, but I didn't do that. Oh well. Then I TPed to Numbakulla to work there and SL crashed. It's been a little touchy lately. Yesterday Enj IMed me as soon as I got online and we went bungee jumping at Spitoonie. She said she'd been crashing all day.
Update: I went to Numbakulla ans made 5 purpley spikes for each leather cuff/top of gauntlet (can be either). I tinted the scabbard purple. Actually I hate purple but the color just evolved as part of the design.

I'm totally annoyed because, having roused myself to go out to do a necessary task the driveway was blocked by a Uhaul van and the person responsible said, "It'll be a few minutes!" I waited... his few is not MY few... I hate being trapped.

When I was 13, living with my parents and my older sister in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, I got home from school and found the bathtub full of bloody towels. I said to my sister, "Maybe Mum has had the baby." She replied (her exact words: let no one accuse my family of mincing words), "Don't be stupid, it's much too early."
It turned out that my mother, 43, had almost suffered a miscarriage. She had become pregnant by design, because she loved babies, but had some age-at-pregnancy related trepidation.
I was at school when I heard the news of my sister Elizabeth's birth. Deborah was in England, I think... I'm not sure, actually, I'll have to ask her. (Steven, of course, was in Hong Kong with Mummy Barbara and Daddy Frank, living a life of incredible wealth and privilege. My father would only spend money on luxuries, so we had lots of horses but things like the phone and electricity were always being cut off.)
Things were glum, and my parents were in shock. My father named Elizabeth, and we sold the black pony TicToc, who'd been bought for "him." We'd all been sure the baby was a boy named Miles.
Elizabeth was a beautiful baby - so much so that my mother discovered that a woman tried to time her shopping with my mother's shopping trips so she could get a glimse of Elizabeth. Elizabeth survived childhood mishaps like getting squashed in the back fold-down car seat when a truck ahead dropped a window in front of us and my mother slammed on the brakes, and being dropped on the floor when I threw her gaily into the air but neglected to catch her.
As she grew she really had a problem with me. She wanted to kill me and assume my identity, or failing that, just kill me. Once I was sitting in an armchair and E pushed my mug of scalding tea into my lap, another time I was lying on the floor retrieving something from under the furniture and E turned on the hoover and ran over my hair, which was very long, fine, blonde hair. Or was until it was all hoovered up (and extremely painful experience). But, of well - I'm sure the mean things happened in both directions.
Anyway, my parents did the huge control-guilt trip thing on me from an early age, and even though I have tried, I still have difficulty getting a general acknowledgement that E and I are not Siamese twins, or linked invisibly with finite resources so that as one prospers the other declines. I am thinking about this lately because I told Deborah that she had to take over, and she is, and then some friends have organised a meeting on Sunday that includes me but not E, to do some kind of sorting out of people's involvement. I'm grumpy and recalcitrant, and then I think, "But I should feel GRATEFUL that these wonderful people are voluntarily involved," then I think, "But why am I grateful - aren't we separate entities? Friends are doing good things for E - it's between that group and E, I'm not involved." Then I think to myself, "You ingrate!"
So I'm STILL willing to believe enough in ancient parental manipulation to chop off even more parts of me, on the slightest demand. Won't I ever learn? Or conversely, perhaps I should be grateful, am linked invisible, and should just shut up.

18 November 2004

I wrote a huge post then blogger went POP and disappeared. Oh, woe is me. I'll try to re-write, but the thrill is gone (for me, and you never felt any thrill, so there we are).

I went to work yesterday, and that was all right despite the fact that I was rather low. Tiff was there and, since her car is the topic of the moment as it's breaking down in traffic and so on, I asked her how old the car would be now that she test-drove when we were on a jaunt. She laughed, "Old! It would be old by now!" About six years, I think. I said she'd saved so much by not buying it that she should rush out and buy a two-year-old replacement car immediately - which she agreed with. Then we left and I dropped her at the garage.

