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30 July 2011

When I taught art at Wa He Lut my self-devised plan (since I'm not a teacher) was to only teach real skills that students might use in the future to earn a living or enhance their lives. For instance they learned how to make a T-shirt design then apply it to a silkscreen with photo emulsion and screen print multiple shirts of two colours. Another thing they learned through various projects was how to use tools - from hammers to electric drills to coping saws.

It was great to see boys and girls who at first recoiled in fear later know how and when to use tools properly and with confidence. Most of my children had no one in their family teaching basic skills so I felt it was important and empowering that they learn them in my program. So, I'm happy to see this Basic Self-Reliance/Maker Curriculum for Kids.



Janken Musume

So Young, So Bright (1955)

Look at the set in that video!

Take a trip to Africa
Any trip to Africa
Come on along and learn the lingo
Beside a jungle bungalow


Os of the day 15 minutes ago.



Catstache from Reddit


29 July 2011

Store in a Cool Dark Place by crowolf
Store in a Cool Dark Place, a photo by crowolf on Flickr.

Molly Montale, that netizen gadabout, hath given me this link:

The Colmore Fatagravures





Happy B'day, HBA!

28 July 2011

U.S. balance now less than Apple's, according to the Financial Times.

Laundry Update

The dude below used up my laundry detergent, then said, "Oh, sorry," and said I should use some he had. I asked him to replace mine and put my name on it, which never happened; I used his once (it's pushed near my stuff but has softener in it which makes me fall down so I just used it once but thought maybe I would use it for non-sock loads) however it's completely empty now.

I think he hates me now as I complained about 2 a.m. laundry activities, which is too bad. I asked if he still had my mail key could he please give it back, and have had no response.

I'd like to have my dwelling in a blimp and travel the globe. I'd tie laundry onto fishing line and tow it in the sea. I feel generally dissatisfied and uncomfortable.

Big Dee

When I was a child I wouldn't drink milk, eat ice cream or butter, and wouldn't eat even a tiny bit of fatty meat. Later I started eating butter and even ice cream a bit, but milk was a definite bleccchhh right up until perhaps six years ago. At that time I shifted 180 degrees and began putting 2% in my coffee, which I think was a vitamin d3 thing more than anything else.

I wanted *not* to use milk, though, so a couple of weeks ago tried almond milk, a quart of organic Pacific unsweetened that Frank gave me to try. I liked it. That brand is thin and watery. I bought some Silk almond milk, which is not organic, is thickened to heavy cream consistency with carageenin, and is opaque. Both taste much the same. I only bought the Silk as that was all there was where I shop.

Alas, it turns out that it has a rather unfortunate effect on me, and in researching it turns out that it's a common side effect: abdominal distress/diarrhea. That's really too bad. I suppose now it's on to goat's milk. (I used to have a French Alpine milk goat named Magdalena, so I suppose it won't be hard to adjust although it may be harder to come by than cow's milk.)


27 July 2011


ps use Chrome



I've seen that same choreography on Rbt Palmer's Addicted to Love.*

* most boring video EVAH.

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Viva SL!


Some time ago Enjah gave me a lovely embossed copper heart in SL and it stayed where I'd placed it on my pavilion for years. When I changed trees I shifted the pavilion and looked everywhere for the heart but couldn't find it.

Today I saw something odd and when I zoomed in on it I saw it was the copper heart, which is NO MOD but it was wavering between being 100% transparent and having a completely unrelated texture. WTF?


Afghan Buddha Statues being Remade

[The ones the taliban blew up a decade ago.]

26 July 2011


American: The Bill Hicks Story is on Netflix Play Now.


25 July 2011


The father of Norway’s self-confessed mass killer has declared his son should have turned the gun on himself.

In an interview at his home in the south of France, Anders Breivik’s father, who asked to remain anonymous, condemned the twin attacks carried out by his son.

Q: “You say that you have not been much in contact. Have you considered supporting him now, going to Norway, or doing anything for your son?”

Father: “No. I will never have more contact with him. In my darkest moments, I think that rather than killing all those people, he should have taken his own life.”

Q: “Those are strong words from a father.”

Father: “They are, but thinking about what has happened, I get so upset, and I still don’t understand that something like this could happen. No normal human being would do something like that.”

