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27 June 2003

I was sitting here doing nothing much as usual (I just bought the d-name atomic-raygun and was changing the settings) when I realised I had to go to the toilet. Damn pathetic -- because of the ms I can't exactly leap up, and I can't hold it for even 3 seconds, and all I wanted to do was GET OFF THE CARPET AT ALL COST -- I just can't stand how pathetic I've become. Anyway, I made it to the bog (close enough, anyway). Always exciting around me. Somewhere in my ramblings I found that Gender Guesser, and took the test. The thing guessed correctly (You are a Woman!) and put me in the dead centre of the chart. I was interested to see that some choices I made (that were Woman choices) I made for Woman-type reasons (I hate the word "moist."), others I got the right answer but they thought it was for a different reason than was true. For instance, the question about which was preferable -- being alone forever or bleeding to death. I chose bleeding to death because it seemed kind of groovy and colorful -- exciting. NOT because I'd rather die than be alone. I am alone -- that's a given. It even rocks, although it would be nice to have a Mystery Date handy. Update: Nooo I had that wrong -- apparently women would rather be lonely than bleed to death. Oh, dopey me.

I was just given 100 blogshares in aka cooties -- how kind and nice of Mr. Brown. I'd never heard of Blogshare, but went there as soon as I saw he was giving blogshares away. And signed up, went back to his blog and requested 100. This ought to keep me distracted for a while. Let's see -- I think it might provide a wall to bang my head against when I am stressed out by the Pater and his Alzheimer's, or my brother and cancer, or my ms, or one of my other many bazillions of problems that NOW, thankfully, don't include Wells Fargo hammering me into the ground over my dead mother's car loan. And may Daewoo, and all associated with Daewoo, and ALL car salemen, and all salesmen who target old women, and anyone, indeed, who takes advantage of anyone, AND Wells Fargo, and all lending institutions which give uninsured loans to elderly cancer victims, and George Bush for good measure, and lots of other mean types too numerous to mention -- perish from the face of the Earth.

I'm reading "Russka," right now because Tiff gave it to me to read. It's not especially good (maybe there are no editors and proof-readers now -- seems like it to me). BUT, I now know why my sister's friend Helen from the Ukraine has a brother named Bogdan. Actually, their little sister was my friend. They lived on a farm and spoke Ukrainian at home -- their mother didn't speak English at all. They took one of our puppies, once. The dog, named "Eyebrow," in Ukrainian, was well-loved. And is, I suppose, long-dead, now.

This new Blogger isn't publishing very well. Uh... oh, I'd better gimp off, it's late. Oh, I got new glasses and had my hair cut, today.

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