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31 December 2006


Welcome, 2007!
We are standing on Ida and Theo's roof watching the fireworks. Enjah is in her Barbara avatar wearing the jacket I made today for her. Tedd dropped in, which was great.

The sounds and colors of the fireworks were great. Deb and Richard rang me after their New Year's Eve and Richard said 2007 HAD ALL BEEN GOOD THUS FAR therefore proving what a great year it will be.

Theo the firecracker master at work.



Luc came by and played the bagpipes a bit. As soon as he left a coward named Dykotis Rexroth swooped in and hit me about 10 times with a scripted object. He chased me wherever I landed then hit me again, whilst I wrote up an abuse report. What an immature little coward.


30 December 2006


Out my window a little while ago

29 December 2006


Kain and I hung out for a while and wound up scouting locations and finding eagles for the machinima he is going to make. He's in the Barbara avatar he made - he's still working on it a bit but she looks good. We are sitting in the middle of his rooftop pool on his new house, which is very nice. He'd just built it; it's at a grid edge so has a nice ocean view atm.


28 December 2006


Theme: UI Abstraction

This contest requires you to investigate the User Interface and find those settings (mainly in De-Bug) that will make teh freaky pix... *clears throat* ...I mean will make interesting abstract compositions.

To get started:
Control-Alt-Shift toggles the Client and Server menus.

Try setting something - experiment with, say, CLIENT--> RENDERING--> INFO DISPLAYS --> OCTREE. What about combining that with COMPOSITION? Play around :D

Don't forget the choices in the Snapshot interface - Object Mattes and Depth.
Don't forget that you can "tear off" menus so you don't have to open/close a million times.

To Enter:
Enter textures of Second Life screenshots.
Textures can be no bigger than 512x512 - rectangular photos saved as 512x512 regain their proportions once they are put on a prim.

Title entries with your name + title <---= so I don't lose it in my inventory
Send them to Osprey Therian with MOD permission and COPY perms.
Give me an IM so I know to look for them.

Don't send them in a notecard - I say this as I look at textures every day but I rarely look at notecards. If I don't get your heads-up the entry gets buried under the billion spam notecards I get per week.

I hate it when things get lost - the only entries to've been lost thus far were in notecards.

This time no categories. Unmanipulated or manipulated are both OK but I haven't been getting enough entries to warrant two categories.


Entries accepted until January 20th at 5:30pm .

We will have an awards ceremony (probably at 3pm on Monday, 22 January 2007).

Cash prizes.

The Photography Studio is located in The Brownstone East, Grignano
Grignano is a pg sim. <--=


Out the window right now.

27 December 2006

I can't be the only one who thinks "Ford recalled" is funny.

I do remember reading a news report just after he took office that said he had the White House carpets rolled up and people danced. After Nixon that was significant.

My alt logged in last night to get a breath of fresh air. I was trying to adjust her face when this man came hobbling up on his peg leg.


26 December 2006

Desmond Shang posted about this over at SecondCitizen.


25 December 2006


Meditating for peace.


I spent a lot of time, when my power was out, sorting things and tidying up. I tidied near my computer and found (well, it wasn't lost but I'd put it in a box when it was given to me) a little silver warding-off-the-evil-eye charm that Amanda had brought me from Turkey (Turkey? I think it was Turkey) years ago. It looked good next to my African hippopotamus that Enjah sent me - o, excellent object! The other thing that is in that picture is a snippet of Super8 movie I made (snippet must've been left from the editing). I still have several Super8 cartridges sitting in my fridge waiting for me to rise up again in full-on moviemaking mode (extremely unlikely). I used to buy film equipment from the thrift shops years ago and in fact gave a huge box of 8 and Super8 equipment (a box big enough for several people to hide in) to the local film oranisation (the Film Ranch). I also used to buy movies from thrift shops, so I have some groovy ones. Alas, that pastime is behind me, but damn, it was a blast while it lasted.


