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30 November 2009


Getting Personal

In my Profile I have written (just part of the blather to be found therein) "100% platypus free (certificate shown upon receipt of written request)."

Streetcorner Silversten: I require proof of your platypus-free claim. I find it difficult to believe.

Os: The therian subclass of mammals are those which bear live young, including both placentals and marsupials. Almost all currently extant mammals are therians. The only exceptions are the platypus and the echidnas, both of which are monotremes.

It would be fun in a way to have an Osprey Monotreme alt, but I already have more than I know what to do with, including one with my RL name.

29 November 2009

Combat Cards today...
Doc Victorious @ Spaceport
Sid and Doc Waffling
Sid Gets Creamed By Os


Good morning.


28 November 2009


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Young Geoffrion's Exhibition

Enjah arranged an exhibit of Young's paintings at her gallery, and the well-attended opening was lots of fun! Everyone was most interested in the vibrant and strong paintings. After most of the people had said their goodbyes we stood talking for a bit and Yo showed her new Papagena* look. HBA turned up looking temporally distressed, and a man with a hammer and scycle turned up and seemed to enjoy both the artwork and the company.

It will be up for two months, and is well worth a visit or three :-D

*At the opening I was GOING to say "Papageno is the male bird catcher, and Papagena his mate," but I accidentally squashed it together and said "Papagena is the male bid catcher..." and was confounded, heh.

27 November 2009


It was very smokey due to next-doors, but it made this picture interesting.


The Second Death of Caspar Helendale

by Jessica Curry & Dan Pinchbeck
(a.k.a. Trixiebelle Landar & Caspar Helendale)

"What happens to all the unwanted avatars? When we no longer want these second lives, do they just revert to inert data held on a server?

Building on the notion of virtual graveyards and online remembrance, Jessica Curry and Dan Pinchbeck invited residents and guests on a quest to draw attention to abandoned identities, joining Caspar Helendale throughout his last day of existence in Second Life."

Update: Enj filmed it here.

Some people are very sweet. "i dont ask for help often, my friend, i would rather give it, and for that reason i do not forget the people that answer when i ask. i will always help when you need it, you just have to ask, my lovely friend."

26 November 2009


The Spirit of the Beehive

Someone to whom I recently showed my glass beehive,
with its movement like the main gear wheel of a clock-
Someone who saw the constant agitation of the honeycomb,
the mysterious, maddened commotion of the nurse bees over the nests,
the teeming bridges and stairways of wax, the invading spirals of the queen,
the endlessly varied and repetitive labors of the swarm,
the relentless yet ineffectual toil, the fevered comings and goings,
the call to sleep always ignored, undermining the next days work,
the final repose of death
far from a place that tolerates neither sickness nor tombs-
Someone who observed these things, after the initial astonishment had passed,
quickly looked away with an expression of indescribable sadness and horror.


25 November 2009


I'm always wanting to knit things up - I don't like disconnection, and my idea of the post-death state is that our energy rejoins a collective pool like raindrops falling into the sea. This Wired article is not new but is worth revisiting:

"There is only one time in the history of each planet when its inhabitants first wire up its innumerable parts to make one large Machine. Later that Machine may run faster, but there is only one time when it is born.

You and I are alive at this moment.

After the hysteria has died down, after the millions of dollars have been gained and lost, after the strands of mind, once achingly isolated, have started to come together - the only thing we can say is: Our Machine is born. It's on."

/me watches Bear Creek 576887666 times, then goes and watches Blacklodge a few thousand times. Sorry - I was 16 years in Indian Country.

Northern Cree is great, too.

Not Drowning But Waving

I've had a few invitations to Wave, and have some to give (most being held for NPIRL), and have poked around at it for a while. My main Wave activities are contributing to a surrealistic novel started by Candide, and helping regroup NPIRL (vast, vast overstatement heh). Doc and I, theoretically at least, are going to use it for development (which is great as my emails sink like stones in his inbox).

One person who sent me an invitation appears not to be there at all, while many other people seem to turn up once a month. They may all be furiously waving in public waves, or may just find it easy to ignore (I threw Wave on my top bar so it's a mere click away to check it and add three words to the novel - or delete three).