Got home, had some kind of graphics bug that compelled me to make a warrior-woman outfit for Osprey. I unnecessarily made Second Life crash twice as I lazily and profligately run SL and Photoshop and a webcam, etc., then with about 50 layers going, I get something like a virus update and CRASH poor Second Life, which has been invisible under Photoshop, bites the big one. I have SL open so I can preview incremental changes I make to the clothes - since lining up seams, matching colors, etc., is demanding. I literally wind up removing 3 offending pixels or what-have-you.

After finishing that I went to Navora and ran into Pirate and Tedd, who were doing their hunting on bicycles. Tedd showed me some amazing scripting/building projects he just made. We were talking when all of a sudden I saw it was past 2am -- how did THAT happen?

Had a jin shin appointment this morning -- Frank just returned from the Gallapagos Islands. I made him agitated by saying a blue-footed booby looks like a seagull -- he said, "That's like saying a pelican looks like a gull." I screamed (well, not really). We'd just been discussing my love of pelicans.

Came home, worked on a wee freelance thing, and an evil ID card thing for school. Went in Second Life and went skydiving and roller skating with Shan, who had just set up barrels for barrel-racing. Did more work, went back in for A SECOND ONLY to do something for my shop. Got wrapped up in various things with Pyp, Tedd, and Alex, including caveman-like clubs that smash down when you type "bam." We had a bamfest then I got off and did work again. Emailed the Cornell people, and Roseanne. Received an email from an art teacher who says she has Carmela, my Number One from two years ago, who was my student from when she was about 6 to 14, approximately. That was nice.

The Luo parrots are calling yooooo, Karan....

15 November 2004

I worked on a freelance job today, then I went in to Second Life to take screenshots of my clothing against a white background, so I could make cutouts. I was working in my house when my neighbor came by. He lives in Munich. We got to talking and he asked if I'd take him to Darklife, so I said I'd teleport him. We were walking around in Navora, and Pirate, who I know from the SL Flickr group, appeared, and gave us a demonstration and let me choose a stop. I realised -- here we are, three people who would be together today under no other circumstances -- a Kiwi, a German, and me. We covered the globe. Anyway, I now have a shop, and I'm motivated to try to build helmets. We'll see...

Anji wrote:
"Ryan is a funny boy. He is such a good helper. He thought the TV clicker (remote) needed a clean. It took me by surprise when I was emptying the dishwasher and found the clicker stuck to the heating element. It had melted. But it was clean.

Caitlin is doing well at school. She will be going to grade 2 next year. We weren’t sure if she’d have to do grade one again...because of her age and the different system. Her grade 2 books have been ordered so there’s no turning back. Her class is doing swimming lessons every Wednesday morning. She’s in the top group, not so much for swimming ability (which she isn’t bad at) but because she’ll put her face in the water. The lower groups are for kids who wouldn’t swim across the pool, but waded, and those who wouldn’t put their face in the water. I found it had to believe that many kids Caitlin’s age can’t swim. I was under the impression it was a prerequisite for living in Queensland.

Yesterday I (as it’s all about me isn’t it), went to the horse races at Doomben - a track in Brisbane. Though the Brisbane races were pretty ordinary (but still betting friendly), the Melbourne races, which were shown on the big screen, were as good as you can get anywhere. So most people where more interested in those races. The crowd at Doomben was nothing to match the 112,000 that turned up at Flemington (Melbourne) but vocal none the less. It was a great day out, despite the terrible weather. No rain, but strong wind and cold. Most ladies were wearing frocks (many could classify theirs as a long top that just covered the bottom area) and so were quite chilly. But several beverages later and one did not notice the cold too much. No, not me, I didn’t drink much...them days are over my friends. I am becoming a bore, didn’t drink (much), didn’t bet (much). Just enjoyed the day out with friends (Di and BJ, Jan and Batty, and a host of Di’s friends), having a good laugh, a bit of a banter and relaxing without children. Back to reality today. I had made a hat to wear but decided it was really tacky and left it at home. I had spent several hours on this hat, and just went overboard...what ever happened to less is more. In my case it was the more the merrier and the merrier turned frightening. Steve stayed home with the kids and watched the races on the box. I think it’s the first time he hasn’t been at Derby Day for 10 years. I think he was sad. Craig B. had his Bucks turn at Flemington yesterday. We haven’t heard how it went. But there hasn’t been any thing in the news to say there was illegal activity going on ....we will have to wait and see though, anything is possible with Craig and his cronies...ha...just kidding."

