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02 January 2004

I've been lying in bed sick all day -- well, or trying -- with a terrible headache I can't take anything for. My sole remedy is water -- I'm drinking a lot of water. Anyway, I obviously have too much time to think because I have been thinking long and hard about many things, including a movie I saw yesterday that I didn't like.

Something's Gotta Give

A bad movie. Boring. Felt like it was four hours long, was stupid, and made me unhappy. However THAT DIDN'T STOP ME FROM THINKING ABOUT IT today, which is a clue as to how rotten I feel. I decided this movie has much in common with a good movie I saw so long ago it had Spencer Tracy in it. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. In that movie, the only reason the parents could possibly object to the daughter's perfect boyfriend (voters take note: he's a DOCTOR!) was his color. In this new movie, the only reason the woman could object to her perfect (he's a DOCTOR!) suitor is his age. The old movie said the time was ripe to GET OVER the color barrier. The new movie says that fear still keeps people from getting over the age barrier. Familiarity make the woman fall back on an older suitor who has no track record for true intimacy. The young suitor seems like a sincere person. The older suitor doesn't even seem like a person at all. Sigh. Humpf.


I try not to buy things made from animals that live awful lives, however, with the m.s. sometimes I just have to reach for whatever's closest. That's why I had eggs from sad chickens. I even make E buy happy chicken eggs, because, I tell her, you can taste the unhappiness. The unhappiness isn't a taste in the egg, but the eggs are very terrible compared to real eggs, and I, for one, can't stop thinking about the sadness, so it does affect me. I made an omelet from the sad eggs, and I've spend hours thinking about the whole thing and feeling badly about it. It popped into my head: Out of sight, out of mind. Then I thought about how the strange things people do are usually survival stratedgies. So "Out of sight, out of mind" is a survival tactic of the human race. I think if one had a list of sayings like "Out of sight, out of mind" they'd give a picture of how we've evolved to deal with life and survive. I can imagine a graph with the points plotted. Once years ago I was on a plane next to a young fellow who told me his job involved ways numerical data could be entered into a computer and transformed in any useful way. I said, "How cool -- you could transform the sales data into a landscape and fly over the peaks and valleys like in a video game!" That was something he'd never thought about, but it seems that, too, one could plot the survival tactics and unravel how they were arrived at -- then be able to figure out how a human race with different survival needs would've evolved. We are still using these tactics from thousands of years ago, when we've altered the world and the tactics are holding us back. Well, maybe -- an interesting point to ponder. me go now me brain hurt hurt

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