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31 May 2011





ArcheoExpo 2011




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Attachment for capturing 360 degrees immersive videos on an iPhone.

Not sure what I think... seems unnecessary and too distorted to be anything more than a once-or-twice-for-fun novelty.

30 May 2011


AR Business Card



Enj and I poked about in Nautilus.


Dinosaur Battle Town from Eddie West on Vimeo.

Dinosaur Battle Town


Murkin and Canuckistan postal code inputification yields satellite fly-over times.

29 May 2011

4 Magellan Sites
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<3 shadows + depth of field + WindLight



What will you find?
Enjah's teaser for ArcheoExpo 2011.


28 May 2011

Scientists turn human skin cells directly into neurons.







Not unexpected, but sad.


27 May 2011



It's funny when people's comments about Onion articles reveal they think the stories are real. An enterprising person is aggregating all those Facebook comments HERE. Maybe it was set off by the hilarious idiocy following the Onion Abortionplex story :-D



ArcheoExpo 2011

Discover and display virtual archeological relics! Check the linked page for more information.


Don't Laugh

I'm frightened of Salad Fingers *shudder*


If you can't log in delete your blogger cookies, as they have become corrupted.


Blogger logins are down so I'm seeing if I can post this way.

Sad, sad video is response to a magazine listing the town among the dying.

26 May 2011

I did hear Spin Magazine was attacking *our* Spin but didn't think much about it. But Hell, they ARE attacking him and trying to steal his Twitter handle. Bastiges! I hope I don't get attacked by the Welsh football club, the backpack company, or the plane. On the other hand they can buy it if they want (5 thousand quatloos seems fair).


24 May 2011

'There have been further meltdowns at Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant, according to Tepco, the operators of the facility. The firm has now confirmed that three of the six reactors suffered meltdowns within days of March’s deadly earthquake and tsunami.

Until now, Tepco had only admitted a meltdown at No. 1 reactor. But the revelation by the firm’s General Manager, Junichi Matsumoto, has only raised more questions about why the extent of the damage was not disclosed earlier.'


23 May 2011


Free Ai WeiWei



Nice website; also it's showing a billboard campaign that's rather funny (more funny I suspect as a surf-by web encounter than an oft-passed billboard, however).

22 May 2011


Pointed out by Candide :-D


21 May 2011


Postcard from Second Life.
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion


20 May 2011

'These so-called social widgets, which appear atop stories on news sites or alongside products on retail sites, notify Facebook and Twitter that a person visited those sites even when users don't click on the buttons, according to a study done for The Wall Street Journal.'

Oh, I didn't know you didn't need to click them. That's... hmmm.


Stimulating neural networks in the spine enabled a paralysed man to stand.



Well, I thought it was clever, if no one else did.

I survived the Facebook Rapture* - now onwards, it's Facebook tribulation time!


19 May 2011


New Beta Viewer

(I always use the beta viewer)

We Are Too, Too Predictable

(Reuters) - A Center for Disease Control blog post mentioning a "zombie apocalypse" as a lighthearted way to get Americans to read about preparing for the hurricane season drove so much traffic that it crashed the website, the center said on Thursday.

Labels: is reopening.

Michael Wilson is a very patient man, judging by his answers to the blog comments. It's a risky venture, this reopening, and I wish them the best (I may well go see what's going on inworld, in fact). Will people pay? Hard to know. So much is free on the net that they may balk at it, and something has to generate revenue.


18 May 2011


Enjah recommended this flick and she didn't steer me wrong - I enjoyed it :-D


ZOMG the moon is red ===:O Well, reddish.

Mysterious package arrives from Paris...

Os struggles to open it, as it seems to have 456777 flaps...
ZOMGWTF? oUo! That whacky Enjah has sent me this!
It's very photogenic :-D
Thank you, Enj!


17 May 2011


16 May 2011

I overdid it Saturday and yesterday and now I'm back to square one :(((((((

15 May 2011

Good article:

Second Life Revisited

'Second Life is, quite honestly, the least talked about -- yet most powerful -- creative tool we have in MMO gaming today.'


Journey to the Past


14 May 2011


Fun, fun, fun.



Fur Earth
Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Fur map

13 May 2011


Performance Artist


I love Beethoven (like most people) and I'm always up to hear the Seventh Symphony Allegretto, one of the finest pieces of music in the world, but it's hideously over-used in films. I can't understand why any director would use it now. Laziness?

It's shooting themselves in the foot as when I hear it I start thinking about Beethoven.

If you google it you can have the whole list. Since 2000 it's been used in something like sixteen films. Give it a rest, already.


This reminds me of going to see the Mark Morris Dance Company one time, and they did a very athletic but completely nonchalant chair-tossing/catching in one dance.

ugh arm shot again


Argh, now a post has gone missing and others are doubled :/


Blogger was offline yesterday so I sent posts by email hoping they might queue, but 'parently not.

Arm very borked, trying not to type.

12 May 2011


Sweet-tempered Beavis and Butthead types face their obstacles but not always by choice in this Norwegian flick from 2003.



Planet Show


For shame.