My finding are (no surprise) that's it's very useful for actually doing something that needs to get done, but difficult if one is not drowning but waving♦ so to speak, and nobody else ever shows up.

♦See Stevie Smith

/me starts an antique Wave collection and a Wave orphanage.

"The Auteurs is now showing for free Death in the Garden, the Spanish surrealist's unheralded 1956 film, alongside two classic Buñuel films from his earlier and most vividly surreal period: Un chien andalou and L'Âge d'Or."

24 November 2009

Because I'm weird I was happy that Perfume contained a strigil. Not too often you see one in a movie, and it brings me joy.
Also, anyone ever used to do this as a child?

Eat a Kit Kat.
Separate the tin foil from the wax paper.
Chew the wax paper whilst forming the tin foil into a narrowish roll pinched in the middle.
Insert the chewn paper into one end.
Holding the other end flip it up on the (usually cinema balcony) ceiling, where it sticks.

My cousin Christopher taught me to do that.


Here's a couple of vids from Schemitzun (big Eastern pow wow) for Luceh, but I was shocked to see it was cancelled this year.

Crap GrandEntry vid:

23 November 2009


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Virtual Dreaming
The original virtual reality is our dreamscape, although that is not usually controllable. We spend all this time making screen and computers to create a little world, and then we absorb that world and it appears in our dreams. How odd that is.

Why is there not a world or game that is a simulated dream? Choose elements, then things happen in a way that isn't a logical or controllable; give up control and see what happens.

Why is there not a system for virtual reality that uses the brain's ability to create and inhabit worlds? Since the eyes are part of the brain and we humans create monitors to show our little worlds to our eyes, why can't be bypass some of that confusion? At least VR goggles would be closer. It seems wasteful as it is now.


Nice blog: Mark Simonson if you like type.
Has no feeeeeeeeeeeeeeed >:[


22 November 2009


I accidentally made fry bread, heh.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

(Not fried bread - I'm talking about a Native American delicacy).


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Tournaments at Spaceport


I hated like hell to do it, but I've had to enable effing capcha for comments, as, after seven years, I've started picking up spam commentary. Sorry. (Except I'm not sorry if you have capcha on YOUR blog that I have to wade through when I leave a comment.)


21 November 2009


I'm watching Perfume, which I knew would be unbelievably creepy and which certainly is.

Very windy once more ===:O


I don't shop much, but if you do...
There are a number of online market sites of varying ages and degree of usefulness, and here's a list of the ones I've noticed:

Strong community:
In Japanese and English, looks quite good
Fairly full of things:
In Japanese:
Been around for a while:
Don't ask me:

All my Gmail attachments started failing recently, so I poked around on the forum and apparently a lot of people have this problem. Someone said it worked with Chrome and was it a Google move to make people use Chrome? (doubt it) and another said reinstalling Flash fixed the issue for him. Anyone else experiencing this?

Your Lips Are Like Petals...

Bwahahaha! I recently brought up the game Flower, and just now spotted it in the online Wired shop with this blurb:
"Playing as the wind, the player guides and grows a swarm of pedals by interacting with other flowers..."


20 November 2009

I'm removing all my things from XStreet because of the new policy, which has a few elements to it. I don't oppose the attempt to get rid of "stale" merchandise. Most of mine is stale, and it isn't wrong of XST to give me the boot. I removed everything from the box and updated, vainly hoping that would remove everything, but alas, I have to go through one by one :( My hand hurts a lot, now, and I'm not done. There should be batch operations for simple things like that.

The freebies charge is not my fave. Possibly a new section containing freebie listings could've been made, but from what's been said LL just wanted to stop supporting them entirely.

And... oh, well, I'm not interested enough to continue. I didn't pay much attention to it, but I see now I made more on XST than I thought this past year. Almost everything I had on there was inactive because I just remembered the long-ago awfulness all too well to want to be part of it, so YIPPEE! now I'm not :-D

And in Addition...
A lot of the freebies were more a way to pass information easily- as in the SALT Hud. XST functioned as a minor communication path in a world where finding/sharing is not always easy. That part of the excision of freebies is not good. Also, I just remembered the supposed landmarks-going-away thing, which would make things tougher were it to come about.

