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30 June 2011

W00t! I have a film in another Month of Machinima, this time for July!

Month of Machinima
enties must be submitted by the 10th of the previous month and adhere to the theme, as well as be a maximum of six minutes.
  • Theme for August 2011: Design and Architecture
  • Theme for September 2011: Seasons (in your life, the four seasons--get creative)
  • Theme for October 2011: Four elements
  • Theme for November 2011: SL Events
  • Theme for December 2011: Endings, conclusions


Who wants Google+? Yell.

'Powerlifters had Thursday off. They went to the Acropolis, shopped and ate dinner at a local pizzeria.'

E at a Powerlifting event in Athens

According to whisper-down-the-lane 'Elizabeth ... is LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF THIS EXPERIENCE!), Spec Oly is keeping all the athletes in their protected residences, and E is holed up in their hotel with TENS OF THOUSANDS of rioters outside the hotel!!! Yes, there is tear gas floating around, including a little bit into their room!!! OMG! And our intrepid travelers are calm, fine, and soaking up the international realities of 2011. Wow! What a time! Elizabeth is being THE STAR, just loving it! What a cool thing!'


Nyan cat X Bollywood

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29 June 2011


IBM instantaneous memory

From the comments:
'I want the future now.'
'and wrap it in BACON'


Another possible MS breakthrough that I won't get to do:




E cheering on athletes at Special Olympics in Athens.



Robots of Brixton

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I'm working on a broken robot avatar.


28 June 2011

Fixed, finally, it is said! Rezzing Mono scripted object cripples sim FPS

"Kelly Linden resolved SVC-3895."

/me throws a party.


Markus Kayser - Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

Sand + Sun + 3d Printer



Invasive species is invasive.

From another vid's description: 'The voracious leaping Asian carp, possibly the most devastating in a series of invasive species to threaten the Great Lakes ecosystem, may be a few short miles from Lake Michigan after a decade-long migration up the Mississippi River.'


North Korea


27 June 2011

Ah! Beautiful!

From Candide:


ZOMG This is funny.

'The Breakfast Hen has more respect for its young than online gaming culture, and it's an imaginary bird which lays eggs directly onto a frying pan.'


A discussion about SL on LinkedIn contains this thoughtful post by John Jainschigg:

'SL has scale limitations. You can't get more than 100 people on a very (very!) well-designed sim. So it's impossible for an SL environment to serve nearly the number of people that even a tiny conventional website can.

This is obvious -- and it's also not the point. The point of SL is direct, person-to-person and person-to-group and person-to-environment synchronous engagement, which is of infinitely greater intrinsic and leveragable value than a web impression. And engagement within super-large groups is meaningless.

SL also lacks consistent and effective mechanisms for communicating with the inworld audience. So people who want to drive audience to events or presentations are obliged to work very hard to leverage these mechanisms, plus word-of-mouth. And in doing so, they contend with enormous competition for audience attention and time -- which turns out, primarily, to be misguided competition, since people who are in SL to experiment with fashion are rarely also there to learn about biotechnology products.

All this is known. The population of SL is the size of a very small US city, like Peoria. And there's a reason that The National Gallery and the National Museum of Science and the headquarters of Goldman Sachs and Facebook and the National Opera are not in Peoria. That's not Peoria's fault. In fact, I'd like to live in Peoria, just to get away from freakin' Goldman Sachs, if for no other reason. My point, however, is that it doesn't make sense to complain that Peoria isn't as big as New York or LA, so doesn't "organically" support a million businesses and spectacles requiring attention.

The obvious solution is to drive traffic from the web, which is easy to do using social media and email and SEO and AdWords and other normal promotional methods. You set yourself up on the web so you're seen by search engines, and then you drive people into SL to see your stuff. What is hard about this? And how is your inability or unwillingness to do it somehow SL's fault?'

26 June 2011

Apparently people post interesting pictures, sometimes, on dating websites.


Candide sent me this link:


/me borked in chat



'How CCP expect to win money on this if they charge like a eyeball for something that dosent you even need???'

I love reading about EVE and was interested to read how Incarna turned out, but CCP has let the sheepskin slip as wolfish greed is revealed in their avatar shop pricing. Items are very expensive, but more importantly, instead of mere vanity items available for purchase the (leaked) plan was apparently to sell gameplay items - a huge no-no.
Read more »


Os Enj Jump

25 June 2011

Earlier I had noted a big, black spider on the ceiling/wall bend at the head of my bed, but didn't do anything about it as it was not moving and I wasn't up to dealing with it. Just now I was reclining on my bed listening to the radio as I wasn't capable of doing anything else. The light was off. I rolled onto my back and saw the spider picking its way across the ceiling. It went resolutely south, then altered its course and I thought it was aiming for the light fixture. It paused and let itself down a couple of inches, then went back up and repositioned itself and my brain caught fire.