The David Suzuki Foundation

We need to stop letting the corporations distract us with shiny baubles. The earth is in serious trouble and we've been warned over and over since the time of Rachel Carson.

I wanted to return something personal Magellan had left at my house... but I was thoroughly shocked when I couldn't find him. I do hope he is all right - most likely he's off on an exploration, but it must be a very strange journey indeed if it requires this. I can't understand why he didn't tell me he was leaving.

Come back safely, Mag.

24 December 2006


I logged in to work on a HUD and 5 seconds later a nice man from Brazil wandered in. Then Enjah came on and I teleported her to Bodega. Then Salazar flew over in an airship and we jumped in, except Gio who didn't make it in. He followed, Salazar went back to get him, it was confused for a bit then worked out and we set off again. We were enjoying our tour when all of I sudden I was ejected then couldn't get back in. Salazar said it was the buggy and out of phase phantom zone that is afflicting an eighth or so of Noyo. He demonstrated on the ground by walking through us and instructing us to walk through a stone pillar. We goofed around then set sail in Enjah's Seahorse - a Flying Tako. It was lovely out on the water, and Salazar's lantern enhanced the scene. We sailed for quite a long time then had a rough sim border crossing. I relogged then said good night, but apparently Enj, Sal, and Gio set off in Gio's boat.

I logged back in a couple of hours later to work on... a HUD but didn't get much done (surprise, surprise) as I had sticky IMs. I logged off and went to update the Combat Cards website.


Very windy again. It almost blew little Sha off the road with a nasty great puff. I was driving back from the house of SWMNBMIMB. We had laughed so hard (sitting in my car in her drive) that I couldn't see from the tears and we had fogged the windows up with our hot air. I'd tell you what we were laughing about for an hour but I am not allowed to mention her in my blog.

Gad. EXTREMELY windy.

I came back and discovered that the only time I was not in Second Life was the only time Doc WAS in Second Life, so that was too bad.



Gah >:( I'm already in a bad mod so I might as well talk about marriage. There's talk of marriage lately and specifically marriage between persons of the same gender. I thought about it and realised:

A.) I have no clue why any government should be involved in anybody's relationships of that kind.
B.) Marriage blows chunks, in my opinion (which is suspect).
C.) Being a woman I think marriage is better for men (Women seem to be responsible for everything in a marriage including the marriage itself as is illustrated here in a Google quotation-of-the-day (albeit a humorously cynical one): "A husband is like a fire, he goes out when unattended." --Evan Esar (1899 - 1995). *cocks pistol and shoots three times* There - mofo won't be going anywhere now.)
I fully understand men think marriage is better for women. It isn't. And it's almost* impossible for women artists. Something might be workable that involves not living together and not sharing anything and being free to do whatever one wishes and not being legally tied together... oh, yes, that's called "not being married."
D.) There should be universal healthcare and living wills that state who you want visiting you in case you are in dire straits, but the effing government** should take a long hike off a short pier.
E.) Some people think marriage offers some kind of protection for women who have spent their lives raising children and lavishing attention on their families. I laugh in their faces: HA HA (mirthlessly). It's not true. *cocks pistol again*

Hey... where did everyone go?

* "almost" added against my will.
** any government


Building a HUD just now and got a notice:

"OK, everyone currently in the cult has been advanced to at least Initiate status. A few of you have been assigned other roles too... so check your available titles folks.

You're a fairly Chaotic bunch, and hopefully come the new year well have some fun with this group.

If youve any rank higher than initiate feel free to shout me."

Osprey Therian: hmmmm.... nun... sporks Luc... HOW DID YOU KNOW???
Lucifer: well, monastic orders are more pkilosophers
Lucifer: so i thought it fitted
Lucifer: :)
Osprey Therian: *fumes silently, basking in the bright glow of evil thoughts*
Lucifer: now you can convert people, and build up your own order within the cult
Osprey Therian: Order within DISORDER??
Osprey Therian: I am SISTER ERIS ph33r m3

Married To The Sea


I got an IM from Alyssa:

"I LOVE your Christmas card!"
I replied, "That must be last year's - I haven't sent any yet this year."