The elderly man, a retired diplomat, first leaned of his son’s attacks from media websites. Like so many of his countrymen, back home in Norway, he appeared to be totally bewildered by his son’s actions.


Blik from Polder Animation on Vimeo.


Investigation into Spider Incident

Investigated by R, age five.
1. Out of corner of eye victim sees spider running across desk
2. Next day spider appears on wall by bathroom
3. Following day spider is found within a foot of victim's head as she lay in bed
4. Self defense weapon = nozzle of in-wall vacuum system
Evidence: Footprints on carpet
Conclusion: Baba clandestinely visited victim's house, releasing spider
Motive: Unknown

accurate witness sketch by Gabe Lippmann
accurate witness sketch, a photo by Gabe Lippmann on Flickr.

It seems I'm not the only one being attacked by arachnids as Gabe's sketch shows.

Tiff's grandson Ryan, age five, drew up a schematic to assist him in his investigations, and tho' it wasn't as clear as this, still, it was rather good.
Facts: Saturday last week a spider was observed dashing headlong across my desk as though it had spare necks in its pocketses. It turned up a day later on the wall in the hall. The next day it was a foot from my pillow as I lay in bed.
His conclusion: Baba (Tiff) loosed the spider upon me from a love of mischief. She drove up, hid, and threw the spider at me.


24 July 2011

Big Thirst

'Two teams of astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever detected in the universe. The water, equivalent to 140 trillion times all the water in the world's ocean, surrounds a huge, feeding black hole, called a quasar, more than 12 billion light-years away.'

'One last point for integrated identity people: you are the minority. Separate Identity is not the weird old past of the net, it is the present. The most switched on online people are Separate Identity. Look at the gamer communities and the persistent use of handles. Look at the Mommy Bloggers. Look at old email lists and usenet groups. The only subcultures that I can think of that are committed to real identities online are

  • the late adopters (“your grandma”), the people who hate computers and wouldn’t be here if they weren’t forced.
  • people who use LinkedIn (and that’s not really a subculture, just a reflection of the work world)
  • the silicon valley web 2.0 people.

I know you guys want to change the world. I do too. But you need to absorb a truth, and that is that the Separate Identity culture is here for a *reason*. Its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. On the internet, no one knows you are a dog, and that’s a really good thing.
You want to help people rebel against tyrants? Talk openly about their thoughts and beliefs and fears? Connect with new people, learn new things? Imagine and discuss and create a new and better world?
Then embrace the Separate Identity. It’s the right thing to do, it’s the good thing to do. And who knows? You guys might need it too one day.'



23 July 2011


I finally got some mail - w00t! Included was the DVD for this film about an intensely laid-back group of people experiencing everything from dialysis to spelunking.



22 July 2011

If your society is set up so that health care needs are the basis of for-profit corporate business plans it will end badly.

The constant refrain these days, when Facebook and Google+ are brought up is, "if you aren't paying then you aren't the customer you are the product." The businesses are actually farming - offering tantalising free social tools and games to fertilise their realms to attract millions who arrive with valuable data about their shopping habits and personal details ready to be scraped.

In similar fashion, drug corporations along with other 'health care' businesses are farming the physical state of citizens of that aforementioned society. A quick cure is not a profitable cure, and a rare malady is unlikely to receive any attention. Best case scenario for the businesses is, like that for parasites in general, a host rendered chronically ill but neither cured nor killed.

Gawd Oslo ===:O

Looks like a warzone. And what's the youthcamp thing about?

Update: added video.



Conceived and Written by Enjah Mysterio (who also built almost all the sets, filmed, edited) with a bit of input by Osprey Therian.

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21 July 2011

'I suppose we all feel, when we hear stories of ancient times, that the houses were more or less the same as people's houses nowadays, and think of the people as like people we see about us. And am I alone in having sometimes within me a feeling that words I have just heard, or things I have just seen, have happened once before? When, I cannot recollect, but none the less they certainly have happened.' --Kenko

'It does not turn to summer after spring has closed, nor does the fall come when the summer ends. The spring ahead of time puts on a summer air, already in the summer the fall is abroad, and soon the fall grows cold. In the tenth month comes a brief space of spring weather. Grass grows green, plum blossoms bud. So with the falling of leaves from the trees. It is not that the trees bud, once the leaves have fallen, but that because they are budding from beneath, the leaves, unable to withstand the strain, therefore must fall. An onward-urging influence is at work within, so that stage presses on stage with exceeding haste.' --Kenko

Oh, I just heard Lucien Freud has died. RIP



Vortex + Fabric



Ladew Topiary Gardens



Oh, I do love letter presses (in fact I love almost any kind of press and I miss the Takach press I bought for my program at Wa He Lut) and HERE's an app that's probably great fun (but I'll never find out).


