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05 December 2003

Monday I had jin shin, which did wonders so my Tuesday-long-workday was good. Went to sleep Tuesday night,
then developed a bad headache and awoke with it. Tiff and Sean were coming and I felt I had to do at least minimal cleaning activities so they wouldn't run in horror. They came and we had a great time -- Sean cooked for us, I sat like a big, ugly lump, and Tiff gave me a Xmas present and a poinsettia. I could hardly talk, but oh, well. Went to bed with the headache, woke up with it -- when the alarm went off the noise flipped me out and in my rush to extinguish it I fell out of bed and smacked my head on the table. Got up and went to work. Headache responded to blow by going away. after a time. Was staggering down the hall to deliver my 3 time slips (well I never get around to filling them out) and poor Gary came up behing me and said something jocular about me causing trouble again. I turned slightly and fell down, but Gary and Dyson kindly hauled me to a standing position. Gary said he felt awful, but I told him not to worry about it. Honestly, how could it have been his fault? No way. Dyson laughed and said it was like the time he pushed the door open for me as I was leaving the comp lab. My balance was upset and I promptly deposited my body onto the floor -- no one's fault at all. Just one of those things that happens if you prefer to live on the precarious edge, as I do. I had a Mysterious Boy, shy and hesitant, visit my room. He was obviously driving himself to overcome his natural reticence by introducing himself to me -- this weird, crip art teacher. I applaud his bravery. He came to see me twice, hovering nervously each time. We established that he would show me a drawing. I'm impressed -- I think it's no small deal to do that. I would reckon his age at about 13. Andrew drew a nice Ferrari, and we talked about making it into a large-size colored drawing on the computer, and an animated GIF. He laughed and said he hated making GIFs -- "It's HARD!" He's only done one, and it WAS hard -- but this one'll be easy, as I told him.

Also yesterday I snapped out on George and Rene, who were not working hard enough. I told them to put their drawings away and go back to class. Immediately they wailed, "We'll work now, we promise!!!" I told them it was too bad, but they could do better next time. I don't do warnings -- if they want to waste their own time, they can do it away from my room. The one student I had left needed help, and when they left I could focus on her. Saw George as I was leaving. He said, "My teacher said I can't come next week." Apparently she feels he has done something in her room that requires Punishment [she can't take away his art class -- but I can't get that through to her -- it's like saying, "You've been bad, so you are not allowed to go to speech therapy." -- he is entitled by the federal government to have his art class (of course I can kick him out if he needs it)]. Oh, well. We'll see. George and I established that we were not angry at each other, which is good. I told him he needed to think about what he was doing, and be responsible for his own actions. He was climbing up the doors to the school as I spoke with him. "For instance, are you going to get into trouble for doing that?" He said yes.

Came home, for some reason ploughed into coloring the rejected Ferrari drawing Andrew had discarded -- made a GIF for no reason -- maybe just to make sure of process -- more like just from liking to work with images. Hadn't brought the drawing home on purpose -- it just got stacked with other papers accidentally.

Started watching Fellini's Satyricon (from the library). Continued this morning. More looking forward to La Dolce Vita. Don't much like the library website, but am entirely thankful that they will mail books and movies to me. Tomorrow is the Big Evil Day, but maybe it will work out. Monday I have to meet with the school board for something described as "Vivian Kendall Transition."

D wants E to go to NYC for NY -- E is excited about that and about having Xmas in her own place with her friend Trudy and me as guests. We have talked about food -- she reckoned perhaps pizza might be good. First she said shrimp and oyster salad. I'm going to take a cheesecake.

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