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30 June 2005

Second Life 2nd Anniversary: Free Account Giveaway
If ever there was a perfect time to tell someone about Second Life, this is it.

"Join Linden Lab as we celebrate our Second Anniversary FREE Account Giveaway! For a limited time new subscribers can join Second Life for free.* Starting 12 AM PDT July 7th, 2005 through 11:59 PM PDT July 13th, 2005 (7 AM GMT July 7th thru 6:59 AM July 14th GMT), simply visit Second Life ( and sign up.

Make sure your friends don’t miss this limited time opportunity to celebrate our Second Anniversary!

The Fine Print: As part of this new subscriber promotion, Affiliate Credits ( and Basic Account referral credits will be suspended during this promotion. The Free Account is only for new subscribers (only those that do not have a current Second Life account) and is limited to one free account per new subscriber over 13 years old."

And tell 'em Osprey Therian sent you.

News from school:
"Hilsey has asked me to ask you if it would be possible
to make T-Shirts. She wants the kids to come into
summer school on July 6th and make designs--then the
best one could be chosen and then that design could be
placed on T-Shirts to be sold at a Pow-Wow in Seattle
on July 22nd."

I always like doing things like this. So I'm all for it. But they will need to do transfers for it, not silkscreen. I've made lots of T shirt-and-other-things designs for both silkscreen and transfers. I used to have the older children (when I taught art to the whole school) design a T shirt, then do everything from making the screen with a photo technique, to printing them. I had two children get up to color registration, which is hard-ish. I had children who were my designated "master printers," and I would have them instruct younger classes, or print, say 50 T shirts for volleyball. It was really great. I also had them print their designs on good paper, and we framed them. One class drew native foods and I combined the drawings into one drawing of baskets with corn, beans, fish, etc., which they silkscreened onto red material and sewed into potholders. The fabric markers work very well - we'd add a bit of color if it was appropriate. That was just one tiny part of what we did. I miss that. We did amazing things.

News from Becky and Joe, who live on their boat:
"We have been traveling fairly steadily since our last email from Prince Rupert but have had several nice side trips. The most memorable was our trip around the Behm Canal and the misty Fjords outside of Ketchikan. We were able to hook up with our friends Larry, Martha and Boo ( their trusty dog) as well as some new friends that we met from Port Townsend on their boat PHEOBE. They are Morrie and Kathryn. We are on vessels that seem to travel at the same speed so we find ourselves in the same anchorages and towns along the way.

We had one memorable night back in the Misty Fjords in an anchorage known as the PUNCH BOWL. About bedtime, the wind freshened up and blew down upon us while we were stern tied. Our anchor started to drag and we had to get up, dressed and attend to saving ourselves from going ashore. We were forced to toss off our stern line and start engines. To complicate matters, we were driftig down onto someones crab pot float and were afraid of fouling the undercarriage in the line. The only escape was to reverse our way out and pull the stern away from the beach, which by this time was only about 30 feet from the beach. The shore was steep to, and rocky and the wind not too cooperative. I was forced to back hard and was not able to avoid sucking our rowing tender under the swim step and holing it in two places. All this, in the pitch black of night while we "un did" things, and then set anchor again on the beach delta while reading only the depth sounder and chart plotter. I was able to repair the tender a couple of days later on the dock with materials that we had aboard.

We are currently about to leave Juneau for Glacier Bay where we have reservations for a week of touring beginning the 3rd of July. After that we will head for Hoonah and Sitka."

Went to jin shin, then, said to Frank, "I was going to go grocery shopping but I think I'll just... go home." he agreed that it would be the best course. Went home and fell asleep immediately (with odd dreams). That was perhaps 10am. Woke up at 2:06 and leapt up to go listen to Looper on public radio ( - The Beat) which I did - missed the front bit (as it turns out I missed perhaps a minute) but I hope I can catch up to it. Felt very crumby and dopey. Read the SL forum for about 2.3 minutes. Read a thread about SL begging, then logged in and received a begging IM from a stranger: hello, may i borrow $L 100 for texture uploads, im trying to make a car and i need loads of custom textures ill give you the car when its finished as a thankyou for letting me borrow $l100 of you, is this ok? Me: No (closes IM)
Standing there feeling dopey when I realised I had an IM from Enjah. She sent me The River Horse, in RL, which I received late yesterday, and am enjoying although I'm only on page 25. It's a Wm Least Heat Moon book. I remember being in a bookshop years ago with a friend who was looking for Blue Highways, and fumed when she found it under the author's name alphabetised under "Heat."