As fast as I was able (not very fast) I arose and turned on the light, gasping as I saw a bare ceiling. That mofo was dangling not three inches from the bedclothes. It disappointedly hauled itself up, as its prey (me) had unaccountably gone missing (or worse it was hurtling down towards me as I fumblingly got up, narrowly missing me).

It's gone now, the bastard.



Kumi's wand demo


Lighthouse + lighthouse!







I've always thought being part of an orchestra would be a great life. Also being a member of an opera chorus seems like it would be nice, too.


Alpha Auer is making a food guide for a conference in Istanbul, and her blogpost about it is quite interesting:

'We are a perfectly normal, civilized nation that enjoys good food, good wine (or raki) and a a good time in general as much as the next crowd. We are not cruel Janissaries, who like to tear people’s heads off. We are not poor! This last one especially. Yes, Turkey was in the economic doldrums until a decade or so ago and we were in terrible shape. Since 2000 things have been changing so fast that economists are getting worried and there is talk about cooling down the growth rate. Which is currently second only to the one of China, at least as far as I know. And no, it is not some small, secluded elite either that is enjoying all the goodies: Close to 5 million cars in Istanbul, hardly any of them over 5 years old.'


24 June 2011


g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.


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Walter van Beirendonck is sort of like the 4-chan of fashion. I am interested in some of his ideas, but I don't think I've ever seen models looking as miserable.


Kinetic sculpture table


23 June 2011

Changes Coming
I wouldn't be bothered except as mesh/prim size changes are due this summer one has to believe this plan is near the roll-out stage and not just an early beta.

As yet no one understands them (well they probably haven't been set in stone yet) but they have to do with scripts adding prim cost. Sounds as though possibly prim limits will be raised. Mesh counts as variable prim numbers which are never set but vary even as they are resized. The mesh variable prim number due to complexity we knew, but the scripts/resizing/linking priority/other things are a bit mind boggling and surfaced recently. What parts of this, if any, are applied to prims?* To sculpties?*

*LL has never said any of it applies to non-mesh, however it seems prudent to consider that idea as the scheme including just meshes only gives great advantages to sculpties in particular, which can have a costlier resource profile. It seems like the weight/cost plan might be more logical (but much more painful and likely to break tons of content) if applied across the board.

Current mesh cost computation uses these factors:

dynamic_multiplier = 2.0
static_multiplier = 1.0
per_prim_cost = 0.5
base_cost = 1.0

if there are any scripts or the object is physical, active_cost = dynamic_multiplier. Otherwise active_cost = static_multiplier.

Cost scaler is currently 1.0

Server weight(per prim) = cost_scalar * (active_cost * (per_prim_cost + base_cost / num_prims)

MMIF Playlist

A LOT of good films are on this festival playlist:



Magic Soul of Prims


Wow, huge earthquake near the Aleutians.

ZOMG Playing Hookey

V2/V2 Beta/V2 Mesh started hanging upon login about, oh, two months ago I think. They always logged in finally, but I was apparent inworld for fully 30 seconds before I was inworld to myself. I don't know if that relates to this latest thing, but on Tuesday I crashed at the birthday, then sort of didn't seem to recover very well on my subsequent login, and today I can't log in at all - not with V2, V2 Beta, or V2 Mesh on Aditi.

I've done most of the various remedies, but suspected it might be a bad attachment so decided it *might* be different on Imprudence, in which case I'd detach and retry V2. I wasn't sure if I'd need to update Imprudence, however it didn't need me to and leapt with alacrity and logged in very quickly as soon as I hit the button. I detached all, went back to trying the Vees2, which resolutely hung at the end of the loading bar then proclaimed, "Darn! You've been logged out!"

I'm not too worried as I actually like having problems to work on, but I needed to work on something time-based, so logged back in with Imprudence. And worked on my little project with a feeling of guilty pleasure, like I was playing hookey, or maybe having a snow day from V2.

I'll never understand why LL remade the viewer in that particular way.

Update: I fixed it. Because of Outfits, detaching in a 1.XX viewer doesn't help, so I put what I thought was a dubious attachment into a different folder. Presto, changeo, I was able to log in on V2 Beta.

Massively interviews Rod



22 June 2011

Lytro camera: refocus shots after they're taken. Whacky!

