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06 January 2004

About My Cannon

I don't -- regardless of my post in which I implied otherwise -- have a cannon.

My friend (well, she is now -- a blogosphere friend) R mentioned my cannon and I confessed to her that:
Well -- I don't really have a cannon -- but that was a "story" in honor of the Life of Pi. Actually, I could use one. What was in my head was something Butthole Surfer Gibby Haynes mentioned about his college frat-house days -- he was the one in charge of setting off the little cannon, and how cool that was. I think I've seen, and not just heard about, those little cannons (which are about maybe 2.5' high). I wonder where they are sold? Frat-house supply catalogs?

R sleuthed around and found: Personal Cannon

Ever since I saw it I can't stop doing this: Aaaawwwwwwwk!!!!!!!!!!!

Two to Three Feet?? Explosive-tipped shells??


We are having a snowstorm, and 10 inches was predicted. I didn't believe it, but at the rate snow is now coming down I'm sure it must be correct. It's also supposed to warm up to above freezing tonight, and the snow will disappear into rain tomorrow. I want to enjoy the fluffy goodness while it's here.
I have seen the bald eagles out hunting today, and if I only had an animal to tie onto the deck I'd bet I could get some nice photographs. Maybe I'll try sitting on the deck with a jalapeno in my teeth. My usual eagle photos have a black dot representing eagle+time it takes me to get camera. Eagles fly around here all the time, and frequently so close to where I'm writing in my blog or whatever (I live on the top floor of a house) that I can see the spines of the feathers. When the eagles have a nest they get annoyed when an osprey gets within half a mile, and I've seen -- many times -- an eagle chasing an osprey with the osprey using every tactic it knows to avoid being killed. The eagles are bigger and faster, but the ospreys are more agile. The eagle tries to get above the osprey so it can stoop, but the osprey twists and manages to keep above the eagle. It always ends with the osprey climbing higher and higher in the sky until the eagles decides there isn't a threat any more.

E in NY

E called me and told me some of what she did (NBC tour, boat trip, Hard Rock Cafe, Rockettes show) while in New York. I said "write it down and email it to me so you can have it on your website." Illustrated with the photos I haven't yet seen. It would be a nice addition.

American Airlines, says David, did a great job in ensuring that E, a DD adult, made the plane trip all right. He said she was given a little bag that hung around her neck, and contained all the necessary what-have-yous. Elizabeth has expressed the most positive things to me, and is clearly proud of having traveled by herself. Yay American Airlines!

The eagle just went by again. The poor soul must be hungry. S/He seems to hunt the lake in a clockwise direction.

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