That PROVES how much better inventories are now - I'm sure she was doing searches on things like CHRISTMAS. Anyway, last year HUDs were new and I did a falling-snow HUD card. Alyssa's IM made me get busy making another one, but I was rushed and couldn't spend much time on it. <---so it blows

I got inspired and dragged Enjah, Zhan, Salazar, and a brand-new Flay to the gallery to act as judges for the entries. Flay is an excellent person to've met. Now I just have to coordinate their choices. Salazar had an extremely thoughtful response to Pepper's enigmatic triple entry. Those works are full of detail yet look simple and revolve around two areas of fire, one which gives off light.

As I was trying to build last night I met a nice South African who is a painter. I was standing next to kru's shop building a HUD at 2 a.m. after just having bought something in the shop that, when opened, didn't go into Recent but loped to the middle of my Object folder and crossed its tiny arm in recalcitrance. I wondered why that would be, then started working on a CC HUD as I'd been interrupted last time when I tried to work on it. The interruptions are almost always worthwhile, yet it's hard to get things done.

No, I can't use "Busy" mode as people send me contest entries and things and my customers often need help. I don't like building as an alt as then everything is alty. Anyway I like being me. I just also like having 30 seconds or more at a time to do things.


23 December 2006

Way back when in the mustified, dusty recesses of the pasty past I used to write checks all the time. There is a little line upon which one may write information of a mind-jogging sort regarding the check, such as "Ted's cummerbund," or "Green sanded sugar." I, being the weirdo I am, always wrote something that was subversive of the intended purpose, and had a laugh every time (it's a gift to be amused by small things*). I'd always write "things," or something supremely unhelpful like that. Now that Blogger *New! Fresh-Smelling! De Luxe!* has labels I have been using them sometimes, sometimes not - but I just realised they are exactly like those tiny check lines that gave me such pleasure back in the days of quill pens.

On another subject, I went through 4 years of university and wrote all my notes with a fountain pen. That sounds antique, doesn't it? I should start grooving on the antique aspect of my existence. Ball point pens were WORSE than the devil's tools - they were BORING! They STILL ARE. Back in my day we didn't have our noses stuck in a book. No - we went PARADIN' - we knew how to live. *sporks Ringo*

Say, it might not've been a good idea to thaw out my brain in the microwave. What's that you say? It's fine to do that? Yay!

*small - jeez that's microscopic


I was talking to Candide and said, "Didn't I hear the Vatican has done away with Limbo? Does that mean I will be able to buy cheap limbosticks now?"

Candide: No.

That blows.


R/S/Life - Brought to you by the awesome power of Trizzities.
I'm doing laundry, which is a chore I don't enjoy. I have been making weirder and weirder textures for HUDs - things that no one would like. I accidentally made... uh... all of them without thinking. Then I took one (and since I didn't save the layers and it was past 3 in the morning I can't even remember the 8000 steps I took to come up with them) and used it to start building a new vivian-oblivion site that may or may not ever see the virtual light of day as I'm so overwhelmed with tasks at the moment. I'm so overwhelmed that I am hardly doing any of the tasks, which is silly. Or maybe I am but it feels like I'm not.

I should make a list - perhaps it's not as bad as I am imagining. A calendar of deadlines would help. I started using the Google calendar, but as I have a recurring event to list on each day it is not very useful. The numbers blacken when they are representative of dates with events, and now I have an all-blackened calendar. I should take off recurring events and just put singular events on.

*wastes time thinking about bold text*

Where was I? Oh... a list...

