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03 October 2003

Feeling crummy -- had inspiration that I might've caught a Beginning of the Schoolyear Bug. Hope so.

I knew E was accumulating pocket money checks from the payee, so I rang her at work and said I'd pick her up and take her to the bank. Her hours have just been changed, so I was there at 4:15 when she got off, and we drove to the bank near her apartment where she has an account. I told her I wouldn't go in with her, but was right there and she should come for me if she needed me. Instructed her on what they might ask, and asked her if it was scary. She said no, that she'd been in there with Mum. I sent her in and she (I am impressed at her courage) managed all right -- we had to go back through the drive-through as they deposited the money, but that's a problem she won't have if she's just cashing one check instead of five. Now she can walk over by herself.

A couple of weeks after our father died I realised I hadn't taken E shopping. I called her up and she said she didn't need to go. I said, "How can you not need to go? You haven't been for weeks." Then I twigged and asked, "Did you go by yourself?" Yes, she did. I said she must have had to carry things home -- she said, "I'm strong -- I have muscles (she showed me her arm muscles)." I felt ashamed that I hadn't been there, but also realised she felt great about taking care of her needs herself.

Tiff and I went to see the Spanish movie "Mondays..."somethingsomething at the Capitol Theater. I wish someone had said, "If you want to see The Full Monty set in Spain, go see this film!" Today Tiff is in Guatemala. I emailed the book about E to a vistor to her website -- who liked it. When Tiff comes home we'll finish it. I said she should translate it into Spanish. Then we'll set up a website so people can acquire a hard or digital copy.

E said, "Did you talk to Connie," and I said, "She's in France." I want to get E a map of the world as it would help her to understand a little.

I talked to S -- she got the pater ashes box with the custom design, and says it's beautiful. The box has name/dates which surprised me as she had specified to the funeral parlor that she didn't want that. She thought I'd put it on the design, so she hadn't said anything to them.

Sunday will be a celebration of Loosh's birthday at El Tumi if she isn't wiped out by her Saturday duties.

I spent all morning working on she-who-must-remain-nameless-in-my-blog's website, hindered by a hideous headache and non-functioning right hand. Mousing makes my right hand (never much use now unfortunately) go belly-up. On Tuesday I was instructing Tammy, and drew a line with my left hand, while saying, "I can't draw with my left hand." Tammy said, "Are you left-handed?" Dakota said, "NO -- she just draws with her left hand." Dakota made it sound like I did it on purpose to be perverse. Good a reason as any, I reckon. I had Mercedes and Christy laughing by saying "torture" instead of "teach," as in "I'll have to come over there and torture you ." Actually, I was just saying torture -- it was Christy who pointed out that I "meant" teach. OK.

Something horrible but funny (after the fact) happened at school on Monday, through NOTHING school had done at all. If one cannot say the cops made it up from whole cloth, one can say they greatly exaggerated, changed, and elaborated on the slenderest possible thread of out-dated information. They somehow decided everyone was being held hostage by an armed gunman, at 7 in the morning. Laughable -- but not if you were on the barrel end of their pistols, as one person felt she was. If this is an example of the way they work we'd better take their weapons away before someone gets hurt. However, hearing the story made me laugh until my sides ached -- all the time saying, "This isn't funny..."

Spent the afternoon eating Garden of Eden green beans and watching Don Giovanni.

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