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20 October 2002

The only Terrorists I fear are the ones in the White House
An Anti-War Rant by..C. Easter

For the past few weeks it has been difficult to concentrate on my many tasks. I am deeply disturbed by how out of sync our unelected president is
with the American people and the world. How voices of opposition throughout the nation/world are blatantly ignored as plans are made to bull doze
through another country. How the mutilation of human lives will be written off with political justification and the Nazi tactics being used to create
patriotic fervor. I am also distressed by the monopolization of giant corporations, their control over legislature/politics, manipulation of the media, their role in world instability, ultimately being the root of chaos, poverty and violence worldwide. And lastly by the powerlessness we as millions of people have toward a handful of tyrants.

In less than a year we will be torpedoed with election campaigns, we are already oversaturated with rhetoric and fear tactics. The state of terror
and instability projected by our leaders is a bone to chew to distract us from alternative motives. It is hard to believe that a majority of the
people cannot see through the thin veil these tyrants hide behind. Like the Wizard of Oz in his fearsome Emerald Palace.

With that said I hereby declare ____?___ on political and corporate terrorists that wreak havoc on cultures worldwide. And VOW to do everything in my power to remove the maniacs from the White House in the Next Election, by raising public awareness that will enable the general population into rejecting fear tactics, dispel the myth about war being good for the economy and the power to say NO to contributing to corporate corruption.

The best way to do this is to play hard ball with the spin doctors and create our own spin that will reverse the rhetoric flooding the media. By Acting NOW we have enough time to counteract the negativity and slander with our own political messages for change and removal of the current administration.

There is much talent and creativity amongst us to pull this off. After some thought here is my suggestion to get the ball rolling:

1. We create a series of 15 / 30 second and one minute PSAs that will increase public awareness, are informative and creative (think Volkswagen),

2. We contact non-profit grass roots groups locally and nationwide that are campaigning for peace and alternative lifestyles (energy etc.), tell them of our mission and distribute submaster copies to them to circulate to their local television stations.

*Note: in a past life I worked as a production assistant in advertising for
a main media television station and handled all PSAs, so have an
understanding to their usage.

3. It is likely there will not be enough exposure through the Public Service Sector. The alternate is each grassroots organization, individually raise funds to pay for television timeslots in their locale.

4. Another way to collect creative ads is to have a tvset contest for people-empowering political ads. There are a multitude of talented passionate people seeking a way to direct their angst towards current events. The grand prize could be national distribution and maybe we could get a local business to donate something to the cause.

I am willing to take on the role of Public relations, get contacts, handle
distribution, etc. But need your help in creation and production. The
maximum cost will be your time and master tapes, being such small spots,
several can be recorded onto one tape.

With modern technology and our wits we have the capability and know how to
do this, so should. I believe it¹s possible to reverse the barbaric behavior
that has been dominating this planet for millenniums. Teaming together we
can make a difference and be part of a movement for positive change in our
political and economic structure. Lets pour water over the wicked witch of
the west before anymore societal damage is done.

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