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26 October 2003


Had none-stop bazillions of phone calls -- then Marilee came at 12-something to get some sample garments as she has an appointment with the gift-shop buyer at the Squaxin casino. She also brought Johna's video camera, as M wants me to fix some video she took with it, but since the tape is that thick format I couldn't suck it into my computer from my camera (which takes 8 or Hi-8). After she left gave a try at capturing with my cam -- as I'd just changed drivers and there's a weird thing that can happen, I wasn't surprised when it didn't work. Went to System -- had the "unknown device" thing that ATI says can happen, so just went back and reloaded those drivers and it was fine. Picked E up and brought her back here. Forced the remaining two boxes of xmas stuff into my car for her -- I was sorry not to've been able to pick and choose or have her pick and choose from the 300 million xmas things my Mum had, but at least she has these (whatever they turn out to be). Then E helped me by picking up and sorting some things in the garage, so I got a bag of rubbish and a box of Goodwillish things. After that I made E try out There to see if she might like it, since she can drive There but not in R.L. Then we left, went back to E's to offload the xmas boxes, then raced off to Orca Books, for Lucia's poetry reading.

Reading -- "The Milk of Almonds"

Lucia was a hit -- as well she should be. The other two women (all three have work in The Milk of Almonds, an anthology by Italian-American women) were groovy, too. Connie, Nancy, Dave, Sam, Susan, John, Keats, Jane, Chris, Evan, and other people I know were there. Afterwards, people went to Lucia and Jim's house but I went home. Connie later took E home.


I got home, went There and got a dune buggy so E can drive around again -- thought about whether it's a good idea to get her a subscription so she can drive vicariously any old time she wants. Undecided at this time. Flew around and saw a fellow walking around on his living room furniture -- said, "Ah! A performance artist!" But no, that idea was strange to him, but then thought about the idea of performance artistry in There, which is kind of interesting. The other day I designed some boards and clothing -- working up to the 3d modeling of unique virtual objects. At this point my interest is focused on having a baseball cap that is backwards (the only ones I've seen are frontways, which I'd never wear). Maybe there's one out there -- otherwise I can learn 3d modeling by making one. Even if this is all virtual life, it really boils down to a graphics-intensive place -- great for me since I'm obsessed with images. Two different years at school, at workshops, we had to stand and introduce ourselves, and say something. The first time I said, "Art has the ability to heal," and the next time I said, "I am obsessed with images."

Art has the Ability to Heal*

It does, and the people who need healing are attracted to it for that reason. It can heal because it requires concentration, and puts an end to that relentless navel-gazing that is so bad (and which is encouraged by counselors and other useless types). It heals because if you work and make something, you will be happy. Other people will notice, and you'll like that. When you are concentrating on artwork, you go to a place with no time, and there is no room for your troubles. They are left behind, so there is relief. When you come back the artwork you've made has improved your world.

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