Shame on the Peace Corp


Zombie Garden Gnomes


Reinventing the Wheel


11 May 2011


DarkLife has closed after a stupendous seven profitable years of operation.
Well done, D'Lifers, and fare thee well!


Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion


First outfit I made for DarkLife, in 2004.

Trash Can Sinatras

Candide sent me this link to crack reporter Basil Pesto's article about the latest corporate merger.

Google's Chromebook is out.

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10 May 2011


National Jukebox
Historical Recordings from the Library of Congress

09 May 2011



08 May 2011


Street Dancer in Paris

ugh painy

07 May 2011

This is timely as I've been gnashing my teeth over it for months:

How to pop your Internet 'filter bubble'

It's been bugging me because I could see the wide world of information contract around me into a contrived grouping of algorythmically chosen same-olds that the internet was precisely the antidote for in the beginning.

Sadly, the suggestions don't really sound very strong.


06 May 2011


This is very funny :-D




You are invited to the following event:
FREE Ice Cream Social for Instructables Authors

I don't think I'll be in SF that week, though.

*We interrupt this blog to give you the latest important news from Houston, Texas*

Although Crazy Raspberry ants cause electrical short circuits they are welcomed by Texans because Crazy Raspberry ants eat Fire ants.



Raspberry Pi

Game dev David Braben has made a usb-computer that costs pennies (just about), with an HDMI port in one end and a usb port on the other. It runs Linux, and his goal is to have them provided to children at no cost.

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Solar power without solar cells:
A hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible

'Light has electric and magnetic components. Until now, scientists thought the effects of the magnetic field were so weak that they could be ignored. What Rand and his colleagues found is that at the right intensity, when light is traveling through a material that does not conduct electricity, the light field can generate magnetic effects that are 100 million times stronger than previously expected. Under these circumstances, the magnetic effects develop strength equivalent to a strong electric effect.'

05 May 2011

They're at it again, this time over Skype :/






04 May 2011


This whacky dark comedy featuring the ordinary folk in a small town is quite amusing. I liked Grits' red shoes.


The News from Florida

'A firefighter and another man were arrested after trying to catch an alligator that bit an 18-year-old woman who jumped on the reptile’s back, according to records released Thursday and a St. Lucie County Fire District spokeswoman.

This is the most recent incident of St. Lucie County firefighters charged in various unrelated crimes.

In 2008, then firefighter Cynthia “Cindy” Economou was charged with removing a severed foot from a crash scene to use in canine training. She was sentenced to six months’ probation in May 2009 on a second-degree petit theft charge.'

It must've been a small foot.


This is an interesting twist - the National Trust is inviting 10,000 'farmers' to buy in to a farm for a year then have a say in its proceedings.


Blow by Blow!

Enjah's in France, and is keeping in touch w00t! Here's a little toy picture she sent, and right now she is needing sleep, 'Must ... Sleep ... I got up Tuesday morning May 3 @ 7am and it is now 2:42pm Wednesday May 4 at home; I have slept 2 hours in that time BUT I had a good time!'


Sort of interesting. A bit.


03 May 2011


LEA's first Month of Machinima kicks off at 10am on the 4 May (which is tomorrow for me). and includes one of mine (in the trailer at :09). Required length was three minutes and under, which was rather stringent and left 99% of mine out - though they are all short as I have a low tolerance for video.

I should keep track of where my machinima gets shown - all over the world, surprisingly - but I don't. I don't think I could backtrack now and trace screenings.


02 May 2011

Photos of Free Ai Wei Wei stencil and projection graffiti is popping up on facebook.




Maybe I should just cancel the telephone completely. The only trouble is cells do not function perfectly out here. Or at least mine doesn't. Maybe I'll *turn it on* and see how it does.

Thank you for contacting Qwest. How may I help you today?

Me: When I receive an email saying my bill is online it always seems to show 0.00.
Qwest: Your bill amount will show 7 days before your bill is due.
Me: Why do I get an email, then? I am unclear if I have an amount due now or not.

Qwest: What is your account number?
Me: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Qwest: At this time your balance that is showing is $22.01

Me: Bill Overview $0.00Current Amount Due 05/14/11Payment Due By
Me: That's what I see.

Qwest: I apologize.
Me: Well, it makes it somewhat difficult to pay it.

Qwest: I understand. If you would like I can send you to collections so that you can make a payment?
Me: o.O Collections? Erm no thanks. That seems dire.

Me: Maybe you could put a note in my file saying, 'Customer keeps trying to pay this but Qwest website won't let her do it.'
Qwest: I will be right with you.
Qwest: I do apologize but I cannot put a not on the account. Billing will have to do that

Me: I can pay through my bank website, I think.
Qwest: Alright, Just in case would you like the number to billing?
Me: Is there a Qwest code or anything I need to do that, d'you know?
Me: I'll give it a go and if I can't I'll come back and haunt you.

Qwest: Ok,well the number for billing is blahblah and they are open 8am-6pm M-F
Me: kkty


911 Jihad Street


01 May 2011

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Abottabad picture from @ReallyVirtual.
"Uh oh, now I'm the guy who liveblogged the Osama raid without knowing it."

It's surprising to me the enthusiasm people seem to have, as if there had been no gap of ten years. That seems like a long time to me.




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