My main bugaboo with XST has always been that every minute change to something means it needs a separate listing. Looking for, say, a pair of shoes, you would be faced with five pages of style X listings in every shade, eight pages of listings for style Y in every shade, etc. If the intent were to unclog the shopping experience they should've started there.

Update: I keep thinking about that poor third-world entrepreneur making a living through micropayments and wondering what's happening to him.

19 November 2009

I didn't say what you thought I said, Enj
And when I said "font queen" I thought I was giving a compliment.


Lucifer,* over on SCmkII pointed out this hair-raising string of comments.

*Who played the part of Sven in From the Shadows.

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Mysterious Non-Spam Comment to 2005 Blogpost...

...that was about lots of things including Enj's bad ankle at the time.

"Could not find a suitable section so I written here, how to become a moderator for your forum, that need for this?"

Not even a spammy link or anything - very odd.

Power Keeps Going Out :(

I'm in the middle of a gale. It was out from yesterday evening to mid-morning today, then went out when I got home and has remained out. It took the heat out with it yesterday, so things are not terribly cheery here :-D
It CAN'T last much longer - it just CAN'T.

Update: My landlord rang, and Art the Plumber is coming, but not until tomorrow :(

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18 November 2009

The glass in the glass doors is vibrating strongly.

Update: the power went out, and came on Thursday at about 9:30 a.m.

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Big Man Japan

I'd been waiting to see this, then it went to "watch now" and still I didn't for ages because I feared it was just a kind of one-joke plot. To my surprise it was more than that, and by pure chance I saw it directly after seeing The Life Aquatic, which was very much the same kind of film, quirky and creating an entire world that seems, for the duration, very complete.


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

I enjoyed it. It's not completely satisfying, but it is what it is.


Very, very windy out. Shaking the house.

On the plus side, I managed to make my thermostat stop cooking the entire place so that I had to open windows. It had busticated itself a few days ago; my landlord (in China - big help) said he'd send Art the Plumber if it didn't heal. He should just buy a few new thermostats.

VERY windy - did I say that?
"Strong southeast winds of 30 to 40 mph with gusts to 65 mph."

SJ kept trying to email me and finally rang me instead.

"Do you know there's a problem with your gmail account?"
"Are you certain you're spelling it right?"
"Well, try sending to firemistred."
"I need some spelling out."
"F I R E M I S T R E D. Don't do like one of my kid's parents - she "knew my email address" - it was "Fire Mister Ed" she thought.♦
*SJ sends mail*
"Got it."
*SJ sends a bounced email to me labeled FYI*
*Os looks at it.*
*Os sends an email*
"FYI Do you know you spelt my address wrongly?"♦♦
*Os basks in the faint glow caused by doing something un-wrong for a change.*

SJ lurks on this blob but never says a word, so I'm attempting to smoke her out. Oops, did I say that out loud?

♦ Same family whose daughter told me she always knew when someone on the phone didn't know them at all because he'd ask for "Mr. Hig-Heagle."
♦♦ .gmmail

Wanted: Some Google Wave-rs Interested in Writing Collaboratively
As Candide (who began the story) and I need to be amused by you and not just each other.

So far:



The Little Red Riding Font was packing her color profiles and layer masks in order to visit her parent's parent container, who wasn't feeling well formatted. Going over a tree of paragraphs, down to round shapes and towering backgrounds, was a vector path. LRRF hopped on it and happily wandered under theassuring smile of the great histogram in the sky. When she reached the page break, she stopped, unsure of what to do. A dark blob outside of the color space reared its ugly head next to her - The Word Count.

"Where are you headed, little font? Do you not know it's not safe for you to leave this page?"

"I am going to visit my grandparent! She's not well at all!"

"There are style formatters ahead, you won't get through in one edit. I'll make you an offer - I will spread around you and hide you, for they can't see me, and so you will get past them"

"You would do that for me?"


But LRRF wasn't utterly naive.