Make a non-psycho HUD
Start the CC training vid
Tuesday awards... oh... find judges and have exhibit entries judged before then...
Uh... doing a Sunday drive-by to the abode of SWMNBMIMB
SJ and Michael visiting on Wednesday
Email Shelley
Call SS
Call Tiff
Oh, fix the shower, which erupted into a ball of toxic flames then exploded and obliterated the entire area from Mud Bay to McCleary... well maybe it didn't, but the nozzle fell off.
I'm an artist - exaggeration is in my job description.

I told Enjah I was cranky and she said, "You?" and laughed in that belly-holding traditional SL manner which led me to believe that Others may not see me as the mild-mannered Os that I fondly believed was the case until the scales were rudely torn from my eyes.

Oh yes, I went to a snowball fight on Thursday, and a car race on Friday. Both were fun. The cool thing about the Motorati sims and the way Pontiac is managing them is that they are honoring the inworld designers and builders while adding their input in a way that doesn't seem noxious to me at all. What they have created is a framework for SL motorheads to gather in one spot and have fun. So far, I haven't seen anything done by a corporation in Second Life that is as nice. I haven't been everywhere, but many corporate builds are similar to 3d advertising billboards and have no life to them.

*wanders off without finishing list*

*comes back in and wonders at disjointed mental meandering exhibited the the blogpost*

*looks up at the double "the" and swears*

Oh yes, I made a macro for Second Life that makes my Oath of Choice spring lightly from my fingers at the push of a button.


22 December 2006

For some unknown reason that is actually kind of impossible, my public_html folder was EMPTY last night and Marty had to recover it all from a backup. Thank you, Marty. I don't see how whatever happened could've happened, but at least it has been fixed.

I found when I had no electricity that I was jonesing for my blog the most of anything. As usual I wrote a million mental blogposts. When I told Candide he send me a link to a cartoon from Married to the Sea:
Married To The Sea

Yesterday I hung the BOOKS show, arranged an awards event for 7pm on the 26th with Jensel djing, made Doc's Combat Card (I had made the chainsaw for him as he had told me 8 or 9 months ago that he wanted to be a chainsaw-wielding Santa on his card), hung out a bit with Young Geoffrion at her charming estate where we attempted to swordfight but suffered an unholy borketude for some reason. Kain visited and talked about l'Aigle noir and the (unknown to me) singer known as Barbara.

Today I fiddled with HUDs and had a Friday Fight event at Spangle. Enjah came and kept me company - we finally got one fighter but most people were probably xmas shopping or (as she pointed out) at work (but the time is Euro-friendly so I don't have to do it alone every week). The point of the FFs is NOT that it's f0r teaching new people, but that it's a guaranteed time when a fighter can have an opponent.


20 December 2006


Salazar built a portal-enhancing device in Bodega to help me re-enter Second Life. Here I am with Ed Manray miming my former situation by sobbing whilst remaining stuck on the "other side." Just an act - fortunately I was in Bodega for real and spent joyous hours talking to both friends ("Yay! You're back!") and acquaintances ("When is the BOOKS exhibit going to go up?").

I was overjoyed to see Enjah and Candide and talk to Salazar and Ida.

The wind has just become a howling fury again however.

Speaking of Fury - ahkenatan gave me this groovaceous '58 Primouth Fury - quite the awesome ride.

On the kitchen counter the Ant Leg plant has blossomed riotously again for no known reason.


Jolly Holiday Poem about having no electricity

It's Tuesday - the power went out last Thursday
Yesterday the sun came through the windows and I spent time thinking about how to make tiny kinetic sculptures using wire and watch batteries (buy a vise, clamp it to the kitchen counter, use it as a second hand to hold the wire so it can be shaped with snipe-nosed pliers, etc., etc., etc.)

Today it's overcast, dark, and just seems effing cold. I keep swearing internally (in keeping wirth the Jolly Holiday Season it's usually Jesus FUCK) and spent time lying in bed trying to get warm, closing my right eye and looking at the outline of my nose against the skylight. Fun times! At least I haven't been reduced to writing poetry.

Jesus FUCK

14 December 2006

The power just flickered...