Touch this picture to change the focus.

Thilling Life or Death Struggle

"Quack, quack, quack. quack. QUACK!"

I looked up from the monitor and saw a bald eagle hovering above a wounded duck just in front of this house. It stooped, the duck dived. The eagle pulled up, watched the duck resurface, then tried to get it, landing (by design) in the drink. The duck had gone under, and as the eagle again took flight the duck's mate zoomed across, hoping to divert the eagle. The eagle followed it for a minute, then turned back and went after the wounded (I think it was wounded) duck, which dived and surfaced frantically. The eagle went behind a tree as presumably did the duck, so I didn't see what happened, but there was no noise and the eagle finally crossed my vision again, heading west with empty talons, so I reckon the duck escaped.


It was forecast to be nice today yet it's grey, windy, and 65 degrees.


Yarn Bomb


Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson from David Friedman on Vimeo.

Inventor of the Digital Camera



Special Olympics 2011


21 June 2011

USC memory chip: 'Using an electronic system that duplicates the neural signals associated with memory, they managed to replicate the brain function in rats associated with long-term learned behavior, even when the rats had been drugged to forget.'


In a bleak future the voice a man hears in his own head is not uttering words in his best interest.
Stylistically thrilling, the plot is not up to that standard. Unfortunately I watched it with the daylit sky behind the monitor: don't make that mistake.



The caching always seemed a huge problem in SL - not so much its tiny size but the inefficiency of the retrieval of things from the cache. For instance the blood spurt in Combat Cards games is always the same yet it can go from grey to rezzed then maddeningly next time back to grey. It was obviously in the cache yet for some reason didn't show up promptly. Another example is the broken fortune cookie. Each half is uploaded at 32x32 (can't remember if I made two separate or use the same twice) and the jpg2000 has got to be infinitesimal, yet it will rez as a blob most times, then reform itself. And it will do that over and over if I click the fortune cookie numerous times.

Now, however, news has broken that LL is raising the cache size to 10mb from 1mb, and must've streamlined its functioning (or they wouldn't do that as in the past they said enlarging the cache but using the same retrieval system actually slowed the program down as it would have to search through cardboard boxes in the attic looking for things). The increase is meant to include textures only. This is very good news and I wish LL much good fortune in this endeavor.

Go, E!

My sister training in Greece as a Special Ol;ympics Team USA powerlifter.


Finally a decent day.



Design Q&A with Charles Eames

Alternate universe of his grandson: Kymerica


20 June 2011


Next Day


goofing off


main stage

Angel at Next Day sim
LEA booth @ SL8B

Candide sent me The Shallows, and although I'm just one chapter in I'm finding it full of interesting truthiness. To wit:

'As McLuhan suggested, media aren’t just channels of information. They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought. And what the Net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation. Whether I’m online or not, my mind now expects to take in information the way the Net distributes it: in a swiftly moving stream of particles. Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski.'

I'd blamed that on my various dire illnesses + aging, but of course what the author says makes sense. When I reached the conclusion a year or so ago that people are becoming more homogenous as a necessary condition to enable them to share a significant percentage of their interests/proclivities/concerns with billions, my theory depended upon the Internet to reset human sharing capability to a global rather than a village level. [We must be near a tipping point when there will be no more "them," only "us."]

My theory is called Everything-I-Thought-Is-Wrong, as I lamented loss of individualism, and lamented for instance the loss of the ability for people to write with a pen (they are only taught to print now) as I believe it means their brains develop differently. So they do, but it doesn't matter. I wrote all my university notes with a fountain pen. All of them. But if we are to achieve us-ness then there must be less form to each person; it's not that only malleable blobs can come together, but that only shaped pieces that all have the same shape can fit together - like a drawing by MC Escher.

'Course when the electrical grid fails ...

The Big Picture has extreme weather pictures today.


Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

HBA took this picture for me :-D


I've always thought the gadgets and things like that have been responsible for making SL nearly unbearable, nearly killing it. That includes all those multi-gadgets I never wanted to own - the fact that people regarded them highly and recommended them to newcomers as 'must-have' made me sick.

Over on SLUniverse someone is reporting their 'Huddles' has 52 running scripts with the AO turned off. Imagine ten avatars on one parcel, each with that same HUD (not a stretch of the imagination as bazillions of people own them). Thanks a lot, gadget makers.

19 June 2011


Salazar's Teaser for ArcheoExpo!



Acting in Salazar's film.

[16:42] Candide LeMay: you'll get an os-car!