"What do you want in exchange" she asked him, with fear and mistrust.

Word Count laughed and howled in a terrible halftone, shrouded LRRF and off they went.


When LRRF awoke, she felt very dirty, with smell of Word Count all over her. He has been groping her delicate curves while she couldn't move, as they went through a picture of Tokyo metro, avoiding styles left and right adjusted, dodging guides and fills. Word Count was nowhere to be seen, LRRF looked deep inside of her and saw that her kerning was all messed up. The new kerning has made her somewhat vicious, and much less prone to poetry.

"We'll see about that!"

She walked past a line ending and smashed right through it.


Picking his teeth, the Bulleted List lounged exaggeratedly, as though he were so relaxed, so slothful, that anything bad - or even naughty - would be far too much effort for him. But LRRF knew better.

"What is that in your hand?" she asked sharply.

"This?" The Bulleted List waved airlily.

"You BEAST! That's a 4! Where's the rest of Word Count?"

"I did a little... editing. He was really much too fat. I just tightened up a few things."

  • LRRF starts off
  • LRRF meets Word Count
  • Word Count takes liberties with LRRF's curves (typopornographic passage in unexpurgated version only)
"See how much easier it is to follow!" he added.

"You've completely ruined it. That's not a novel - it's not even an outline."

"It's much better."

"You're a pig."

"I am not a pig, but you are:

  • Unsophisticated
  • Naive
  • Old-fashioned
  • Too wrapped up in that overly-ornate, Twentieth Century writing style.

"Get a clue." Bulleted List sniggered.

LRRF was about to give a caustic reply when her attention was distracted by moaning from behind the parenthetical remark.

"Urgh.... oh,oh... niiiiiiii."

Two thuds were followed by a skittering tattoo as if a nine foot high tower of cough drops had rained onto a marble floor. An 8 bounced over the remark at the same moment a prone 2 slid under it, shooting across the floor like a hockey puck.

  • LRRF meets Bulleted List
  • Word Count resurfaces

"Shut UP, " LRRF growled to Bulleted List as she approached the parenthetical remark, "Or I'll resurface YOU."

Word Count lay in a heap, his numerals scattered about and his formerly well-covered, if not to say blobby and jelly-like self reduced to a bare tree.

"I'll help you," LRRF announced, and began gathering numbers into her little basket.

"00000000." A sob, emitted from the 0 that formed Word Count's poor mouth, touched LRRF deeply and spurred her to more vigorous action. "00000000000000000000."

She stuffed 6s, 8s, 3s, 9s, and 4s into the 0 (for some reason there were no 1s at all) and Word Count grew plumper. His complexion, which had been grey as wet cement, once again became a glossy black.

With one eye focussed upon her, he "00000"'d again, but this time in a different way.

"Can it," LRRF said sternly.

"In that case, I fear I have taken you as far as I am able. You'll just have to proceed alone, now."

"Just as well," she replied.

And off she set.


"lol," someone said, the sound faint but understandable. It was followed by more, and from all directions.

"lol," they all said over and over, until a "ROFL," broke in loudly like a sneeze. "LOLOLOL!!1!"



There was a wave of lols, sounding almost like applause, which then died away into silence.

In the brief pause LRRF inched forward, trying not to attract attention.

"WTF?" echoed hollowly. "lol," someone tittered nervously. "wtf lol wot?" a number of voices chimed in.


"My, what big bounding box you have!" said LRRF to her grandparent


17 November 2009

SJ, I got just the email sent to firemistred containing the Eames link.

The wind has died down.
I was supposed to be doing a machinima job starting today, but haven't heard anything, so it may be delayed.
mucked about for 1.546 minutes with TiltViewer and made a Combat cards gallery for absolutely no reason.

16 November 2009

"gusts to 50 mph...easing to 15 to 25 mph in the afternoon"

It's flickering in strong blasts now, and the wind hasn't ramped all the way up yet.
/me waves.

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Power was out - just came one. There's a bigger windstorm forecast for tomorrow so it will likely be out again.