I was reading an article about the Turks in the New Yorker a minute ago, and as my mental connections most closely resemble someone leaping from ice floe to ice floe I thought of Alice Springs. In mid 1979, one day, I was sitting in a pub in Alice Springs talking to a man I'd just met. He was very morose and told me that everyone hated him. "Why do you say that?" I asked. "I'm Turkish," he said. I don't remember what I said (if anything), but I just thought, "oh."

Anyway, I couldn't remember the name of the old pub, so I went online to see if I could jog my memory. I knew things had changed - well, when I was there (twice) the Stuart Highway wasn't paved - from just north of Adelaide all the way to the Alice. There was a bit of tourism, true, but most people were put off by the thought of unpaved roads for thousands of kilometres or the price of traveling by small plane. The sides of the roads were littered with dead rental cars that the truckies (I was told) stripped. The road itself was dotted with dead cattle and things - the government paid to the owner a certain amount per head for cattle killed on the road as there was no fence. Almost everyone I met there was Aussie, and the market was nearly bare (as in BARE shelves) as things were brought in by the truckies at certain intervals, and once sold that was that.

Holy moley it's a tourist hub now - as well as a much better equipped community. On the one hand that good, I suppose...

Stormy Weather

Karan has posted about the current weather on her blog, Flummel, Flummer, Flummo.

If you don't hear from me it will be because my power has gone out.

13 December 2006

I love surprises. I found out today in Second Life that a new friend is ACTUALLY a friend from about two years ago, who disappeared to my sadness. I love it when things like that happen.
Me: Do you know Merryjest?
Kain: I AM Merryjest
Me: I thought so.


Heh - i'm changing my archives, so I spent a minute tripping lightly through the past (the post-erior?) and found this one:


Nice Interview of me over at Motorati Life.

12 December 2006


Join the Goup to get information
Display this poster if you can.

Join the troupe!

My idea is for people to create short acts that can then be plugged into a performance framework so that any time or place on the grid that we perform there will always be enough acts to fill out the show. I believe we will be performing in the Spring. Several places have expressed interest in hosting our performance troupe.

I think vaudeville/musichall is supremely suited to SL - think about the great magic act, comedy act, trained animal act, or dramatic monologue that you could perform alone or in a group! Short but pithy acts are perfect.

If you need help to get an idea to the stage IM me - I can facilitate collaboration.

IM Osprey Therian if you want to take part - pleeeeeeeeeeeez!

Great use they have, when in the hands
Of one like me, who understands,
Who understands the time and place,
The person, manner, and the grace,
Which fools neglect; so that we find,
If all the requisites are join'd,
From whence a perfect joke must spring,
A joke's a very serious thing.
Charles Churchill, "The Ghost", 1762, Book IV, lines 1379-1387


11 December 2006


I got a card and photos from Anj that made me feel much better and quieted my worries. That's my brother on his 60th birthday. Eileen, my sister-in-law, is in the lower photo with Ryan (3), Caitlin (7), Joshua (3), Angus (6), Sarah (5), James (10), Owen (8). My last visit was 6 years ago.

Second Life

Last night I stayed up way too late building a bear chainsaw sculpture and tonight I stayed up too late building a chainsaw in an unrelated project. I went unicycling at Zephyr uh... Park, I think it is, with Jensel. Also tested the Vesuvius telehub for Amulius, made Friday Fights (every Friday at 2pm at Spangle - join us!) signs, animated a robot, and probably many other things I don't remember.

10 December 2006

Lucia* has a new book** coming out, but this poem is from The Oldest Map With the Name America, which I just ran into at Amazon. I am putting this poem here as it's a great poem, I had forgotten I am quoted in the epigraph, and although my letter was pre-Second Life, the flying is something fulfilled by Second Life.

The Body Rising

I'd like to do something that would be the opposite of skydiving. Instead of falling I would rise up and up guess I'm talking about flying . . .