20 July 2011

World Santa Congress Update

The Danish team won, I hear.



Headache kill-or-cure torture

I'm not much of a gamer, but occasionally I spend a few minutes looking at one. Why do so many look (to a stranger) very, very similar in the avatar dress? Can't there be something different? Of course since I'm not a gamer it'd be pointless to make them conform to my standards; I can only assume most gamers want fantasy armour, huge shoulder whatsits, swords the size of 1962 Chrystler Imperials, and goofy-looking animals.

Sorry. I'm crabby as I awoke at 6 with a monster headache.


A refreshing change.

Filming person is the creep here. Why is he carrying that object if not to attempt to provoke a response? Why anyone needs a handgun I couldn't say, but you'd think carrying an unloaded one would be a swift ticket to oblivion. Very peculiar.


From cybersurfer Molly Montale comes this link to a fantastic database of archival footage.

* Note that 'royalty free' doesn't mean there's no charge to download something.

19 July 2011

Cincinnati Panorama of 1848


I'm Comic Sans, Asshole from joehollier on Vimeo.

Comic *gasp* SANS


On G+ Gwyneth LLewelyn said:

'Interesting how the obsession about "real names" seems to be mostly a Western cultural thingy. I wonder how it all started. In my country, people just started to have last names in 1911, when the newly-created republic insisted that everybody should be registered with at least a first name and a last name. In some regions, known for their sense of humour, people invented completely absurd names (some used to be nicknames, others were clearly invented on the spot): to this day, there are some laughable last names in circulation (most would be lost in translation :) ).

By contrast, I recently realised that some Eastern cultures have a completely different approach to "names". Inspired by philosophies that question the existence of an inherent self, they encourage followers to switch names often, so to release their attachment to a given name, and through that, to see how a name is just a concept — like the notion of an "inherent self". Buddhist practitioners commonly get new names by their teachers (some can be hilarious when translated, as well — others are just auspicious) and at several stages of their progression in their practice. An interesting side effect is that it's sometimes hard to unravel historical accounts on a particular teacher, since he might have written several books under different names :)

To this day, I have absolutely no clue about what name some of my teachers have in their passports. And in some cases I actually found their so-called "real names" — they just felt so "wrong", because, well, I got attached to their current names...

The point here is just that this issue about obsession with "real names" seems to be culturally conditioned. But even in the West, in Christian communities, people would get a different name when baptized in adult life — and parishes kept track of both. And although it's not common practice in my country, I understand that some countries keep track of maiden names as well and might have them listed on ID cards and similar documents.

Not to mention, of course, that under common law systems one is pretty much allowed to do business under whatever name they please, so long as the business is legitimate...'

It's about 66 degrees, cloudy, dark, windy, raining on and off.


Image from



"Staring Out The Window" - Fulton Lights from Ninian Doff on Vimeo.



18 July 2011

Ha ha! The 'Louise' Boat :-DDD

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17 July 2011

Vlad has a game on the verge of being complete, called Breeders.



Listening to Ruggero Raimondi on Spotify.

I was going to watch a movie on Netflix but it failed twice at 2 minutes :/ They'll mark that against me, I'm sure. I've had a DVD in my mailbox for a week but I don't have the key :/

/me stars all the I Lombardi arias as that's my fave opera. They were all Popularity = nothing.


Gah, I'm freezing. It's 60 degrees F (15 C), dark, rainy, and not even 8pm yet.


Semi interesting.

16 July 2011

*shifts uneasily* Uh... why did you screw up the WindLight settings?

So much is broken - why deliberately break something that worked? Yes, day cycles didn't work, but creating and using presets worked. And I used that every day.

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Hi-Fi from bante on Vimeo.

Seen on Laughing Squid, vintage blues album covers come to life in this 2009 promo.





Lovely July weather.



'Always in Season' needs a few more backers at Kickstarter.