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15 November 2009

A strange cat - well, the downstairs cat but I'd never met it before, came in and mewed around. I let it out, but it didn't seem very familiar with the concept of outdoors. It made letting-in noises an hour later so I did. It wants me to feed it but I have nothing it would like. Edamame? Papadums? Pesto? Wasabi peas? It's a nice cat but not playful or anything. I tried to interest it in this wicker ball but it didn't respond.

14 November 2009


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

In the Steelhead morgue


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Dr. Beck gave a tour of Steelhead today.

13 November 2009


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Enjah is making a Two Bunneh machinima saga - In this episode two bunnies in a hot air balloon come a cropper when a green wolf gets careless with his cigar.
Tall bunny: Enj
Jackalope: Os
Wolf: Vladimir


11 November 2009


An old post on Mental Floss investigates a mysterious website of photographs:
He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died

This photograph is from 06-06-79 on the website.


Barney Boomslang is closing Lummerland soon :'(

An Invitation to Lubberland

There is all sorts of Fowl and Fish,
With Wine and store of Brandy;
Ye have there what your hearts can wish:
The Hills are Sugar-Candy

There is a ship, we understand,
Now riding in the river;
Tis newly come from Lubberland,
The like I think was never;
You that a lazy life do love.
I'd have you now go over,
They say the land is not above
Two thousand leagues from Dover.

The captain and the master too,
Do's give us this relation,
And so do's all the whole ship's crew,
Concerning this strange nation:
"The streets are pav'd with pudding-pies,
nay, powder'd-beef and bacon,
They say they scorn to tell you lies:'
Who thinks it is mistaken.

The king of Knaves, and Queen of Sluts
Reign there in peace and quiet;
You need not fear to starve your guts,
There is such store of dyet:
There may you live free from all care,
Like hogs set up a fat'ning;
The garments which the people wear
Is silver, silk and satin.

The lofty buildings of this place
For many years have lasted;
With nutmegs, pepper, cloves, and mace,
The walls are there rough-cast,
In curious hasty-pudding boil'd,
And most ingenious carving;
Likewise they are with pancakes ty'd,
Sure, here's no fear of starving.

The captain says, "In every town,
Hot roasted pigs will meet ye,
They in the streets run up and down,
Still crying out, Come eat me"
Likewise, he says, "At every feast,
The very fowls and fishes,
Nay from the biggest to the least,
Comes tumbling to the dishes.

"The rivers run with claret fine,
The brooks with rich canary,
The ponds with other sorts of wine,
To make your hearts full merry:
Nay, more than this, you may behold,
The fountains flow with brandy,
The rocks are like refined gold,
The hills are sugar candy.

"Rose-water is the rain they have,
Which comes in pleasant showers,
All places are adorned brave,
With sweet and fragrant flowers.
Hot custards grows on ev'ry tree,
Each ditch affords rich jellies;
Now if you will be ruled by me,
Go there and fill your bellies.

"There's nothing there but holy-days
With music out of measure;
Who can forbear to speak the praise
Of such a land of pleasure?
There may you lead a lazy life
Free from all kind of labours:
And he that is without a wife,
May borrow of his neighbour.

"There is no law nor lawyer's fees
All men are free from fury,
For ev'ry one do's what he please,
Without a judge or jury:
The summer-time is warm they say,
The winter's ne'er the colder,
They have no landlords' rent to pay
Each man is a free-holder."

You that are free to cross the seas
Make no more disputation:
In Lubber-land you'll live at ease,
With pleasant recreation:
The Captain waits but for a gale
Of prosperous wind and weather,
And then they soon will hoist up sail,
Make haste away together.''

Update: Issue sorted :-D


Poor Os:
[10:59] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:01] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:01] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:02] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:05] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:06] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.

Poor Anchor:
[11:35] Gesture smile is missing from database.
[11:35] Gesture F8 - for /7next is missing from database.
[11:35] Gesture clap is missing from database.
[11:35] Gesture /repulsed is missing from database.
[11:35] Gesture qq /7next is missing from database.
[11:35] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:36] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:36] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:36] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:36] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:36] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
[11:37] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.

I need to do the drill and see if that helps.