In SL: I am needing to beat myself about the head so I get the zookeeper outfit done. I have some kind of block. I suppose. Well, I don't like the color... they wouldn't care if I changed their color, though. It's modern? Maybe that's it. I tried to make myself work on it yesterday and wound up spending hours organising files. Heh. /me is bad.

I had a brilliant idea (brilliant idea du jour) and so took off skating around Nova Albion. I have to think more about it.

In addition to strawberry, raspberry, watermelon hats, carrot bag, radish backpack, Enjah has made a pea bag, which is awesomely cool, too.

After receiving spam notecards and emails to the tune of about 50 or so, I made a screenshot from my inbox and sent in to Web, who responded immediately, saying, "When Enjah told me you'd been spammed I thought it was just the normal thing!" The horse loaner "spams" as it counts down to its disappearing time - no, this was not that. This was being assaulted by ten notecards one after another every few days, with minor assaults of 4 or 5 notecards in between. He told me it wasn't supposed to do that, and deleted his kiosks. I haven't been spammed since, which is good. The funny part was when he asked if I had the notecard, and I said, "Let me see," and opened my inventory to a huge long line of his notecards (I thought i'd discarded them all but apparently there were more than I knew).

Enjah laughing that "ho ho ho" laugh whilst watching her horses misbehave at Faded Reality, where we had houses briefly (before it all got wiped). It was fun while it lasted. I had to IM someone who'd left eyeballs all over the Photo Studio (upstairs for picture-taking purposes). He came right away, then told me about his tubular coaster thingy he had set up temporarily in the sandbox at - Faded Reality. Went and played around there for a bit - had to get much taller so it would work, then the next day forgot to resize right away. The next day was the awards ceremony - Eileen McTeague gave awards, and Madwand (the coaster dude) got an award. The first place was a really thoughtful one:

28 June 2005

Second Life
Put up the backdrops and got one entry already - plus two other people were there when I got there this morning - but won't enter the contest. Awards ceremony at 3pm. I made a group so I can let people know what's going on more easily - Tigerlady told me I should do it. Enjah made a cool Venice Beach backdrop. I had the 1950s beach scene up but deleted it - no room.
Cubey went walkabout but I missed it (didn't know). I hid out for a bit in Enjah's gallery - she's going to have a "best of" show for the photographers in September.

News from my favorite niece:
"What do they say about Queensland? - Sunny one day, perfect the next? More like, rain one day, and some more of the same the next day. during the early part of may it rained a bit every day but not enough apparently. We are now under a water restriction plan ...what the? Which, at this stage merely means odds and evens for garden watering, and doesn’t affect us because we don’t water the garden. However, the latter part of May has not seen any rain that warrants a mention...except....for the massive storm on Thursday 19th. You ‘other state’ people may have seen it in the news. It hailed, and much of Brisbane was a foot deep in it. But what do you think happened at our place. Nothing. Nudda. Not an iota of hail, let alone rain. We watched the lightning show from the safety of our humble abode. It was as if it were on TV. We could have stayed in Melbourne if we wanted hail storm. Ahh, good fun. Doonas are now on the bed. Visitors will need coats at night time. And if you come to our house to stay, bring your beanies and slippers as we don’t have a heater and boy can it get cold."
Friday 13: It was Caitlin’s presentation day. Today it was a ‘mystery bag’ item. The ‘presenter’ brings a ‘show and tell’ item, put it in a bag, give 5 clues to the kids and then they have to guess what the item is. Can you guess what this mystery item is? 1: It is brown. 2) It has material on the inside. 3) It has string. 4) You wear it. 5) It is from Fiji. If you can’t guess, do you think a bunch of 7 year olds would know. The answer is : A pair of coconut bikinis. These look more like sunglasses."

27 June 2005

Next contest will be:

I haven't put the backdrops up yet. I haven't even made them yet - however that won't take very long.

26 June 2005

Second Life - variety of things going on... made a googie sign and a huge ice cream cone that has a serving window. Rode around on a flying carpet, when Salazar, who was sitting on it with the driver and others, hailed me in a sandbox as I was working on the zookeeper outfit.Set up for the Alviso Arts Festival - I do adore Lauk and Lauk's Nest. Got asked to set up some things in a medievally themed area, so did that. Was in the Welcome Area when I shagged it off the carpet, and talked to Devlin about his bunny look. He gave me a landmark so I went straight there and bought a bunny av, went back to the WA and we stomped around threateningly, at about knee level. I am wearing the tricorne (as usual).

