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25 May 2003

Email to Lucia: What birds? Ortolan? Or something else? Maybe Spotted Owls, for all I __________ (fill in the blank: i.e. "know," "care"). In England (according to my pater) it's traditional to eat snipe on toast triangles. They are little birds like ortolan -- too small to do much with. Anchovies of the bird world. Not that I've eaten either bird, or seen them being eaten. I've been trying to sort out my feelings about animals as food. I've settled on this: I don't want to eat an animal that didn't have a reasonably natural existence. So, no veal calves, battery chickens, eggs from battery chickens, etc., etc. I'm just grossed out. And, by the way, you can do as you like. I am one hundred times guilty in any bad thing, and can only try to reduce my own scuzziness. If I had a true Zen attitude, I would "ho ho" at the way the world is slipping into the toilet, etc., etc. -- I must practise. Ho. It's gone far beyond anything I think is likely to get put right. But it (probably) doesn't matter -- especially not to me.
After getting the heave-ho from the Evil Microsoft Empire regarding picture storage and display, I swiveled over to -- they give you 250mgs of space, and seem all right. I put pictures on the web so family around the world can access them. The Evil E. was private -- this is public (which is better in a way), so at peak times the site is overloaded.
Connie's b'day bash was all right -- I just parked myself on the nearest cushioned chair and moved only to go to the toilet. I left my purse there. Have to get it when I take E-Z E out grocerizating. I didn't get C a gift. Never saw anything. Keats was nice, and we played fight games with his plastic toys (I was Leonardo the T.M.Ninja Turtle, and Master Splinter). We made up a story about a red pig walking to town, and made many people join in. The red pig meets a green duck, then they meet a blue cow, then they all meet a purple dog. Then comes a yellow human boy, a pink Auntie Vivian, a brown Aunt Connie, an orange mama, a chartreuse sea urchin, a rainbow Elizabeth, a golden retriever, and a cream (colored) cheese-cake. Keats has a good memory, and enjoys performing. Everyone was nice. Jaimie is a shadow of her former self. Amanda shouted at the chihuahuas to make them be quiet. She is scary. Sam was playing in "Gypsy." Joe (of Joe and Nancy) says the economy has been fine in his real estate business. Their son Patrick is getting hitched in July in the Japanese garden at Pt Defiance. The bride is Korean. Mrs Monster heard me playing with Keats and told me "that's my life" -- from early morning til night. Keats put a pussywillow bud up his nose a while ago, and it didn't reappear for one week. His nose hurt, he said. He described it to strangers as a problem caused by putting "a pussy" up his nose.

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