Air Guitar with Arduino Enhancement :-D


Remembrance Day
I tried to go somewhere in SL last night -to an island set up as Great War trenches and so on, with audio of recorded soldiers giving their memories of various aspects, and much effort put into setting the scene so people could then understand better the poetry that came from that terrible war. HeadBurro had recommended it as there was a ceremony to take place for Remembrance Day.

I had been building the Waffle Arena and been given restart notice for Europa, so logged out then back in, getting HBA's message in between. When I returned, though, nothing would consent to being worn (not in Database errors for almost everything). I patched together a mismatched covering, and SLurled off in some embarrassment, hoping perhaps my things would turn up in after the teleport. Search was empty - indicating a breach in the system, but I was able to put on the nurse's uniform provided (which was good for viewing the sim but not appropriate for a ceremony. I spend a little time exploring and listening, then logged off, but I'll go back today. I just felt too... sticky outy or something, in my mismatched or inappropriate garb :(

Cloud Cogitation


Ambat is being spammed to death by a bot.

[22:52] Corsage String: Hello Osprey. Do come and have a look inside the Paddy's.

I am wearing the Jailhouse outfit (dress and boots).

The jewelry is included!

My skin and eyes come from the Hunk Factory. It is the limited edition Dewi and is for sale here.

Happy Shopping!
[22:52] Corsage String: Hello amorosa. Do come and have a look inside the Paddy's.

I am wearing the Jailhouse outfit (dress and boots).

The jewelry is included!

My skin and eyes come from the Hunk Factory. It is the limited edition Dewi and is for sale here.

Happy Shopping!
[22:53] Corsage String: Hello Selena. Do come and have a look inside the Paddy's.

I am wearing the Jailhouse outfit (dress and boots).

The jewelry is included!

My skin and eyes come from the Hunk Factory. It is the limited edition Dewi and is for sale here.

Happy Shopping!
[22:53] Corsage String: Hello Beau. Do come and have a look inside the Paddy's.

I am wearing the Jailhouse outfit (dress and boots).

The jewelry is included!

My skin and eyes come from the Hunk Factory. It is the limited edition Dewi and is for sale here.

Happy Shopping!
[22:57] Corsage String: Hello Sky. Do come and have a look inside the Paddy's.

I am wearing the Jailhouse outfit (dress and boots).

The jewelry is included!

My skin and eyes come from the Hunk Factory. It is the limited edition Dewi and is for sale here.

Happy Shopping!
[22:57] Corsage String: Hello Mira. Do come and have a look inside the Paddy's.

I am wearing the Jailhouse outfit (dress and boots).

The jewelry is included!

My skin and eyes come from the Hunk Factory. It is the limited edition Dewi and is for sale here.

Happy Shopping!
[22:57] Corsage String: Hello wisdom. Do come and have a look inside the Paddy's.

I am wearing the Jailhouse outfit (dress and boots).

The jewelry is included!

My skin and eyes come from the Hunk Factory. It is the limited edition Dewi and is for sale here.

Happy Shopping!"

10 November 2009


Wonderful animation - I saw it on Laughing Squid.


[11:44] Osprey Therian: lol
[11:44] Osprey Therian: Where?
[11:47] Elf: OSPREY is here allready am i lying OSPREY ?
[11:48] Osprey Therian: nope - but I do think it might be for either bug testing or a joke
[11:48] Elf: NOOO


08 November 2009

Double-Click Autopilot is in the Regular SL Viewer
I don't usually use the Double-Click Autopilot in the regular SL viewer because in the past I've wound up clicking twice on the audio box and moving when I don't mean to during shows, but I do know it's there and use it at times. Now people are claiming it's an Emerald innovation, which it isn't. I won't argue that Emerald has done a good job of reorganising the client. They've added some great features, but Double-Click Autopilot isn't one of them.

For the first time Enj and I have met up in Just Leap In! I just went in because I do, and noticed her online and went to see her. She was afk but returned and we went bowling for .645545 seconds then kaploweyed (I hit something or crashed or who knows). Fun!