18 June 2011

Is this expected behaviour? An object called '1' in my inventory was put in a prim contents, then I changed the contents name from '1' to 'Sun.' Now if I drag another '1' into the contents it shows up as 'Sun 1.' Just curious, not concerned.

Update: Wow, it actually made a script fail. It said objects named X, Y, Z were not in the prim when they were. I dragged the contents into inventory, deleted prim contents, dragged them back, and magically the script worked.



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Wait... What?

'In Karachi, the financial capital, a program was recently innaugurated to use eunuchs as tax collectors.'
--The New Yorker

I knew there had been eunuchs there in the recent past, but somehow in my rosy-spectacled way of not following current trends in genital mutilation I'd thought the practise of castrating children had more or less died out. Apparently not, as three seconds googling reveals. Someone who might reflect a middle-of-the-road opinion says, 'But while I can understand that some enuchs are born that way and deserve to be pitied, I think most hijras today have either got themselves castrated or have been forcibly castrated to earn money by begging.' And if you were forcibly castrated no pity for you! And who are these mysterious legions who are born castrated? And can it be true that some men have arranged to have themselves castrated? I'm guilty of some ignorance on this topic, it seems.

Intel interactive movie thing 'The Escape.'

17 June 2011

Sure, we think they are not this way but here's proof.

When the preorder Chromebooks (one type) came out a while ago I looked at them and saw they were vastly overpriced - I mean, 500+ dollars? Really? The real release is today and reviewers are saying, "Expensive!" which isn't surprising. Essentially half a computer, with no functionality sans 'net, they have different but not more strengths than a netbook; depending upon how you want to use computers they might hold no advantage at all.

If you travel a lot, lose/break/are robbed a lot they offer continuity: any and every Chromebook will be the same. Log in and your personal world is there for you because it's all net-based and rolled up into a handy ball. If the 'net goes out, however, it turns into a brick.

Any other computer can offer access to net-based apps, too, but they are not tied together. I use Gmail, Aviary, Flickr, and so on, and if I need to log on from a different computer I'd need to merely remember my 567788 passwords or retrieve any forgotten password. And if there were no 'net for any reason the puter would run whatever programs were installed on it.

I suppose I should think about stuffing some of my bookmarks on a server as the thing I would do if, say, suddenly dropped into Peru is forget some applications. (Not that it will happen but I like thinking about it.) On the other hand nothing is very hard to find.


16 June 2011

After literally months of effort (because I'm a scripting dunce) I finally managed to write a script that turns a notecard of data into a list, shuffles the list, then rezzes the first ten elements in order in a certain pattern. Then those objects turn over and express their meaning, and after a short time go poof. That is, I made a script for Enjah's tarot card set.

That sort of thing is reeeellly hard for me but probably would take Candide five minutes.


15 June 2011


Enj and I at SL8B's ArcheoExpo display.

14 June 2011

~My tiny sister E~

Press release from Special Olympics:

Olympia Mayor Mah Recognizes Elizabeth Kendall
Special Olympic Washington Athlete Chosen To Compete
in the Special Olympics 2011 Summer World Games in Athens Greece

SEATTLE - On June 14 Olympia Mayor Doug Mah will recognize Special Olympics Washington athlete and City of Olympia resident, Elizabeth Kendall, as one of nine Washington state athletes chosen to compete in the Special Olympics 2011 World Summer Games in Athens Greece, June 25 – July 4.
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Here you are, Luceh!


From Phaylen - The Magic of SL


13 June 2011

Bento Book


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Golden Otters from Raglan Academy Awards

Not sure I am very interested but here's"





As The Daily What said: Four Finnish guys perform Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in a rusty old car.


12 June 2011

Vaughan Bell posted this poem on Mind Hacks:

by Billy Collins

The name of the author is the first to go
followed obediently by the title, the plot,
the heartbreaking conclusion, the entire novel
which suddenly becomes one you have never read,
never even heard of,

as if, one by one, the memories you used to harbor
decided to retire to the southern hemisphere of the brain,
to a little fishing village where there are no phones.

Long ago you kissed the names of the nine Muses goodbye
and watched the quadratic equation pack its bag,
and even now as you memorize the order of the planets,

something else is slipping away, a state flower perhaps,
the address of an uncle, the capital of Paraguay.

Whatever it is you are struggling to remember
it is not poised on the tip of your tongue,
not even lurking in some obscure corner of your spleen.

It has floated away down a dark mythological river
whose name begins with an L as far as you can recall,
well on your own way to oblivion where you will join those
who have even forgotten how to swim and how to ride a bicycle.