Think about the girl in her red bikini,
how she rides the air behind the speedboat.
So what if her chest is leashed to a kite-forget the kite.
Think of county-fair daredevils
careering in rickety turrets, their motorbikes
riding the wall at centrifugal speeds. So what
if you paid a dollar admission-forget the dollar,
forget whatever you admitted. Think of all the times
you didn't have to pay to see gravity break:
the circus clown cannon-balled into the sky
and Eva Braun zeppelined into the sky
and the astronauts, especially the astronauts
who never came down when they were turned to vapor.
How to find fault in anything that includes the body rising:
the raft spilling its paddlers, who disappear
so theatrically before they surface in the river's twisted
sheets; the WWII bomber that crashes into the mountain
and stays buried, whose airmen keep floating up
after years in the glacier, limb by perfect limb;

the pillar of smoke rising from the funeral home
run by your neighbors, the monosyllabic
Mills & Burns. For months you've been typing
in a second-story room across the street, oblivious
to what the stories mean-the fact you sit on nothing
more than air, you inhabit the air
just over the oldest bank vault in town, all day
you steep in the waft of silver dollars.
Yet it's not the floor that's important,
not the raft of flowered carpet you think holds everything
up; it's not the kite but the body, not the river
but the body, not the rocket but the body that understands
its elements so well it can revert to them in a blink.
And maybe we serve the body most faithfully
when we abandon it, the way these dancers
(who enter now by way of the TVs local access channel)
allow themselves to rise up on each other's wings.
But these aren't dancers really: they don't have wings.
just death metal punks, speed slammers and moshers
whose choreography's zoned against unbruised escape.
The bass is a wooden shoe clogging
the deepest canal in your car, and teenage boys
have started to launch themselves like supermans
soaring over the crowd of burnished heads.
You're thinking about what odds these boys risk
getting crushed. But look what happens next:
they don't get crushed. Instead they turn
weightless and waterlogged, bullied and buoyed
like ghosts who can't drown because they have no boats.
Vaults of pliant and complete surrender, rising
as each body passes through the pairs of upraised hands.

*Wonderful poem, L
** It's available for pre-order on Amazon but it has had a change of title.

09 December 2006

Posters at Mysterio Gallery

Enjah hung a show of my posters from the past year - and today had an opening that was well-attended. After everyone else had left Candide, Vlad, and I talked for a bit. Candide is enigmatically attired, while Vlad is a gingerbread man (see close-up). Just another day in Second Life.

I did a lot of other things too including answering a call to quell a massive griefing attack at Ambat. I stayed there for hours, then took a new person around a bit and gave him an animation overrider and some animations, which he'd been wanting.


Drive-Thru Tree in Motorati

I finished this today - the tree (altered a lot to make it even bigger as my Ftutura got stuck yesterday) and the orange on the same parcel. I have to finish the bear. Right now I have:
Giant Potato
Pencil Tree
Dr Brainfreez
Huge Ball of Twine
Drive-Thru Tree
Gift Shop

I ran into Gus, who I met the other day at the gift shop when I was a jackalope. He's Canadian so we had talked about the Arrow (my father was an aeronautical engineer for Avro). Today he fell into a deep hole, which I do think is something Motorati should address - the roads are thin. One can fall in a hole and then be underneath the road (at least you can by the Drive-Thru Tree. Maybe there's a reason, but if I did it I'd make thick roads. Maybe they are going to terraform up after the roads are built - that would make sense, perhaps. In a way. Well maybe not.


08 December 2006


At Motorati I don't have any parcels to build on so I spent time making gift shop souvenirs - snowglobes. The drive-thru tree snowglobe is fairly low-prim,, but the giant potato snowglobe is a whopping 40, and I had to put it in a sign as it was too many prims to be rezzed in the gift shop.

Then I... hmmm... had a Combat Cards event at Spangle with Comhrag, then Ida and Enjah and I went skating in Winterland, which is a fabulous build.