14 November 2004

I went to be last night at 1am, which isn't late for me -- I stay up until 3 about once a week. This morning, when I woke up, however, it was nearly 2pm, and I'd had some rather peculiar dreams. I was stunned at the lateness -- this day (naturally) has gone nowhere. Oh well.
I made another suit of warrior duds, and I might go and make a third set. I made a suit of chainmail and a wizard suit before today, but I am not terribly into either of those, as it turns out. But I like making warrior suits. Yesterday I was TPed by Olmy when I got online, and he took one look and said, "Subduing the barbarian hordes this morning?" I said, "Bah - morning people," or something. Damned barbarians never wait until I've had my coffee. I went to an artists gathering at Taru's liquid house, and saw Goyan, Caran (in Hungary -- he had stayed up all night and it was around 6 am), Brace (kente class teacher), and others.

13 November 2004

I rang up Deborah at Elizabeth's apartment yesterday morning -- except she had left and gone to stay in a motel near SeaTac, so that was that. E called me when she returned from work, and sounded very good. Happy, with-it, etc.
I said, "Where's my postcard?" She said she had sent one, but it takes a while before it arrives. Not your average DS woman.

Reminds me -- Tiff re-wrote the Elizabeth book into Spanish, and I have to get busy and make the illustrated pages for it and upload to the website.

12 November 2004


Now I'm blogging directly from the Le Cadre fashion stage, while I'm waiting for the show to begin. There's a big crowd, and even a Linden: w00t. Oooops... here goes...

Asri said she can't see the audience, which is better than picturing us naked...
Then she lost her internet connection.
Sensual is bravely winging it...
Then Asri came back...

It seemed like it took a long time, then it was over and I left. Yay! I can't really say I'm interested in ordinary clothing, which was obvious to them, I'm sure. People seemed rather flipped out... Now I can go back to making my weird things in solitude...

I got all enthusiastic and made a suit of warrior duds for Oz. Making clothing is more complex than it looks because of the way the way things stretch to conform to the mesh -- for instance, the squares that run up the middle of the front and back change size on my targa file in order to appear the same-ish size on Oz. If they were just even-sized blocks on the targa the resulting garment would look more like the underside of a turtle on the back, as that area stretches waaaay out there. Similarly, on the garments like the evening clothes or toreador's suit of lights that have an even-width stripe down the side of the leg, the targa stripe gets fa-a-at then skinny then medium then thin . If I left it even on the targa it would look hideous on the avatar. Not to say, of course, that I don't see lots of clothes people have made that have very uneven stripes, and also I'm sure there's a variation depending upon the avatar 's conformation. But that a variable I can't control so I don't worry about it. Another thing is that the upper body template is larger than the lower or skirt templates, so the things have to be made smaller to appear the same-ish size. I'm sure there's a formula but I'm a dedicated seat-of-my-pants flier, and anyway the point to making artistic things is to adjust until they look right - not apply a formula.

The person who has organised the Fashion Week and all the fashion shows (which must be a dreadful task) made this listing for my stuff:

It made me laugh, then I thought, "I must be a lot weirder than I think."

11 November 2004

I went to a class in Second Life -- well, a demonstration and explanation of something someone's working on, called "genprims." Genprims are prims that (in progress now) will be able to move, procreate, reflect "genetic" qualities, respond to people, and much more. I asked if one might "mirror object" - because that would be a HUGE thing to builders. He said definitely. I'm not very well informed but I'm totally jazzed about the possibilities.

