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20 August 2003

Talked with my father's wife yesterday, and she believes he's failing, now, and will die quite soon. I said I regretted being unable to visit and she said, "Sweetie, I'm not even sure he'd know you." He doesn't know her a lot of the time. When I visited way back in June he was only intermittantly verbal, although he made a lot of distress noises. Shelley said, "It's your daughter -- it's Vivian," when I bent down to his bed, and he gave her a look of great annoyance, though, and said, "I know, Dear." She asked if I'd sing Ilkley Moor" to him, which I did, but he didn't respond, strangely. I whistled "Bladon Races," though, and he got a cocked-head, listening-to-far off-sounds-of-a-rescuing-army look on his face -- listening to something faint that he could almost grasp as familiar... ugh... life is rough...

Saw Winged Migration last night at OFS. It was swell. They have some stuffed loungers (I mean chairs :-) now, so we sat in them. It was great, as when I got up I wasn't in agony! Yay!!
My friend Colby in Colorado is sending me wads of garments silkscreened with designs from my students (of long ago). She wants me to sell them to raise money for my art program, but I think a better idea might be to have a fun fashion show and give the things away as premiums for donations (as NPR, etc., do), and use the money for... something... I'm open to suggestions. Maybe I could sponsor a student or former student at Centrum, or something* ( I've asked for the stuff to be sent to my house, as I will never see the things if they are sent to school. With that in mind I think it might be fun-ish to have a de-boxing "party" when the things arrive. According to Colby, there're twelve or so boxes -- so I'm hoping to be here when they arrive. Otherwise they might be put in the (foreign territory) carport. If I'm here I can make them bring them into the vestibule. I'm excited to see this stuff!!! Colby says, "Hello again. I've been packing, and there are 8 boxes so far. Ran out of boxes, but estimate there will be three or four more. The way we had it set up, we had lots of stock out, hanging up for people to see. But when they bought, we gave them a tee that was folded and tied with colored twine. The color is coded to the size of the shirt. That way everyone got a nice clean shirt. If some of the tees that aren't folded look a trifle dusty, sorry about that. Fairs are notoriously dusty. We tried to bring those home for our personal use, but may have missed some. Well, I'm only sorry it took me this long to get these to you! Out of sight... Enjoy! We have." She's very generous.

The work meeting for E is tomorrow. Things have happened; I'm trying to be phlegmatic about it all.

I had a call from AK needing her website set up with her domain name so she could list it in a publication. I recommended a host, then changed the domain reg. co. info to point to the host servers -- after having uploaded her stuff. The site turned up beautifully on Monday evening, then yesterday I got a different site entirely, and emailed back and forth with various people. I'm the only person who saw that, however, and my part was done correctly, the host is not doing anything -- so I suspect momentary evil on the part of the domain reg. co. -- I don't like them, anyway. Apparently the bad domain is registered to, and NotThe, but the host gave me info that said the domain was reg. by -- so now I'm confused. Are they the same company? Ugh...

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