07 November 2009


Suezanne found this Electric Sheep Co 3d Facebug application called StreamJam.
Shockingly... er... bowlegged ====:O

I just noticed I wrote Facebug without thinking *shakes fist at Candide*

ESC was prominent in SL once upon a time, with various things. They bought Flipper's SLBoutique and rebranded it OnRez. I used SLBoutique from the very beginning and kept away from SLExchange because of the awful fight way back when. Last year LL bought both OnRez and the rebranded XStreet and immediately chucked OnRez away (too bad).



Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Same but different ;-D

06 November 2009


Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

05 November 2009

It has been very windy - especially last night and now. The wind is just pounding us.

=========:O HUGE gust just then.

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All Too Creepy

Stroker and Munch are suing LL for not acting aggressively against content theft. Jumpman Lane claimed Eros (Stroker's company) was involved in content theft of Redgrave skins, revealing some information in his sleazy magazine. LL legal counsel have cited "Unclean Hands" as one piece of their defense posture, which may be just an "in case we need it" thing or may mean they have information to support the claim.
I have no clue, except that it looks ugly, and that LL has a strong incentive to come out on top, plus the funds to ensure it happens.


Attn: Delta, Salazar, Enjah

What if we made a circular tour in JLI so that we can link to us all - and use a kind of map posted by relevant portals? This image is just a first attempt.



The peachy cat looks like Fidget.


"Elder Shrooms" at Bentham Forest

Yesterday was Fungus Day, apparently.

04 November 2009

Some really good old memoir/biographies I read a hundred years ago and will probably never see again, but which have stuck with me for decades, undiminished:

Guerilla Wife (surviving in the Philippines during the war)
The Road to En-Dor (British soldiers in prison camp in WWI - an amazing story)
Doctor Panto Fogo (engineer in Brazil)
Yankee Hobo in the Orient (just that)
Return of the Tiger (about Ivan Lyon)
Laggard (falconry)

Vivaty (and SLE)
The forum is (mildly) agog with Vivaty (don't ask me why they decided to get agog now), which is a browser-based VR like Just Leap In, only very slickly packaged for young teens (it seemed to me). I can't get it to run at all, so can't say much about it, except that things I'd seen from it a little while ago made it look attractive. The interface (all I can see thus far) is like a stripped-down JLI, but the homepage looks a lot like SL: "Your stuff. Your friends. Your scene. " is their motto. They have dogs, like There (the dogs in There are a lot of fun - thanks to Jeffrey Ventrella). The shopping button flashes, which would get old fast.

Someone complained of lag. One would think the browser-based type of VR will probably go into the cloud and lose their lag that way. Could the behind-the-firewall, SL-in-boxes go to rendering in the cloud, too, since it's purchased as a wad of set content? Is that part of what it's all about?

As Seen On...
One things it's easy to forget once you are over a thousand years old is that when people are young advertisements are new to them, and have an impact. I remember some advertisements vividly. For instance, in the mid sixties there was a full-page ad (that was on the right-hand side in the mag I saw it in which may have been 17 or perhaps Eye, or who knows) that (as I recall it through the mists of Time) had a beauteous young model pictured from about head to lower thigh, facing left and aslant on the page, wearing a skimpy futuristic outfit consisting of bandeau and miniskirt of silvery-gold metallic cloth (perhaps with some clear bits).

The focus was on the tummy, which was bare, and the copy read, "The face of 2000," or something like that. It was saying tummies show less wear than faces, but in the future if you had been using their facecream all along your particular face would show almost no aging. I can recall something clearly - a picture of the ad in my head, however inaccurate, and an approximation of the copy, but nowhere in my brain-picture is there a logo or a product.

Recent Communication From the Vatican

03 November 2009

Just Leap In has social tools on the way. They are not poking their heads above the horizon, yet, but I can hear the sound of their footsteps.

It's exciting to me to watch this being built. When I joined we didn't even have avatars!


Stepping Off the Cliff
I well remember the day I was at home in my pavilion in Bodega when an invitation came to me for a new group, sent by someone I didn't know. I declined. Bettina Tizzy IMed back and convinced me to join, and I'm glad she did as NPIRL is an inspired creation formed by a clear-sighted and unusual woman, and I wouldn't've liked to've missed it.