15 July 2011




There's No Place Like Here: Brazenhead Books from Etsy on Vimeo.



14 July 2011


Dave Grohl makes himself clear.

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Guitar Waves


My Auntie Anne, last of that generation in my family, died on Wednesday. I always remember Auntie Anne saying that as a girl she'd been visiting a friend when the friend's grandfather looked her up and down and said admiringly, 'Fine, strong limbs!' She said how mortified she was, but the story stuck in my head as an endearing snippet from what was at the end such a long, full, rich life.

Auntie Anne was Scottish, and had married my father's brother Sydney. My cousins, the twins Ann and Christine, and their younger sister Janet, were a fair bit older than I and always seemed alluringly intelligent and devastatingly fun, although of course I didn't see them much.

An artist is raising money on Kickstarter for new eye.


Who is Dr. Arnold Plotnick and why am I in his G+ circle?

'minimalist puzzle game'


Gah. That's a wonderful film.

13 July 2011






I saw this on Doc's Buzz:

Flottille (detail) from Etienne Cliquet on Vimeo.

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12 July 2011

A few objects from the Met's Alexander McQueen show, Savage Beauty.

Ugh. Pouring with rain, dark, and about 63 degrees.


What Do You Love?

From Google.


W00t! E is at 1:36 shaking her groove thang.


Five minutes ago, freezing out in the rain.


'An owl was left in a flap after crashing into a window, leaving a near perfect print of himself on the glass.'


I made a new fence to match Art's original fence (from 2003) but use 1/8 the prims.
I bought some new trees just gearing up to expect the nearby land to sell. The new trees are a row of eight, at two prims per row. After rearranging a bit I have 129 free prims, which is far more than I usually have - if I had seven before I was lucky. I use part of the land (which is comprised of Art's lifetime parcel, Osprey's Land For the Landless 512m2, and an irregular few hunks that Ozymandias owns as buffer land) as a sandbox, so it's important to have some free prims.


11 July 2011


trees/me looks up from the puter
lake's a freeway in summer


Holy Moley!


It seems to me that in a case like this, where a Canadian who ran afoul of USA anti-marijuana laws was extradicted to Mississippi (gah) and imprisoned then developed a “superbug” MRSA infection, that the balance is so far in the wrong that the USA should be required to make amends in whatever way possible. Will this man even survive to finish his sentence?


10 July 2011


Attention Raglan Shire


09 July 2011


Inspire romance!
Cowell Village - Canal Building, Cowell (122, 74, 26)
The Fortune of Love has loads of different fortunes and cracks open at a touch, restores itself automatically. Available for 25 linden at the Fortune Warehouse in Cowell.
Copy, no mod, no transfer. If you want to give one to someone yell to me, or maybe one day the market will do gifts.

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Not sure when this happened:

'Congratulations! Your account is now enabled for uploads longer than 15 minutes. Click the Upload button below to select a video.'


Ugh, big shaker off the coast of Japan.


THERE's reopening is imminent. They've moved to the cloud.

I was idly wondering if Kaneva is still extant, so I surfed over. It is, I remembered my data and logged in to their website, and discovered my account goes back to 2006 ==:O In the beginning it seemed to be an urban youth VW set in a mall. It looks very different now (in screenshots); I might go in just to see what's changed - like time travel :-D

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On her blog soror Nishi says, 'It is, I am certain, the best thing to come out of the internet, the ability to meet people we would never have the opportunity of meeting otherwise. Having the ability to shapeshift leads us to disregard, for the most part, how someone appears and this makes us look beyond and through the biological avatar which is normally such a strong factor when we first meet people in RL.'




08 July 2011

Space Shuttle Atlantis

A commenter: 'I'm sick of hearing the phrase "today's economic climate".

If you want your country to do something that's worth doing, scrap something that's not worth doing (e.g. wars) or raise taxes.

"We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap". ---Kurt Vonnegut. '


Be careful if you plant vegetables, or face the courts.

07 July 2011


I filmed this in 2009 (except the last shot) but it has taken me this long to edit it.



On location in my pajamas.


Brrrr - quite windy here at the lake.



I watched this yesterday. It was very interesting to me (all never-before-seen footage) as I was a Doors fan before Morrison kicked the bucket - YMMV. I like documentaries very much but obviously most people don't or they wouldn't fill Netflix's play now.