24 June 2005

Second Life has been showing live in-world video on its homepage since yesterday.

For some reason I think there's two or perhaps three Wednesdays in this week - I got strangely mixed-up early on, and today feels like Thursday. Last night I was talking to my mad genioid neighbor, who is building a castle. Now, I should explain that land has a prim allotment, and 512m2, which is what he has, is allotted 117 or something like that. I live on 512m2 and have a teeny gallery, etc., and I think my little build looks all right in the landscape. I was relieved that the last remaining piece was 512m2 since that meant that (probably - since a buyer who has other land in the same sim pools the amount of prims from all the lots) whatever would be built next door would not be overwhelming. I asked if he had enough prims for a decent castle build and he told me he has 4000. So I guess I'm going to be next to a 4000 prim castle. This has been a strange and depressing week. Wednesday is full of woe.

23 June 2005

For some reason my blogging has been getting a bit thin - I usually post at least once a day, but here it is the 23rd of June and my last post is a stale (as Looper says) one. Went to jin shin today, as is my wont, then went for a haircut at my adored haircutter's joint next door. They now have a bird in the shop - a green parrot that's very young still. They ditched the idea of getting a Chihuahua puppy and got the bird instead - a good move. They already have two dogs. Anyway, Sean and Kevin were in high spirits, and as usual, I laughed until I couldn't see straight, and both men were exceedingly kind to me, which, of course, I dig.

In Second Life today is the Second Life Second Anniversary, and the celebrations begin at 3pm in four sims that've been built with memorabilia, a shiny skyscraper, some hella-fab other stuff including Salazar's work on a display area representing the new continent. I haven't seen what's been built since my last visit - much, I am sure. I poked my nose in there yesterday when I was setting some Torley traps in the sandboxes, and I think the celebration will be fun!

Torley traps - because Torley left messages bidding us adieu. She's become an important elevating presence in Second Life, and my trap-laying had as much to do with me expressing how I feel as in any hope to capture Tor. There's gossip - which might be true, and if so would be welcome and appropriate - that Tor will be reborn in the Linden firmament. As Marilee says, "More will be revealed."


In Second Life last night I went to the Pride festival on Athena to see the drag queen show that Barnes hosted. Enjah and I wound up participating - using the default Ruth avatar as a start from which to make a drag queen. Enjah's drag queen was great - I thought mine (in shape) was pretty awful - I made Ruth male, added makeup, long purpley hair, and a whole lot of feathers with the feathered gown I made last week. I didn't spend long, and my drag queen was not at all a good fake-glam queen. Yet - for some reason - I won. Heh. I got a sash. Miss Fabulous 2005. I am the premier drag queen of Second Life. And Barnes was wearing the hat Thundercloud gave me - the Carmen Miranda fruit-piled-high-atop-the-head hat!

16 June 2005

Spitoonie is closing :(

Went to bungee jump and roller-coast enough to last me forever. Spent time there with Enj and Psi, and we played Splinko until we all had hula hoops and bicycles. Can't yell, "Trimda, fix the bungees," any more.

Bug Me Not

15 June 2005

Tuesday -Wednesday worked on the pow wow program.

In SL: Worked on backdrops for my Second Life contest, discussed working on zookeeper outfits and LGBT festival (oh dopey me: "Does it matter that I'm not LGBT? Isn't it like Elf Clan - I'm not an elf, just a friend?"). Had two events in the Photography Studio. There was an update on Tuesday wich didn't affect me but left people walking around as battleship grey avatars. At the WA I heard, "Osprey is loaded," and was confused until I realised the person meant my textures had loaded. Until then I was unsure if they meant I was rich or drunk.

Hung the circus show Wed. night, put up the nightmare backdrops, took example snaps, received votes from Enj, who is going away this weekend as her sis-in-law is being ordained in DC. Had a couple of Nightmare people already! No entries yet but people, by their comments, really like the idea of the photos.

Enjah made this groovy fainting couch. Bird avatar by RacerX.

13 June 2005

Written on Thursday but trying to fool everyone into thinking it's from Monday...

Monday.... mondaymondaymonday... OH, yeah!

Went to jin shin came home.... worked on the pow wow program (which I'm STILL working on as they keep sending me revisions and changes... The pow wow is tomorrow through Sunday, so the end is in sight).