My blogs have just moved to the Blogger Beta - I was a bit worried as I had 28 emails saying "Congratulations! Your move to the new Blogger is complete." which looked odd, but no, my blog hasn't disappeared (I have read the horror stories). It's meant to ftp more reliably which will be a great relief as old Blogger was temperamental and really annoying at times.


John Lennon

I'm shouting all about love
While they treated you like a dog
When you were the one who had made it
so clear
All those years ago.

I'm talking all about how to give
They don't act with much honesty
But you point the way to the truth when you say
All you need is love.

Living with good and bad
I always look up to you
Now we're left cold and sad
By someone the devil's best friend
Someone who offended all.

We're living in a bad dream
They've forgotten all about mankind
And you were the one they backed up to
the wall
All those years ago
You were the one who Imagined it all
All those years ago.

Deep in the darkest night
I send out a prayer to you
Now in the world of light
Where the spirit free of the lies
And all else that we despised.

They've forgotten all about God
He's the only reason we exist
Yet you were the one that they said was
so weird
All those years ago
You said it all though not many had ears
All those years ago
You had control of our smiles and our tears
All those years ago

07 December 2006


I built a gift shop on Motorati today. Actually I built it mainly in Plum as it's hard to work on Motorati - Plum 300m up in the air as griefers attack when I'm on the ground (when I was trying to build the floor and needed to be on the ground someone deliberately ran me over with a car several times while I was eyeballing seams. Yesterday I was handed some parcels to build on and put up the Giant Potato and ice cream cone. Today I built the gift shop and made some souvenirs, and put up the Pencil Tree. I need more land parcels before I can continue. I have (already) the dinosaurs, drive-through tree, chainsaw bear (in progress), orange juice stand, ball of twine. Yesterday Razen told me the Pontiac man gets it and loves the idea - awesome.


05 December 2006

W00t - I finally spent 5 minutes and got the lakecam set up again - go to vivian-oblivion if you have a hankering to see Summit Lake (it's a nice lake).

I was sitting there the other night reading the New Yorker, which had a review of a book that features Kit Carson prominently. Blecch. I HATE Kit Carson. He was a killer and must've been an absolute evil pig. Every time I see his name a shrill chorus starts up: peach trees, peach trees, peach trees, peach trees, peach trees, peach trees, peach trees, peach trees, peach trees, peach trees. That's a symbol to me of how relentless and ruthless he was.

04 December 2006

Wow, my tiger-swallowtail account got suspended - I emailed Marty and he replied immediately, "I'm looking into it Vivian, your account should not be suspended." That's good.

I adore Marty but his billing software is teh psycho, man.

I ran out of room on the Toad server, so the other day I rented some from another place. After I signed up I was told I had to send a fax - woo for email faxes. I remember the first fax I ever received - many moons ago - at work. Someone said, "This fax just came for you." I threw it in the back of my car without reading it, where it crisped and crinkled like an autumn leaf. I never did read it. Faxes remind me of teletype which reminds me of my uncle. I was never interested in faxes or teletypes, however tickertape has a certain appeal. Tickertape reminds me of once, with Judy and the children at Wa He Lut, using shedded office paper as material to make dollies. I enjoyed seeking shredded paper, and was shocked when a government office offered to shred paper of interesting colors for us. The dolls were like doll poems or doll office poetry. My little boys were building a chicken wire and wood turtle (on wheels, covered with cloth stapled into place - gleefully they wielded power tools) and used leftover shredded paper as stuffing.

Anyway - so I dragged almost all the websites off the Toad (leaving my jumboriffic blog, Combat Cards, and uh... an index for tiger-swallowtail. I didn't bother to get another domain name - vivian-oblivion is where most of the sites can be found. I just opted for a sub-domain - If I think of something I'm due a free domain name, but I already have three...


Tina's selling cheap reprints of her artwork (well she says her INSURANCE company is, but I don't believe it):

The Insurance Company mailed me and told me that the first 4 are bought.

”Miss Tina.