Ocean Sky from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.

Night and the Sea


06 July 2011


  • CameraFNumber = 2.000
  • CameraFocalLength = 1000.000

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Yoz Linden commented on SVC-7031:

Here's a little more in-depth information on what we've done to improve the Group Chat situation:

Both Group and Conference Chat use a grid-wide delivery system which has been in place for the past four years [That's when group chat broke for TSMGO]. It's a highly concurrent distributed system which uses many modern techniques (such as asynchronous I/O) to achieve high performance. Unfortunately, it had a number of bugs in it which only appear under high load, and would cause high lag and out-of-order delivery.

We've made brief attempts to fix this in the past, but debugging intermittent problems in a concurrent distributed system is not easy, as any software engineer will tell you. We had to dedicate a team to this diagnosis, which required them to greatly improve our facilities to simulate high load and monitor the systems under stress. (I wasn't a member of that team. I just stood on the sidelines and marvelled.)

As you should now be able to see, the strategy paid off. Several specific pain points were identified, fixes were made and tested, and the changes were rolled to the production grid. All our monitoring indicates that the capacity of the system has, at minimum, doubled. The vast majority of messages are being delivered in well under a second. The system as a whole is now much more scalable.

All that said, there are some important caveats to note:
* These fixes only affect Group and Conference Chat. Nearby Chat (also known as Local Chat) is an entirely different system, but we're also looking at potential fixes there.
* Despite huge improvements to Group Chat, we're not calling it "fixed" yet. Some people still see message delivery lag under some circumstances, and there are still plenty of potential improvements to make. However, in addition to the unclogging of the system, the team also added a great deal of extra monitoring and instrumentation. This should allow future fixes to be identified and implemented much more quickly.

Jebus - huge earthquake in the Pacific north of NZ.


05 July 2011

Just got home.

Kickstarter project:"Strange Attractors: NonHumanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities "

THIS is good.

E's on her way back to Olympia.

Special Olympics USA Both Team USA flights have arrived in Ireland.


yfrog Photo : Shared by gsrour

04 July 2011

Fan video:



Speaking of The Doors, here's Ray Manzarek now.



Sunny, but the low was mid-40 and it isn't 70 yet, and it's windy. I sat in the nice sun for half and hour or so then came in and put a coat on :( One report says 64, the other 69 at the mo' - not sure, but a wee bit warmer/less windy would be nice.

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03 July 2011


Spy vs Spy

There's a place in the world of espionage for the passionate good man, but alas, that place is only to be used and sacrificed by the more adroit for their own aims.


My fave Doors recording - I think I've listened a thousand times.

40 years dead today.

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*The report I first received was not quite right: E received 2 silver medals and a 4th place ribbon.


02 July 2011





Gollum sings.

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Another shocking Japanese tsunami vid.

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Wearing my great Enjah painting shirt.



Special Olympics Update

'Elizabeth is doing beautifully and she won 2 silvers and a bronze.'




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01 July 2011


Burn 2.0

I can't quite make head nor tail of the info - anyone know how much plots are?
Who is doing it? I'm thinking about Burning Duck, of course.

I'm here at the sim, but the info tent doesn't help me.

Update: MM sez: Last year Burn parcels were sold on the Marketplace. This year they will only be available in world. A 512 lot is 7,000L$. 1024 lot is 13,500L$. 2048 lot is 26,500L$. This is roughly $50US for a 1024. I think it cost me around $30 last year. They have a preliminary map up showing seven sims. Apparently there will be twenty 512 lottery parcels. 100L$ to enter the lottery. There is no prim bonus for the parcels. I haven't heard when access to parcels becomes available. I have not bought one yet but may eventually. Still in shock at the price increase.

MM : what does tier 1 closing June 30 mean on the web site?
m2 Burner: it means we need to take plot prices up after June 30
m2 Burner: Like BURNING MAN the ticket prices increase
MM: ah
MM: kk



E and Her Teammates in Athens

'Bowlers had another busy day collecting medals and ribbons. In all, they earned six gold, five silver, four bronze, four 4th place, seven 5th place, two 6th place and two 8th place on Friday. Lori Boettner overcame a 56-pin deficit to score a personal best of 109 and earned the gold medal! Five bowling teams will compete on Saturday.

