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21 December 2003

I was just reading about a man having treatments for cancer who stole identities and used them to get cell phones. I only scanned the article -- so maybe I missed some (or all) of the pertinent information. It seemed risable and I couldn't read as it interferred with my ability to snort in derision. Want my phone... my identity? No? Didn't think so. Neither do I.

Everyone I know is having surgery -- Tiff, Brad, Loosh, Connie. Well, I know more people than that, but I think four is enough.

Finally! The 4th Avenue Bridge opened yesterday -- it's been a long time since the earthquake. Maybe the traffic will ease up a bit now. E has been watching the progress the bridge-builders made all year as she rode to and from work. She's very taken with the lights on the new bridge. We drove across it yesterday (on the way to loan a videocamera to Samantha so she can tape her baby), and I told her that she can say now that she went across it the first day it was open. We went to Office Depot looking for a computer desk for her. I bought one online (hope it's all right as it's not returnable). I was pissed off at them for certain reasons -- goodbye Office Depot. We went groceterificating at Slaveways, where we continued our calculator lessons. I rather despair -- it's quite difficult since E has no sense of money. She can't just "know" that orange juice isn't fifty dollars or that if you add one dollar and two dollars and five dollars the total amount is not going to be in the hundreds. She can't tell if it's wrong -- so maybe I can somehow customise her calculator. Could I go ask Slaveways if I think that will help? I guess I'll go have a look at their website and see if I can strike up a little email correspondence.
Wild Divine
In my ever widening quest to upload myself into cyberspace I have now installed a program that uses biofeedback to provide interactivity. One connects one's fingertips to a cable that USBs into the computer. It's fun. After a while I developed the same thing I get when they have to take blood, though -- "no detectable heartbeat." It took me a few minutes to get both There and Wild Divine working properly -- now everything is great but I need a usb hub as I've had to disconnect my lakecam. Still, amusements come and amusements go.

I'm cleaning right now -- have my robot vacuum cleaner sweating away in the other room. I have Susan's old TV hooked up to a vcr, and I'm deciding if I want to move it -- my idea is that it might like to live on the eating-type counter. Come to think of it, I had it there last xmas when I got movies for E and my mum, and made my mum lie in my bed. Sadly -- well, I can't continue as EVERYTHING is sad. Oh, well. I love the biofeedback program. And I recently got spam from made-up names that I thought were hilarious -- "Scruffy P. Redolent," and "Palate E. Deed." ]

I'm watching "Utamaro and His Five Women," a Japanese movie from 1946. It's good. I'm reading "Native Son," except I reached the trunk part and got agitated -- skimmed to the part that says something like, "... the head wouldn't come off..." and think I just can't read it.

E is bummed that her friend Trudie, who was to've come on Christmas, is now going to her sister's house. Oh well. E's work had a gift exchange and E got an Elvis game -- which will figure in our xmas along with Scrabble, I'd reckon.

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