No wonder you rise in the middle of the night
to look up the date of a famous battle in a book on war.
No wonder the moon in the window seems to have drifted
out of a love poem that you used to know by heart.


'A painful post' from A Husband for a carer.


11 June 2011


Doc has uploaded the first launch video!

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ZOMG I love this - seen on Kumi's Flickr!

Random Assorted Images From God-Knows-Where

Some creepy, some funny, some Nirvana.
The human race is not as attractive as it would like to be, but somehow it's better that way.

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Persopn A: 'I ahve a problem where it appears LSL is arbatrarrilly selecting not to execute certian functions
Person B: I have the same problem with certain of my own brain functions



I don't usually like versions of this song but this one is good.

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10 June 2011

Twenty Years Ago

ME AT NINE, PERFORMING TO MADONNA IN SUMMER '91! from Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo.


From Candide comes the link for this chortle-worthy video:


09 June 2011


ArcheoExpo 2011 Poster

Rodvik was interviewed by Tateru:

Tateru: You know I’m going to have to bring up the Viewer 2.x UI – and also that Viewer 2.x seems to be unaccountably slower than 1.23 was, with identical settings – you didn’t really come in until 1.23 was already gathering dust a shelf somewhere.

Sluggish is the word that comes to mind, compared to the late 1.x codebase, at least on many systems.

RH: Ah, I didn’t know that. I will ping folks and see what i can dig up. No reason we should ask folks to use something slower that’s for sure.

As for the UI layout, it is… well… to be changed

However it isn't just the layout that makes it bad; the way suppression is implemented makes it bad to me.

08 June 2011


Sextan's Liberty Cove sim.


Sextan Shepherd is amazing.

The Google Les Paul doodle is pretty neat - it even records!

I hadn't updated my drivers for a while because of the once-upon-a-time Nvidia driver version that fried everybody's cards, so I looked longingly at WebGL portals but was unable to enter. I just updated solely to play in WebGL (everything else was fine before and usually 'If it ain't broke don't fix it.), and it really is remarkable to have smooth-running fully 3d content in one's browser. Here are a few snaps from which is one of many, many WebGL experiments.
My card is a GTX 275, browser was Chrome.

'WebGL is a new web technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without installing additional software'

In this little experiment one may also not just fly around exploring (towed by birds) but also build content.

Here's Chrysaora, a very nice WebGL experiment by




Never-to-be Buildings of New York


07 June 2011

The Quaintness of The Olden Dayes

2004, At Barbarra Blair's, Os and Enj attend a broadcast presidential debate with mc Hamlet in his trademark white suit.
Lest we EVER come near forgetting, here's a bad and tiny picture of the huge, black, evil FOOTSHADOWS we all hated. I made Footshadow-B-Gone for Torley Torgeson, who was vocal about his loathing for the footshadows. There was a bug for a while, too, that made them worse somehow but I can't remember exactly how. I do remember sitting on a fencepost and taking a bug pic, so maybe it was footshadows in the air.

Remember when the sunset showed reflected on the land? Truthfully I love quirky stuff like that (as long as it goes eventually).


Today on the Sun...



Coming soon to Facebook.

An interesting development.


Autumn Spring
I enjoyed this gentle tale of a man who sees no reason to act dead before he dies.


mudpie's mouse

wat iz by Vivian Oblivion
wat iz, a photo by Vivian Oblivion on Flickr.

06 June 2011


From Electronic Entertainment Expo in L.A.

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Next Island sends a nagging email if one hasn't logged in for a few weeks.


Hoopy also Hula-y



Amphibious Ice Cream Van


Forbes Magazine: Can Second Life Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

05 June 2011


Duck Season

This absorbing small film reflects the director's admiration for Jim Jarmusch. It's very visually interesting, especially the last shot (which made it worthwhile to me). It also has a lot of dead animals (which I didn't know would be there) as some scenes were shot in a real pound. That doesn't bother me anywhere near the amount that films which kill/maim animals do, however; there are a few I can never get out of my head :((((((((((





Cloudy Day

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'The German Die Welt reports that veterinary and medical experts are now saying that biogas plants may be the source of the lethal E. coli bacteria now running rampant through Germany.'

A little while ago
This is the first year in my life I've been affected by allergens. It started last Monday when I went to see Frank. Scotch Broom lined the roads in full flower, and when I arrived my right eye felt mildly itchy. Now both eyes are mildly itchy but my sinuses are very painful. I wonder what's different this year - is it external or internal to me? Needless to say I got ~4 hours unrestful sleep last night.

I also borked my left arm again yesterday so need to stop typing.




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