Then I went to see DarkLife, which has been in closed beta. I ran into Tedd T., who invited me to take part in the upcoming closed beta session,. I was very enthusiastic about that. The sim reflects the loving care the builders have lavished on it. As far as I can see it's a fantasy medieval game world of sword-wielding warriors, healing potions, and wizards. I can make clothes, weapons, and armor if I would like to. W00t. Put my toreador-honed skills to good use. today I made A) platinum Marcel-ed hair, B) a martini with olive,, and yesterday I made a cigarette holder with a lit Balkan Sobranie. So -- yeah -- I admit I'm fooling around. Tomorrow my clothes are in a fashion show, and getting things organised correctly and sent to Asri was a tedious task that took ages. I'm happy if I got it right finally, since the first two times I tried I had everything wrong. I'm just doing it... uh... to see what happens. It's not like slaying monsters, however.
A friend TPed to my house yesterday, and she was sad about a reaction some people had had to her when she spoke about her life. A shame. Would be nice if people could enjoy the things they like and leave others to enjoy the things THEY like, without passing judgement upon things about which they know nothing. Anyway she was so unhappy she has been walking around in an alt (another avatar). Incognito, as it were.

09 November 2004


Check out this website:


Reverting to the familiar, as usual.

07 November 2004

Sure, the first spam may be interesting, but what I'd really like to see is the last spam.

E and D are back from the cruise and D told me this morning on the phone that E has spent a lot of the checking acct money (surprise surprise). That's the acct I told her to get the checks for, and which she didn't, saying, "Elizabeth promises not to use them." Oh well. And E has apparently signed up for cable internet (on top of the dial-up fee). Deb wanted to remove it and I told her that as soon as she's out the door E will sign up again, so why bother? Anyway, if E can have a good few years I think it's worth it -- the highlight of someone's life is always worth it to them.
A little high living makes later cheese-paring easier to bear.

06 November 2004


A class about kente cloth.


Donovan Galatea sculpture at Crescent Art Museum

E gets home from the cruise tomorrow, and D is coming back with her. David's picking them up - nice of him. I have a meeting in Second Life tomorrow (AIDS quilters), the Mr. Monster's coming over so we can work out some work stuff. I've been making clothing in SL for some reason -- beyond toreadors and parrot feathers. I made evening suits for Oz and Osprey, two brocade jackets with two gold-belted trousers, a plywood tuxedo, and I'm working on the idea of 1930s glamour in SL. Bias-cut dresses with cigarette holders and platinum hair? I was sending some things for Shan to try on and I accidentally sent them to a stranger, who IMd back, "I hope this wasn't a mistake because I love these." Funny. I saw Psi in SL today for a few minutes. He seemed a bit subdued. I went to an art opening that was semi-boring and seemed much like it would've been in rl. That's when I flew way up in the air and took the sculpture screenshot. It was Bonfire Night but no bonfires.

03 November 2004

It's like being in a horror movie, when the heroine asks the police to trace the phonecall and they say, "It's coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE."

02 November 2004


01 November 2004

Looper carved Jim's face into a Pumpkin:

I had a jin shin appointment, but there was nowhere to park. "Sing Sing Sing" came on the radio just as I saw the spots were all taken, so I thought, "I'll drive around and listen to Sing Sing Sing and then there'll be a parking spot." As we all know, I like Sing Sing Sing. I can imagine rotating Sing Sing Sing and all of Don Giovanni and something by Marvin Gaye and then Anarchy in the UK -- that would hit the spot. That's why I'll never have a career as a disc jockey. I don't believe I've ever heard SSS on the radio before this. Anyway, it all worked out exactly as I thought, which leads me to believe that either God or Benny Goodman had a hand in my excellent parking karma.
Then I went shopping for food. Again! What is this? I just went a couple of weeks ago! Where are my food pellets? Where's my soylent green? Yuk!
I'm in a frivolous mood. I went to a drumming session in Second Life only to discover everyone I know from the forums -- and they had a plot to hire the male dancer who'd just arrived in SL. So they did, and we all danced and drummed and took x-rated screenshots.*
Hey Flummel -- I met the owner of the parrot center in Second Life, and it turned out he has a blog. I was reading HIS blog and I saw a link for YOUR blog -- small blogosphere, eh?
I took a few pictures in the Forest of Kahruvel (probably spelled wrong) that demonstrate why I have a crush on Salazar Jack. He rocks.

*which I'm not going to post :)



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I want to ask for thoughts about improving the world -- what do people need? How can things be organised?