Now Bett has decided to shutter the NPIRL blog, which decision has made many wail. Although I see their point of view, I think this has to do with moving ahead of the curve, and staying in one spot is counter-productive. Stepping off into the void is more interesting at this moment than some others since we are on the verge of huge technological changes that have the potential to be real game changers. An "old media" format like a blog might be useful, but it might be too soon to tell and time for thought is necessary, I'm sure. Anyway, an already-established format with a readership bearing preconceived expectations, that has reached a fine peak in quality and influence, would need at least a shaking-up before it could expand to the next level.

Bettina, unusual and fearless in her clairvoyance and consequent actions, is both widening her sphere of influence and speeding up the rate of interaction, I think. The spirit of adventure that caused her to create NPIRL is transforming it; we should look ahead to joining in new wonders, not lament what has already been, as time passes quickly in cyberspace and things that try to stay the same end up becoming irrelevant.

I know I'm a broken record, but this kind of thing horrifies me so I keep bringing it up:

"A setting on Emerald makes it print when scripts come and go. Avatars have 100 or 400 or 500 scripts on them when they TP on and off! Those big numbers print almost every time a simulator hangs up. People that make attachments have to think harder"

"my wife bought this hair the other day... 220 prims, no copy, no mod, no transfer, resizer script.
... wearing it she cant teleport anywhere. too many scripts in it."

"Yes one of the free resizers is horrible. 0.5 milliseconds per attachment."


Welcome Sign
Originally uploaded by tugwilson

"Images from the Steampunk exhibition held at the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford 13th October 2009 - 21st February 2010"


02 November 2009


Das Fraulein a good little film that delves into the brief intersection of three lives. Well-drawn characters are brought to life in all their complexity, and although the general plot is familiar, the details are unique.


Enjah's iPhone Gallery in Just Leap In
Love the self portraits!


01 November 2009

Madam, You Go Too Far
Wherein Osprey, Suitably Chastened, Learns to Be Quiet

Stranger: I see you you cant hide
Osprey Therian: heh
Stranger: eyes watching you from the DARK !
Osprey Therian: :-D
Osprey Therian forces daylight.
Stranger: takes a shit on the sidewalk
Osprey Therian hoses it off before someone treads in it :-D
Stranger: packs it for christmas
Stranger: : )
Osprey Therian doesn't know what that means but is impressed.
Osprey Therian hands over a roll of toilet paper.
Stranger: licks fingers
Osprey Therian sprays Lysol.
Stranger: licks your face
Osprey Therian washes.
Stranger: nope
Osprey Therian: I fear I am not possessed of the proclivities to make this enjoyable for either me or you.
Stranger: no the word proclivities pretty much did that in
Stranger: goes back to readin the dictionary.......
Osprey Therian: ;-D
Osprey Therian is not attracted to poo.
Stranger: cans it and seels it in 21 flavours for the holiday season ^^
Osprey Therian: Is there much of a market?
Stranger: stop it already
Osprey Therian: OK

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Reprinted without permission (you were asleep but tell me if I should take it down):

scent world

the sheep stare at me walking by
i stare at the sheep
if i had a camera
on a day like this i would claim each scene!
i could pee on each landmark
but that doesn't feel like claiming to me

soon i hear small sounds of the woods
i smell the woods mmmmmmm
what's it like for a dog to map her world by smell?
in Second Life you can turn on 'highlight invisible'
and suddenly some things make sense

in my mind i turn on 'highlight smells'...
i see transparent overlays of many colors (smells)
the color code key reads 'magenta-brown = leafy forest floor'
i click it to learn the forest floor scent components
oak, maple & birch leaves, dried ferns, deer poop, fisher hairs, dead mouse and if i zoom in
i can isolate the deer poop scent area, the color more intense at the center
ah there's yellow, my favorite, my dog best friend was here
and i can tell how long ago

the pasts are here to be scent sensed
like the layers in the road cut

-Lucy Tornado


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

...and then we leapt off the bridge...

the mist

moves rapidlyinto the sky




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