Decided to have the next contest theme be NIGHTMARES (downsized from Nightmares and Dreams). I made some backdrops and a poster.

12 June 2005

Second Life
Today I went to the ball at ElvenGlen, so beforehand I made a gown festooned with feathers, as I've been in a feather-making mood lately. My neighbor IMed me during the ball and asked my advice on hair - so I asked the Elves as I know nothing about hair. He said he was buying a skin, hair and a "man staff." After the ball I wound up (very tired so didn't initially want to) in a snail race - a snail steeplechase around ElvenGlen, which I won. The other snails raced another time but I bowed out as I was tired.

I also went to see Salazar's work in Cowell - he's building rather a magical seaside village with an amphitheatre in which Enjah will be able to perform her adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I say Enjah, but I think I'm supposed to be in it too, which is rather horrifying for a behind-the-scener like me. She's been re-writing it to fit into 15 minutes.

I wasn't sure if my feathered gown was horrible or beautiful, but people seemed to like it, which was good. Someone IMed me with a desire that I tell her when I come out with new women's clothing, and Elror IMed me to ask if I'd make an animated banner for his sim - interesting and will make me get busy.

So Friday was graduation at Wa He Lut, and I dragged myself there and saw a million people I haven't seen in ages, including some old students. Dragged myself home, and I don't remember what else happened.

11 June 2005

In Second Life
Saturday I had an event at the Photography Studio in Grignano, where I spent hours trying to explain how to adjust camera angles to noobs. I had IMed lots of people and the common response was that they hadn't realised there was anything going on but they were glad to find out (mind you, I'd IMed them all last week too).

In real life (it doesn't seem any realer to me but that's what we call it) I did a wee bit of grocerteriazing and got some very nice chevre.

09 June 2005

Yesterday I went to school and when I got there actually felt quite good. I was stymied at each turn, however. Vincent was absent, Halisa had gone on a field trip (she came in when she got back and wailed - but had to leave and go home), Roseanne had gone on the fied trip, too. I had to wait for final approval before printing the graduation program but that got done. I'd asked R to make a list of yearbook pages I needed to print, but instead I had a list of pages I DIDN'T need to print... which made things go like molasses. I wanted to make a CD of Halisa's work so she can take it with her, and print out the T shirt transfer with Vinvcent's design - but neither happened. The printer ate 3 transfer papers - I think, actually, it just got too hot to do it. It kept getting clogged as I was having to shift back and forth doing a bazillion things on a bazillion types of paper, and I burned my hand pulling out a jammed paper (it gets extremely hot inside). Montrose popped in to say hi - we chortled over the fact that we were sent medals for participating in the Cornell project. I haven't seen them - too bad they aren't chocolate, though. I was overheated and worn to a frazzle by the time I left - oh, well. This week has been not exactly what I would call good so far, but perhaps it has rolled over into something better today. I called Mike and asked him - and he's very busy today - if he might be able to burn that CD for Halisa, and he very generously said he believed he could do it. I hope so.

At jin shin this morning I zoned out completely, except for thinking a parakeet was biting my finger.

Stopped on the way home and got some more local strawberries, which are extremely good.

07 June 2005

Just watching an immature (but beginning to acquire the white head and tail) bald eagle being chased by two small birds - one very small - who are terribly brave. The tiny bird gave up and headed off to its nest, while the larger, darker bird continued to chase and dive at the eagle, which was trying to get away, until it was left behind by the eagle's greater speed. Then it exited, stage left, presumably to go back to its nest.

Enjah said a blue jay became trapped in her garage, and Gordon had the inspiration of playing the hose on the inside to make rain, which made the bird too wet to fly. Enjah then retrieved it in a towel and set it free. Gordon is Mister Enjah.

In Second Life:
My neighbor made a cage full of hats that misbehaved badly and followed me around. He went off to adjust his script, and I got offline to do some rl work. I just got back online and had the brilliant idea of renting some underwater land for the house Olmy gave me - Captain Nemo's Underwater House. I went off to Newcomb, my sandbox of choice (as I can't get shot here as it's no-scripts), and pulled it out of inventory - but it's a hefty 103 prims unfurnished. I'll have to think about this some more.

Enjah and I went to Lauk's Nest and hung out a bit, floating in the pod and feeding the birds.

