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13 July 2003

Anji -- hi pea shooter girl, how are you.
is your safeway a grocery supermarket like here or something entirely
more weird...and are the scooters for hire or do you have one of your
own. unless i am envisaging you in a shopping trolly with E pushing
you and am completely on another page. sounds like you had fun anyway.
we went to steve's work do on friday night, was good, but had to move
the car after 2 hours (could only find a 2 hour spot) and then couldn't
find another, so we came home, early night unfortunately.
saturday, caitlin had a mcdonald's party to go to...
saturday nite we all went to my friend cricky's to have home made wood
fired (or is it fried) pizza, but alas they exploded by being in too
long, or the dough was soggy for not being in long cricky
cracked it, and as everyone was pretty hungry and still waiting to eat
at 9 pm, she got pizzas delivered. i thought it was a hoot.
the chips were nice, so i was happy.
choo choo for now.

Me --
Safeway is -- yes -- a supermarket. Almost any supermarket has electric scooters for feebs like me to ride around on, so we don't get too tired and forget to spend all our money. I don't have my own -- mostly as I think they must surely create more trouble than they alleviate. Unless you keep 'em in one spot and just ride around the block. I stayed in today, but arranged to go and see Pirates of the Carib. tomorrow with Connie and Susan. Susan, John, and Keats just came back from California. They've only been home a few days since school let out. Before Cali they were in Arizona near the fires. We all have the big Depp crush -- he's a cutie, but methinks not overly... ????? Ah, well -- who cares. I'm taking Elizabeth to the doc tomorrow (I'm trying to get her on track with dr/dentist -- she hasn't been for years), then we'll eat something, then go to the movies. It's been cool/cloudy/rainy/breezy today -- had variety weather as usual -- sometimes very hot, etc. Yesterday a tanker truck exploded on the I-5, and it was closed -- no one was hurt (strangely, since the truck was just scattered pieces, and drivers on the I-5 leave about 6 feet in between each other as they speed along at 85mph.

Two immature bald eagles just squawked and one landed in the tree 20 feet away from me. I tried to get a photo of it flying away (past me -- even closer) but as usual, didn't. Blurry grey sky. Damnation.
The trailer might close this week -- if not there's a man who is apparently very keen. My real estate man, Chuck (friend of Montrose), has never liked the brothers who are due to close on the place this week. He'd as soon it fall through. I have no particular feelings about it, except I'd like out from under the monthly bills, and to have some kind of end to this. I have the hardest time understanding that my mother is dead. This is definitely weird and awful.

It'll be easier, I think, when Elizabeth's Social Security issues are squared away, as she will then be able to receive services -- for instance, someone to take her shopping -- and will also be able to have a budget. Right now I have no idea what she should be spending on food, etc., and I can't know until things are settled. You know, my father always lay the extremely heavy guilt trip on me to make me stick around and help Elizabeth. I guess his little plot has worked out -- not for me, but oh, well -- I guess it's too late to complain about being a sucker.
Back to Pirates -- we're all gnashing our teeth at having to pay full price for the tickets ($7.75) -- but at least it's over two hours long. As Connie says, the per minute cost is less! Tiff is in Peru at the moment. We were paid for our fishing rights struggle curriculum, and she wrote me a check as they'd given her one lump sum. Went to the bank and they wouldn't take it -- she hadn't quite finished writing it out! So I emailed her in Peru and made her feel bad. She said to write it in...

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