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29 January 2004

What Am I Doing...

I'm reading a new translation of Don Quixote but I have trouble holding it, keeping it open, etc. The other day I dropped it on my foot. If they had divided it into 4 parts it would be easier for me to handle.

Tuesday, last week, I met with the board and when I asked them, "What do you think?" they said, "Whatever you think is what we think," and " There is NO WAY to replace you." They were very nice to me. I hate to be so ill and feeble that I have to start easing myself out, but I don't know any other way to ensure that the children can make the transition without too much fuss, and that someone I think will be good is in the job. My chosen artist is Roseanne, and she will work with me for the next couple of weeks, then we will try to squash everyone into Tuesdays (or Brenda suggested R. work Thursdays independently, and I do just Tuesdays). Roseanne came today, and we had rather a rip-roaring half-day, with a new boy, Taylor (brother of Tommy and Sam my students of yore) added to the Sam + Andrew mix, and other things making children a bit wild.

We got our confirmation from Centrum! I have raised the dough, and also bought another digital camera for the girls to take. Things look good! Hope Mercedes can maintain. We have a ton of papers to get filled out and signed by the 6th.

Sadness and shock don't go away quickly, and I have Howard's photograph by my monitor, next to Anji's baby Ryan (Ryan-ocerous my brother calls him). I just blubbered at the memorial service, and because there were hundreds of people and I don't function well in crowds (requiring more than my fair share of space) I left then returned something like an hour later. That was perfect timing as I spoke for a moment with Steph J. and Connie S. then sat with Kath until They Took Her Away. She was incredibly dignified and composed the whole time. I asked her if she was on drugs, but no. I went home, and at 10pm was lying in bed trying to sleep when my downdownstairs neighbor came into the garage with someone, and they talked in loud voices while she made some sort of attempt to bleed the pipes to stop the noise that's been keeping me awake (it had calmed down and wasn't as loud after about a week). Whatever she did made the noise 10 times as loud and woke me up for good and all. So Thursday I had Work on No Sleep, but it was only a half day.

On Tuesday I had a two hour meeting with the BIA about paperwork. So I missed all my afternoon classes, but I will do really nice paperwork, which is important, too, I guess (bite tongue!!).

On Saturday Becky L. came over so I could help her with some web stuff. She has worked with pure monkey language, but I like to use a combination of WYSIWYG and monkey language, because it is 2004, goddammit, not the pre-millenial Dark Ages. I have given her homework (make a tile!) but won't see her until she returns from Mexico (she'll be gone a month). Fortuitously, Becky forgot her handbag when she left, so when she came back we sorted out the server thing, and her blog is here. She doesn't have much on it yet (well, or ANYTHING, actually). This is more a personal blog, I think; I believe she may add a band blog later as the process becomes more familiar. Judging by her very funny emails I believe her blog may be a scream.

She Who MNBMIMB has some exciting things going on that can't be mentioned in my blog. So I won't.

Last week I felt relatively good, but this week after jin shin I was astounded at how weak and horrid I feel. And now Frank's gone for two weeks. I want to be able to crawl in the Capital Theater to see Bubba Ho Tep with looper.

Elizabeth's site has gone nutzoid and has had nearly a thousand visitors since I put the counter up. They are mostly new parents of Down's Syndrome babies who are looking for positive things on the web. I put the address on a DS info site ages ago, but the click-a-rama is due to a parent posting the website address on a message board. I told E about the number of visitors (actually I said, "You've had over 900 visitors to your website and they ALL want you to go to work tomorrow.") and she said, "Neat! I have a FAN CLUB!" And she DOES.

Pete, who is already a Living Cultural Treasure of the Skokomish Nation, has now been named a Living Legend. Pete's traditional bent-wood boxes, masks, drums, silverwork, etc., are very beautiful, but women everywhere sympathise with Marilee. How do you make him take out the garbage when he's a Living Cultural Treasure and Legend?

I had another near-miss with a headlamp control module. The one from the '91 I spotted at Ram Wrecker's Yard doesn't fit.

Shelley got a computer and is now online! Good for her!

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