06 June 2005

My neighbor, the one who just moved in on Saturday, IMed me when I was in Numbakulla with a fellow I'd met through Enjah. He - my neighbor - asked me if I had a minute to assist him. I said yes, having hastily explained to my companion, then Alsoran TPed me to his house and he asked me to help him test his new hat, which makes the wearer follow anyone nearby. He said he feared there was no demand for such a hat, however, I said that wasn't the point. I thought the idea was hilarious. He wore it and I flew madly about. He followed, jerked hither and yon by his headgear. I told him I wanted him to sell his hat in my and Enjah's hat shop. We went off to Grignano, and he said he'd have to build a CAGE for the hats as they flutter about like birds, and would take off and be seen no more. While we were discussing the hat cage a person came in (noob wanting attention) with something odd on his head that I declined to zoom in on (so I can't say what it was). When the noob went next door Alsoran said, "He was weird." I agreed. I told Alcoran he is a genius and I am glad he's my neighbor, and he replied (wryly? sincerely?) "The gods have smiled upon us." Then he either crashed and turned up somewhere else, or teleported away - who knows? I love the idea of a cage full of hats - with prim limits we might be reduced to one feral cap, however, that will be good enough I'm sure.

05 June 2005

The sun was shining, and I thought I'd go to the grocery store. I live 15 minutes from the store, and travel down Route 8E then Route 101S then a couple of streets to get there. A third of the way there it became black and the rain poured from the heavens in a way that is uncharacteristic for this region. Got to the store, went it, then while I was in the check-out line it started thundering and many-branched bolts of lightning lit up the sky. As I drove home it first rained very heavily, then hailed as I have never seen it hail before, quite. The roads were white. The hailstones were pea-sized and the hailstorm lasted about 4 minutes with heavy rain before, during, and after. It was so bad that I apologised out loud to my car. Nearer home the rain lightened, the sky brightened, and although the boats are still out on the lake I see yellow slickers on the fishermen.

Stupid food shopping.

04 June 2005

Riding around MarClair Village while clog-dancing and wearing a watermerlon hat by Enjah.

I've been keeping an eye on the 512 near me - just over the Bolinas line. It was an abandonned build (someone joined then left), and I could see it was being prepared to be sold as First Land. Yesterday it was released and was immediately bought by a man who is a genuine new player (not an alt of an old player). I IMed him to say hello, then today went over and talked to him for a bit. He seems ok - more interesting than most - at least he has no intention of flattening the hill, which 9 out of 10 players do, it seems. In a world where you can build without load-bearing issues, gravity concerns, or even a need to keep any part of the build on the ground, it surprises me no end that the common first move is to completely flatten the ground because "it's easier to build on."

03 June 2005

Sometimes things are too weird...

My alt is named Ozymandias Flytrap. His name was always Ozymandias. It came from Shelley, because I like poetry. I was just reading Snow Crash, and what turns up on page 349 -- but a reference to Ozymandias. That's strange - very strange to me.

After I'd been home an hour or so, yesterday, the eagle disappeared. He must've been stunned, or something, and recovered. Today he came back - I took a few really awful pictures. I have trouble taking pictures - when I want to squeeze the shutter button I find my finger has wandered off somewhere. When I don't want to it somewtimes happens. Ah, well - I'm glad the eagle is all right.


02 June 2005


Um... just another normal day in Second Life...

I IMed everyone who had entered the last contest and told them this is the last weekend to see the contest 1 entries, and a new one starts on Monday.

Went to a posecube demonstration by Hiro P, which took an unbelievable hour and a half. Good things, posecubes. Hiro was the first person I met in Second Life.

Read a forum challenge by Laukosarkos S. saying, "At Lauks Nest is an ancient ruined temple recently excavated from the hillside. I will give prizes to the first person(s) to post here with the correct answers to these questions..." I'd recently been there and really thought it was a great build. I went to see the new and totally different build based on Mayan architecture, and incidentally won the challenge. Lauko is an interesting person.

Just got home. There's an immature bald eagle sitting on my neighbor's dock, which is not right. I don't know if it's injured or sick, but something must've happened. I called Fish and Wildlife and talked to 300 bazillion people who handed me up until I got the correct person. I had to leave a message. The eagle looks like he wishes he were elsewhere.

I had to go to my bodyshop after jin shin as I am not happy. I knew I'd go there and they wouldn't be able to see it because the light would be wrong. I'm taking it back after school finishes. I don't need the hassle, but after shelling out 600 dollars I would like to be happy.

01 June 2005




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