Vi är förvånade att de första fyra redan är sålda/bokade. Om vi vetat om denna efterfrågan var så stor så hade vi tryckt fler.

Vi vill tacka er för er hjälp med att återfå konstverket och önska er all lycka i fortsättningen av er karriär som skapande av konst IRL och Second Life.

Och alla vill ha dem signerade!


Eric Ericsson
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03 December 2006

*looks around*

I don't see Taco... if you see him make sure you tell me...

There's something strange going on... First Tina entered a photo in DANCE. It was wonderful - and won first prize. Then... it was STOLEN and I caught the heist on my security cam, but couldn't tell who stole it. Then I THOUGHT I saw the whole thing laid out in Tina's CRIME SCENE entry... except when I accused her (on she had an alibi. Not only that, but there was a photograph that proved she was at dinner with EXAKT Twin and Luc. I had to apologise (on sc again) but she didn't respond. Then... I was looking in the Metaverse Messenger and I saw her ad for lamps. It said new lamps, and I saw it the background of one photo - the stolen artwork. I asked her how new the lamps were and she said the whole ad was months old. That's a blatant... *looks around for Taco*... uh... lie. Why would she say that? The art photo was just made recently - it's in the ad... Why would she...

Wait, so it's an old ad... well, it can't be... or maybe.. hmmm... So let's say the ad is new (like it says) and the artwork is... uh... on... her WALL? Huh? It can't be... That doesn't make any sense. The stolen one was the only one... This is confusing.

And why would she mention Elmyr de Hory?

Salazar? Does this make any sense to you?

I just had to sign a contract that states:
Term: The term ("Term") of this Agreement... ...during the Term, in accordance with the terms...

For some reason now my head is full of terns - I seem to fall back upon seabirds.

As we all know, I have lots of birds in Bodega, Bodega being supremely suited* to flocks of birds. Well, a lot of my birds are ex-parrotted now as the temp-on-rez changes have caused them to not be able to be rezzed. I hope it's temporary.

Light Waves has kindly been sending me new sculptures, the latest being a fine yak. I haven't said anything in this blog as I was confused or something... but anyway I appreciate them a great deal and am trying to think of a way to lightly spread them out across the grid in a wave.

* And we all know why.

02 December 2006

Apparently the boiler went out last night and there was no heat, but I missed the whole thing by going to bed at 4 and getting up late. W00t for strange habits!

I built a drive-through sequoia, and part of a chainsaw, showed the customised tent to my customer, who requested a bit more wall be set to click-for-translucent walls. I haven't tried the particular prims yet but they are in the front area and I tried to explain that I didn't think it would work (well, truthfully, almost anything works if Os applies enough hours to it - but do I want to spend a lot more time?) but then decided I would try it in case it miraculously doesn't require me to do a lot of slogging. It's the area that I spent many hours on when a prim refused to retain a certain cut. I'm also working on having the spray paint can trigger animations, but I just do that when I have a minute. I just worked on a Combat Card that is creeping steadily towards doneness. I have HUD overlays to work on that I don't think I quite understand. I have a robot that is coming along. I haven't been given the land permissions to build on Motorati yet, although I was cleared for takeoff on 30 Nov., which gives me time to clear some other things away, I hope.

My class, which takes place in ActiveWorlds, is starting up again on Tuesday. Well, it could've begun before this but I was avoiding looking for trouble - Montrose had 2 grades in his class and many more students than computers. He rang me up the other day to say his class had been split - so I emailed Rich at Cornell and got new logins for the children. I need to go in and assess things.

Comhrag and I are doing Friday events at Spangle. If you are resolute in holding events people become used to the time and show up (I've been holding events in Grignano for two years and when I altered the (usually jam-packed) awards ceremony time for the last contest hardly anyone came - later I heard "No wonder you weren't here at 3 when I came.").

01 December 2006

"Joints are dead." - Andrew Linden.

*bursts into tears*
I knew it was coming but it still hurts.



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