Friday at the Kayaking venue, James Purnell and Samantha Disanti were awarded gold
medals in the 500-meter race. Robert Lord earned a silver and Marcus Gary received a bronze, also in the 500-meter race. One athlete and both coaches also competed in the Unity Sports Event in the Dragon Boat race with Special Olympics CEO Tim Shriver. Saturday, athletes will compete in the 200-meter finals starting at 9 am.

There will be three Sailing competition races Saturday.

The Alabama Volleyball team defeated Turkey Friday morning in three sets: 25-19, 23-25, 15-4. They will play Japan in the semifinals Saturday at 10:10 am. The Texas team won both of their games Friday and will have a day off on Saturday.

It was an exciting day at the Cycling venue. Jason Greenhalgh too
k home another gold medal and Kenny Jones earned 4th place in the 5K time trials. Syd Lea completed the 25K with ease. Although he was in the second division, he was the first athlete to cross the finish line from either division! Jason, Syd and Mark O’Brien will compete in the 15K road race starting at 10 am Saturday, and Amanda Mickan will compete in the 15K road race at 11 am.

Shailah Brousseau completed prelims in rhythmic Gymnastics Friday morning and did really well. The rest of the gymnastics team went to OAKA and the Festival, where they walked around and did some souvenir shopping. In the afternoon, they went to support the USA softball team who came out with a win. Danielle Blakeney will compete in rhythmic gymnastics at 4 pm Saturday.

The awards stands at the Golf venue will rock with red, white and blue on Saturday as the Team USA golfers step up to collect their eight gold, seven silver, four bronze and three 4th place awards following the final day of competition on Friday. Among the gold medalists was Richard Heath of Florida, who celebrated his birthday by winning his division of the Level 5 competition. Team USA golfers posted the lowest female Level 5 (Individual 18-Hole), male and female Level 4 (Individual 9-Hole) and male Level 2 scores of the World Games.

The Softball team beat Russia 22-9. Because this was the first game Russia has lost, they will play again Saturday at 11 am to secure the gold medal.

The ladies of Powerlifting had a successful day. April Cason earned two silver medals and a bronze medal. Kellieta Claborn earned three 4th place ribbons. Randi Penenburgh earned a gold medal. Craig Henderson, Elizabeth Kendall and Craig Maurer will compete at 9:30 am Saturday, and Chris Currere and Angelo Mascheroni will compete at 1:30 pm.

The Soccer team will play for the gold medal at 12:45 pm Saturday.

Tennis learned Friday that all 20 of their athletes will receive at least one medal! Katie Vandenbosch had the coaches biting their nails until she won a very close match. Tennis singles will wrap up on Saturday with Adam Snodgrass, Lucas Blattel, Robin Lincke, Valerie Stiffy and Krista Genter competing at 9 am and Leita Keller and Glenn Jones competing at 10 am.

Satuday will be a busy day at the Track. Athletes will compete in the 200-meter male race and the female high jump at 9 am, the high jump/pentathlon at 9:50 am, the 800-meter female race at 10:50 am and the 800-meter male race at 11:20 am. In the afternoon, the schedule includes the 400-meter/pentathlon at 12:20 pm, the 100-meter female race at 12:50 pm and the male high jump at 1 pm.

Equestrian athlete Matt Schoenbauer took home a gold medal Friday. Alexandra Pope earned silver, Johanna Schoeneck earned bronze and Matt Dull earned a 4th place ribbon. Saturday’s schedule includes working trails competitions for levels A & C at 9, 10 and 11:12 am and 1:39 pm.

Bocce men’s singles wrapped up on Friday. Most awards ceremonies will take place on Saturday, however, Raymond Ervin received his gold medal Friday, which is his birthday. The team sang “Happy Birthday” to him on the award stand. The ladies spent Friday at the Acropolis and shopping. The team took a trip to the Planetarium in the evening. Doubles competition will begin Saturday. Click here for Friday’s full results and Saturday’s complete schedule.

Aquatics competition for Saturday morning will include the 200-meter backstroke at 9 am, the 25-meter freestyle at 10 am and the 100-meter breast stroke at 11:30 am. Afternoon competition includes the 100-meter individual medley at 1:20 pm, the 50-meter male freestyle at 2 pm and the 25-meter female backstroke at 4 pm.'




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